Frog and Toad (2023-…): Season 1, Episode 7 - New Shoes/A Night Out - full transcript

Toad is excited about his new shoes-until they cause nothing but trouble. Frog aims to rescue Toad's fancy jacket from a lonely closet.

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[humming, vocalizing]

[panting] Whoo-hoo!




[groans] I am here, Frog.

Don't you just love our morning walks?

Mmm, sure. Except for the walking part.

Aw. Are your feet getting tired already?

[clears throat] I will be perfectly fine.

Good, then we will keep going.

[sighs] Blah.

[Toad groans]

Are you sureyou do not need a break, Toad?

I will be fine, Frog. Hopefully.

[Robin] Look out, fellas!

-[Frog, Toad gasp]-Flying through!

-[Frog] Whoa!-[mice chirping]

-[both exclaim]-Hello there, Frog. Hello there, Toad.

Are you on your way into town?

No, Gopher. We are on our morning walk.

What is with all this rushing around?

Oh, well, get a load of this.

Mink, you know Mink, he just got himselfa pair of brand-new shoes.

New shoes?

That's right.And everyone wants to see them.


Everyone. Especially me.

Gotta go!

Frog, are we everyone?

Yes, Toad. I believe we are.

Then we should go see these new shoes too.

I believe we should.

[creatures gasping] Ooh! Ooh. Aah! Wow.

Sure, have a look. No need to crowd.

[banjo plays]

♪ Hey there, everybodyHave you heard about the news? ♪

♪ Right here on my Minky feetA pair of brand-new shoes ♪

♪ They came with laces, that's a plusI can dress 'em up and down ♪

♪ And if I do say so myselfThey're the finest shoes in town ♪

♪ New shoes, new shoesForget those old-shoe blues ♪

♪ New shoes, new shoesI even got to choose ♪

♪ Look how high they make me jumpHow fast they let me run ♪

♪ These brand-new shoes look really niceAnd they're also lots of fun ♪

♪ Yes, also lots of fun ♪

-Oh! Whoo! Ooh!-Oh, yay!

Oh, Frog.

I want to run fast and jump highand have lots of fun too.

I need a new pair of shoes just like Mink.

But Toad, you do not wear shoes.

Yes, well,that is because I do not have any.

Say, Mink,where did you get those fine new shoes?

Why, I got them at Squirrel's shop,of course.

-You can find anything at Squirrel's shop.-[Squirrel humming]

Then that is where I am going.

♪ She's got gewgaws and doohickeys ♪

♪ Bibs and bobs and thingajigiesOdds and ends that never end ♪

♪ This and that and lots of hatsCheckered knee-highs… ♪

-[Toad gasps] Oh!-Aah!

Heya, hiya, hello, and welcome to my shop!

Anything in particular you're looking for?

Palm fronds, chewing gum,a golden toothpick?

We do not have teeth.

True, true. But you never know.

I am interested in a pair of new shoes.

Something that will let me run fastand jump high and have lots of fun.

Then you've come to the right place.

Here you go.

One pair of shiny new shoes.

These are perfect!

Good. Glad you like 'em.They're the only pair I have left.

Ooh, I must put them on at once.

[grunting, straining]

They seem a little small.

[grunting, straining continues]

Stand back. This calls for an extra push.

[straining, grunting]

[grunts, chuckles] See?

[grunts] Perfect fit.

Are you sure those shoesare not too small for you, Toad?

Maybe a little.

But they will stretch out once I startwalking and skipping and jumping.

Right, Squirrel?

Sounds right to me.

Then I will take them.

[Toad] Ahem.

Oh, hello everyone.

What do you think of… these?

[creatures gasping] Ooh! Aah! Ooh! Wow!

-Would you look at that.-[Toad] Hmm.

Toad has some new shoes too.

[Toad] Hmm.

My, my.Those are some fine new shoes, Toad.

-[creatures gasping] Fabulous. Yeah!-Yeah, they are.

Thank you, all.

And thanks to these new shoes,my morning walks will be better than ever.

♪ Look there, everyoneThere's some new new shoes in town ♪

♪ They're squeaky and they're shinyAnd the perfect shade of brown ♪

♪ Toad wears them well, as you can tellHis face lights up with glee ♪

♪ Come join me, palWe'll show 'em how ♪

♪ Now sing along with me ♪

♪ New shoes, new shoes ♪

-♪ They seem a little small ♪-[Toad] Hmm.

♪ New shoes, new shoes ♪

-♪ Now, careful you don't fall ♪-[struggles]

-♪ New sh-- ♪-[struggling]

-Oh, boy.-[creatures gasp]

[Toad grunting]

Are you okay, Toad?

Perfectly fine. Perfectly fine.

New shoes!

[creatures cheering, laughing]

[Gopher] Bye, Toad. Enjoy your new shoes!

I will. Thank you.



Are you sure you are okay, Toad?

Of course.

I-I-I just need more walking practicewith my new shoes. [chuckles]

Lead the way, Frog.

[inhales sharply]



Are you ready to try runningand jumping now?

[straining] Yes. Yes, any moment now.Just getting my new shoes warmed up.

Hi there, Frog.

Wow, Toad. Those are some snazzy shoes.

Thank you, Snail. They are new.

I can tell. So shiny.

Do they make you run fastand jump high and have lots of fun?

I-I expect they will.

Well, enjoy. Don't go too fast. [laughs]


Toad, maybe you shouldtake off your shoes for a little bit.

No, no, no. I wanna run fastand jump high and have fun. [chuckles]

We must continue. To the woods!


Fancy seeing you two again.


-Look, Toad, a log.-[grunting]

You and your new shoescan practice jumping.



Okay. I will try. [chuckles]

Ooh. Ah. Ooh. Ah.



[exclaiming, grunting]

Toad, did it feel like you jumped higherwith your new shoes?

I am not sure. Maybe?

Well, are you ready to seeif those new shoes make you run faster?

I suppose.

Then follow me. [laughs]

Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow.

Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow.

Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow.

Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow.

[Frog panting]

Whoo! [chuckles]

Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow!

Well, Toad,did your new shoes make you run faster?




[strains, grunts]

Oh, Frog. I'm stuck in the mud.

[grunts, yelps] I am going to fall!

Hang on, Toad.

-[Frog grunting]-Whoa!

One more pull.

[both exclaim]

[Toad grunts]


I am sorry you fell in the mud, Frog.

The important thing is that youand your shoes are free.


Toad, are you okay?

[sighs] No, Frog. I am not.

These new shoes have been nothingbut trouble.

They do not make me walk fasteror jump higher,

and they are no fun at all.

I thought I wanted new shoes,but now I just feel silly.

And my feet hurt.

You know, Toad, they were new shoeswhen you left the store,

but now they are no longer new.

You are right.

They are scuffed and wet and muddy.

These are old shoes now.I do not need old shoes.

Frog, it is timeto take these old new shoes off.



Look, Frog, I can wiggle my toes again.

[grunts, chuckles]

I can walk as fast as I want,and I can jump.


Good for you, Toad.

So, what would you like to do now?

How about another strollthrough the meadow?

[laughs] I would like that very much.


Hiya, Frog.

Hiya, Toad.

Hello, Robin.

[gasps] You're not wearing your new shoes.

Oh, they're not new anymore.They are old shoes now.

Uh, s-say, would you like to have them?

Sure, I'd love to have them.Especially the laces.

Thank you, Toad!

No, thank you, Robin.

[Toad laughing]


-[panting]-Whoo-hoo! [laughs]

[laughing] Yes!

-[laughs]-Whoa! [grunts]

[both laugh]

Don't you just love our afternoon walks?

Yes,especially the walking-without-shoes part.


[slurps] Aah.

Another quiet evening in.

Are you comfortable, Toad?

Mmm, yes. I am quite comfortable.

Though, I might be even more comfortableif I were wearing my favorite slippers.


But if I have to get up to put them on,I would become less comfortable.

Then I shall fetch them for you.

Toad, where do you keepyour favorite slippers?

Well, if they are not on my feet,they must be in my closet.

Well, they are certainly not on your feet,so I shall check the closet.


These are Toad's stripy pajamas.

And this is Toad's woolly scarffor the winter.

And what is this?

I have never seenthis fancy jacket before.

No sign of your slippers,but look what I found.


I have not worn that jacketin a very long time.

Such a spiffy jacket!

Why have I never seen you wear it before?

Because that is a special jacketfor special occasions, Frog.


Don't you feel a bit sorryfor this jacket, Toad,

sitting all alone in the darkat the back of your closet?

Hmm, yes,I suppose it must be quite lonely.

Maybe you could wear it tonight.

But Frog, this is a relaxing night in,hardly a special occasion.

Then we will make this a special occasionfor your lonely jacket.

Well, I suppose we could trysomething special for the jacket.

How about a night on the town?

Yes, a night on the town.

W-W-What exactly do you meanby "a night on the town"?

We will go out and do things, at night!


Well, since I usually spend evenings in,going out would be special.

What do you have in mind?

Perhaps we startby taking an evening stroll.

For the jacket.

For the jacket.

Mmm. It does feel goodto wear this jacket again.

And you look very spiffy wearing it.

After you, Frog.

No, Toad, after your fancy jacket.

[Toad] Mmm. Mmm-hmm.

Toad, do you think your fancy jacketis enjoying our stroll?

I should hope so,though it is hard to know for certain--



Maybe your jacket would enjoya splash in a puddle.

I know I like splashing in puddles.

That does sound like fun for you.But will my jacket enjoy it?

I say we find out.

For the jacket.

[sighs] For the jacket.

[both laughing]

Well, is your jacket havinga good time now?


It is very muddy,uh, but I am not sure it enjoyed it.

Then we will have to do somethingeven more special.

How about we take a boat ride on the pond?

For the jacket.

I suppose so. [chuckles]

For the jacket.

Look at those pretty flowers, Toad.

I will row closer so you can pick oneto wear on your fancy jacket.

Yes, the jacket might enjoy that.

[sniffs] Mmm.

[sneezes] Whoa!

Great thinking, Toad.

I am sure your fancy jacket will enjoyan evening swim.

[stammers] I did not meanto go for a swim, Frog.

My sneeze made me fall off the boat.


Then let me help you.

-[strains]-[Toad grunting]

I do not think my jacket enjoyedour boat trip either.

Now it is all wet.

Then we must do somethingeven more special to make up for it.

[both] Hmm.

[gasps] I know!

We could take your jacket for a mealat a fancy restaurant.

Well, I have plenty of food at home,you know.

Special occasion.


Special occasion for the jacket.

For the jacket.

Besides,all this rowing is making me hungry.

Oh, hey, Frog and Toad. [clears throat]

I mean, welcome gentlefolk.

May I take your jacket, sir?

[both] Certainly not!

This is a special occasionfor Toad's jacket.

Your best table, if you please.

Okay. Let me see what I havefor you this evening.

You're in luck!Our best table is available.

Right this way.

So, what is on the menu this evening,Lizard?

We have soup.

Acorn soup, pumpkin soup, apple soup,dandelion soup, hot soup, not hot soup,

and just plain soup soup.

[both] Soup it is!

Hooyah! [clears throat]

I mean, very good, sirs. Very good.

Your acorn soup.

For the jacket, Toad.

For the jacket.

[both slurp]

Mmm. Very "acorn-y."

And very delicious.

Yes, that too.

[both slurp] Mmm.

-Enjoying the soup?-[gasps]

Oh, my. I spilled the rest of the soup.


No problem.There's more where that came from.

Wanna try the pumpkin soup? It is delish!

We will try them all.

For the jacket.

For the jacket.

Whoo! Soup party!

Would you like them all togetheror one at a time?

[both] All together!

All right! [clears throat]

I mean, all right.



[slurping, gulping]

[slurping, lapping]



[Frog, Toad slurping, gulping, sighing]

One last sip.

[slurps] Aah.

Wow. You two sure like soup. Finished?

Yes. I'm completely stuffed.

[sighs] As am I.

That's goodbecause we are all out of soup.

Well, Toad, did the jacket like the soup?

Hmm, hard to say.

But it was very good soup.

[jazz music playing]


-Do you hear that, Toad?-Mm-hmm.

It is music.

Oh, yeah, that's the band.

I'm heading there myself.You know, now that we're out of soup.

See ya!

Could we go too, Toad?

For the jacket?

Very well.

For the jacket.


-[Lizard humming]-[Frog laughs]

A night on the town is not completewithout a dance.

Excuse me,

could we have something more upbeatfor Toad's fancy jacket to dance to?

[groans] Fro-- I--

[upbeat music playing]

All right!

-[Frog panting] For the jacket, Toad!-[Lizard laughing] Whoo!

-[chuckles]-[chuckling] Whoa!

[Frog singsongy] Ta-da. Whoo-hoo!

Yeah! Turn it up!

-[chuckling] Whoa!-[grunts]


[Frog chuckles]

[song ends]

-[Toad panting, sighs] Whoo.-Whoo. [chuckles, exhales deeply]

[gasps] Frog, I ripped my fancy jacket.


Your jacket must really like dancing.

That was the best.

By the looks of that jacket,you have had quite a night on the town,

am I right?

-Hmm.-Yes, indeed.

I suppose we did.

[stammers] But maybe it is timewe take this jacket home.

It might be having a fun time,but I am exhausted.


See you later.

Thank you, everyone.

Whoo! [chuckles]

What a delightful night out, Toad.


It certainly was a special occasion.

[stammers] But if we do this again,

I think we should leave my fancy jacketat home.


I do not think it could handleanother night on the town like that.



Aha! I found your slippers, Toad.



Thank you, Frog.

After a night out, I think I'm readyfor a quiet, comfortable night in.

[singer] ♪ We woke up and found a doorOnly us kids could explore ♪

♪ So we opened it to see what was behind ♪

♪ I will keep your secrets safeWith mine ♪

♪ We can wish on shooting stars that fadeSleep inside the orchid shade ♪

♪ I wouldn't change it even if I could ♪

♪ There is magic in the placesWe'd least expect to look ♪

♪ We can fill up all the pagesThere is no end to our book ♪

♪ Be the wheels to my roadBe the Frog to my Toad ♪

♪ We can be anything that we wanna be ♪

♪ Now the sun is going down ♪

♪ On that other side of town tonight ♪