Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (2009–2010): Season 1, Episode 6 - Kibou no michi - full transcript

Before arriving at the Rockbell home for repairs, the Elrics meet Dr. Marcoh, a State Alchemist running from past sins. The information he gives Ed and Al could put the Philosopher's Stone within reach.

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Alchemy is a science where one understands the structure of matter, breaks it down, then rebuilds it.

However, it is not an all-powerful technique,
as one cannot create something out of nothing.

If one wishes to gain something,
one must present something of equal value.

This is the concept of equivalent exchange, the fundamental basis of alchemy.

However, there is a taboo in alchemy. Human transmutation.

One must not commit this act.

Scar, a man who only targets State Alchemists,

attacked Edward Elric.

Although Ed accepted death at Scar's hand,

his life was saved thanks to interference by Colonel Mustang and his men.

Ed and Al, who discovered the joy of being alive,

decided to return to their birthplace, Resembool, to restore their bodies.


Lt. Colonel Hughes.

The guys at Eastern Headquarters said that they were too busy to come.

So I'm here to see you off instead.

That's fine with me, but...

...why is the Major...

It's only natural you'd get an escort.

Getting attacked by Scar in your state wouldn't be too pretty, would it?

Just accept the Major's kindness.

Children don't need to be reserved.

Don't treat me like a kid!

And Al is going to be on this ride, too, right?

Of course.

I thought he'd be lonely riding alone.

What the hell do you take my brother for?!

Oh, it's time.

Well guys, take care.

If you ever happen to stop by Central again, come say hi.

Dr. Marcoh!

You're Dr. Marcoh, aren't you?!

It's me, Alex Louis Armstrong from Central!

Someone you know?

He's a talented alchemist who used to reside in Central.

He was studying how to apply alchemy to medical treatment,

but he had been reported missing after the civil war in Ishbal.

Let's get off here, Major.

I have a feeling he'd know something about the transmutation of living organisms.

Do you know someone who looks like this?

Wow, you're good at drawing.

Drawing portraits is a skill that has been passed down in the Armstrong household for generations.

This is Dr. Mauro, isn't it?


We were in a tight spot because our doctors were drafted for the civil war.

I don't know what would have happened if Dr. Mauro hadn't come.

He doesn't abandon a single patient
no matter who it is. We owe him so much.

It's like something flashes before your eyes,
and suddenly, your wounds are already healed.

This must be the place.



Why did you come here?

Are you here to take me back?!

Please calm down, Doctor.

I don't want to go back there anymore.

Please, let me go!

No, you've got it all wrong! We just...

Then did you come here to seal my mouth?!

No, we...

You can't trick me!

I'm asking you to please calm down!


I had no idea you were hiding out in the countryside under an assumed name.

I heard a rumor you took some classified documents with you when you disappeared.

I couldn't stand it any longer.

Sure, it was an order from the superiors...

...but because of it, I had to stain my hands by conducting research on such a thing...

"Such a thing"?

So many innocent people died because of it in the civil war in Ishbal...

I can't atone for what I've done, even with my life.

So I decided to become a doctor for this town because I wanted to do all I could to pay for my sins.

Doctor, what exactly were you ordered to research?

The Philosopher's Stone.

The things I took with me are
the research data and the stone itself.

You have the stone?! Here?!

Isn't that a liquid, not a stone?

"The Philosopher's Stone"...

"The Heavenly Stone"...

"The Great Elixir"... "The Red Tincture"...

"The Fifth Element".

They aren't necessarily in the shape of a stone,
just as how the stone itself has many different names.

But this is incomplete.

I don't know when it'll reach its limit and become unusable.

But it definitely displayed its power during the Ishbalan war.

Same with the bogus High Priest of Lior.

His abilities were improved,
even though the stone was incomplete.

If something like that can be made,
it's possible to perfect it if we give it more research!

Dr. Marcoh, please show me the research data!

Major... who is this boy?

He's a State Alchemist.

A boy like this...

There were so many alchemists who gave up their state qualifications after the civil war...

...because they couldn't stand being human weapons...

And yet, you...

I know it's stupid!

But I'm willing to go through hell until I achieve my goal!

I see... so you broke the taboo...

I'm amazed.

You were able to affix the soul of a human being.

You just might be able to create a perfect Philosopher's Stone.


I can't show you the data.


You mustn't desire such a thing.

Even if it's to get our bodies back?!

You mustn't!

That is the Devil's research.

You'll see Hell if you study it.

I've seen Hell already!

Sorry. Please, leave...

I've seen Hell already!

Is it really okay?

It's incomplete, but we could have taken at least the stone by force.

Of course I wanted it. I wanted it so badly, but...

We don't want to steal the only support the people in this town have in order to get our bodies back.

It's good enough that we found out
a Philosopher's Stone can be created.

We'll look for another way.

But what about you, though?

Don't you have to report Dr. Marcoh to Central?

The person I met today is
a town doctor by the name of Mauro.


Dr. Marcoh.

This is where the data is hidden.

If you still feel you won't regret
discovering the truth, take a look.

You may be able to reach
the real truth that is beyond truth...

No... this is unnecessary.

I pray you boys will be able to get your bodies back.

What does it say, Brother?

National Central Library, 1st Branch.

Makes sense. A forest would be
an ideal place to hide a tree, after all.

There are enough books in there to last several lifetimes.

I can find a clue to getting the stone here.

There you are, Marcoh.

Winry! Winry!

You've got an old customer at the door!

Yo, Granny.

We're back!

God, what happened to you two?

A lot. We're going to need your help again.

This is Major Armstrong.

Pleasure to meet you, I'm Pinako Rockbell.

But gosh darn, looks like Ed got shorter after not seeing him for some time.

Hey, I'm pretty sure you're supposed to say "got taller" at times like this...

If you really did, then I'd say so.

What did you say, you minimum hag?!

Didn't I tell you to give me a call
before stopping by for maintenance?!

You trying to kill me, Winry?!

Welcome back!


My bad, my bad. It broke.


An automail of the highest quality... That I worked so hard on...

Yeah, to smithereens.

And Al is broken, too?

What the heck have you guys been doing?

All you ever do is worry me!

I see.

So you want to return to Central as soon as possible to get that data, eh?

Yeah. So I want you to fix me up as quick as you can.

Looks like I'll need to adjust your leg,
too, and not just your arm.

Oh my, seems like you've at least grown a bit.

Shut up!

Unlike your leg though, I'm going to have to remake your arm from scratch.

Will it take a week?

Don't underestimate me.

Three days.

You'll have to bear with a spare for now.


It's tough to walk when you're not used to the leg.

I'll fix it up before you get used to it.

But seriously...

Materials... Assembly... Connection... Calibration...

It'll be all-nighters, no doubt.

Sorry for being so unreasonable.

But you want to go back to Central as soon as possible, right?

Then we'll work to make that happen!

But we'll charge extra for the express fee!

It's finished.


I don't see Edward Elric around.

Yeah, he said that he was visiting his mother's grave.


What kind of lives have those boys been living?

They don't even send us a single letter.

They are famous alchemists, even in Central.

That drags them into trouble, as well...

But don't worry. Those boys are strong.

Are they?

That makes me feel better, at least.

Are those two like grandchildren to you?

I've been watching over them ever since they were born.

Their father was an old drinking buddy of mine,

but he left the village, leaving his wife and children behind.

I don't even know if he's still alive.

Now that I think about it, where are Miss Winry's parents?

They died.

During the Ishbalan war.

My son... her parents... were surgeons.

They left for the battlefield because there was a shortage of doctors, but...

It was a horrible war.

It sure was.

Oh, shucks.

It's about time to start preparing supper.

You look like you'd eat a lot,
so you can expect a big dinner.

Oh no, I can't trouble you any further...

A meal tastes better with more people at the table.

There's an extra bed open for patients, so you can sleep there.

This is the only place those brothers can stay, anyway.

Adding an extra guest won't make a difference.

What about their home?

It's gone.

They don't have a home to return to.

They burnt their house down the day Ed decided to leave this village after getting his state qualification.

They probably did it to make sure there would be no going back.

Let's go back.

They're all waiting for us.

We're ba-

Edward Elric!

Your innocent love that drove you to attempt to revive your mother!

Your tremendous love that drove you to affix your brother's soul while prepared to throw your own life away!

Your unearthly determination that drove you to destroy your way out by burning down your home filled with memories!

Accept my embrace!!!

Get away! It's too hot!

Stop it!!!

Wow, you guys are at it already! So early in the morning, too!

We've been working all night.

Wow, it's so late and you guys are still working!

You'll be done pretty soon at this rate, won't ya?!

Another all-nighter tonight.



They said they'd get it done in three days, so wait patiently.

I know, but I just can't sit still when I know a secret to the Philosopher's Stone lies in Central!

Sorry for the wait! We're done!

You up for this?





This feeling of connecting my nerves gets me every time.

Well, I won't have to deal with this pain once I get the Philosopher's Stone!

That's too bad. You were a real money-spinner.

Yeah. There's no need to go through the trouble of getting your limbs back!

And besides, what's wrong with this?

The smell of oil, the groaning of bearings...

This beautiful form that was designed based on human engineering!

Ah, how amazing!

Automails, that is!

Machine freak.

Shut up, Alchemy freak.

All right, it's complete!

How is it?

Yeah! Feels great!

We raised the ratio of chromium this time so it would be more resistant to rust.

But that makes it less durable, so don't overuse-

Hey, listen to me!

Al, sorry for the wait!

Will you be able to fix him quickly?

Yeah. There's a trick to it, though.

This seal right here acts as the mediator between Al's soul and this suit,

so I have to make sure I don't mess it up.

There! Perfect!

What do you say we test it out!


It'll get quiet around here.

It's finally time!

We're going to go find Dr. Marcoh's data at Central!

We're leaving on the first train tomorrow!

He's sleeping with his belly out, again.


You're like his guardian, Al.

It's a pain having such a needy brother.

How old are you boys now?

I'm fourteen, and Brother is fifteen.

He's so short, the same age as me,
and they call him a human weapon?

Look how defenseless he is right now.

Thanks a lot, you two.

What's this formality all of a sudden?

You've always welcomed us as family. I'm really thankful of you two.

He might not say it, but Brother feels the same way.


Hey, we know.

You don't need to say it.

Granny... Winry...

Thank you.

Thanks for everything, Granny.


Huh? Where's Winry?

Her last few nights have all been all-nighters, so I bet she's exhausted.

Want me to go wake her up?

Nah, don't worry about it.

She'll just keep on ranting about maintenance and all that stuff.


Hey, you two.

Stop by for a meal every once in a while, will ya?

We will.

Coming to a place so deep in the mountains just for a meal?

Ed, Al.

Have a safe trip...


I slept for the whole day.

Seriously... this place turns into a battlefield whenever he comes.



Clues to the Philosopher's Stone are certainly there.

However, the enemy's evil hand has seized its target,

and the boys are drawn into a labyrinth by the real truth that is beyond the truth.

Next time, Fullmetal Alchemist:

Episode 7, The Hidden Truth.

If you wish to reach it, you must not avert your eyes.