Forbidden Science (2009–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Weekend - full transcript

Several of the staffers at 4Ever Innovations have an interesting weekend. Penny has a sex-filled romp with a couple of the robots she's specially designed for herself but in the end decides she needs a normal relationship; she may not have to look very far to find it. Julia meanwhile spends the night with a handsome man, David, but is still having difficulty coming to grips with her past. Bethany finds a reference in the files to a Level 6, which she did not know exists. When she checks it out, she finds a bio-mechanical bug-like creature. Laura meanwhile is upset when Colin Sommers ends their relationship - but that's not all he's done.

Previously on Forbidden Science...

Cloning is a 100 percent
genetic match to the original.

Your body, your memories,
they're copy of someone else.

You're just a clone.

- This is...
- Julia.

Julia White.

She's looking to start over.

People rarely get
a second chance anyway.

Maybe this is it.

You know, when you in the lab
last night, watching you down there

not being able to let anybody
know about us, I just...

There are some lines
we don't cross, Colin.

Creating thinking machines,
that could potentially

look and act, just like us.

Find anything interesting?

Tomorrow loved ones
will return as clones.

Memories will be downloaded and sold.

Androids will walk among us.

Tomorrow is now.

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Forbidden Science Episode 4

Friday - 23:55

Ok, Victor.

Names of choice.

Nurse Penny,
Little Penny, Madam Penny,

and my personal favorite,
Mistress Penny.


basic parameters are:

I always comes first.

Foreplay: spend some time.

Rub my shoulders, foot massages...

for the extra mile, you know?

Of course, spanking is always good,

just watch your motor levels,

I don't want have to explain
why I busted my rump on there.

Got all that?

Yes, Mistress Penny.

- Try again.
- Yes, Mistress Penny.


So, wanna be my lollipop?

I really need one of those.


I'm sorry, I didn't...

It's my fault Laura.

I knew your getting too close.
I should've knew this long before.

No, I'm sorry!

Please no, I won't tell I swear.

It's just a bad dream.

I think I found something. Laura.

Saturday - 8:55

Save something for the fishes.

Excuse me?

- Sorry, would you mind?
- Yeah.

What? You think
you could've done better?

I wouldn't.

My next line might be better.

Alright, let's hear it.

- Come here often?
- Wow, smooth.


- What's his name?
- Homer.

Hey Homer.

I'm David.


Oh, shit.

What's wrong?

Uh, bloody nose.

Let me guess,
beat yourself while you sleep?

Maybe you prefer if I punch you.

Wonderful, I got a headache too.

Want one of my doctors take a look?

No, I'm fine.
You got any aspirin?

Second drawer in your right.

So, what do you want to do today?


we need to talk.

I see.

Look, we agreed when we started this,

that it didn't go too far.

You're one of my employees and...

And now I've became an inconvenient.

It's not like that.

Laura, I...

I just hoping that you understand.

Sorry to disappoint.

It's about Bethany, isn't?


- What are you talking about?
- Oh, don't give me that.

You don't think I see
the way you look at her?

Laura, it doesn't
have to be like this.

Tell me what I should be, Colin?
You seem to have everything figured out.

It's taken care of.

She doesn't remember anything.

No, sir. Our files were destroyed.

You have nothing to worry about.

Somebody just shoot me.

I think I found something. Laura.

Do not copy

Level 6?

Don't stop... Yeah!

Don't stop.

Don't stop.

Oh, Jesus! Seven orgasms.

You're like a machine...
Oh, sorry.

Now you can rest.

No, seriously.

Maybe we should talk...

or have a drink.

Maybe we can...

Saturday - 13:20

Hi, Philip.

- Yeah?
- You seen Laura around?

It's Saturday night.

You're here.

- Yeah. my life impaired.
- Oh, aren't we all?

Damn it!

The thing cheats!

What's up?

Laura left her reposition order
in my desk, but it's nothing.

Hey, you ever heard something
called 'Level 6'?

No, I can't even make past level 4.

You want some chips?

Great. Another one walks out
the door, Philip. Good one.

- Oh Laura, you're here.
- Yup.

I got this but I'm not sure
what to do with it.

What are you talking about?

The reposition order.

- The level 6 thing?
- Never heard of it.

- You okay?
- Yeah, I'm just standing.

Wait a minute. Laura?

Look, I don't know
anything about it.

This is your hand writing, isn't it?


Maybe... I don't know.

Do you really expect me to believe
that you come down here on Saturday

just to ask me about order form?

Why else would I be here?

It's a good question.

Computer, rewind.

There, freeze.

Zoom in and enhance.

Eventually I end up doing exactly
what my father wanted me to do.

Mergers and acquisitions.

Very exciting.

- What about you?
- I...

I work at 4Ever Innovations.

Microchips basically.

So let me guess, you're brilliant.

Found me out.

So what a woman like you
doing in the market anyways?

What kind of woman would that be?

Let's face it. You're brilliant,
you're intelligent, you're gorgeous.

Nice save.


I uh...

was married once. Sort of...

It didn't work out.

We didn't know each other very well.

You gonna get that?

No, it's work.

Let 'em wait.

I haven't been in on lunch date in...


Actually, I've never been
on a lunch date.

I'm sorry, I found that
really hard to believe.

Oh, you'd be surprise

Homer, come here.

- Come here.
- I think he likes you.

He's not so bad either.

I need a little 'less enthusiasm
from my androids.

Someone softer, gentler.

Someone with more...

feminine touch.

Ok Shelly, so,

names of choice!

Nurse Penny, Little Penny,
Madam Penny, or Mistress Penny.

Base parameters are...



Should really clean up
once in a while,

Madam Penny.

Ok, maybe a little too feminine.

Hi Penny, are you in there?
The door locked.

Bethany? This isn't
really a good time.

Open up, I need
to show you something.

This is the grossest thing ever.

Only you would get excited
with a giant metal bug.

- Where did you find it?
- Long story.

So, is it ours?

As in 4Ever Tech?
I doubt it.

I've never seen anything like it.

A clean office is a happy office.

Ignore her. I haven't
work it all yet.

You live a very...

strange life, you know?

Tell me about it.

Anyway, technically, this thing
is not even a machine.

It's biomechanical, comprised
multiprocessor for brain functions.

And the tentacle, appears to be
some kind of flush.

12.5 on Hick factor.

Why would someone made this thing,
and what is it actually do?

Honestly, I got no idea.

It seems to be encoded
with memory chip.

But I can't figure out...
Oh shit!


Sunday - 10:14

I see you found my family.

There's so many of them.

Yeah. 2 brothers, 2 sisters,
and some of my uncles kids.

Like a big clan.

I see. Family is very
important to you.

Yeah, I guess. I have my family
crest on my arm.

How about you? Big family?


Not really.

Any parents?

No. Just me.

Really? What about like...

I said no. How many
other ways can I say it?

Alright. I'm sorry,
I didn't mean to...

I should go.

What? Why?

Look, I'm not like you, alright?

I don't have the parents,
and the countless brothers and sisters.

What? It doesn't matter.

- Don't go. I make breakfast...
- You don't understand.

This was a mistake.

Looking for more bugs?

Oh, Colin.

So this place is ours.

Of course.

The white tarps were used
to line the walls.

Must keep everything sterile.

What were you making here?


Don't worry. It's harmless,
it's programmed.

What is it?

It works like a normal
memory download, but in reverse.

Basically it erases the memories and
replaces them with the facsimile.

Why built it all the way out here?
What's it for?

You tell me.

Who might wants to build a secret device
that can wipe enemy short term memory?

You're saying it's military?

I hadn't realize we had a contract
with the government,

We don't officially.

I know, I'm not proud
about it either.

But truth is, a privately own
company like 4Ever

needs government funding.

Our research and development alone
cost millions.

So you create weapons?

I do what I have to
to stay competitive.

And this... thing... is Level 6?


There is no level 6.

It's just a codename we use for
shipments to a warehouse.

At least, we did.

I shut the program down.

Because of Laura?

She sent me invoice,
but she doesn't remember...

Wait a minute!

- You used that thing on her?
- No.

But someone did!

What about military friends.


That's why I backed out
of the deal.

How do I know it wasn't you?

I guess you don't.

I'm not sure if you knew, but...

Laura and I are...

we were involved.

I ended it yesterday.

After what happen to her,
I prefer she know the truth.

Why telling me all this?

What do you expect me to do?

Use one of these devices on you?

I'm not the villain in the story here.


Then it's over?



What about me?

I'm exhausted.
How about later?

I'm programmed to satisfy
and to be satisfied.

One of us is doing the job better
than the other.

That's it!

God, I need a normal relationship.

Sunday - 22.35

You sure you can't help?

No, I'm done.

Thanks for coming over,
I'm glad we can work things out.

And like I said,
Colin and I will never happen.

I just can't believe
he ended it like that.

I mean, I know it was casual, but...

Didn't you get the memo?
Mens suck.


- You wouldn't believe my day.
- Come on in, the wine is breathing.

- Hi, Julia.
- Oh, I'm sorry, did I interrupt?

Of course not.

What happened?

- I met someone.
- A guy?

That's great!

- Isn't it?
- Yeah.

Up until the moment
I met his family!

You met his family?

Jeez, Colin didn't even
introduce me to his dry cleaner.

No, it's just...

He had all these pictures,
awards, diplomas...

He had his entire life...

And I just realized I...

- You didn't have any of that.
- Yeah.

So you end it?

Well, I can pretend to be like
everyone else, but let's face it,

I'm a clone, with the memories
of a dead woman.

Everything I have,

or like, or remember,
isn't really mine.

Well, you got us.

For what that's worth.

Hey, come on.

Three attractive ladies, sitting at home,
bitching on Sunday night.

- Not a man on sight.
- Amen!


Is this "Flash Gordon,
conquers the universe"?

With Buster Crabbe,
the only true Flash.

Actually I prefer Ming the Merciless.

Better costume.

Luke is totally ripe yourself, you know.

Yeah, Darth Vader can whip
Ming's ass any day.


This is my favorite part.

Mine too.


I understand there's a problem.

Nothing I couldn't handle.

So Bethany doesn't know anything.

About Level 6? No.

I brought one of the devices
just in case,

but it wasn't necessary.

She doesn't remember anything.


Then everything is as was before.

Not everything...

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