Flames (2018–…): Season 3, Episode 1 - Baahon Mein Chale Aao - full transcript

Rajat meets Ishita after the summer holidays, tries too hard to make her feel special again. Anusha has a new urge to buy a scooty to which Pandu has a problem.

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Flames - Season: 03 - Episode: 01 By: Akhtar Hossain

'Guys, last year when I was in class 11...

Ishita said,

'People of love, depart from us,'

'So far that you can't hug them even if you want to.'

'This year, class XII, board exam.'

'It's been a tough year.'

'And you know my rules,'

'Before going to the hard chapter, come to the first easy one.'

'So children, take out a new ledger and give today's date,'

'And write,'

'Chapter-1, Come to Arms.'

"Come on arm..."

"Come on arm..."

"What is the screen before me again?"

"What is the screen before me again?"

"This meeting is not just today,"

"This company is for life."

"Come on arm..."

"What is the screen before me again?"

"What is the screen before me again?"

"Tell me something sometime,"

"At least today, meet me openly,"

"If you're mine, the night's mine too,"

"Then what to fear from someone."

"Come on arm..."

"What's the curtain in front of me again."

- Here, Mayo. - O brother, give me some more mayo.

what are you doing

- I gave a lot. - Give me some more.

Apply pressure properly.

Hey Pandu...

- Here it is, a lot has happened. - Give, give, give.

And bro, your momo is getting thinner day by day. Make it a little thicker.

And give tissue.

take this

And sometimes give Sejuan too.

Hey, friends!

May-yo nare, Mayo calls it.

Come on everyone. Some tissues for brother.

Don't hack too much.

I got the most in English.

You got 43.

Yes, so?

Beta, get serious. It is class 12.

If you don't get good marks, no college will take you.

Oh, hello. Not my father's college.

One minute, big daddy. Sorry!

College did not reach, but what to do?

Speaker, please understand.

I have to decide, I will do journalism.

Then I will also decide, I will stick with him.

Together we will solve all the mysteries.

You just say,

Anusha Kumari from West Bihar, with camera man Gaurav Pandey.

No, I will say Pandu.

With camera man Pandu.

No, Vaya.

Rajo, you?

I am...

- I will do arts. - I will do arts.

Only if the father agrees.

Long live the queen.

And you?

I don't know yet. A bit confused.

So what did you gain from being at your grandmother's house for two months?

We are also confused inside.

But from the outside, attitude banchot!

Oi, Jay-Bru.

Smart kids are the most confused.

Because even if they can do it all,

Whatever he does, he does it thoughtfully.

You don't understand coward.

What are you saying?

And I am victorious, he is timid.

Oh brother, I win.

More Rajjo, forgot the trick Sir call me Joy.

So what happened? I win, you are timid.

- Rajjo, I am Joy. - I win.

- I win. - Hands off, I win.

But since Vasanthi is with me,

As a lover, I am timid.

And you are Jaya Bhaduri.

Innocent, quiet, unassuming.

You win as a lover.

OK, I'm up. Amisha, see you later.

Oh wait, I'm going too.

In fact, the house is empty, while the father is alone.

Hey momo-somo go eat.

- Thank you. - Bye.

- I'm coming too. - Hey, where did you go?

Some momos for you, goldbird.



Ishita, don't listen.

Have any problems? Why are you going so early?

No, nothing happened. Actually, I don't like to waste time like that.

you have fun

Do you feel bad about Pandu's words?

You know, he makes fun like that.

i know

Nothing bad, Pandu is my friend too.

If so, I will tell him directly.

You don't have to explain.

Ishita, I thought everything was fine inside us.

You don't even tell me your problem.

You didn't show up properly.

I have seen Now I was sitting with everyone.

And I can solve my own problems, Rajat.

Yes Ishita, even if we can't be the same,

a friend

You can tell me your problem and I will help you.

Trying, Rajat.

See you later. bye


Badri, how are you?

When did you come to Delhi?

I came before you left.

- Tell me, when did you come? - Tomorrow night.

what are you doing here

Here... Dad said come to Delhi, so I came.

When dad said go to boarding, I left.

When he said to come again, I came -

Your father says a lot.

Badri, and silver.

Silver, and Badri. A very old friend of mine.

childhood friend


- What's up brother? - Good brother.

Aren't you going home? Let's take it down.

no thanks I will get auto or rickshaw.

Hey, don't go, where to find auto again?

Oh, and it drives very badly. I will get a rickshaw here.

- See you later then. - Well, bye, see you.


Will you drop somewhere?

No bro, I'm here for a while.

- I will go with Pandu. - Well, brother.

- So you are not here? - Yes.

Let's meet one day and have a party.

- Absolutely. - Come on then.

- Brother, will you go to block D? - Yes, sit down.

thank you

'Guys, we say we'll be friends,'

'But then I miss the touch, the hug,'

'And the moments of love.'

'Then we think, why can't this be in friendship?'

'In such a situation, we become high-energy neutrons,'

'A heavy metal like bombarding Ishita again and again.'

[Silver: Can I call?]

'And forget that there could be a nuclear reaction here.'

[Ishita: No.]

'Either will generate electricity,'

'Or it will destroy everything.'

[Ishita: Dad is sitting next to her.]

Well, have you eaten?


going to eat ice cream? I know a very cute place.

Stop wandering, silver.

This is the 12th board exam, I don't want to fail. Okay, bye.

Well bye, good night.



Yes, tell me.

Koliza's brother.

A strange thing is happening these days.

I cry watching movies, bro.

Fix it first, your bike is a tractor.

Hey, to this day I haven't even cried watching Titanic.

When Jack was drowning.

Do you know what is happening these days?

I feel so much.

do you know Still feeling it.

Can you feel my feelings?

Hey Pandu, don't worry.

It is already tight in the throat.

- I mean you feel the same as me- - No, bye!

Bro, I feel Ishita is avoiding me.

I thought he had forgiven me. All is well.

Nothing went right.

It was okay to stay away.

Now seeing each other face to face, I understand that distance has been created.

Feels weird, dude. blank blank

Nothing is the same.

I can feel it, friend.

Brother, you are beside me in my feelings.

I am always by your side.

Electric scooter will be right?

Hey, that's the future. Close your eyes and take it.

Well, don't listen?

will you help me with math

I want really good marks.

come on ok

The more discounts you give me, the better marks I will give you.

Hey, no problem. I have already spoken to uncle.

Go to the showroom tomorrow, get a good discount.

are you crazy


- Hey, I told Mamaji... - Hey! Hey!

Lady love, today with Badar fairy that!

Banchot, what a mess.

- Nalke, listen. - That nalke!

Hand in hand friend.

that mother

Nalke, listen, don't stress, I won't teach you.

Take the ice cream.

You eat it, I will take 25 taka later.

I see a good friendship.

The boy is cute. You make fun of him.

Tell me how cute you are.

If I ask you to teach, you don't teach.

Make excuses.

Because you are serious.

I'm a million times more serious than Nalk.

What kind of girl are you?

You love others and torture your own people.

His uncle has a showroom. helping me

And you are going to see scooter with me tomorrow.

Why are you buying an electric scooter?

I'm telling you, if you and I sit together, it ends there.

Why do you sit on my scooter?

won't you sit me down


I can't wait to sit!

Even if there is a problem with my bike?

Let me take it first.

Why are you buying? Don't buy it, Anusha.

I wish!

Means the teacher will come and sit first...

And the students will come swinging their hips late.

Don't give me a pen.

- Do it fast, but comfortably. - Oh, give me the pen.

sorry bro

Relax, hurry up.




Guys, the possibility of starting my class...

Depends on getting your seat, right?

Hey guys, sit wherever you can.

No, no one came here to read.

The movie is playing. Came to see the movie, right?

Why are you talking?

Sorry sir, well entertained.


- At least study sometimes. - Sorry, sir.

Come forward soon.


I will start today...

- chapter! - 2!

the solution

Scooter ate my head. Scooty even on such days.

Sometimes you feel like slapping yourself.

Hello, I'm going to see your scooter.

You don't have to find excuses to touch me.

And listen, you explain trigonometry to me.

I am free only on Tuesday evenings.


When you start fighting like that.



No, it's Maggie.

I'm sitting, let's do it.

Even so, I would be bored there with them.

- When I see... - Arguing?

Will you give the bowls, silver?

thank you

You go sit with Pandu Anusha. Maggie is fed up.


Hey Mr. Kaushal, why are you taking so much tension?

You are no longer in control of the weather.

But the decision to teach on the roof was mine, Radha.

Sometimes rainy, hot, cold, mosquitoes.

I did not make a mistake with this decision.

These are normal.

You have taken this decision for the sake of the children.

So what's the problem?

You only trust in God. Everything will be fine.

Hey Ardangini Ji,

The gods and goddesses are also God. Year passed.

Well, all right. You eat pakoras.

But not more than three, otherwise I will cycle for another 20 minutes.

And what about the roof,

I am not, Radha Kaushal.

BA in Physics.

I can also give the solution to your 3-4 problems.

It's true, Radha Ji.

Eating pakoras in your hands makes everything right.

Wow! Great!

Thank you, thank you.

These are much better.



Bro, I read on the net.

People get frustrated at times like this.

And in this desperation, like Ishita says something bad,

I seriously apologize.

Dude, I can't lose Ishita.

- Hey brother, Ishita'ke-- - Hey Pandu!

Do not say slowly? What a problem!

You just make Ishita feel special.

Oh wow, Pandu.

I mean, if you are hungry, tell me to eat?

What a profound solution to you!

God bless!

Hey Anusha what do you do when you are angry?

I mean, you want the advice of Loveguru?

Brother, I give him small surprises.

For example, I was taken for a walk alone at night without informing.

I praised him falsely in front of many people.

I called his ugly dog ​​cute.

They like these little things.

Girls feel special.

You do one thing, make him remember the old days.

It will make you feel special.

She will trust you that you want to make her feel special.

You're right, Via!

Let's go to Ishita's house tonight.

No, no, no!

You hugged me and choked me, no problem.

You called me here on a day off, no problem.

Going to Ishita's house is a big problem, I am not.

Hey, he feels special.

When I risk her like Romeo.

Bro, it's too risky.

These things only fit one-and-a-half times.

Meanwhile, my bike has also become a tractor.

Pay attention to me, Pandu.

what are you doing

Paying attention, Via.

Don't do nonsense.

Banchodi you don't.

My heart says you shouldn't go.

And one should always listen to what the mind says.

And my heart says yes, yes.

Don't always listen to your heart, inexperienced lover.

Hey, this is getting annoying.

Hello, lady love?

Yes, Lady Love.

Come on, Lady Love.

Making me worse, Rajjo.

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[Silver: Come out, quick!]


what are you doing here


Where is Pandu?

I came alone.

Rajat, you are alone at night... why?

how did you come

in the cab


Cab. taxi


how did you come

in a taxi

Rajat please, go back.

Ishita, we study in twelfth standard.

I will be lost if I don't have a child.

Silver scares me.

Why did you come?

Ishita, I have come to give you this.

And come to say, I will never give up on you.

Ishita, I know I broke your trust.

And you are afraid, if we are together, if I leave you again.

Ishita, I know that won't happen.

can you trust me

I will never stop trying.

You are very special to me, Ishita.

Like Sharma's Dim-Chowmin.

Or Chandni Chak Chaat.

or Mr. Momos of Momos.

You are more special than all these, Ishita.

Ishita, someone said to listen to the heart.

And I came because my heart wanted.

Because you are special.

That was the point.

But the time is not right.

You shouldn't have come.

who is there

What is happening here?



Mr. Rana.

- Hey hold on, hold on. - Take the boy.

Stop, hold him.

Thief, catch Shala.

Flames - Season: 03 - Episode: 01 By: Akhtar Hossain

'See, children,'

'The nuclear reaction did not happen.'

'Razzo thought, electricity would be created,'

'But here the atomic bomb exploded.'

'What will these high energy neutrons do now?'

'I will say it in the next class.'

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