Frog and Toad (2023-…): Season 1, Episode 6 - The Story/A List - full transcript

Toad goes on an epic quest to find a story to tell an unwell Frog. When Toad loses his to-do list, he's stumped about what to do next.

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Hmm. I wonder what is keeping Frog.

Hmm. He should be here by now.

Sorry to be late, Toad.

Frog, you are looking quite green.

Hmm. But I always look green. I am a frog.

Today you look very green,even for a frog.

You must get in bed right away.

-I must?-Yes, you must.

I'll be right back with tea.

Here you are, Frog.

Aw, thank you, Toad. [slurps]

Now, is there anything else I can get you?More blankets? E-Extra pillows?

Actually, a story would be nicewhile I am resting.

[stammers]You want me to read you a story?

No, tell me a story.You know, one you make up.

[stammers] Make up from where?

From your imagination.


I know. What about a story about us?

Oh, all right. I will think ofa story to tell you about us.

Hmm. Hmm. [clears throat]

The story.

The story. The story.

[clears throat]

[inhales deeply, sighs]

I cannot think of what should come next.

Well, try starting with"Once upon a time."

Once upon a time… [stammers] Hmm.

Once upon a time… [groaning] …Aha!

Did you think of a story?

No, but I will go out on the front porchand walk up and down.

Perhaps that will help meto think of a story.

Fantastic idea, Toad.I will stay here and rest.

-Ah.-[door opens, closes]

Hmm. A story for Frog,a story for Frog. Hmm.

[groans] This is not working.

Maybe a walk to the mailboxwill help me think of a story.

[humming] Oh, hi there, Toad.Sorry, no mail today.

Oh, I'm not looking for mail, Snail.I am looking for a story to tell Frog.

Ooh. How exciting.

[groans] Yes, it would be.If only I could think of one.

Well, I always find storiesin the most unexpected places.

Hmm. I wonder.

Why are you lookingin that flowerpot, Toad?

I am looking in unexpected placesfor a story, of course.

I would never expect to finda story in a flowerpot.

Oh. Find any?

No, there are no stories in here.

Just this old keyI have not seen in a while.

Hmm. I will search in otherunexpected places to find a story.

I'll help you look.

Blah. No stories anywhere.

On the bright side,you did find a lot of great stuff.

I must keep lookingand find a story for Frog. Goodbye, Snail.

Good luck, Toad.

Hmm. No stories here.

Oops. Pardon me.

Hi-ho, neighbor. Lose something?

but I do need to find a storyto tell Frog. And I cannot.

I see. Maybe you just needto lay back and let the stories flow.


[chuckles] Sure! It's like the waterthat rushes out of that old pump there.

Once a story gets started,it can flow right out too.

Hmm. Flow right out. I will try it.

Oh, let me help.

[both grunting]

Here it comes!


Stories? [sputtering, gasps]

Are the stories flowing now, Toad?

No. I am just all wet. [groans]

And I still cannot think ofa story to tell Frog.

Don't worry, Toad. Stories are in the air.Just let them come to you.

Stories, come to me! Stories!

Stories, I am here! Where are you?


Ooh. Why all the shouting, Toad?

Oh, sorry, Gopher.I am trying to find a story to tell Frog.

Hmm. Maybe you justneed to shake the stories loose.

Hmm. Shake them loose.

Um, Toad, why are you standingon your head?

I am trying to shake the stories loose.

Is it working?

[grunts, stammers] I am not sure.W-W-Whoa! [grunts]

[gasps] Any stories?

No. I just feel dizzy.

Oh, sorry to hear that, Toad.Well, good luck.


Looking for some ice cream, Toad?

No, Mink. I am searching fora story to tell Frog.

A story for Frog?Why, I love telling stories!

I know just how toget those stories started.

-Really?-Yes, sirree. With a little music.

♪ When a story's what you needBut nothing comes to mind ♪

♪ Follow these simple stepsAnd a story you'll soon find ♪

♪ You gottaHop, jump and run ♪

♪ And add a cartwheel just for funNow, hop, jump and skip ♪

♪ And top it off with a backwards flip ♪

Whoa! [grunts]

Whew! Well, any stories?

Not yet.

No problem, Toad.We'll get those stories moving. Follow me.

♪ You gottaHop, jump and run ♪

That's right!♪ And add a cartwheel just for fun ♪

You got it!♪ Now, hop, jump and skip ♪

Perfect!♪ And top it off with a backwards flip ♪

[exhales deeply]

[Frog panting] Whew. [sighs]

Getting a story movingis a lot of hard work.

That it is, Toad. That it is.

Blah. I will never think ofa story to tell Frog.

Oh… [stammers] …don't say that.

Sometimes, stories just tumbleright out of you.

Tumble out? [groans] Very well.


Tumble out, stories.

[Frog chuckling, grunting]

[groans, sighs]

-[door opens, closes]-[snores]

[yawns, sighs]

What a lovely rest.I am feeling much better now.

[Toad groans]

Toad, you look green.

I never look green. I'm a toad.

Today you look very green.

[groans] Hmm. You would look green tooif you were me.

[sighs] The things I have been throughtrying to find a story.

Really? Like what?

I walked up and down on the porch,but I could not think of a story.

I searched the garden and got all wet.I called for the stories.

I stood on my head to shake thestories loose, but none came out. [groans]

Oh, my.

That is not all. I also hopped, ran,jumped, skipped, flipped

and rolled all the way down the big hill,hoping the stories would tumble out,

but I still could not think of a story.

You know, Toad, since I am feelingso much better,

I do not think I need a story anymore.

[stammers] Then can you get out of bedand let me get into it?

Because now I feel terrible.

You get comfortable.

Here you are, Toad. Drink this.

[blows, slurps] Ah.

I am sorry I could not thinkof a story to tell you.

Quite all right.Thank you for giving it such a good try.

Would you like meto tell you a story, Toad?

Hmm. Yes. If you know one.

Once upon a time,there were two good friends.

A frog and a toad.

The frog was not feeling well.

He asked his friend the toadto tell him a story,

but the toad could not think of a story.He walked up and down the porch.

He searched the garden.But he could not think of a story.

The toad got all wetand called to the stories

and stood on his headto shake the stories loose.

He hopped, ran, jumped,skipped and flipped.

He even rolled all the way downa big hill to tumble the stories out.

But he could still not think of a story.

Then the toad did not feel so well,and the frog was feeling better.

So, the toad went to bed,and the frog got up and told him a story.

The end.

How was that, Toad?


Good night, Toad. I will see you tomorrow.

[snoring, breathing deeply]

[groans, yawns] Another morning.

[sighs] And so much to do today.Eat breakfast. Get dressed.

Walk to Frog's house.

And then there are even more thingsto do with Frog.

Go for a walk. Eat lunch.Blah. This is too much to remember.

Hi-ho, Toad. Something wrong?

Oh, Dragonfly. My mind is filled upwith all the things I have to do today.

What if I forget something?[stammers] Where do I even start?

Well, have you tried making a list?

A list? Hmm. What kind of list?

A list of things to do today.When I need to remember lots of things,

it helps to take a piece of paperand write everything down.


Yes, really. Then when each task is done,you can cross it off your list.

That's the best part.

I like this idea.

I will give it a try right away.Thank you, Dragonfly.

Anytime, Toad.


Hmm. A list. What to write down first?



Aha! [clears throat] "Wake up."

I have already woken up.I can cross that off.

Huh. Making a list is easy.

There. Now everything I must do todayis all written down.

"Make a list." I have already done this.

What is next? "Make breakfast." [chuckles]

[gasps] Oh. Mmm.

There. I can cross off "Make breakfast."What is next?

"Eat breakfast." Mm-hmm. Mmm. Mm-mmm.

[sighs] I have done so much already.What is next on my list?

[gasps] Ah. Get dressed.

"Get dressed." I can cross that out.

What is next on my list?

"Say goodbye to Dragonfly." Ah, yes.

Goodbye, Dragonfly.

Farewell, Toad.

I can cross that off.

Are you going to Frog's house?

Why, yes, I am. That is next on my list.

Oh, that looks like a good list.Give my best to Frog.


"Go to Frog's house."

And I am here.

Crossing things out really does feel good.

Hello, Toad.

Hello, Frog. Hold on, please.

"Say hello to Frog."

Hmm. What do you have there, Toad?

I've made a list of thingsI have to do today.

Oh, that is a great idea.Certainly is a long list.

Yes, it is.

It looks like we have much to do today.

We do indeed.

So, what will we do first?

My list tells me thatwe will go for a walk.

All right. I am ready.

We are walking.

Yes, we are.

And now we have walked our walk.

It was not a very long walk.

True, but it was a walk.And now I may cross it off the list.

"Go for a walk with Frog."


What else do you have in storefor us today?

Huh. Hmm. [gasps] Follow me.

[Toad scats]


-Hooray!-Hooray! [chuckles]

"Skip stones in pond." Done.


"Eat lunch."

-[chuckles] Tee-hee!-[chuckling]

"Play on swing." There.

What is next on my list?"Wave at a friend."

[gasps] Squirrel.

[gasps] Blueberries!

Hmm. Blueberries. Blueberries.

[gasps] Wait!

[gasps] Wait! "Eating a blueberry"is not on the list.

Whew! That was a close one, Frog.

Thank goodness for the list. What's next?

Whoo-hoo! "Play games with Frog."

Toad, could I cross somethingoff the list? It looks so satisfying.

Hmm. I'm very sorry, Frog.

"Letting Frog cross somethingoff the list" is not on the list.


Whoo-hoo! I win.

Oh. [chuckles]

What is next on the list, Toad?

Mmm. Let me see.

[gasps] Ah! It is time for a break.

I could use a break.

Then we shall have one.

I think it would be niceto cool down by going for a swim.

Hmm. [smacks lips, inhales sharply]

Uh, sorry, Frog, but no.A swim is not on the list.

That is okay.A break with my friend, Toad,

even without swimming,is a nice way to pass the time.

[chuckles] I think so too, Frog.

[breathes deeply]

I am glad you made a list today.

I am also happy I made a list.

[gasps] Toad.

Yes, Frog?

When will it be time to cross"Take a break" off your list?

Mmm. I think now is a good time.

So, what is next?

Let me see.

-[wind gusts]-[paper rustles]

[grunting] Oh, no! My list.

[grunts] I have it!

[grunting] No, I have it!

[grunts] I do not have it.

What will I do without the list?

-[panting] We will run and catch it.-[groans]

Toad, we must run after the list.It is flying away.

But running after the list is noton my list of things to do.

Hmm. Well, I did not write a list.

So, I can run after your list. [panting]

Frog, you are the kindest friend.

[pants, strains]

Please let me catch you. [grunts]



[panting, grunting]

Oh, list. Please come back!

Goodbye forever, list. [sighs]

Now I must go back and tell Toad.

Oh. [chuckles] Frog.

[sighs] Toad, I am sorrythat I could not catch the list.

Hmm. Thank you for trying.

What should we do now?

[sighs] I cannot rememberwhat else was on the list.

Not a single thing?

I'm afraid not, Frog.

Therefore, the only thing to dois to sit and do nothing.

Then that is what we shall do.


Toad, it is getting dark.We should go to sleep soon.

[gasps] Go to sleep. "Go to sleep"was the last thing on my list.

"Go to sleep."

There. Now my day is all crossed out.


-Toad?-Yes, Frog?

Could I add one more thing to your list?

Hmm. Well, I suppose so.

"Say good night."

Ah, yes. Good night, Frog.

Good night, Toad.

-[Frog sighs]-[Toad snoring]

-[wind gusts]-[paper rustles]

[snoring continues]

[singer] ♪ We woke up and found a doorOnly us kids could explore ♪

♪ So we opened it to see what was behind ♪

♪ I will keep your secrets safeWith mine ♪

♪ We can wish on shooting stars that fadeSleep inside the orchid shade ♪

♪ I wouldn't change it even if I could ♪

♪ There is magic in the placesWe'd least expect to look ♪

♪ We can fill up all the pagesThere is no end to our book ♪

♪ Be the wheels to my roadBe the Frog to my Toad ♪

♪ We can be anything that we wanna be ♪

♪ Now the sun is going down ♪

♪ On that other side of town tonight ♪