Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (2009–2010): Season 1, Episode 64 - Tabiji no hate - full transcript

Ed and Al start a new adventure in searching for new and innovative ways of alchemy.

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Could you tell me what room
Colonel Roy Mustang is staying in?

Let's see...

May I have your name, please?

The name's Nox. Doctor in private practice.

He'll know right away.

Hey, princess.

It's been a while.

Who might that be?

I need him here for a reason.

He's what I'd call my trump card.

So, is he down in the dumps?

The main method of cultivation in the Ishbal area is double-cropping,

Bzzzt, try again.

They raise the same crop semiannually.

You expect to gain their trust like this?

I know!

Moving on.

So what crop do they raise with that method?

Barley and cotton.


So you DO know your stuff.

Don't underestimate me.

I've been doing some research for a while.

He's planning to solve the Ishbalan crisis before becoming the Führer President.


But first things first, "becoming the Führer President"?

Is that you, Dr. Nox?


Looks like... you're doing okay.


These guys won't leave me alone.

No breaks, no nothing.

Not exactly what I meant.

Aren't your eyes...


Apparently, it's the punishment Truth gave to someone who dreamt of the future.

Are you okay?

Not sure about that.

Either way, I can't stop here.

Führer President...

Well, to take care of Ishbal first.

The Ishbal Annihilation...

That was what started everything.

Yup. Both for you, and for me.

I'm going to set things right.


First, I'm going to open up the areas in Ishbal that are currently off-limits.

Then, I'm going to allow the Ishbalans living in each slums back to their Holy Land.

There's much more to be done.

We were able to overcome the crisis
thanks to Scar and the other people of Ishbal.

We're in their debt, after all.

Colonel, I brought the data you asked for.

It's not as if our sins will be forgiven,
but we want to start with what we can.

Christ, you lot...

Yo, it looks like they took the words out of our mouths, Dr. Marcoh.


Dr. Marcoh?!

Colonel Mustang.

I've got a philosopher's stone right here.

We should be able to get your vision back with this.

You're right.

I made this stone in the past by using the lives of Ishbalans.

I have no right to say this, but if it's for the sake of reviving Ishbal, I'm sure they'll...

No, I cannot hear their voices.

So this is a request from myself.

I want to patch you up with this stone for the sake of Ishbal.

They might get angry.

Fullmetal, too.

But I'll gladly take your offer.

And with that, I'll give it my all.

But before that...

...there's someone who needs the power of the stone more than I.

I can come after him.

Havoc General Store, happily serving for 80 years now!

Oh, Breda. What's up?

What?! You want me to head down to Central NOW?!

What do you mean, "you'll find out when you get there"?

How are your wounds treating you, Scar?

Why did you save me?

Initially to find out more about Eastern Alchemy,

but the situation has changed.

Mustang wants Miles for his new Ishbal policy.

And so, I decided to take you along.

Not as "Scar," but as someone of the Ishbalan race.

What do you say?

Won't you help us in reviving the Ishbalan religion?

We cannot let a religion and a culture so rich in history die out.

The death of a culture equates to the death of its people.

Save the people from death with your hands.

The meaning of being kept alive...

So you want me to live for a bit longer to find what that is, huh, Brother?


I'll help you out.

Take me wherever you please.

Okay, Miles. I'm leaving the rest to you.

Do things safely.


That Mustang...

He'd probably be frightened to death
if he were to find out that Scar is alive.


What is your true name?

I've died twice.

I don't exist in this world.

Thus, I don't need a name.

Call me whatever you please.

I see.

We'll meet again, Ishbalan.

You okay?

I didn't imagine that my muscles would be this weak.

Want a ride on my back?


I want to walk with my own two legs.

I'll take it slow, so you go on ahead.

Nah. We left the house together.

We have to go back together, too.

Well then, let's go.


Brother, your leg...

Yeah... I haven't had maintenance on it in forever.


For what?


What the heck?


Oh yeah, I wonder if Lin and the others have arrived in Xing already.

It's been two months since then, so I'm sure they have.

I hope May is okay...

Don't worry.

Just leave everything to him.


Sir Al...

What's the matter?


Hey you, the princess from the Chan clan.

Lin Yao!

Whoa, don't give me that scary look.

You're such a klutz.

In the end, you were unable to obtain a philosopher's stone because you were meddling in another country's affairs.

The Yao clan will now be in control.

But don't fret.

Our clan will protect yours.

I'm the man who even accepted the Homunculus Greed.

I'll accept the Chan clan along with all of the other clans.

Just look at you.

Don't worry. People from Xing always keep promises, right?

You'll "accept us all"? That's so greedy, Lin Yao!

Shoot, maybe he rubbed off on me.

Well, then... guess we should start heading back.



I want to give Fu a proper burial.


Yup, later.

So many things happened...


By the way, Alphonse.

Seems like the princess of Xing,
May Chan, really took a liking to you.

Yeah, she's such a nice girl.

Moving right along, what about things between you and Winry?

Den! It's me!


Den, that tickles!

Welcome home, idiots!


Good to be home!


I suck at stuff like this...

Nothing, huh...

Ah, well.

Brother, you still haven't fixed it yet?

I'm all worn out from greeting people.

Winry knows that, but she's treating me like her slave.

On top of that-

She wants you to come down for tea
now that her apple pie is out of the oven.


We have a pretty amazing view today!


The world is so vast.


Brother, there's something that's been on my mind for a while.

I'm probably thinking of the same thing.

How is your work?

There are so many things to worry about; I feel like I suddenly aged twenty years.

But I have Mustang and Armstrong fulfilling their duties in the east and the north, respectively.

Thanks to them, an old geezer like me can somehow manage to perform my duties as the Führer President.

I really owe them a lot.

Are you not going to give away your position?

I can't hand it over to the young ones just yet.

Oh, my.

You sound just like my late husband.

He was always totally committed to work, like you are.

Oh no, I'm the most...

...irresponsible person I know.

Oh my, Selim.

What's the matter?

This little birdy is hurt.

Could you help him?

Oh, no.

Have the butler call a veterinarian.

Will... Will he get better?

Of course he will.

Run along now.

He's grown into such a kind boy.

He has.

Everyone protested when I decided I'd raise him,

but he's grown so much without giving me reason to worry.

We're going to be keeping an eye on him for just a little while longer.

You're aware what we'll have to do...

...if he causes trouble, right?

I won't let him.

A homunculus and a human.

Will they really be able to understand each other?

New possibilities get you excited no matter how old you are.

Is Edward not depressed about his left leg?

Not at all.

He even said, "As punishment, I'd rather keep my leg as an automail."

I see.

He also said, "Winry'll cry if I don't have this."

What in the world?

I'm so glad you two got your bodies back.

I'm sure Maes will be happy too.

Starting with Mr. Hughes,

So many different people from so many different places helped us be happy.

And that's why I feel like it's our turn to give back.

Is that what you alchemists call "Equivalent Exchange"?

Nope. If we received 10 and gave 10 back,
everything would be the same.

If we receive 10, we add an extra and give back 11.

It's very minor, but it's a new rule my brother and I came up with.

But now we're going to have to live up to our word.

There's something you want to do, isn't there?

There's a girl we couldn't save.

We still can't forget about her.


Mr. Jerso, Mr. Zampano.


We've got a ton of food. Eat up.


Excuse me! Can I get a glass of milk and a sandwich?

Coming right up!

I see. So you've already paid your respects.


Then it's...


I'm going to Xing.

I plan on studying Eastern Alchemy full-scale at May's place.

Not just Xing.

I want to go around all the eastern countries to study various things.

I want to see and learn many things.

I also want to meet many new people.

But wait, are you two really coming along?

Of course!

Our wild instincts tell us...

...that coming along with you...

...will get us something great!!


We're going to look for a way to return to our old bodies.

You're the one who told us not to give up.

We have to do things ourselves
instead of having others do the work.


Isn't your brother coming to Xing?


I'm taking the eastern route,
and he's taking the western route.

And once the two of us gather the knowledge we gained from both directions,

we may be able to avoid the same kind of tragedy that happened to Nina.

But, you know...

That's not the only reason why we're traveling.

We want to see just how vast the world is!

You need to oil it every day.


And check to make sure all the screws are tight.


Dry it off after coming out of the shower.


Hey, are you even listening?!



Well, here it is!

With this attitude, you're just going to end up
breaking it and having to come back again soon.

Yeah, yeah, I know.

When you need maintenance,
be sure to call in for an appointment.





What is it? Just speak up if you've got something to say.

It's equivalent exchange!

I'll give you half of my life, so you give me half of yours!

Oh, geez!

Why do alchemists have to be like this?

"Equivalent Exchange"? Are you retarded?

What did you say?!

You really are stupid.

Half? I'll give you all of it.

W-Wait, maybe not all of it!

90 percent...

Or maybe.. 80 percent?

A bit more than 70...

Okay then, 85 percent?

Sure! I can give you that much!



My bad, my bad.


You really are amazing.

You're able to overturn the law of equivalent exchange so easily.

What do you mean by that?

Are you making fun of me?

I'm not.

That cheered me up. Thanks.

I'll be off now.

Safe trip!

Oh my, even Edward left on a trip?

Why don't they settle down a little?

For them, this is fine.

Men who keep still are no fun.

A lesson without pain is meaningless.

That's because no one can gain without sacrificing something.

But by enduring that pain and overcoming it...

...he shall obtain a powerful, unmatched heart.

A fullmetal heart.