Frog and Toad (2023-…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Spring/Dragons and Giants - full transcript

Frog wants Toad to spend the first day of spring with him. To prove they're brave, Frog and Toad set off to climb Mount Gloom.

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Aah. What a perfect first day of spring.

I wish Toad was hereto see this magnificent day.

Oh! What a beautiful butterfly.

I wish Toad could see this.

[birds chirping]

Welcome, baby birds.I wish Toad was here to greet you.

[sniffs, sighs] What lovely flowers.

I really wish Toad could seeand smell this too.

[gasps] Oh, why hello, Gopher.

Good morning, Frog.Happy first day of spring.

Thank you.

It is the most beautiful startto spring I have ever seen.

Mmm. I just wish Toad was hereto enjoy the day with me.

Where is Toad?I thought you two did everything together.

[sighs] Toad has been takinga very long nap.

I miss him.

Well, that's a shame.

He's missing outon such a nice first day of spring.

Hmm. You are right, Gopher.Toad should be here.

I will go wake him up.

Have a stupendous day, Gopher.

Same to you, Frog.

Toad! Toad!

Toad. Toad, wake up.

Toad! Today is the first day of spring.

[Toad groans] Blah.



-Toad, Toad. Hey, Toad…-[groans]

…it is spring!

-The sun is shining, the snow is melting.-[groans]

Wake up. Happy first day of spring, Toad!

[grunts] Blah!

[groans] Now where was I?



[door opens, closes]

-Good morning, Toad.-Blah! I am not here.

Yes, you are.

And you are missingthe most beautiful first day of spring.

Frog, I am trying to sleep.

But there areso many lovely spring things out there.

The butterflies have left their cocoons.

The baby birds are hatchingfrom their eggs.

And the flowers, Toad, they are bloomingand they smell wonderful.


Toad! You are missing out on all the fun.



[door opens]


-[straining]-Huh? What is going on?

I'm giving you a little push.

-Frog, put my bed back in my bedroom.-[groaning]

-Almost there. [grunts]-[screams, grunts]

[screams] Help. I-I cannot see anything.

No, silly.That is just the warm light of spring.

[groans] Frog, please let mego back to sleep.

But Toad, now that you are awake,we can enjoy spring together.

Think of all the new adventureswe will have.

We can skip through the meadows.

Run through the woods.

Climb the tallest mountains.

Swim the deepest rivers.

In the evenings we will sit right hereon this front porch and count the stars.

You can count them, Frog.I am going back to bed.

My friend, there is an amazing worldof adventure beyond your bed,

just waiting for us to enjoy together.

And all you have to do is take a step.

Mmm. Well, maybe one step would not hurt.







-But Toad…-[groans]

…you will miss all the fun.

I would like to go back to sleep, Frog.

Wake me up at half past spring.

Good night!

Half past spring?

That is a long time.I will be lonely until then.


[sighs] Very well.


I suppose I will just have to sit hereand wait for half past spring.

[Snail humming]

Hello, Snail.

Oh, hi there, Frog.What are you waiting for?

I am waiting for Toad to wake up

and join me so we canenjoy spring together.

How nice. When is Toad waking up?

When it is half past spring.

Oh, that might be a while.

That is all right.I am excellent at waiting.

Well, enjoy.




[singing] ♪ Waiting ♪

♪ Waiting ♪

Almost to the mailbox.


Almost there.

All right,it must be half past spring by now.

Actually it's still today.



That calendar still saysit is snowy winter.

And it is so lonely without Toad.

There must be some way to convince Toadthat it is half past spring.

I will tear off those calendar pagesand then wake up Toad-- [gasps]


[snoring continues]


-I am good at waiting.-[Toad snoring]

But sometimes you must hurry spring alongso your friend can join you.

-[paper ripping]-[gasps]

[sniffs, snorts]



Toad! Wake up, Toad.

[grunts] What?

It is half past spring.

Now you can wake upand enjoy spring with me.


Can it be half past spring so soon?

Yes, look at your calendar.

Well, I--I suppose it is half past spring.


Very well. I will go get readyto enjoy the day with you.

Hooray! [laughs] Whoo-hoo!

[gasps] Toad,look at the beautiful butterfly.

Yes. Yes, I see.

[birds chirping]

Oh, Toad, come here,listen to the baby birds.

[gasps] Adorable.

And these flowers too.Oh, you must smell them.

[sniffs] Huh.

Hello, Toad! Nice to finally see you.

It is nice to see you too, Gopher.

[laughs] Have a nice day.

Oh, these are very nice spring things.Thank you, Frog.

[wind whistling]


Phew. It certainly is coldfor half past spring.

I suppose so.


It is not really half past spring,is it, Frog?

[sighs] No, it is not.

That is okay, Frog.

It is still very beautiful.

I'm glad you got me out of bedto enjoy this day with you.

Happy first day of spring, Frog!

Happy first day of spring, Toad.

[Frog] "Brave Sir Toadand brave Squire Frog

protected the castlefrom all sorts of dangers."

Dangers? What kind of dangers?Tell me, Frog.

Their most fearsome foes yet.

There they stood on the drawbridgeof their castle

when something terrible flew in.

[Toad] Terrible?

[Frog] Yes, an enormous dragon

carrying a lumpy, one-eyed giant.

They shook the ground when they roared.

[both] Roar!

Oh, Frog,were the knight and squire afraid?

They were not,

for they knew that as long as theyworked together they had nothing to fear.

Listen here, lumpy, one-eyed giantand enormous dragon.

Brave Sir Toad and brave Squire Frogsay, "Away with you!"

[both scream]

They certainly look brave.

-Perhaps we should run away?-Agreed.

[Frog] Our heroes' bravery was so great

that the dragon and the giantflew off never to return.

[both] We are not afraid.

"The end."

Bravo. Now, that is what I call a story.

[sighs] One of my favorites.

Toad? I wonder if we are brave.

Well, let us see.

We certainly look brave.

Yes, but are we?


Well, I would like to think so.

I suppose we coulddo something brave to find out.

Yes. Something very brave, like…

climbing to the tippy top of Mount Gloom.

[thunder clap]

Mount Gloom?

[stammers] But it is so dark and gloomy.

I thought we could startwith something smaller,

like going outside without…

an umbrella.

It looks like it may rain.

That does sound brave, Toad.

But if we can get to the tippy topof Mount Gloom,

then there will be no denying we areas brave as the characters in our book.

Hmm, this is true.

Then let us be off.

[thunder clap]

[groans] I am not afraid.

Well there it is. Mount Gloom.

[thunder clap]

Sure looks gloomy.

Oh, Frog and Toad.

What brings you out on this dreary day?

Hello, Turtle.

We are going to climb to the tippy topof Mount Gloom…

-[thunder clap]-…without an umbrella.

I could never do somethingas brave as that.

What, with all the treacherous caves,

tumbling rocks, howling windsand soaking storms.

[thunder clap]

Oh, you must be very brave.

Yes, well we certainly hope so.

Brave Sir Toad and brave Squire Frognever back down from a challenge,

and neither will we.

Good luck then.

[sighs] With rain clouds like thatand no umbrella.

That is brave.


-[both panting]-Blah!

All this gloomy mist sure is wet.

[panting] I feel like I just wentfor a swim with my clothes on.

-Oh, look Toad, a cave. [panting]-[panting]

We can dry off in there.

Are you sure?It looks awfully dark and "cave-y".

Were Sir Toad and Squire Frog afraidof dark caves?

Oh, most certainly not.

Then we will go in, just like they would.

Yes, we are not afraid.

You first.

Steady, Frog.I-I cannot see very well in here.

I think there are some lights up ahead.

[snake hissing]

I'm going to get closer.

Be careful, Frog.

I am not afraid, Toad.

They are just faintly glowing,yellowish lights.

[snake hissing]

Hello, lunch?

[both gasp]

Those are not lights, Frog, they are eyes.

[both panting]

[both shouting] We are not afraid.

Oh drat.

It looks likeI will be lunching alone again.

I so rarely have guests.

[both panting]

[sighs] We are far away from that cave.

And we are nearing the top of Mount Gloom.

[thunder clap]

So we are.

You know, climbing Mount Gloomhas not been as bad as I expected.

That is because we are brave.


Frog, why are little rocksrolling past our feet?

Hmm. They seem to be getting bigger…

and bigger,

and bigger.

Turtle said somethingabout tumbling rocks.

She was right!

We should bravely get out of the way.

Okay, I think it's safe now.A little climbing and we'll be there.

The tippy top of Mount Gloom.

[wind whistling]

I am not afraid.

[grunts] I am not afraid.

I am not afraid.

Frog, the wind is too windy.

We must not give up.

What would Sir Toad and Squire Frog do?

They worked togetheragainst the dragon and giant.

Then we must work togetheragainst this mountain.

We are not afraid.

We are not afraid.

Almost there.

We can do it.

We can do it.

We are not afraid.

We are not afraid.

[both sigh]

[both gasp]

We did it, Toad.

We made it to the tippy topof Mount Gloom.

We are brave!

I always thought so.

-But now we are certain.-[thunder clap]

[both scream, whimpering]

-Frog?-Yes, Toad?

Do you suppose we could be braveback at my house?

Yes, Toad.

[both screaming]

Oh, dessert?


Oh, did you make it to the top? [scoffs]

[Frog] Hurry, Toad.

No umbrella, what was I thinking?


Yes, Toad?

I am so glad to knowa brave frog like you.

And I am so glad to knowa brave toad like you.

Do you think it is safe to come out yet?

[thunder clap]

[Frog] Maybe we should waitjust a little bit longer?

Yes, we can stay right herefeeling very brave together.

[thunder clap]

[singer] ♪ We woke up and found a doorOnly us kids could explore ♪

♪ So we opened it to see what was behind ♪

♪ I will keep your secrets safe ♪

♪ With mine ♪

♪ We can wish on shooting stars that fadeSleep inside the orchid shade ♪

♪ I wouldn't change it even if I could ♪

♪ There is magic in the placesWe'd least expect to look ♪

♪ We can fill up all the pagesThere is no end to our book ♪

♪ Be the wheels to my roadBe the Frog to my Toad ♪

♪ We can be anything that we wanna be ♪

♪ Now the sun is going down ♪

♪ On that other side of town tonight ♪