Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (2009–2010): Season 1, Episode 3 - Jakyô no machi - full transcript

Science and faith collide when the Elrics confront Father Cornello. He claims to work miracles, but the brothers suspect him of abusing a Philosopher's Stone to manipulate his flock.

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Alchemy is the science of
understanding, decomposing,

and reconstructing matter.

However, it is not an all-powerful art.

lt is impossible to create
something out of nothing.

If one wishes to obtain something,

something of equal value must be paid.

This equivalent exchange
is the basis of alchemy.

Alchemists have a taboo,
and it is human transmutation.

It is that which no one must commit.

I still have too long a life ahead

to get rid of these feelings, right?

I want to try doing over

the things I've left undone

I thought I was running after
something carried over from my dreams

Yet l'm stumbling into people
on this narrow, winding road

It's not like I want to go back
to the way things were back then

I'm just searching for the sky
I've been losing

Here's hoping you'll understand

Stop making that sad face
as though you were a victim

Sins don't end with tears,

you have to carry the pain forever

Who am I waiting for, in this maze of emotions

with no way out in sight?

l want to purge myself more simply,

as if writing in a blank notebook

What is it l want to escape from?

...is it reality?

It makes me want to scream that we're alive

for things to come true. Can you hear me?

l can't put up with playing it safe

...I've got nowhere to go home to

I'm always grateful for kindness

That's why I want to grow stronger
(I'm on the way)

l even welcome this pain

for the things I miss

God's children, who live
upon this land, pray in faith,

and ye shall be saved.

--The Sun God Leto illuminates thy footsteps.
--You guys street performers or something?

--Behold, the Lord descends from his throne,
--Where do you get the
idea we're street performers?!

--and saves thee from all thy sins.
--You're not, then?
--Thanks for lunch.

--I am the Emissary of...
--Ah! Hey, excuse me, sir!

Sorry, sorry. We'll fix it.

Y-You'll fix it?

Yeah, just watch.

Okay, here goes!

Does that take care of it?

This is a surprise!
You guys can perform miraculous works?!

What do you mean by that?

We're alchemists.

I've never seen alchemy before.

Ever heard of the Elric brothers?


Yeah! I've heard that name.

The Fullmetal Alchemist, Edward Elric.

Wow, so you're the gifted
alchemist we've heard about?

Indeed, with this armor you're wearing,
your second name would be "Fullmetal," huh?

Um, not me.

Eh? The pipsqueak over there?

Who's a tiny bean sprout?!

--Pray in faith, and thy
entreaties shall be accorded thee...
--So, what's with this broadcast?

T-That's Father Cornello.

He appeared in this town several years ago,

and preached to us the ways of God.

He gives immortality to the living,
and resurrection to the dead.

His miraculous works are proof of it.

"Resurrection to the dead," eh? Sounds fishy.

--Father Cornello!
--Show us your miraculous works!

Is that it? What do you think?

No two ways about it,
that metamorphic reaction is alchemy.

But he's ignoring equivalent exchange.

The law is that only one volume of mass
can come from the same volume of mass.

He's changing vegetable into mineral, too.

Brother, could it be...

Yeah, it could be.


O God, please grant me my wish.

Please bring him...

Huh, so this is Leto, is it?

Are you interested in Letoism?

No, unfortunately, I'm areligious.

Well, that won't do.
To believe in and worship God,

and live with gratitude and hope...
It's such a marvelous thing.

If you believe,

I'm sure you will grow taller.

Hey, what was that for?!

She didn't mean any harm.

"Whoa, whoa"

"Resurrection to the dead."
Do you honestly believe that?


Water, 35 liters; carbon, 20 kilograms;

ammonia, 4 liters; lime, 1 .5 kilograms;

phosphorus, 800 grams; salt, 250 grams;

saltpeter, 1 00 grams, and various other stuff.


That's the material makeup of a
human body, calculated for one adult.

With our science now, we know
that much, but there has never been

one reported case of a successful
human transmutation actually taking place.

Are you telling me that what can't be done
by science, can be done through prayer?!

Pray in faith, and thy
entreaties shall be accorded thee.

Incidentally, if you go to the market,

you can buy all of these components
with the change a small child might carry.

Humans can be made cheap.

People aren't things!
Your words are blasphemy against the Creator!

You're going to incur Heaven's wrath.

Alchemists are scientists, you see.

We don't believe in creators, and God, and such.

We lay bare the creative
principles of this world,

and pursue truth.

It's ironic that we scientists,
who do not need God,

are in a certain sense the
closest ones to being gods.

Are you saying you're on the
same level as God? Such hubris!

Hubris, huh?

Now that you mention it,
it was in some myth somewhere.

There was a hero, who got too
close to the sun, and his wings,

made of hardened wax, were torn off,
and he was thrust down to earth.


Miss, do you think that
Leto will even save a scientist,

such as myself, who thinks what I just said?

Of course. He will accept
your repentance at any time.

Father, there are some
people here who wish to see you.

A child, and someone in a suit of armor.

They gave their names as the Elric brothers.

I'm busy. Have them leave-- no, wait.
Did you say the Elric brothers?

Yes, that's what they called themselves.

This is bad. He's the
Fullmetal Alchemist, Edward Elric.

The man in the armor?

Yeah, probably.

What would a State Alchemist be doing here?

Don't tell me they know about our plan.

Dog of the Military.
Looks like your nose is pretty sharp.

This way, please.

The Father is quite busy,
and cannot make very much time,

but you are in luck.

Sorry. We'll keep this as brief as we can.

Yes, indeed.

Let's bring an end to this quickly.

Assistant Pastor, what are you doing?

Rose, these people are heathens,
who seek to ensnare the Father.

They are wicked.

Oh, no!

Like you said, let's end this quickly!


Such a racket!

Welcome to our sacred order,
Fullmetal Alchemist.

Father Cornello...

It looks like we had some
rather disrespectful fellows here.

I apologize for their rudeness.

It's no apology, looking
down on us from up there.

Have you come to receive our doctrine?

I would like you to
teach it to me, by all means.

Like how you use cheap
alchemy to deceive your believers.

Now, what could you mean by that?

I won't have you equating my
miraculous works with alchemy.

What do you say? Can alchemy bring this about?

That's the thing about it.

How is it that you're able to
transmute, while ignoring the laws?

Like I said, it isn't alchemy.

That's when I started thinking,

if he were an alchemist, using
an enchanted amplifier of legend,

said to be able to make the impossible
possible, then maybe he could do that.

You mean...

Yes, exactly. The Philosopher's Stone.

That's what that ring of yours is, isn't it?

I've been looking for that.

This is just an ordinary ring.

I have been permitted by God
to perform miraculous works.

Are you still dissembling?

It looks like I'm just going to have
to grab you, and beat it out of you.

You appear to be quite the incorrigible heathen.



Pick up that gun lying on the floor there.

Huh? Okay.

Now shoot the Fullmetal Alchemist with it.

No... I can't.

My word is God's word. This is the will of God.

Rose, shoot him.

What's the matter?

When you lost your
boyfriend in an accident last year,

who was it that saved you
from the very depths of despair?

You, Father Cornello.

That's right. I saved you.
And what did I promise you?

That you would bring him back to life!

Er, um, I'm not him!

I'm the Fullmetal Alchemist, dammit!

You mean, you're the one?!

I'm sorry. I have no choice but to do this.

He's a swindler.

You're wrong!

Father Cornello is going to bring
him back with his miraculous works!

Then shoot.


That will do. God is pleased.
Now, shoot the other one, too.

What an awful thing to make your believer do.


What's going on?

Nothing to it.

This is what's going on.

An empty suit of armor!

This is indeed proof that
these people are wicked!

They should be purged!

Is this the first time
you've ever seen a Chimera?

You even made this with
your Philosopher's Stone?

This could be trouble, taking him on unarmed.

No transmutation circle!

I guess the State Alchemist
title is not just for show, then.


Well? How do you like the taste
of claws that can cut through iron?!


Unfortunately for you, this was specially-made.

Bite him to death!

What's wrong, pussy? Get a good taste.

Your arm...

a brother who is just armor...

I get it. So that's what's going on.

Fullmetal Alchemist,
you went and did it, didn't you?

Come on down here, third-string!

Let me show you how outclassed you are!

Come on down here, third-string!

Let me show you how outclassed you are!

Rose, these people

have performed human transmutation,

the greatest taboo for any alchemist!

They tried to bring someone dead back to life.

The hero gets too close to
the sun, his wings are torn off,

and is thrust back to earth.

Oh, no...

This is what someone who trespasses

in God or whoever's domain looks like.

Rose, are you prepared to become like this?

Edward Elric, to think that you
became a State Alchemist like that!

It's laughable!

Shut up. You're just a third-rate phony

that can't do anything
without a Philosopher's Stone.

Father, we want you to hand
over the Stone before you get hurt.

Ridiculous! You fools, who
would tread upon God's domain!

This time, I will send you back to God for good!

Nah, God probably hates me, after all.

If I went there, I think he'd just turn me away.


What are you doing?! After them!

They are heathens who are
trying to harm the order! Seize them!


Hey, boy, what are you
going to do, empty-handed?

Surrender, before you get hurt.

Don't get careless, just because he's a child!

Coming through!

Do you see now, Rose?

Cornello shot at us, even though you were there.

That was because you were...

Is it true what he said back there?

All we wanted to do was see
our mom's smiling face again.

But our transmutation failed.

It didn't even have a human form.

We were made to realize our mistake.

People do not come back
from the dead. Including our mom.

That's not true. I mean...

The basis of alchemy is equivalent exchange.

The price of our human
transmutation was enormous.

Brother's left leg, and my
whole body was taken away.

Do you see it?
Brother drew it with his own blood.

His left leg had been taken away.
He had to have been in pain.

But Brother transmuted my soul,
in exchange for his right arm,

and bonded me to this suit of armor.

I want to restore Brother's
body back to the way it was.

Brother wants to get me back to normal, too.

We might even lose our lives as a result.

That's the karmic nature of the path we chose.

But Father Cornello can--


Father Cornello can do it,
even if you weren't able to.

He can!


say your prayers!

Mister, let's speak frankly here.

I just want to know the secrets of that Stone.

Or should I request that
the military be called in,

to investigate the Stone?

Very well.

What are you trying to do
with the Philosopher's Stone?

If you have it, you don't need any
rinky-dink religious order, right?

The order would gladly
give their lives for my sake

and provides me with more believers!

They will be the ultimate legion,
not even afraid to die, just you watch!

In just a few more years,
I'm going to set out to rip this country apart,

using the Philosopher's Stone
and my idiotic believers!

I'll even share the leftovers with you!

What's so funny?

Like I said, you're third-string.

Y-You don't mean...!

There are no miraculous works.

It was all done with the
power of the Philosopher's Stone.

Why, you...!

When... when did you flip that switch?!

Right at the start.

It's all out of the bag now.

How could you do that?!

You little brat!

Too slow!

Like I said, you're outclassed.

I am without rival!

I-It's a rebound!

I-I'm not giving up yet!

I am... I am...

...the Emissary of God!

My word is the word of God!
My fist is the fist of God!

Fist of God my foot!

If you want it that much, you can have it!

Shut up!

Let me see the Philosopher's Stone!

It broke. How can that be?

How does a Philosopher's Stone,

which is supposed to be
a perfect material, break?

I-I don't know.
I don't know anything about this!

S-Spare me! Please! I was wrong!

It's a fake?

I can't do anything without the Stone. Spare me!

We've come this far,
thinking we could finally get back...

and it's a fake.

U-Uh, what about me?

Go on, go wherever the hell you like!


What about the Philosopher's Stone?

It was just a big knock-off.


I thought we were finally going
to get you your body back, too.

Give me the Philosopher's Stone!


Like I said, it was just a big knock-off.

What's more, it broke all on its own.

Liar! You want to keep it
all for yourself, don't you?!

For your bodies-- yeah,
and to use on your mother one more time.

Shut up!

Dead people do not come back to life! Ever!


He said he would come back.

He said if I prayed, it would come true.

That a miracle would happen.

What am I supposed to
live my life clinging to now?!

Tell me!


You have to figure that out for yourself.

Stand up and walk. Move forward.

You've got two fine legs there, don't you?

You don't need to cling to anything.

--What's going on here?
--Send out the Father!

--Have you been deceiving us?!
--Open up!

That kid has destroyed my ambitions...

Indeed, it's all ruined.

We should have just incited a little rebellion.


Say, Lust, can I eat this old man?

No, Gluttony. If you eat him,
it will upset your stomach.

Everyone is treating me like a fool!

We're done with you.

And here things were getting heated up.

Now we'll have to start over
from the beginning again.

Father is going to be angry with us.

Now then, I wonder what
means we should take next.

Do you remember the ruby sky

we saw that day?

The two of us drew close,
encircled by promises, vows

and an early summer's breeze

I hide the shadow

that stretches out behind my forced smile

So pretending not to notice, l choose rebirth

l kept waiting for settling news on the table,

knowing all about the empty night,

and the morning that would not come

Someday, you will remember the ruby sky

we saw that day

Embracing the promise we couldn't keep,

the two of us start walking

ln order to report on the incidents in Liore,

Ed and Al visit East City,
where the Eastern Command Center is.

There they meet the
Sewing Life Alchemist, Shou Tucker,

and his daughter, Nina.

Next time on Hagane no
Renkinjutsushi: Fullmetal Alchemist,

Episode 4: "An Alchemist's Anguish."

Would their meeting
mark the start of their pain?