Framed! A Sicilian Murder Mystery (2022–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Episode #1.3 - full transcript

Is she with the police?

Don't tell me you didn't know.
She's the police chief.

I wonder what he's gonna do.

Guys, I'm really sorry, but I have to go.
There was a murder on Dante Street.

Isn't it a bit late?

Ah, what are you doing?
What are you doing?

It fell out.

Oh my God.

Guys, I heard everything.

So apparently, a man
with links to the Mafia has been killed.

Some guy named Alberto Gambino.

- I'm going to work. Yay, Mafia!

- Ester!
- She fell down.

- What?
- Ester?

- Mm, deserved it.
- Ester!

Get a doctor. She's fainted! Ester?

Let's go, Chief.

We can't waste time on people
who faint at the word "murder."

She's lacking in her sugar.

Excuse me, Chief!

Excuse me. Do you think that this murder
could finally start a new Mafia war?

Ester? Ester,
can you hear me? Ester?

A murder?

That's serious.


Giuseppe, write this.

"A murder mystery

and a Sicily as enigmatic
as it is self-evident."

"For the time being, we are…

like a woman pregnant with a child."

"We must be ready for anything."

"With the sweetness of creation

and the pain of birthing a child."


It was only a matter of time,
my friend gardener.

Your touch,

it wasn't enough
to keep you out of jail this time.

Yours was just luck.

Hey, Salvo. Salvo, there's a problem.

I know. Ester doesn't love me anymore,
and that's why she was cheating.

No, there's a different problem now.

It's quiet at my house.
Outside, it's silent. That's unheard of.

It is completely silent
in the apartment over here too.

Ester's in the other room,
mourning the death of her lover.

Salvo, I'm worried that the Mafia
found out yesterday

we were over at Mr. Gambino's apartment,

and now they want us dead.

If the Mafia kills us,

do you think Ester will cry for me
the way she did for her lover?

Salvo, come on.

Get some rest, and we'll talk about this
tomorrow morning, okay?

But will you tell me,
"Goodnight, tortellini"?

Yeah, okay. Bye.


Seems like the case is closed,
Inspector Jackson.

I don't believe so.

Our gardener here
can't have done it all by himself.

There's someone
that has a thing or two to confess.

Talk to me.

Talk. I need to know what's going on.

Would you calm down?
It's just a dizzy spell. It's fine.

You forget that a mother always knows
when her daughter is lying to her. So?

Mom, don't start
with all this teacher stuff.

I'm not a student,
and I'm not at school, okay?

Don't think I didn't see how that husband
of yours was treating you at the party.

Everyone saw it.

But it's nothing new for him.

He's always been so stupid. Vulgar.


I've always said so. You should have a--

Better husband.

- You always repeat things. Just quit it.
- Oh, yes?

Well, all right.
I'll tell you something new then.

Okay, let's hear it.

I think that your husband out there
has a lover.

No, Mom. He hasn't got a lover.

They always do. The husband
has a lover and treats his wife poorly.

- He hasn't got a lover.
- He's got a lover.

- He doesn't have a lover.
- He's got a lover.

No, he doesn't have one!

Actually, if you really want to know,
I'm the one with the lover.

Are you sure?

What are you saying, am I sure?
You think I'm confused about that?

Of course I would know that.

- Have you fallen in love too?
- Of course I haven't.

So what did you do that for?

I don't know. I don't know.

I just don't know if I love him anymore.

I understand.

And so who did you cheat with then?

Anyone I know?

No, you don't know him.

Or rather, you didn't know him.

Oh, well then, it's finished?

Does he know that?

He's got some idea
because he's done a thing that's very bad.

Of course it's very bad!

You never hit a woman!

I don't care if you're cheating
with the whole world.

Nobody was hit, okay?

And how did you get this cute thing?

Are you deaf? I got it when I was working
around the house doing the chores.


I'll stay with you tonight.

I won't leave you with that monster.

Mom, please listen.

Salvo did not hit me. It was an accident.
Trust me for once in your life.

- All right, that's fine. I'll go home.
- Hmm.

But I will be leaving my phone on.

If that man tries to do anything at all,
call Mommy. All right?

I'm going. Goodbye, my love.

See you.

What are you trying to say, Inspector?

You were my best friend, Sam.

But you were also
the mastermind behind the killer.

You were so good
at pretending you didn't know.

I'm going now.

Oh, I almost forgot.

I'm so worried about that bruise
that appeared on Ester's forehead.

She said it showed up out of nowhere.

Well, things on your forehead
don't just suddenly appear.


I'm taking her to the doctor tomorrow.

I guess we'll see
if she gets any more bruises tonight.

- We'll see.
- Mm.

Have a good night.

Good night.

Oh, and I also mentioned to Ester
that I'll be leaving my phone on,

so, you see, if anything goes on,
she should call then.

If any little thing happens tonight,
I'll be here immediately.

Bye again, Salvo.

Goodbye again.

It seems the case is closed, Inspector.

No, Sam.

There's one more person
that has some things to explain to us.

Did they capture the assassin?

Since when are you interested in my show?

What's different?


I was wondering
if there are any other victims.

Don't you worry about the other victims.

Many of them deserve to be killed. Hmm.

What are you saying, Salvo?

Please just tell me.

If you're being an asshole, someone
is eventually gonna show up and kill you.

They deserved it.

Well, gardener, your wife was in it too.

If she wasn't the notary's lover,
we never would've found out about her.

Okay, take them all away.

It seems like the case is closed,
Inspector Jackson.

No, Sam.

There's always someone out there
thinking about committing a crime.

Mama, where's the breakfast?

Uh, there's yesterday's cake.

With the ricotta?


- Do you know how worried I am about Ester?
- What are you worried about?

You said it yourself.
It's low blood sugar.

It's just because
of all of those fake things she eats.

Valentino, there are some things
that I know… I mustn't say it.

Things like what?

Salvo's beating up your sister.

Have you seen that bruise on her forehead?

There is no way
Salvo would ever do that to anyone.

I don't like any of this.

Valentino, look out for Ester.

She's your sister.

And you look out for her too.
You're her mom.

It might be too late for that now.

It's going from bad to worse.

Mama's saying strange things,
and I'm worried about Ester too.

She might know something.
She's acting strange.

She doesn't know anything.
She's mourning her tortellone.

- And if the Mafia finds out we were there?
- What Mafia? Oh please.

Hurry it up, okay?

Put your foot down already.

You know my friend at city hall
is waiting. The Mafia!

I think that car right behind us
is following us, Salvo.

What if it's from the Mafia?

Oh, hey, just check and see if "Mafia"
is written on the car. Then you'll know.


Anyway, this whole situation
is making me nervous.

Uh-huh. Stop all this worrying. Come on.

- Parking enforcement?
- At the end on the left.


The elevator's right there, huh?

But it's only one floor, though.

This thing about you refusing
to take elevators is a problem.

- At least it gets you moving.
- Yeah, moving.

So, Maurizio, do you think you'll be able
to take care of that ticket for us?



Gotta be quiet.

You gotta believe me.
We were there for less than two minutes.

I feel that this ticket
was truly uncalled for.

You think there's fair tickets, do you?

- No.
- No.

A ticket is just a political ploy
to get your money.

That money is yours.

- Right. Right.
- That's true.

And it's our fault.
We voted for all of them.

That's true.

And so, it's truly your fault
because your vote went to this.

- Right. Right.
- Exactly. True.

- You know what he's saying…
- All right.

So because this is fresh, we can do it.

And this was from yesterday, huh?

- Yes.
- Yes, yes, yes, yesterday.

We only ever get new tickets.

Well, consider the ticket eradicated.

- Good.
- Oh, that's good.

Now, go and see
this friend of mine.

A manager, upstairs. Very high up.

And I got him hired.

You'll find him in the office upstairs

at the Illegal Parking Office.


Obviously, you have to let him know
that it was I who was sending you.

- Yeah.
- Yes, of course.

Just never tell him my name, okay?

What do you mean?

Guys, don't you have to go
to my friend to get rid of this ticket?

- Yes. Yeah.
- Yeah.

And you have to say who sent you.

- Ah.
- All right then.

Say it without telling him
my name, though.


And what should we say to him?

Just don't tell him Maurizio.

Why are you always…

Just be quiet.

- Thank you.
- Welcome.

Oh, and, uh, we don't…

Oh, now we don't care. All right.

Just one moment, and we'll get it for you.


For the party, you know?

- Yes.
- Of course. Yes.


What is this? Why with the hands?
Why are you doing that? For what?

These days things are getting
more and more difficult.

There's eyes and ears all over.

But since you were sent here
by our little friend…

Still him, the person who we didn't name.

- Yes, that's who.
- Oh, okay.

I can't actually do much about it myself.

For that, you need
to go to the next floor.

Talk to my colleague. She's very good.

I got her hired.

You can find her
in the Property Maintenance Office.

But I have to recommend
just don't tell her my name.

Well, of course.

For our unlucky colleagues, those of us
detained unfairly by the State.

And then, you'll find another office.

A friend of ours is there.

I got him the job.

The Records Office, you said?

Yes, he's up on the next floor.
But no matter what, don't mention my name.

Sure, you got it.

For the orphanage.

You need the Office of Residence.

It's one floor up.

She's my cousin. But…

We don't tell 'em your name. I got it.

For the Sacred Heart Church.


Go to the next floor,
find the School Transport Office,

and then they'll tell you
the name of my friend.

But just be sure
that you don't say my name.

Well, let's hope the roof
doesn't have offices too.

Good morning.

Good morning.

Where exactly did you get this ticket at?

On Dante Alighieri Street.

Don't mention names!

Are you kidding me?

You mean, we paid 500 euros
to get rid of a 29-euro ticket?

I can't stand you any longer.

Look at my ear. I swear you're making
this one bigger than the other. See?

- Ah.
- These are today's prices.

- Be thankful it's been taken care of.
- Oh, those are the prices?

There's a reason
why people usually pay for their tickets

instead of making them go away.

- That's the reason?
- Of course that's why!

- Oh.

- What?
- It's an unknown caller.

- And pick it up.
- It could be the Mafia.

The Mafia's got your cell?

"Hello, this is the Mafia.
Press one to die."

Just pick it up!


Hi, Valentino. It's Agata.
Is this a good time?

Oh, Agata.

Yes, this is a great time to talk.

I may have asked Simona for your cell.

I wanted to say sorry about last night.

With the police raid
and all of that chaos,

I ruined the evening.

Well, if that's the case,
this morning was bad as well.

How is Ester?

Fine. Ester's fine.
It was just a dizzy spell.

Anyway, I wanted to say
that I really enjoyed chatting yesterday.

I enjoyed myself as well.

Well, it was nice to see
all of the old classmates back together,

not only you. Uh…

And also you.


I mean, I really enjoyed it.

Really, I meant
the right amount of enjoying.

I enjoyed it a little.

Well, it had been a really long time.

Yeah, it's been forever.

Or maybe the right amount of time
has passed.

Vale, after all these years,
are you still trying to flirt with me?

What have we done? Oh no!

No! Help! Help! Help!

Wait! No! Careful!

- Come on! Go! Go!




I scared him away.

Come on.

Let's pick up the pace.

Our party can't wait
for the guests of honor to arrive.


What are you doing? Oh!

What-- What are-- Ah! Oh.

I can't breathe. I can't breathe.

So don't breathe, then. Get some practice.

What could you want with us?
We're just two TV technicians. That's all.

All right.

Now tell us why you killed Gambino.

Best to talk, or this ends badly.

Shut up, Useless Thing.

You don't ask the questions.

Do you agree with me?

Yes, of course,
you… know that.

That… You know that… you're right.

Why are you stuttering?

We all know
that every time you start stuttering,

it's because you're lying.

And you know
you should never lie to friends.

Am I right?

You're right, Primo Sale.
I'm sorry. We-- We don't lie to friends.


But you still love me, don't you?

Of course I love you, bu…

bu-- I love you… bu…

Bah! Bah!

Bah! Bah!

A little sheep. Hmm.


So sorry.

Sometimes the Useless Thing oversteps.

Who sent you?
And why did you boys kill Gambino?

We didn't kill a soul!

We don't even know
who this Gambino guy is.

We never met. Do you know who Gambino is?

- No.
- Uh-huh.

So what were you two doin'
over by his apartment yesterday?

Well, there's no way.

No, yesterday we were in Castelmonte.

- Yes.
- In Castelmonte.

Yes, we haven't gotten any receipts,
but there is proof.

No lie. What I'm saying is the truth.

Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay.

Is that them?


I told you, don't mention my name.

Don't say a word.

They have no evidence. Trust me.

Why did you guys wanna get rid of a ticket
you got outside of Gambino's apartment?

Because for us to pay money to the State,
well, that would be immoral.

It's nothing like protection money,
which of course is very sacred.

We had no idea we were going to park

on the street in front
of the apartment of Mr. Gambino.

Ah, so you didn't go inside to Gambino's?

- No!
- No!

Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay.

- Salvo, they'll kill us.
- Trust me. Don't say a word.

- Do you recognize these two knuckleheads?
- I do.

That's Mr. Gambino and his friend.

But I can't be Gambino

if everyone is saying
that Gambino's already six feet under.

Don't worry about it.
I'll make sure you're dead soon too.

Don't worry, I have a plan.

It's all your fault.

I'm saving you from jail.

I'd rather be in jail than dead!

- You're an idiot.
- No, you are!

Please no!

You're right. We were at Gambino's
apartment, but we didn't kill him.

He was dead when we got there.

What? You're telling them a lie.

Mr. Gambino is right next to you.

"Destroy all those
who will speak their lies,

and God hates
all murderers and deceivers."

Psalm 5:6.

Quiet! Take them away now.

Just listen to me! That's Mr. Gambino.
He's alive and well. He's right there!

I gotta pee!

After the police
have made countless arrests

forcing the Mafia into a corner,

today we go back to the murder
of a man with ties to the Mob.

Is this the beginning
of a new Mafia war brewing?

We'll see.
The investigators are considering…

The dynamics of the Gambino murder
are unclear.

Will there be any more deaths?

We'll find out.

What is certain is
this silence doesn't bode well for anyone.

Holy Father,
they admitted they were there.

But they won't tell us who sent them
and why they killed him.

Holy Father, I've had enough.
What do you want us to do with these two?

The Holy Father says
that the pasta is ready.

If we don't eat, it'll get cold.

It would be our pleasure, Holy Father.

Wait. Please!
Why-- Why do you want to do this to us?

- What are you doing?
- Oh my God.

And like a storm with black clouds
hanging dark in the sky,

we must deal
with the sweetness of creation ,

the chaos, and many deaths
that weather can bring.