Flashforward (2009–2010): Season 1, Episode 20 - The Negotiation - full transcript

On April 28th, the day before everyone's future was revealed, Mark must protect Gabriel, Aaron mounts a rescue attempt to retrieve Tracy, and Janis is ordered to kill a fellow FBI agent.

You want to tell me what this is?
My book. It's all there.

We need someone on the inside.

You want me to be a double Agent?

This is where you get to prove
your dedication to the cause.

to the cause, darlin'. We need you to kill
benford.What's up with you? What's up with

I'm pregnant. Mark,
I just hope that you know

you can still count on me.
I never doubted that.

W I gotta deal with
vice president clemente.

In my vision, it was clear that
Jericho had done some things

that threatened our
national security.

You got military clearance.
As soon as you can document

what Tracy knows,
I want it uploaded.

As of this moment,
the world thinks you and simcoe

accidentally caused this blackout.

What happens if they
find out you were awake

while it happened?
Simon campos has disappeared.

He took the damn ri.
Did you overhear anything?

They said he's going to
cause another blackout.

On October 6th,

the planet blacked out for
2 minutes and 17 seconds,

and the whole world saw the future.

Some of us were alarmed by what we saw.

Others were elated and rejoiced.

Still others saw nothing at all.

They were left confused,

and otherwise certain.

But that uncertainty
will soon be resolved.

Tomorrow is d-day--the day we
catch up to the flash-forwards.

Our future bh as individuals
and as a collective is upon us.

This building may very well me
under attack tomorrow night.

But we will not back down.

We are the FBI, and we
will be open for business.

That said, the
director is instituting

high maximum alert
protocols and procedures.

Agents benford and noh will
be coordinating s.W.A.T.

And sniper teams to provide
external security and support.

Vreede, Hawk,
will be briefing supervisors

on additional o.P.S. Plans.

We are in uncharted waters, people.

But we will get through this...

Together. That's all.


Walk with me. Simon campos?

His photo's out to all local
and national agencies.

His cell phone? So far, inactive.

What about his sister?
She's back with the family in Toronto.

Maybe he'll try and contact her.

R.C.M.P. Is sitting on the house.

We also have a trap and
trace on their phones.

He's gone underground and taken that q.
E.D. Ring with him.

I want him back here immediately.

We're on it.

Gentlemen, this is turning
into one hell of a day.

Once again, We have . breaking news out of
Los Angeles. What is this?

Wikr has just obtained footage
of what appears to be

a man who was awake during the
global blackout.

I gave strict orders for
this to be kept under wraps.

Who released this?

Wait a minute. Wait a minute.
This isn't us.

Authorities are still trying
to identify the man, b...

It's a different angle.

...The footage was taken from
a security camera...

He's right. No one's
seen this on our end.

Well, where did it come from?

The better question is, why now?

With April 29th only one day away,

the stunned world wonders,
who is this man,

and why was he awake?

Hi. My name's David Walker.

David Walker. David Walker.

David Walker. David Walker.

Hi. My name's David Walker.

Hey, my name's Dave Walker.
Dave Walker.

Is this seat taken?

All yours.

Hey, hav I seen you
somewhere before?

Me? No. No.

You have such a cute face, Simon.

Don't hide it.

Who are you? Lita.

And if you run, they will find you.

What do you want?

I'm here with an offer.

An offer? Like what,

take my last remaining nine
fingers and kill my mother?

You'll want to hear us out.

Simon, please. I'm dying of thirst.

Just pour me one drink..

Well, I suppose a
taste wouldn't hurt

What'll it be?

Not here.

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♪ Flash Forward 1x20 ♪
The Negotiation
Original Air Date on May 13, 2010.

Yeah, this is Agent noh,
n-o-h, of the FBI.

I need to speak to
the news director

that took possession of the
suspect zero footage. Yeah.

Well, see if you can find him.
I'll hold.


What are you doing?
What are you doing here?

Hi. Is something wrong?

No, no, no, no. I'm just, uh,
just surprised to see you.

What's going on? Oh,
I was in court over on spring.

I, um, need a favor.

What's up?

Take tomorrow off.

Tomorrow? Not a chance.

You know what tomorrow is. Exactly.

I looked into airfare
to hawaii--dirt cheap.

Apparently, people are afraid to fly on
flash-forward day, so... Baby, listen--

we--we can make this happen.

Tomorrow can be whatever
we want it to be.

We're not--we're not tied down
to anything now. Let's just go.

Listen, we can't just pretend

I'm not connected to
other people, all right?

You know what's supposed
to happen to mark,

and there's--and there's Janis,
and there's wedeck--

for once, baby, can this
just be about you and me?

I'm gonna be on
this plane tomorrow.

I'm hoping you will be, too.
This isn't fair.

Hang on. Hi. Yeah.
This is Agent noh from the FBI.

Yeah, I need to speak
to your news director--

whoever took possession of
the suspect zero footage.

I need to know how you got it.

I've got mcdow in your office.
Olivia is with him.


They got some kind of connection.

She keeps him calm. If he knows
anything about who's going

to attack this office
tomorrow night,

I want to be the first
to hear about it.

That's--that's not right.

That's in the wrong place. Mm-hmm.

Oh, I don't think you should touch that,
Gabriel. No, but this isn't-- it's not

I know. I don't need you to-- don't touch
it. Don't touch it. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!

That's not right. That's not right.
Who did this? Could you leave those?

It's not right.
It's not right as rain.

Gabriel... Gabriel,
so many things I missed before.

my name is mark.

Yeah, you're mark benford.
She's Olivia simcoe.

I'm gonna meet Stanford wedeck and Janis
Hawk Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

when they walk through that door in
about five minutes. Go back. Go back.

to the drawing board.
No, go--go back--

go back to the dra board.
It's not right, see?


See it? Right time, wrong place.
See it? It's not right.

That's not right.
Can I take a look at that?

Mm-hmm. It's my book.
You be careful. It's my book.

It's my book.

Gabriel, how...
How did you draw this?

With a pen.

With a pen. It's with a red pen,

because I like to use the
red pen for the lines--

red pen. Gabriel was given
multiple flash-forwards,

so he may have been here before.

I was here... With Dr. frost.

Dyson frost?

He told my mother
he'd take care of me.

He--he didn't say it
would be good care.

It wasn't. Olivia took good
care of me at the hospital,

and I got some new shoes.

Do you like my new shoes?
They're cute.

Mm-hmm, and I have a
huge hippocampus, f.Y.I.

Thanks. Uh, thanks
for bringing him in.

Glad I could help.

We have to formally
debrief him, though.

Okay. Uh, Gabriel?

Mm-hmm? I'm gonna go now, so--

right so

Should I stay,
or should I go now, too?

Gabriel, how...
How did you draw this?

You're staying? No. No.
I'm--you're staying.

No, you're gonna stay.
No, you're gonna stay. No, please--

okay, can you let go of my arm?
Okay? No, you're staying.

Can you let go of my arm? No,
you're staying.

Hey, Gabriel, listen-- hey,
hey! You can't touch!

Okay. I just won't... You can look,
but you can't-- you can't touch.

It's okay. Gabriel, it's okay.
It's okay. You can't touch this!

Maybe I should stay.
I think that's a good idea.

Okay. Everything's okay.
It's all okay. It's okay now?

It's all okay now. See? It's okay.
You want a soda? Yeah. Can I have a soda?

Yeah. With a straw? Okay.

Good. Here we go.


It's over. I'm done.

Pull me out.

I've gone as far as
I'm willing to go.

Just take a breath.

They want me to kill mark.

I tried to stall by going to D.C.,

but carline's been calling
me every single hour.

You can't say no.

What am I supposed to do?

He's an FBI Agent.

He's my friend.
I'm not gonna do it.

If you say no,

they'll find someone
else to kill him,

and then they'll kill you.

There is no coming in from
the cold here, Agent Hawk.

The only way out is to
finish what we started.

Look at me.

We're close.

Fine. But they're getting antsy.

And they're gonna burn me if I
don't give them something big.

Then give them something big.

I tried calling you last night,
and the night before that.

Yeah, I know. I'm sorry.
Things have been really crazy.

Listen, I didn't want to talk
to you about this at work,

but, um, I think we need a plan.

Dem, I'm really busy.

Do you think we can
talk about this later?

Um, I want to be a part of
what's going on with this baby.

Demetri, I really appreciate
that you were there for me

when I needed you, but you
don't have to do anything now.

She's my responsibility. It's fine.

What if that's not okay with me?

What if I don't want to walk away?

Dem, you have a
second chance at life.

You and Zoey should
make the best of it.

I put everything in place
for the security detail

at the house tomorrow.


I'll have 'em lay low so
as not to upset Charlie.

What's the matter?

I don't know, mark.
It's just weird.

It's weird to be talking to
you about security details

and not, I don't know,
garage door openers

and parent/teacher conferences.

Yeah. I wish I had something to
say that would make it easier.


Gotta make it right, yeah.
Gotta make it right.

It's wrong. Right is right, ah.

That's right. Hey, Gabriel,
I thought I told you--

What's he doing in here by himself?
Where's vreede?

He went to get my book.
It's not in the right place. Vreede!

It's not right. Uh, sorry.

Look, I can't just have you
just pulling things apart...

I'm sorry, mark. Like this,
all right? There you go. Okay.

Make it look right.
I don't understand.

You. You make it
look right. Make...

You. You make it look like-
like this. Like that.

Like that.

That's where they're
holding tracy--joshua base.

Jericho has these bases all over...

none of them on a map.

Kidnapped. Imprisoned,
torture whoever they want.

A shadow army.

That does things your government
wants to do but legally can't.

Who are you sending those to?

Someone who shares your belief
that Jericho are criminals.


That's where they conduct
all the interrogations.

Tracy will be in there.

You get these uploaded,

then we'll get my daughter back.

Authorities have identified

as physicist Simon campos, the same man
who... Run away with me.

Along with Dr. lloyd simcoe
took responsibility...

Where would we go?

Well, I would say Paris,
but you messed that up

when your people plastered
my face all over the news.

Don't get snippy with me.
I'm just the messenger.

Besides, hellinger
wants to help you.

Who's hellinger?

Hellinger's our boss.

I don't have a boss.

Everyone has a boss.

He paid for your school,

got you a job equal
to your talents,

protected you along the way.
He's the big guy.

Piss off. I'm done paying my debts.

Hey, we're not the enemy.

In fact, we're your only friends.

Well, I have a message
for your friends.

I'm done dealing with
lower level functionaries.

I thought I sent that
message with flosso.

These things need
to be face-to-face.

Believe me, he got that message,

and he's anxious to speak with you.

Then why are you here?

Trying to keep you in one place.

One thing you should know...

He's a very charming man...

Until he's not.

Let's share a drink, shall we?

Yeah, all of them. Ye, we were--

we were all together
at raven River.

And you're certain about her?

Nhadra? Nhadra, yeah.
Nhadra--nhadra had a nice smile.

Hmm. N-not in this picture,
but nhadra had a nice smile.

And this is Kent. This is a
terrible picture of Kent.

Kent's my friend.
Although technically he's dead,

he's--he's still my friend.

So all of these
people were together,

and they're all connected
by the experiment?

I think we can posit that

raven River was some kind
of research and development,

and Somalia was an Alpha test for the g.
B.O. On October 6th.

Or October 6th was the beta test,

and this is just the beginning.

Gabriel, do you have any idea
when the next one will be--

the next global blackout?

We need your help with this.

Is there a specific date or time?

Dr. frost was in charge.
He-- he chose the time and the day.

No, I-I just went
on my trips, is all.

I-I just went on my trips,
and then I wrote down the notes.

Dyson frost ran the
experiments by himself?

Was there anyone else?


Yeah, the big guy. He's the boss.

Big guy.

You have his picture?
I drew his picture. He's very clean.

Does big guy have a name?

I just--I just told you his name.
His name is big guy.

And where is his picture?

In my book. This one?

Yeah. Page 15.

It's a good picture.
It's in the black pen.

Yeah. Yeah. Ah. That's big guy.

Ah. Big guy.

Gabriel, I need you to tell me

everything you know about this man.

Hey, sorry to interrupt.

Mark, can I talk to
you for a minute?

Hey, hey, hey. What's up?

It's okay. It's not safe.
It's not safe.

You're safe here. I'm fine! I'm fine!
He's not supposed to be here right now!

He died! You died!

Very sad that day, but that's-
that's the way it has to go

if things are gonna work out right.
You died that day.

Can you imagine what vile,
diseased lips

last touched these glasses...

Or those sheets?

I'd hate to see them under
a black light.

The life of suspect zero.

Yeah, you'd be surprised
what you get used to.


We're about a day
away from the 29th.

It's time to come home, Simon.

Piss off.

Can we get a little ice
in here please, lita?

You have every right to be angry.

Oh, I'm way past angry, mate.

Where do you go from here, Simon?

You're a fugitive from the FBI--

the whole world, for that matter.

Your life's work is over.
You have nothing.

You--you are nothing.
I can give it all back to you.

Come work for us.
You will be protected.

Your work will continue.

And we can even arrange
for you to see your family

from time to time-
your dear Annabelle.

That's the carrot.
What's the stick?

The stick...

Is the stick.

I don't even want to consider that.

Because there is no stick.
What are you gonna do--

kill my family? Cut me up?
Hasn't worked so far.

You need me, otherwise
I wouldn't be here.

At some point,
we will cut our losses.

I'm the only person that can
calibrate the accelerator,

and you know it.

This is your final offer.

I'd say sleep on it,
but we're running out of time.


Well, you'll be receiving
my response soon enough.

Maybe Gabriel's "big guy"
can give us a lead on Simon.

We'll run this through
facial recognition analysis,

get it out worldwide.
We're closing in, Demetri.

Hey, you with me?

Yeah. I'm sorry. It's all right.

Did mcdow get under
your skin? A little.

And the whole thing
with slingerland trying

to kill people to
course-correct the universe,

and Dyson frost and his garden
of forking paths. Now this guy.

I know where you're
headed with this.

Don't go there.

You believe any of that stuff?

That the universe is
somehow pushing us

towards one certain outcome?


Then my being alive
isn't somehow...

Screwing things up?

Oh, I think you're screwing
a lot of things up,

but the universe has
nothing to do with it.

Thank you. That was-
that was really touching.

Happy to help.

You know, after 10:00
tomorrow night,

we're gonna have to go back
to living the way we used to.

Thank you.

Not looking ahead.

Gotta say, kind of
looking forward to it.



Lloyd. Lloyd.


I can see you're feeling
better, Gabriel.

Yeah, well, I-I have
a huge hippocampus.

F.Y.I. Yeah, olivia-
olivia--olivia told me so.

Olivia said so.
Well, she would know.

Yeah. How's the debriefing?

Uh, stressful. Very stressful.
Very stressful.

Yeah, I know. I've been there.
How's it going without Simon?

Struggling with the
decoherence equation.

Yeah, the equation.
Yeah, the equa--

the--the equation? Yeah,
you-- you do the math. Do the math.

I don't do math. I do art.
You do the math. Do the numbers.

You do the numbers together.
They have to be

in the right order, though,
and then you're both part

of the equation--both of you
are part of the equation, yeah.

This confirms
clemente's suspicions.

This entire operation is
not supposed to exist.

You got what you're looking for?

I do. You've done a
great job, Aaron.

Then it's time to get Tracy.
You're not going in there.

Yes, I am.

Don't. Please sit tight,

at--at least until I can
get the military there

to back you up. Negative.
My daughter is now the priority.

I've held up my end of the deal.

I know, and I
appreciate that, Aaron,

but I want to keep you safe.
Stay where you are.

I can't.

Damn it!

Hey. Tracy.

They're putting her in the truck.

Let's go.

I'm running out of
excuses for you, darlin'.

You asked me to kill my friend,
carline, not to bake a cake.

I didn't ask you to do anything.

And when I tell you something
needs to be done,

you need to do it.

I understand that,
but benford's an FBI Agent.

I can't just walk into the office

and shoot him in the head.
I'll take care of it. When?

When I can do it without getting
myself killed in the process.

Well, it better be
before tomorrow night.

Why? Ooh. Questions get
you killed, sweet pea.

Where are we with mosaic?

Oh, don't piddle, Janis.

You are hanging on by a thread.

If I go back empty-handed,

it's over for you.

You have a baby to think about.

Gabriel mcdow. Do you know him?

Yeah, I know Gabe.

He's in the FBI right now
laying the whole thing out--

raven River,
Dyson frost, all of it.

And they're n' it?

They know he's a gold mine

and that your people want him dead.

Well, he has been a bit of
sand in the petroleum jelly.

Can you deliver him?

He's being moved to a safe house.

I can tell you when and where.

I don't care what
they say about you.

You're worth the money, honey.

News director says the
suspect zero footage

me on a flash drive
delivered by messenger.

I've got forensics on the envelope.

Review the surveillance tapes
from the cable news building.

I want to talk to that messenger.

Hey, marshals have a safe
house available in sylmar.

It's our best option for mcdow.

Sylmar is overused.
How about silver strand beach?

D.E.A.'S using it. Sylmar it is.
We're on the move within the hour.

Mcdow's gonna blow a gasket if
we separate him from Olivia.

I'll let you break the news.


Olivia, could I talk to you
for a minute, ease? Sure.

Thank you. I'll be
right back, Gabriel.

I'm gonna be right outside,
okay? Um...

Right there.

Hey, Gabriel.

We're gonna take you
to your new house.

You'll like it there.

Can you tell me what you see?

Loose ends.

Yeah. I know the feeling.

Listen, before you go,
I need to ask something.

You called. You said...


Olivia... simcoe."

Olivia simcoe, yes. That's right.

Yes. And I need to know,
is that how this all turns out?

It's what I've seen.

I see so--so manthings.

So many things I see come true,

and I've been waiting a long time.

Is she gonna be okay?

Will she be safe?



That's far enough.

Let's put her down over
there and start digging.


Nice shot.

Don't move! Don't move!

Tracy! Tracy.
Don't move! Don't move!

Tracy, it's me. It's dad.

You're safe now, sweetheart.
You're safe.

Aaron, we've got to
move and take cover.

I'll assess her injuries
over there. Please.

All right. It's okay.
You're gonna be okay.

I got yo I got you. I got you.


Yes, it's stan.

Can you get the president for me?

Put him through.

Big day tomorrow, stan? Yes.

Yes, it is. Listen, Dave...

What's wrong? I'm sitting
here with something--

something that I don't want,
and it has to do with you.

Well, you know all
my secrets, stan.

We've come all this way.
How bad could it be?

Joshua base.

It doesn't ring a bell.

Then I have nothing to worry about

if I turn these photos
over to clemente

for further investigation.
Why clemente?

Have you ever asked
your vice president

what she saw happening... Tomorrow

I always knew this call was coming.

I just never figured
it would come from you.

I appreciate the call,
assistant director wedeck.

Assistant director Stanford wedeck

for vice president clemente.

Gentlemen, we all squared away?

Ready to go.
How you doing, Gabriel?

I'm--I'm bulletproof now.

Feels good, doesn't it? Yep. Yep.

Where's dem?

Prepping the van. Let's go.

Mcdow is on the move.

Black van, two agents, two s.
W.A.T., heavily armed.

118 East to sylmar,
exit foothill towards arroyo.

20 minutes.

Copy that. We're on our way.

It's the day before the flash-forward,

and once again, everyone's asking,
"what did you see?"

So I'll tell you exactly what I saw.

I was, and will be,

enjoying atomic wings

at wing a ding ding off tujunga!

Tuesday night is ladies night,
where ladies...


Sounds good to me.

This guy didn't even think
about using his blinker.

Learn the rules, son!

You all right back there?

We're good. Wegood. We're good.

Dem, check this out.

Get out of here. Reverse. Reverse!

Go! Go, vreede!

Don't shoot! Don't shoot!
Don't shoot! Don't shoot!

Don't shoot! Don't, don't! Don't,
don't, don't, don't!

On the ground! Drop your weapon!
On the ground.

Play along. Just play along.
We're after the big guy, okay?

Call your boss.
Tell him you have your man.

On the ground! Aah!

Are we clear? Got him.

My men will interrogate
this soldier,

we'll see what he
knows about Tracy.

There must be a military
hospital back near kandahar.

No, the roads are too dangerous.

They'll flag us at the checkpoints.

Screw the checkpoints.

Even if we manage to get
there without getting killed,

I don't think she'll
survive the ride.

Hold on, honey. I got you.

Daddy. Aaron, we can't go back now.

You listen to me, buddy.
We are gonna drive back

to kandahar, and you're
gonna save her life.


I saw her alive.
She's gonna make it.

We all are. Now drive.

Hold on, sweetheart. I got you.

We're gonna be fine.

I got you. Drive.

Mr. hellinger said
right over there.

Gabriel mcdow

welcome back into the fold.

It's a trap!

Don't! Red! Red!

Red, red, red!

Burn it all!

Get down! Move! Move!

Hellinger, freeze!

Down on the ground! Face down!

Don't move!

Game over, hellinger.
Start talking.

Simon campos--does he
work for you? Is he here?

Tell me where he is!

Damn it, mark!

You scared me.

Who do you work for? What?

You're not FBI. So who the
hell signs your paychecks?


How long?

Vogel recruited me at quantico.

Three years.

How did you know?

I got suspicious when you
sold out Marcie as the mole.

Marcie has a brother.
He's dyi in missouri

in a full-care facility.
It's expensive.

The meetings with vogel,
the fish store...

Where I assume you were
meeting your contact.

But it was the hellinger sting,
confirmed everything.

Your assignment today goes beyond
being mcdow's decoy.

How far beyond?

Intel says they're planning
to kidnap mcdow

en route to the safe house,

It's out best chance to capture
someone of value.

Based on what intel, janis?

There's a lot of chatter.

"There's a lot of chatter"?
There is no chatter.

We don't even know where to listen.

Who's your source?
My source is reliable.

You blew your cover
by setting him up.

Why now?

Because they wanted
me to kill you, mark.

I told them I would.

A lot of people are
gonna be wondering

who the hell you really are.

I did what I had to do.

"Sacrifice for the greater good."

I've tried that line.
It doesn't work.

Looks good on a plaque, though.

Don't say that to me, mark.

I've been living in
between two separate lives

in this tiny space where
nothing ever happens.

I can't have any friends.

I can't fall in love.
Nobody even knows me.

I was doing my job.

That has to count for something.

It does.

Too bad all anyone will
ever see is the deception,

and they will never get past it.

You're on thoutside now, Janis.

If you sacrifice everything,

be prepared to walk alone.

You're walking right beside me.

You're about to lose your family.

Is it worth it to you?

I don't ask that question.

How can you not?

Too much at stake.


Please don't tell demetr

just let me do it.

It's all over. I'm glad to be
out from under all that lying.

I thought I could get away clean
and not hurt anybody.This.

What about the pregnancy?

How does that not involve me?

Demetri, I just...
needed a way out.

I thought it would
be a new beginning.

I'm sorry. You're my friend,
and I should have done better by you.

But this baby is the
most important thing

that has ever happened to me.

It didn't just happen to you.

Every little decision you
make leads to something else,

and now we're all connected-
you and me and Zoey.

No, we're not.

Demetri, there's me and my baby,
and then there's you and Zoey.

Don't let this situation
ruin your life.

You don't need to be part
of the mess that I made.

Yeah, well...

I already am.

Meanwhile, in the ready room

of the American eagle squadron,
yank, doodle and dee watch

while Dan tries to contact
Roger ramjet.

Roger should have located the no-goods'
hideout by now.

Then why can't we reach him...

Hey, Gabriel.

Agent noh.

Yeah, I know.

Mind if I sit?

Take a seat.

Sure. Take a seat.

Roger ramjet? Yeah, it's Dr.

I love this show.
Yeah, me, too. Dr. evilkisser.

Evilkisser, yeah.


Chief of the army's counter-bad-guy

Can I ask you a question?

Yeah. Yeah, sure.

In all the futures you saw,

was I in any of them?

No, you died.

People--people were sad.

Very sad.

What do you think happens when
the future you saw changes?

Yeah, y-you know,
that--that'sot possible.

It's not possible. It's like
trying to find a different path.

You wind up in the
same place always--

always in the same place-
like fate. Fate.

Like lloyd and Olivia.
E-everyone is ending up

where--where they're
supposed to be.

Even you.

Makes sense.


Now what's your plan?

I plan to find that diabolical
machine before it's too late.
Then hurry.

Wait here. Wait here.

Oh, my God.

This is it. We're here.

I'll always find you, kiddo.

It's okay. Okay.

We made it.


Janis, relax. Relax.

I need your help.

-- Sync by elderman --
-- for www.addic7ed.com --