Flashforward (2009–2010): Season 1, Episode 1 - No More Good Days - full transcript

On what seems to be a day like any other, everyone on Earth blacks out at the same moment for 2 minutes and 17 seconds. They also have a vision of where they will be or what they are doing some six months into the future, on April 29, 2010. For FBI Agent Mark Benford, the vision is disturbing: he sees himself working on this case, drinking again and with someone at the FBI building out to kill him. Mark's wife, a surgeon, sees herself in a relationship with another man, apparently someone she doesn't know yet. Mark's partner, Agent Demetri Noh has no vision at all and believes that can only mean one thing. As they begin to investigate the phenomena, the FBI come across startling videotape showing that at least one person didn't black out.


(car alarms blaring
in distance)

(woman screaming)


Over here!


(car alarms continue blaring)


(sobbing) Please, help me!

WOMAN: (screaming)
Someone, please! Please!

(man shouting indistinctly)



(man screaming)

Aah! Aah!

"No More Good Days"

Good morning, Los Angeles.

It's 7:00,

and it looks like it's gonna be
another beautiful day.

We're looking at light clouds
and highs in the mid 70s today.

Keep that umbrella handy

because we've got a chance
of sprinkles later...



I hate you, too.

(chuckles) Mmm.

Mm, babe, don't forget
to look at the garage door.

It's acting up again.

Already forgotten.



Just because I'm a squirrel
doesn't mean I like acorns.


Mmm, smells good.

continues indistinctly)

Here you go, my princess.

Mmm. (kisses)

(metal grinding)

(gears squeak)

Te ayudo.
(I'll help)

(chuckles) Hey, Hector.
Buenos dias. (Good morning)

(man) # And it don't
take much to get... #

Hey, Nicole.

- I'm sorry I'm late.
- Don't worry.

Hey, Olivia's working the late
shift at the hospital tonight.

You think you can stay
an extra hour or two?

Yeah, no problem.

- I've got studying to do anyway.
- You're a saint.

Hey, this is Bryce.

You know what to do.

Bryce, it's Olivia.
You weren't around yesterday.

You better have
a damn good reason why.

Okay, you call me immediately.

I'm worried about you.

(indistinct conversations,
seagulls calling)

My daughter Tracy was 5'5",

118 pounds.

But... when
the marines shipped

her body back
from Afghanistan...

Sorry, her remains...

They weighed 37.

Only reason
I knew it was her at all was

they DNA'd what was left.



I took a drink
that night.

- You call Amanda yet?
- Yeah, we're talking.

Oh, you're talking?

Really, that's kinda weird

because she told Olivia
she never heard from you.

Hey, I'm your sponsor.

I'm the one who's supposed
to be riding you,

not the other way

All right, all right.
I'm getting around to it.

Come on, Aaron. Just call.
She's cool.

- Nurses freak me out, man.
- It's a date.

She's not giving you
a friggin' enema.

How do you know
that's not my thing?

(Mos Def's "Quiet Dog" playing)
(Nicole laughs)

# To the rhythm
of the boogie to be #

# There it go
like simple the plainless #

# The prominent bassness,
Zulu arrangement #

# Rockin' amazement,
fly gold #

- What's wrong?
- I thought I heard Charlie.

- Charlie's asleep.
- This is so wrong.

Which is why you love it.

Dude, as soon
as we're done,

you have to get your ass
out of here.

All right, well,
stop talking and get to work.

(camera shutter clicking)

MAN: So then we get
to the subject

of the first dance, right?

I'm sorry, but Zoey picks
one of the corniest songs

of all time--

"Islands in the Stream."

Yeah. The old
Kenny Rogers/Dolly Parton duet.

Okay, and we used to sing it
when we did karaoke,

but that was when we were, like,
really, really drunk, you know?

And I put up with it
because we were dating,

and that's what you do.

But my friends are gonna
be there, my family.

I cannot dance
to "Islands in the Stream."

I will never
live it down.

You don't care about
any of this, do you?

Oh, I do. I do care.
I'm riveted. I'm fascinated.

- # Uh-huh #
- (Demetri laughs)

But, uh, what do you want me
to say, don't marry her?

Don't marry her. The odds
are against you anyway.

Oh, that's good. Thank you.
You're still married.

I'm surprised Olivia didn't
leave me a long time ago.

Me, too, buddy.

So what'd you guys dance to?

# Simmer down, I manage your
mayhem, I'm bright as the A.M. #

I can't even remember.

# Quiet dog, wild hog,
my God #

# Huh, simmer down,
simmer down, simmer down #

# You keep up the rock
and you don't stop the rock #

# Maintain the rock
and you don't stop the rock #

# You keep up the rock
and you don't stop the rock #

He's a holy terror.

- Terrible twos at one year.
- Mm.

You're lucky you have a girl.

Are you kidding me?

You only have to worry
about one penis.

- I gotta worry about all of them.
- (laughs)

Here we go.


(camera shutter clicking)
Khalid, Omar, unknown female

going mobile
in a black S.U.V.

Bobby, you're on point.

They should hit you
in 20 seconds.


FBI. Janis Hawk.

It's Benford.
Get Wedeck.

- Suspects are on the move.
- Three weeks.

It's finally about to start
getting interesting.

Okay, Mark,
I'm putting you on speaker.

What do you got?

Khalid, Omar

and an unidentified
Caucasian woman.

We're e-mailing you
pictures right now.

Who is she?

Uh, that's the "unidentified"
part, sweetheart.

(typing on keyboard)

Get this to Digital Forensics
and run it by I.C.E.


(brakes squeal)

They made us.
They're on the move.

(siren wailing)

(tires screech)

BOTH: Whoa!

Holy! Ohh!

(horns blare, tires screeching)

Come on! Get some backup!
Get some backup now!

All right, all right, all right.
Suspects fleeing west on 6th!

Black Escalade, license plate 8,
"Queen," "Robin,"

7-2-2, "Young."

We need L.A.P.D.
and air support now!

(horn blares)


- Drop! Car!
- Calm down!


- Shut up!
- No! No!


What are you
laughing at?

I don't know.
I've never done this before.

(tires screeching)

(brakes squealing)

Come on.

(shouts indistinctly)

(tires screech)




(whispering indistinctly)

(cocks gun)


(car alarms blaring
in distance)

(woman screaming)

(man shouting indistinctly)

We need help!

- (woman continues screaming)
- (grunts)


Please help me!

(people screaming)


(surf rolling, seagulls calling)

(alarm beeping rapidly)

WOMAN: Dr. Benford,
what happened?

I don't know.
I lost consciousness.

- You okay?
- Yeah.

MAN: Nicole?

(car alarms blaring
in distance)


What happened?

I-I blacked out.

(birds chirping)


- (woman screaming)
- Demetri!


(dog barks)

(screaming continues)

in Asian language)

Calm down.
Relax, man.

- Okay. Try to calm down.
- (continues shouting)

Aah! Aah!

(loud explosion)

(glass shattering)

(loud whoosh)


(loud crash)

(screaming continues)

Aah! Look out! Aah!

(loud explosion)

(people screaming)

(loud explosion)

(woman screaming)

Mark! Over here!

- Hey!
- Hey!

Are you all right?


Yeah, I think so.

We were driving, right?

- I blacked out.
- Me, too.

Help me!

- All right, all right, move aside.
- Sorry.

- Move aside.
- Excuse me.

MARK: Stay calm. We got you.
DEMETRI: Yeah, got him.

Get back!
This thing could blow.

All right,
we gotta call this in!

We gotta call 9-1-1.

Trust me, they know.

Try the office. See if they can
tell us what the hell happened.

(loud explosion)

(people screaming)

(loud crash)

MAN (in distance):
...the water! Somebody!

They're not moving! Help!

Hey! Hey!

Help! Please!

I-I need some help!

Please, somebody!


Hey! Help!

Just hold on! I'm a doctor!
I'll be right there!

Oh, crap. Charlie!


(exhales deeply)
Sweetheart, are you okay?

I had a bad dream.

I dreamt there were
no more good days.

(people shouting indistinctly)


Can't get my family.

That's our S.U.V.

That's what
I was thinkin'.

MAN: Help me!
Can you hear me?!

(man shouts indistinctly)

Hey, go this way!

- Get up and move it around!
- (woman sobbing)

Hands up!

Hands up!

I got her.

Get out. Come on.

- Get out. Get out!
- (woman groans)

We know
you were planning an attack.

- What did you do, huh?
- (groans) Uhh!

- Tell me what happened!
- Take it easy.

We know about the suitcase.
Did you set it off? Answer me!

(panting) I blacked out.
I was somewhere else.

There was a storm.
The horses were scared.

What are you talking about?
What are you talking about?

- What are you talking--
- Calm down!

Does this look like
a dirty bomb to you?

Does it?
We don't know what this is.

- Maybe they weren't even involved.
- Are--are you guys cops?

FBI. It's okay.

- What happened?
WOMAN: Was it a nuclear attack?

I don't know.

It's gotta be the big one.
I mean, look. Look at this mess.

It's gotta be.

When's help getting here?

Look, until
emergency services arrive,

we need to stay calm and help
whoever we can, all right?

They ain't comin'.

- What?
DEMETRI: What'd you say?

I just heard on my radio,
some guy in San Diego.

They're dealing
with the same thing.

It's more than just L.A.,

Sit down.
You move, I shoot.

(man shouting indistinctly)


I can't get through to Zoey.
What about Olivia?

- No.
- Listen, Zoey's in Seattle right now.

But Olivia's close by,

Hospital's 2 miles.
You can make it on foot.

No, no,
I-I-I can't just leave--

There's nothing
we can do here right now.

Okay? Go check
on your family. Go!

(sirens continue wailing)

(man shouting indistinctly)

(electricity crackles)

(woman screams)

Help me!

(alarm bell ringing)

(people shouting indistinctly)
MAN: Look out!

Move! Aah!

- (tires screech)
- Watch out! Look out, man!

Hey! Son of a...

police radio chatter)

(helicopters whirring overhead)
(siren wailing)

MAN: Roger.

MAN: Come on, man,
get out!

(man on TV
speaking indistinctly)

WOMAN: There are
thousands and thousands

of injured people
waiting for emergency...

Uh, all we know for certain

is that everyone
on the planet

seemed to have blacked out
at exactly the same time.

...Confirming that

the blackout was a worldwide
phenomenon. Officials are...

WOMAN: Fire services
and police services

are completely overwhelmed
at this time.

MAN: ...En este momento.
(At this time)

My God.
It's the whole world.

WOMAN: ...Information as to
the cause of the blackout.

WOMAN: Hospitals are
overflowing. Fire services...

and police services
are completely overwhelmed...

Livy, I'm here.

Oh, thank God!

- I got ahold of you.
- What about Charlie? Is she okay?

She's fine.
Nicole called.

She can stay put
till one of us gets home.

And you're all right?

Yeah, I'm fine.

We were in the middle of surgery
and we all lost consciousness.

Everyone. Patient died
while we were out.

I'm downtown right now.
Same thing.

So, uh, w-what?
Everyone there blacked out?

Yeah, everyone. We thought
it was just the hospital,

but then Corrie got a call
from her mother in Chicago.

Same thing happened there.

I know. It looks like
this thing is global.

Global? That's impossible.

Oh, I-I love you,
but, babe, I gotta go.


- All right, I love you. Livy?
- (siren wailing)

- What do you got?
- Got an 8-year-old boy.

Pede versus car,

plowed straight through
a fence at an elementary school.

Head injury on the right,

- abdominal bruising on the left.
- Dr. Benford!

Bryce, where the hell have you been?
Go get into your scrubs.

Meet me in E.R.
Okay, let's get him into trauma.

- You're gonna be okay, honey.
- I know, Olivia.

How did you know
my name?

(monitor beeping steadily)

What have we heard
from Washington?

We're the same.
Everyone's just gathering intel.

CIA, Homeland Security.
Our various legats offices overseas.

In other words,
nobody knows anything.

How's he doing?

BRYCE: He's taking a turn for the worse.
(monitor beeping steadily)

- (boy gasping)
- I got no breath sounds on the left,

possible punctured lung.
He needs a left chest tube stat.

- (monitor beeping rapidly)
- We don't release the pressure soon,

- it's gonna stop his heart from beating.
- He's going south.

Sats are dropping.

- What the hell is this?
- Worldwide phenomenon.

Near as we can tell.

People from all corners
losing consciousness

- at exactly the same moment.
- And for the same duration--

2 minutes, 17 seconds.

How is that
even possible?

Where the hell is that chest tube tray?
I need it now!

We got no pulse.

- Blood pressure's 40.
- Thoracotomy.

- What are we gonna do?
OLIVIA: Come on, sweetie.

- Hang in there.
- Pulse ox 90.

Pulse ox 80.
We're dropping!

- We're losing him! No pulse.
- How are we doing?

No pulse.
Blood pressure's dropping.

So we've eliminated
nuclear launches, EMPs,

- and chemical agents.
- What about natural phenomena then?

NASA's checking into
more exotic explanations--

Solar flares, gamma bursts,
that kind of thing.

But so far
they've come up empty.

What about the Vatican?
Has the Pope chimed in yet?

(monitor beeping rapidly)
OLIVIA: Let's get this chest tube in.

Sats improving,
B.P.'s normalizing.

(monitor beeping steadily)
WOMAN: Pleur-evac.

(chest tube sucking)

Doing great, buddy.
Doing real good.

Okay, let's get him
into the C.T. scanner,

check out that head injury.
Bryce, you close him up.

Nice job. But don't think
you're off the hook.

I still wanna know
where you were yesterday.

(monitor continues
beeping steadily)

Yeah, clean that up.

We need
to wrap our heads

around the scope
of this thing, people.

It's now been four hours
since the blackout.

You shut off the consciousness
of the entire human race

for two minutes.

What would
the death toll be?

How many cars collided?

We have planes down
at L.A.X.

How many more
across the country?

Around the world?

MAN: F.A.A.'s reporting
877 aircraft down

in the United States alone.

Air Force Two was one of 'em.
The veep was on board.


What about hospitals?


Births that were
in process.

People probably died
walking up a flight of stairs.

(indistinct whispering)

MAN: Global projections
are pretty staggering.

What about
the blackouts themselves, sir?

What about them?

Well, we've been saying
people have been blacking out, but...

that wasn't
my experience.

For me, it was...

more like a dream,
only more vivid than that.

One second,
I was in a car.

The next...

I was somewhere else.

Yeah, the same thing
happened to me.

Me, too.

During the blackout,

people seem to have experienced
some kind of... hallucination.

No. No, no.

Except that mine didn't feel
like a hallucination.

- What's your point, Benford?
- I didn't just lose consciousness.

It felt more like my...

consciousness went
somewhere else.

Like I was
having a memory,

only it--it wasn't
of the past.

It was of the future.

I was in my office.

It was night.

It was 10:00
on the hour.

I was looking out
into the atrium,

and I happened to see
the date--

April 29, 2010,

about half a year
from now.

Hold on.
April 29th?

I saw the same date.
It was on the news.

Same for me--
April 29th, 10:00 P.M.

So you're saying what,

everyone's consciousness
just jumped forward six months

to... April 29th?

Crazy as that sounds, yeah.

Sit down.

Sit down!

J.T., could you, uh,
give me a hand? Thanks.

We didn't do this.

Even if you didn't,

you were still planning
on killing thousands of people.

So stay still...
and shut up.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- You get ahold of Zoey?
- Yeah, she's all right.

- Mark, hey. You got a sec?
- Sure.

I think there may be a way
to corroborate

what we were talking about
in there.

What do you mean?

Well, in my...

it was April 30th, 6:00 A.M.,
but I was in London,

which is eight hours ahead
of the west coast,

so it makes sense.

Wait, "flash-forward"?
What are we talking about here?

I'll explain later.
Tell me what you saw.

I was having a meeting with our
liaison at New Scotland Yard.

(indistinct conversations)

I remember
we were interrupted because...

this bird just crashed
into the window.

The point is,

I had a vision
of Fiona Banks.

Let's see
if she had a vision of me.

Inspector Banks.

this is Al Gough, FBI.

I'm here with
my colleagues in L.A.

My God.

Uh, I know why you're calling.
You want to know what I saw.

- We all do.
- Okay.

We were sitting in my office.

- What was the date?
- April 30th.

What time?

Uh, I don't know.
Uh, 6:00 in the morning.

Don't ask me
why it was so early.

Something to do
with the Rutherford case.

Yes! Yes, and--and
something interrupted us.

Yes. Uh, uh, a bird.

It flew at the window.
It broke its neck.

So our visions
were the same.

When the worldwide blackout
occurred earlier today,

people were undergoing
brain scans

at that exact moment.

MAN: So like MRIs or PET
scans? That kind of thing?

And in each of these cases,

the hippocampus,

that's the memory center of
the brain, was actively engaged

for the entire
2 minutes and 17 seconds.

These thought patterns
are consistent

with a waking experience.

People were not asleep.
They were not dreaming.

So then what is it
that they were experiencing?

- (crying softly)
- Well, by all appearances,

uh, memories of events
that haven't occurred yet.

So everyone
saw the future.

But did they see
the same future?

I mean, are these accounts

Well, they certainly
seem to be.

Hundreds of thousands of people
were watching news broadcasts,

reading newspapers, and their
details seem to be the same--

Senator Glenway
will be facing ethics charges.

the Dow
will be on an upswing.

There'll be food riots
in Ghana

- and the list goes on.
- (cell phone vibrating)

A remarkably concise
series of events

are starting to
come together from that day.

It's like a grand mosaic
is being filled in.

Everyone on earth...

Mosaic. That was the name
of the investigation

I was working on
in my vision.

It had to do with
what caused all this.

So did you see anything
in your vision that was helpful?

Photographs, names,
people of interest.

If this really was
the future we all saw,

then I guess
maybe they will be leads,

but none of them make
any sense to me right now.

Anything else?

- No. No, that--that was it.
- What about you? What did you see?

Nothing. I, uh, I blacked out
like everybody else

and woke up
on the road.

What about our, uh,
person of interest?

- Do we think she's involved?
MARK: She's a dead end, if you ask me,

- and clueless as the rest of us.
WEDECK: Well, circle back on it anyway.

We're grasping at straws
at this point.

Janis, you wanna share
what you saw?

Yeah, I was...

getting a prenatal sonogram.

The baby was about
17 weeks,

and it was a little girl.

It was totally bizarre.

But I'm obviously
not pregnant.

I don't even have
a boyfriend.

What about you, sir?

I... was in a meeting.

A meeting...


And I happened to
glance down at the paper.

Sports page.

The Rays rallied
from 3 runs down

to sweep the Sox
at Fenway.

And there was
another story.

Kobe Bryant tore his ligament
in his knee. Out for the season.

(toilet flushes)

You know what? We should start
writing these stories down.

JANIS: Yeah.
- I mean,

the "Post" has a circulation
of what, a million?

A million, yeah.

How many other people
were reading it then, too?

We gotta start
comparing stories.

Yeah, it's not just the "Post."
It's all the other news outlets.

7 billion people
caught a glimpse of the future.

Maybe just one of them
knows why this happened.

How do we compare
7 billion stories?

- You create a web site.
MARK: Right.

People can log on
and post what they saw

and cross-reference
their visions.

We can piggyback on that
and search for patterns.

I think that's what
I was already doing.

WEDECK: What do you mean?
MARK: Mosaic.

All those leads
I was running down.

We should start
following up on 'em now.

Assuming your vision
is even accurate,

the investigation
doesn't exist yet.

But it could.
It will.

In my flash-forward,

I was investigating
what caused all this.

I seemed to have an idea
why all of this was happening.

And those people,
the places I saw on the board--

They were part of this puzzle--
Mosaic. Look, I'm certain of it.

Fine. We'll set up
interagency task force.

And as far as this office
is concerned,

- you three, you own this.
- This is kind of insane.

I mean, we're running point
on this

because he had a vision
of us running point on this?

MARK: What, you--
You find that funny?

DEMETRI: We don't even know--
MARK: Come on. It's the only lead we have.

- We don't have anything right now.
- It works. It works for me.

It works for me!

The whole world's
on pins and needles, people.

Air traffic's been grounded.

People scared to leave their homes,
walk across the street.

Hell, we've got martial law
across half this country.

Priority number one--
Finding out what caused this.

Priority number two is
figuring out whether or not

it'll happen again.
You got it?

ALL: Yes, sir.

I'm out.

my psychic friend,

what do you got?

I remember a name--
D. Gibbons.

DEMETRI: Gibbons.
MARK: That's right.

What else you got?

There was a photograph here
of a doll.

The doll was burned.
The head was melted.

There was a-a bullet casing

Something about Baltimore.

A hand.

Baltimore... No. No, no, wait.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.

A... A "blue hand."

- That's what it said.
- What the hell does that mean?

I have no idea.
Just put it up.

No, no, no. Wait, wait, wait.
Here, in the center.

This is gonna sound stupid,

but I was wearing
one of those, uh...

friendship bracelets.

- You know, like kids make.
- Yeah.

- Okay, that's good. What else?
- What else? That's it.

Those are all the leads
I can remember.

What about your state of mind?
What were you doing?


I was...

chambering a round.

I was scared to death.

You were scared to death
in here?


The office was empty,

was coming for me.

They were wearing masks.

They wanted to kill me
because of what I knew.

One of 'em had a...


How many D. Gibbons do you think
there are in the world?

Maybe thousands.

Have Janis
compile a list.


Not a hell of a lot
to go on yet.

At least you remember

What do you mean?

Everybody saw something.

Everybody had
some kind of a vision.

I didn't see
a damn thing, Mark.

Maybe it means you'll be
sleeping six months from now.

If I was sleeping,
why wasn't I dreaming?

Look, I never remember
my dreams.

Stop, all right?

We're both thinking
the same thing,

so let's just say it.

What if I didn't see

because six months
from now...

I'm gonna be dead?

- (crickets chirping)
- Mr. Benford?

Are you all right?

How's Charlie?

She's fine.
She's sleeping.

I was watching the news
all day.

They say it happened

It's gonna be okay.

Is that what they're saying
at the FBI?

Do you have
inside information?

I wish we did.

So then you don't know
it's gonna be okay.

I think God did this.


To punish us.

OLIVIA: Still no luck
finding his parents?

Well, his mother died
on the 405.

Father's name is Lloyd Simcoe.
He works at Stanford.

But, uh, no one's been
able to locate him yet.

(whispers) Yeah.

(normal voice) So even
if the kid pulls through,

he could still wind up
an orphan.

Hey, you saved
his life today.

You chalk that up
as a victory.

Yeah, I'm trying,
but after a day like today...

What about you?

How are you staying so zen
through all this?

Who says I am?

You wanna know why
I wasn't at work yesterday?


I've been going through

some really heavy things

I don't want
to get into it now.

But the--the point is...

This morning, I was out
on the Venice Pier,


And I was thinking
about committing suicide.

Oh, my God!

It's okay.
I'm--I'm okay.

I saw a glimpse
of my future, and...

I was alive.

You know, and everything's
changed for me now.

Whatever I was thinking
about doing

obviously wasn't meant
to happen.

It--it's like a sign from God
or something.

You know,
these visions were a gift.

Don't you think?

A gift?

I don't know.
Not for me.

Why? What--
What did you see?

I saw
the end of my marriage.

I was drinking again,

in my flash-forward.

And in my head, I...

I know it wasn't
just a one-time thing.

I was full-fledged
drinking again.

All the anxiety,


It was all back.

Just because you saw that
doesn't mean it's gonna happen.

Even if this future stuff
is real,

maybe it's
a blessing in disguise.

Maybe because you saw it,
you can change it.

Ghost of Christmas future

What if I can't?

People relapse. I did.
You pick yourself up again.

Olivia said she'd--
She'd leave me if I slip again.

- She made that clear.
- Then don't slip.

Until you see something
that corroborates these visions,

it--it's all fantasy.

The future is still
up in the air.

You're a terrible sponsor.
You know that?

What do you want me
to say, Mark?

You're not the only one this--
this has happened to, you know?

I've got
the opposite problem.

What do you mean?

Tracy was killed
in Afghanistan.

- And you were at the funeral, right?
- Right.

But in my flash-forward,

she's alive.

(explosion in distance)

MARK: Doesn't make any sense.
They I.D.'d her remains.

I know.

I can't explain it, but...

It was her.
I'm--I'm certain of it.

And if she's out there
somewhere, she needs me.

For two years, I've--
I've been putting her to rest.

Now... I don't know
what to think.

I-I'm--I'm confused.



And I'm angry
that I'm hopeful.


You're worried...

your future's
gonna come true.

I'm worried
mine won't.

(Mojave 3's "All Your Tears"

(garage door whirring)

You fixed the garage door.

It was a slow day.

# Where's the magic
that you wear? #

# That keeps you safe
and keeps you feeling free #

# Whose arms
have held you #

# that you don't know
who you are anymore #

Do you remember
our song?


The one we danced to
at our wedding.

Etta James.
"At Last."



What did you see?


I was at the office,

working on a case.
It was--it was this--

What caused
the flash-forwards.

I got the sense
I was in danger. Then...

Then it ended.

Nothing else?

No, that was it.

What about you?


I don't want
to talk about it.


'Cause it was
too upsetting.

I need to hear it,
whatever it was.


No, you don't.

(whispers) Come on.
What did you see?

You know what?
Just... let it go.

(normal voice)
Olivia, what did you see?

I was with another man.

(whispers) Who?

I don't know.

I've never
seen him before.

He was downstairs.

I don't know
who he was,

and yet my vision--
I had all these intense...

(cries) feelings for him.

(voice echoes) Hey, honey.

I don't understand, Mark.

I would never
cheat on you.

I wouldn't betray you.
I wouldn't--I...

Just because we saw
these things

doesn't mean
they're gonna happen.


Uh, I'm sorry.
You are...

(British accent)
His father Lloyd Simcoe.

- How is he?
- He'll be fine.

His attending physician,
Dr. Benford,

will be here
in the morning.

She can fill you in
on some of the details.

Then I'll wait for her.


What are you doing up,

It's after midnight.

I had a bad dream.

Come here.

You wanna
talk about it?

(normal voice)
Why was Mommy crying?

Oh, she was just scared.
It's gonna be okay.

Are you scared?

No, honey.
I'm fine.

What do you have there?
What do you got in your hand?

- Hmm?
- Something I made for you.

I want you to have it.

Take it, Daddy.

Do you want me
to help you put it on?



There you go.

I'm still at work, babe.
- # Islands in the stream #

- Mm, they got us working late.
- # That is what we are #

- Yeah, I'm watching it right now.
- # No one in between,

# How can we be wrong? #

- # Sail away with me #
- If, uh, this is the song you want,

- You got it, baby.
- # To another world #

# And we rely on
each other, uh-huh #

# From one lover #

- # to another, uh-huh #
- Let's, um, let's talk about

the future
when you get home.

Dem, come here.
You have to see this.

- # That is what we are #
- Gotta go.

# No one in between #

I love you, too.

What's up?

Okay, so
as far as we know,

every single person
on the entire planet

lost consciousness at the exact
same period of time, right?

- Right.
- Okay, so I started cycling through

a bunch of surveillance cameras
for the last five hours...

- because I was curious to see
- (hits key)

what they recorded.

I looked at hundreds of 'em.

I checked every major city, even
web cams in other countries...

and they all show
the exact same thing.

At 11:00 A.M., people start
dropping like flies.

Okay, and then 2 minutes
and 17 seconds later,

they start to come to.
And then I saw this.

(hits key)

This was in Detroit.

- What am I looking at here?
- Just hang on a second.

(hits keys)

Right there.
Look right there.

- No way.
- Yeah.

Who the hell is that?

And why are they awake?

(hits key)

Transcript: LeapinLar

Synchro and Edits: VeRdiKT