Frog and Toad (2023-…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Cookies/The Letter - full transcript

Frog and Toad try to resist a batch of yummy cookies. Frog finds out Toad has never gotten mail before, so he writes Toad a letter.

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Morning. What's going on?

Toad's making cookies.

Ah! Toad makes the best cookies.

Mmm. He sure does.

[Toad humming]

Mmm. These cookies look good.

[sniffs] Mmm.These cookies smell good too.

-[both sniff]-Mmm.

These might be the very best cookiesToad has ever made.

Mmm. [chewing]

Mmm. [chews] Mmm.

These are the best cookiesI have ever made.

I must go and show Frog.


Hello, Robin.

Why, hello, Toad.I see you have your famous cookies there.

Ooh, yes, they are a special treatfor Frog and me.

My, my. They look so warm.

Oh, yes, they are.

[sniffs] And smell so fresh.

Mm-hmm. Very fresh.

And they certainly look… [stammers]…delicious.

Oh, yes.

They are the most delicious cookiesI have ever made.

You know, Toad, robins love warm,fresh, delicious cookies.

Oh, yes, everyone loves cookies.

I love cookies,and Frog loves cookies too.

That is why I must get theseto Frog's house right away.

Good day, Robin.

[sighs] Good day, Toad.


Hello, Toad.

Frog, taste these cookiesI have just made.



-[stammers] Are you going to---[Frog shushes]

[sniffs] Aah.

Mmm. [chewing, swallows]


These are the best cookiesyou have ever made.

-[Toad gasps, laughs] Hooray! Yes!-Whoo-hoo! [laughs] All right.

-Shall we each have one?-Yes.

This will be our special treatfor the day.

-Mmm. [chewing]-Mmm. [chewing] Mmm. Mmm.

That was a special treat.

-Should we have just one more?-Yes, we should.

-Mmm. [chews, swallows] Mmm.-[Frog chewing]

-Oh, they are very good, aren't they?-Mm-hmm.

Frog, I have an idea.

Let us eat one last bite of cookie,and then we will stop eating them.

That is a good idea.

-Mmm. [chewing] Mmm.-Mmm. Mmm. [chewing] Mmm.

Toad, I have an idea.

Let us eat one very last bite,and then we will stop.

That is a very good idea.

-Mmm. [chews] Mmm. Mmm. [chews]-[Frog bites] Mm-hmm. [chews]

Um, one very, very last bite?

[Toad chewing] Mmm.

-Mm-hmm. Hmm. [chewing]-[Frog chewing] Mmm. Mm-hmm.

Oh, dear.We've had too many very last bites.

Oh, no, you are right. But how do we stop?

-You know what we need?-Another cookie?

Yes. No! We need willpower.

Ah, yes, willpower.

Is that a type of cookie?

Willpower is trying hard not todo something that you really wanna do.

Oh. You mean, like trying not to eatall these cookies?

[Frog] Mm-hmm.

I see.

Willpower is a very good thing to have.

Remember, willpower.

[both gawk]

No, no! We must not eat them!

[Toad groans]

Willpower is hard when the cookiesare right in front of you.


Aha. Now we don't have to look at them.

Good thinking, Frog.

Oh, no. But we could open the box

and look at the cookiesand want to eat them.

Oh, yes, that is true.

[gasps] Wait! Now I have it.

The string will keep the box closedso we cannot eat the cookies.

Another good idea, Frog.

[stammers] But we can untie the stringand open the box and eat the cookies.

[gasps] Oh, my. We must hide the cookiesbefore we eat them again.

There. That tall shelf should do it.

Oh, yes.

Uh, but we could climb the ladder

and untie the string and open the boxand eat the cookies.

[groans] Good point.

Oh, this isn't working.

Mmm, maybe we could try hidingthe cookies outside?

Yes. An excellent idea.

How were the cookies, Toad?

They were very good.

So good that we cannot stop eatingand must get rid of them.

Oh, get rid of them, you say?

Well, as I said before,we robins love cookies.

Yes, we do too.

Which is why we must dig a holein the ground and hide them forever.

-Wait a minute, what?-What?

Good day, robins.

[Frog grunts]

Ha. There.

Now the cookies will stay in the hole.Willpower!

But Frog, couldn't we climb downand take the box out of the hole?

Hmm. Maybe there's another placewe can try.

[both grunting, groaning]

Frog, perhaps someone elsecould take those cookies off your hands.

It's okay, robins.I am certain this idea will work.

The cookies are far too high upfor us now. Willpower!


But couldn't we untie the ropeand catch the box of cookies as it falls?

[both grunt]

Do not worry, robins.

We will find a way to keep these cookiesaway from us, once and for all.

-[robins sigh]-Aw.

This time I am sure I have it, Toad.

We must build a raft,put the box of cookies on top

and send it down the river.


-Goodbye, cookies.-You were very good.

We did it, Toad.

We finally got rid of the cookies.Willpower!


[groans] But we could runand save the cookies

before they go over that waterfall.

[both gasp, panting]

Hang on, cookies, we will save you!

Hurry before they go over.

[Frog groans]

-[Toad gasps] Ooh.-Whoa!

-[Frog laughs] Yeah!-[Toad laughs] Yes!

[both sigh]

-[Frog gawks]-[Toad] Mmm.

Oh, no. I am getting hungry again.

Me too. All that willpower sure doeswork up an appetite.

-[Toad gawks]-[Frog] Mmm.

Oh, Frog, I do not think we will ever beable to stop eating cookies.

You may be right.

Wait. Actually, Toad,I may have one more idea.

Hello, robins.

[all] Hello, Frog.

Here, have some cookies.

[robins gasp, cheering]

[munching, grunting]

Thank you, Frog. What an unexpected treat.

You were right, Toad.

Those were the best cookiesyou have ever made.

Goodbye, robins.

-[sighs] Frog.-Yes, Toad?

Now we have no more cookies.

Yes, but we have lotsand lots of willpower.

[Toad groans] Meh.

Where are you going?

You can keep all the willpower, Frog.I'm going home to bake a cake.

[Frog hums, scatting]


-Hi, Toad.-Hello, Frog.

Toad, what is the matter? You look sad.

Well, this is my sad time of day.

You have a sad time of day?


It is when I sit on the porchand wait for the mail to come.

It always makes me very unhappy.

But Toad, getting mail is splendid.

Why, I love it.

Letters, postcards,coupons, parcels, even junk mail!

What is junk mail?

The kind of mail you don't even want.

[sighs] Imagine,getting mail you don't even want.

[both sigh]

Well, I want it. I never get any mail.

[gasps] Not ever?


Not even on your birthday?

Not even on my birthday.

Oh, I understand nowwhy this is your sad time of day, Toad.

[both sigh]

-[Frog groans]-Blah.

-[Frog gasps] I have it.-What?

Toad, I have to go home now.There is something I must do.

[sighs] Goodbye, Frog.

[humming, laughing]


A letter for Toad.

Hmm. "Dear Toad."

Uh. Hmm. This is harder than I thought.

Toad's first letter must be just right.

Mm-hmm. [humming]

Mm-hmm. Ah, perfect.

Now Toad will have a letter.

To town, to mail Toad's letter.

Well, hello there. What's the news?How ya doing, Frog?

Hi, Gopher. I am very well.

I am on my way to townto mail this letter to Toad.

-[sniffing]-He has never gotten any mail.

Toad's never gotten any mail?Why, that's terrible.

My thoughts exactly.

He'll be so surprisedwhen he sees that letter.

I hope so. See ya.

-[Robin] Hello, Frog.-[gasps]

[yells] Make way!

Hello, Robin.

What have you got there?

A letter for Toad.It will be his very first letter.

My, my, that's a fine-looking letter.Toad will be very pleased to receive it.

Just yesterday,I got a lovely lavender-colored note

with a bit of shiny string from my cousin.

Oh, how wonderful!I'll bet Toad would love a note like that.

See ya later.

[Frog humming]

Hello there, Frog.Why all the hustle and bustle?

Hello, Mink. I'm posting a letter to Toad.

It's his first letter,and I can't wait to see him open it.


My first letter was a piece of junk mailthat said, "You may already be a winner."

Best day of my life!

[laughs] I can believe it.

[gasps] Ah,salutations and greetings, Frog.

Salutations and greetingsto you too, Mole.

And what brings you to town?

I am off to the post officeto mail this letter to Toad.

-He has never gotten a letter before.-[Mole gasps]

Ah, there is nothing more invigoratingthan your very first letter.

Mine was a note from Mother that read,

"Tonight, young Mole,you shall have spaghetti."

Simply thrilling.

Thrilling and delicious.


Okay, these go just right here.

Oh, hi there, Frog.

Oh, hi there, Snail.

I've got a most important letter herefor you to deliver.

Oh, a letter for Toad?

Why, I don't think I've ever delivereda letter to Toad before.

No, you haven't.This will be Toad's very first letter.

Wow! This is a very important letter.

It certainly is. Can you please take itto him, on the double?

Absolutely. Right away.

Thank you, Snail.

Duty calls. Next stop, Toad's house.




Where is Toad? Snail is on the way.I wonder…

-Toad, you're taking a nap?-[Toad groans]

You should get upand wait for the mail some more.

[yawns] No, I am tired of waitingfor the mail.

Come, Toad. We can go outsideand wait for the mail together.


Toad, you never knowwhen someone may send you a letter.

I do not thinkanyone will ever send me a letter.

But Toad,someone may send you a letter today.

Don't be silly.

No one has ever sent me a letter before,and no one will send me a letter today.

Frog, why do you keeplooking out the window?

Because now I am waiting for the mail.

But there will not be any.

Oh, yes, there will.

How do you know?

[sighs] Well, I was hoping tokeep this a surprise, but…

I know you are getting a letter todaybecause I have sent you one!

-[bed creaks]-[door opens]

[Toad grunting, panting]


I am glad to know Snail is on the waywith my letter.

Me too, Toad.

[gasps] Do you rememberwhat you wrote in the letter?

Of course. I wrote, "Dear Toad.

I am glad you are my best friend.Your best friend, Frog!"

That makes a very good letter.

[both sigh]

[Frog] Mmm.

[sighs] Do you thinkSnail will be along with my letter soon?

Yes, quite soon.


[pants, groans] I'm zooming today.

I might even beat my recordfor fastest delivery ever.

[Frog] Hmm.

You know, it might take Snail a lot longerto arrive than I thought.

That is all right. I do not mind the wait.

[indistinct chatter]

[Snail humming]

-Toad! Toad! Wake up! Snail is here!-Huh?

[Toad pants]

Jeepers, Toad.I have never seen you move so fast.

Well, it is a very good day for me.I am getting my first letter.

Yep. I've got it right here.

-[Toad] Hooray! [laughs]-[Frog] Whoo-hoo!

-So, are you gonna open---Shh! I am savoring the moment.

Good weight. Beautiful envelope.Fine-looking stamp.

[chuckles] Splendid!


Ooh. What's it say?

"Dear Toad.

I am glad you are my best friend.Your best friend, Frog."

That is a good letter.

Thank you, Frog.

You're welcome, Toad.

And thank you for delivering my letter,Snail. Good luck on your next delivery.

Oh, I can't leave yet, Toad.That's not all you got in the mail today.

What do you mean?

There's tons more.

Oh, my! This is all for me?

It sure is.

But this is a lot of mail.

It looks like everyone in townhas sent you something.

Here's a letter from Robinwith a piece of shiny string.

This is a poem from Mole.

[gasps] Look.

Rabbit wrote the recipe for her grandma'sfamous carrot muffins on this postcard.


This one's from me.

-[Toad] Ooh.-[Frog] Aw.

Thank you, Snail.

So long, Toad. Duty calls.

I have a feeling I'll soon have loads moremail to put in your mailbox.


So, how did you like your mail, Toad?

Well, Frog, I am very pleasedto have all this mail.

But I think I like your letter best.


Look, Toad.

A coupon from Mink.Buy one ice cream cone, get one free.

[chuckles] Wonderful.

[singer] ♪ We woke up and found a doorOnly us kids could explore ♪

♪ So we opened it to see what was behind ♪

♪ I will keep your secrets safeWith mine ♪

♪ We can wish on shooting stars that fadeSleep inside the orchid shade ♪

♪ I wouldn't change it even if I could ♪

♪ There is magic in the placesWe'd least expect to look ♪

♪ We can fill up all the pagesThere is no end to our book ♪

♪ Be the wheels to my roadBe the Frog to my Toad ♪

♪ We can be anything that we wanna be ♪

♪ Now the sun is going down ♪

♪ On that other side of town tonight ♪