Flashforward (2009–2010): Season 1, Episode 21 - Countdown - full transcript

Mark interrogates Hellinger about the next blackout. Aaron discovers Tracy's link to Jericho. Lloyd figures out the equation in his flash-forward, Demetri debates helping Janis and Simon break into NLAP.

In my flash-forward, I was in my office.
It was 10:00 on the hour,

and I happened to see the date...
April 29, 2010.

Oh, my God. This is it. We're here.

- How's it going?
- Struggling with the equation.

The equation? Yeah, you do the math.

You do the numbers together,
and you're both part of the equation.

What's your name?

We have a shift down
at immigration tonight.

- I have something I have to tell you.
- Me, too.

We're here now.
This is all that matters.

I want to be with this baby.

- Don't do anything.
- What if I don't want to walk away?

I'm gonna be on this plane.
I'm hoping you will be, too.

We ran this gait analysis
on Simon Campos and on suspect zero.

Simon Campos is suspect zero.

- Who's Hellinger?
- It's our boss.

Face down! On the floor!

Simon campos... is he here?

No, Janis. I need your help.



It's okay. Deep breaths.

You're okay. You're okay.

What happened?

I had a bad dream.

You did?

It's okay.

Today's the day.

But you know what?

It's gonna be all right.
I'm right here.

Today's the day daddy's gonna die.

-= Blackout Team =-

Saison 1 - ?pisode 21
-= Countdown =-

You work with my security detail,

so you know what will happen
when everyone finds out

that the mad scientist was awake
when the rest of the world was asleep...

- I'll be a dead man.
- What do you want, Simon?

I want revenge.

I want to destroy the people who are
responsible for the global blackout.

Look, they're cornered now.

We have Hellinger in custody.

You, of all people,

must know it goes beyond one person.

I want to get back at them.

- And who are they?
- I don't know,

and they had me install a piece
of software into the mainframe

to make the accelerator fire
on October 6th.

We've been over that system
a thousand times,

- and we didn't find anything.
- I designed it.

I'll find something
other people won't.

Let me bring you
to the bureau, Simon.

- We can help you.
- I can't do this...

with the FBI.
I can't do this with the CIA contacts.

Those people won't let me anywhere
near the mainframe again.


You get me into NLAP,
I'll turn myself in.

Why did you start working
for these people in the first place?

I was a kid...

Told me I was destined
for greatness.

I believed them.

That was a marathon night,
but we did it.

We got Hellinger.

Yeah, we did it.
It's not the end, though.

Got a full morning
with the digital forensics guys.

No, you don't.
You got a flight to catch.


- What the hell is this?
- That, my friend,

is 15 covers of
"Islands in the stream."

There's my morning jacket, Feist,
the Constantines,

- some band from Croatia...
- when the hell did you make this?

Yeah, I don't get much sleep.

You're alive.
In the future you saw, you weren't.

Go to Hawaii. Go be alive.

Are you kidding? It's d-day.
We need all hands on deck.

The place is packed with CIA, FBI, NSA.
We're covered.


Pick a version you like.
Dance with your bride.

- What's up?
- Nothing.

Everyone gets cold feet, Dem.

It's not cold feet.

Do you love her?

Come on.

Do you want to marry her?

Hell, yes.

So what's stopping you?

You know,

even with the way
everything went down...

Even though I lost her...

Marrying Olivia
was the best thing I ever did.

Don't be afraid,

especially on a day like this.

You'll stay home from school
today with me, sweetie.

- Hello?
- Hey. It's me, Lloyd.

Hey, Lloyd. Can I call you back?

No, there's no need.
I was just...

- I wanted to talk about tonight.
- You know,

I really can't think
about that right now.

Is everything okay?

Charlie's having a really hard time.

I'd really like for us
to be together.

I'll call you back, okay?


Where's Demetri?

He's taking care of something else.
What do we got?

Hellinger invested big

in dot-coms in the early '90s,
then dumped them before the crash.

He put those earnings
into real estate.

- Got out at the height of the market?
- Every transaction.

He bought low, sold high.


They use the flash-forwards to determine
the outcome of a particular event,

then put money on a sure thing.

So was this the bigger conspiracy
you were talking about in Hong Kong?

Because it sounds like Econ 101.

Imagine how you could
use this technology

to manipulate geopolitics.

NSA just finished up with Hellinger.

It's been eight hours,
and he just said his first six words...

"I'm only speaking to Mark Benford."


We need to talk.

Did you cause the global blackout?

We actually have something
more pressing that has to do with you.

Did you cause the global blackout?

Yes, I caused the blackout.
But that really doesn't matter now.

- We can't change that.
- How'd you do it?

I've seen today more times
than I can remember.

And a lot of those days started with me
sitting right here with you.

May I?

- This?
- Please

Thank you.

There are so many possibilities...

Different paths this day could take.

I have seen...

so many different versions
of this moment...

And the next one and the next one.

But in every version
of the future I saw...

I saw this.

In this room,

you will lose control.

And then you'll lose everything.

You're going to attack me, Mark.
You're going to attack me

because you realize you will never
get the answers to your questions.

And then...

at the end of it all,

you'll be killed in your office.

When's the next blackout?

I've seen how this goes, Mark.

If you keep me in custody,
you will die.

I'm sorry. You drew me a picture,
and now you want me to let you go?

I know it seems self-serving, but...

please, you have to believe me.

This is your life.

Tell me how you did it

and how to stop it
from happening again.

If you're not interested
in saving your own life,

I don't have much to say to you,
Agent Benford.

That's all right.
You just told me what your next move is.

Mind if I take this?

You know we're kicking civilians out
at noon, right?

Yeah, I was just packing up my stuff
so I could carry on working at home.

I'm sorry.
Can I help you?

That symbol. What is it?

The tachyon constant.

A theoretical number that physicists
have been trying to crack for centuries,

sort of a holy grail thing.

It was on these blueprints
that Dyson Frost was carrying.

It was in the...

formula in my flash-forward.

At 10:00 tonight,

I was supposed to be on the verge
of cracking something monumental.

That would certainly qualify.

I don't know if this helps,
there it is again.

Lucas Hellinger drew this.

He included that symbol
as something his side is gonna do today.

I want to beat him to the punch.

So what the hell is a tachyon wipe?

Nothing. Doesn't make any sense.

The tachyon's a particle.
You can't wipe it.

You literally can't even touch it.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Happy flash-forward day.

I know you love these.
They're for you.


I was just thinking about you.


Seriously. Check it out.

I haven't planned out
everything for tonight,

but I thought maybe we could start
with some water polo.

We could bob for apples,

maybe finish off
with some scuba diving.

Yeah. Keiko.

Are you sure that you're okay
with tonight?

With us?

So the sweet, sexy woman
that brings me cupcakes...

worried about a pretend girl

who lives half a world away?

Come on.


Attention, travelers. You are not
required to give money to solicitors.

The airport does not sponsor
their activities.


Oh, baby.

I knew you'd come.

Oh, my god.

So my parents are already
at the hotel,

and they said that there's a hot tub
in the room.

Do you remember when
we had a hot tub?


You're ready?

- Can I talk to you for a minute?
- Yeah.


What's up?

I love you.


I should have told you this...

a long time ago.

In Janis' vision,

she was...


For that to come true,

it had to happen
while she was in Somalia.


I slept with Janis
so she could get pregnant.

- What?
- I know that was wrong.

I just... The future was happening,
you know

My life was ending.
Another life was beginning.

I know it sounds crazy, but...

I thought I was gonna die, and...

It made sense at the time.

Everything that I've been doing,

All the lines that I've crossed,

I did everything for you.

I did everything I could.

It was because I believed that...

I believed that you were gonna live

and that we were gonna spend
the rest of our lives together.

Obviously, you didn't.

I am so sorry.

So sorry.

I just thought that our life together
was over on March 15th.

That's what I thought. I was wrong.
You were right.

You believed
that we can change the future.

But I want to start over.

I want to marry you.

Please marry me.


I'm gonna...

I'm gonna go to Hawaii
with my parents,

and I don't want you to come, Dem.

And after that...

I don't know.

Don't worry, Tracy. We made it.

This is where we were
in our flash-forward.

I was in a cave.

Jericho brought me here.

Honey, don't worry.
Don't try to talk.

She needs a hospital.
I'm not sure I can care for her here.

Her pulse is thready.

They made me tell them.

Tracy, we know what we saw.

You're gonna be fine, all right?

I cross-referenced Hellinger's financial
documents with the word "tachyon".

Tachyon offsite information systems.

Their office is in Arcadia.

Do you think that's what Hellinger meant
by a tachyon wipe?

They warehouse data.

Maybe you can't wipe a tachyon,
but data's a whole other story.

I'm going in with a team.

You sure that's a good idea?

Going after the bad guys? Yeah.

Think about it.

Hellinger helps organize
a worldwide blackout.

You really believe he'd be sloppy enough
to leave you a clue like this?


- People make mistakes.
- Forget it.

- What?
- You heard me. You're staying.

You stay on Hellinger.

I'll send a special ops unit
to check it out.

No. You can't do that.

I can. You're staying.

I'm not letting you
walk into a trap.

She's barely moving air.

Breathe! Tracy!

No, stop.

Aaron, please, let me work. Please.


What the hell did you
and your Jericho buddies do to her?

You're gonna tell me
why Jericho came after my daughter.

I'm just an independant contractor
on a...

She saw you guys,

killing an entire village.

I don't know
what you're talking about.

You're gonna tell me why, now.

We weren't killing them.

She saw...

an entire village full of people
passed out on the ground.

It was an experiment,

a test run.

For what?

Keep talking!

The experiment's radius

was 1 kilometer.

We needed to know why she was awake.

Experiment for what?

- For what?
- For the global blackout.

I hope the CIA gives you
an expense account.

We have to stop by a hardware store,
get some supplies on the way to NLAP.

Breaking into a linear accelerator,

we're gonna need
more than duct tape.

Not that kind of hardware.

What's going on here?
What is he doing here?

Tell him to put down his weapon.

What's he doing here?

He's making a deal.

You're bringing him to NLAP?

You're planning to let him touch
that accelerator?

He can give us more information
than anyone else can.

In the meantime,

you risk him using that machine
to put the world to sleep again.

I didn't use it the first time.
I'm not gonna use it this time, either.

This is about nailing the people
behind the blackout.

This is about getting the job done

the best way I know how.

Come on.

You got more to worry about
than just doing a good job.


I just need you...

to pretend like you never came by.

Just let me do this.

You're gonna regret this decision
for the rest

of your life.

We've secured
the tachyon data center.

All we've got
is a room full of servers.

Has the data been wiped?

No. It's weird. I'm getting nothing...
just a blinking cursor.

What the hell was that?

I don't know. It sounded
like it was coming from a storeroom.

- I thought you swept the place.
- We did. I'm gonna go check it out.

We're getting thermal
readings back now.

Get out.

Get out of there, Agent!

Heads up! Movement on your...

Watch out... 9:00!

Get out of there!

Mark, wait.

What's going on?

They opened fire on
three of our guys.

You were right. Tachyon was a trap.

- Cool down.
- No, I gotta go talk to him!

Cool down.

Don't worry.
I got this.

I got this.


Hey, sweetie.

You okay?

Are you?

It's been a slow day.

Babe, you want to go wait
in daddy's office?

I'm really sorry just bringing here
like this.

She's scared.

I think the reality of today and...

everything that's happened,
I think it's really hitting her.

She just needed her dad.
I really did not know what else to do.

I'm glad you brought her over.

Hey, Charlie bear.

What's up?

I don't want you to die.

Come here.

I need to ask you to
do something for me,

something really, really hard.

Don't be afraid.

I mean, it's okay
to be afraid. It is.

But that's just what
happens at first.

After that, you have to
tell yourself something...

"my daddy loves me,

"and everything will be okay,

"no matter what."

"My daddy loves me."

So much.

"And everything will be okay,
no matter what."

It's not easy,

'cause things can be scary,

bigger than us.

But we can fight it.

That's what I do.

I tell myself,

"Charlie loves me,

"and everything will be okay

"no matter what."

- You do?
- I do.

I tell myself that,

it makes me strong.

It makes me brave.

'Cause when I say that...

You're always with me.

And when I say it?

I'm always with you.


I love you so much, baby girl.

I love you with everything I've got.

Thanks, honey.

You go and be with mom, okay?

You go ahead now.

- You're making a big mistake.
- Shut up.

This guy

has been lying to us
about everything.

He was working for them.
He was awake during the blackout.

How the hell do you trust this guy?

After all the lying,

I think I've realized that

you just get to a point
where you can't do it anymore.

- You coming with me?
- To the FBI?

Tell 'em where you found him.

Don't lie for me.

This NLAP thing is insane.

- You know that, right?
- Yeah. I know that.

If I hadn't have shown up,
you'd have gone through with this?

Get in.

No, Dylan. Watch out.

I am watching.

It's a figure of speech.

I mean, be careful,
'cause somewhere in here

is the answer
to a very big question.

Why did the 8 die?


Why did the 8 die?

That's not an 8.
That's infinity.

What's infinity?

Well, infinity means "forever."

But you're right, it does
kind of look like an 8 on its side.

All the ones with numbers
have to be together.

Just please,
please leave those there.

It all has to be in the right place.

What did you say?

It all has to be in the right place.

Do the numbers.
You do the numbers together,

you're both part of the equation.

Go and get your coat.
Go now.

I hope your agents are all right.

In most futures, they survive.

When's the next blackout?

You're not in a place
where you can hear this,

and I don't want to say I told you so,
but I gave you a choice, Mark.

I asked you a question.
When is the next blackout?

I gave you a choice,
and you chose the wrong path.

I'm sorry the way this is turning out.
I mean it when I say that.

But there is nothing you can do.

Shut up! When is it?

You're going to die,

and I take no pleasure in that.
I really don't.

I've had so many conversations
with you in this very room.

You're a decent man.

This is just all over your head.

When is the next blackout?

You work hard.

You're passionate about what you do.

But don't you see?

All of this is just so futile,
all of it.

All of it?
We caught you.

Your faith... it's admirable.

I mean, that board in your office...

How much time have you spent
on that thing?

How much time have you spent
looking at it,

all on faith?

Deep down, you've gotta
know what that board really is.

Tell me. What is that board about?

It's nothing
but a scrapbook of your failures.

Tell me when the next blackout is.

A freed nazi,

a botched mission to Somalia,
some monster paintings, dead birds...

- Tell me.
- And you keep looking at it.

You keep believing, you keep fighting
'cause that's what you do.

You and that board,
you're Mr. Stick-to-it. Don't you see?

That's why you're gonna die, Mark.

You just don't give up. You just...

I swear to God, Mark,

I am gonna miss you.

Charlie's gonna miss you, too.

You are gonna die, Mark.

You're gonna die,
but there is an upside.

And this is gonna sound a lot
harsher than it really is.

Deep down, you know what I mean.

You're going to die.

But your daughter's going to be
better off when you're gone.

I'm not finished!

Let go of me!

Clean yourself up, playboy.

Get him out of here.

You're kidding me.

You've been on the brink
of losing control all day...

all year.

- That crazy son of a bitch...
- Out, now.

I don't care what day it is.
Get him out of here.

- Get out.
- You can't do this to me!

You're not gonna do this!

We are gonna have
so much fun tonight.

I promise.

I was looking forward to a picnic.

That's what we're doing.

We gotta get there early and stake out
some good seats for the fireworks.

There's gonna be 2, 000 other people.
I wanted to be with you.

There's never been a night like tonight.
In four hours,

people are literally gonna be
deciding whether

to make their own futures happen.

I want to be witness to that.

Why? 'Cause your future

didn't happen?

Where'd that come from?

I've just been thinking

a lot about the visions lately,

and I'm...

I'm worried mine
may have already started.

You'll be with me.

They won't. It's not.

Nothing is gonna happen no,
to you tonight.

I promise.

Let's go.

It's not the drowning.

It's that feeling I had,

like I deserved it.

I've been keeping a secret from you.

It's really stupid now, because

when I tell you,
you're gonna hate me.

Come on.

Give me some credit.


She's in Los Angeles.


I'm sorry. I should have told you as

soon as I found out. I just...

I was afraid you'd choose her.

Tell me where she is.

Some people from the hospital...

they went down to this immigration
detention center in Lancaster.

She's in jail?

No, it's just a holding facility.

You let her stay in... in jail?

I should have told you, Bryce.
I'm sorry.

Keiko Arahida?

There's someone here to see you.

I need a transfer guard
at the main Gate.

Her heart has stopped!
I need your help!

Just breathe.
Breathe, Tracy.

Come on, sweetheart.
Come on.

This can be right.
Tracy, come on back!

Come back to me, sweetheart.

"This is just all over your head."

You have no idea.

In every version of the future

I saw,

I saw this.

The forces of the universe

are maybe pushing us towards
the futures we have seen.

You are gonna die, Mark.

But there is an upside.

Deep down, you know what I mean.

Your daughter's gonna be better off
when you're gone.

Excuse me.

I don't mean to bother you, but...

in my vision,
I had just quit drinking.

And I...

and I'd really like to make that happen
right now.

See, I saw you, and you...

you look like you can use this.


It's okay. I don't...

What made you change your mind?

I don't know.

I get why you did it.
It worked. We have Hellinger.


Janis, I was so pissed off at you.

Working for the CIA?

Since Quantico, I...

I felt like I lost my best friend.

It's like I didn't know
who the hell you were.

And then I'm driving away.
I got Campos in the backseat.

I'm looking in the rearview, and
I'm thinking, going to NLAP? This is...

It's so like you.
I know you, Janis.

I don't know what

you were doing. I don't know
what we're doing tonight, but I...

I do know you.

I told Zoey...

- About the baby.
- What?

There just comes a time when you...

You can't lie anymore, right?

We need to stop now.

She's gonna be okay!

Her brain has been deprived
of oxygen too long.

I know what I saw!

She's been through enough.

We were here together.

Her heart has stopped beating.

She's gone.

Let her go.

I saw you, Tracy.

I like the string, buddy.

The Chinese say red string
brings luck.

The Dutch say leave me alone.

Maybe in my vision,
we were talking to each other.

You ever think about that?

Because that's not what I remember.

I'm sorry. I meant to call.

I'm at your house.
Why haven't you been answering?

I just needed to get away.

When you coming back?

Not for a while.

What are you saying?

I just need some space, Lloyd.
I need to get away from you

and Mark and flash-forwards
and all of it.

- I need to get away.
- No, Olivia, listen to me.

Look, certain conditions
have to be met if I...

At 10:00 PM,

- you have to be here with me.
- Don't make this about fate.

Don't make this about freewill,

I have Charlie to think about.

So I am not gonna be
in that house with you tonight.

I'm sorry.

They're not coming back.

Yeah, no, I'm sure it was you.

Cheap suit and the...

The bad breath and the droopy eyes.

And I kept saying,
"hey, man, why are the eyes so droopy?"

That's it?

Is that the best you can do?

So you're one of those guys.

- Am I?
- Yeah.

You're fightin' fate,

and it's so sad, man.

'Cause it's so obvious, man,
you've already lost.

-= Blackout Team =-