Frog and Toad (2023-…): Season 1, Episode 8 - Waking Up/The Squash - full transcript

After a long night's sleep, Toad realizes Frog's been busy without him. Frog helps Toad feel OK about plans not going perfectly.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
[sighs] That was a fine dinner, Toad.

Yes, very fine.

[yawns] Now I am feeling sleepy.I think I will go to bed.

Would you like me to stop byfor a morning walk tomorrow?

Mmm. No, thank you, Frog.

Tomorrow morning, I will be sleeping in.

Sleeping in? Are you sure?You might miss something fun.

I am sure.Please do not wake me up in the morning.

[yawns] Good night, Frog.


Aw. Good night, Toad.


[mumbling, groaning]

[snoring, mumbles]

[groans, straining]



[mumbles, yawns]

Frog! You are here?

Toad! You are finally awake!Good afternoon.

Afternoon? I have been asleep a long time.

Have you been waiting for me?

Yes. I came by for our walk,

but then I rememberedyou said not to wake you up.

Oh, yes. Thank you for remembering.

So, did anything happenwhile I was asleep?

Oh, a few things, I suppose.Would you like me to tell you about them?

Yes, I think I would.

Are you sure?

Oh, I am sure. Tell me what happened.

Well, the first thing I did was walkto your house with a picnic breakfast.

A picnic breakfast?

Yes,but when I remembered not to wake you,

I decided to eat the breakfast myself.

What did the breakfast look like?

Oh, a bit like this.

I filled it with all your favorite things.

Blackberries, blueberries, fresh lemonade

and freshly baked bread.

I see. And how did it taste?

Well, the berries were not too tart.

-The lemonade hit the spot.-Mmm.



And the bread was gonein just a few bites.

Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. Mmm. [sighs]

Oh, that sounds delicious.

I wish I had been awake to enjoythat picnic with you this morning.

Mmm. Mm-hmm.

What happened next?

Oh, just a few things.Are you sure you want to hear more?

Yes, please tell me.I-I-I wanna hear about all of it.

Okay. The next thing I didwas get out a two-seat bicycle.

What did that look like?

A lot like this.

You went for a ride on that?

Yes. After I put on my helmet.

I went for a ride on the bicycle,wishing you were riding with me.

How was the ride?


The flowers were in bloom,and the air smelled fresh.

Oh. [sniffs] Mmm.

I wishI'd been awake to ride with you too.

Then I went downa b-b-bumpy part of the p-p-path.

Oh, m-my. [chuckles]Th-then what happened?

I came to a big flat rockand jumped off the ground!


Oof! [grunts, chuckles]

That must have been quite a jump.

I wish I'd been awake to see that.

What happened next?

I was feeling hotand tired from the bicycle ride,

so I sat in the shade of a big treeby the river to cool down.

What did you do while you sat?

Well, I was still feeling hotwhen I saw a trout swimming in the river.

I said,"Hello, Trout. Could you cool me down?"

-[splashes]-[Toad groans]

Ugh. I do not thinkI would've liked being awake for that.

The water cooled me offfor what came next.

Wait, there is more?

Oh, yes.

I needed to dry off.

So, I walked to the meadowand stayed there a while,

looking at the clouds in the sky.

Did you see any clouds?

Yes. I saw a cloudthat looked just like a duck!

A duck?

I wonder what that would look like.

Oh, a lot like that.

Wow. That must've been quite a sight.


I wish I had been awaketo see that duck-shaped cloud.

After the sun dried my clothes,I heard music.


It sounded like it was coming from town.

So I got back on the bicycleto see what was going on.

-[bicycle brakes screech]-What did you find when you got there?

I saw that Mink was giving away ice cream.

-[bell rings]-Free samples! Get your free samples here!

Try one or two.

I got a vanilla cone.

And then I said, "Thank you, Mink."

You are welcome, Frog.

I would've gotten chocolate.

[sighs] Blah.

I really wish I had been awaketo eat ice cream with you.


So long, fellas.

Every time I found something new in town,

I thought of you, Toad.Like helping Rabbit knit a new scarf.




Or helping Snailcatch a piece of runaway mail.

[Snail gasps, groans]


That all sounds wonderful,but what about the music?

Oh, yes.

It turns out a band was playingat the end of town.

[jazz music playing]

When I saw the band up on the stage,I wished that you could see it with me.

-[firefly 1] Yeah. Yeah.-[firefly 2 laughs]

What did you do then?

What anyone would do. I danced!

Whoo-hoo! [laughs]

[jazz music continues playing]

-[grunts] Ah!-[laughs] Mm-hmm.

Ooh. Ooh. Ooh.

While I danced, the band askedif I wanted to join them on stage.

-Did you?-I did!


-Oh, yeah.-Yeah! All right.

The band thanked me for joining them,and I hopped off stage.


And that is what I did in town, Toad.

[groans, sighs]

To think I missed all of it.

Oh, how I wish I'd been awaketo dance and play in the band with you.

Did anything else happen?

Not really. I walked back to your housewith the bicycle,

and then you woke up a little while later.

Oh, Frog.I wish I had been awake for all of that.

[sighs]I wish I had eaten that picnic breakfast

and been on that bicycleand looked at those clouds

and enjoyed that ice creamand played in that band.

Oh, I wish I had not slept in after all.

But Toad, now that you're awake,

it meanswe can do all those fun things together.

We can?

Yes, we can!

Hmm. That sounds like a good idea, Frog.

Maybe we can do those things tomorrow.

Tomorrow? But Toad, where are you going?

To bed.

I am very sleepy after hearingabout all the things you did today.

Well… [chuckles] …all right then.Good night, Toad.

Good night, Frog.

Oh, and Frog,if you come back tomorrow morning,

feel free to wake me up.

Frog, look atall these ripe summer veggies you grew.

A very nice crop indeed.

Should we pick something tasty for lunch?

Mmm. [stammers] Yes, I-I think we should.

What about those? They look nice.

And this tomato feels juicy.

Or cucumbers? Peppers?


They all sound fine, Frog.

But what I was really hoping foris some fresh summer squash.

That is my favorite.

You know, Toad,I might have one that is ready.

There was one growing back over here.


That squash is incredible!

[chuckles] Yes, it is rather big.

Big? Frog, it is monumental.

Tremendous. A world record.

I am just happyI can share it with my best friend.

Hello, Gopher.

Well, hello there, neighbors. [gasps]

Good galloping gourd,that squash is enormous!

What an achievement.

You grew this, Frog?

Yes. Yes, he did.

Marvelous work, Frog.

Your garden really is something.

Frog is the best gardener.

Thank you, friends.

Hmm. You know, Frog,

we should take this squash to townso everyone can marvel

at its spectacular sizeand glorious color.

What a fabulous idea!

-Really?-Yes. One of my best.

You two get a move on.I'll spread the word.

Come on, Frog. We must get your squashloaded up for its trip to town.

[strains, grunts]


[Frog grunts]

[banjo playing]

Hi there, friends.

Hello, Mink.

What are you two up toon this fine, fine day?

We are off to town to show everyonethe marvelous squash that Frog grew.

Mercy me! That squash is marvelous.


In fact, that squash is so marvelousit deserves a song.


♪ There's a fresh, picked vegetableOn the scene ♪

♪ It's lumpy and bumpyWith golds and greens ♪

♪ A wonder that'll make you scream ♪

♪ It's the biggest squash you've seen ♪

-Yeah! Whoo-hoo!-Yes!


I have never seena squash so lumpy and bumpy and big.

Frog grew it in his garden.

We're headed to townso everyone can admire it.

Ooh, will it be like a festivalwhere we all gather together

and have a big party?

Hmm, yes, a festival.

And will there be apple ciderand doughnuts?


Excellent. A festival's not a festivalwithout apple cider and doughnuts.

See ya there!

-See ya!-[Mink grunts]

♪ From a tiny seed planted in the ground ♪

♪ To a festival for our whole town ♪

♪ It will be the most renowned ♪

♪ It's the biggest squash around ♪



Unbelievably incredible!

Where did you find that amazing squash?

Frog grew it all by himself.

-Well done, Frog!-Thank you.

Oh,and Toad is throwing a festival in town

so everyonecan appreciate the squash Frog grew.

Ooh, will there be hayrides?


And bobbing for acornsand corn in the hole?

Yes. Yes. Uh, yes!


Whoo! Party!We wouldn't miss it for the world.


You know, Toad,I am not sure all this fuss is necessary.

Nonsense, Frog.This is a once-in-a-lifetime big deal.

To town!


-Splendid, that'll do!-Here come Frog and Toad with the squash!


Hoowee, things sure are shaping up nicely.


Yes, we took the libertyof beginning the preparations.

Yes, Mole,it is a very grand party for my squash.

Oh, we are not finished yet.

Robin, we need more decorations.

Right away, Toad.

-Where is the corn in the hole?-We have it here, Toad.

Hmm, needs more corn.

A-And who is doing the hayrides?


I'm on it, Toad. [humming]

Thank you, Snail.

But will somebody please bring me a hat?

-Here's one, Toad.-[gasps] No, no, no.

A festival hat.It needs to be bigger and shiny.

Okey dokey.

[panting, grunts]

[Snail humming]

Frog, it is time for you to goand get ready with Mole.

Get ready? But why?

Your squash is the most important guestat the festival.

You must be dressed for the occasion.


You need an outfit befittingthe grower of such a stupendous squash.

Well, if you are sure.

All right, Squash,it is time to get you ready as well.

Ah, and here he is, the frog of the hour.


I feel silly in this outfit.

Well, I think you look spiffy.

Now, what do you think of the festival?

[gasps] Wow.

[speaks indistinctly]

-[Turtle chuckles] Aha. [exclaims]-Mmm. Ah.

Toad, I cannot believe you did all thisfor me and my squash.

Naturally. A big squash needs a big party.

[gasps] Apple cider.

Ooh, yes, please.

Congratulations on your squash, Frog.Most impressive.

Thank you, Lizard.

Super festival, Toad.

Thank you,only the finest for Frog and his squash.

-Cheers, Toad.-Cheers, Frog.

-[slurps]-[both] Mmm.

-Whoo-hoo-hoo!-[chuckles] Whoo!

Speech, Frog! Speech!

-[crowd cheering]-Yes, yes, yes.

Say something.Whatever you say is gonna be good.

[cheering, applauding continues]

[Mole] Come, Frog.

Uh, I planted the seed and watered it.

The sun shone and the rain fell,

and when the squash was finally ripe,

Toad and I picked it.

[cheering, applauding]

[Mole] Oh. Well done, Frog!

Thank you all for coming.

I have one last surprise. Ready, Mole?

Ready, Toad.

Everyone smile for the camera.

I will now place the festival hatupon the squash.

[crowd gasps]

[shutter clicks]

Me first. Let me see.

Uh, Raccoon, y-you're blocking my view.


-I wanna see the squash too.-Make room for me. I can't see!

Down in front, could you take off your hatso I can see the hat?

-[crowd clamoring]-Hold on. No pushing.

[crowd struggles, gasps]

[Frog, Toad exclaim]




[crowd exclaims, gasps]

[shutter clicks]

The squash has been squashed.

[grunting, panting]


It is all right, Toad.

[stammers] But Frog,your beautiful squash is ruined,

and it is all my fault.

That is okay. I am not upset.

You are not upset?

Of course not.

It was very nice of you to go toso much trouble for me and my squash.

Everyone had such a lovely time today,thanks to you.

Wonderful festival, Toad.

Simply splendiferous.

I just wanted everyone to knowwhat a fabulous gardener you are

and be as proud of you as I am.

I know, Toad. And I appreciate it.

But what you must rememberis that squash does not just look amazing.

It tastes amazing too.

Squash is my favorite.

I know. And the best part,we have plenty to share.

-Squashed squash for everyone!-[cheers]

Here you go. Enjoy.

I'm going to roast my squash in butter.What about you, Lizard?

I think I'll put mine in a sandwich.

Squash salad for me.



One squash casserole for my best friend.

Mmm. Splendid.

Things did not goquite as I had planned today, Frog.

Quite all right, Toad.

As I always say,all's well that ends in a delicious meal.




[singer] ♪ We woke up and found a doorOnly us kids could explore ♪

♪ So we opened it to see what was behind ♪

♪ I will keep your secrets safeWith mine ♪

♪ We can wish on shooting stars that fadeSleep inside the orchid shade ♪

♪ I wouldn't change it even if I could ♪

♪ There is magic in the placesWe'd least expect to look ♪

♪ We can fill up all the pagesThere is no end to our book ♪

♪ Be the wheels to my roadBe the Frog to my Toad ♪

♪ We can be anything that we wanna be ♪

♪ Now the sun is going down ♪

♪ On that other side of town tonight ♪