Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (2009–2010): Season 1, Episode 23 - Ikusaba no shoujo - full transcript

Cooperation between Mustang's cabal and Ling Yao's band leads to the capture of a Homunculus. Unfortunately, their actions also capture the eye of the Homunculus hiding atop the military's ranks.

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A smoke bomb and a grenade.

That brat sure is reckless.

Can you track them by scent?


Hey, MP.

Please take her somewhere safe.

Winry, Al's still fighting, so...

I'm going to go.


I'll tell you everything when I get back.

How come... all I can ever do is wait?

We've taken a girl under protection at 8th District, San Louis Street.

Apparently, she's a close friend of the Fullmetal Alchemist.

Escort her to Central Headquarters.

I repeat.

We've taken a girl under protection at 8th District, San Louis Street.

Apparently, she's a close friend of the Fullmetal Alchemist.

I guess it's about time.

Escort her to Central Headquarters.

Go provide them support.


There's a vacant house on the outskirts of town we can use.

Let's meet up here.

Make sure no one follows you.

Yes, sir.

I'll contact you if we make progress.

All right.

You can't come to the scene.

I know, I know...

So persistent!

I'm being driven into a part of town without anyone around...

Did I fall for their trap?!

Was that Scar?

You take care of the other one.

I'll put an end to those two.

My left arm is...

What's wrong?!

Young master!

I can no longer be of any use to you!

What are you saying?!

If you take me with you, you may fall victim, as well...

Without his people, there is no King.

But without their King, the people have no place to go.

You must survive, for the sake of our clan...

I won't leave you!

There are plenty of things worth throwing away for a great cause.

Lan Fan?! What are you planning?!

Don't do it!

There's nothing inside your armor, right?

How pitiful!

You continue to believe in alchemy
even after being placed in that miserable state?!

This body comes with many inconveniences.

But inconveniences don't make me miserable!

There's no reason for you to pity me!

My life was put back together with alchemy by my brother.

If I deny myself, that would mean
I'm denying brother, along with alchemy.

I believe in the potential alchemy holds.

I want to believe in it!

I see.


What about Winry?

She's fine.

I'm such an idiot.

I made her cry again.

You're always so careless.

She saw us all covered in blood, too.


All right, time for act two!

Found you!!!

The Ishbalan!


That tattoo!

A Homunculus!



Get me a sturdy wire!


The fact your regeneration ability is so powerful became your downfall!

Your own meat that expands from within the wire will end up binding you tighter!

Got you, Homunculus!

Well played.

I outwitted you, monster!

What? A Homunculus?

Get him on!

We're making a run for it!

Hey, wait a minute Lieute-

H-Hang on!


The military police are watching.

Pretend like you don't know them.

They ran!

Capture Scar!

Yes, sir!

The Colonel isn't the nicest guy around, but he's trustworthy.

But more importantly...

We need to capture Scar, Al!


Multiple crimes, including the murder of the Rockbells!

You'll pay for those crimes!

Are you all right, Mister Servant?

How dare you do something like this to the servant of my savior, Yoki!

You pipsqueak!

What did you say?! Speak for yourself!

Who is that child?!

Little girl, get away from him!

It's dangerous!

We're far outnumbered...

We ought to retreat!

Just what the hell was that alchemy?!

She performed transmutations from a distance?!

This way.

Dammit, I can't see a thing!


I've already heard about you, Lin Yao.

We're heading straight to our hideout.

Wait! I left a comrade. Pick her up for me!


No, we don't have time!

I'm begging you! She's in critical condition!

She's waiting for me to come and get her!

Make it quick.

If I recall, that woman is Mustang's...

You've gone and done it now, youngster.

So even I had those eyes...

No matter how far along we've come,
hatred only brings about more hatred...

That should have stopped the bleeding.



The military police are just around the corner!

We should run...

Our target is injured!

He couldn't have gotten far!

Search thoroughly!

Yes, sir!


Hurry! Hurry!

Shao May, we have to-


I found something.

You! Is this really the time to be picking stuff up?!

But it was all alone in the midst of that!

You always do this!

You once picked up a stray cat and raised it inside your armor without telling me!

Get rid of that thing!

You're horrible!

Look how tame it is!

It's okay. Relax.

Please. This way.


Stay inside, okay?


How's it going, Fullmetal Alchemist?

Führer President Bradley.

Why are you...

I heard your childhood friend was under guard here.

She's a person close to one of my valued, talented alchemists.

I have to treat her courteously.

Well then, young lady, I'll be taking my leave.

Okay. Thanks for everything.

She's a good, honest girl.

Treat her with care, okay?


You promised.

Tell me everything you know about Mom and Dad.

I see...

So they were doing their best to help people until the very end...


...I still wish they could have come back alive...

All I can do... is wait.

Oh, perfect timing!

There's a call for Miss Rockbell.

For me?


Mr. Garfield?

Sorry, Winry.

I was hoping to take care of everything myself, but...

Is Winry still not back?!

Look at this! Only Winry can fix this!

Your customers really miss you!

Please come back soon, Winry!



Please, come back soon!

My foot feels so much better when you operate on it rather than Mr. Garfield!

Winry, I need you to finish off the exterior for my leg as soon as possible!

My arm, too!

No, I'm first!

I want to see you soon!

You idiot, Winry belongs to everybody!

That's right!

Sorry... I'll be back soon.

Please wait for me.

I'll do... I'll do my best...


Thanks for stopping me back then.

There are people who are waiting for me.

I was close to doing something that would make me unable to face them.


Ed, don't forget to maintain your automail!

Y-You got it!

I'll send you some good polishing oil sometime, Al.


Please don't die.

We won't.

Got it.

Next time I make you-

Huh? What?

I can't hear you.



Bye, Winry.



Hey, Ed!

What did you say?!

Next time I make you cry, it'll be with tears of joy!

Al and I will get our bodies back for sure, and we'll make you cry tears of joy!

You'd better remember!

Give me an arm and a leg.

One year.

We have no place to return now.

Why are you

Oh, I get it...

I... fell in love with him...


Get in.

There's someone seriously wounded.

We need a doctor.

Doing dangerous things again?

You stupid brat.

If I recall, you have family.

If it'll cause trouble, you don't have to do it.

I'll go bring some instruments, so hang tight.

Is it okay?

I divorced my wife soon after I came back from Ishbal.

You walked in the sewers with your arm cut off?!

I wouldn't be surprised if you got tetanus!

I've only dealt with corpses lately.

So I may be a bit rough.

I'm sorry...

Don't get the wrong idea.

We're the ones who offered to help.

We only worked with you guys because we had a common interest.

I'm seeking something so great as immortality.

I was prepared for the worst when I left my country.

No... I wasn't prepared enough.

Lan Fan was more prepared than I was.

Are you all right?

Is there anything we can do for you?

Your trap wasn't half bad...

But I can't use it anymore...

I need a replacement arm.


I'll introduce you to an awesome automail mechanic!

I'm Colonel Roy Mustang of the military.

I'm Lin Yao, twelfth prince of the Xing Dynasty.

I'm grateful that you found us a doctor.

You helped us out by helping Maria Ross, as well.

And this thing, too.

Hey, what the hell is that?

He's a homunculus by the name of Gluttony.


Apparently, this guy has some sort of connection with a portion of the upper echelons of the military.

"A portion"?!

You have no idea!

King Bradley.

There's a possibility he's a Homunculus, as well.

He had a tattoo of Ouroboros on his eye underneath his eyepatch.

He and Gluttony both came after us.

No way...

The top man of the country is a Homunculus?!


...Bradley did not give off a sense of not being a human, like Gluttony did.

He feels the same as an ordinary human.


First of all, if the Führer President is a Homunculus, what about his son?!

I read in a book that Homunculi are unable to reproduce!


His son, Selim, was adopted.

He doesn't carry the blood of the Führer President.

A monster or a human...

Whichever it may be, now it's easier to drag him out of his position.

We'll get information out of this guy, first.

Let's take his philosopher's stone, too.

I may be able to use it to heal my man.

Hey, hey, hey!

Lan Fan lost her arm to obtain that!

We're taking that back to Xing!

Hang on! We've been searching for a way to get our bodies back for a long time, too!

I won't allow you to take it for yourself!

That's right.

Lin, you're an illegal immigrant.

I can't stand this!

Mustang, I'm going home.


Colonel Mustang... who killed Lust!

Roy Mustang!!!


What is hidden behind the smile of goodwill and kindness?

One must be discreet in order to dig further.

They move forward and run about, not knowing what to do.

Next time, Fullmetal Alchemist:

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