For The People (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 2 - This is America - full transcript

Tina defiantly insists on protecting a young boy after his father, a witness in Leonard's case, has a run-in with agents that could lead to his deportation; Katie is determined to establish...

Good morning, Ms. Krissman.

Good morning.

Good morning.

Fifth floor.

Ah, gracias.

Ms. Krissman.

Deputy Phillips.

- How's Evelyn?
- She had a rough night.

I'm so sorry to hear that.

You won't say anything?

Now, what kind of person
would I be if I did that?

Good morning.

- It was your anniversary?
- Yeah, our fifth.

Cynthia surprised me with
this trip to Yellowstone.

She loved the outdoors.

And what happened, Mr. Covington?

You know, we were just up
on a trail, hiking.

- It was steep.
- She fell?

She slipped.

Now, Robin, I know that
there are people out there

who believe that I had something to do

with Cynthia's death.

I mean, I understand.
We live in a cynical time.

But what kind of a person would
think something like that?


- He pushed her.
- Definitely pushed her.

He seems sad, though.

Men get sad when they don't have a wife.

If you actually murdered someone,

why would you ever go on TV
to talk about it?

Well, I do like Robin Roberts.

Who is this guy, anyway?

Arthur Covington,
one of the most successful

criminal defense attorneys in Manhattan.

At some point in your career,
you will lose to him.

Everyone does.

Except for me.

- I heard his wife died?
- She slipped off a cliff.

Oh, I didn't realize he killed her.


New cases. Seth. Chavez.


Leonard, I need you on Mendelson.

My post office assault is going to trial.

In fact, I'm late.

I can do it.

- Oliver.
- I got it.

You like Robin Roberts, right?

This is not a good morning.






I'm assuming from
your presence here today

the parties have been
unable to reach a deal?

Your Honor, the government
has made a reasonable offer

to defense counsel.
We're prepared to go to trial.

When can you be ready?

We're ready right now, Your Honor.
We can start today.

I have a witness here, Merced Garcia,

who was in the post office that afternoon

and who is prepared to testify

that Mr. Boyd committed
the assault as alleged.

Your Honor, can we have a minute?



Never really knew the difference between

a Triceratops and a Stegosaurus.

Triceratops has horns.

Well, I am not smarter than
a fifth grader, apparently.

And you're not even a fifth grader.

You here with Dad?


We're going to work this out, Your Honor.

You're telling me I can take
this trial off calendar?

- Yes, Your Honor.
- Well, that's it.

Thank you both.

Mr. Garcia?

I'm sorry, we're not gonna
need you after all.

- Uh, no?
- No.

Thank you for coming in, though.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

It's okay. Thank you.

- I-I can go?
- You can go.


Merced Garcia?

Mr. Garcia,

we're with Immigration
and Customs Enforcement.

Do you have any identification on you?


Are you a citizen of
the United States of America?

I'm here for the trial.

Do you have any permission
to be in the United States?

He asked me to be here.

You can go talk to Mr. Knox. Uh, please.

Did you come here alone today?

Uh, Mr. Knox, please.

- We need to go.
- Sir, I...

Do you know where my daddy is?

Okay, young man. We're
gonna get to the bottom of this.

It's a big courthouse, and
sometimes people get lost.

I get lost, and I've worked here
a long time.

Do you know how long I've worked here?

Since those guys were around.

What is your dad's name?

- Merced.
- And what is your last name, sir?


Okay, Mr. Garcia.

- Does your dad have a phone?
- Yes.

Can you write the number down for me?

Soy Merced Garcia. Por favor...

How about your mom?

Do you have other family members here?

Mm, no.

Just Daddy.

Okay, well, your dad
was in Courtroom 501.

We're gonna take a walk
and see what we can find.

Daphne! Are you at the desk?

- You're not Daphne.
- Ron Marin.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

How can I help you, Agent Marin?

We're looking for a boy.

- A boy?
- Approximately seven years old.

Last name Garcia.

We picked up his father, Merced,
on the fifth floor.

Illegal entry.

Marshals tell us he came in
the building with a boy.

No reason not to believe the marshals.

Have you seen him?

No, I have not.

Anything else I can help you
with, Agent Marin?

Just contact us if you see him around.

I need your help.

- He's icing me out.
- Who?

- Roger.
- Oh, yes.

Maybe I'm just being paranoid.

You're not. You're definitely not.

- It's because of the Sarco case.
- Yes.

What do I do?

Well, when I was in your shoes,

I'd always go by your office
and complain.

- You could try that.
- I should go by my office?

Sounds weird when you say it.

I should just talk to Roger.

And say what?

"I'm so sad.

I'm not getting any work.

Please be nice to me...

I've given that speech many times...

I've just never been
in this position before.

You know what you need to do?

You need to go out
and kill your own food.

- What?
- Eat your own food?

I don't know... I've had lunch.

Kill what you eat. Eat what you kill.

Eat what you kill!

The point is, you need
to make your own work.

Don't go looking at Roger for handouts.

Find your food and kill it!

Is that what you did?

No, I just went by your office.

Ramon, this is Jay.

Jay's gonna help us find your dad.

Hi, Ramon. Nice to meet you.

Oh, cool.

A Troodon.

Is this yours?

A Troodon is the smartest dinosaur.

Did you know that?

Oh, you probably know that.

It also has three-fingered hands

- and binocular vision.
- Oh.

She thought it was a Stegosaurus.


Can you finish stamping those
files while I talk to Jay?

And you can stamp really, really hard.

Have they come back?

No, but they'll figure out
he hasn't left the building.

I don't know if he's undocumented,

I don't know anything about his status.

Maybe this is a mistake.

Maybe he's been released.

I just know that I'm not
handing over that little boy

until I know where his dad is

and we have some reassurance
about where he's going.

He can't stay here, Tina.

He's staying here.

I'm staying here.

Until I know where his dad is

and what happens if they take him.

Let me talk to the lawyer
who was handling the case.

That might be the easiest way
to find out where Merced is.

- Merced Garcia?
- Yes.

That's not your case. Why...

He was picked up by ICE.

What are you talking about?

- In the courthouse.
- In the courthouse?

- After my hearing?
- Yes.

- Who told you this?
- Tina.

He was cooperating.

He was a cooperating witness,

and they picked him up in the courthouse?


And not just that.

He had a kid with him.

- A kid?
- Yes, a boy.

- Where is he now?
- He's still in the courthouse.

- This is totally outrageous.
- Yes.

He didn't want to testify.

I had to beg him to come in,
and then they take him?

In our courthouse?

They are arresting parents

dropping their children off at school.

They are getting motels
to turn over guest lists

and running Latino-sounding names.

They are looking at records of people

who report domestic violence
and arresting the victims.

This is where we are now.

This is what they do.

Now, what are you going to do?

There's nothing we can do.

I will call over to ICE.

I don't think it will help.

Well, that's why I work on
the other side of the street...

to help.

I started looking into
this Covington murder.

- Why?
- Kill what you eat.


Anyway, it's odd.

The forensics don't match his story.

What floor is supplies on?

Binders are on 18,

file folders are
behind the copy room on 21,

pens, pads, writing supplies on 19.

- What are you looking for?
- Jason.

I borrowed $5 from him for a sandwich.

Where do you get a sandwich for $5?

You know what... I'm just gonna go to 16.

Jason's on 22.

But he's not in today.

It looks like she was shoved,

then beaten on the head with a rock.

There's a motive, too...
an insurance policy.

- Just renewed and improved.
- Okay. Got it, yes.

You guys already convinced me
he killed her, and if he did,

they'll charge him in Wyoming.

Now I have to get back to work here

because I have work because
I didn't piss off Roger.

Here's the thing, though...

he won't be charged in Wyoming
because he can't be

because Arthur Covington
committed the perfect murder.


First the animals,
now the national parks.

Bizarre and little-known
and explosive legal fact...

even though all of Yellowstone

is in the judicial district of Wyoming

and most of it is
in the state of Wyoming,

small parts of it
are in Idaho and Montana.

Yeah, okay, that's actually
Idaho and that's Montana,

but go ahead.

Anyway, the sixth Amendment
to the Constitution says

juries have to be drawn
from the state and district

where a crime is committed, right?

Well, in Covington's case,
that means a jury has to come

from the Idaho section of Yellowstone

because that is where
Covington's wife died.

But that is impossible
because nobody lives

in the Idaho section of
Yellowstone... nobody.

Population... 0.

- Did you make that?
- I thought it would be fun.

This is the ultimate loophole.

A small stretch of land

where you can commit crime
with impunity... even murder.

If you're smart and you want
to kill someone,

this is the place to do it.

That is the most insane thing
I've ever heard in my life.

You're just making fun
of the midwest, right?

Kate. I think you want to see this.

We believe that Mr. Arthur Covington

murdered his wife, Cynthia Covington,

in the western area of the park

right here in Idaho.

We intended to file charges
against Mr. Covington.

However, because of a disturbing

jurisdictional deficiency,

we are unable to do so...

You're right.

Yes, of course.

But unfortunately, that means
you now need another case.

No, it doesn't mean that.

Arthur Covington lives
and works in New York,

which means if he planned
the crime in New York,

I can get him here.

I am proud of you.

All big predator out on the hunt,

eating your food and killing it.

Or the other way around.

The name Merced Garcia isn't coming up

in the ICE Detainee Locator System,

but without an Alien Registration Number,

it's very difficult to track him.

And he may not even be processed yet.

Or accurately.

Look, I can try some contacts

I have at the agency, but...

What about Ramon?

You said he was at the courthouse.

I'm asking what if she turns
him over to ICE?

If that happens, he goes into a
refugee resettlement facility.

Now, that could be in New York
or Michigan or Florida.

He could be moved around.
He probably would be.

He'd be there for days or months.

There are rules, but the rules
don't really apply anymore.

He could be kept in a cage.

He could be given psychotropic drugs.

He could be forced to walk
around without shoes,

to clean toilets with his bare hands,

to sleep standing up.

He could be sexually abused.

You want to know what happens?

This happens.

If Merced gets deported,

Ramon very well might stay
in the US, in foster care,

not allowed to leave,
in a kind of legal purgatory...

not a citizen, not free,
not able to go home.

He just disappears.

Mr. Garcia?

Are you hungry?

You seem like you'd be good
with puzzles, Mr. Garcia.


He told you to wait here.

- He said don't move.
- Yes.

Maybe he came back to find me
and I wasn't here.

He always comes back.

He wanted to come back
more than anything.

I know he wanted to come back.

He didn't leave you.

Then where is he?

I know how scary and confusing this is,

but I can't lie to you... I won't.

We don't know where he is.

We're trying to find him,

and I know that he wants to
see you and talk to you.

I know how much he loves you
and misses you.

He didn't want this to happen.

I also know

he's not going to be coming back
to this bench any time soon,

and he'd want you to eat

and play with this cool puzzle
that I have

instead of...

sitting in this boring hallway.

Will you come back with me?


- We need to take the boy.
- No.

Ms. Krissman, you need to step aside.

Otherwise, you will be arrested

for interfering with law enforcement.

I'm not stepping aside.

I'm not gonna move.

And I can assure you

that arresting the irascible
and eccentric but beloved

longtime Clerk of Court

for the United States District Court

for the Southern District of New York

is not gonna wear well
on your service record.

I can assure you of that.

Now, there's another way
we can handle this.

I can call the Chief Judge,
the child's attorney.

This can be resolved civilly and legally,

as if we were in a courthouse.

Or you can do this barbarically.

You have a job to do.

I understand that.

We all do.

But this is not your job.

I'm sorry, Ms. Krissman.

Ms. Krissman, is there a problem?

What's going on?

Deputy, I'm Agent Marin with ICE.

We need to take the child,

and Ms. Krissman is interfering.

I'll need to make an arrest
if she doesn't step aside.

I'm not stepping aside.

Then I'm placing you under arrest.

Deputy, if you could help.

Now, what kind of person
would I be if I did that?

Roger, Knox, let's go.



Well... this is a first.

Let's have everyone
take a step back, okay?

Ramon, son, I'd like you
to sit right over there.

- Agent, uh...?
- Marin.

Agent Marin.

You need to move back. Now.

Your Honor, respectfully,
we're not in your courtroom.

You have no authority to direct me

or my fellow agents to do anything.

We're attempting to make a lawful arrest.

You are in my courthouse.

I'm responsible for the supervision

of the United States District Court

for the Southern District of New York.

That's where we are.
That's why I am here.

I am not a potted plant.

And you're not going to make
an arrest right now...

lawful or otherwise...

because there are three men
standing right here

with guns and badges who
aren't going to allow you

to make an arrest.

And I'm not gonna tell them to stand down

until the adults here have an opportunity

to talk this through.

Step back.

You don't have any authority
to direct the marshals, either.

Marshals are under the
Department of Justice,

not the judiciary.

The United States Attorney
makes this call.

Not you.

Your Honor, can we take a second?


I'm with you on this. I am.

But we've got a serious
situation here, okay?

We are in the Twilight Zone now.

I can... hold these guys off
with the marshals for so long.

I can get them to leave.

But when this goes into Washington...

and it will, soon...

to the Attorney General

and the Secretary of Homeland Security,

we know how that is going to end.

- Where's the boy's father?
- He was taken into custody.

We don't know his current whereabouts.

- You guys don't know, either?
- No.

Nobody knows where the hell he is?


We found him.

Merced Garcia is in Arizona.

He's being deported.

Thank you for coming in, Mr. Covington.

My pleasure.

You're entitled to have a lawyer present.

I think I'll be okay.

I'd like to ask you about

the planning of this trip to Yellowstone.

Because you'd like to know
if I did anything in New York

in furtherance of the crime

so you could establish venue here.

- Yes?
- Yes.

Very good.

Well, Cynthia planned the trip.

Entirely on her own?

Yes, it was her idea.

She bought the tickets,
she bought the guide books.

She even bought maps.


She reserved the hotel, the car.

She even picked the hike, unfortunately.

I'm sure you found all this

in that very well-organized
stack of paper. What else?

You and your wife e-mailed
one another a lot.

- Yes.
- Even from inside the apartment.

- Yes.
- "I heard you making food downstairs.

Please don't leave your dirty
dishes in the sink. Arthur".

- Uh-huh.
- "Please turn down that awful music.

I have a deposition
in the morning. Arthur".

I did have a deposition in the morning,

- and the music was awful.
- Well...

Is this really the best you can do?

- What?
- I asked about you.

I heard you were a rising
young star in this office

despite the fact that you went
to the University of Virginia.

But this is... so boring.

You changed your family's cellphone plan

one week before going to Yellowstone

to a carrier with no reception

in the area of the park
where Cynthia died

because you didn't want her

to be able to call for help.

That's better! Yes.

But I change our cellphone service

every six months at exactly six months,

and that's what I did here.

Try again.

You bought an expensive
GPS watch at the airport

so you'd know you were in
the right area of the park

when you pushed her over
the side of the trail.

All right, first of all,
I don't appreciate that.

The watch wasn't expensive.

It was reasonably priced.

But anyway, it was never used.

Still in the box at home.

Cynthia didn't like hiking.

She didn't like the outdoors,
didn't like to fly.

But on her own,

she designs a trip across the country

in order to take a perilous hike
in the backcountry?

I've never liked the idea

of the law as a living organism.

Mutating, adapting to social change.

I'm a conservative this way.

The law is the law.

Fixed. Immutable.

Words with precise meanings.

And that's good.

But people change.

I guess that's what Cynthia did.

And you have the e-mails
right there to prove it.

The trip was her idea.

It's been a pleasure, Ms. Littlejohn.

Thank you for stepping up.

You changed, too.

- How long do I have?
- I don't know.

Until the deportation hearing?

Tina, I don't know.

They could come back anytime.

If the marshals are ordered
to stand down from Justice,

there's nothing I can do.

For him or for you.

You will lose your job
if you push this too far.

Jill is sending someone to Arizona.

Maybe that helps.

I know how important this is to you.

I feel that.

But take the long view.

How long do you take the long view

before you can't see the little things

in front of you anymore?

- Covington?
- Yes.

I heard.

He's gonna get away with it.

- A lot of people do.
- Not like this.

He's using the law to commit a crime.

It's a puzzle to him.

A parlor game. An LSAT problem.

And I'm here,

and I should be able to catch him,

and I can't.

And I aced the LSAT.

This is not what the law
is supposed to be.

What's the law supposed to be?

I ask that in all seriousness.

Isn't it supposed to protect
a seven-year-old boy?

The law is an amazing thing.

It's a powerful thing.

It is also incomplete.

Sometimes incomprehensible.

And right now, apparently,
totally messed up.

So... that's us.

Into the breach.

Maybe you're approaching
this the wrong way.

You are the smartest person I know.

You are also the most human.

That's not something I hear... a lot.

If Covington made a mistake...

and he did, somewhere, somehow...

it's not because he wasn't being smart,

it's because he wasn't
thinking like a human being.

Don't try to outmaneuver him.


be you.

Flesh, and blood, and beating heart.

Mr. Garcia.

My name is Sandra. This is Ted.

We're from the Federal Public
Defender in New York.

In New York?


I have a son.

- Ramon.
- Yes.

He's okay.

D-Do you know where he is?

He's in the courthouse. In New York.

C-Can I talk to him?

They won't allow that right now.

I tried.

W-We will try again.

I'm sorry.

I want to ask you a few
questions, Mr. Garcia.

For your hearing.

I will represent you in your
deportation hearing, okay?

When did you come into the United States?

Two years ago.


Are you employed?

Yes, I-I work as a delivery driver.

Are you married?

No, my... my wife passed away.

Does Ramon have any brothers or sisters?


Does Ramon have any
specific medical conditions

we should know about?



Oh, no.




Okay, Mr. Garcia.

I want you to try to get some sleep.

Do you me to lie down with you?


When my son was about your age,

I used to read him a story
called "Amos & Boris."

- Do you know it?
- No.

Well, it's a fine story

about the unlikely friendship
between a mouse and a whale.

They became friends because one day,

the little mouse decided
he wanted to build a boat,

and he did, he built a boat,

and then he sailed the little boat

deep into the sea,

and then one day,
he fell off of the boat,

and the whale saved him.

And for seven days,

the mouse lived on the back of the whale,

and they talked and ate,

and the mouse ran up and down
the back of the whale,

and they became great friends.

The whale, Boris,

finally dropped the mouse off
on the beach,

and they thought they'd never
see each other again.

But years later,

the whale got caught up
in a great big storm

and he ended up stranded on the beach,

and the mouse, Amos, found him,

and they remembered each other,
of course,

and the mouse, with the help
of two friendly elephants,

the mouse pushed the whale
back into the sea.

And they were very sad

because they had to say goodbye again.

But happy because they knew
they would be friends forever.

They knew they would never
forget each other.

"I have a deposition in
the morning. Arthur."

"I told you. I don't like soup. Arthur."

"I would like to have sex
this morning after breakfast.

Ar... thur."

- Not my business.
- Arthur would like to have sex

this morning after breakfast.

If it works for the two of you...

Arthur! It's an e-mail
from Arthur Covington.

I really wouldn't get involved with him.

- Look what happened to his wife.
- This is his e-mail!

He signs all of his e-mails "Arthur."

Arthur, Arthur, Arthur, Arthur...


Mr. Covington, you have agreed to appear

before this federal Grand Jury
voluntarily, correct?

- Yes.
- And you are aware, Mr. Covington,

that we are investigating
the circumstances

of the death of your wife, Cynthia,

- in Yellowstone National Park, correct?
- Yes.

Whose idea was it to take
this trip to Yellowstone?


And do you recall how
or when she raised the idea?

She sent me an e-mail about it.

I don't know the exact date.

I want to direct your attention
to this e-mail,

which I will mark as Exhibit 1.

"Honey, why don't we go to Yellowstone?

For our anniversary?

I've always wanted to see it.

Can we do it?


Is this the e-mail that
you are referring to?


Now, you and Cynthia regularly
corresponded by e-mail.

- Is that correct?
- Yes.

Even for regular, day-to-day activities?

- Y-Yes.
- So, for example...

"I heard the doorbell downstairs,

if there's a package for me,

please leave it outside my bedroom door.


You wrote that?


So, in your mind, there's nothing unusual

about the e-mail Cynthia sent to you

proposing the trip to Yellowstone?

It's, um...

Well, uh, it is written in Comic Sans,

but that was Cynthia's favorite font.

In fact, Mr. Covington,

the e-mail Cynthia allegedly sent you

proposing the Yellowstone trip

is highly unusual, is it not,

because that e-mail

is the only e-mail of the 1,162 e-mails

sent from Cynthia's account to you

in which she signed her name?

I don't see any significance in that.

You signed your name to every e-mail

- you wrote to Cynthia, right?
- Y-Yes.

And she never signed her name

to any e-mail she wrote to you

except for the one e-mail

in which she proposed taking the trip

on which she was killed.

I think the significance of that

is that you wrote that e-mail.

- That's not true!
- No?

We checked Cynthia's cell tower records,

and she was nowhere near
her home computer

when this e-mail was sent.

But you were.

Isn't it true, Mr. Covington,

that you planned to murder your wife

in a place where you knew
you could never be prosecuted?


That you knew the only way

you could be prosecuted for the crime

was if there was evidence

you planned the crime
from somewhere else.


That in order to remove
any doubt that you

did not plan this trip to Yellowstone

in order to murder your wife,
you logged on to her computer

and e-mailed the suggestion to yourself.

But you made a mistake, didn't you?

You signed her name.

You forgot, or maybe you
never even realized

that normal people
who write normal e-mails

to their loved ones

don't sign their name every single time.

I like words with precise meanings, too,

so listen carefully, Arthur...

You are going to need a lawyer.

Your Honor, Sandra Bell
on behalf of Mr. Garcia.

Leslie Hammond

for Immigration and
Customs Enforcement, Your Honor.

- Ms. Bell.
- Thank you, Your Honor.

We are asking for bond for Mr. Garcia

in the amount of $1,500.

Mr. Garcia has no prior arrests
in the United States,

no arrests or criminal
convictions in Guatemala.

He was a cooperating witness

in a federal prosecution in New York.

He appeared in that case voluntarily.

Mr. Garcia is the sole caretaker
of his seven-year-old son.

Mr. Garcia poses no threat
to the community,

- he's not a flight risk...
- He is a flight risk, Your Honor,

because he has no plausible
relief from deportation,

and therefore, no incentive to reappear.

He has every incentive to reappear

because he not only has a plausible case

for relief from deportation,

he has a strong case.

And he wants to make that case,

and he will make that case.

I will make that case.

But this is a bond hearing.

And factors for bond

are threat to the community
and flight risk,

and there is nothing
in Mr. Garcia's record that...

Thank you, Ms. Bell.

Bond is denied.

You can call the next case.

Your Honor, Mr. Garcia...

I've issued my ruling, Ms. Bell.

Mr. Garcia has a son

who will be separated from his father...

Then Mr. Garcia should've
thought about that

when he crossed over the border
illegally with his child.

I've issued my ruling. Bond is denied.

One more word out of you

and I will hold you
in contempt, Ms. Bell.

One more word.

One more word.

Call the next case.

I've complained to ICE,
to the Secretary directly.

We can hope this won't happen again,

but we're at the end of the line now.

You can make a call...

The call has been made, Roger.

It has come in. From Washington.

This needs to be cleaned up.

They're not gonna have a standoff

in the courthouse anymore.

They're going to take the boy.

Then it won't just be the boy.

They're on their way?


I don't understand what's happening here.

What country is this?

This is America.

This is not the America I know.

When I came here with my family,

we had nothing, and we struggled,

but we built a life here,
and we were welcome here.

For years, my dad kept this
little picture of Ronald Reagan

above our kitchen table,
with these quotes from him.

About immigrants.

"These families came here to work.

They came to build.

They brought with them courage, ambition,

and the values of family."

That is the America I know.

I am an immigrant.
I am the child of immigrants.

We were welcome here.

And today you probably wouldn't be.

This is America.

It expands and it contracts.

Advances and recedes.

Opens and closes.

This is a country birthed in freedom

and built on slavery.

Separating families?

They separated black families
in America for 250 years.

What makes this feel so bad now
is that we expect more.

And that's a good thing.

This pain is progress.

But do not forget who we are
and where we came from.

I do not forget where I came from.

I grew up in West Baltimore,

around the corner from where
Justice Marshall grew up.

This Justice Marshall.

He knew my father.

He stood in my living room.

The elementary school I went to,
Mt. Royal,

I went to because of him.

I'm here because of him.

He was the grandson of a slave,

and he changed American law.

He changed the very idea
of the Constitution!

He made a document

that considered him three-fifths of a man

a document of liberation.

This is the America I know.

A beacon and a curse.

Light and darkness.

Hope and despair.

This is America right now.

But America never ends.

Mr. Knox.

- This isn't what we agreed to.
- What?

Mr. Boyd's gun possession
not being considered

"relevant conduct" under
the sentencing guidelines.

I specifically said "no" to that.

- That's not what I remember.
- Yes, it is.

You're just trying to reopen the deal

by misrepresenting the conversation,

hoping you can do just a
little bit better this time,

but I'm not in the mood for that,

and if you want to press me on it,

I will withdraw the offer
and we will go to trial.

Do you want to press me on it?

You waited too long.
The offer is withdrawn.

You want me to bring him back?

I need him as a witness.

That case is over.

The plea deal fell apart.

The plea deal fell apart. I...

I am trying this case.

I'm going to try it,
and I'm going to win.

I will win.

And since Merced Garcia
is a material witness,

after I win,

you can take your time
sentencing Mr. Boyd,

and Merced will have to be here
for as long as that takes.

It could be years,

and you can order ICE not to take Ramon

because you have determined

that it's essential
to Merced's well-being

not to be separated from his son.

And it is within your
supervisory powers as a Judge

to care for witnesses in this way.

Those are your indisputable,
inviolable powers.

This is what I'm going to do.

It's not my case, Mr. Knox.

Then take it.

Go to Judge Reed and take it.

Because you can do that, too.

Mr. Garcia, sir?

It has been an honor

to have you here
in my office, Mr. Garcia.

Wherever you go.

Wherever you go.

You have a home here.

You are a child,

you are a beautiful boy,

and you are welcome here.