Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (2009–2010): Season 1, Episode 21 - Gusha no zenshin - full transcript

Hoping to learn more about the Homunculi, Ed and Al devise a risky strategy to lure the creatures out of hiding. Step one of the brothers' plan: risk death at the hands of their most dangerous enemy, Scar.

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You idiot!

You believed the word of the enemy,
and lost the will to fight?!

I am terribly sorry, sir.

Don't let it get the better of you!
Don't give up on living!

If you're going to be my adjutant,
you've got to be more firm!

Yes, sir.

I'm going to continue entrusting
my back to you. Commit yourself.

Colonel, you're no one to talk, sir.

A commander who just waltzes on in like that.

You shut up!


And why are we even in the same room?

Ordinarily, I'd have my own room,
with a beautiful nurse!

Please try to make do, sir.

Having you in the same room
makes it easier to guard you.

About that!

Why haven't they come to kill us?


Why did you let that Flame
bastard out of there alive?!

He burned Lust to death!

Lust... is dead...

It's still not too late! Kill him!

Roy Mustang... We can make use of him.

Use him? You don't mean, him and the doorway?

Don't you worry about him.

Father has left him to me.

Beckoned now by the snow-white backdrop,

I go into a yet unseen world

Lost as I traveled

under a gray sky,

with a different map each day,
so many dreams ran together

I wonder if someday,
even with my modest stride,

I'll be able to get beyond those clouds

Falling raindrops provide
a persistent diffuse reflection

as though able to see into my heart,
wounded for acting tough

Beams of light crisscross

and shoot on forever without
announcing where they're headed

Faint afterimages burn into my eyes

Wherever I am under this sky,

I should still arrive at a yet unseen world

What do I do if I'm all rotten?


My body, which is over there,
isn't getting any nutrition!

Even if I'm able to get back into that body...

Brother... Winry...

Eh? Hey, Ed!

This is just a hypothesis,
but when we tried to transmute Mom,

you and I mixed our blood together
for the soul information, right, Al?


Now, the two of us were both
taken over there, and decomposed.

Isn't there some chance
that during that process, Al,

our spirits got some of their wires crossed?

What do you mean?

I mean, isn't there a chance that me, here,

and your body, over there, are connected?

I mean, look, for my age, I'm a little sh--



--He admitted it!
--He's faced reality!

So Ed, you're taking on
growing for Al's body, too?

That sure seems like a far-fetched idea.

It's not either far-fetched!

You don't grow because you don't drink milk!

Not the milk thing again!

--Of course! It makes your bones grow stronger!
--Come to think of it,
Brother is always sleeping.

Could it be that he's sleeping
enough for my share, too?

--Drink it! Drink it!
--No way! I can't!

--Drink it!
--I hate it!

I hope that's it.

--Drink it!
--No way!

Going to go visit the colonel?

Mr. Havoc is injured, too.

We wanted to make sure we paid our respects.

If the colonel hadn't come, right now,

who knows what would have happened to me?

Sergeant Fuery, are you visiting them, too?

I'm on an errand from the lieutenant.

Based on the number of footsteps I counted

once we got to the basement
under the 3rd Laboratory,

I figured the approximate distance
from there to that large doorway.

I couldn't be sure about the direction,

so I used the lab as a central point,
and drew a circle around it.

Central Command Center?!
And what's more, this building is...

The Fuhrer's residence. Under there
is where the Homunculi are...?

So there's a chance that the Fuhrer
is connected to that group, huh?

If he's connected,

then why did the Fuhrer go
after Greed and company?

That's strange, even if he wasn't connected.

He wiped them out, without trying
to get any information out of them.

The Fuhrer is inscrutable.

Whatever the case,

the enemy has penetrated
fairly high into the military.

From here on, we should
be careful confronting them.

Fullmetal, watch yourself.

The Homunculi and the Fuhrer...

Looks like we made an even
bigger catch than we expected.

I get the feeling that it's too big, sir.

It makes this all worth doing.

Now, I'm going to work you guys ragged.

Uh, about that, sir,
you'll have to count me out.

I can't feel my legs.

I'm sorry.

I'm retiring.


Yo. Are you in here for something?

My lower back. Medical examiners
have to always stand,

and it gets to an old guy like me.

When I heard that it was you who
burned that thing, something clicked.

What are you plotting?

You knew I was plotting something,

and yet you still determined that
other thing to be Lieutenant Ross?

Thank goodness for old war buddies.

We're not old war buddies.
We're partners in crime, aren't we?

You would burn them,
and I would do the autopsies.

Ishval was just one giant test site.

You get too involved in this dangerous business,

and you're gonna get hit with a backlash.

I already have.

Has something happened?

One of my men.

His lower half is paralyzed,
from a spinal injury.

Aw, and I only got permission
to have one of these per day.

Geez, it's laughable, being stuck
by a woman and having to retire.

What are you going to do once you're out?

My family runs a general store.
I can at least answer the phone.

Can they do anything about it with automail?

The nerve connections to the
lower half of my body are cut off,

so they can't do anything.

The retired lifestyle sure doesn't suit you.


About Havoc's legs...

I picked up some information
from Chief Fullmetal.

Doctor Marcoh... an alchemist
with mastery in the medical field,

and a Philosopher's Stone...

Can I extend my leave a little longer, sir?


Get going.

Ah, Major!

Are you back from your leave?

How was your trip to the east?

Don't tell him!

It was a nice place,
with lots of beautiful women.

Oh, right, Major, this just came
from the Provost Marshal's Office.

It's a priority message to be
delivered to State Alchemists.

What's this...?

How did it go?

Once I told them I was a State Alchemist,

they let me in without any problem.

And the entrance to the basement?

It wasn't there.

But there were traces of it
being closed up with alchemy.

Not even they are dumb
enough to leave an entrance.

Oh. It looks like going to see the
Homunculi won't be possible, then.

They said that I was a precious sacrifice,

and that they'd be screwed if I were to die.

They said the same about me.

I could be a sacrifice,
since I'd opened the doorway.

Sacrifices probably refer to alchemists

that have the ability to open
the doorway and make it back.

I wonder what they have in mind
by making sacrifices of us.

Let's pry it out of those guys!


Huh? Sergeant Brosh?

Thank goodness.

Hey, what's the matter?

You'd better get back to the hotel, right away.

If you'd like, I will escort you.

This is a citywide announcement
from the Provost Marshal's Office.

It appears that Scar has
once again surfaced in Central.

Three are dead, all of them State Alchemists,

as well as several others wounded.

According to eyewitness reports,

he is distinguished as being an Ishvalan,

having a large cross-shaped
scar on his forehead,

as well as a tattoo over his entire right arm.

A tattoo... on his right arm...!

Scar killed Aunt and Uncle Rockbell?

It's not like I've confirmed it yet, but yeah.

Oh, man. Brother, we can't
tell Winry about this.

How could we tell her?!

I don't want to see her face in tears again.

Me, either.

We're going to have to face
Scar again, aren't we?

To find out the truth?

There's that, too, but also one other reason.

To lure out the Homunculi.

Those guys can't have us dying on them.

So, if we get attacked by Scar,
and get into a real emergency...

They'll come forward? I don't
think the chances are that good.

It's better than doing nothing.

But last time, it only took
Scar a moment to beat us.

We're probably stronger than we were before.

Supposing the Homunculi do
show up, how do we catch them?

Not only are they strong,
they're all but indestructible.

Indestructible?! You mean...

Immortal, right?

Again through the window.

We'll help you out with that mission!


I'm not interested in the
military entanglements,

but if the Homunculi are immortal,
that's another story.

Huh? You doubt me somehow?

I'm grateful to you for helping
out with Lieutenant Ross. Still--

The more friends you have, the better, right?

I'm being serious, too. The fate
of my clan is at stake here.

Okay, fine. Just don't run
away with the Homunculi!

I'll keep my promise. I owe
you for a meal, after all.

A meal?

A room service bill?!

Thanks for treating!

Like hell this is for one meal!

Shut up! It's still early in
the morning, and I can't sleep!

Oh, that's right. You're going
back to Rush Valley, huh?

Hold on. Cancel that, and stay
here in Central a little while longer.

I mean, you know, maybe I'll damage my arm.

I'll probably even destroy it.

You're planning to destroy it?!

Ah, Brother, your soul...!

Good grief!

Don't do anything too dangerous, okay?

Doctor? Doctor, are you in?


I see. Good work.

A dead end, huh?

Well, if you'll excuse me...

Who was that?

My mother, and someone from
the Veterans Administration.

I've made arrangements to retire.

We're still not certain
that you can't be treated.

I'm not so dumb that I don't
know when I'm of no use, sir.


You don't need any pawns that can't move, right?

What are you looking at me like that for?

Leave me behind! Cut me loose!

Do you have time to be concerned
over one of your lowly underlings?!

You've got a promise to keep
to General Hughes, don't you?!

--I don't need your pity!
--Lieutenant Havoc!

Let me pack it in!

I'm begging you...

All right.

I'll leave you here.

I'll leave you here, so you catch up to me.

I'm going on ahead. I'll be
waiting for you at the top.

He wasn't about to cast even me aside,
and I had given up on living.

He then said he was entrusting his back to me.

He doesn't abandon others.

The fool.

There's no way he can climb
his way to the top of this country

if he's going to be so soft, is there?

I think it's okay to have
at least one fool like that.

Bring me my uniform.

You're in no shape to leave the hospital yet.

Just bring it.

As you wish, sir.

Ah! How could you do that to me?!

I-I'm so sorry!

Aw, now I'll have to close up for the day.

You seem to be having some trouble!

State Alchemist Edward Elric is here!

That's amazing, kid!

Thank you very much! How much
would you like me to pay for this?


That's not necessary, not necessary!

I've broken a vase that's important to me.

I wonder if you could fix it.

Easily done!

I'm Edward Elric!

Your neighborhood State Alchemist, Edward Elric!

--This, too, please!
--Could you fix this?

Looks like word about me
is spreading all over town.

Sure, as flashy as you're being.

This isn't like you, Fullmetal.

Colonel? Are you sure you
should be out of the hospital?


I heard about Lieutenant Havoc.
Knowing Doctor Marcoh--


We're drawing attention. Get in.

On second thought, get out.

Dr. Marcoh is missing?

They probably abducted him.

By the way, Fullmetal,
you did hear about Scar, right?

What's with your behavior,
all but begging him to find you?

I want him to find me.

I have to fight him once more.

Don't be ridiculous!

Did you forget what happened in East City?!

Oh, my. Are you afraid of Scar?

It's because you were useless
against him last time, Colonel sir.

Don't you mock me! It's clear and sunny today!

No, instead, you're all weak
and feeble, aren't you?

You're still useless.

You shut up!

Well, he's here, isn't he?

What's the matter? It's not even
raining, and you're dripping.

Wait, Lieutenant! Don't shoot!

What are you talking about?!

I'm gonna make like the colonel,

and try my hand at a little fishing!

Brother is using himself as bait
to lure out the Homunculi.

After all, he's a sacrifice to them,

one that they can't allow to die.

--That's crazy!
--We don't want anyone else to get hurt.

Using Brother or myself as bait
was the only thing we could do!

What are you going to do if Scar gets shot

by the MPs before the Homunculi show up?!

Colonel, you can make sure
that doesn't happen, right?

You're giving orders to me? You've got nerve!

Once you catch the Homunculi, I want my cut!

You got it!

Sergeant Fuery's townhouse is nearby. Let's go!

Yes, sir!

It's starting.

You two! Please stand aside!

Don't shoot! You'll hit my brother!

Damn, if Scar gets shot, we'll lose everything.

Talk about maintaining a careful distance...

He's wearing me down!
What's taking so long, Homunculi?!

Where's the Provost Marshal Office's channel...?

Here it is! That's our Fuery for you.

This is Sector 3 MP Patrol.

We're currently engaging Scar!
Request immediate backup!

Wah! Hey, what are you doing?!

There, now for Sector 17.

This is starting to get fun. This is...

What's going on here?!
Scar is in Sector 1 7, too?!

Then what's happening in Sector 3?!

Colonel Douglas, he's appeared in Sector 8, too!


Central Provost Marshal's
Office calling Sector 8,

Scar and a young man are fighting each other.

The young man is a
State Alchemist! Hold your fire!

There are false reports flying around!

What? A fourth person has spotted Scar?

This is Sector 3. Nothing
to report on the streets.

This is Sector 8! We've spotted Scar!
Requesting immediate backup!


I smell him, I smell him!

I smell the Ishvalan!

What is that presence? Do you feel it, Lan Fan?


All right, let's go!

Which one? Bodily destruction, or automail?



You cancelled out his decomposition energy?!

That's so reckless!

A tattoo on his right arm?

You bastard, I knew it!

I smell him, I smell him!

Hi! Hello there! You're pretty
unusual on the inside, huh?

How many people do you have inside you?

Who are you?

It's no use trying to get away.
You have a unique chi.

I can follow you anywhere.

Enemy? Enemy?

Can I eat them?

Sure enough.

He's a Homunculus.

Oh, you can sense his presence, can you?

That's a pesky ability.

I'll have to eliminate it!

Lan Fan! Get out of here!

Lan Fan!

Let it all out, Let it all out

We don't have to act so brave

The graffiti flower that someone

was drawing on the wall trembles

Nobody knows their own uniqueness

Along the long, long road, there will be
days where we lose things, find things,

become suddenly lonesome,
and break down crying

Let's turn the tears and pain into stars

Let's light the lights that shine on tomorrow

Holding up our little hands to them,
let's make stardust together

and a brightly shining eternity...

The day may come when we say goodbye

The seasons will still make their rounds

Though I may wander a little, I'll still walk

Still walk with you

Let's make sure that much doesn't change

The scream of the cut girl
echoes throughout Central.

When the infringing force chances upon the past,

memories of violence are called to remembrance.

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