Forbidden Science (2009–…): Season 1, Episode 10 - Virus - full transcript

A sexy virtual reality game between Penny and Philip leads to a hostile thinking computer virus taking over the 4Ever building and threatening the lives of several team members inside. Can Penny save the day?

Prevously on Forbidden Science...

This is my reality.

This where I live.

I design this prison alone.

Colin Sommers didn't create 4Ever.
He's nobody.

He's only there to conceal
the true owner.

But Colin keeps
all his secrets here.

I need the access code!

Who are you?

I'm the owner and creator

of 4Ever.

My name is Adrien.

Adrien Turner.

Tommorow loved ones
will return as clones.

Memories will be
downloaded and sold.

Androids will walk among us.

Tommorow is now.

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Theater Jomblo Present


Forbidden Science
Season 1 Episode 10

You'll never get away
with this, Dark Queen.

And who's gonna stop me?


My poor boy...

Hasn't anyone ever told you there's
no more heroes left in the world?

-Sparrow! You alright?
-My name is Raven.

Sure it is.

Pink Mistress...

We meet at last!

Penny power!

Damnit! Bitch pull the Kenobi!

Hello. Forgetting something?

I was very itching for "Galactus
vs Silversurfer" epic type fight finish.

You know?

I mean, arcenemy.

A nemesis!

I love that word "nemesis".

So much better than
"villain" or "evil doer".

That's what I love about you, Penny,
you so dorky, it made me seems cool.

Oh, where do you think you're going?

-I thought we were...
-I just save your live!

And the world as we know it...

I deserve a prize.

Really? Here?

What's the matter?
Utility belt too tight?

No, it's just... I don't know,
I thought our first time would be...

You know, real. Not virtual.

Wow! That's so romantic!

Come on, Sparrow, laid me over
and make me your sidekick.

I said it's Raven!

You realize that's chicks name, right?

Computer, tunes!

We're getting it on,
not getting an eulogy?

Flip it.

Must've been a power spike.

Maye we should stop.

Don't even think
about it, boywonder.

Wait till you get the real thing?

Hi guys.

-Am I intterupting?

No, of course not.
We're just testing a new program.

I tought you already
got home for the night.

I'm finally heading out.

So what kind of private brue
you two are concocting?

Or do I not want to know?

No, no, it's really
cool, actually...

See, most virtual head set they only
build few basic evirontments, but...

we're able to tap directly
to the mainframe so we can

duplicate basically anything that's
ever been downloaded into our system.

Wait a minute. You guys were
playing around the mainframe?

Just the subs systems.
That can hurt anything.

Oh damn!

You were saying?

Ehm, Colin, you planning on getting away
of that machine anytime soon?

Few more minutes.

The world doesn't just stop because
you decide to made your cooking.

What just happen?

I don't know.
Everything just went down.

Is phone working?

No. It's dead.

My cell too.

Colin? You rather late,
don't you think?

I found something you should see.

What is it?

Better if you come down here.

Are you alone?

Of course. I just got home
for the night. It's important.

Ok, try get into the mainframe and
see if you can fix whatever you broke.

I'm telling you, this wasn't us,
There's no way the program...

Humor me.

What about you?

I'll head out to security.

Could be network crash.
Our systems are interlink.

Not you too? Don't tell me you actually
believe we had anything to do with this.

Who knows. We might be able
to reroute power.

Get the mainframe back online.

Come on, Raven. Where's your
sense of adventure?

Security? Security,
this is Colin, come in.

-Yes, Mr.Sommers.
-What's happen?

There's a mishap
at doctor Sterlings lab.

It seems to send out some
sort of an electrical pulse.

Everything shut down and locked up tight.
Give us about an hour to get the power back.

Then I'll send some men up
to come and get you.

Penny... Why I'm not surprised?
Alright, keep me inform.

Ah! Damnit!

Oh Jesus!

Don't look.

Don't look!

Penny! Philip!

What the hell...?

Hey, Colin.
What happened with the power?

Well, thanks Bethany. What a wonderfull
meal, I'm really touched!


Oh, sorry, I...

I guess I'm just preoccupied.

It's wonderfull.

It's... It's very good.



Seriously, the next time the world collapse
around us, I would like the food so ordered.

The world is not collapse, and 4Ever
can survive one night without power.

-Who are you? Who are you?
-Calm down, calm down!

-Who are you?
- Calm down, ok? Just relax.

Wait! I know you!

-I've seen your picture, you're Bethanys ex!

-Nice to meet you.
-What are youd oing here?

I came here to meet Colin,
I saw the power out, but...

-Where's the security?

We have a sentry in guard,
but I can't find him.

-An android guard.

Look, the front entrance
is right down this hall,

to the left. I can't recieve
a cellphone signal here.

I want you to take my phone, and
when you get outside call the pilice.

-What about you?
-I'm gonna find Colin.

Penny and Philip are in the lab,
but the 5th corridor is locked...

Don't worry, don't worry.
I'll find them. Now you go.


Oh, no, nothing...

No, nothing yet.

It's getting toast here.
Climate control seems to be offline too.

Haven't really notice.

Wait, I got something here.

Hey, how did you...?

I'm Phil, I'll be your intellectual
superior for this evening.

What is that?

Well, my intellectual superior,
it seems to be a virus or somekind.

Security should've
been here by now.

They're over 30 floors down, and
in pitch darkness, give thems sometime.

Something is wrong.

It's a power outage,
not world war 3!

Let someone else deal with
everything for a change.

Come on, Adrian! Since when
you ever been in a glitter?

Colin! Where are you?

EWho ever said I was Colin?

I know that voice!


But you're dead!

Actually, now,
I'm more alive than ever.

It's weird, the virus keeps changing somehow.
Cant find the source.

-What are you doing?
-It's spreading through our system

to the building. We need to shut it down.

Wait! I don't think it's a good...

Philip! Oh my God, are you okay?

Are you alright? Say something!


Oh Robbie! Jesus, you scared me.

One of the guard dead. Just...

Jesus! What...





Power should go out more often.


-Let me call the security again.

I'm sure they got their hands full.

Why don't you just... Colin?

What is that?


He's here.




I almost forgotten.

Are you? Wait.

What are you?


My name is...

was Harold.

I downloaded.

A program can't just downloaded
into a person brain.

I'm not a program...

not a person.

Then what?


I am...

I am.

Ok, this whole Blair of moment
is really fascinating, but..

I kind of like if my guy
back now if its alright.

Where are you going?
There's no rush, come on.

-Adrian. Is that your boyfriend?


I've been there.
It's not worth it.

Philip, are you alright?

Oh, God. What did they do! Jesus!

Shit! It's fucking hurt.

Jesus Phil. You have me
scared for a moment.

Wait. What happened?

We have problems.

Where'd you go, Harold?

Not up for chatting anymore?

I'm here.

I'm always here.

You put me here.
You did this.

The chip in your brain
did it somehow. Not me.

And what about Laura?

I love her and you murdered her.

Love her?

She's just a fantasy in
online make-believes.

The real Laura,

the flesh and blood woman,

she live right next door,

and you never even aproach her.

You know what the sad truth is, Harold...

you're where you belong.

Where you be happiest?

In your own little world.

You destroyed the only thing
I ever care about.

It's only fair I do the same to you.

And why not start with what
you value the most.

Your precious little secret.

What are you doing?

Exposing you.

Exposing what you've done.

It's a poisonous gas.

A normal person will only
have moments to live.

Enough of this.

What's the matter, Adrian?

I thought you like experiments.

Where is everybody?

Maybe they're all dead.

We can't shut this thing down externally,
maybe we can use the backdoor.

What are you talking about?

Our virtual program
is in the subsystems.

Maybe I can destroy whatever/whoever
it is, from the inside.

-You crazy? I can't let you do that.
-Just watch my vitals.

Things get bad, unplug me.

Then what?

I don't know.

Make us an ice cycle.


You know...

Yeah, I know.

If I didn't know better, I'd say
you appear you're genuinely concern.

But if it might make you feel better,

things haven't going exactly as
you scripted between them anyway.

He betrayed you,

he might even love her.

What do you want?

No negotiations, Adrian.

I already told you.

I'm exposing you.

I'm going to reveal what you've done
and you're going to watch.

Don't do this.

The great Adrian Turner might
actually care for something.

Will burn never seeks?


-Lock and load.

-What do you think you're doing?
-My game, my rule.

You really think that anything you do
in here is actually make a difference?

That's the thing about programs,

they can always be rewritten.

I told you I'm not a program.

Then what's with the getup?

-Welcome to my world, bitch!

Penny Power!



When you've downloaded
into our system,

you became subject to its rules.

In here, you can be rewritten.

In here, I make the rules.

In here, you can die.

No wait, you don't understand...

You follow me.
Do you require assistence?

Colin... Colin!

Yeah... yeah.

Yeah... I'm alright.

How do you feel?



What is it?

Its' just...

When I almost die...

we never...


Wow, really? You pick now
to make your move?

Shut up and give some
of that Penny power.

Whatever you want, Raven.

It seems Penny was able to completely
purge the Harold virus,

or whatever it was.

I rebooted the system,
just in case.


And Bethany?

She's fine.

That's not what I was asking.

Is there anything
you want to tell me?

Like what?



When I had you promote her
to be vice president,

it wasn't for you
to be emotionally involved.

She's here for a reason.

My reason.

Be carefull.

That sounds like a threat.

It doesn't.

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