Forbidden Science (2009–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Adversaries: Part 2 - full transcript

A major event rocks the world of 4Ever. Another player in the tech world show his hand and he has an alluring but deadly partner. Laura stumbles onto some confidential papers. Julia struggles with her new life as a clone living with the memories of another woman.

Previously in Forbidden Science...

A new emergency cloning process

that can grow a replacement organs
in matter of hours.

It's here. Available. Today.

Cloning is a sin!

To work here is to work against God!

My window of getting
spinal transplant is closing.

And I don't think God gives a damn
if I can walk again or not.

I'm a carbon copy of a dead woman!

Father, do you think clones have souls?

Clone organs, clone people.

You're using science
to replace God's creation!

I'm the one your daughter
turn to for a cure.

To her...

I'm God.

Tomorrow loved ones
will return as clones.

Memories will be downloaded and sold.

Androids will walk among us.

Tomorrow is now.

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Forbidden Science Episode 3
Adversaries Part 2

Are you gonna behave this time?

Come on, who's your mama?

You're, Penny.

Who is your mama?

- You are, Penny.
- That's mistress Penny, bitch!

You like that?


You like that, don't you?

Oh God! Harder, harder!

That's it!

That's it! Harder!

Harder! Harder!

Harder! Rock my fucking world!

Oh, that program is a keeper.

What the fuck did you do?

I didn't do this!

What explosive did you use?

Dwight, do you read me? Dwight!


Dwight, do you read me? Dwight!

This is Colin.

Dwight is dead.

- Can you give me your position, sir?
- Yeah. In the hall way.

Outside the clone organ lab.

The blast must've
destroyed the place.

There's... There's liquid escaping
from the organ lab.

I got the guy who set up the bomb.
Have security standing by.

Negative, sir. The explosion initiated
our emergency procedure.

All access to the area has been sealed.
Including ventilation.

Can you reverse the protocol?

No, sir. We have a team
on the way together.

Colin, the liquid from the lab
when mixed together

become highly toxic and corrosive.

I say you stay away
as far as possible.


How long he's been down there?

- More than an hour.
- Where is he?

There. Right about there.

- Hold on.
- Yo, what's the situation?

The elevator and the stairs door
are reinforced with steel.

- It takes another hour to cut through.
- Copy that.

What the hell
do you think you doing?

I'm praying for his immortal soul.

All things considered,
I'd be worried about your own.

I didn't do this!

Picketing outside, screaming about
how we raping God's plan...

- then you break it here?
- I didn't do it!

I'm sure you have plenty enemies.

Not many who would bomb this place.

Save your breath.
We low on air as it is.

You may not care about
his souls, but I do.

- You didn't even know him!
- And you do?

He's just one of your employees.

People like you have...

- no idea who...
- Dwight Brody.

All right?

Retired from the police force,
after a gunshot to the hip.

Every year I gave him his holiday
bonus in Feb, so he can take his wife

to Hawaii for her birthday,
to see her family.

He got 2 kids, and they both in college.

What's your point?

My point is, I know him
a lot better than you do.

So get the fuck away
from his body! Now!

- Help is on the way.
- Take your time. No rush.

- Colin, this is Laura, are you alright?
- Been better.

Don't worry, I'm fine.

Hey, do you mind I ask
what are you doing?

- What's look like I'm doing?
- Like you using up the oxygen.

Colin, emergency crews
almost there, just sit still.

I want to check one thing.

Stand by.

Philip, can you access
Binary brain function remotely?

- We can check that later!
- I want to know what happened!

Stand by!

Sorry, there's way too much
interferences down there.

I can't even tell
if there's a signal.

What exactly are you looking for?

I sent Binary in here,
right before the explosion.

There's a chance that his backup
system might still be working.

Binary recorded something that
we can use...

We can use...



How you feeling?

Like I got the worst
hang over in the history?

- How is your hand?
- It's ok.

Ok, try this.

The police called.

They want your statement this morning,
before Samantha's father gets arrested.

I, uh... I'm really sorry, Colin.

It was my idea to give Samantha
that spinal clone against her father wishes.

I just... I never thought he...

He didn't do this.

Not your fault.

You know, when you in the lab
last night,

watching you down there, not being able
to let anybody know about us,

or how I feel... I just...

This whole arrangement...

hasn't been exactly fair
to you, has it?

I guess I just...
I don't know where we stand.

When I was down there in the dark,

coughing all night and bleeding,

couldn't stop thinking about you.

I was glad to hear your voice.

You know, it's funny how
you can answer me and yet...

you never really answer me.

- Secret to my success!
- I bet!

So, is this still casual?

What do you want it to be?


Are you sure you up for this?

I might break you.

Go ahead and try.

Look who's up and out!

Alright, shut up.

So, find anything?

Those memory chip was badly damaged
from the blast, but..

we're able to piece
together few images.

Go back.


Play again.


- Zoom in.
- What is it?

Clear shot.

I don't understand.

I do.

Looks like a couple of partial,
maybe a thumb.

- I'll send it to the police.
- No.

Give it to Neilson in security,
see what he can come up with.

Were we able to pull anything
from Dwight's memory?

Nothing unusual, day to day work stuff,
family trips, a couple of birthdays,

some private moments with his wife.


Make sure anything pretending
to 4Ever is extracted and stored.

Private memories can be
given to his family.

Colin, I don't understand, why aren't we
handing the finger print over the police?

I will. But first I want to know
if it's actually Jacob doing, or...

I got an enemy I don't know about.

You don't think it wasn't
one of the protesters?

Not sure.

Neither way, let's keep this
internal matter for now.

The device appear to use
liquid nitrogen as a primer,

it took expertize.

Not exactly your normal
home grown bomb.

Why do I find it disconcerting
that you know that?

Disconcerting? Most guys
find it a turn on.

Yeah, until they find
an explosive under their bed.

I only did that once!

No, tell Davenport he still owe us
3 millions for the pleasure model.

Tell him that we are not running some sort
of bionic brothel where he paces as he goes.

Or sort of that fact.

Right, that should be a fun call.

Shouldn't you be resting or something?

Getting round to it.

- Yes?
- There's a Mr. Armstrong to see you.

Show him in.

Looks like the wolf
has smell of blood.


What a surprise!

- Pleasant one, I hope.
- Always.

This is my head of sales,
Miss Bethany Montrose.

Please to meet you.

Robert is the head
of Armstrong Industries.


Oh hardly, our operations are mostly
artificial limbs and such.

Not like the advancest clonist,
I'm hoping to achieve.

It's called "hard work".

- So, what's bring you back?
- I just heard what happened.

It's awful, simply awful.
Want to see how you holding up.

Oh, don't worry,
I'm holding up just fine.

Of course, you're a survivor.

And what about this crazy person,
Jacob... whatever?

I hear he's in jail. It's a shame
we don't have the electric chair anymore.

Innocent until proven guilty, Robert.

I didn't think you have such a soft spot
for people who trying to kill you.

No, I just want to make sure
I'm getting the right person.

Besides, we all have
our soft spots, don't we?

Only for my daughter.

She cost me for nearly
as much as I earn.

Do you have any children, Bethany?

No, but I'm seriously
considering a cat.

There's still plenty of time.

Speaking of which, have time
to lunch with an old friend?

Certainly. I didn't miss
to get out of the office.

Bethany will take care that business
with Davenport while I'm gone.

Can't wait.

Sorry doc, you can't come down here,
The air vent still not working.

- But you're down there?
- Yeah, lucky me! What's up?

I just wondering if you got anything
of the partial I sent over.

I'm afraid not.
The computers still searching.

- Did you try cross checking them...
- I'm sorry doc,

I don't mean to be rude or anything,

but this is a security matter.

I design Binary's analysis program,
I just thought I might be some help...

If I need anything,
I won't hesitate to call.

Colin, you here?

Find anything interesting?

No, I was just looking for you.

Obviously you just got
lost on the way.

Yesterday you used my account
to reposition a spine

and now you're going through my files.

You right. I'm sorry.

These just reporter forms
from the lab that destroyed.

It's not that
you're gonna need them.

What's the matter?
You don't trust your boss?

Of course I do.

It's okay.

Curiosity is one of
your sexy traits.


So I'll see you later?


- You wanted to see me?
- Yeah.

Neilson was taking a while
on those fingerprints, so...

I figured I just take
a quick look for myself.

I thought I told the security
to handle that problem.

Yeah. Unfortunately,
security is your problem.

I don't follow.

Neilson set the bomb.


- Are you sure?
- Well, I'm sure he touched it.

It's Colin. Had Neilson
report to my office...

I see. Thank you.

He left an hour ago.

Any chance you can hack
his bank account for me?

Who is you mama?

There's 3 deposit in the last
6 months totally half a mil.

Each from an offshore account.

Tried to follow it but nada.

Whoever give him the money
it's virtually untraceable.

I need to trace it.
The wolves are at the door.


- I so worried.
- I'm fine.

It's alright.

So, is it over?

Colin said not to press charge
for breaking and entering.

And all the other charges
have been dismissed.

It's works.


I should be going.

They say I can run lap
in six months.

I'm so sorry, dad.

I know how you feel about this.

- Laura offered to let me...
- I'm still your father.

You're still my daughter.

My home is still your home.

You took care of
our little problem?

Did I ever let you down?

Seems you're right.

Like I said...

Never hired an idealist,

he followed the heart,
not the money.

And you?

I live to serve.

Make a scotch.


Cheer to death.

And your.

That's what happens when
you hired people with principles.

They get sloppy.

Neilson was a spy for me.

I certainly had nothing
to do with the bomb.


Let's say... I believe you.

- Then why did he do it?
- You already know.

That's why you're here,
isn't it? Alone.

With that.

No cops, no men in dark suits.

You know why he did it.

Just how much I know.

How much do you know?

Neilson brought this.

He seems upset.

Mixing android with clone organs.

Doesn't take a Jesus freak to know
when you crossing the line.

And what line would that be?

Using computer intellectual
and organic material.

Creating thinking machines

that could potentially
look and act, just like us.

You're overreacting.

We're talking about hearts and kidneys

powered by microprocessors
for longevity?

Only organs.

How many organs
to make up a man?

- Shut down that project.
- Or what?

Or you'll find all the other
synthetic manufactures

suddenly have a common goal.

To bring you down.

Even the devil has ethics.

There are some lines
we don't cross, Colin.

Creating machines are indistinguishable
from organic products...

even just organs...

is where that line ends.

Neilson, for all his faults,
understood that.

I suggest you do the same.

Thanks for the drink.

We'll keep an eye on you.

And your little secret, Colin.

I've been thinking about
your question.

Do clones have souls.

- And?
- And...

I believe God has a plan
for all of us.

Just because His hand didn't create you,
doesn't mean He wasn't involved.

But I'm a copy of someone else.

You came here. That was your choice,
not the other woman's.

You're no more a copy of her than...

than I am at my own father.

But you don't have years of thoughts
and feelings that don't belong to you.

Then, perhaps, it's time for you
to find your own thoughts and feelings.

Decide for yourself
if you like chocolate.

Or your favorite book or movie is.

Live your life.

The rest will take care
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