Forbidden Science (2009–…): Season 1, Episode 8 - Lonely - full transcript

Previously on Forbidden Science

I'm Laura by the way,
Colin's assistant.

Bethany Montrose.

We agree when we started this,
it didn't go too far.

And now I'm an inconvenient.

What is it?

Basically it erase memories
and replace it with facsimile.

I do what I have to stay competitive.

Watching you down there, not being
able to tell anyone about us. I just...

I'm not sure if you knew, but...
Laura and I, we're involved.

I ended it yesterday.

After what happened
before she know the truth.

Tomorrow loved ones
will return as clones.

Memories will be downloaded and sold.

Androids will walk among us.

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Forbidden Science Episode 8

My name is Harold.

Even when I went outside,
no one really noticed me.

I blended in,
faded into the background.

I'm the kind of person who
spent his life locked away.

Live in dreams.

I've been here for 221 days.

I pay the groceries, rental
and bills, through the net.

And I don't even own a computer.

You see, I don't need one.

I'm already jacked-in.

I'm always jacked-in.

So this is our third time together.

Don't you think I should play
other than "Lonely 311"?

You right. You can drop the 311.

Ah, how sweet.

Was there Mrs. "Lonely"?

No, just me.

Will you be back tomorrow night?

So that's it?

Look, I know the rules is not giving
personal informations in here, but...

It's complicated. Look.

Just, please come back tomorrow.

I always look forward to see you.

Yea, me too.

Are you planning on to wake me?

This is a mistake.

I see.

I don't want to hurt anybody.
I've been there.

Laura and I are over.
A long time ago.

Over for you, maybe.

She's still your assistant,
She's still have feelings for you.

I don't plan on being
your next big secret, Colin.

Come on.

This isn't about Laura,
it's about Julia, isn't it?

She stole a half billion dollar android,
she's lucky not to be behind bars.

I just miss her. That's all.

She made a choice.

You had nothing to do with it.

- Oh, Laura. I was just dropping of some...
- Please, don't.

I'm kind of on a deadline.


Maybe we can talk later.

There's no need.
I'm fine. Really.


I bet that you're miss out
on the girl run, huh?

Hi, Penny.


Oh, Julia.

Yeah, yeah, I sort of getting
used to having her up here.

Me too.

So, how's the chip coming?

It's coming.

Well, it would've a lot faster with Julia though.
She did design it, sort of.

If it any of help, I can...

Yeah, yeah. Thanks.

Ok. Guess I should get going.

- So many robots, so little time.
- Ok.

Oh, Penny, wait!

You dig sci-fi, right?

Dig it, love it,
and wanna marry it.

Great, cos...
this convention Saturday.

I was thinking...

If you busy I totally understand,
I was wondering...

Since I'm going anyways,
maybe you like to come along...

You know... with me?

Are you asking me out on a date?

Oh, no. No, no, no, I just...

It sounds like a date.

- Well...
- Ask me on a date.

- Ok, do you want...
- Not now!

You completely blew it.
Try again.

Good luck. I'm waiting for you.

Oh, hi Juliet.

- Laura, how's work?
- Ehm...

Hey, do you know who lives
in the apartment next to mine?

- 202.
- Oh, Harold.

- Why, is there a problem?
- No, I was just curious.

He's a writer or something.
He keeps to himself.

Harold is blind, you know?


I heard he tried to get implant,
but they didn't take.

Of course, I'm just guessing.

Honestly, I only seen him
couple times.

See you later.


Ehm... hi.

I live next door.

And I know it's really
none of my business,

but the landlady mention
that you're blind.

I work at 4Ever.
We do advance prosthetic...

I know what 4Ever does.

I wonder if you do.

Look, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to disturb you.

I just thought of to say hello.
You know, be neighborly, or whatever...

Thank you, Laura, but my problem
isn't my eyes.

Well, it's nice to...

- How do you know my name?
- You told me.

Actually I don't think I did.

Perhaps I overheard it
at some point.

Thin walls.

I'm afraid I'm not feeling well.

Thank you for your concern,
but I won't be needing 4Ever help.

Remember the conversation we had
few weeks ago?

- Refresh my memory.
- The vice president position.

I was hoping you could sweep
that one under the rug.

I need your help, Bethany.

It's better to move you up than
to bring in another person I don't know.

So it's strictly business?

I never let my personal life
interfere with my work.

Look, you know as well as I do
our clientèle is growing exponentially.

Honestly I can't
over see everything myself.

I need you.

You honestly think we could work together
every day without getting involved?

Of course!

- Not so sure about you, though.
- Oh, cute.

- Strictly business.
- Absolutely.

Never to a safe.

I can't believe I fell for that.

You trick me with drunken wine.

Whatever it takes.

New email from Lonely311

You came.

That song.

Tell me your name.

You already know, don't you?


- In the matter of speaking.
- What do you mean?

Harold is kind of like caterpillar.

I'm the butterfly.

- Are you trying to sell a fortune cookie?
- No, no, no, no.


Let me show you.

No more mask.

This is my reality.

Each of these cars
are really emails.

Web sites.

Memory moving
in the speed of light.

The entire world.

Every thought, every secret,
every believe, all right here.

This where I live.

I don't understand.

Where's everyone?

It's a facsimile.

You're actually
in the labs computer.

I designed this place
five years ago.

You worked for Colin?

Colin Sommers didn't create 4Ever.
He's nobody.

A front.

He's only there
to conceal the true owner.


My partner.

My former partner.

That's why you're here.

You've been hurt by their lies,
just like me.

You've been spying on me?
Using me? For what?

I've been able to access
everything else.

But Colin keeps
all of his secrets here.

A privately secured system which reboots
at 15 digits pass code every 12 hours.

Neither I can get in.

But you can.

In the physical world.

I need the access code!

To do what?

To expose the truth about 4Ever!

About what they really doing,
who owns it, who pulls the string...

I created a wire to access the Internet,
faster than any computer.

Any connections.

I jack-in directly by
implanting chip in my brain.

But when the experiment went wrong
my partner took my place.

- My mistake was his advantage.
- What do you mean went wrong?

The longer I stayed in,
the harder it was to get out.

Now I can only stay for
few hours each day.

The rest of my life has been
trapped in this... this place.

Why don't you remove the chip?

You don't think I tried?

It's fused into my brain
I can't take it out!

I'm slowly dying,
a piece at a time.

I want to expose my partner before
its too late and I need your help.

You can't be serious.

Colin cast you aside because
you got too close to his secrets!

Don't you want to find out why?

- What's he's hiding.
- What are you doing?


Sorry, I didn't...

- I should've know long before this.
- No, I'm sorry!

Please no, I won't tell, I swear.

It's just a bad dream.

Someone there!


- He wiped your memory.
- No, you did something...

- It isn't real. It didn't happen.
- I love you, Laura.

More than Colin ever did.

You don't have to be alone anymore.

I want out, I want out!
Just let me out!

I don't know, I mean...

vice president is a lot
of responsibilities.

Thanks. Not to mention your coffee break
down here will become much more rare.

Can't be fraternizing with
the help, you know.

Oh, shut up!

You. Me. Convention. Saturday.

Eh... a little too strong.


- What was...
- Boyfriend in training.


Didn't even know you two
were going out.

Still working on it.
Slowly but surely.

Emphasis on the word "slowly".

So you're training him?

Hey, better get them up and running
from the get go, you know?

Less work weight.

Come in.

Good timing, I was just about
to jump shower for my 2 o'clock meeting.

Bethany left this,
she want you to sign it.

- Actually I want to talk to you about her.
- I rather not.

I'm making her vice president.

- What?
- You don't think she's qualified?

I... no, I never really
thought about it.

Look, I know the situation,
me and her isn't.

It's none of my business.

Come on, Laura, talk to me.

Why did you break it off with me?

I mean, really.

Is there something
you're hiding from me?

Like what?


You know me, always paranoid.

I guess this thing about Bethany
just took me by surprise.

Forget about it.
I'm fine. Really.

I'm glad to hear it.

You know how much
you mean for me, right?

Of course, you too.

I have to get ready.

Would you process the Burke's file
while I'm gone?

Yeah, no problem.

Hey, wait up.

Hi Penny.

I'm heading out, is there
something you want to ask me?

What? Oh, no,
don't worry about it.

Already asked Stacey in accounting,
turns out she's a big fan of sci-fi nerd.

Oh, I see. So you don't want
to go with me anymore.

I already asked you, remember?

That's it?
You're just giving up?

Ok, so you say...

Look, it's no big deal.
Don't worry about it.

So, you to go to convention
with me on Saturday?

Sure. Pick me up at 8.

Not a bad view huh?

Get use to it, this is what
it's looks like from the top.

How does it feel to be
the new vice president of 4Ever?

Like it's a bad idea.

On the contrary...

I think this is a start
of a beautiful partnership.

Oh, so now you're saying
we are partner?

In a matter speaking...

And does that mean I get...

full access?


And you'll tell me everything?

All of you, and your company
dirty little secrets?

I don't have any secrets.




Exhaustion, I assume.


You killed him.

It was the chip in his brain.

I'm afraid the body can only take
so much... for so long.

What is that?

The access code?

You shouldn't done that, Laura.

I've seen you before.

You were there.
In that room.

Colin assured me
you wouldn't remember anything.

Oh, well...

Best laid plans and all that.

Who are you?

I'm the owner and creator of 4Ever.

Well... co-creator.

Try being fair about it.

My name is Adrien. Adrien Turner.

I understand, I'm taking care of it.


Do you always work this late?

Comes with the job.

Just some paperwork to go over.

Now that Laura is gone,
I have to do everything myself.


Yeah, I didn't tell you.

Laura, she quit.

Because of us?

Don't beat yourself up,
it wasn't your fault.

It was Julia, now Laura...

Nothing change,
employees come and go.

So you don't feel anything
about losing Laura?

Of course I do.

- I want Julia back.
- What?

You want me to be vice president?
Those are my terms.

I can't just put her back to
research after what she did.

Not in research.
She'll work for me.

Everything has it's price, Colin.

How badly do you want me?

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