Flashforward (2009–2010): Season 1, Episode 11 - Revelation Zero: Part 1 - full transcript

Mark is suspended from duty at the FBI and must meet with a Bureau-appointed therapist in order to regain his badge; Demetri reluctantly teams with CIA agent Vogel to continue the search for Lloyd, while a suspended Mark resumes his own investigation into his disappearance; with Lloyd missing, Simon attempts to hack into his computer in search of clues; Janis is assigned to accompany Simon and learns some family secrets about him; and Nicole speaks with a man who was transformed during the blackout in order to help her restore her faith and understand her horrific flashforward vision.

Flashforward S01E11-1E12

I wanna tell you a story about a man I know.

A window washer in Los Angeles.

Nothing special about him--

just going about his life, living from day to day.

Hook me up.

Vague plans. Few dreams.

And if he had any aspirations, he never spoke of them.

Like most of us,

He was already unconscious when the blackout hit.

Before the blackout,

the window washer lived his life

ignoring the questions of the future.

They just weren't that important to him,

so he believed nothing.

But the blackout came...

and this man faced certain death.

Many of us think

that when divine intervention happens, it's something big.

But it can also be a small thing...

that seems so inconsequential in the moment,

That turns out to be the turning point for your entire life.

Big or small,

what if that moment affected everyone, everywhere

at the exact same time?

what would that mean to you?

Where would you look for answers?

The answer is never about just one person.

Every single person's life was touched by the blackout.

None of us are in this alone.


Each one of us is unique.

But we are being stitched together to form a tapestry,

something larger that can't be understood

until we step back to see the whole thing...

I need help here!

At some point, we all wake up,

and then we have to choose.

Do we walk in hope,

believing that what god is doing is good,

or do we stumble around,

resigning ourselves to chaos?

The window washer saw a path through the chaos,

and he saw the good in what he was shown.

That window washer...

was me.

These are the questions people have always struggled with.

Only now, they are more powerful than ever.

Take me through something here.

You're in a foreign country

against my expressed wishes,

and you decide to pull a gun in a public place.

Just out of curiosity, what were you thinking?

Back off! Back off now!

Can I go see my wife? She was just nearly kidnapped.

What... were... you thinking?

I asked you a question.

Can you try to tell us what you saw?

Uh, yeah. I was saying good-bye.

Dylan Simcoe's been a patient of mine for a while.

Um, the paramedics were loading him in.

And that's when I noticed something was wrong.

- We don't have time for this. -Well,they weren't paramedics.

I mean, they didn't know what they were doing.

Bill, can you get down here?

- Who's bill? - Oh, the security guard.

They shot him.

They shot him. They just did it.

And then they turned the gun at me.

No, no, no! Please, please, please don't hurt her.

And that's when Mark jumped in and got in the middle of it.



Sorry. Tired.

Lloyd Simcoe. He told them not to hurt me

And that he'd go with them.

He saved my life.

Some stranger tells me I'm gonna put three bullets in my friend.

I'm not gonna invite her to a tea party.

Are you trying to be cute?

At least I'm not sitting on my hands.

We still haven't gone to Somalia.

We can't find D. Gibbons, and for some reason,

We're not using every resource available

to us to find out who the hell suspect zero is.

Somalia is a war zone, and I'm working to get us in.

The Detroit bureau is canvassing Michigan

looking for suspect zero, and we've got Gibbons

on the ten most wanted list,

which is more than a miracle to pull off.

So don't you imply that I'm not working with you here.

Are you gonna find Lloyd?

This only happened 'cause he came forward, did the right thing.

Please find him.

Your bureau-mandated therapist--

you see her three times a week, and when she thinks

you're up to it, we'll talk about a reinstatement.

Excuse me!

I know America was a country founded by puritans,

But is there really not a single beer in this entire place?

I think you got us confused with the A.T.F.,

Dr. Campos.

What is it you're doing here?

I'm advising the office on all things scientific

related to the investigation.

Very scientific.

That is classified.

Not to me.


I can see working for the FBI

is gonna be much more interesting than academia.

- Mark, it's not what it looks like. - Shh. Not now.

You've been through enough.

This can wait till later. Let's go home.



It's been eight hours since Simcoe was kidnapped.

- Where are we? - We know it was a professional job,

but there hasn't been any kind of ransom demand.

We can only theorize as to why he's been taken,

But considering how many people want him dead--

Could be anyone.

- What's he doing here? - Nice to see you, too, Agent Noh.

Agent Vogel has officially joined the Mosaic Task force.

Embrace it, Demetri.

This is now an interagency investigation.

I've asked Dr. Campos to be here.

His close association to Simcoe should be able

to shed some light on our kidnappers.

I suggest we cast a wider net--

terrorists, anyone interested in future forecasting.

If someone were able to master the flash-forwards,

They would be effectively printing their own money.

I think we can all agree that the mind of Lloyd Simcoe

is a priceless resource.



Can anybody hear me?

No one can hear you.

You're dehydrated. You should replenish your electrolytes.

You tell me what I need to know,

- And you can walk out of here right now. - Who are you?

You actually don't want to know the answer to that question.

- Go to hell. - You have no idea what hell is,

But I guess you're gonna find out.

From the outside,

I looked the same after the blackout.

But inside, I was different.

We've lived believing

not knowing the future made life difficult.

The truth is

that it's vastly more difficult

knowing what lies before us.

"But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil,

you shall not eat,

For in the day that you eat of it,

You shall surely die."



Why would you do something like that?

You could have burned the whole house down!

What's gotten into you?

- Sorry. - Whatever. She's had breakfast.

- The nanny was late. - You know, when you say you're gonna be here,

- I need you to be here. - It's not my fault.

She burned the bible this morning.

- What? - Might want to search

the house again for matches or a lighter. Whatever.

The family bible?


The challenge for us is to find the gift in what we saw.

We may not recognize it at first,

But if we pay attention, it will reveal itself.

What else am I gonna do?

Charlie's at school, and it's not like I play any golf.

We didn't get to talk last night,

And I don't want to not talk.

I was saying good-bye to Lloyd.

But what you saw in that videotape--

that was supposed to be an ending.

I swear to God, it made me happy

- to think it was over. - I'm just glad you're okay.

That's the thing. I'm not.

I haven't been for a while.

At work I'm cold and I'm distant,

And then I come home, and you and

I-- I haven't been the easiest guy to come home to.

I know. I'm sorry.

What if we just ran?

What if we just upped and moved away?

No, I mean it. I mean, everything bad we saw

- was here in L.A. - You're serious about this?

Al Gough jumped off a building to save a woman's life--

a woman he didn't even know.

There's nothing I wouldn't do to save our marriage.

Come here.

9-1-1. There's a homeless man. He's vomiting.

He looks like he needs help. 838 Bauchet Street,

- by the train yards. Are you with the victim now, sir?

The call's a hoax. Real E.M.T.S responded,

bad guys swapped themselves in.

The ambulance company supplied us with this,

And aside from the videotape, it's the only lead we have

- on the kidnapping. - Have you found the missing E.M.T.S?

We sent the LAP to test location

Dead end. It's just an empty rail yard south of downtown.

- And we haven't located the ambulance, either. - You outsourced this

to the Los Angeles police department?

- It's a local crime-- - That involves our investigation.

- What about Lloyd's laptop? - What about it?

Well, I might be able to break through the encryption software,

See who he was in contact with before he was taken.

- Could help. - Janis, take a security team.

Escort Dr. Campos to the Simcoe house.

I want to talk to the detectives who canvassed that crime scene.

Thank you.

Is this, uh, suite 520?

Uh-huh, and you're my 3:00.

Then why does it look like you're leaving?

'cause it's 3:00, and if I don't get an iced latte stat,

I'm gonna need therapy.

Agent Benford, for the past 12 years,

My job has been to help people cope

by helping them explore their past.

But since the blackout, that's all changed.

The majority of people who are coming to see me

are dealing with traumas from their future.

So tell me what you saw.

I saw myself off the wagon with guns pointed at me.

- What else do you remember? - That's not enough trauma for you?

I've seen your files. You've got a god complex.

I believe that you saw something in your flash-forward,

Something that you might not even be conscious of,

that's making you believe that you're the center

Of the universe, and I'm not signing anything

Until we find out what that is.

Next thing I knew, I was upside down,

staring at a broken windshield and a bunch of oranges

- on the 110. - Okay, by my math, that doesn't exactly add up

to 2 minutes and 17 seconds.

You're not the first person to point that out.

And you were drinking?

Can't even remember half of it.

Do you want to?

'cause there has been some success

using a modified calcineurin inhibitor

to enhance people's memories of their flash-forwards.

Using a drug to enhance memories.

Eh, I don't know. I don't think a magical mystery tour

is the best way to go for

- someone in recovery. - What are you afraid of?

Not much. In case you forgot,

-I chase down very bad people for a living. - Not anymore you don't.

Call me when you want to continue treatment.

I'd be happy to see you.

You go to the alley. Guard the back door.

Could you get me a beer?

from the refrigerator, please?

We're here as your security, Mr. Campos, not your servants.

I'm trying to brute force an encryption here.

I don't have time to get up.

I have even less time for explicating why said request

Should be obvious. So why don't you toddle off, get me a beer?

It'll help me cogitate. That means "Think."

That's a big word for such a little man.

I'm wounded.

But I still want my beer.


Get her on her side.

You're all right. You're okay.

Take it easy.

- Where's Simon? - He's gone. You're the only one here.

- What happened? - There were two guys wearing masks...

Just like the ones on Mark's board.


I found you.

But his father's been kidnapped.

It's not like he's gonna live on the street.

Social services will take good care of him.

This is my patient. You can't release him.

You signed the forms yesterday.

We kept him overnight as a courtesy, but come on.

- We needs the beds. - Yeah, but he's developed a complication.

- His clot got worse. - I didn't realize you had X-ray vision.

Well, guess we can close down radiology.

Dylan, come here a second.


Hey, babe?

I'm not gonna hurt you. Dylan?

Hey, hey, hey. Dylan, sweetie?

That's right.

Yeah, elevated heart rate, shortness of breath

And, uh, warm forehead. Could be sepsis.

Are they gonna find my daddy, Olivia?


Of course they are.

Oh, yeah. Like we're gonna find an ambulance out here

That the L.A.P.D. Couldn't find.

Good call. This was definitely not a waste of time.

You know what? I got a better idea.

Why don't we, uh, take out our guns and wave 'em around?

- See what happens. - Listen, what happened in Hong Kong--

Should stay in Hong Kong?

I was following a lead on my own murder.

I know, but the thing you and Benford screwed up

Over there is so much bigger than who might

- put 3 bullets in you on March 15th. - For you maybe

Come on. Do you think you're the only one

Who didn't have a flash-forward,

Who saw something, uh, they wish they hadn't?

Take some advice.You can cry,you can lie to your fiancee

Whatever. But sooner or later you better get it together,

Or else she's gonna be... walkin' along that beach

Getting ready to marry somebody else.

Don't be stupid.

There are people around you who know things you don't.

If you want to avoid being killed,

You're gonna need a better partner--

Better than Mark Benford.

What was that about a waste of time?

- I am so glad to see your shining face. - Really?

Yep. Mr. Michalski just woke up from surgery,

And we need someone to him.

- Happy to. - Thanks.

Uh, wait!

Excuse me.

Oh, I'm--I'm sorry. I thought-- thought you were someone else.


In my flash-forward I only saw him for a second,

But I'm sure it was him.

Well, I gave his description to security.

I really want you to call that

- detective friend of Mark's. - Detective Liefeld.

No, I gave him a description two months ago.

I mean, this won't be anything new.

You never know what can help. You should call him.


Ooh. E.R. Okay. Uh, I'll see you later.

Hey, it's gonna be all right.


Oh, I keep trying to convince myself that this is a mistake--

You know, it's just something that I don't understand.

But I-I can't keep walking around wondering

If this guy's gonna be behind every corner.

Have you heard about Sanctuary?

Um, let me show you. I put these up everywhere.


Yeah, I've seen these.

The guy who leads it sees things in a really positive way.

You should check it out. He might be able to help.

It doesn't matter to me whether you were frightened

By what you saw or excited.

I'll be the first to admit

I was totally confused by my flash-forward.

I wasn't a religious person at all.

I didn't know what to do.

But a voice said, "Just keep moving forward."

So I created Sanctuary...

A place where we can be safe,

Were there is no threat,

No danger.

What do you think they're after?

It's the experiment at N.L.A.P. It's gotta be.

And clearly, I didn't consider the repercussions of our announcement.

Your announcement, Lloyd.

I shouldn't have implicated you and the rest of the staff.

Oh, spare me your whinging, Lloyd.

I was co-director of the project.

I was on the hook the moment you opened your mouth,

And as I've said repeatedly, I do not think we were

Responsible for the blackout.

Well, it would seem our captors would beg to differ.

Yes. We do beg to differ.

Sit, please.

I have emphysema.

I contracted it through years of habitual smoking.

Disgusting proclivity, isn't it?

Only villains smoke. We know this, right?

I'm sorry. You are?

You may call me Flosso.

And I'm a villain.

Imagine... a basket

The size of Montana.

Now imagine said basket is filled with money.

That is what my employers are paying me

to ask you these questions.

At 11.00 A.M. on October 6th,

You conducted a Proton-driven Plasma-Wakefield experiment.

It is my understanding that you were searching

For tachyonic dark matter.

In the resulting particle collision,

How much collision energy was generated?

- I don't know. - Are we talking about a billion electron volts?

- I don't know. - How many electron volts were generated?

Perhaps I can help you with your inquiry.

On October 6th,

You were in Toronto burying your father, I believe.

I'm asking the man who actually pushed the button.

You're here for a different reason.

So how many electron volts were generated?

I'd rather die than tell you how to manufacture another blackout.

- You think you caused it? - I did.

No, Dr. Simcoe. All the two of you did was amplify it.

So again,

How many electron volts?

- What you got? - No wounds, no ligature marks,

So I'm going with a poison of some kind.

But I won't know more until the toxology comes back.

We found this.

Might belong to one of the E.M.T.S.

- A leather case? - Fits a Palm Pre, but we didn't find a phone.

If the phone's still in the ambulance,

We can triangulate its position from its signal.

Find the phone, find the ambulance.

Find the ambulance, maybe find the guys who stole it.

Find them, and they'll get us to Simon and Lloyd.

Just relax.

You ever sit in a chair before?

Not like this one, no.

Well, some people who've had difficulty recalling

Their flash-forwards

have had real breakthroughs with this treatment.

So how about you tell me what changed your mind?

I'm driving everyone around me--

everyone I care about--


Because I can't deal with what my future might be.

Was that really so hard to say?

You got no idea.

Well, therapy is a lot like A.A.

The first step in recovery

Is admitting you have a problem.

This gonna hurt?

Truth always does a little.

The man in my flash-forward had a neck like an ox,

Smelled like a meat locker.

Don't know where I was or who the man was.

I felt my thumbs on his trachea.

I pushed down as hard as I could until I felt something snap.

Then I let go.

I can't believe you'd be capable of something like that.

I guess mine's a little

- bit more violent than yours. - I'm confused.

In my flash-forward, I...

- I got a text message from you. - Sorry, I have to make a call.

I can't remember that. I mean, obviously I couldn't have

Sent you a text in the middle of what I was doing.

Or maybe I sent you a text earlier,

- And you just retrieved it then. - I don't understand.

Why don't our futures match?

Because it's a possible future.

Clearly, you weren't paying any attention

- To the story about the FBI agent - who committed suicide.

Anything's possible...

Vision or no vision.

Lloyd, that's pointless. They're wire windows.

They've probably nailed them shut anyway.


I just need one person to walk by

And look down.

No, no, no, no. Wait. No, no, no, no, no! Wait!




You should start to feel

A tingling sensation in your extremities.

This is completely normal. Just relax.

Let the memories come.


I just wish you were standing behind the eight ball

When I came crashing through.

Go to hell, Lloyd.

What did you see?

I was on the phone.

Do you know who you were talking to?

Lloyd Simcoe

You dropped something.

Let's start again from the beginning.

You were conducting an experiment

In Plasma-Wakefield acceleration.

Am I correct in that assumption?

I thought I made it clear I can't tell you.

Get the--Lloyd!

Were you successful, Dr. Simcoe?

Lloyd! All right, all right.

Did your facility detect anything superluminal?

This has nothing to do with Simon. Why?

Was there any Cherenkov radiation?

I... I can't.

Lloyd! Help! Lloyd!

Very well then.

Let the wild rumpus begin.

Hey, kiddo.

Go back to sleep, babe. I was just checking in on you.

I can't. Will you sing some more?

I think I exhausted my repertoire. I have to go home.

I saved you this from my dinner.

A cookie? You did?

Thank you.

Hey, Aaron. It's Mark. I think I could use some help.

Talk to me, man.

What's happened, Mark?

Why are you sitting here in your car in front of a bar?

It's what's gonna happen, right?

My therapist...

Gave me this drug

To unlock the parts of my flash-forward

I couldn't remember because I was drinking.

It's me. I need to talk to you.

Eh, well, this isn't a good time.

I was on the phone with Lloyd Simcoe.

- Have you been drinking? - Go to hell, Lloyd.

I told him I didn't want to talk to him.

Look, you have every right to hate me, but--

Listen, I don't hate you. I just wish you were

standing behind the eight ball when I came crashing through

Fine, but we need to talk about the Q.E.D.

Sound like we were working together.

I'm not sure. It's highly theoretical,

but I'm--I'm close to cracking it.

Listen to me. Close is not good enough.

D. Gibbens told me about...

The man you call D. Gibbens lied to you.

You need to hurry. We're running out of time.

- Unless we can stop this... - and then I told him...

There's gonna be another blackout.

Are you sure?

I'm positive. There's gonna be another blackout.

If Simcoe saw the same thing you did,

Why's he been sitting on this information the whole time?

Why hasn't he come forward?

I don't know. Let's find him and ask him.

- Let me back in, and I can track him. - Look, go home.

I'm doing my best to get you reinstated.

- I promise. - W-what am I supposed to do till then?

You said you saw more clues from your vision.

Work them...

- But be quiet about it. - All right.

This business about another blackout...

Keep it to yourself.

If we can't tell the world when it's going to happen,

That's beyond irresponsible.

This is the number for one of your missing E.M.T.S.

We're hoping the phone might still be in the ambulance.

Can you track it for us?

Yeah. If the battery's still got juice, I can capture the signal

- And triangulate its position. - How close can you get us?

To within 50 meters if it's in the city.

Great. Let's do it.

I made it for you, daddy, to cheer you up.

Sometimes we feel god's hand on the back of our neck

Pushing us towards something.

And sometimes we feel totally abandoned.

That's normal.

But just because you don't feel something

Doesn't mean it's not there.

How many people here have gotten sunburned

On a cloudy day?

You didn't think it was working on you, but it was.

God's love is just like that--

Working for your good, whether you are aware of it or not.

Here you go. Thank you.

- Sorry. I just had a question. - Sure.

What about our responsibility before God?

- Don't we owe him something? - Like what?


I mean, we need to follow the rules that he sets out.

And if we don't?

We get punished.

I-I just don't see how you can say

that the blackout was good.

And look at all the people that died.

Look at all the trouble it's causing.

Wow. Clearly, I've upset you.

Well, don't you thin...in the very least,

the flash-forwards were a wake-up call

for us to get our act together

- before it's too late? - I didn't catch your name.


My name is Timothy.

I'd really like to keep talking with you,

But if I don't get out of here before my hour's up,

- I get charged. - Well, thanks.

There's a coffee shop I like nearby.

If you want to talk about it again later...

Red Panda provides humanitarian aid all around the world...

Everything from micro-investments to education.

We've been extremely busy since the blackout.

I'm sure you can imagine.

You said you do work all over the world.

Yes. We grew out of D.H.S in the '90s...

You know, demographic and health services.

We're in south America, the middle east,

the African subcontinent...


Was Red Panda there in '91?

There was no Red Panda in 1991.

We weren't chartered until '98.

And you send in, what, teams of people?

With clean water supplies, mostly.

The warlords keep most everyone out,

But, you know,

humanitarian groups like us can get in.

Is there anyone I could talk to about maybe...

Piggybacking on one of Red Panda's trips?

Um... doubt it.

Not to be disrespectful, but most of the people

working here probably have police records

as thick as the Bible.

We're not like that anymore.

Have a nice day, agent Benford.

Dr. Simcoe, how many electron volts were generated?

It's a number, Dr. Simcoe...

An abstract object.

I can't sacrifice any more lives.

"Sacrifice" Is an interesting word.

I appreciate its duality.

It can be used as either a noun or a verb.

One can take action, surrender, or give something up

- for something else. - What-...what are you doing?

I, however, prefer the Greek noun form thusia,

to indicate the object itself that is sacrificed...

Meaning one's family...

- Lloyd? - Or the proverbial pound of flesh.

No. No! No! No! No!

Aah! Lloyd!

Tell them what they want, Lloyd!