Forbidden Science (2009–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - Property: Part 1 - full transcript

Previously on Forbidden Science

Endless possibility, that's what
4Ever Innovations offer you.

Here, all your dreams are possible
through the advance of science.

Cloning is a 100 percent
genetic match to the original.

For all intents and purposes

-this is your wife.

It takes photocopy of your brain.

Every thought, every memory
you ever had.

-Wicked, huh?
-No, I remember!

-You're trying to steal my company!
-Our company.

It was Stephanie Whites company.

And she died a month ago.
Your body, your memories...

They're copy from someone else.


Not even human.

You just a clone.

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Forbidden Science Episode 6
Property Part 1

I was grown in a test tube.
Labeled: 11738.

I was told my name was
Stephanie White,

and given lifetime memory

so that I can replace
someone's dead wife.

I was a product
to be sold and bought.

But I chose to be
my own person instead.


I guess that sounds funny.

You see...

I'm a clone.

I renamed myself Julia

and worked beside
those created me,

believing I was their equal.

Problem is, the creator
and the creation

are never really equal.


My name is 11738.

Hi, Max.

Come on, baby.
You know what I want.

Come on, Max!

Come on, Max.

You knpw what I like.

Come on.

Come on!

My God, you're beautiful.

Everything a man could desire
in a woman.

I want to spend my life
pleasing you.

That's it, Max!

Oh, that's it.

That was amazing.

As always.

You can go now.

Max, did you forget the coffee?


Let me guess.
See no evil, cure no evil.

You forgot to speak "no evil".

Oh, you mean like saying...
what the last the quarter sales figures?

Somewhat like that.

As much I love to berad you
on the fact that

your report even remotely
on time, it'll have to wait.

An emergency come up.

Thank God.

So, who died?

Funny you should ask.

Joan, how are you?

I don't understand,
he was fine last night.

Admiring your handy work?

Not ours. This is an extremly advance.
He's got quadrople processors,

backup systema, even
cognitive imprints,

-memory storage...
-Can you fix him?

Not sure yet. It seems
his circuit shut down internally.

Never seen anything like it.

You're suggesting my andriod
commited suicide?

Of course not.

Andriods are not self aware
that allowed suicidal.

Anyway, I could try disconnecting
the circuit boards to reboot,

but I'm gonna need the schematics.

-If this isn't our, who design it?
-4ever Japanese branch.

For this I have to come down,
and coordinate the transfer.

-At the Japan.

Whoever built it,
make the repairs.

Look, you can't just ship Max
to a foreign country.

They're our people .

He's been with me for over a year.

He's overheard

private details,
priviledge security calls,

business deals...

I'm US senator, for Christsake!

I can't have my affairs broadcast...

-We will have the memory wiped.

I don't want him to forget me.

Get him fixed.


I've grown attached.

Are you forgetting
our little arrangment?

We'll make some phone calls,
I'll see if can get the schematics.

Looks like the senator
got our boss in a short leash.

They used to be an item I think.

-What's the matter?

-You found me out.

Hey, look at those.

L5? As in Level 5?

Maybe it got something to do

with the great conspiracy
you talking about several weeks ago.

Before 6 come 5.

Glad to see those
math class paying off.

Colin said Level 6 was just

a codename for government
memory programm.

But I don't see how it can be
connected to a pleasure model.

You think this is all coincidence?

Or your overactive imagination.

Should've call me first,
instead of just rushing here

like some heart broken school girl.

No one here knows about Max,
or our 'arrangement', as you call it.

You right.

I apologize.

Nothing I can't fix.

I wasn't aware
you're back in town.

Congress is in recess.

I just came back for a couple weeks
of fund raiser.

Well, if you need a donation,
all you need to do is ask.

As I recalled...

Your support always came in
hefting price.

Anything worth acquiring...

usually does.

Hey, Julia.

What are you doing down here?

I understand you having problems
with this higher functions.

I thought I might be of some help.

No offense, but your work on
the brain patterns.

Maxs isn't exactly biologic.

The circuits sure appears
look alot like human brain.

Looks to me it's like...

somehow it's been rerouted.

Like he's growing new inputs.

Like memory nodes.

Yeah, or maybe it's like the
Rorschach test.

You see what you want to see.

-What's his name?

I know. Terrible.

I would have gone with Luther,
or something more 'herculean'.

Well, not my pleasure bot.

Do you think he knows we're here?

Are you alright?


Yeah, I'm fine. It's just...

Isn't kind of this how I look
when you...

created me.

Completely different.
You have breasts.

Ok, bad joke.

Look, you're a person, he's not.

I'm a clone. He's an android.

Neither of us are really human.

Feel that?

It's a heartbeat.

He doesn't have one.

You're flesh and blood.
You can think, reason,

have children, grow old, even die.

Max will never be more
than he was meant to be.

Really hot vibrator.

Neural Activity Detected

It must be just an electrical spike.

I'll let you to get back
to your work.

Julia! I was just kidding
about the vibrator.

Really gotta to working
on cencoring myself.

It's been a while.

How do I compare to Max?

-You really want to know?
-Ok, forget I asked.

I'm kidding.

You're wonderful.

Nothing beats the real thing.

Although he's the best bone as any
can stich when ever he meet me.

I can't believe you're not more
carefull about what I heard.

Max is the only connnection
between you and me.

I kept my end of the bargain.

No oversight, no committies,
no interference.

You worry too much.

If anyone looks into your affairs
its gonna go through my desk first.

It's me.

Thre's a possibility that an android
have more information

than you're originally thought


Remember me?

They just left you
down here in the dark, huh??

Sorry about that.

My name is Julia.

Can you hear me?

I'd like to try to help you.

I guess I thought...

I hoped...

it hurt me earlier.

I'm like you.

Sort of.

Not quite sure where I belong.


I just want you to know
you're not alone.

What are you doing?



Whatever she used to download

it seems somehow jump start
his motors abilities.

On top of that, I think Julia might be right
about the higher functions.

They seems to be like growing,
or something.

What do you mean growing?

I mean his dormant circuits
or backup memory,

are no longer dormant.

I've never see this before.

Could it be from the download?

I guess its possible.

I try to tell her the security
was still doing a sweep.

-It's alright.
-What the hell is going on?

It seems someone broke in here and
try to download Max's memory banks.

But not sure how much they got.

-What? Why?
-I was hoping you can tell me.

Oh, you think I had something
to do with his?

No. But someone went alot of troble
to find out what your friend knows.

By essential, what you know.


Max, it's me. Joan.

-What is wrong with him?
-Can I talk to you for a minute?

Look. Joan, we have to be
realistic here.

Either they after you od they after me,
either way Max is an unneccesary risk.

What are you talking about?

The only got part of the data,
they bound to try again.

So what you're saying is...

I see.

You're right.


Do what we have to.

You wanted to see me?

Oh yes.
Do you have those schematics?

Not yet. I tried to call you
earlier but...

you seem busy with the senator.

-It's that a problem?
-What do you mean?

Well, let's just say you sounded...

Forget it. Anyway...

Don't worry about schematics.
we won't be needing them.

Unfortunately the client has decided
to shut Max down.

Politician has alot of secrets
to protect.

Any chance she's protecting
any of your secrets?

Our secrets, Bethany.

I've been thinking about
making you senior VP.

Come again?

Why so surprise?

I'm up to my years.

I could use the help.

You're intellegent.
Good with clients, and...

Rarely believe you and question on
practically anything you say.

Sound like the perfect

If I want someone who never question me
I'd hire Max.

Well thanks, but I'm still settling
in the job I have now.

Well, not offering it today,
I just want to mention it.

Besides, I have no secrets
from the senior vice-president.

Everything you wanted to know,
I'm giving answers to you,

including the elussive Level 6,
will be aviable to you.

I'll think about it.

You sure about this, sir?
It's an awful risk.

She bound to discover the truth
about Level 6 eventually.

Better if she find it
our way than hers.

Besides, haven't you ever heard
the phrase

"The truth will set you free"?

Yes, but not yet.

No, first she has to trust you.

You were looking for me?

Yes. Julia, ehm...

Listen, let's talk.

What's wrong?

I just got a text from Colin.
He wants me to deactivate Max.

-He wants me to disassamble them.

To find out what's going on
with the higher function.

Why it shut down in the first place.

But to do that, I have to
take him apart piece by piece.

You can't!

I'm sorry. I know
you like him but...

But what exactly?

You can't just kill him!

Julia, it isn't killing,
he's not alive, he's...

Like you? Human?

-I'm really sorry.
-Yeah, you already said that.

You look scared.

What happen to you, Max?

Why did you shut down?

Internal failure.

What that's mean ecxatly?

I have a malfunction
that can't be self repaired.


I have 1.3 years of memory storage
during my time with the senator.

In that period
I carried out my...


Until I no longer wish to.

That's not a failure, Max.

-It's a choice.
-I'm not programmed for choice.

-I do not wish it.
-But you chose to shut down!

That was different.

I have memories too.

A life time worth, but...

only six months of them
are actually mine.

The rest belong to someone else.

Everytime I turn left I wondered
if I should have gone right.

Because I don't know if I making a
decison based on what I want

or what Stephanie would have.

But I'm more than my downloaded memory
say than I am,

just as you're more than
your programming.

I never wanted to be more than I am.

But you are!

And now you have to make a choice.

They are going to deactivate you


Android would never ask that,
would it?

I guess you have to choose.

Do you go left...

or right?

What are you doing?

I'm making the choice.

We got a problem.

-Now what?
-Max is gone.

-How did he...?
-I think Julia took him.

What? Why would she steal
an android?

She's been actiong weird
since Max got here, I...

I don't know, she seem to think
they're kinderent spirits or something.


-Get me security.
-What are you doing?

-What does it look like?
-She's our friend.

Yes, she is. And what do you think will happen
to her if the senator finds her or

whoever it was that broke in
here the other night?

-I'll deal with Colin.

This is Bethany Montrose. We have
security breach. Shut down all exits.

Back off.

Food's mine.
You don't eat, remember?

Now these... are for you!

I didn't know your size, so...

I went extra large with everything.

What do you do now Julia?

Not bad, huh?

Anyone care to tell me
how one of our scientist

just walk out the door
with a half billion dollar andriod?

It appear she hid the android in

a reclamation bin
and went through the garage.

Two nights ago,
somebody breaks into the lab.

And the next night
somebody break out of it?

What the hell I'm paying
you people for?

Security shows her exited at 1 AM.

That give us
an 8 and half hour lead.

-Should I notify the authorities?
-No. This is internal matters. Have to try

-to track her cellphone?
-She left it here.

Smart girl.
Smarter than you at least.

Now get the hell out of my face.

She's your friend.

Fix this before I inform the senator.


Every clone and android
4ever manufactured has

an locator tracker imbeded
in it's neck.

I removed Julia's months ago, but...


There he is.


Do you feel pain?

I feel everything you feel.

Then I'm sorry.

Look for down here.

Over here.

The tracker.

She's gone.

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