Frog and Toad (2023-…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Ice Cream/A Lost Button - full transcript

Toad's delivery of refreshing ice cream to Frog turns into a melty disaster. Frog and Toad go to great lengths to find a button.

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Well, here we are. [chuckles] Hello, pond!

Should we set up our picnicin the usual spot, Toad?

Yes, Frog. As usual.


Now, what should we do today, Toad?Would you like to skip stones?

Blah. Not today.

Hmm. What about leapfrog?I will be the frog!

You are a frog.

Then see! We have everything we need.

It is way too hot, Frog.

There must be somethingwe can do to cool off.

[gasps] Oh! I know.We could go for a swim.

Blah. I did not bring my swimsuit.

-Make shell necklaces?-Nah.

Build a canoe? Dig for treasure?Compose an opera?


-Wanna see a magic trick?-[Toad] Hmm.

[Frog] Hmm.

Ah! Do you knowwhat we need right now, Toad?

A nap in the shade?

Some sweet, cold ice cream.

Sweet, cold ice cream.

That sounds nice.You wait here, and I will go get us some.

Thank you, Toad. I'll set out the blanketand umbrella while you are gone.

I will be back before you know it.

[Toad humming]

♪ Ice cream, ice creamGoing to get some ice cream ♪

Oh. Hi, Toad. Good afternoon to you.

Sure is a hot one today.I'm drinking water.

-It sure is.-[slurps]

That's why I'm on my way to get somesweet, cold ice cream for me and Frog.

Oh, ice cream. That sounds nice.

Exactly what I said.

Be safe out there, Toad.

Oh, I will, Mouse.

♪ Ice cream, ice creamSweet cold ice cream ♪

-[slurps] Heya, Toad.-Squirrel. Good afternoon.

It sure is hot today, huh?

Good thing I have mesome sweet, cold ice cream.

Oh, yes. I am on my way to get some now.

Ooh. What flavor?

Huh. Flavor? Not exactly sure.

But I can tell you this, Squirrel.

It will be the very best flavorfor Frog and me.

Good luck choosing. [slurps]


♪ Frog and me ♪

Toad! How ya been, pal?

-Hot.-Well, you came to the right place.

Nothing like a nice scoop of ice creamto cool you off. What can I getcha?

Great hats, Mink!That is a whole lot of ice cream.

What flavors do you have?

Oh. I'm so glad you asked me that, Toad.[clears throat]

♪ We've got raspberry, strawberry ♪

♪ Huckleberry, ground-cherryPeanut butter ♪

♪ Coconut, rocky road and FluffernutterBubble gum, wild plum ♪

Try the peach, I'll give you some.

♪ Triple ripple choco-cicle ♪

♪ Pumpkin spice and lemon sliceCustard cream, mangosteen, jelly bean ♪

And vanilla.

Oh. That is a lot of flavorsto choose from.

Frog likes chocolate, and I do too.

But maybe he would like bubble gum today.And the peach was really good. Hmm.

Hey, Mink. What's the holdup?

It'll be just a few moments, folks.Toad is choosing a flavor.

Ah. That explains it.

Oh, it is a very important decision.

Well, Toad. What do you think?

[groans] I cannot decide.

What flavors do you have again?

♪ We've got raspberry, strawberry ♪

♪ Huckleberry, ground-cherryPeanut butter ♪

♪ Coconut, rocky road and FluffernutterBubble gum, wild plum ♪

Try the peach, I'll give you some.

♪ Triple ripple choco-cicle ♪

♪ Pumpkin spice and lemon sliceCustard cream, mangosteen, jelly bean ♪

And vanilla.

[Toad groans]


We will take one scoop of each.

[gasps] Well, would you look at that!He's got every single flavor.

Good choice, Toad.

Yes! The best choice is not havingto choose at all.

Now Frog can try every sweet, cool flavor.

Next customer, please.

Yes! Ice cream, here I come.

I cannot wait to get these to Frog.

He will be so happywith all these flavors.

♪ We've got raspberry, strawberryHuckleberry, ground-cherry ♪

-[humming]-[ice cream dripping]

Hmm? What was that?

Oh. The hot sun is makingthe ice cream melt.

I better hurry back to Frog. [groans]

[groans] Out of the way.[stammers] Cold ice cream coming through.

[yelps] Oh. Now I cannot see.

Here we go. Picnic blanket set.

Huh. I wonder what could be keeping Toad.I hope he's okay.



-[Toad groans] Whoa… [groans] …Oh. Whoa.-Huh?

[yelps] What is that scary thing?

-[screams]-[Toad grunting]

[screaming] Frog!

Squirrel, what is wrong?

I just saw something.

It was big and coveredwith leaves and twigs.

Oh, and it made all sorts of sounds.

What kind of sounds?

[imitates groans, yelps]It was scary! [yells]

Whoa. That does sound scary.

[gasps] And Toad is out there all alone.

[gasps, screams, grunts]

Frog! Where are you?

-[Toad groaning]-What is that sound?

-[Mouse yelps]-Who is there?


[groans] Oh. Frog, is that you?

-[grunts] Mouse! Have you seen, Toad?-[panting] Oh, dear. Oh, dear. [panting]

[yelps] No, Frog.

I saw something scary out thereon the path,

all covered with sticks and leaves!Oh, it was awful.

Out there on the path?[gasps] Toad is out there on the path!

[groans, yelps] What is happening to me?

Toad? Toad! Where are you?

[Toad groaning]

[gasps] Robin?

Frog! You better fly!I saw something scary coming this way.

Fly? But I cannot fly. I am a frog.

Then run away!

I can't run away.

I promised Toad I would wait right herefor him.

Oh. What do I do?

[Toad groaning]

[gasps] Something scary is coming!

Frog. Frog.

-Frog! Frog!-[yells] What is that thing?


And what is it saying? It sounds--


Frog, where are you? Frog?

That scary thing is calling my name!


That's not a scary thing.


[laughs] That thing is Toad!

-Toad! I am here!-Frog! I cannot see anything!

This way, Toad!

-Toad!-[Toad groans, yelps]


Oh, Toad. I was so worried for you.


Everyone was running awayfrom something scary,

something covered in sticks and leaves.

But it wasn't something scary at all.It was you.

Now all our sweet,cold ice cream is washed away.

I have ruined everything.

Oh, Toad.

You wanted to do something nice for us,and it didn't turn out the way you wanted.

-I know what we can do!-You do?

Yes. Come with me, Toad.

See? This way,we can both have our ice cream right away.

-No waiting.-And no melting.

Toad! You're back!

Hiya, Frog.

Ooh. You must be really hungryfor ice cream today.

Well, I had a small accidentwith our cones, you see. [chuckles]

Yeah, that'll happen. So what'll you have?

Wow! Look at all that sweet,cool ice cream. What flavors do you have?

[laughs] I'm so gladyou asked me that, Frog.

♪ We've got raspberry, strawberry ♪

♪ Huckleberry, ground-cherryPeanut butter ♪

♪ Coconut, rocky road and FluffernutterBubble gum, wild plum ♪

Try the peach, I'll give you some.

♪ Triple ripple choco-ciclePumpkin spice and lemon slice ♪

♪ Custard cream, mangosteen, jelly bean ♪

And vanilla.

[both] We'll have chocolate.

You know what, Toad?

What, Frog?

This is the very best wayto spend a hot, sunny day.

-I think you are right. [slurps]-And you know what else?

-What?-I am glad you're not a scary thing.

[chuckles] Me too.

[both slurping]

I love the meadow. Don't you, Toad?

The sweet smell of the grass.

[sneezes]I think this grass is making me sneeze.

The gentle breeze.

[gasps] Oh, no. My hat.

The warm sun on your face.

It is too bright.I cannot see without my hat.

What a perfect day for a walk.


All right.Well, let's explore the woods instead.

The path is much softer for sore feet,and it won't be as sunny or sneezy.

Oh. Thank you, Frog.That does sound better.

[sighs] The woods are so peaceful,aren't they, Toad?

They are. [yawns]But quiet makes me sleepy.

And the shadows are so mysterious.

[yawns] The dark parts remind meof bedtime.

And that makes me sleepy too.And my feet still hurt.

-Then I have just the thing.-[grunts]

Doesn't the water look inviting, Toad?

We will sit here for a whileand cool our feet.

No, thank you.

Just for a little bit.It will make your sore feet feel better.


See? Isn't that nice?

Maybe for a frog.

[chuckles] Hello, Trout.

[Toad grunting, whimpers]


This has been a hard day for you, Toad.We can head back home.

[gasps] Thank you, Frog.

That is the best ideaI have heard all morning.

Home. The day is getting better already.

Huh? Huh? Oh. Oh, Frog.

What is it, Toad? Do your feet still hurt?

No. I mean, yes… [stammers] …But, no.

Look, right here,I am missing a button on my jacket.

Oh, no.It must've fallen off during our walk.

Good thing it has lots of other buttonsstill on it.

This is my favorite jacket, Frog.It has to have all the buttons on it.

Well, worry not, Toad.

We will sew a new one on,and it will be good as new.

Not any old button, Frog.They need to match.

It has to be the exact same kind.

Then we will just have to find it.

We can retrace our steps

and go back to all of the placeswe visited on our walk.

I am sure it is still out there.

Yes. Good idea, Frog.We will go and find it.

I am so glad to havea friend like you, Frog.

Okay. This is where I saidthe grass smells sweet.

-And you said it makes you sneeze.-[sneezes]

Yes! Just like that.

Hmm. No button here.

And this is where I complimentedthe gentle breeze.

And I nearly lost my hat.

Hmm. No button here either. Moving on.


And here is whereyou told me your feet hurt.


No, no, no.You said that later at the river.

[gasps] Toad, look. A button! I found it!

[exhales sharply] Hmm.This is not my button.

[groans] Are you sure?

We were right here in this very spot,so it must be it.

No, my button was white, like these ones.This one is black.

Well, keep it just in case.

We will keep looking, Toad.It's sure to be out here somewhere.

[groans] Right. We will keep looking.

Here I come! Clear the runway!

Hello, Robin.

Hiya, Frog.

Hiya, Toad.

Did either of you lose a button?

Yes. You found it! Thank you. Thank you.

[groans] This is not my button.This button has two holes. Mine has four.

[clicks tongue] Aw. Thanks anyways, Robin.

Sure. Good luck finding it.


We went to the woods next.Why don't we go look there?

This path is so dark,I can't see anything.

Do not give up, Toad. Think good thoughts.

Think, "button, button, button, button."

[gasps, laughs] I found it!

Yes, yes, yes!

Oh. This is not my button.

This button is small,mine was big. [groans]

Where are you, button?

[Raccoon] Over here!


No, it's me.Did I hear you looking for a button?

Yes, the one that goes right hereon my jacket.

Well, here you go.I found it behind that big tree.

You see, Toad? All that shouting worked.

[groans] But this is not my button.

My button is round. This button is square.

Oh, Frog. This is too much.We will never find that button.

I am not giving up, Toad,and neither are you.

We will keep lookinguntil we find your lost button.

-[gasps] I have an idea. Come with me.-[Toad grunts]



[Toad grunts] Blah.

The whole world is covered with buttons,and none of them are mine!

I am going home.


This has been a hard day for Toad.

Home at last.

[groans] What a day.

What is this?

Hmm. Just my luck. Another button.

Oh! A big, white, thick,round button with four holes.

My button.

Oh. It has been hereon the floor the whole time.

What a lot of trouble I have madefor Frog today. I better sew it back on.

Tomorrow I will go show Frogand tell him how sorry I am.


Hmm. Why is my coat making that noise?

[gasps] Ah!It is all the wrong buttons I was given.

Oh, I have an idea.

[rooster crows]

[snores] Oh.


[gasps] I have got to go see Frog.

Oh, Toad. I'm so glad you're here.

I have thought of more ideasfor finding your missing button.

First, we will send up a giant kite

-with me on top of it.-Frog.

That way, maybe I can spot it

-from high above.-Frog.

Frog! We can call off the search.

We can?

This is for you. Go ahead, open it up.

[Frog gasps]

[gasps] You found the missing button!

I sure did. But look, there is more.

Look at all these wonderful buttons.

Big, small, round, three holes,four holes, thick, thin!

I am sorry about all of the troubleI caused looking for my lost button.

It was on the floor of my housethe whole time.

I want you to have this jacket, Frog.

[gasps]But this is your favorite jacket, Toad.

And you're my favorite friend, Frog.Try it on.

[chuckles, gasps] It is wonderful!

[laughs]And none of the buttons are falling off!

I sewed them on extra tight for you.

Hopefully, you will never have to lose onelike I did.

Thank you, Toad. I love it!

Make way, fellas!

Hiya, Frog. Hiya, Toad.

Are you still looking for a lost button?I found a few more.

[Frog laughs]

No, thanks. We have enough buttons now.

Okay. See ya later!

You know what, Frog?I feel like taking a walk.

You know what, Toad? I do too.

[singer] ♪ We woke up and found a doorOnly us kids could explore ♪

♪ So we opened it to see what was behind ♪

♪ I will keep your secrets safeWith mine ♪

♪ We can wish on shooting stars that fadeSleep inside the orchid shade ♪

♪ I wouldn't change it even if I could ♪

♪ There is magic in the placesWe'd least expect to look ♪

♪ We can fill up all the pagesThere is no end to our book ♪

♪ Be the wheels to my roadBe the Frog to my Toad ♪

♪ We can be anything that we wanna be ♪

♪ Now the sun is going down ♪

♪ On that other side of town tonight ♪