Forbidden Science (2009–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - Hotzone - full transcript

When an employee of 4Ever Technologies gets tangled in a twisted web of black market sex tapes and espionage, he ends up dead. With Penny's help, Philip taps into the dead man's memories using the experimental Gold Chip and relives the last few hours of his life before his murder.

Previously on Forbidden Science

Endless possibility, that's what
4ever Innovation offer you.

Here all your dreams are possible
through the advance of science.

-Hey you know anything about this?
-It takes a photocopy of your brain.

Every thought, every memory
you ever had... wicked, huh?

I can pretend to be like
everyone else, but let's face it,

I'm a clone, with the memories
of a death woman.

God, I need a normal relationship.

Hi, is this Flash Gordon?

-This is my favorite part.
-Mine too.

Theater Jomblo

Rev siGantenG

Forbidden Science Episode 5

Man, I wish you learn to knock!

I way behind schedule
on all this upgrades.

Good thing your work is your hobby.

This new virtual stuff...

It's incredible, man!
You gotta try it!

Not my speed.

I'm more of romance.


Hey, Eddie!

Hey beautiful.

Nice outfit!

Come on, let's get it right.

You got HTMI3 cable.

Just plug it in,

the arm processor already know
what data to copy.

Now listen, these guys
do not fuck around.

I know, if I leave
a minute past my shift,

I get a full securty check out.
I know, Dante.

Good, you done your homework.

I guess compared to all those
military ops, this is good stuff.

Not if I get caught.


This is a great thing you do.

4ever makes a fortune of these
biotech secrets.

But once we make the data public,
it'll be open source.

Everyone benefits.

And the world of harmony
just a felony break-in away.

You don't strike me as a crusader type.

Why are you doing this?

I got my reasons.

We know the gold chip is functional.
Julie is the living prove of that.

So tell me, what's keeping us
at finding practical applications?

The problem of the gold chip
is just a prototipe,

design to works exclusively
to Julia's brain pattern.

We still trying to figure out
how to modify the chip

so it'll record and
download on anyone.

Human or clone.

Yeah, and adding one percent
of memory to another person's brain

is a bit messy.

The new memories could stick
or flip and even lead to psychosis.

What about surpressed memories?
The side effects can be devastating.

Like monsters from the "IT"?

Like what?

Doctor Morbius from the
forbidden planet, 1956?

Well, utilize a clone.

Generate the number 11934 right now,
for this such contigency.

We still have the donor problem.
I mean...

Do you know anyone willing to put
all their memories for public consumption?

Can you show me a law stating a dead person
own the rights of theirs memories?

The crucial issue is, none of you
considered this a financial.

Monday morning I need to honestly asses the
profit/loss of our current projects.

And I'd be lying if I didn't
put this on the loss side.

You have 72 hours to show me that
this project is a glimer of light,

or it'll be a memory.

Let's get to work.

Hi, Julie, it's David.

Listen, we need to talk.

I don't know what happen yesterday,
but I really feel that we have something...

Please give me a call back.

Colin is really riding our asses.

No, at least have something good.

-We really need a break through on this.
-Well, if my idea works

it give us a way to monitor the process

and shut it down before somebody
has a complete mind fuck.

-Is that the medical term?
-Yeah, I use it all the time.

Sounds more offical in German.


No, my fault.

-Who's that?
-Who's what?

Oh, are you getting jealous?

What, jealous of him?

I have IQ at 213 and have
more degrees than pro-tractors.

He just a janitor with a tone of

-Gaudius Maximus.
-I'll take that as a yes.

Your lab is down that way. I have to go
to make sure that my waste basket is full,

and just waiting to be emptied.

Oh God!


Remember when you told me
to call you

if I ghad anything that figured weirds?

-I think I got something special here.
-What's so special?

Well, it's been dead
for about an hour,

there's no ID per se',
but best of all,

-I think you know this guy.
-See you in 15.

I working alone tonight.
Save you better cash.

What makes you think
I know this person?

Coz he had this on.

-Nice likeness.

Yep! Found it in Red Lake zone,
probably crossed the wrong pimp.

I spoke to this guy
about three hours ago.

Oh, it's a PG-39.


The company made some...
a couple of arms on prosthesic.

After the Iraq invasion,
the government problem bulk.

A soldier needs arms and legs.

You took the guy's arm,

and now you want to tap into
his memories to find out some data?

Your head explode
like in that "Scanners" movie...

Don't expect me to clean it up.

Do you mind hooking me up to this?

Alright, a pile of scumbag,
let's who you really are.

Hit it.

Perfect timing. I just
called you to say I was back.

You're up late.
Don't those kids ever go home?

Do you at a teacher conference
that last forever.

I thought a bath
will help me unwind.

Would you like to join me?

I have to go to work.

Just a few minutes!

Or else, I won't be able to sleep.

I do not want to stay up all night

and talk about our life
and future, and a baby.

The choice is yours.

I have a confession to make.

But you have to promise
that you won't go each it, ok?


I moved myself down on
the transplant recipients list.

Don't freak out.

There was an eight year old behind me
who was born blind.

It's only one slot.

With your blood group,
one slot can mean years.

I mean, what other... 10.000
compatible person in the world?


Our live didn't end when that
car bomb went off, it's just changed.

You have to accept that.

I just want you to be happy.

I have to go to work.

Edward Johnson,
maintenance engineer.

Clearance level one, 84.356 kgs.

Prosthetics limb registered
for war combat related injury.

Aproval of entrance,
mandatory departure at 2.00.

Late departure will require
a security search.

Yeah, I use it all the time,
sounds more offical in Germany.


No, my fault.

-Who's that?
-Who's what?

Oh, are you being jealous?

What, jealous?

With him?

You working hard or hardly working?

Both, and neither.

Ah, shit!

-Gee, doc, I'm so sorry...
-No, it's fine, fine...


It's Julia, did I wake you?

No, no... I'm getting up
in about 6 hours anyways.

You probably thought I was crazy
when I ran out of there, so...

I thought "Well, I'll just call you
in the midlle of the night",

just to confirm your suspicions.

No, I don't think you're crazy.

This happens to a guy
like me all the time.

Homer, go back to sleep!

I hope you're talking to the dog,
or else we're way out of it.

Just wanted to say...

Maybe I was wrong saying
it's a mistake.

It's just complicated.

Listen, Julia, if there's something
in your past, I don't care.

- It doesn't matter.
-Trust me!

There's nothing in my past.

Nothing at all.

Sorry to wake you up.

Well, if you want to come over
to talk about it.

You're bunking with Homer tonight!

David, I'm really not ready
for a relationship right now.

But it wasn't right
to leave things the way I did.

Good night.
Sorry to wake you.

Dante, skinny little break!

It's a military tech.

I feel like a computer glich
going on.

Who're you staring?


Edward Johnson,
maintanance engineer.

Clearance level one, 84.356 kgs.

No weight change.

Prosthetics limb registered
for war combat related injury.

Approve for exit.
No security search required.

Good night

Jesus. I'm worried, man.


How did it go?

Had a few technical hic-up at the end.

Must've above the professors
pay grade, so it shut me out.

With that layers of
data encodes to break through.

It's gonna take a while.

Hai un mazzo di carte?

We got something
alot more fun, my man.

I mean, Eddie...

Who says to be a freedom fighter
all work and no play?

You're in time
for my next VR piece.

You're not staring in it?
I mean...

-No offense, but...
-Not me, my man.

Sharon, here is an artist.

Probaby the hottest
in S&M VR, I say.

Family traditions!

Sex is fun.

Oh, baby...

So sweets my pet, but pretty...

Yes. This is gonna be
my biggest seller.

How can I say romance is dead?

Very nice.

Down, kitty.

Kiss it!

Bite it!

Good girl, yeah.

That's right.

Oh, so pretty.

Oh, yes.

Ok sweatie.
Let it go, let it go.

That's right.


Weapon applications are missing.

That must be when
they shut me out.

No, there're gaps in the data flow
that indicates they were here.


Did you get greedy?


We all here just to build
a better world, right?

What? You figured I didn't know
about the weapons data?

It's all over the whisper.

that 4Ever has a whole secret line
of military projects.

Where is that Eddie.

That data was the whole point
of this operations.

Let's get this over with.

You downloaded the military data
and then you sold it!

Military secrets was...

never part of this whole deal.

We're supposed to be
just helping people.

I can't helping myself,
as helping people.

And I think you do too.

Now tell me, who has the data?

Your girlfriend is dead, pal.

I'm gonna pay her a visit.

Patient Unstable

I wish I brought the instructions.

Lie down.
I'm gonna call 911

-Got to get out of here.
-Where are you going?

You reach the 911
police emergency line,

due to the reason
of high volume calls

your call will be answered
in the order received.

Please stay on the line.

Now, tell me!

You're going to die
just like your boyfriend.

Please stay on the line.

Damn it, I'm still on the hold.

Now, tell me, Where my data is?

You bitch. I'm gonna
have fun with you.

Couldn't just leave you alone.

Thanks, but...

Go outside and wait for me?
I need a minute alone.

Who are you?

I'm a friend of Eddie's.

Eddie is dead, isn't he?

I'm sorry.

He love you so much.

I really hope you enjoy this.

Specially the end.

I have to go.

The police will be here soon, ok?


It's not the end
of your life, alright?

It's just a start to a new one.

Try remember that.

You kind of like an action hero
or something.

Part of me a software engineer.

Would you mind helping me
to forge a clone reposition?

Sure, we broke about
fifty others anyway.

Good, we to have a new eyes going.

You wanna grab some breakfast?

I'm starving.