Flashforward (2009–2010): Season 1, Episode 2 - White to Play - full transcript

The FBI begin to acquire vital clues about the blackout. The web site they've established leads them to Utah and eventually to the conclusion that there were at at least two people awake during the blackout. Mark Benford is more convinced than ever that his wife Olivia's vision, that she will take up with another man, is inevitable after she meets the man, Lloyd Simcoe, while treating his son at the hospital. Olivia insists that she will never love anyone but him but Mark's attitude may turn the vision into a self-fulfilling prophecy. Demetri Noh gets more information about his own fate. Mark learns some frightening information from his daughter Charlie about her blackout vision.

# Ring around the rosie #

# pocketful of posies #

# ashes, ashes #

# we all fall down #

# Ring around the rosie #

# a pocketful of posies #

# ashes, ashes #

# we all fall down #

# Ring around the rosie #

# pocketful of posies #

# ashes, ashes #

# we all fall down #

# Ring around the rosie #

# pocketful of posies #

# ashes, ashes #

# we all fall down #

# ring around the Rosie #
# ashes, ashes #

# pocketful of posies #
# ring around the Rosie #

# ashes, ashes #
# a pocketful of posies #

# ashes, ashes,
we all fall down! #

Time's up!

What did you see?

Me and my family
were at Disneyland.

- What did you see?
- I saw a pony.

I was eating ice cream.

What did you see?
None of your business.

It's Blackout.
Everyone has to play.

- I don't want to.
- You have to tell. That's the rule.

- Hey, give him back!
- Not until you tell!


Charlie! Charlie, you know
we don't hit at school.

You're coming
with me right now,

young lady-Ch-Charlie!

Get back here!




"White To Play"

I've been struggling
ever since I had the visions.

They say we're supposed to live
our lives one day at a time.

But how am I
supposed to do that...

with the future
breathing down my neck?

Every day just brings me
closer to what I saw,

and it seems like
I can't avoid it,

and, uh, there you are
staring back at me.

- The guy's hammered.
- Not one damn of you has any answers

do you?

No, you don't,
because there are no answers

- because this program's a joke.
- I got an answer for you.

You need to take a walk,
cool down a little.

Spare us the rest
of your bender.

Look, I hated seeing that
as much as you did,

but you know you never interrupt
another person's share.

I'm sorry,
but loaded and sharing?

The guy was
pushing my buttons.

I've been dealing
with some stuff, you know?

So is he.

I know you're worried
about Olivia.

You're worried you're gonna fall
off the wagon in the future.

He's gone and done it now.
What's the difference?

You're both struggling.

Look at all these people.

Every one of them's dealing
with the same thing we are-

The future.

Only difference is,

most of them don't have
a support group

to help them cope
with what they saw.

Maybe it was good.
Maybe it was bad.

Maybe it was inexplicable.

The point is,
it happened to everyone,

every single human being
on the planet.

I... I saw my daughter alive.

Explain that.

You can walk up to any one
of these strangers

and ask them,
"What did you see?"

And they'd know exactly
what you were talking about.

When in the history of the world
has that ever happened?

We're all prophets now.

Six agents resigned
this morning.

That's a grand total of 18
in the past 3 days.

Now I know we're all more than
a little freaked out right now.

Everybody in this building
is scared or hopeful

or confused
about what they saw.

But unlike everybody
outside this building,

we have a responsibility
to put all that aside

because we're the ones
people look to

when their world
goes to pieces.


It was worth taking
military transport

from Washington
for that little speech.

Deputy secretary
Anastasia Markham,

Homeland Security.

I heard there was
an FBI field office

which appointed themselves
solely responsible

for investigating
the blackout.

If there's another office
or agency

that had a vision
of this investigation

and has more information
than we do, let me know...

And I'll send 'em
our case file.

Excuse me.
Problem at my daughter's school.

So what were
they doing when it happened?

They were
playing Blackout.

It's the same kind
of role-playing

that we saw after 9/11
and Katrina.

Sorry, I-I can't believe
she's all that different

from the other children.

Well, the other children-
they're talking about

what they saw,
just like the rest of us.

But the fact that Charlie hasn't
suggests something deeper.

So is everything
okay at home?

I was with another man.

Yeah. We're fine.

Has she discussed anything
that she might have seen?

We're taking the "she'll tell us
when she's ready to" approach.

You might consider
rethinking that

and asking her.

Look, obviously,

neither of us
want to talk about this.


Charlie wasn't in
my flash-forward.

I'm assuming she was
at home with you.

Just say it, Mark.

You saw another man...

- Somebody who-
- I've never even met.

who even if I did meet,

I'd turn around
and walk the other way.

You have to believe that.

But in your...

you were involved
with him.

You said you had
feelings for him,

and he was
in our house.

What if Charlie
saw the same guy, too?

We don't know
what Charlie saw.

It was 10:00 at night.
She had to have been home.

Come on. It's the most likely
scenario, and we both know it.

She's upset 'cause she thinks
her family's gonna fall apart.

I'm not gonna
let that happen.

I'm not gonna let some man
I've never even met come in

and threaten what we have,
what we've built together.

- It's not gonna happen.
- Of course not.

But it doesn't change the fact
that we gotta show Charlie

that Mom and Dad
are still good.

Are we good, Olivia?

Well, I met with
a divorce attorney this morning.

That's funny.
I met with mine last night.

- Yeah, so we're a disaster.
- DEFCON 1, at least.

Or like DEFCON plus one.

Yeah, if it exists.

It's gonna take a hell
of a lot more than fate

if you want to get rid
of me.

We're gonna beat this,

Now let me get this right.
You took it on yourself

to use bureau funds
to make a web site?

We've been calling it
the Mosaic collective,

and what the web site does
is it asks people to post

what they saw
during their visions.

Now in the 17 hours
since the site has gone live,

we've gotten
over 600,000 responses.

So far it confirms the theory
that if you put the descriptions

of peoples' visions together,

you do start to get
a definitive picture-a mosaic-

of April 29th.

Now we're using N.S.A.'s
echelon network algorithm

to intercept any suspicious words
and to look for patterns.

Now the hope is those patterns
will eventually lead

to an explanation
of what caused the blackout

so we can at least
prevent another one.

You're spending millions
of dollars on a hope?

- Mm-hmm.
- Comforting.

But how can you be sure?

What makes you think that
this was a scheduled event?

Well, the blackout happened
at exactly 11:00 A.M.

Pacific daylight time.

There's 60 minutes in an hour,
60 seconds in a minute.

So the chances
of something happening

at exactly the top
of any hour are 1 in 3,600.

In other words, the odds
of this happening by chance

are vanishingly remote.

I mean, I could give you
a list as long as my arm

of unscheduled events
happening to coincide

- with the top of an hour.
- Exactly.

Right now,
this is all supposition.

Some people are saying
that aliens did this.

Other people are saying
it's the rapture.

But the United States government
is not going to contribute to it

with unsupported accusations,

and hypothetical
flights of fancy.

All right, what's this?

Our "hypothetical
flight of fancy. "

This was taken
at Detroit's oxide super-stadium

about midway
through the blackout.

As far as we know, this was
the only person on the planet

- that was awake at that time.
- Awake?

Mm-hmm. We don't know
how he or she is immune or why,

but obviously,
it's gotten our attention,

and now it's gotten yours
as well.

What's all that, Mommy?

Uh, babe,
these are pictures of people

- that other people are looking for.
- 'Cause they're lost?

Well, uh, everybody's
still cleaning up.

But when they're done,
everybody will be found.

Are you sure?

Yeah, super-special sure.
Let's go.


I know it's
in here somewhere.

Okay, sweetie, let's go.

Okay, just like we said
in the car, babe.

- You're gonna be super good...
- Yes, Mommy.

And I'm gonna
find Debbie,

and she's gonna help
take care of you.

Hey, Charlie,
what are you doing here?

Hey. A little
incident at school,

and the babysitter's gone
A.W.O.L. What do we got?

Ah. Well,
admits are leveling off,

which is good,
because we're running out

of hallways
to put beds in.

How about that truck driver?
Did you get him extubated?

Yeah, and his sats
are holding. Also Mr. Simcoe,

father of the M.V.A. Boy-
he's been asking for you.

Oh, yeah, I've got to try
and get there.

It's just all I can do to
get out of the O.R. and work.

What about Squirrlio?
He's hurt.

Intensive care?

- You're hurting him, Mom.
- I'm making him better.

You-you know what would
really help his recovery

is 10 CCs of milk
and cookies, stat.

Do you think you can do that
for me, doctor? Nice.

Go find Debbie.

- Dr. Benford, I presume?
- Mm-hmm.

I'm Lloyd Simcoe.

Oh, this is awkward.

Well, it doesn't have to be.
A simple apology

for avoiding my son's bedside,
and we can move right along.

I'm sorry.
You and I have never met?

Yeah, that's
the general objection

I was trying
to convey.

Sorry, I have to make a call.

I- I've been camped out

at my son's bedside
for three days...

waiting to meet
this mysterious surgeon

- who apparently saved his life.
- I am so sorry.

It's-it's just ever
since the blackout,

I'm completely slammed
with work, so that's why.

I can tell.

I'm sure your son
has a favorite toy.

I really don't know, honestly.

Well, his condition makes him
a little hard to read.

He's autistic.

Oh, where is he
on the spectrum?

I'm not all that familiar
with the terminology.

Uh, Dylan's mother and I

soon after
he was diagnosed,

and, well,
to make matters worse,

his mother-my wife-

She died
during the blackout.

I heard that.
I'm so sorry.

Thank you.

Actually, I still haven't
worked up the courage

to give Dylan the news,
and-oh, so sorry.

Um, and-and I-I still have
a fair number of questions

regarding his condition.

Sure. You are in excellent hands
with Dr., um, Varley.

He can really answer
most of your questions.


Oh, um...

Very best of luck
with the procedure.

Hey, everything okay
with Charlie?

Yeah, it's fine.

Where'd you get that?

Oh, Charlie made it
for me.

Was that the same one
from your vision?


- And you're wearing it?
- You don't have kids.

Charlie's in free fall
right now.

The last thing I need
is her freaking out

because I wouldn't
accept her gift.

Then do something
that doesn't involve wearing it.

What's your problem, Dem?

You putting on
that bracelet...

It's like saying you want
the future to happen.

Believe me, I don't.

But let's be honest about
why you're so worked up here.

It's not my future
you're worried about.

It's yours.

What if I didn't see anything
because six months from now,

I'm gonna be dead?

You're panicked over
what might happen.

But if these flash-forwards

really are a window
into the future,

then we've gotta do
everything we possibly can

to use them
to our advantage.

What about D. Gibbons? Have we
made any headway with the name?

There's about 15,000
D. Gibbons worldwide-

4,000 in the U.S.,
and of those,

about a thousand have
criminal records.

Bureau's working
with some local P.D.s

to knock on doors,
but it's gonna take some time.

We don't have time.

We don't even know if D. Gibbons
is important. Remember that.

That name was on my office wall
six months from now.

This person is important.

Hey. You guys ready
to have your world rocked?

You know our person
of interest-D. Gibbons?

Well, she just strolled
into our office

asking for
an Agent Demetri Noh.

Let's just start
from the beginning.

Uh, my name is Didi Gibbons,
short for Deirdre.

I'm 45 years old.

I live in Anaheim,
and I own a cupcake store-

Didelicious cupcakes.

I brought some.

Peanut butter chip,
carrot cake and red velvet.

They're quite good.

I've never been arrested.

I've never had so much
as a speeding ticket

or anything like that,

But I'm nervous.

You're already
investigating me,

and-and I haven't
done anything yet,

or I w-I won't.

Did you see something
in your flash-forward?

It was so strange.

I was in my store,

and I was arguing
on the phone with someone.

I don't know anything about
any cockadoody pigeons.

I was getting angry.
I was so snippy.

You need to talk
to Agents Benford and Noh.

They're with the FBI.
Criminy, it is Noh!

N- O-H.
It's his last name-

Chinese or Mongolese or one-
one of the -ese. Asian.

I don't know! Just leave
me alone! Oh, that's good.

In my church, we've been
talking about these visions,

what they might mean,

and my pastor
suggested I contact you.

I called FBI offices
until I found an Agent Noh.

- It's Korean, by the way.
- I'm a good person.

She could be lying.

I mean, we can't just
take people at their word

when they talk about
what they saw.

Did she look like
she was lying?

No, but it's pretty convenient,
her walking in here like this

with the cupcakes and the snippy
and the-and the pigeons.

Could be nothing.

Could be the key
that unlocks everything.

According to your years
of investigating

global blackouts, right?

Mark's right. At this point,
any detail could be significant.

Run a background check.

I'm gonna log these in
to, uh, evidence.

- Hey.
- Yes?

Since we're
running down details,

why don't we circle back
on what you saw?

I told you.
I was in a meeting.

but like Demetri said,

I can't just take
your word for it.

- What?
- In my flash-forward,

gunmen were coming
into the office.

If you were in a meeting,
you were here,

which means you might
have seen something.

But I didn't see anything.

- How can you be sure?
- What?

All right,
I wasn't in a meeting.

I was having
a bowel movement.

Sorry I asked.

No, no, no, no.
You wanted it.

Now you gonna get
the blow-by-blow.

Just wait.
It gets better,

'cause I was also on the can
when the blackout happened.

When I woke up,
I didn't know what happened.

I banged my head against
the side of the stall.

I was a little out of it.

Rafalski was
in the John as well.


Son of a bitch
was drowning.

- What'd you do?
- What do you think I did?

I gave the poor bastard

You speak about this, e-mail,
text, fax, Twitter, whatever,

to anyone,
I will transfer you

to the ass end of the cornfield
so fast, your head will spin.

- You understand what I'm saying?
- Yes, sir.

- Get out.
- Mouth-to-mouth?

Get out.

There we go.
Full recovery.

Squirrlio! Squirrlio!
You're okay.

He's still a little tender
from his sutures.

It's my recommendation
that he remain ambulatory.

- Do you know what that means?
- Like an ambulance?

Kind of.
It means moving around.

So do you want
to take a walk?

- Let's do it.
- I'm gonna take extra,

extra special care of you
from now on.

I'm making super-special sure
you're always going to be okay.

You saw another man
in our living room.

What if Charlie saw
the same guy, too?

Hey, honey.

Uh, sweetie,
just wait up.

Baby, see that man there?

Have you ever
seen him before?

Who is he, Mommy?

He's nobody, baby.
He's nobody.

Dylan! What happened to Dylan?
Who hurt Dylan?

- Who hurt him?
- Hey, hey, hey, hey.

- Babe, he's fine.
- Who hurt him? Who hurt him?

- Who hurt him?
- Mommy operated on him. He's fine.

Dear heart,
how do you know Dylan?

I saw him
in my dream.

You did?
Where were you?

- Were you at our house?
- Who hurt him?

What did you see?

How did he get hurt?
Who hurt him? Who hurt him?

- Who hurt him?
- It's okay.

How'd he get hurt?

Who hurt him?
Who hurt him?

What did you find out
about Didi Gibbons?

Well, N.C.I.C gives her
a clean bill of health.

And aside from
a few parking violations,

- the woman is a saint.

The only thing even remotely
resembling any kind of hiccup

are a couple of credit card
charges made last week.

It was two purchases
on the same account

at nearly the same time-

One for a manicure
in Newport Beach and the other

at a gas station in Utah,
like, two minutes later.

It's a cloned card.
It's gotta be a cloned card.

Didi said she was
having an argument

in her flash-forward-with
her credit card company, maybe.

Sick to death of you people
harassing me.

- Argument about pigeons?
- Cockadoody pigeons!

Maybe the pigeon's a person-
the name of whoever stole

her credit card
and charged it in Utah.

14 people with the last
name Pigeon in Utah.

- Any criminal records?
- Not unless you include jaywalking

and indecent exposure.

Didi said in her flash-forward
she was arguing about pigeons.

Is there someplace in Utah
where, I don't know,

- there's a lot of pigeons?
- Wow.

That's good.
No, no, as theories go,

that one's, um, that one's
really thin, actually.

Tell us again
why you're the boss?

Because he's a genius.

There's not "a lot of pigeons"
in Utah, but there is one.

Pigeon isn't the name
of a person. It's-

It's a place-
Pigeon, Utah.

Contact the Bureau Field Office
in Salt Lake City

and get them
running this down.

In the meantime,

let's see if there's
anything else for us to go on.

Excuse me.

I understand. Go ahead.

Hey, I'm sorry.
Do you have a minute?


Uh, so I took Charlie
with me to the hospital,

and she saw a boy
she recognized from her vision.

- Did she tell you what she saw?
- No, she just imploded.

Come to see daddy work,
Charlie bear?

Hi, daddy.

- Hi. How are you?
- Good.

She seemed to really
care about him.

Seeing him in his hospital bed,
she was-

She was worried for him.

Well, 'cause he was
in the hospital.

That's probably
where she met him

in the next six months.


What? What's the matter?
What's up?

His father...
The boy...

His father
is the man I saw.

His name is Lloyd-
Lloyd simcoe.

- His son is-
- His son's your patient.

But Lloyd didn't recognize me.
I'm positive.

You don't think?

No, I've thought about it,
and I realize that I saw him.

But before he turned around,
the flash-forward ended.

So I don't think
he saw me.

But it doesn't matter
what I saw.

This man
means nothing to me.

For now.

Oh, come on.
That's not fair.

You can't punish me
for something

- I haven't done, something-
- I'm not.


I'm not
punishing you, Livy.

It's just, what was that man
doing in our home?

I seem
to remember you, uh,

you told me
you had feelings for him.

Well, you said you were okay.
Obviously, you're not.

Until three days ago,
you'd never met this guy.

Now you have.

The future's happening,

What if we just saw a possible
future, like a warning?

I am never gonna be
unfaithful to you, Mark.

We don't know what "never"
means anymore.

Excuse me. Hey, we checked with
the field office near Pigeon.

Didi Gibbons' cloned card
just got run.

Our unsub
bought a bus ticket.

Makes sense.
Planes are still grounded.

Ticket's for tonight. D. Gibbons
is blowing out of town.

We got
a chopper waiting.

I, uh, I gotta go.

Welcome to Pigeon.
I'm Sheriff Keegan.

Mark Benford.
This is Agent Noh.

How are you?

Why is this man
so important?

Did he have anything to do
with the blackout?

He's a person of interest.

Well, we've set up a stakeout
across from the bus station

in case he does show.

It's like an invasion.

Your Salt Lake City Field Office
practically sent an army.

We're not looking
to horn in on your turf.

That's too bad. We could use
someone to tell us what to do.

Everyone in town is fixated on
these visions they experienced.

Does that include you?

Not exactly.

It's a little boring,
but I didn't see anything.


Quite frankly, I'd rather not
be any other way.

The people I know,

the ones who say
they saw their futures...

They're torturing themselves
over it.

Let's go.

I wanna know
everything we're doing

to identify
this person in the stadium.

What would be the point?

I thought you didn't think
this was...

What was the term you used?
"Scheduled event"?

Are you going to brief me
or crow about this some more?

Honestly, I don't see why
I can't do both

- for a little while.
- We're calling him "Suspect Zero. "

How do we even know this is
a "him" we're looking at?

Video forensics.
Do you see how his head

is the exact height
of the bleacher right there?

Well, that is a 6-foot wall,

and using that
as a reference point

and accounting for camera angle
and distance,

we can estimate that this person
is 5'8" and 150 pounds,

which makes the odds
of this being a female

less than 1 in 40.

Can the image
be enhanced further?

Data services has already
blown up the pixels,

but we're sending it
to the N.S.A.

to see if
the Fort Meade supercomputers

can do anything else
with it.

Look at him-

Walking around,
not a care in the world,

not the least bit surprised...

which means he knew
the blackout was gonna happen,

which means
he was involved.

Conspiracy theory is comforting.
It presents you with an enemy,

gives you someone to arrest,
put on trial.

Well, this is not
a visual effect

we're looking at.

This man is real.

I just hope we can find him
before he does something worse.

What's worse than causing
worldwide devastation?

Causing it twice.

Hey, Dr. Varley.

My son's asking

for some kind
of nonhospital hamburger.

You know, wrapped in paper
with a toy.

Is that sanctioned
given his condition?

Actually, uh, it's good that
he's getting his appetite back.

His-his vitals
are looking good.

Your son's a fighter.

he's gonna need to be.

Everything is gonna be okay,
Mr. Simcoe.

how can you be so sure?

I've seen the future.

Look, I know everyone
saw something different.

For me,
it was something positive.

For others...

Maybe it was
something bad.

But either way,
I've gotta believe...

I do believe

there's a gift
in the knowing.

The test of
who we are now is

what we choose to do
with what we've seen.

That's an amazing thing.

Go for Benford.

It's Keegan.

D. Gibbons never even
picked up his ticket.

But you have

the exits out of town

Sure, but he could still
make it out of here on foot.

For that matter, we don't even
know if it's a "he. "

We don't know
who we're looking for.

Damn it.
I knew it.

Look, Mark,
that was a good shot, okay?

But maybe
these future clues

- of yours are just-
- Bogus?

Well, I wasn't gonna
be that harsh, but yeah.

Face it, it's been a little bit
of a goose chase here, man.

Tell that to Didi Gibbons.

And what about this?

I saw it in my vision,
and it came true.

Has Charlie ever made you
one of those before?


Okay, well, then it's not
that amazing.

Coincidences happen
all the time.

That's why they're called

People see patterns
in tea leaves and clouds.

Come on.

Let's go home.


Sorry about the circus.

Sorry it didn't pan out.

what is that place there?

Divine Doll,
a mom-and-pop operation.

They went bankrupt
a few months ago,

along with
most of the town.

It's vacant now.

In my vision,

there was
a photo of a doll

- next to a card with the name-
- D. Gibbons.

You telling me
that's a coincidence, too?

You think this qualifies
for probable cause?

The county judge will.
He's my father-in-law.

I thought you said
this place was vacant.

It's supposed to be.

# Ring around the Rosie #

- # pocketful of posies #
- Crap.

# Ashes, ashes,
we all fall down #

FBI! Open up!

# We all fall down #

- D. Gibbons, get down!
- Freeze! Don't move!

On your knees!

Are you alone here?!
On your knees! Don't move!

- Down! Get down!
- Don't move! Get on your knees!

Get down!

"He who foresees calamities

- suffers them twice over. "
- What'd you say?

Officer down!

All right, fellas,
take her away.

Excuse me. Could I take a look
at the photo you just took?


Shooter's in the wind.

Hey, Dem, I'm-
I'm sorry about Keegan.

I know what you must
be thinking but-

Can we talk
about that later?

What we got now is
cell phone and white queen.

So who's our Bobby Fischer
playing chess with?


Chess pieces, dolls.

What the hell
was he doing here, Dem?

E.R.T. guy's best guess
is he was doing some

heavy duty computer hacking.
According to data forensics,

our guy's been superbusy
since the blackout.

He's been hacking into nets
all over the world-

V.L.A. in New Mexico,
Particle Collider at C.E.R.N.,

G.P.S. network.

He even tried to hack
into Mosaic through the n. S.A.


I think he was ruling out
possible causes.

I don't think we're
the only ones investigating

why the blackout happened.

Dr. Benford.

Your patient pulled through,
I see.

I'm sorry I didn't get
to see your son today.

I was really busy.
All human patients, I swear.

I should get her home.

Ah, you know,
I've been sitting here,

thinking of a way to tell my son
that his mother is dead.


However you tell him,

just be sure
to tell him you love him.

Is parenting
really that simple?

It's the only simple part.

Take care, Mr. Simcoe.

# When I was young,
younger than before #

# I never saw the truth
hanging... #

# And now I'm older #

# See it face-to-face #

# And now I'm older #

# Gotta get up,
clean the place #

I'm back, Dylan.

Now there's something

been putting off
telling you,

because I wanted you
to get better first.

And you know what?

Oh, you really are
getting better.

I guess you're...

I guess you're wondering

why your mother
hasn't come to see you yet.


She's not here.

Yeah, that's r-
T- That's right.


You see, Dylan, um...

When the blackout happened,

and when everyone
fell asleep...


your mother
never woke up again.

She was in an accident,
and she, um...

She died?


It's just you and me now,

But we're gonna be okay.

I love you.

I wanna see Olivia.

3:00 A.M., guys.

I was just about to fall asleep.
What's going on?

What's going on
is that I'm eating crow.

Tell him.

I managed to pull
the I.M.E.I. number

off the cell you and Mark
recovered from Utah.

And as it turns out, D. Gibbons
made a series of six calls-

Five right before the blackout
to another disposable cell.

Well, a lot of people made calls
before the blackout.

Mark was on the phone
with you

- when it happened.
- Yeah, I know,

but the sixth call was placed
30 seconds into the blackout.

I traced it to...

another cell.

D. Gibbons was
on the phone with somebody else

during the blackout.

Yes, but not just
any somebody.

The second call was placed

to someone within range
of three cell phone towers,

allowing me to triangulate
a position.

Let me ask you this-

What kind of a place
has multiple towers

to handle
increased cell traffic?

- A baseball stadium.
- Yep.

D. Gibbons was talking...

to Suspect Zero.

And then
there were... two.

How many postings so far?

900,000 and counting.

This site's taken on
a life of its own.

Everybody's got a story.

Just trying to corroborate
what they saw.

I feel like an idiot.

I've been ragging on Mark about
all this future stuff, but...

I gotta admit,
these clues on his board...

It seems like they're
actually panning out.

Look who's up late.

Or, ahem, early,
depending on your perspective.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Ginger coconut.
Blue Hawaiian.

Nothing says gratitude
like tropical flavoring.

Thank you. Thank you.
We didn't really do anything.

You don't think that saving
my credit score

and my peace of mind
isn't anything?

Well, thank you.
- Enjoy your sugar rush.

- But get back to work, hmm?



Flash-forward to
my ass ballooning two sizes.

Yeah, but you saw yourself

so your fat ass gets a pass.

You know,
it's so funny.

I've never had
that "ticking clock" feeling.

You know, I've never even
had the urge to have a baby.

There I was...

Some blonde woman

giving me an ultrasound.

This sonographer...

Maybe she saw you, too.

Maybe she's out there

waitin' for you
to post something.


Why not?

I wanna know.

It's a girl.



Your turn.

I didn't see anything,

Yeah, you know,

some people just think
that means you'll be asleep.

Or it means
I'll be dead.

I met a woman today
who didn't have a vision.

Five minutes after she told me,
she was shot and killed.

Have you talked to Zoey
about this?

In my experience, um,

fiancées aren't really big

on their grooms dying
before the wedding.

- Ruins the first dance.
- Yeah.

Heavy corpse.

It's bad wedding etiquette
or something.

Okay, if you're gonna
be dead-

and that's a big "if"...

Don't you kinda wanna know
how it happens?

I don't know.

I don't think so.

Yeah, but if you know,
maybe you can prevent it.

And maybe there's somebody
out there

that has information
that can help you.

What the hell.

it's 3:00 in the morning.

Didn't want to wake you.
Got back late.

Ginger ale?


How was Nevada?


Dead end.

You all right?

At work,
I'm making moves,

betting the future
is gonna happen as I saw it.

But here at home,

with you...

Us, me...

I'm praying it doesn't.

Did I do the right thing,
telling you about Lloyd?

You did.

We shouldn't keep secrets
from each other.

Why'd you make a fire?

No reason.

This is Demetri.

Mr. Noh,
I'm sorry to disturb you,

but I'm calling in response
to your Mosaic board posting.

My post? Already?

Who is this?
How'd you get this number?

I can't divulge that, but I can
tell you my vision involved you.

Go on.

In my flash-forward,

I was reading
an intelligence briefing,

and... I am sorry.

There is
no delicate way to say this,

but on
March 15th, 2010,

You are going
to be murdered.

You're home, Daddy.

Sorry, sweetie.
I didn't mean to wake you.

Go back to sleep.


Yeah, hon?

The reason
I was bad at school-

It's 'cause the other kids
were saying,

the flash-forwards
are gonna come true.

Only the good ones, honey.
I promise.

So if the bad ones
aren't gonna come true,

why did people have them?

Think of 'em
like a warning.

You know,
like when mommy's driving

and the traffic light
turns yellow-

It means there's a stop sign
coming ahead.

So we don't crash.


I don't understand
my warning.

What do you mean?

Did you see
something scary?

"D. Gibbons
is a bad man. "