Flashforward (2009–2010): Season 1, Episode 14 - Better Angels - full transcript

Demetri, Janis, Simon and Vogel travel to Somalia in search of clues to a mysterious tower and encounter a dangerous man who saw his fellow villagers black-out in 1991; Bryce tells Nicole that he has cancer; and Olivia attempts to get daughter Charlie to tell her what she saw in her flashforward.

in my flash-forward,
i saw that i was pregnant.

i have to conceive this baby
next week to match what i saw.

(mARK) there's a guy
we've been investigating.

we've been calling him
"d. gibbons.
charlie said,
"d. gibbons is a bad man."

you haven't
asked her about him?

i've tried.
she's... shut down.

everything bad we saw
was here in l.a.

what if we just ran--
upped and moved away?

ganwar region, 1991.

there were anecdotal reports
of a mass loss of consciousness.

photos show five towers.
i designed them.

you can't make sense
of the tower without me,

and you know it.


okay, try this one...


it means,
"i don't eat dairy." (LAUGHS)

o-okay. try this one...



good. it means,
"what did you see?"


i was baking bread.

bread! yes! (CHUCKLES)

and--and you?
i was water-skiing.

good for you. (LAUGHS)

hey, i thought this weekend

you were supposed to
"bake bread."

vogel's little field trip

kind of closed the window
on that.

got that one?


i want a gun.
it's not happening.

going into somalia
without a gun

is like going scuba diving
without an oxygen tank.

you're here
in an advisory role.

they're here to back us up.

i suggest you stick
close to 'em.

let's get to the tower
and get out of here.

this is what i wanna do.

come in.

what is that?

the hydra--seven heads,
bad breath, killed by hercules.

why am i looking at it?

d. gibbons--dyson frost--
simcoe gave us his name.

here's the rest
of the story.

brilliant, reclusive
particle physicist

trained in engineering
at m.i.t.,

minored in victorian lit.

an achiever.

typical story--
domineering father,

ly spoke to him in french even
though they grew up in wyoming.

became a chess grand master
at 15.

the chess piece
you found in pigeon.

the white queen.

apparently, he still plays,
which is weird

considering he was killed
in a boating accident in 1990

on a boat called
"les monstre de boisteau"--

boisteau's monster.
who's boisteau?

pierre boisteau--
18TH century french writer.

he had illustrations of monsters
in some of his books.

among the more well-known--
the hydra.

the hydra.
on my board on the 29TH.

it's all leading
back to frost.

somehow, he's even part
of charlie's vision.

charlie saw him?

d. gibbons is a bad man.

"d. gibbons is a bad man."

that's all i've been
able to get out of her.

meanwhile, everything we know
about him is coming to a head,

and all we've got are blind
alleys and cryptic messages.

what the hell am i supposed
to do with that?
be like hercules
and slay the beast.

keep looking for
dyson frost.

there it is.

"abandon hope,
all ye who enter here."

keep movin'.

it's not so bad here.

a bit sleepy. a little
hotter than i expected.

(vOGEL) awaale,
we need you to translate.

tell them we're aid workers
with red panda resources,

a relief organization,

under articles 59 through 63

of the geneva convention.

he have a right
to humanitarian access.

my name is abdikalif.

i speak english.

you don't need him anymore.


i know you.

i saw you on al jazeera

telling the world
you caused the blackout.

always nice to meet a fan.

you did not cause this.
god caused this.

he merely put your finger
on the button.

we are employees...

of red panda.

we're on a relief mission
to deliver cholera kits.

this man is not
a relief worker.

we were having
mechanical problems.

okay, now if you just let us
continue on to our destination--

do not lie to me!

this was your destination.

you arrived
at your destination.

you came here for a reason...

just like the others.

what others?

when i was a boy...

the foreigne came
to our village

and told us they would
bring us electricity.

they said five towers
would provide power

until the end of time,
that it was a humanitarian act.

but those towers
were not for electricity.

they were for something else,

something not humanitarian.

i had gone out
to tend the goats.

i was not away long,
only a few moments.

but even a single moment
can change...


what happened--

it made no sense.

i felt afraid.

they were there, but...

they were gone.

hooyo! hooyo!



but it was all
part of god's plan--

this i learned
from my mother--

everything in this life
happens for a purpose.

and before the hand of death
could take hold of me, too...

i ran.

let me go!
come on. i'm just the pilot!

that man, for instance,
is here for a purpose.





and now he has served it.

you are here for a reason,

and i will kill you--

all of you--if you do not
tell me what that reason is.





(WHISPERS) oh, damn.

um... i'm--i'm so sorry.

it's not a big deal.
are you okay?

yeah, i'm fine. um...

a little light reading?

i like the pictures.

seriously? orgo?

okay, um, just shut up
for a second.

i'm--i'm kind of...

i'm thinking about possibly--

thinking about possibly what?

i'm trying out
a pre-med class. all right?

so that's the big secret?

well, i don't want people
to know about it

because it's really hard,

and i don't want them
to see me fall on my face.
"dr. kirby."

it's got a nice ring to it.
mm-hmm. that's very funny.
thank you.

no, seriously, that's--
that's the most difficult thing

about becoming a doctor,
is picking the right name.

i mean, take me,
for instance.

(LOWERVOICE) my real name
is martin goathead.

(CHUCKLES) you're an idiot.

(NORMAL VOICE) really.
martin goathead.

yeah, i think i like
"bryce varley" better.

ah, of course you do.
it sounds rugged.

it's, like, a guy
that eats protein bars

and climbs mountains--
"dr. bryce varley."

promise me you won't
tell anybody, please.

nicole, i wouldn't do that
to you. (COUGHS)

are you sure
you're all right?

oh, look at you. diagnosing
patients already? i'm fine.


look, uh, i gotta run,
dr. kirby.

dr. goathead.

(jANIS) why don't we just
tell 'em who we are

and why we're here

we're not breaking cover.

hey, he's not buying
the red panda bit,

and i'm not gonna sit around
waiting for a bullet in my head.

(SIGHS) right. 'cause you're
waiting for three to the chest.

what'd you say?

you heard me.

it doesn't matter if it happens
here or your couch

or in the arms of
your soon-to-be widow.

let's face it. you're done.






(GROANS) hey.

thought we said not the face.
(PANTING) my ball to call.

let's get to the chopper,
get the guns,

neutralize abdi's men,
then we interrogate 'em.

let's move. (SNIFFLES)

if all goes well...
you might get that gun.


(LOWERS VOICE) all right,
now once we start firing,

abdi's other men are gonna
be coming. take the shot...


oh! aah!

let's move!

go, go, go!


come on.

simon. come on.

(vOGEL) here they come!


what the hell is that?



they failed me.

but you will not.

you will fulfill
your part of the plan.


hey! lunch is ready!



3-bedroom colonial
with a sunporch?
that's right.

in denver.
it's where we could go--

big fan of the omelet.

it's one hell of an omelet.


but seriously, i mean,
i've been doing some research.

there's two major hospitals
in denver,

and they both need surgeons,

and the fbi has
a division in denver.

i mean, we--we can do this.
so this is why
we're having lunch.

well, that, and i wanted
to see your beautiful face.

mm-hmm. the mile-high city.

i could join the ski police,

be home at 5:00...

me by the fire

you wrapped up
in a vegan tiger skin...

nothing on underneath.

doesn't sound so bad.

look, i mean, i--you know,

we don't have to make
any decisions right now,

but i think we should soon.

hey, there's, um, something

i wanted to talk
to you about, too--

something we haven't
been talki about.

charlie, what she saw--
we need to know.

livy, we've needed
to know for a while now.
i thought we said
we were gonna give her time.

we're doing that for us.
but if she knows something,

something that can help
this investigation,

then that goes way beyond us.
well, what is it you think
that she knows?

there are things
in this investigation

that keep coming back.
d. gibbons.

mm-hmm, he's at the center
of everything.

i kept thinking i could do this
without involving our family,

but we can't ignore this.
we can't deny this anymore.

listen, i-i have people
at the fbi office

who know how to talk to kids.
i want to take charlie

down there tomorrow
and just see if maybe--
can you let me
talk to her first?

you can take her, but can i
try talking to her first?


this isn't beyond us, mark.

i know.

and i mean it. will you take
a look at this stuff?

you know, it is one hell
of an omelet.


on this continent,
a child dies

every six seconds
from malnutrition.

your country could
easily provide this food,

yet it does not.
that's not true.

every year, we send hundreds
of millions of dollars in aid

just to have it stolen
by people like you.

people who live in heaven

shouldn't judge
those who live in hell.

tell me who you people are,
or i will kill him.

sod off.




who are you?

tell me.

they are cia,

here to investigate
the tower.

we are security.


this is your security?


so you are with cia.

you are not afraid of death.
i've gotten used to it.

what do you want
with that tower?

why have you brought
the scientist here?

we think what happened
on october 6TH, the day

of the blackt, happened before
on a smaller scale

in your village
because of the towers.
no. i came back
from herding the goats.

i saw them on the ground. they
were dead. it was no blackout.

how do you know
they were dead?
i saw the black camel.

what's the black camel?
black camel's considered
a bad omen here.

death is a black camel that
kneels at every man's gate.

they... were... dead.

i returned from
the refugee camps changed,

a man now.

the bodies of my people
were gone,

and all that remained
was a village of ghosts.

and there was
only one tower left.

word spread that i had lived
when others had died,

and for this, i became feared.

i used this fear
and became what i am now.

god's plan.

and then the day
of the blackout,

i had my prophecy. i saw it.
i was making a speech.

i spoke of the "better angels."

...when again touched
by the better angels

of our nation.

i called myself
"the new face of somalia."

i was telling the world.
i spoke as a conqueror,

my enemies crushed--
god's plan.

i'm not willing
to wait one day longer!


there will be one more war
in this land--my war.

i will rule this country.

the better angels...

the better warriors...
will win.


and you will help,
because you are cia.

you can get me these things--
planes, tanks, boats--

what i will need to win my war.

that's not gonna happen.


planes, tanks, boats!

you will get me
these things!

no, no, no, no!


it happens
every six seconds.

vogel, just make the call.

the request alone will tell
our people what's going on.

i'm not going
to make the call

because no one's going
to pick up the call.

it's like i told you before--
there is no cavalry.

we're on our own.
there's gotta be
some options here.

meeting his demands
isn't onof them.
that's it? we just die?

janis, come on. you saw
yourself alive on april 29TH.

and that lunatic
actually saw himself

the leader of this country.
right. "better angels."


better angels.



which will it be?


hey, hey.

wait. get off him!


which will it be?

which will it be?

your prophecy is wrong!

what you saw--
it isn't what you saw,

and i can prove it to you.

i know about
the better angels.

sit down. you say you know
about the better angels.

tell me what you know.

it's from abraham lincoln's
inaugural address.

lincoln was--
your president.
ended slavery.

he was strong, not afraid
to crush his enemies.

we were fighting
a civil war in our country,

just like your country.

"better angels"
was a speech about unity,

about bringing people together.
you do not know what i saw.

no, i don't, but i think i might
be able to find someone who did.

can you get
on the internet here?


we created a web site
where people can come on

and share their prophecies
with each other.

here. a man was at the assembly
of the african union

at a peace conference.
you were speaking.

how do you know what
this man says is true?

you tell me.
look, they know your name.

they say you were
wearing a wire necklace

with an amber bead
surrounded by two red ones.

do you have
something like that?

no... but my mother did.

(YOUNG aBDI) hooyo!


i haven't seen that necklace
or my mother

since i was a boy.

someone else
says they saw you--

said that you were
quoting lincoln--

"to every living heart
and hearthstone

all over this broad land..."

"will yet swell
the chorus of the union

"when again touched..."
"when again touched..."

"by the better angels
of our nature."

you don't need
tanks or guns.

your destiny is
to stop the war,

not start one.



yes! spare!

i'm throwing rocks tonig.
markt, mommy.

nice job.
you want to play?

i think i'll play after.
i want to talk first.


ah, charliebear...

so, uh, do you remember

when tim tim talked
to squirrlio about heroes?

when finnegan the supershark

trapped them in the snow globe
of snow doom?

yeah, squirrlio-zactly!


yeah, and tim tim
said that heroes

are people who help people
even when it's hard.

yeah? well, i need you
to be like a hero, charlie.


i need you to be brave

and tell me what you saw
in your flash-forward.

hey, it's okay to be afraid.

it really is. it's okay.

but if you tell me,

you might be able to help me.
you might be able to help daddy,

help a whole load of people
we don't even know.

if i tell--tell you...


s-something bad will happen.

no. no, it won't.

nothing bad's gonna happen.
i promise, okay?


can you tell me
what you saw?


go ahead.
it's your house, too.

we were in the kitchen,
and dylan wanted a cookie.

daddy says that you said,

"d. gibbons is a bad man."
why'd you say that?

(lLOYD) the man you call
d. gibbons lied to you.

we heard his dad.
he said d. gibbons lied...

bad people lie.

and dylan made
the magnets say that

on the refrigerator.
bad people lie.

but you didn't see d. gibbons?
he wasn't in the house?

keep going, sweetie.
what else did you see?

i heard fireworks,

and i went to the back door.

i saw a man walk up
to another man.

they were wearing suits.

and he said...

it's okay, sweetie.
you can do it.

what did he say?
(MAN) mark benford is dead.

"mark benford is dead.

mark benford is dead."

it's not possible.

it's what she heard.

"mark benford is dead."

that's why she's been
so frightened to tell us.

she's afraid
her daddy's gonna die.

that's not gonna happen,

on april 29TH, i'm gonna be
in my office at my board, alive.

livy, whatever charlie saw,
what she said--

oh, god. it's not that.

thenhat is it?

that's just it. this is
the part where i tell you

that we could escape this.

we could go to denver.
we could go anywhere

and get away from it all,

get away from all of this.

and this is the part where
you tell me that you won't.


there's gonna be
another blackout.

and i have
to see this through.

i have to try and stop it.

(WHISPERS) i have to try.

what happened to the world
happened in your village first.

at least,
that's our operating theory.

your people didn't die.
they were blacked out.

they had prophecies?

that's what we think.

we had hoped to find
some of them and talk to them.

the war came when i was gone.
the people, my mother--

they must have been driven away.
i saw the black camel.

i thought the devil
had taken their souls.

the koran--
chapter 66verse 6.

"save yourself
and your families

from a fire whose fuel
is men and stones."

i painted it myself
as a warning.

in all my time,
i haven't been in there.

devil or no,
it is an evil place.

but there is one thing that can
push a man more than fear.

what's that?

you look like
you've seen a ghost.

it's entirely the opposite.

what i designed
was theoretical.

it could only be done
in the future,

and yet it's been standing here
for 18 years.

welcome to the future.

you said these designs
were stolen from you?

this was built in '91,
but you didn't come up

with the concept till '92.

(sIMON) i don't know
how that's possible.

someone must have
invented it before you.
no. this is exactly
what i designed.

i don't get it.
whoever did this,

why would they leave it behind
for somebody to find?

they were hauling these things
away. then the war came.
why didn't they ever
come back to finish?

the war hasn't stopped.

found something.

it's a chessboard.

it's been sitting here
for 18 years.

and we have portable power.

here's to hoping.

(MAN) what did you see?


i knew this boy.

he was my friend.
what'd he say?

he said he saw himself
playing a game.

(MAN) and did it happen?


he said what he saw
came true.


(MAN) what did you see?


this is my mother.


she was looking for me.

she couldn't find me,
but she had hope.

she knew i would survive,


i would become great.

the preceding interviews
from test group "b"

confirm that the subjects
uniformly experienced

a consciousness shift
two weeks into the future.

that's the man
who shot at us in utah.

that's d. gibbons.


d. gibbons was here...

in 1991?

conducting an experiment.

you see?

god didn't have anything
to do with this.

this was man.

(sIMON) over here!


what are you seeing, simon?


this tunnel--vacuum systems,

the lead shielding--

it's a linear accelerator,
one of five.

smaller, less powerful versions
than the ones we use at n.l.a.p.

they ran a pimeter
around the village.

somehow they unleashed
a tachyon burst,

creating a beta test
of the global blackout

in this village.
you weren't in the village

at the time the experiment
was conducted,

which explains why you
didn't lose consciousness.

if what you're saying is true,

it took five accelerators
to creatthis beta blackout.

there's no way that just one
knocked out the entire world,

how can you possibly say that?

technology moves fast,
agent noh.

even if you knew the rules,
which you don't,

i don't think
they apply anymore.

i got something down here!



i don't think your people
were driven off by the war.

they were shot...

executed, all of them.

remote village, wartime.

given all the unrest,
they knew nobody

would ever find these people.
they showed them tomorrow
and ripped it away.

you said god had nothing
to do with this...

hooyo! hooyo!

that it was man.
but it was not any man.

it was you.

no. those plans were
stolen from me.

i said you were sent here
for a reason.

now i know what
that reason is.

god delivered you to me...
(jAN) abdi, no!

so i could avenge my people! let
your end mark a new beginning!




(jANIS) oh, my god.

"better angels."

his vision.

this wasn't supposed
to happen.

you want some cookies
to go with that milk?


i want to leave.

i want to go away
with you and with charlie.

i just want to get away
from all of this,

from everything that we saw.

yes or no?

(WHISPERS) livy...

yes or no?


you want to say both,
don't you?

it's who you are, mark.
you can't have it both ways.

this is what we signed on for.

you save lives.
i save lives.

this is howe do it.

but we saw how we did it.
you're at your office.

i'm here with charlie
hearing you've died.

i ve you, mark.
that doesn't work for me.

this is how it happens.
(WHISPERS) don't say that.

you see, you need things
to play out like you saw.

you want them to.
you need to.

you're forgetting there's
another part to what we saw...

the part where we're
not together anymore.

livy, i don't want that.

you can't have it both ways.

yes or no?


oh, where'd you get that?

abdi's men.

brutalized his people,

but they were too scared
to say anything because

destiny said
he was their leader.

we changed
their destiny today. rum?


to yet another flash-forward
never coming true.

you okay?

yeah, fine. so what?

i don't have a baby.
who cares?

lots of people
don't have babies.
you can still have a baby,

but i can't have willa.

you named her. willa?

that's nice.

well, i would have.

it was supposed
to happen this weekend.

and now her window's closed,

she's never gonna get here.



it's so stupid.

i just saw a mass grave,

and all i can think about
is a mythical baby.

grave, the baby...

you're having a circle of life
moment, right?

you know,
the weekend's not over.


i'm just saying,
if it's baby-making you need,

i will take one
for the team.


okay, first of all, no offense,
but that's kind of gross.


second of all,
that's, like, 1,000% wrong.

desperate times.
i'm gay.

i will make you gayer.

oh, yeah?
what about zoey?


chances are...

i'm not gonna be around
in a couple of months, okay?

i think it'd be nice
if willa was.

are you serious?


how the hell did you get that?

i fixed their satellite tv.

i know you think that
i can't handle weapons,

but in my vision...

i was killing a man.

didn't even need a gun.
how many fingers did you have?

enough to do the job.
what about you?

what did you see?


mark benford is dead.


i was doing my job.

what... are you doing?

i promised
our little snowboarder

that if he held still
for his x-ray,

i'd get him a hundred packets
of graham crackers.

you know,
i've raided every floor,

and i'm still only on 46.
you are so very good at this.

(CHUCKLES) what?

listening to people, you know,
figuring out what they need--

uh, bribing them
with baked goods.

it's gonna make you
a really good doctor one day.
i can ace graham crackers.

it's organic chemistry
i'm worried about.

uh, here.

this is for you.


oh, oh, that's not
just any calculator.

no, i bought that
my junior year at duke

right before i miraculously
passed a physics final, and, um,

ever since then--
m.c.a.t.S, med school,

board exams, that's--
that's been my good luck charm.

this is great.

up until today, my good luck
charm was a brainy smurf.

you really think
i can do this, huh?

yeah, i really do.
you're not just saying that
to be nice?

well, i don't lie,
and i'm not nice.

four years of college...

four years of med school...

four years
of psychiatricesidency...

psychiatry, huh?

like you said,
i'm a good listener.

plus i'm kind of an expert

when it comes to dealing
with people with problems.

so 12 years from now,

when i finish my training,

we'll be able to work together.

12 years?

well, you'll probably be head
of the department by then.

yeah, um, about that...
uh, nicole...

earlier today...
i-i lied to you.

what do you mean?

i told you that everything
was fine with me.

it's not.

12 years from now,

i'm not so sure
that i'm gonna be around.

the preceding interviews
from test group "b"

confirm that the subjects
uniformly experienced

a consciousness shift
two weeks into the future.


what are you doing?

couldn't sleep.

just packing up stuff
to take back to the bureau.

that all?


thinking, little things--

life, death, fate.

careful not to ponder
thinking, little too much.

the ancient greeks
did it all the time--

usually ended up dead.
well, all of them
wound up dead.


what the hell?

hello, demetri.

my name is dyson frost,

and i'm recording this message
in 1991.

got your attention, didn't i?