Forbidden Science (2009–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - 4Ever - full transcript

Two beautiful women have to start their lives over; one after a devastating divorce, the other after having been murdered. Yes, murdered. She's brought back as a clone.

Tomorrow loved ones
will return as clones.

Memories will be downloaded and sold.

Androids will walk among us.

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Forbidden Science Episode 1

Memories are tricky things

Sometimes they're real,
sometimes they're imagined.

I remember being in
a dark claustrophobic place.

Somewhere cold.

Try to move my arms.

They're numb.

I hear machinery whining
in the background...

Sometimes I can feel
someone watching me.

I don't know how I got here.

And every time I try to remember...

Only comes in small pieces,


like broken glass.

My is Stephanie,
that much I'm sure of.

Stephanie White.

I think I might've died.

I never going to get this.
I can't remember the note.

All I see is 52 white...

and 36 blacks.

I guess that's what I get
for marrying a human calculator.

OK, try this one, all right?

Now the tenth key, seven.

10, 7, and 9, 8, 6.

See, there you go, another...

30 notes and there you are.

Oh, no, what are you doing with that?

Come on, Stephanie, you're always...

recorded romantic stuff,
so I just thought...

Oh, yeah, that's really romantic.

You're just a regular Romeo, aren't you?

- I have my moments.
- Oh, prove it.

OK, sport, shows over.

I love you.

Cry in memory lane.

Just separating her recordings
for tomorrow.

I've forgotten half of this stuff.

Sorry I missed the funeral,
how was it?

Most of the company showed up,
lots of flowers, speeches...

Everyone cried on cue.

I'm sure Stephanie will loved it.

It's been a long day.

I see.

Then I'll leave you two alone.

When you're want the real thing,
Michael, let me know.

Endless possibilities.

That's what 4Ever Innovations offers you.

Here all your dreams are possible
through the advance of science.

Artificial partners...

Are you alright, Mrs. Turner?

It's miss Turner.

I mean... Mrs Montrose...

Forget it.

Congratulations, Bethany.

You are the first sales to ever
be late on her first day.

- Bad impression
- Sorry, Colin.

No problem, though you might save
that apology to Mr. White,

because he and his lawyer
been waiting for almost an hour.

His wife dead last week in a car accident
but Penny has been able to encode

her memories from the original brain tissue,
so at least we're not working with blank slate

- Did he request of any enhancements?
- He took a few years of, I think.

- They usually do.
- She was only 30!

Well 30 is new 40,
didn't you get the memo?

Surprised he didn't order double Ds.

Look, Bethany, I know you have some
moral concerns about what we do here,

but you took the job, so I expect
you leave that tone at home.

Right, I'm sorry.

And stop apologizing, this is what
colleagues and friends are for.

Besides I can't leave you
sobbing over Häagen-Dazs.

Ben and Jerry's.

- Just don't make me regret this.
- You won't.

Time to find out.

Everything is state of the art.

From nanotechnology which works
on a cellular levels

to cloning and artificial partners.

And it seems we even have video game.

Damn it, I swear these balloons
are a lot harder.

Penny, this is Mr. White and
his lawyer, miss Donovan.

Doctor Penny Serling,
head of engineering and...

That's the head of your tech' division?

- Freaky, huh?
- I'm like brilliant.

Mr. White wants this encoded as well.

No problem, we can rebuild her,
we have the technology.

I love saying it.

- What will it you remember?
- Not sure.

I was able to acquire about
40 percent from the source tissue.

I might got more, but it seem to be
in a rush to bury her.

You had a funeral?

- Of course, why wouldn't I?
- It was a lovely cremation ceremony.

- But will everyone know this isn't really..
- My client

intends to begin a new live in seclusion.

Want to see her?

It looks so real.

She is.

Cloning is 100% genetic
match to the original.

It will take a few more days for the
neural paths to be written, but..

Once she awakes

downloaded memories will
seem completely real to her.

For all intents and purposes
this is your wife.


- It won't be awake for a while so why not...
- Stop to call her "it".

That's funny.

Most men become protective of their wives
before they killed them.

It was an accident.

Of course it was.

- These things happens.
- Don't.

Not here.



Right here.

Oh, Mrs. Donovan.

I wasn't aware 4Ever make house calls.

These are the files Mr. White requested,
I was just in the neighborhood and...

How's his wife doing?

- Sleeping, you could have sent this.
- Yeah, but it's my first week and...

You know how it is...

Aren't you just the eager beaver.

Hello, Miss Montrose,
this is a surprise.

Would you like to come in?



I'm sorry to brother you, I'm just gonna
drop off your copies of the contract.

If I can help with anything
please let me know.

That's very gracious.
I'll sure to do that.

Ok, thanks.


Michael, what's happening, I..?

You were in an accident.
It 's alright, you're gonna be ok.

Come on, let's get you back to bed.


Didn't they give you an office?

Sorry, I'll just be a sec.

Colin is always over my shoulder.

I thought you guys were like
old buddies or something.

We went to college together, didn't really hang out
much but I wound up marrying one of his friend.

I heard that bit the dust.


- How did you hear...
- Colin tells everyone he gave you the job

and saved you from divorce depression.

- And something about the chocolate ice cream.
- Wonderful.


Doing some covert stuff, huh? Cool.

Want some?

Are you really a scientist?

Graduated from Stanford at 16.
Haven't you heard?

Geek is taking over the world.


What so interesting about Whites' case
that got you hide in the Frankenstein lab?

Doesn't it seem strange that a guy who
so desperate to bring his wife back

- to life is sleeping with his lawyer?
- Ah, you typical not to huh?

What can I tell you,
people do stupid chick.

You saw the body when
you do the download,

did it look like she was
in a car accident?

Well, no way to be sure,

but there was several broken bones
and a head fracture

so it's consistent.

I get it, your husband slept around
so you transfer it to this guy.

You got your physics degree in 17?

At 19.

I was trying to figure out boys.

I should have just read playboy.

Just because he's banging his lawyer

doesn't mean he doesn't love his wife.

Who has a funeral for someone
they're gonna bring back a week later?

I know what you mean.

Trust me, a couple of minutes
with this program

and you'll forget all about
your ex and White case.

Sounds like I'm not the only one
who was bark by a guy.

Who says it was a guy?

Just in case, think of it as...

a vibrator for your mind.

First week in a new city,
I figured you might need this.

- Rocky road--
- Just what I need.

I got water and I got wine.

No thanks, I'm fine.

Wow, I see the place
are really coming together.


It's okay.

It was already broken.

I remember you two were
inseparable in college.

Let me ask you what happened.

Nothing dramatic,
just died quietly.

Did you talk to him?

Since the divorce I mean.

Won't even know what to say.

One minute we're best friends,
the next we're total stranger.

Cliché', I know.

Look on the bright side.

You have no where to go but up.

I just came to check in on you.

- See you tomorrow.
- Bright and early.

What the hell...

Wow, that's foreplay!

How are you feeling?


- Where..?
- Home.

The doctor said you may
experience some memory loss.

You were at car accident at Mulholland.

You lucky to be alive.


I don't...

What can you remember?

Bits and pieces...


- On the stairs, there was a woman.
- That's our lawyer, Monica.

She's been staying with us for a while, helping
to keep the White Enterprises going without you.

White Enterprises?

- I'm sorry...
- We build it together.

Producing microchips.

Actually, I just market the stuff.

You're the real brain center.

Not anymore.

Like this one.

It was your baby.

Give it time.

Don't worry about work right now,
it doesn't matter.

WE have all the time in the world.

What's wrong?

Nothing, just...


I thought I have lost you.

She has been playing
the same song for a week now

I swear if she doesn't
change the tune soon

I'm going to find out just
how many days she has left.

Stephanie is just trying to
work through her memories and...

Besides I like it.

Of course you do.

But while you're tending on that clone,
I have been running the company.

A company, I might remind you...

That worthless without that password.

- I don't want to rush it.
- Try!

- Working kind of late.
- What?

Ah, yeah... hi.

Just trying to look at something
before I head home.

Hey, you know anything about this?

Your life on a chip.

Boy, you don't quit, do you?

What's this life memory chip?

Supposed to work like normal
memory recorder, but instead of

downloading every thought and feeling
you're having at that moment...

It takes a photocopy of your brain.

It downloads everything.

Every thought, every memory
you ever had...

Wicked, huh?

And Mrs. White created it?

Who knows, she was working on it for years.

I heard she put the company
deep in the rent just to finance it.

But she succeeded... Ka-ching!

All well.

So what if someone own the company
now that Mrs. White is dead.

I guess if you had the chip
you'd be a billionaire.

And if they didn't? Or they did
but they didn't know how to work it?

Then my old photocopy will be
worth more than the company stock.

Were we happy?

I don't mean years ago, but...

before the accident.


We had our share of problems.

And now?

There's so much I can't remember...

I don't know what I did.

Or what you did, but...

I got to give it another chance.

Like the memories I still have.

First your wife, then me,

then that thing up stairs...

you bring a whole new meaning of
"pussy men"

It's not like that, I can't...

I think we would be happy this time.

Stop trying to think.

You're crazy! Put that away.

Oh, don't look so worry,
I need you alive, and well,

and stupid, just as always.

If you're gonna get that code,
then I will.

I can handle her.

Yeah, you've been doing
a bang up job so far.

Data Ready.

Download commencing.




Stephanie, can you hear me?


Stephanie, can you hear me?

She did it!
The chip's been activated!

Get away from me!

- What's happening?
- It's alright...


No, I remember!

- You were trying to steal my company!
- Our company.

I was going to divorce you!

- You...
- What's the matter? Don't remember the rest?

Want the clip notes.

You encrypted the prototype chip.

- And Michael killed you.
- What?

No, it wasn't like that, it was an accident,
we were arguing...

and I grab your arm, and you fell.

- Down stairs...
- And died.

The car accident was my idea.

- What are you talking about?
- Shut up, Monica!

The music.

The keys...

You encrypted the chip with
the numbers in the song.

I knew that there's something
about that chip.

You're too obvious, asking me
about it the minute I woke up.

Took me a while for me
to remember the code...

Now I know everything.

You're not getting my company.

I built it, it's mine!

No, it was Stephanie White's company.

And she died a month ago.

They did an autopsy.

There's even a funeral,
I hear it was quite touching.


Your body...

Your memories...

They're copy from someone else.

You're nothing really.

Not even human.

You're just a clone.


Going somewhere?

You need me.

Without Michael you don't have
any control over the company.

Now that it's not encrypted,
I'll just sell the chip.

It's called free enterprise.

Miss Montrose.

You're like a stray that keep
coming back for a saucer of milk.


I love you...


It's just...

I'm sorry.

Don't forget...

how happy...

we were...



Colin, this is...

Julia, Julia White.

I see, nice to meet you, Julia.

She's looking to start over. Something
I can relate to, so I thought...

I had a lot of experience... sort of.

In return I have a new chip
you might be interested in.

Is that...

I've heard of this.

If it's works...
I'm sure I can find an opening.

How is this can capture
a person memory?

- Well, here what I did...
- What kind of microprocessor did you use...

Your first assignment was eventful.

Sure you want to stay here?

This incident must have played
into your your concerns.

People are rare to get
a second chance in life.

maybe this is it.

For both of us.

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