Forbidden Science (2009–…): Season 1, Episode 7 - Property: Part 2 - full transcript

Previously on Forbidden Science...

Cloning is a 100 percent
genetic match to the original.

For all intents and purposes
this is your wife.

I can pretend to be like
everyone else, but let's face it,

I'm a clone, with the memories
of a dead woman.

This is an extremely advance.
He's got quadruple processors,

backup systems, even cognitive
imprints of memory storage,

- Can you fix him?
- Not sure yet.

I'm a clone. He's an android.
Neither of us are really human.

My name is Julia.
I'd like to try to help you.

Anyone care to tell me
how one of our scientist

just walk out the door
with a half billion dollar android?

What the hell I'm paying
you people for?

I just want you to know
you're not alone.

Tomorrow loved ones
will return as clones.

Memories will be downloaded and sold.

Androids will walk among us.

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Forbidden Science Episode 7
Property Part 2

I was grown in a test tube.
Labeled: 11738.

I was told my name was
Stephanie White,

and given lifetime memory

so that I can replace
someone's dead wife.

I was a product
to be sold and bought..

But I chose to be
my own person instead.


I guess that sounds funny.

You see...

I'm a clone.

I renamed myself Julia

and worked beside
those created me,

believing I was their equal.

Sorry. We had no choice.

Problem is, the creator
and the creation

are never really equal.

It's alright.

No one lives here in a while.

Whose house is this?

It was Stephanie's.

When her husband died,
her family got it.

I guess they haven't been able
to sell it yet.

Bad for them,

good for us.

But aren't you Stephanie?

Or at least her clone?

Shouldn't this place
supposed to be yours?

Doesn't work like that.

A clone may inherit
somebody's life, but...

you don't inherit the rights.


it was never really my home.

You regret what you had done?

- Do you wish to take me back to 4Ever?
- No!

No! Of course not!

They're gonna deactivate you!
Kill you!

We should be safe here...
for a couple of days.

Till I figure out what to do.




Keep me advise.

Bad news?

Someone stole the senator's
android last night.

Right on under the 4Ever nose.

Another competitor?

One of theirs scientist.

- Were you able to get anything from the download?
- Maybe.

- But...
- But what?

These are the same memories
in coded form.

Notice all how the subroutine keys
branching out,

creating more and more programs
to do without its response.

So its not just reacting,
it's actually thinking.

This is exactly what I warned
Colin about months ago.

If he gave this to the senator,
you can bet he's up to something.


I want to know what secrets
this machine knows.

Find it.

And find it before Colin does.

One of your scientist
stole my android

and the best that you can tell me
is that you working on it?

Relax. She had no interest
in what ever dirt Max may has.

And what she after?

Julia doesn't want him destroyed.
She just trying to save him.

Senator, this is Bethany Montrose,
one of my closest associate.

I'm sure she is.

So you telling me that a bleeding
heart scientist stole my property?

- Well, I wouldn't...
- Yes, basically.

I'll deal with it.
Have no worry.

I expect you to.

- Keep me posted.
- Of course.

Please, tell me Penny come up
with some last minute brilliant idea

on how to find the android.

She's working on it.

I know Julia is a friend, but he is
still a very expensive machinery.

- You contacted the police?
- No.

It'll remain our internal matter
for the time being.

Thank you.

Love sick clone, thinking android,
and pissed off senator...

Now you know why
I considering you a VP.

- Why is that?
- So I can take a day off.

It's Brie! What, the senator
never eat cheese?

She said I go straight
to the task.

What was she like?



I thought she as married.

To be with someone every minute
and every day,

still can be alone.


I was alone even with the senator.

Do you have all of
the Stephanie's memories?

Her memories, her face,
her body...


What's that?

My serial number.

We maybe more alike than
you might think.


She's not, Maximilian.

Your dream.

That's impossible.

i can not dream.

Androids cannot dream.

But you are not just
an android, are you?

I should know...

After all, I created you.

I know this place.

I've been here before.

You damaged, son.

This is a fail safe program
designed to help you get back.

Back where?


Come in.

Sorry, am I interrupting?

No. No.

I sent a surveillance team over
to Julia's apartment.

Why not give her few more days
to come to her senses?

I doubt she gonna spent the rest of
her life in hiding to protect an android.

She thought she was in love.

Probably more like a sympathy.
Just trying to save him.

She's a woman.
It's what we do.

I'll keep that in mind.

Unfortunately sitting around and waiting
isn't the way the senator like things done.

What's the matter?
Girlfriend's trouble?

She just a friend.

- An old friend.
- So I've heard.

I want to know what exactly
the gossip has been saying.

That you were in love,
and she broke your heart.

And I'm still...

picking the pieces of
my fragile existence?

I'm sorry to disappoint, but there isn't
anything wise or dramatic.

So, what happen?


She had elected, things changed.

We all have the 'past' or 'what ifs'.

What about you?

No 'pasts', 'what ifs' or
'if onlys'.

For me there's only Adrian.

Too bad he didn't feel the same.

Sorry, forget it,
he was your friend.

No, you both my friends.

And just for the record you've been
on my 'what if' list longer than anyone.


Don't act so surprise.

You know how it goes.

Best friend's girl friend.

Always so close,
but so far away.

Not that far now.

Well, I guess you're not.

It's getting late.
See you in the morning?

Bright and early.


The thing about "what ifs"...

sometimes it's better of
staying that way.

Absolutely. Specially when
they work together.

And one of them is the boss.

It would be completely unethical.

Almost like taking advantages
on one position.

We can't have that.

Absolutely no.

So let's keep this professional?

Just friends.

Completely agree.

Oh, Thank God.

I was afraid it might
get awkward.

Yep. Nothing awkward
about this at all.

Doesn't have to be.

I had a wonderful time last night.


We're old friends...

We worked together a lot.
It happens.

We just have to make sure that
it doesn't happen again.

- I got it all figured out.
- Yes.

Remember Stephanie White?
Founder of the White Enterprises?


Died a few months ago, if I recall.

Now meet Julia White.

Open two days ago.
Work for 4Ever Innovations.

Julia is Stephanie's clone.
A perfect copy.

Julia downloaded all of
Stephanie's memories

with something called
the gold chip.

The gold chip is real?

We all thought it just paper work.
Something White Enterprise cooked up

to bump up their stock raises.

So Julia have all Stephanie's memories.

What is that gives us?

Bread crumbs...

She'll go where she'd feel safe.

See anyone familiar?

I don't think she like you at all.

Must be the hair.


It's the eyes.

She seems carded, cold.

You're neither of those things.

I have to leave.


I don't understand.

I'm defective.

I have to return home.

I'm going back to where
I was created.

This is crazy, Max.

Everyone out there is looking for us and
you want to go on some wild goose chase?



I'll go with you.

I've put you in enough danger.

You should stay here.

Right, like I'm gonna give you
the car key.

We're in this together.


- Joan never looked at me like that.
- How did she look at you?

She didn't.

Not really.

Well, I'm looking at you.

And what do you see?

A man.

It's been 24 hours. Tell me we found
our half billion missing android.

- Well, we were...
- Working on it. I know.

It's trace had been removed.
No way to track him.

- We checked all Julia's...
- Excuse me a second.

I've been expecting a call, sir.

- We're working on some leads, but...
- Don't bother.

I activate the android's home beacon.

- He'll come to you.
- Where?

Where do you think?

Our boy gonna be home.

- It's gone.
- What is?

The white lights.

The sounds of machines, the voices.

Maybe you got the wrong place.
I mean, look around...


This is where I was born.

I hope those who created me
could repair what the have built.

Dammit! There's nothing
wrong with you!

Those thoughts, and emotions...

even that look of disappointment
on your face...

You're not malfunction, Max.

They're feelings.

Why can't you understand that?

It's not that I don't understand.

I don't want these... feelings.

- I wish to be repaired.
- Then go back to 4Ever.

I said repaired...
not disassembled.

Well, looks like you have to learn
to live with these feelings,

just like the rest of us.

Not all feelings are bad, Max.


You're like me!

I'm nothing like you.

Bionic enhancement.

But I'm human.
You just a machine.


- Are you alright?
- No!

Don't touch me. Don't touch me!

It's... some kind of...


They're coming.
You have to leave!

- Not without you
- No!

They'll take us.
They'll kill us!

We're just property.

Nothing more...

What are you talking about?
They will never hurt you.

- They...
- Dammit, get out of here?


I don't love you!
I don't want you here!

This is all your fault!

Get out of here. Go!




This is all your fault!

I'm sorry Max...


My name is 11738.

Julia, no!


Sorry. We had no choice.


I'm alive...

You think because you're a clone,

you have something in common
with an android.

See this?

This is where we created you...


It cost roughly a dollar.

Your growth accelerator cost in between,
say $600.000 plus tax.

And there's incubation,
memories download, etc.

A lot of money about one million.

Give or take.

The android...

His basic part come in
at around 80 million.

That just arms and legs,
and what not.

His brain...

That's really expensive.

300 million.

No kidding.

Add building and repair, you're talking
about half billion dollars.

So you want to know the difference
between a clone and an android?

About 499 million dollars.

Give or take.

You brought me back.

You must want something.


I want my fucking property!

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