Game of Thrones (2011–…): Season 3, Episode 6 - The Climb - full transcript

Jon and the wildlings scale the Wall. The Brotherhood sells Gendry to Melisandre. Robb does what he can to win back the Freys. Tyrion tells Sansa about their engagement.

The raven brings the sight.

Seeing things that
haven't happened yet?

Things that happened
long before you were born

or things that are happening right
now thousands of miles away.

You have the sight, too?

Orell says there are crows
patrolling on the Wall.

If I knew where on the Wall we
were heading, I could tell you.

- You'd like to know that.
- He's no crow.

We'll find out soon enough.

- How long will you be gone?
- I don't know.

You told me your magic
requires a king's blood.

- Yes.
- I'm the one true king.

But there are others with
your blood in their veins.

The Tyrells are plotting to
marry Sansa Stark to Ser Loras.

We need to find Sansa Stark
a different husband.

- You can't mean it.
- Tyrion will do as he's bid, as will you.

- What do you mean?
- You'll marry Ser Loras.

- I will not.
- Yes, you will.

Lord Bolton, I give you
the Kingslayer.

Pick him up, Locke.
Cut her free.

Find suitable rooms
for our guests.

We'll speak later.

- How far is it to Deepwood Motte?
- Not far, my lord.

Your sister's waiting
for you there.

Put him back where he belongs.

Rickard Karstark,
I sentence you to die.

I need men to replace the
Karstarks who marched home.

There is only one person
in this kingdom

with that kind of army.

The man whose daughter
I was supposed to marry--

Walder Frey.

I shall have
your head for this!

We have to go.

Guilty! Guilty!
Guilty! Guilty!

- Lord, cast your light...
- I thought he killed you.

- He did.
- But how...?

How many times
have you brought me back?

It's the Lord of Light
brings you back.

- How many times?
- This makes six.

You've got too much
wood in there.

But the more wood,
the bigger the fire.

It needs to breathe.

Take off that big log.

You know your fires.

Someone built your fires
for you growing up?

It doesn't get so cold
down in the Reach.

And there were
servants, of course.

I knew you were highborn.

Oh, I found something
at the Fist of the First Men.

Buried treasure.

Thousands of years old.

I think.

What does it do?

I'm not sure
that it does anything.

It's beautiful, though,
isn't it?

- How much longer?
- Not so far.

A few more days.

Is the Wall as big as they say?


So big you can't even see
the top sometimes.

It's hidden in clouds.

You're playing with me.

I'm not.
It's 700 feet high,

all made of ice.

On a warm day
you can see it weeping.

Castle Black is nice enough.

They keep a fire burning
in the long hall

day and night.

And Hobb makes venison stew

with onions.

Very tasty.

Sometimes, one of
the brothers will sing.

Dareon sings best.

- Do you sing?
- No.

No, no, no.
Not very well.

Sing me a song.

Oh, all right.

Let's see.

Oh... ahem.

♪ The father's face
is stern and strong ♪

♪ He sits and judges
right from wrong ♪

♪ He weighs our lives,
the short and long ♪

♪ And loves
the little children ♪

♪ The mother gives
the gift of life ♪

♪ And watches over every wife ♪

♪ Her gentle smile
ends all strife ♪

♪ And she loves
her little children. ♪

That's not how
you skin a rabbit.

I know how to skin a rabbit.

Not by the looks of it.

You grow up north of the Wall,

you learn the proper
way to handle game.

I didn't see any game
before I got here.

If I had a bow, I could
have shot a dozen rabbits.

Well, I made this bow myself.

Guess you don't learn how to
do that north of the Wall.

You learn how to use
your fists, though.

Oh, you're gonna punch
the rabbits to death?

I had someone else in mind.

Well, someone else
is sitting right here.

You're both very good
at skinning rabbits.

Some of us are just
a little better.

Well, some of us would say
thank you when someone else

hunts down their
breakfast for them.

Or don't they teach you to say
thank you north of the Wall?

You've got a big mouth,
girl, and too many teeth.

- Stop it!
- Hodor.

You've been fighting since you met.
Just stop it.

Lady Reed here's got
a stick so far up her ass,

it's a wonder her feet
touch the ground.

You've been nasty
to her every day.

Of course she's nasty back.

Me? It's my fault?

First time I met her, she
put a knife to my throat.

First time I met you,
you held a knife at me.

We can't fight each other.

We'll never make it
to the Wall.

I want you both to make peace.

Your way of skinning rabbits
is quicker than mine.

- I said so, didn't I?
- Osha!

You're a good little hunter.

Thank you.


Not so hard, is it?
Thank you.

Don't push me.


I'm right here with you.

What's happening?

I'm right here with you.

What's wrong with him?

The visions take their toll.

He's having one now?

I saw Jon Snow.

You saw him?

At Castle Black?

He was on the wrong side
of the Wall...

surrounded by enemies.

Used to be you couldn't find a
tree within a mile of the Wall.

Crows would come out
every morning with axes.

Your flock gets smaller
every year.

You ever climbed it before?


But Tormund's done it
half a hundred times.

You're afraid.

- Aren't you?
- Aye.

It's a long way up
and a long way down.

But I've waited my whole life

to see the world from up there.

Here, sit down.
I brought a pair for you.

They're too big for you,
but they're good.

You kill someone for them?


I didn't kill him,

but I bet his balls
are still bruised.

He wasn't good to me
the way you're good to me.

He didn't do that thing
you do with your tongue.

Can we not talk
about that here?

"Can we not
talk about that here?

I'm Jon Snow.

I've killed dead men
and Qhorin Halfhand,

but I'm scared
of naked girls."

Did I seem scared
the other day?

You were trembling like a leaf.

Only in the beginning.

Only in the beginning.

You're a proper lover,
Jon Snow.

And don't worry.

Your secret's safe with me.

What secret?

Do you think I'm as dumb
as all those girls

in silk dresses
you knew growing up?

You're loyal and you're brave.

You didn't stop being a crow

the day you walked
into Mance Rayder's tent.

But I'm your woman now,
Jon Snow.

You're going to be loyal
to your woman.

The Night's Watch don't
care if you live or die.

Mance Rayder don't care
if I live or die.

We're just soldiers
in their armies

and there's plenty more
to carry on if we go down.

It's you and me

that matters to me and you.

Don't ever betray me.

I won't.

'Cause I'll cut
your pretty cock right off

and wear it 'round my neck.

Sink your metal deep

and make sure it holds
before taking your next step.

And if you fall,

don't scream.

You don't want that to be the
last thing she remembers.



Ilyn Payne.

You're good.

You're not as good
as you think you are.

Face, tits, balls--

I hit 'em right
where I wanted to.

Aye, but you took
your sweet time of it.

You won't be fighting
straw men, little lady.

Show me your position.

Keep your elbow high.

You want your back
doing the hard labor.

You're holding.

Never hold.

- What?
- Your muscles tense up when you hold.

Pull the string back
to the center of your chin

and release.

Never hold.

But I have to aim.

Never aim.

Never aim?

Your eye knows where
it wants the arrow to go.

Trust your eye.

There's someone out there.

That's about far enough.

We come as friends.

your pardon, m'lady,

but we'll be the judge of that.

Valar morghulis.

Valar dohaeris.

My friends here
don't speak High Valyrian.

Why are you here, my lady?

Forgive my manners.

I don't see many ladies
these days.

Lucky for the ladies.

How many times has
the Lord brought him back?


I've always been
a terrible priest.

Drank too much rum.

Fucked all the whores
in King's Landing.

It's a terrible thing to say,

but by the time I came to Westeros,
I didn't believe in our Lord.

I decided that He,
that all the gods,

were stories we told the
children to make them behave.

So I wore the robes and every now
and then I'd recite the prayers,

but it was just for show.

A spectacle for the locals.

Until the Mountain drove a lance
through this one's heart.

I knelt beside his cold body

and said the old words.

Not because I believed
in them, but...

he was my friend

and he was dead.

And they were
the only words I knew.

And for the first time
in my life, the Lord replied.

Beric's eyes opened

and I knew the truth.

Our god is the one true god.

And all men must serve Him.

You've been to the other side.

The other side?

There is no other side.

I have been
to the darkness, my lady.

He sent you to us for a reason.

You have someone He needs.

Bodkin point.

Penetrates plate at 200 yards.

Can you make 'em?

Yeah, nothing tricky about it.

Just need decent steel.

I'll get you the steel.

Come on.

I don't like that woman.

That's 'cause you're a girl.

What does that have
to do with anything?

Forgive me, lad.

What are you doing?
Let go of him.

- Tell them to stop.
- Come on.

He wants to be one of you.

He wants to join the Brotherhood.
Stop them!

We serve the Lord of Light

and the Lord of Light
needs this boy.

Did the Lord of Light
tell you that or did she?

You're not doing this
for your god.

You're doing it for gold.

We're doing it for both, girl.

We can't defend the people
without weapons

and horses and food.

And we can't get weapons and
horses and food without gold.

You told me
this was a Brotherhood.

You told me
I could be one of you.

You are more
than they can ever be.

They're just foot soldiers
in the great war.

You will make kings
rise and fall.

You're a witch.
You're going to hurt him.

I see a darkness in you.

And in that darkness,
eyes staring back at me--

brown eyes,

blue eyes, green eyes.

Eyes you'll shut forever.

We will meet again.

You staring at my ass,
Jon Snow?

You all right?

Just seeing if you can
take a hit, lad.

Were you sleeping?


Wa--? Wa--?


You want some water.

I wish I had some for you.

So let's play a game.

Which body part
do you need the least?

- Please.
- Please is not a body part.

I'll tell you everything,

But you've already
told me everything.


Your daddy was mean to you.

The Starks didn't
appreciate you.

One good bit, though.

The Stark boys,

they're still alive.

Wouldn't that be
a hunt to remember?

You failed, but I'm a
better hunter than you.


how about your little finger?

You don't use that
for much, do you?

No? Good.
Let's start with that.

You've been wondering
why you're here.

Haven't you?

Where you are.

Who I am.

Why I'm doing this to you.

So guess.

If you guess right,

I'll tell you.

By the old gods
and the new, I swear it.

You win the game

if you can figure out who I am

and why I'm torturing you

and I win the game if you beg
me to cut off your finger.

If I win, you'll let me go?

If you think this has
a happy ending,

you haven't been
paying attention.


You say please again
and you'll wish you hadn't.

You first.

Where are we?

- The North.
- Too vague.

Deepwood Motte.

Terrible guess.

Now, where?

Last Hearth.

Do I look like
a fucking Umber to you?



How did you know that?

Did you see any banners
flying when we came in?


It was just a guess.

Very good, Lord Theon.

And who am I?

Torrhen Karstark.

He's dead.

Strangled by the Kingslayer.

He was your brother.

Your father
is Lord Rickard Karstark.

- You swore to tell me if I--
- You're right.

Lord Rickard Karstark
is Robb Stark's bannerman.

I betrayed Robb.

That's why you're torturing me.


You win.

Of course, you forgot
to ask one question.

You forgot to ask
if I'm a liar.

I'm afraid I am.

Everything I told you is a lie.

This isn't happening
to you for a reason.

Well, one reason--
I enjoy it.

Please, cut it off!
Cut it off! Cut it off!

I win.

Thank you for
riding here so quickly.

I know travel
isn't easy in these times.

The roads are crawling with
cutthroats and bandits.

But when the King of the
North summons us, we come.

Our father has
instructed us to tell you

that his alliance
with the North can continue

if his terms are met.

Lord Frey requires
a formal apology

for your violation
of your sacred oath

to marry one of his daughters.

Of course. He deserves as much.
I was in the wrong.

As restitution
for this betrayal,

he demands Harrenhal
and all its attendant lands.

- I don't think that's--
- We are fighting for the North.

Harrenhal is not in the North.

It is his once the war is over

and we have no further
strategic need for it.

And there's something else.

We will do whatever we can to
give Lord Frey what he needs.

Not what, whom.



Our father requires
Lord Edmure to wed

one of his daughters--

How old is she?


Could I see her first?

You want to count her teeth?

We depart for the Twins
in the morning.

We need an answer
before we leave

and a wedding not more
than a fortnight thereafter

or this alliance is at an end.

Your father does realize
we're in the middle of a war?

Father is old.

It will put his heart at peace

if he could see her wed
to a good husband.

And his recent experience
has made him wary

of long engagements.

He has every right to be.

Please excuse us
while we discuss it.

Why should I let that old
ferret choose my bride for me?

At the very least, I should be
offered the same choice you were.

I'm his liege lord.

He's a proud man
and we've wounded him.

I didn't wound him.

My answer is no.

Listen to me

and listen very carefully. You--

The laws of gods and men
are very clear.

No man can compel
another man to marry.

The laws of my fist are
about to compel your teeth.

It's all right.
You heard him.

If you refuse, our alliance
with the Freys is dead.

He's wanted me for one of his
daughters since I was 12.

He's not gonna stop
wanting it now.

When I say no,
he will come back

and offer me a daughter
of my choosing.

You're willing to risk
our freedom

and our lives for a chance
at a prettier wife?

I have a war to fight.

We can't win it without them.

I have no time to haggle.

You said you wanted to make
amends for the Stone Mill.

You recall that
heroic engagement?

I had something
less permanent in mind.

I've won every battle,

but I'm losing this war.

If we don't do this
and do it now,

we're lost.

I'll marry her.

You're paying
for my sins, Uncle.

It's not fair or right.

I'll remember it.

I see my men
have finally found you

something appropriate to wear.

Yes. Most kind of them.

You're a Stark
bannerman, Lord Bolton.

I am acting on
Lady Stark's orders

to return Jaime Lannister
to King's Landing.

When King Robb left Harrenhal,
his mother was his prisoner.

If she wasn't his mother,

he'd have hanged her
for treason.

I should send you
back to Robb Stark.

You should.

But instead,
you're sitting here

watching me fail at dinner.

Why might that be?

Wars cost money.

Many people would pay
a great deal for you.

We both know
who would pay the most.

Or make you pay the most

if he found out
you had captured me

and sent me back up north
for a summary execution.

You're right.

Perhaps the safest thing to do is to
kill you both and burn your bodies.

It would be,

if you honestly believed my father
would never find out about it.

King Robb is keeping
your father quite busy.

He doesn't have time
for anything else.

He'll make time for you.

As soon as you're
well enough to travel,

I will allow you
to go to King's Landing

as restitution for the
mistakes my soldiers made.

And you will swear to tell
your father the truth,

that I had nothing
to do with your maiming.

- Shall we drink on it?
- I don't partake.

You do understand how suspicious
that is to ordinary people?

Very well.

My lady,

may our journey continue
without further incident.

Oh, she won't be
going with you.

I am charged with
bringing Ser Jaime to--

You are charged
with abetting treason.

I'm afraid I must insist.

You're in no place
to insist on anything.

I would have hoped
you'd learned your lesson

about overplaying
your position.

- Impossible.
- Why?

My grandson is the pride
of Highgarden.

The most desirable bachelor
in all seven kingdoms.

- Your daughter--
- Is rich,

the most beautiful woman
in all seven kingdoms...

and the mother of the king.




I'm something of an expert
on the subject.

Her change will be
upon her before long.

I'll spare you the details
of what will happen then.

You men may have a stomach
for bloodshed and slaughter,

but this is another
matter entirely.

The years punish us as well,
I promise you that.

My stomach remains
quite strong, however.

The only thing
that might turn it

are details of your grandson's
nocturnal activities.

- Do you deny them?
- Oh, not at all.

A sword swallower
through and through.

And a boy with his affliction

should be grateful
for the opportunity

to marry the most beautiful
woman in the kingdoms

and remove the stain
from his name.

Did you grow up with boy
cousins, Lord Tywin?

Sons of your father's

squires, stable boys?

Of course.

And you never...


Not once?

Not in any way?


I congratulate you
upon your restraint.

But it's a natural thing,
two boys having a go

at each other
beneath the sheets.

Perhaps Highgarden
has a high tolerance

for unnatural behavior.

I wouldn't say that.

True, we don't tie
ourselves in knots

over a discreet
bit of buggery, but...

brothers and sisters--

where I come from, that stain

would be very difficult
to wash out.

I will not breathe further life

into a malicious lie
by discussing it.

Lie or not,

you must admit many people
find it quite convincing.

Convincing enough
to put swords in their hands

and send them off
to kill Lannisters

and Tyrells thanks to
our new affiliation.

I don't care
what people believe.

And neither do you.

As an authority
on myself, I must disagree.

Now, if the rumors about
my children were true,

then Joffrey is no king at all

and House Tyrell is throwing its
prized flower into the dirt.

And if Cersei is too old
to give Loras children,

we're throwing another
prized flower into the dirt.

It is a chance
we simply cannot take.

The uncertainty
makes you uncomfortable.

All right.

I'll remove it for you.

If you refuse to marry
Loras to Cersei,

I will name him
to the Kingsguard.

I'm sure you're familiar
with the Kingsguard vows.

He will never marry.

- He will never have children.
- Oh...

The Tyrell name will fade.

And Highgarden will go
to the children

of Joffrey and Margaery.

You would have
your grandson protected

by someone who disgusts you?

I would have my grandson
protected by a skilled warrior

who takes his vows seriously.

So, shall I draw up the order?

Or do you consent
to this marriage?

It's a rare enough thing--

a man who lives up
to his reputation.


We've gotta cut them loose!


Take my hand!

That's a wonderful pin.

Oh, it's more
of a brooch, really.

Though I suppose a brooch
is a sort of pin, so...

I'm very happy about...

Uh, yes.

I-I am as well.

I feel like I'm in a dream.

Yes, me, too.

I've dreamed of a large wedding
since I was quite young.

The guests,

the food, the tournaments.

And the bride, of course.

The most beautiful bride
in the world

in a beautiful gown of gold

and green brocade
with fringed sleeves.

Have you ever been
to Highgarden, my lady?

No. I had never
left Winterfell

before I came
to King's Landing.

But it sounds wonderful.

I can't wait to see it.

And to leave this place.

It's terrible, isn't it?

The most terrible
place there is.

I don't suppose there's
anything we can do about this.

We can have them both killed.

It's hard to say
which of the four of us

is getting the worst
of this arrangement.

Probably Sansa.

Though Loras
will certainly come to know

a deep and singular misery.

Father doesn't discriminate.

We're all being shipped
off to hell together.

On a boat you built.

The Tyrells were plotting
to undermine our family.

I did what I did
to protect our family.

I'm your family.

A member of your family

who has actively contributed
to that family's survival.

Whether or not you or Father

or anyone else
wants to admit it.

I do admit it.

If it weren't for your trick
with the wildfire,

Stannis would have sacked the
city before Father got here.

Our heads would still be
rotting on the city gate.

Trying to have me killed is an
odd way of saying thank you.

There are two people
in King's Landing

who can give an order
to a Kingsguard.

Did you or did you not
order Ser Mandon

to kill me during the
Battle of the Blackwater?

The impulse I understand.

He hates me
because I'm the only one

who tells him
what he really is.

So, fair enough.
He wants me dead.

But his stupidity?

He could have had me poisoned
and no one would have known.

But the king
orders a Kingsguard

to murder the Hand of the King

in full view of his own army.

The boy's an idiot.

What do you want me to say?

I want you to tell me if my
life is still in danger.


But not from Joffrey.

He won't do anything
now Father's here.

Seven kingdoms united in fear

of Tywin Lannister.

Not the Tyrells.

Soon they won't need
to be afraid of him.

Joffrey will belong
to Margaery,

the little
doe-eyed whore.

And so will his children
and their children.

History will be taken
from our hands.

You may escape, at least.

Once Jaime gets back,

Ser Loras may come down
with a terrible case

of sword through bowels.

When Jaime gets back, yes.

But when do we think
that's going to be?

He's out there somewhere.

Jaime or not, I'm truly fucked.

Who's going to tell her?

Do you think
people will like it?

I don't think they
will even notice it.

You're right.
It's not my wedding.

Anyway, from what I can tell,

the dressmakers in Highgarden
will be far superior

to the ones in King's Landing.

They'd never make me anything
as dull as this for my wedding.

Loras likes green
and gold brocade.

I'm sure he does.

Will they let me
invite my family?

They haven't asked my opinion.

But do you think they will?


Lady Sansa,
Lord Tyrion to see you.

- Should I--
- I beg your pardon, my lady.

Good afternoon, Lord Tyrion.

I was just trying on a gown
for King Joffrey's wedding.

Yes, it should be
quite a wedding.

I need to speak
with you, Lady Sansa.

Of course.

Alone, if I may.

Why do you need
to speak to her alone?


Please excuse her, Lord Tyrion.

She's not from here.

But I trust her,

even though
she tells me not to.

Sometimes we think
we want to hear something

and it's only afterwards
when it's too late

that we realize
we wished we'd heard it

under entirely
different circumstances.

It's all right, really.

How to begin?

It's-- this--

this-- this is awkward.

1,000 blades

taken from the hands
of Aegon's fallen enemies,

forged in the fiery breath
of Balerion the Dread.

There aren't 1,000 blades.

There aren't even 200.

I've counted.

Ha, I'm sure you have.

Ugly old thing.

Yet it has a certain appeal.

The Lysa Arryn of chairs.

Shame you had to settle
for your second choice.

Early days, my friend.

It is flattering, really...

you feeling such dread

at the prospect of me
getting what I want.

Thwarting you has never
been my primary ambition,

I promise you.

Although who doesn't like to see
their friends fail now and then?

You're so right.

For instance,

when I thwarted your plan

to give Sansa Stark
to the Tyrells.

If I'm going to be honest,

I did feel
an unmistakable sense

of enjoyment there.

But your confidant,

the one who fed you
information about my plans,

the one you swore to protect...

you didn't bring her
any enjoyment.

And she didn't bring me
any enjoyment.

She was a bad
investment on my part.

Luckily, I have a friend

who wanted to try
something new.

Something daring.

And he was so grateful
to me for providing

this fresh experience.

I did what I did
for the good of the realm.

The realm?

Do you know what the realm is?

It's the thousand blades
of Aegon's enemies.

A story we agree to tell
each other over and over

till we forget that it's a lie.

But what do we have left
once we abandon the lie?


A gaping pit waiting
to swallow us all.

Chaos isn't a pit.

Chaos is a ladder.

Many who try to climb it fail

and never get to try again.

The fall breaks them.

And some are given
a chance to climb,

but they refuse.

They cling to the realm

or the gods

or love.


Only the ladder is real.

The climb is all there is.