Forbidden Science (2009–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Adversaries: Part 1 - full transcript

It's the first full day at work for Julia White and she is still coming to grips with her replication. She's moved in with Bethany Montrose who is is happy for the company. Bethany has been having erotic dreams involving her ex-husband and is uncomfortable about it all. At work, 4Ever Innovations' founder, Colin Sommers, announces that they have a new process and can now clone replacement body parts in a matter of hours. The company has had protesters at their doorstep for some time, including Jacob, whose daughter Samantha is wheelchair bound. Colin's assistant Laura decides to help her old friend Samantha regain the use of her legs. A bomb however has been placed in the lab

Previously in Forbidden Science...

All your dreams are possible
through the advance of science.

That's what 4Ever Innovations offer you.

For all intents and purposes
this is your wife.

Congratulations Bethany.

You're the first sales that
ever be late on her first day.

It takes photocopy of your brain.
Every thought, every memory you ever had.

Your memories, they are copies
from someone else.

You're just a clone.


Your first assignment was eventful.

People rarely get second chance in life.

Maybe this is it,
for both of us.

Tomorrow loved ones
will return as clones.

Memories will be downloaded and sold.

Androids will walk among us.

Tomorrow is now.

Bless me father,
because I have sinned.

It's been...

Well, actually this is
my first confession.

And what brings you here after
all this time?

A woman.


She used to come here
every Sunday as a kid.

She believed in God and...

the eternal soul.

All of it.


she died recently.

I'm very sorry.

If someone is only alive...

because another person died,

how should they feel about that?

How do you feel about it?

I should feel guilty, I guess.

But I don't.

It's like I'm living
someone else's life.

I don't know who I am.

I'm the carbon copy of a dead woman,
inside and out.

I'm afraid I don't understand.

The reason I'm here are...

What I want to ask you is...


do you think clones have souls?

I've been having the same
dream for a while now.

Here I am, once again,

standing inside my house.

My former house.

My former life.

And my former husband.


My heart change the channel
a while ago.

But my brain seem
to like the rewinds.

You think those are bad dreams?

I'm sure there are plenty of people
dream about sleeping with their ex.

Only if you have fond memory!

Yeah! Try not being able to sleep,
because every time you do,

you get sapped with the memory
of you being murdered.

And brought back to life
with another body.

Ok, you win.

By the way...

I never thank you for putting me up
until I find a place.

I need help unpacking,
but I've been meaning to ask you.

Why don't you just stay in like
a gigantic mansion?

Let me guess, too big?
Has a draft?

That was Stephanie's home.
Not mine.

Anyway, thanks.

You invited me in,
got me a job...

Not many people would do that.

- Well, here's to second chance.
- And no more rewinds.

You've up quite late again, Don.

The Lord's work is never done, Sam.

Speaking of which.

- Can I get you another one?
- No.

Cloning is a sin!

- Blasphemy!
- Cloning is a sin!

This will end the human kind.

Cloning is a sin!

- God created man!
- Cloning is a sin!

- Cloning is a sin!
- Cloning is not in His plan!

Man can not kill fetuses,

for spare parts.

Cloning is a sin!

- Cloning is a sin!
- This is blasphemy.

So, what do you say, wanna
do something tonight?

- I'm sure.
- Ok, good.

Hi, Benny.

- I think his name is Binary.
- What ever.


What were you doing in there?

My round, sir.

The security level are upstairs.

Next time give us a call,
we'll check it out.

That's what we paid for.

As you wish, sir.

I think you are a little hard on him

You realize that we all gonna be
replace with one of these...




Come on.

Cloning is a sin!

Man has no right to murder
of fetuses for spare parts.

Cloning is a sin!

Some might think this is
just science fiction.

And like most science fiction,
we're in search for the divine answers.

Or damning them.

Of course our friends outside
saying we're doing the later

but forgive me if I disagree.

I built 4Ever Innovations
to improve on creation.

Not replace it.

To repair damaged organs.

To bring back those we've lost.

Perhaps in time, to discover a way
to live beyond the mortality.

So, without further a do,
I'm proud to present to you

4Ever next step in that vault.

A new emergency cloning process

that can grow a replacement organs
in the matter of hours.

Far surpass than the one
our competitor has to offer.

This is not a science fiction
for tomorrow,

but progress.

And it's here.



I got to hand it to him, he certainly
knows how to work the crowd.

Depends which crowd, I guess.

I am Laura by the way,
Colin's assistant.

Bethany Montrose.

Oh, right, the new head of sales

Colin told me a lot about you.

He tells me everything.
We're very close.

I see.

Sorry to hear about your divorce.
Must be really hard.

It's just great how everybody knows

I'm trying to pick up the pieces
of my shattered life.

Sorry, I have no sense of humor.

Thanks for coming.

It's been a while, hasn't it?

Yeah, I know it has.


You kind of stop coming around
after the accident.

A lot of people did.

I'm glad you called.

You hadn't mention that your father
picket in my office all week.

Dad just think that
the cloning was a sin.

Now he calls it an abomination.

What do you think?

I'm tired of praying for miracles.

I sit here,

watching my father on the news,

seeing him and his friends
protesting your company.

This morning I just thought...

Screw it.

It's now or never.

I haven't got much time, Laura.

The doctor said my window of getting
spinal transplant is closing.

And I don't think God gives a damn
if I walk again or not.

Well, I do.

Cloning is a sin! Cloning is a sin!

Cloning is a sin! Cloning is a sin!

Cloning is a sin! Cloning is a sin!

Cloning is a sin! Cloning is a sin!

To work in there,
to work against God.

Cloning is a sin! Cloning is a sin!

Cloning is a sin! Cloning is a sin!

Requisition Order

I talked to Philip.

The launch of the memory chip is
still in the very preliminary.

So far, the design only
work on yours, I mean,

- in Stephanie White's brain patterns.
- So you saying it's worthless.

Hardly. But it will take time
to be fully developed for market.

You will receive 35% of
the gross sales,

and 4Ever will cover the development cost,
and retain all copyrights.

Thank you.

Ah, Vincent, did you
bring the contract?

We have a situation, sir.
Do you remember Mr. Greenshaw?

I read his file. He had his wife clone
about 3 months ago.

Yes. Now, unfortunately,
the clone is pregnant.

And Mr. Greenshaw doesn't want
to have children.

I don't see why this
has to do with us.

It appears after the abortion

Mr. Greenshaw would like us
to wipe her memory of it.

And she agreed to this?

- You gotta be kidding me.
- Well, technically it is his property.

What do you think Steph...
I'm sorry, Julia.

- Colin?
- What?

I'm sure she has a unique perspective.

Almost too unique, wouldn't you say?

I mean...

What are the chances on my very first day,
in my very first meeting..

the situation, so similar to my own

would be openly discussed
right in front of me.

Stephanie White would've said
that this was a test.

And an obvious one at that.

Well, she would have been right.

I apologize.

My legal teams been having some concerns.

- What are you talking about?
- They're concern that a clone

can't work objectively on another clone.

Well, obviously

their concern aren't warranted.

- Now, shall we finalized the contract?
- Absolutely.

But at 40 percent.

You missed a spot Dr. Serling.

Please Philip, call me Penny.

I love the way you say my name.

So masculine.

So take charge.

God, it's hot in here.

Well, probably from all the cleaning.

You must be working up a sweat.

Well, I wouldn't want to get
my clothes all wet now, would I?

No, absolutely not.

What're you doing?
Running virtual program?

Oh... yeah, yeah, it's nothing tough.
It doesn't really work yet.

Maybe I can help.
Anything I'd like?

No! No...

Not at all.

Dr. Wise, this is Julia.

Shall we standing up here or
she can find a place to seat?

- Oh, hi.
- Hi.

Call me Philip.

- I've made a spot view over there.
- Oh, thanks.

Look, I got to admit,
I'm a huge fan of your work,

Or I mean, you know, Stephanie White...

It's okay, I know what you mean.

Hard to imagine he's still single.

Good luck.

Come check out this new thing
I've been developing.

It's an X-ray machine.

You want to see me?

Annie just sent over this approval

It seems a reposition for
a spinal clone.

You think I'd remember
something like that?

Uh, sorry...

Do you mind telling me
what's going on?

My friend... she was in a car accident
about a year ago, and...

And she's paralyzed.

Why not come to me?
If it's the financial thing...

- It's complicated...
- Yeah, usually is.

Her father is religious.

And he doesn't believe in cloning ...


He's one of them.

Small world.

But, she's over 18...

It's her choice...

but he just...

he keeps her locked up
in that house.

I mean, the wheelchairs
not the only prison.

Look at that.

We offer chance...

to live longer and healthier,
to save lives,

and what did they do?

Marching protest.

Yesterday it was stem cells,
today... it's cloning.

I got to admit...

part of me admire them
in some weird way.

Admire them?

They're idiots.

No, they're believers.

They willing sacrifice everything they have
in what they believe in.

I can't say I believe
anything that much.

Samantha's father, Jacob...
he's the believer, not her.

You know why?

Because he can fucking walk!

She's trapped in
a goddamn wheelchair!

I have to do something,
I have to help.


I'll take care of it.

Thank you.

I'm sorry for going on your back.

Yeah, next time bring it
to me first, ok?


Laura, maybe this isn't...

Don't play coy with me.

I know how that twisted
head of yours work...

I need you...

and you like that.

Don't you?

You can look at that file
all you want...

but it's only gonna tell you
about Stephanie White, not you.

I took psychology in college.

I guess you get lots of
questions from clones...

People like me...

Actually, you are the first ever come back,
let alone get a job here.

I don't think they like the lab.
Reminds them they're not normal.

What... What I mean is, um...

I know what you mean.


Yeah, Superman can fly and Wonder
Woman has that magic lasso,

my super power is always saying thing
at the wrong place and the wrong time.

- Well, that's quite an ability.
- Tell me about it.

Personally I rather have X-ray vision.

So, how's your first day?


I don't think Philip knows
what to do with me.

I don't want to get you.

I don't think Philip knows
how to do with any woman.


You do look good in a suit.

- Adrian. What are you doing?
- I'm sorry, I didn't mean to startled you.

I supposed to meet Colin
in his office, but...

So you decided to barging
on me instead.

Every women dream: her old ex
standing in her new office.

I've been meaning to give
this to you, but...

It's, I have my lawyer Jeff,
come up last week...

I don't know... I guess I just want
an excuse to see you again.

There's no rush.

- You can send them whenever you...
- No. Let's do this now.

Might as well get it over with, right?

Anything else?


No, I guess not.

You look good.

You already said that.

Look, I hope everything
works out here, Bethany.

Thanks. Take care yourself, Adrian.

You too.

Yeah, I saw you this morning.
I'm talking to you!

- You work here, don't you?
- Let go off me!

- What do you want?
- We want you to stop cloning.

Who give you the right
to created a bunch of freaks?

- I one of those freaks!
- Hey!

Back off!


Some other time.

Hey boys, you forget
your pretty little sign!

Yeah, that's right, run!
Who's the bitch now, bitch?

- Are you alright?
- Yeah.

Hey, don't let those
whackjobs shake you.

I mean in 2 years, we can do
a lot more good than we get credit for.

You mean like creating me?

We're still kind of hoping
for the best on that one.

Philip Wise wants to give you this.
I guess you're one of us now.

Welcome to the clan!

- Lucky me!
- It's not all that bad.

Wait 'till you see our
vending machines, play time set!

Do you like... really a scientist?

Why is everyone keep asking me that?

I can't imagine!

I'll see you tomorrow?


See you tomorrow.


Sorry for the wait.


Yeah, doc, you kind of
killing us with suspense here.

There's nothing to worry about.

The spinal cloning 4Ever
is perfectly healthy.

It's being prep right now.

Now? I mean, tonight?

- Is there a problem?
- No, no, it's just...

How much will the procedure cost?

I thought you knew.
4Ever is covering all the expenses.

Laura, thank you!

God, I owe you so much.

You don't owe me a thing.

Thank you.

What's the matter?

You're so eager to go in last time.

No, stop!

Is this what you remember?

Or is it only what you think
you remember?


- No!
- Bethany, Bethany!

- Are you alright?
- What?


I saw once, you know,

- the girl Adrian was with.
- You saw her?

What did she look like?



So, you actually caught...

Sorry! No wonder
you have nightmares.

Not even really talked about it.

I should've been scream, or yell...

I should've at least thrown something.

That's what women do
in this situation, right?

I don't know.

Last time I had an argue with my husband
he threw down the stairs and killed me.

Yeah, I should have
done that to him!

Hey, stop!


Nielsen, hello?

Security, this is Colin, respond.


Let go!

What's going on?

- They have been breaching in the security, sir.
- Get your hands of off me!

I've seen you. You're one
of the protester, aren't?

There he is!
You are fast little bugger, are you?

I spot him around the corner,
then he got away.

- What are you doing down here?
- Nothing.

Binary, check the organ labs,
see if anything has been damaged.

Yes, Mr. Sommers.

What you creating down here
is a abomination!

And exactly what are we creating?

Clone organs, clone people,
that thing!

You're using science
to replace God's creation!

On the contrary.

I'm a big fan of the divine.

I'm just a mechanic for what is broken.

My daughter is not broken.

You're Samantha's father.

Your people came to my house today.

Offered her cure.
Offered to fix her with a...

clone spine!

Who are you to play God?

I saw your daughter a few hours ago.

Crying for joy because she knew
she'd be able to walk again.

She even thank God.

But really, she was thanking me.

Who am I?

I'm the one your daughter
turn to for a cure.

To her...

I'm God.