Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (2009–2010): Season 1, Episode 5 - Rain of Sorrow - full transcript

Edward and Alphonse are attacked by Scar, a mysterious killer wanted for a string of gruesome murders. His powers are incredible - and his obsession with slaying State Alchemists might be justified.

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Alchemy is the science of
understanding, decomposing,

and reconstructing matter.

However, it is not an all-powerful art.

lt is impossible to create
something out of nothing.

If one wishes to obtain something,

something of equal value must be paid.

This equivalent exchange
is the basis of alchemy.

Alchemists have a taboo,
and it is human transmutation.

It is that which no one must commit.

I still have too long a life ahead

to get rid of these feelings, right?

I want to try doing over

the things I've left undone

I thought I was running after
something carried over from my dreams

Yet l'm stumbling into people
on this narrow, winding road

It's not like I want to go back
to the way things were back then

I'm just searching for the sky
I've been losing

Here's hoping you'll understand

Stop making that sad face
as though you were a victim

Sins don't end with tears,

you have to carry the pain forever

Who am I waiting for, in this maze of emotions

with no way out in sight?

l want to purge myself more simply,

as if writing in a blank notebook

What is it l want to escape from?

...is it reality?

It makes me want to scream that we're alive

for things to come true. Can you hear me?

l can't put up with playing it safe

...I've got nowhere to go home to

I'm always grateful for kindness

That's why I want to grow stronger
(I'm on the way)

l even welcome this pain

for the things I miss

In order to gain knowledge
about transmuting living things,

Ed and Al visit the home of Shou Tucker,
the Sewing Life Alchemist.

His daughter Nina and
dog Alexander were also there.

ln order for Tucker to pass
his State Alchemist assessment,

he transmuted a Chimera,
using Nina and Alexander.

Nina could never be changed back.

Ed became stricken with
grief at his own powerlessness.

Mom! Mom!

What is it, Ed?

A present!

I transmuted it!

You did, Ed?
You're your father's son, all right.

Thanks. You really are amazing, Ed,

to be able to create something as neat as this.


You couldn't make Mommy right, could you?

Big Brother...

Let's play.

Are you all right Brother?

You were having a nightmare.

What's the matter, you two?
What are you up so early for?

S-So, um...

What's going to become of Tucker and Nina?

Mr. Tucker was scheduled to be stripped

of his certification, and go to trial,

but both of them are dead.


You'll find this out eventually
anyhow, so I'll just tell you now.

They've been killed.

H-How? By who?!

We don't know.

I was just headed over to the scene myself.

We're coming, too!


Why not?!

It's best you don't see this.

He's still one step ahead of us, huh?

We have to catch up quickly.
The way things are going...

You sound as though you
were expecting this to happen.

What's going on?

God has given us a trial!

Wicked heathens have been
spreading false rumors to disrupt our faith,

and the military is planning to oppress us!

But we must not give in!

Now is the time to rise up, with weapon in hand!

In the name of the great god Leto!

Yeah! We have the god Leto on our side!

Down with the heathens!

Hey, don't be fooled!

Those are just lies he's telling us!


You guys are pawns of the heathens!

Humans are so hopelessly foolish.

Don't you think so, Gluttony?

Fools, fools.

Yeah, that's the truth.

Well, well, if it isn't the Father.


Sorry to have to put you to all this trouble.

Once this is over, I'll be heading right back

to the city that I'm in charge of.

The Fullmetal boy interfered with our work here,

but we ended up making good use of it.

It looks like we'll finish ahead of schedule.

You manipulated a little information,

and I whipped up the believers,
and that's all it took to get this.

Humans are such simpletons.

Bloodshed leads to more bloodshed,

hatred leads to more hatred,
and all the energy that swells up

takes root in the land,
carving out a crest of blood.

No matter how many times
they repeat it, they never learn.

Humans are foolish, miserable creatures.

Which is why they play
right into our hands, don't they?

Are lots of people gonna die again?

Yes, they will.

Can I eat all the ones who are dead?

No, you can't.

By the way, Envy, how long
are you planning to look like that?

It's grossing me out.

Aw, I'm just in the moment.

But as long as I'm going to transform anyway,

something young and cute would be better, huh?

A-A monster!

What's going on here?! The Father...

where has the real Father Cornello gone?!

What do we do?

He called me a monster. That was rude, huh?

Can I eat him?

Come to think of it, I hear
Shou Tucker in East City has been killed.

Tucker? Ah, who cares about that small fry?

But it was him who killed him.

Speaking of East City,
isn't the Flame Colonel there?

Yeah, and apparently,
the Fullmetal pipsqueak is staying there, too.


I'm incensed that he interfered with our work,

but we can't very well let him die, either.

He's an important sacrifice, and all.

That was yummy.

All right. We'll deal with it somehow.

So, what was his name, again?


The scarred man?

Yeah. We don't know anything about
who he is, so that's what we're calling him.

Our target is not only
unidentified, but elusive.

The only information we have about him

is the large scar on his forehead.

I've heard the stories about him.

So that's who you're pursuing?

By order of the military police command center.

And here my work at the
court-martial office is piling up, too.

My head hurts.

He has killed five people in Central,
all State Alchemists.

Nationwide, there have been
ten who have fallen prey to him.

Five days ago, old man Grand was done in.

Brig. General Grand?!

He's the top figure on weapon
transmutation and hand-to-hand combat!

That just tells you how dangerous this guy is.

Increase your escort and lie low
for a while. Nobody will blame you.

I'm also asking you
to do this as a close friend.

The only ones of any note
around here are you and Tucker, right?

Oh, no!

I've been thinking for a long time,
what is the alchemy that we believe in?

"Alchemy is knowing the laws
and flow that exists within matter,

its decomposition, and reconstruction."

"The world also follows laws and
has a flow, and everything circulates.

The death of people is a
part of that flow. Accept the flow."

That's what Teacher would always say to us.

I thought I understood it.
But I didn't understand.

That's why we transmuted Mom.

And now, I'm thinking again,
isn't there something we can do

about something we can't do anything about?

I'm such an idiot.
I haven't grown at all since then.

I thought the rain might wash
away some of this gloom from me.

But right now, every drop
hitting my face is depressing.

And since I don't have a body,

I can't even feel the rain hitting my skin.

That's something I miss. It pains me.

I really want to get my body
back again soon, and be human again.

Even if it means going
against the flow of the world,

and it's something we can't do anything about.

You are the Fullmetal Alchemist,
Edward Elric, right?


What the hell...?!

Who is this guy? This is bad... this is bad...

I have to get away...
this is bad... this is bad...

Al! Run!

You're not getting away.


Al! Grab on!

Damn it, what's this about?!
Making enemies is something I've never...

...really avoided, but...

...there's no reason for
anyone to try to kill me!


Who are you?! Why are you coming after us?!

If there are "creators," like you,

then there must also be "destroyers."

You're saying we have to fight, then?

You're gutsy.

But still...

you're too slow!


There's nothing inside?

You bastard!

Too slow!


Automail? I see, so that's why
bodily destruction didn't injure you.

You are an unusual one.

Brother, don't. You should run away.

You dumb ass!

How can I run away and leave you behind?!

You press your hands together to make a ring,

and then perform transmutation,
is that it? In that case...

I will start by destroying this
abhorrent right arm of yours.


Now you won't be able to use your alchemy.

I will give you a moment to pray to God.

Brother, run!


Unfortunately, I don't have
any god I'd like to pray to.

Am I the only one you're after?

Are you planning to kill my brother, Al, too?

If he interferes, I will eliminate him.

However, Fullmetal Alchemist, you are
the only one who is receiving judgment.

Oh, yeah?

Then promise me you won't harm my brother!


I will keep that promise.

What are you talking about, Brother?

What are you doing? Run!

Get up and run!

Stop! Stop!


Why, you...!

That's far enough.
You sure have been on a royal tear, Scar!

I'm taking you into custody,
for being the culprit

behind a string of State Alchemist killings.

Alchemists are those who change things

from their natural form
into something grotesque.

That is to say, they profane God,
the Creator of all things.

As an agent of God,
I am he who hands down his judgment.

If you interfere, I will eliminate you, as well.

This should be interesting.

You guys stay out of this.

Colonel Mustang!

Mustang... the Flame Alchemist.

To think that you would voluntarily
come forward to receive judgment,

What an auspicious day this is!

You know my name, and
would still challenge me to battle?

What a fool you are!

What did you do that for all of a sudden?!

Colonel, you're useless on
rainy days, so please, stay back!

Oh, right. He can't make
sparks when it's this soggy, huh?

It is fortunate that you cannot
create flames, State Alchemist.

For I will destroy all who
interfere with my mission,

right here and now!

Just try it!

A newcomer?

To be able to avoid my
blow is not bad. Not bad at all.

You said you would destroy us all, right?

Then you can start by defeating me!

The Strong Arm Alchemist, Alex Louis Armstrong!

It's just one after the next.
Could this be the guidance of God?

You won't back down, then?

To show my respect for your courage,
allow me to demonstrate

the artistic alchemy that has been passed down

among the Armstrong family for generations!

Who is he?

The criminal who murdered Mr. Tucker.

He's the one...?!

Easy, Major! Please don't go
destroying the city so much!

What are you talking about?!

Destruction and creation
are two sides of the same coin!

Destroy to create!
Such is the law of the universe!

Why did he strip down?

His logic is crazy.

If you were an alchemist,
like me, you wouldn't think it so crazy.

Isn't that right, Scar?

He's an alchemist, too?

That's it. The transmutation process of alchemy

are the three stages of "comprehension,"
"decomposition," and "reconstruction."

He just stops at the "decomposition" stage.

If he's an alchemist, too, doesn't that mean

he's also turned his back on
whatever the "ways of God" are?

What's more, why is he only going
after those with state certification?

He carries himself unusually well for his size,

and has superhuman destructive force.

Then there's his alchemy.
He does pose trouble, to be sure...

I have you cornered!

But there's a moment where
he takes too wide a swing!

There it is!

He's backing up?!

Did you get him?!

He's too fast. I just grazed him with one shot.

Brown skin and red eyes!

He's an Ishvalan?!

I'm surrounded.

Whoa, don't move. You can't slip out of...

That bastard! He went into the sewers!

--Don't go after him.
--I'm not going after anyone that dangerous!

Sorry. And after you bought us
enough time to surround him, too.

No, far from buying time for you,

it was all I could do to
keep from getting killed.

Oh, is it over?

Lt. Colonel, Hughes,
where have you been up to now?

Back taking shelter.

You could back us up, or something!

Lay off.
Don't go dragging a normal person like me

into this freak show with
you bunch of pseudo-humans!

Don't just stand around,
we've got things to do, you know!

Deploy troops throughout the city!

Circulate his description!

Yes, sir!



Al! Hey, are you all right?!

So that's Elric's younger brother, is it?

Looks like there's a
long story behind that, huh?

Al! Alphonse!

Why didn't you run away when
I told you to?! You stupid brother!

Well, I couldn't just run
away and leave you here, Al.

Which is why you're stupid!

B-But why?! If I had run away,
you could have been killed, you know!

And maybe I wouldn't have been killed!

Intentionally choosing to die is
something only someone stupid would do!

Hey, go easy on saying
your older brother is stupid!

I'll say it as much as I like!

Live on, live on, and survive!

Once you do some more research into alchemy,

you could find a way to get our bodies back,

as well as a way to save kids like Nina!

I won't ever allow you to do anything

to abandon those possibilities,
and choose death!

Ah! And now my arm has come off, hasn't it?!

Brother, you stupid jerk!

We're falling apart, huh?

Saying we look terrible
doesn't begin to cover it.

But we're still alive.

Mm-hmm, we're still alive.

Good grief, this is an
extra special freak show, huh?


Okay, I won't tell anyone upstairs.

If this got out, it would
cause all sorts of trouble, right?

Yeah. The older brother aside,

we couldn't explain away
the younger brother's body.

I have to admit, though,

you've got a real tough
customer coming after you.

The Ishvalan?

The Ishvalans were a race of people to the east

who believed that Ishvala
is the one, absolute Creator.

Even after they were annexed into the country,

there were conflicts with a portion of them,

but 1 3 years ago, there was an incident

where a military officer
accidentally shot an Ishvalan child dead,

and it developed into a civil war.

One uprising led to another,

and before long the rebellion had
spread to the whole eastern sector.

After seven years of back-and-forth,

the order that came down
from the military command...

was to exterminate Ishval.

Many State Alchemists were
brought in to act as human weapons.

The State Alchemists produced striking results.

Which is why that man, an Ishvalan survivor,
has justification in taking revenge.

That's nonsense!

There's no justification for dragging people

who had nothing to do
with that into his revenge!

He's just dressing up his ugly lust for
revenge by calling himself an agent of God,

and acting all arrogant!

Still, the fact is, he's
coming at us with fangs bared.

And we can't let ourselves be killed, either.

The next time we meet, there'll be no more talk.

We crush him!

Yes, sir!

Ed, Al, what are you going to do, now?

We're going to start walking again.

We can't stand still, you know.
Not as long as we're still alive.


First thing we have to do,
to fix your body,

is to get my arm back to normal.

I'm the only one who knows how to
bond your soul to the armor, after all.


We've got little choice.

It's been a long time. Let's go back

and pay a visit to our mechanic!

Do you remember the ruby sky

we saw that day?

The two of us drew close,
encircled by promises, vows

and an early summer's breeze

I hide the shadow

that stretches out behind my forced smile

So pretending not to notice, l choose rebirth

l kept waiting for settling news on the table,

knowing all about the empty night,

and the morning that would not come

Someday, you will remember the ruby sky

we saw that day

Embracing the promise we couldn't keep,

the two of us start walking

In order to rest their bodies
that were injured in battle,

Ed and Al return to Resembool,

where they are met by Winry's smile.

Meanwhile, the Philosopher's Stone shows itself

before Ed and the others,
together with a profound mystery.

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Fullmetal Alchemist,

Episode 6: "Road of Hope."

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the hill at sunset bring the boy?