Frog and Toad (2023-…): Season 1, Episode 4 - The Garden/A Cake - full transcript

Toad thinks the seeds in his new garden are afraid to grow. Frog wants to bake a cake for Toad, even though he doesn't know how.

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Good morning, inchworm.

Oh! Good morning, flowers.

How about a nice drink of waterto start your day?

[Toad] Blah.

Toad, is that you?

[Toad] Yes, Frog.

I am tangled up in your flowers.

Oh, dear. Well, let me help you.

[strains, grunts]

Thank you, Frog.

You're welcome, Toad.

Whoa. What a fine garden you have, Frog.

Thank you. It takes lots of hard workto have a garden.

[sniffs] Oh, I wish I had a garden.

Why, Toad, you can have a garden.

I can?

You can.

But I do not know the first thingabout growing a garden.


The first step togrowing a garden are these.

What are these? Tiny pebbles?

Those are seeds.

Plant them in the ground,and soon you will have a garden.

How soon?

Quite soon.

Does this mean my gardenwill be as nice as yours?

It could be, or even nicer!


Well, I have a garden to grow.Goodbye, Frog.

Good luck, Toad!


What you doing, Toad?

I've got something very important, Gopher.

[Gopher panting]

And what's that?

I have a garden to grow.

[Gopher panting]

Ooh. How soon will it grow?

Quite soon.

Good luck, Toad.

There you are, seeds.I hope you enjoy your new home.

Quite soon, my garden will appear.

Frog said a gardenwould appear quite soon.

But how soon is "quite soon"?

[groans] It has been soon enough.

Seeds, why are you not growing?

Aha! It must bebecause you do not know what to do.

Not to worry, seeds.I will tell you what to do.

Seeds, start growing now.

Hmm. Maybe they cannot hear me.

Of course! How can they hear mewhen they are buried under the ground?

Hello down there!Now, seeds, start growing!

Oh, seeds, why won't you grow?

[Frog] Toad, why are you shouting?

Was that you seeds?

No, it was me.I heard you all the way from my house.

[groans] These seeds will not grow.

That's because you are shouting too much.

These poor seeds are afraid to grow.

Oh, no. I do not wantthe seeds to be afraid.

Why don't you leavethe seeds alone for a few days?

The sun will shine on them,the rain will fall on them,

and soon, your seeds will start to grow.

This is all I have to do?

This is all you have to do.


Toad. It is time to sleep,which is your favorite thing to do.

Now, sleep.

Blah! I cannot.

Maybe the seeds have not grownbecause they are afraid of the dark.

I would be afraid out therein the dark too,

with no one to keep me company.

Oh, those poor lonely seeds.

It is okay, seeds. You do not needto be afraid. Toad is here.


Oh. Evening, Firefly.

Hey there, Toad.Little past your bedtime, isn't it?

I am growing a garden.

A garden? How lovely.

Except I think my seedsare too afraid of the dark to grow.

Lucky for me,I got a built-in night-light.

Oh! Can you and your friends light up myyard so the seeds will not be in the dark?

Oh, we'd be happy to help with that.

Thank you, Firefly.

Friends and cousins,who are also my friends,

time to light up the night. Let's dance.

-[Firefly 1] Yeah. All right.-[Firefly 2] Yeah. I love it.

-[Firefly 3] Ooh. That's nice.-[Firefly 4] Yeah, switch those things on.

[fireflies chattering]

There you go, seeds.

Now you do not have to beafraid of the dark. Good night. [yawning]

Now I am sure the seeds will grow.[snores]

Good morning, morning!

Now I am sure it has been soon enoughfor the seeds to grow.


I must be missing something.

If only these seeds could tell mewhy they will not grow.

Oh! If you are afraid of the dark,

then you seeds might alsobe afraid of the rain.

I will read you seeds a story so grandthat you will forget

all about being afraid while it rains.

"Once upon a time, there wasa very valiant Sir Toad and Squire Frog."

"They were two brave friendson a mighty big quest."

"And with only their wits, gumption,some string, a stick, a few buttons,

and also, a ladle and some old pants,

that is how Sir Toad and Squire Frogoutsmarted the Green Knight."

Not yet? Okay, I will keep reading to you.

"At last, all brave Sir Toadand Squire Frog had to do

was ask the fearsome troll if it wanteda cold glass of lemonade. The end."

You still have not grown.Not even a little bit.

Not even a little bit.

I will stay here and keep you companyso you will not be afraid.

Silly faces are sure to make you happy.Right, seeds?

[blows raspberry]



I hope this poem fills youwith as much joy as it does me.

There once was a very nice ToadWho lived in a lovely abode

He made friends with a bugAnd they cut up a rug

And enjoyed cherry pie à la mode


[groans] Still not growing.What else can I do?

I know.


[country music playing]

♪ Pop up and say helloLet the rhythm help you grow ♪

♪ We're strumming a tuneAnd ready for sprouts quite soon ♪

♪ Have no fearIt's perfectly lovely out here ♪

♪ We've plenty of roomAnd ready for sprouts quite soon ♪

Whew! Well, Toad, we're all song-ed out.That was quite the hootenanny!

Be sure and tell uswhen it's been quite soon enough

and your seeds decide to grow, Toad.

[Firefly] So long, Toad.

-Bye now, Toad.-Good luck with those seeds, Toad.

Thank you, everyone.

[groans] What shall I do?

These must be the most frightened seedsin the entire world.

[yawns] It is okay, seeds.

Soon, you will be happy enough to grow.I promise.

[yawning] Good night, seeds. [snoring]


[Frog] Toad. Toad! Look at your garden!

Oh, no. The seeds! Are they all right?

They're more than all right. Look!

They are starting to grow.

Hello. My name is Toad.

It is very nice to meet you, tiny garden.

The seeds stopped being afraid.I will finally have a nice garden.

I am very happy for you, Toad.

Maybe the seeds were not afraid after all.Maybe they just needed time to grow.

But you were right, Frog.Growing this garden was very hard work.

It was?

Oh, yes. Firefly and his friendskept them company at night.

I read the seeds stories in the rain,and recited them poetry,

and even played them music.

You did all that for your seeds?

How else would I grow a garden?

I am certain this is going to beone very happy garden indeed.

Where are you going?

I need a tuba to play for my garden.

Yes! Can you play for my garden after?

[Frog playing tuba]

[laughs] Whoo! Yay!

[Toad sniffs] Hmm.

What do you smell, Toad?

Ah, something sweet. Flowers.


What do you smell, Frog?

The sharp, fresh scent of pine needles.

Oh! [sniffing]

What is it, Toad?

I smell something good.

I would know this smell anywhere.

It is a cake.

Hello, Toad.

Rabbit. This is a delicious smelling cakeyou have right here,

and, uh, you might need someoneto try it for you.

Very important to make sure a cakelike this tastes as good as it smells.

Oh, I would loveto give you a taste, Toad,

but this cake was bakedfor a very special day.

Very special day?What very special day is it for?


Tuesday is tomorrow.

Yes, and you are welcome to come backand have a piece then.


Hey. What is wrong, Toad?

Now all I can think about is cake.

I will never be ableto wait a whole entire day

for Rabbit's "very special day"to get here.


You have nothing to worry about, Toad.I have it all figured out.

You do?

Yes! I will bake you a cake.

You will? Really? When?

Right now.

But you need a special occasionto bake a cake.

Like Tuesday.

Oh, but today is a special day.

Today is Frog Bakes a Cake for Toad Day!

Huh. That does sound like a special day.

It is. And it only happens once a year,so I better get started.

This is very exciting.

What do I need to do?

All you need to do is sit right hereand leave everything to me.

This should be a real show.Frog is baking a cake just for me.

Hmm, let's see.

I will need a bowland something to mix with.

[Frog] Hmm.

-Toad.-Yes, Frog?

What is in a cake?

Simple. You will need flour, sugar,eggs, butter and a little milk.




Now, what is next? Oh, eggs!


[Toad] Oh.

Uh, you were supposedto crack the eggs, Frog.


All cracked!

Okay, mix that up.

Uh… [groans]

Seems kinda lumpy.

Hmm. This does not look right.

Maybe you should add a little bit of milkto get things moving, Frog.

Ah! The milk.


A little more.

A little more.

A little more?

[groans] Uh…

[Frog scats]

-[strains, laughs]-[cutlery clinking]


Relax, Toad. Frog is having fun.Frog is being kind.

Frog is making the worst cake'I have ever seen.

[Frog] On to sugar.


[groans] That's not enough sugar.

And a little butter. [laughs]

♪ Baking for Toad is something great ♪

♪ And when Frog is done,We'll have some cake ♪

[Frog scatting]

Frog. [stammers] That is not--

-You-- You cannot-- I do not think---[Frog scatting, laughs]

This is not how you make a cake!

[sighs] I am sorry, Frog.I know you are having fun baking for me,

but this is really hard for me to watch.

Toad, I do not know how to bake a cake.


No. Can you help me?

I would love to help you!We will do it together.


First, we get all ofour ingredients ready.



[Toad] Eggs.

[Frog] Eggs!

[Toad] Flour.

[Frog] Flour!

[Toad] Milk.

[Frog] Milk!

[Toad] Sugar.


Good. That should be everything we need.Now we will bake.

[upbeat music playing]

And now it bakes.

[timer ticking]

Is it ready yet?

No, Frog. Not yet.

Is it ready now?

No, Frog. Not yet.

-[timer dings]-[exclaims] Is it now?

Yes. Now it is ready.


Oh, Toad. It smells amazing.

It does.

Frosting now?

Mmm. Not yet, Frog.

We have to let the cake cool first,or all that frosting will melt.

I like melted frosting.

[sighs] Well, I do not.You watch the cake. I will wash up.


[sighs] I had no idea that bakinga cake took so much waiting.

[Toad humming]


Is it cool enough to frost now, Toad?

I believe it is.



All frosted! What do you think, Toad?

Well, it is a little uneven on this side.

And-- And this side. And up here.And-- And over there.

Here let me.


[gasps] Look what you did, Toad.This cake looks wonderful!

We will see if it tastes wonderful.

[Frog gulps] Mmm. [exclaims]

Frog Bakes a Cake for Toad Day is my newfavorite very special day of the year.



This is the mostdelicious cake ever, Toad.

You have to try it.

Don't you like your cake, Toad?

No, I do not like my cake.

In fact, this is the worst cakeI have ever had.

It is? Seems fine to me.What don't you like about it?

You wanted to bake me a cake,which was so kind of you.

And then you asked me for my helpso we could do it together.

And wasn't that fun? Baking together?

But we did not bake together.I took over everything.

It cannot be Frog Bakes a Cakefor Toad Day when Toad bakes the cake.

Please, Frog, let me make things right.

I would rather have your cake instead.

This cake? Are you sure?

I am positive. We will put it in the ovenand see what happens.

[timer ticking]

[timer dings]

This cake looks a little strange, Toad.

The important thing is how it tastes.

[Frog grunting, straining]

[Toad gagging]

Well, how does it taste?

This is… [crunches]

…the best cake I have ever had, Frog.

Oh, I don't know, Toad.I-I still think I prefer yours.

You can have it, Frog.This is the cake I want.

The one you made for me.

It may be hard and not very sweet,but it is a cake I will always remember.


Would you like some milk to go with that?

[gagging] Yes, please.

[singer] ♪ We woke up and found a doorOnly us kids could explore ♪

♪ So we opened it to see what was behind ♪

♪ I will keep your secrets safeWith mine ♪

♪ We can wish on shooting stars that fadeSleep inside the orchid shade ♪

♪ I wouldn't change it even if I could ♪

♪ There is magic in the placesWe'd least expect to look ♪

♪ We can fill up all the pagesThere is no end to our book ♪

♪ Be the wheels to my roadBe the Frog to my Toad ♪

♪ We can be anything that we wanna be ♪

♪ Now the sun is going downOn that other side of town tonight ♪