Flashforward (2009–2010): Season 1, Episode 18 - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road - full transcript

Aaron infiltrates an Afghan village to find Tracy. Olivia finds a person who had several flashforwards. Janis tries to cover her tracks against her fellow FBI agents before they can discover her secret.

They got my daughter. She was here.

But Jericho found her and took
back to Afghanistan.

You're going to Afghanistan?

Sure am.

It's about
the Raven River experiments.

That's what my friend wanted
to talk to you about.

He texted you.

What do you know
about the text?

The flash-forwards...
The blackout...

We can't solve it without you.

We engineered thousands
of flash-forwards.

We have to protect ourselves
from the effects

of another blackout.
We have to anchor consciousness

if another wave happens.

You' gonna be saved by
the lady you see every day.

I have to get pregnant now.
I want that baby.

I want this specific child.

It was supposed
to happen this weekend.

If it's baby-making you need,
I will take one for the team.

- That night in Somalia...
- Oh, Demetri. I'm pregnant.

I reviewed your Uncle Teddy's
autopsy x-rays.

You murdered him to send a message.
Message received.

I should have known... two moles,
in case one is caught.

And not one person in the office
would suspect it's you.

The yellow brick road...

a six-mile
killer obstacle course.

Every Quantico graduate
dreads it,

but we all do it.

I never intended
to be an FBI Agent.

- I was a lawyer and hated my life.
- Go, Janis!

- Then I had this friend...
- Go on!

who joined the bureau.

Stop being such a girl!

Oh, stop being such a bitch!

I never thought of myself
as particularly patriotic.

- But it sounded cool.
- All right! Yeah!

I like the idea of being
part of something,

actually trying to make
the world a safer place.

Nice going.

You're not gonna tell everybody

I almost didn't make it, right?

No, I'm just gonna show 'em
this picture.

Oh! Hey!

Last one
to the barbed wire is a wuss.

That was a $5 camera!

I loved it. I loved every second of it.

Quantico made me strong.

It taught me what mattered,
and it showed me I'm capable

of tackling problems
I never thought possible.

Of course, I've never
lived in Los Angeles,

so we'll see
how I survive this.

I'm sure you'll do just fine.

- Are you married?
- Oh, no.

I don't really have time
for a serious relationship.

Good to know.

I'm sorry.
I've been going on and on.

Um, what was your name again?

I'm Lita.

We'll take two more.

So what do you do?

I'm a headhunter.

I find talented people
like yourself and...

offer them opportunities.

Well, I just started
at the bureau,

and I'm not really
looking to quit.

Who said anything
about quitting?

I know all about your job.

I'm just talking about
a little multitasking.

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goodbye yellow brick road
original air date on April 29, 2010.

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These are
the blueprints and photographs

that Mark found on Frost.

The originals are being analyzed
by forensics right now.

The only other thing
of potential relevance

is Frost's final bon mot...

"In the end you'll be saved
by the lady you see every day."

I can't speak
on behalf of everyone,

but I'm still contemplating
the unbelievable fact

that we had
the possible mastermind

of the global blackout
in our hands,

and just before he's able to
divulge any real information,

he's killed by a terrorist who,
just mere hours before,

was in our custody. Now how
the hell does that happen?

I don't know. What I do know
is Demetri Noh is alive.

Yeah, and Alda's free again,

which means Demetri
was right all along...

that she's been involved in
this thing since the beginning,

even before you guys
started surveilling her.

Believe me, I want her back
just as much as you do.

In the meantime,

Frost did confirm that there
will be another blackout.

He was coming in from the cold,
and these blueprints

and photographs are what
he was bringing with him.

That alone makes them vital
to our investigation.

This man was insane.

How do we know that anything
he's even giving us is credible?

Because crazy as he was,
he was always true to his word.

- But if you want to kick over more anthills...
- Mark, this isn't about what I...

Can we please dial back the
testosterone? That's enough.

Thank you.

Janis is running point
on photos and blueprints.

High priority. Shel, Dem said
Frost referenced something

called Raven River as the place

where the flash-forwards
started happening.

See what you can
find out about it.

This tracks something
I was already running down.

So keep running.
When Demetri gets back,

he can jump in with you.

Look, we're clearly
on the right track.

The bad guys
were obviously desperate

to keep us
from getting to Frost.

Let's take that as a sign we're
getting warmer and push on.

Okay, so run his labs.

Start an I.V.
I'll be there in ten minutes.

Yeah. Bye.

It's important, Olivia!


How did you get in here?

I know you.

My husband is FBI, okay?
So there's an agent

right out front. I'm gonna call
him, and he's gonna take you...

The Pixies. The Pixies.

You were there.

You were there.
You wore a purple beret.

The drink spilled on the lady
in front. She got mad.

She got so mad.

I was there, too,
with my handler, Barry.

Barry lost his job for
taking me to a Pixies concert.

They closed with
"Wave of Mutilation."

The summer after med school?

I was at Scott's wedding
at the vineyard.

Remember Scott's wedding
at the vineyard?

Your dress was turquoise.
You cried. It was sad.

It was so sad.
They served many corndogs.

I don't know who you are.
What do you want from me?

I'm Gabriel McDowell.
I told you that.

I said... I definitely
said that already.

You have to remember things,

Like I said, my husband is FBI,
so there's an agent out front.

- I'm gonna call him,
and he's gonna take you away.
- He's not your husband.

Lloyd... you know Lloyd? Lloyd is.

- What?
- Yeah, you made a mistake.
You should be with Lloyd.

I tried to stop you,
only you don't know that,

because I only tried to
stop you. I have to tell you

all about it. It was a Thursday.
There's so much I need

to tell you.
It's all at Raven River.

Get the hell out of my house!

No, don't go! Don't go!
The proof of the pudding

is in the eating! Don't buy
coffee today from the man

that looks like Mr. Clean!
Don't buy coffee today!

Dan, there's a man
in my house! Dan!


Janis, thank you for coming in
on such short notice.

I'm worried about your baby.

Why? I thought you said
everything looked good.

You're anemic, and you haven't
gained enough weight.

I want you to see
a perinatologist

to get a high-resolution

Now she'll make sure
that the placenta's okay

and the baby is growing.

And what if it isn't?

First things first.
Get that ultrasound,

and get it soon.
You've got to protect your baby.

I can't believe
this is happening right now.

Yeah, but, Mark,
he was in our house.

I mean,
I could have been killed.

Charlie must have
been terrified.

No, Charlie was
already at school.

Why would this man
be stalking you?

I don't know.
All I know is that

there's something
incredibly wrong with him.

Okay, look, I'm gonna have
to call you back. Soon.

Okay. Bye.

Ralph, what happened?

Some teenager driving
and texting jumped a curb

and hit a couple people
waiting for coffee out front.

He was going, like, 80.
Doesn't look good.

Don't buy coffee today

from the man
that looks like Mr. Clean!

Oh, my God.

Can I help you, hon?


I'm looking for some
red flower dragon heads.

You mean some
red dragon flowerhorns?


Do you have any here?

I might. Do you have
a freshwater tank or saltwater?

I'm sorry. I was supposed
to ask for Carline.

That's me.


Um... I'm Janis.

Lita sent me to you.

I know. So let's get you set up
with an aquarium, shall we?

Yeah, I don't actually
really need an aquarium.

I think a five-gallon tank
ought to do the trick.

We got your blue coral here,
a power supply, air filter,

water conditioner,
a couple of plants

and some incandescent bulbs.

I'm a little confused.

Honey, if you're going
to be coming in here

every couple of weeks to talk
to me, then you need an excuse.

Yeah, I don't really like fish.

You do now.

So what do you think...
neon tetras or zebra fish?

The... tetras, I guess.

I'm sorry. What exactly is it
that I'm supposed to be doing?

Well, for now, your job.

Be the best Special Agent at
the L.A. bureau that you can be.

Watch, wait, win their trust.

And while you're at it, keep us
apprised of what they're up to.

Now these swordtails
can be very aggressive.

Sometimes they eat each other.

Fish are like that.

Here we go.

The photos that we found
on Frost are platinum prints,

which dates the photos
between 1890 to 1917.

But the guy from the Getty says

that it's likely the latter
part of that time period.

We were able to recover
two sets of prints...

Frost's, of course,
and Alda Hertzog's.

Alda? How would she have gotten
her hands on these photos?

Maybe she was with him
before he met with you?

No. She barely would have had
time to make it to the desert

before killing Frost. They must
have crossed paths even earlier.

Another weird thing...

Forensics analyzed these photos

and the blueprints
for trace chemicals,

and they found particulate
matter specific to soil

in the Kunar province
of Afghanistan.

Yep, U.S. Department
of Agriculture

keeps a soil database.

What would Frost
be doing in Afghanistan?

Don't look so alarmed.

You will only draw
more attention.

Who are you?

I'm here at the request of our
mutual friend Stanford Wedeck.

You're Malik?

And you are looking
for your daughter.

But now is not the time
to exchange biographies.

- We need to leave.
- You already said that.

Those men over there...

One of them
is making a phone call.

The best
outcome of that call is a man

on his way here to kidnap you.

The worst... that man with a bomb
strapped to his chest.

I believe that is what you call
a lose/lose situation.

You don't blend
as well as you think.

Thank you, Professor Corey,

for looking at these.

If these blueprints
can be authenticated,

this would be
an incredibly cool find.

Kind of reminds me a lot
of the antikythera mechanism.

I'm not familiar with that.

It's one of the great mysteries
of modern science.

It was a bronze artifact

discovered in the Mediterranean in 1901.

Turned out to be this incredibly
sophisticated sort of calculator

from second century B.C. Greece.
They've got it on display at

the National Archeology Museum
in Athens.

- And you think this is something like that?
- Mm-hmm.

Yeah, looks like it.
The antikythera calculated dates

of solar eclipses,
but I'll be damned

if I can figure out
what this calculates.

If you'll let me keep these,
I'll scan them,

do some 3-d imaging,
translate the ancient Greek

and, uh, see what
I can come up with.

Call me
when you know something.

Who has copies of these?

We've got
an antiquities Professor

studying the originals
right now,

and Benford's
got a copy on his board.

Get them back.

What do you mean?

I mean get me the original
and destroy every copy

that's been made.

What's so important
about this thing?

I don't recall
answering questions

being part of our arrangement.

The information goes one way,

Get me these blueprints.

Sweetie, you want me to make you
that frozen pizza?

No. I'm all full on popcorn.


Squirrlio. I'll give you 20 bucks for it.

What are you doing?

What are you doing, Janis?

I totally screwed up, Mark.

That's an understatement.

You broke into my office,
and you're removing things

- from the Mosaic board.
- I know.

I'm an idiot.
Professor Corey called me.

- Professor Corey?
- The antiquities Professor.

He misplaced the blueprints
that I gave him.

So make him another copy.
I gave him the originals.

You have the only other copy.

You didn't check
the originals into evidence?

No. I had
a doctor's appointment,

so I just brought 'em with me.

How'd you get in?

- You gave me your passcode.
- When?

That time... you were
in Washington with Wedeck,

and you needed me to get...
The Geyer file for you.


This is a rookie mistake,

Hand back the blueprints.

You can get your copies

You should know better.

I know.

I'm sorry.

I'm telling you, Shel, he seemed
to know a lot about me.

I mean, look,
there he is again.

And you're sure
you don't know this guy?

No, believe me. I would
have remembered him.

That's weird.

And he brought up
Raven River again,

like he did the other day.

Do you have any idea
what that is?

That's an interesting thing.

There's a suspect
we were tracking

with the Mosaic investigation.
Well, he had mentioned something

about Raven River to Demetri,
so I did some research.

Well, that's crazy.
Does Mark know about this?

I'm putting the report
together for him now.

There's a few Raven Rivers.
There's one in Wisconsin,

one in Illinois.
There's a tennis club in Ohio

and a Raven River Hospital
in Arizona.

Well, what kind of hospital?

Psych hospital. It's been shut
down for about 20 years now,

and there was some controversy
in the late '80s... abuses.

What kind of patients?

and they were the first hospital

in the country
to deal with autism.

W-what about savants?

She was trying
to get away from them.

That's why she came home.
But Jericho...

They got eyes everywhere.
Now they brought her back here.

How do you know
they have not killed her?

I know.

You have proof?

She's alive.

I've seen it.

You seem confident
in your beliefs.

I envy you.

You must know that what you're
asking is no small undertaking.

Kandahar is not Baghdad,
Mr. Stark.

It's not even Kabul.

Finding a single person
anywhere in this country

is next to impossible.
There was someone else there,

- someone think can lead us to her.
- Who?

His name's Khamir Dejan.
He's a doctor...

Friend of Tracy's. He knows
the location where I found her.

We find him,
he can lead us there.

It's not that simple. Even if he is
in this region, it will take time.

Where she was, there was
writings on the wall.

Does that mean anything to you?

Eyes on the Mountain.

It's a medical relief
organization, nongovernmental.

- You said that Khamir was a doctor.
- Yeah.

This group... they have bases
all over the country.

If he is working for them,
we can find him.

And the roadblocks?

I know all of them.
I know how to get around them.

Where do we start?

We head south
towards the mountains.

I've seen the test results from Dr. Weaver.

Let's have a look, shall we?
There's your baby,

and there's the heartbeat.

Is she okay?

Is she too small?

No, the head size is normal.

Placental blood flow,
it's... it's okay.

But the abdominal girth
isn't what I'd want to see.

I know your work is
very demanding, Janis,

but you're going to need to
take better care of yourself.

Get eight to nine hours
of sleep a night,

eat a high-protein diet and...

reduce your stress.

You know those are not supposed
to be on in here.

Look, I know life
is complicated. Everyone's is.

But the health of your baby
depends on your ability

to... to stay off your feet

and lower your stress.
I'm serious.

you could lose this baby.

I'm sorry. I have to take it.
It's my boss.

Hey, Mark.

Professor Corey's
sitting in my office,

and he's just given me some
very interesting information.

I think you better
get back here.

Professor Corey.

Ms. Hawk. Weirdest thing
happened yesterday.

There was a power failure
in the entire building,

- erased every hard drive in the joint.
- Really?

Yeah. And I can't seem to find
those blueprints you gave me...

Which is why
it's a damn good thing

I took pictures on my phone
and printed 'em out.

- I wanted to get a head start.
- Great.

I, uh, did some quick and dirty
3-d imaging of the device.

Seems to be some kind
of mechanical,

astronomical clock...

With gears and levers designed
to calculate a certain date,

- or rather, a series of dates.
- What dates?

When I do the math, the first
date I keep coming up with

is October 6, 2009...

The date of the blackout.

Janis Hawk. It's Benford. Get Wedeck.
Suspects are on the move.

- Mark, I'm putting you on speaker.
- What do you got?

Khalid, Omar

and an unidentified
Caucasian woman.

We're e-mailing you
pictures right now.

Who is she?

Uh, that's the "unidentified"
part, sweetheart.

- Get these to digital forensics
and run 'em by I.S.O.T.
- Okay.


You've had a partial abruption, Ms. Hawk.

The good news is
you've stopped bleeding.

You're gonna have to really
watch your physical activity

from here on out. Do you want
to know the sex of your baby?

Well, considering
the circumstances...

Get up.

- You guys okay?
- Yeah.

I want out.

It's normal to be upset.

Millions of people died
yesterday, Carline.

I lost friends,
people I know and work with.

Nobody told me this was
the plan when I was recruited.

You said there was
gonna be an event,

but you never said
it would be like this.

Did you know this
was gonna happen?

I don't answer questions, Janis.
We've already been over this.

I don't want to do this

I want out now.

I'm really sorry
you feel that way, Janis,

but you can't get out.

You're in way too deep.

Surely you're bright enough
to realize that.

You know, it's funny.
I never heard you complaining

when you were pocketing
all that money.

You didn't think
there was a price?

You're a despicable person.

Man up, sweetheart.

This is what we do, and even
if I wanted to cut you loose,

that's not my call to make.

Okay, then I want to talk to
the person whose call it is.

That's not gonna happen...

If I were you, I'd go on home,

pour yourself
a couple of stiff ones,

lick your wounds,
because tomorrow I expect you

back in here
spilling your guts.

It's like the setting in one of
those slasher movies.

I'm more of a Clint Eastwood
type guy, myself.

I hope you told someone
where we were going.

Ah, so they'll know
where to find our bodies?


Ooh. Here you go.

Oh, thank you.



I'm gonna look around
down here.

Okay. You call me
if you get lost.

You're not gonna find...

What you're looking for
there, Olivia.

I knew you'd be here.

You're always here.

I'm heading out.

What's up with you?

Hmm? You've been distracted.
You haven't been yourself.

You've been coming in late,

for lengths of time.

What is it?

I'm pregnant.




Your flash-forward
really is coming true.

And there was a question
of the health of the baby.

So I just...

I don't know.
I guess I just lost it.

I lost my edge.

But I'm okay.

Everything's good.


Mark, I just hope that you know
you can still count on me.


I never doubted that.


You know, I can't stop thinking
about Frost's last words...

"In the end, you'll be saved by
the lady you see every day."

What the hell
does that mean, hmm?

Well, clearly, that means
I'm gonna save your ass, Mark.


I don't know. Maybe it means
Olivia's gonna save my ass.

Let's go over this again.

What do we know
about Dyson Frost?

We know he went
under the alias "D. Gibbons."

And he played chess

And faked his own death
once upon a time.

D. Gibbons escaped.
We got a white queen.


The lady you see every day.

In chess,

the queen's known
as the lady, right?


Crazy son of a bitch was right.

Your family?

I'm taking you
where you want to go.

What else do you need to know?

How about what you saw?
That's a start.

My wife and daughter...
we're in a car together.

We black out. The car
goes over the embankment.

I survive. It doesn't
matter what I saw.

A future without them
is no future at all.

I'm sorry.

You know,

I envy that you believe
in the possibility of good.


I don't know.

I thought you said
you knew all the factions.

Isn't that why Wedeck
sent you to me?

I don't know this one.

I'll take care of it.


How'd you find me?

Well, you...

Don't blend in
as well as you think.

My... my friend...
the one who texted you...

- He... he was here. We...we were here.
- Olivia!

- We were here. He was here. We...
we were here together.
- You okay?

- Yeah.
- Do you understand now?

Tell... you understand now?

No, Gabriel,
I don't understand anything.

How... how did you know
about the car accident

- at the hospital?
- I saw it.

Well, what did you mean
when you said

that I made a mistake
about Lloyd?

Uh, it's what I saw.

Lloyd and Olivia sitting

- in a tree, k-i-s-s...
- Okay, stop. Stop.

- It's what I saw.
- You saw it?

- This is where they did it.
- Gabriel, where are you going?

This is where they did it.

This is where they did it.

Where they did what?

This is where they did it...

The experiments.

What experiments?

Every other day
for two years...

We came here.

They put us to sleep.

They put us to sleep.
I never knew where I'd end up.

Sometimes it was a short trip.

I was eating a tuna sandwich.
Cat jumped on the table.

Kitty likes tuna.
Sometimes it was a long trip.

He watches from there.


The doctor... Frost.

Dyson Frost?

He told us we were special

'cause we could
remember things...


And then when we came back,
we had to write it all down,

every... every little detail.

That's the way
the cookie crumbles. The...


You're talking about

He... he said we were special

because we could
remember the future.

I said that already.
Did I say that already?

- I'm sorry I said that already. I said that already.
- It's okay. It's okay, Gabriel. It's okay.

You are special. You're...
you're a savant. You all were.

He used you
for your eidetic memories

like human recorders.

When they finished with us...

When they used us all up...

He told them to kill us
so we wouldn't tell.

He's dead now.

You don't have to be
afraid of him anymore.


The early worm
catches the bird.

I've been waiting.
I've been waiting.

Gabriel, why have you
been following me?

It's an emergency.

you're going the wrong way.

So I-I have to
turn you around, Olivia,

- 'cause you're going the wrong way.
- What wrong way?

- In the futures I saw,
I always saw you, Olivia.
- Me?

Yeah, and you're
always with Lloyd.

At Harvard, by the pipe shop,

I-I tried to smoke that day,
but I threw up.

And... and we were friends.

- We were friends because I was the janitor in the...
- No, Gabriel. I didn't go to Harvard.

I came to California. I went
to U.C.L.A. I married Mark.

In the futures I saw,

you're supposed to be
with Lloyd.

You're always with Lloyd...
not that other one.


Harvard was a fork in the road.

You have to listen to me,

You have to... have
to remember these things,

because they're important.
You have to be here

for things to come.
You're a piece of the puzzle.

They... they can't solve it
without you!

it's been P.E.T. scanned,

C.T. scanned

and subjected
to neutron emissions analysis.

What the hell is it...

Some kind of little
electronic kryptonite?

No, no, no.
This is more complicated.

Our analyst is saying
it makes our current tech

look kind of primitive.
They have no idea what it is.

That's why I've invited Simon
and Lloyd to join us.

Suspect Zero has one, too.

You think he and Dyson Frost
were working together, huh?

Possibly. We know
that D. Gibbons... Frost...

Made numerous calls
during the blackout.

As far as we know, they were
the only two people in the world

awake during the blackout.

Suspect Zero
was wearing a ring,

and Frost had this one
in his possession.

It's a Q.E.D.

- What?
- A quantum entanglement device.

My God. It exists.

This is what we were discussing
in our flash-forwards.

English, gentlemen.
English, please.

Okay. Let's start with
the basics, all right?

Frost and his pals

ramped up
our linear accelerator

to such extreme energies
that it sent shock waves

through the consciousness field

and jolted
all of humanity's awareness

to a different place in
space-time... the flash-forward.

Now Suspect Zero and Frost

were awake during the time
of the blackout, correct?

They were in some way protected.

So you think this ring...

Is a device
which anchored their minds

to their current location
in space-time.

In other words,
it helped them stay conscious.

You're saying this little thing

kept those guys
from blacking out?

Maybe this is why they were
so anxious to attack our offices

on April 29th.

Maybe they weren't coming for
me. They were coming for this.

And now that we know that,

we can figure out
a way to stop them.

Mr. Vogel?

Janis Hawk.

I was told to meet you by
Assistant Director Bramwell.

Yes, Ms. Hawk.

Please sit.

on graduating today.

Surviving Quantico is
no small accomplishment.

Thank you.

I was told this is
about a special assignment,

but I'm actually starting
in the L.A. office next month.

Ms. Hawk, I'll get right
to the point.

I'm not with the bureau.
As I'm sure you're aware,

historically, the bureau
and the agency haven't always

cooperated as closely
as they might have.

We're trying to change that.

You're CIA.

Hmm. As a part of
a still-classified operation,

we've assessed
your graduating class

and found
half a dozen candidates

potentially vulnerable
to hostile recruitment.

And I'm one of them?

Yes. Your financial situation,
your sexual orientation,

your unconventional

They all make you
a potential target.

Well, that's ridiculous.
You're wrong.

I would never betray
my country.

I would never
betray a fellow agent.

You have the wrong person,

We know. We know.
We've done our homework.

Your reputation
amongst your classmates

and your instructors
is impeccable,

and Bramwell says you're
one of the finest students

he's seen in years.


- I don't understand.
- We need a dangle.

We know something big
is going down...

Something that will make 9/11
look like a fender bender.

We need someone on the inside.

Now we have reason to believe
that an organization

may approach you soon
and ask you to be a mole

in the L.A. office.

We... want you to say yes.

You want me to be
a double agent?



I'm not gonna kid you, Janis.
It won't be easy.

They'll manipulate you.
They'll use you in ways

you can't imagine.

You'll know things, but you
won't be able to tell anyone.

You'll be in constant danger.

You'll betray your friends,
and there may come a time

when they ask you to do
something which goes against

everything you believe in
and care about.

And you're gonna have to do it
to win their trust

and stay on the inside.

Do you think
you're capable of doing

what you have to do?

So they have the ring.

It's been on Mark's board
since Utah.

Well, you're gonna
have to get it back.

How am I supposed to do that?

It's in a well-fortified vault

in the basement of the FBI,
for God sakes.

You keep asking me to do
this impossible stuff,

I'm gonna blow my cover.

I know you've grown
to like these people.

They're like family to you,

and this understandably
is hard for you.

But you failed to follow
Benford to Frost,

and you failed in destroying
the blueprints,

which was most unfortunate.

I would not make
a third mistake, Janis.

This is where you get to prove

your dedication
to the cause, darlin'.

I'll get the ring.

Oh, and, Janis, one more thing.

We need you to kill Benford.