Forbidden Science (2009–…): Season 1, Episode 9 - Tarot - full transcript

Previously on Forbidden Science...

You think because you're a clone,

you have something in common
with an android.

See this?
This is where we created you...

Your growth accelerator cost in between,
say $600.000 plus tax..

And there's incubation,
memories download, etc..

A lot of money about one million.
Give or take.

- I want Julia back.
- What?

You want me to be vice president?
Those are my terms.

I'm the owner and creator of 4Ever.

MY name is Adrian. Adrian Turner.

Tomorrow loved ones
will return as clones.

Memories will be downloaded and sold.

Androids will walk among us.

Tomorrow is now.

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Forbidden Science
Season 1 Episode 9

Everyone pays a price
for what they want.

I made a deal years ago, and
I achieve more than I can imagine

Sometimes the prices are too high.

And sometimes you don't even
know what the price is...

until it comes due.

No! No!

Doctor Hoffman,
your guest has arrived.

He's expecting.

You right on time.

I always on time.

Have you been wondering
what the future hold?



You wanted to send
a message to your mother.

What's her name again?


Come on, come on!

Stop! What are you doing?

Just a little insurance policy.

You're supposed to keep him safe,
you know he was capable of killing himself.

I had two guards to deal with.

It's gonna take a while
to break this password, ok?

- Try the name "Janice".
- Janice.

I'll be damned!
How'd you get that?

People tell their psychic everything,
they just don't realize it.

Any psychic flashes on what
he injected himself with?

Not a clue.

This is weird. My niece in second grade
has more stuff than our hard drive.

It's not erased.

It's just empty!
There's no files...

No backup disk... Nothing!

- Where is all the data?
- There's isn't any, honestly!

Look, he was paranoid.

- He thought people would steal it.
- SO where he keeps all his notes?

In his head.

- He memorize it all.
- Nobody can memorize all that.

It's all I know. I swear.

I believe you.

All of the information we need
stuck inside his dying brain.

He's not dying. His vitals
are low but stable...

Like he's gonna into coma
he might never come out of.

We need to find someone
to wake him.

I don't get it.

First you're complaining that
we never going out when we dated,

and now we're going out, you're
complaining about where we going.

Both first dates,
don't include the guys ex.

I told you my relationship with
senator Montgomery is already done with.

This event is important.

Important to whom? The senator?

To all children with incurable cancer.

Seriously? You bringing in
cancer kids to save you?

- I do whatever it takes.
- Yeah, I know.

Oh, look. Someone else needs saving.

Are you okay?

Don't worry about her,
she'll wake up soon enough.

Nasty head hang over but
otherwise intact...for the moment.

Suppose you want something.

Give me the clip notes.


Meet doctor Julius Hoffman,

who, despite his best efforts,
is still alive.

His brain is full of
valuable information...

Which you're going to
help me extract it.

And if I don't cooperate...

bad things happen?

Oh good, you heard the story before.

I expect you back here
with in 24 hours.

If anything happens to Bethany...

Yeah, yeah, I know...

bad things will happen.

You're not the only one who've
heard the story before.

Clocks ticking.

Come on, pussy boy,
it's time to flow.

- Missed you at the party last night.
- I can't talk right now, long night.

I can see that, what happened?

Bethany was kidnapped, unless I do
what they asked, they'll kill her.

Not the most imaginative plan
but... a classic.

I expect you to be a little more concern.

What are they asking for?

They have a scientist
name Julius Hoffman.

and he's in some kind of self induced coma,
and they want us to extract his memory.

Whatever in his brain is...
very valuable.

"Valuable" is an understatement.

I tried for years to get
that lunatic to work for us.

He used to worked for White Enterprises
on nano-technology.

He's creation could either, advance
the world a hundred fold...

or destroy it over night.

- The White Enterprises as...
- The one and only.

Hoffman was her college professor,
and was fired...

for their liaison.

She hired him a few years later.

Imagine billions of microscopic

self replicating machine...

with one purpose.

To grow the way of the world
communications, transportation...

even the human body.

All under one person command...

And no army could stop them.


we both know know
only one person with the expertise...

until we claims Hoffman mind.

Adrian, she'd hates me.

The ever reliable Colin charm.

Don't worry, she won't
be doing it for you.

She'll be doing it
for Bethany and Hoffman.

After all...

love and friendship are two of God
greatest motivators.

If that doesn't work, you can always
threatened to sue her again.

And what about the kidnappers?

Kill them.

We protect what's ours, Colin.


Hold on, just let me...

I already told you,
I don't know where Max is.

Guess I deserve that.

How'd you find me out here anyway?

When we recreated you,
I took the liberty

to implanting a locator chip
in the back of your neck.

Just a precaution.

- You bastard.
- So I've heard.

Bethany has been kidnapped.


The ransom is complicated.

Anyway, you're the only one
that can help her.


- Don't think this means...
- I understand!

Let me get this.

Stephanie love this place,
I just figured I...

Forget it.

Stephanie White,

I will always cherish your memories.

Let's go.

You really believe
in that mumbo jumbo?

Reading cards, predicting the future?

You don't predict hers.

If you and I to do it in forces?

When I to do a job,
we don't deviate from the plan.

There's always room for
a little deviation...

It's different for me,
this job isn't about the money.

What its about then?

What did the big man promise you?

A house in the country?


Now, what do you say about
a little deviation?

I can still taste
the doctor in your lips.

You won't taste him down here...

There's no reason why our employer should
be the only one with the benefits.

We're being paid.

A fraction of what
the nanotecnology worth.

We're hired hands!
It could be so much more!

I underestimated you,
as did our employer.

You obviously got it all figured out.

Every angle.


And this one comes as a surprise!

Strip down, both of you!

Watches, rings, anything
you weren't born with.

Can't be too careful.


Nice watch!

What are you looking at? Strip!


- It really is you!
- Someone you know?


Nanobots are actually protecting him!

Creating a firewall. I've never
seen anything like this!


So that's what in the syringe.
Not a bad trick.

Now it'll be a good time
for another trick.


I think there might be
another way in.

But it hasn't been tested.

Make it work!
If doesn't you all dead!

What is this?

It's something Stephanie White
developed few years ago.

It's a way of connecting
two active minds

allowing them to communicate directly
thoughts and ideas.

Ok, even if you do manage to communicate
to his body, what're you gonna say?

"Please, help us to deliver the danger
of the technology to the terrorists".

I don't know!
I'll make up something!


Better be one hell of a speech.

I'm ready.


My mind...

I heard everything
I longed here.

That's how I committed to memory.

So you must be in my mind.


We're in danger, Julius.
Do you remember what happen?

You're in a coma.

Let me show you something.

My dream...

is that millions of
this little machines...

cluster together...

produce free energy.

from them die in cancer cells...

in the world to new era.

Unfortunately they can be
program to destroy.

So you hide away.

Became a prisoner in your own house.

Loneliness must've been awful.

It was.

It is.



A coincidence?

I'm flattered.

From all the people
Stephanie knew...

you're the one she most respected.

She loved you, you know?

I know why you came in here.

To help your friend.

You can't hide anything
when you get like this.

Is dying so terrible?

- I'm just curious.
- No.

No, don't.

It has to be another way.

If you can get this close,

so can others.

And I can't let that happen.

Thank you for coming back to me.

I love you.


It's too late.

You need to get out of here
while you still can.

The nanobots...

They performing the final protocol.

Soon there won't be anything left
for the Gold Chip to extract.

This is the end.

There's a whole life
for you out there.

Things you need to accomplish.

Dammit, he's crashing.
What did that bitch do?

They coming at the front door.

Breach! We have a breach!

- Friends of yours?
- Oh! Hold on.

I didn't do this, I swear.

Shut up!

No, wait. Don't!

Help me.

And why would I do that, Tarot?

You're only supposed to retrieve
doctor Hoffman's research.

Not only did you fail
that simple task.

But decided on your own
to involve my people.

You know?

I don't understand...


I protect what's mine.


Cancel morality protocol.

Authorization: Adrian-1-0-1.

Clean up the mess.



No, please!


Julius had such an impact on Stephanie.

Everything she ever tried to achieve
was because of his influence.

I suppose it's only fitting
you should had the same impact on me.

So you're back.

For a while.

Stephanie started something
with the Gold Chip.

Maybe it's my destiny to see it through.
One way or the other.


who'd want to miss
on all this fun?

I told you everything.

Tarot is well equipped.

She must have a lot of backing
to pull this of.

- I wonder who's playing your strength.
- I'll look into it.

Everyone can be bought, Colin.

You should know that by now.


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