Find It Fix It Flog It (2016-2022): Season 3, Episode 7 - Episode #3.7 - full transcript

Henry refurbishes a classic Ford Mustang and a neon garage sign, while Simon restores a classic Chopper bicycle and turns a bass guitar into a chair.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
There are sheds.
And there are sheds!

'The garages and barns of Britain

'are stacked with old possessions.'

This is what
we've been waiting for, Si!

'What looks like valueless junk
could be worth a pretty penny.'

Thank heavens I got here to save it.

'Henry Cole and Simon O'Brien reckon
they can fix this rubbish...

'..and, once restored,
sell for a profit.'

That's where the money is!

'For Henry and his mechanic,...'

That's it! ''s all about
restoring retro relics

'and vintage classics...'

'.while Simon and his upcycler
repurpose the unwanted

'into fantastic furniture.'
Just brilliant. I love it.

Have a wander, fill your boots.

That is absolutely stunning,
what you've done.


'They may have different approaches,

'but together they'll turn
a profit for the owners.'

In total, mate, £1,310 to you.

Wow. Not a bad day out, is it?

'Today Simon sets Henry
a new challenge.'

Why don't you, for once,
get a bit creative?

OK, all right. All right!

'But it's business as usual
for Gemma.' Another bike!

Yeah, but it's a cool bike!

'And there's high praise for Henry.'

You should be proud of yourself.
I think it's really smart, isn't it?

'The boys are in Worthing today,

'where Oscar Wilde wrote
The Importance Of Being Earnest.'

He wrote that here, mate, in 1894.

That's why the main protagonist
is called Jack Worthing.

'The area also has a darker past.'

This is smuggling country, isn't it?
What do you mean?

Worthing was once a hotbed

for smuggling contraband.

So let's keep that theme going
and smuggle a couple of items each

out of someone's barn or shed
and do something lovely with it.

'Simon's choice of smuggler's cove
is a home filled with collectibles

'owned by Jack and John
and their dad Steven,

'who unfortunately can't be there
to welcome the boys today.'

What have we got?
We've got... Motorbikes...

Engines, spare parts.

Some treasures, I guess.
Probably some hidden treasures.

'But over the years, their dad
has lost control of his collection.'

My dad is walking that fine line
between hoarding and collecting.

He'd see himself as a collector,

but some of the stuff
is a bit questionable!

Hello. Jack. John, how are you?
Nice to meet you. How are you doing?

Now, boys, have you got
some serious stuff here?

I think we do. If we do make you
any money, what will it go towards?

Cymbals for me. For me, it'll go
on my car, my Volkswagen Bug.

Boys, we'll see you in a minute.
All right!

Let's go!

'On your bike! You and Simon need
to find two items to be restored.'

Ho-ho-ho! Here we go!

Look at that!

That is crazy, isn't it?

That takes us right back to where
we were kicking it up, mate,

giving it massive, know what I mean?

Yeah, that was it.
Cool, man.

That was one of the first things
I bought with my first pay packet

and it's now so long ago,
they're now retro-cool.

As I am.

Anyway, it's too good.
Mate, come on, now, look.

Let's talk cans. Oh, quickly,
distract him, distract him.

Ooh, look! Nice redline up there...

Let's not talk cans.
Let's talk this. What's that?

Well, I think - in fact, I know -

this is an old strobe light.

It's aluminium,
so it's going to polish up nice.

'A typical strobe flash
only lasts for 200 microseconds.'

'Let's hope Simon's efforts will
make this item last a bit longer.'

Maybe it'll be a really cool light.

Yeah, that'll be cool. You'll do
a pukka job on that. There you go.

I have my first item and
we've only just stepped in the door.

It's about three feet, isn't it?

'So Simon's dancing, but Henry's
got a few moves of his own.'

Now we're getting involved, eh?

Yes. Look at those bikes.
Yes, motorbikes.

Doesn't that do something for... Ooh.

Hang on, let's wait on the bikes,
shall we?

You know how I have
a penchant, baby.

'This is an Avery-Hardoll pump,

'a prestige British manufacturer
of all things mechanical.'

'They made petrol pumps
from the mid-1920s onwards.'

The shame about this is there's
no little place here for a globe,

a little light and all that stuff.

I'd just love to restore it, but
I don't know... I just need the...

Well, why don't you, for once,

get a bit creative?

What do you mean by that?
Why don't you get artistic with it?

Go a bit crazy with it.
OK, all right. All right!

You going to rise to that challenge?

I will do something
that is pump-tastic.

One item each. Let's go.

I am going to customise that pump

so it is seriously cool.

Good luck with that, Mr Cole!

'Pumped by their success so far,
the boys move on to the final shed.'

Come on, another shed.
Another shed.

Yeah... Oh, it's a bit organised.

Never fear, mate,
there's always a possibility.

Oh, those are nice, look at them.


Little metal cabinets.
I love them.

Great in a workshop, great at home,

great in your industrial-vibe
apartment bathroom.

Bathroom? You're right, I should've
said "bathroom" straightaway.

Hey, that means I've got two items.
And I'm running out of things.

Well, get rummaging, mate.

'So Henry has snaffled a pair
of matching bathroom cabinets

'and it seems Simon
is not too far behind.'

Look at this.

"Gee-tar" man!
There you go.

It's a beautiful thing. It's got
all its pearl on it and everything.

But it's obviously unwanted,
it has no strings,

but don't fret,
it's going to have a new life.

I like where you're going -
don't fret. I got that.

'Simon has grabbed
a vintage bass guitar.'

'Though not intrinsically valuable
on its own,

'Simon has a cunning plan.'

I'm going to turn this into a chair.

I'm going to turn it into a chair.

Whether it's comfortable to sit on,
hey, that's a whole different thing.

That is the end of the gig because
we've got two items each. No encore?

No. Let's go and see the lads.

'So with Simon completing
his band of musical items,

'will John and Jack be fans
of the boys' picks?'

Tell me about that petrol pump
out there.

That was actually rescued by Father.
It was going to be binned.

Someone wanted to get rid of it
and he said he'd take it.

And also, in the shed behind us,
I found those little metal cabinets.

What do you know about them?

They might've been in the bathroom
in my nan's old house.

Some storage bits, put in the shed.
Old metal cabinets.

So those are my two items.

Whereas, as you can see,
I have gone completely rock'n'roll.

I'm going to start
with my first item.

Is that a strobe light?

It's either a strobe light
or a stage light.

Where did it come from?
I don't know. It appeared one day.

Dad found it somewhere, bought it.

He does do that, he'll just
come home - "Look what I've got!"

Well, I'm glad he did. It's cool.

My second item - next time
you see it, it won't be a guitar.

That's all I'm going to tell you.
Element of secrecy.

OK? Well, yeah.
Go on, off you go.

OK, I've got to get the petrol pump.
Yeah, I'm not helping you.

As always.
He's clueless.

'Coming up -
Simon's no guitar hero,...'

Woww... I'm so glad
that doesn't have strings.

'..Guy doesn't mince his words...'

I don't know where
you turn these up from.

'..and Henry pumps up the volume.'

That was loud. And I mean loud.

'Simon O'Brien and Henry Cole
are creating money from metal.'

So lamp, posh. Yep, done. Happy.
Moving on.

'And Simon is back in Liverpool,
showing his selections

'to his upcycler Gemma Longworth.
But first...'



Bow. I'm so glad
that doesn't have strings!

Yes, it would sound even worse
than that did if it had strings.


OK, well... You've never brought
anything like this back before.

No, I haven't. It's never
going to be a guitar again

because you know what I want to do?

I want to cut it here, stand that up
and turn it into a seat.

That could work!
That's going to be a smash-hit!

'Time to see if Simon's strobe
can also top the charts.'

Let's just have it as just a really
nice central light in a room.

OK, why not?
Yeah? Yeah.

I don't think it'll ever be
a strobe light again. Maybe.

But all in all, this is going
to be brilliant. OK? OK.

Let's go, baby! Rock'n'roll!


'Whilst the strobe is chemically
dipped to remove the paint,

'Simon's got a removal job
of his own.'

OK, let's have a look
at this guitar.

I think it might still play.


Yeah, that's good.

'Enough now, boys. Time to
take the neck off the guitar.'

I'm hoping it's only screwed
together, it's not resined as well.

If it's resined, I'm in trouble.


Now,... that goes like that...

and then we need a base for it.

Stool base. Something like...

Hmm. Phil won't need this.

'In Oxfordshire,
Henry is revealing his finds

'to partner in grime Guy Willison.'

Are you ready for it?

Ooh. I could keep my medicines
in one of them.

Medicine cabinet in my bathroom.
OK, so hear me out.

OK? Bobby Dazzler, blast them.
What colour, then?

I think pastel colours,
but different colours.

Not glitter basically.
Not metallic. No.

OK, pastel colour, polish your knob
and that's done.

Yes. Yeah? Good. All right, next.
Now, next! Now, next!

Yet again - I don't know where
you keep turning these up from.

This was rescued, I think,
basically, from a skip.

There's a surprise.

'The plan is to send the outside to
be wrapped in chrome-effect vinyl.'

Sounds good.
I promise you.

So the first thing
we've got to do is strip it.

Yep, things are happening.

Things are happening!

Hang on... Yes!

'Henry's master plan
is to remove the exterior panels

'and whilst they're being wrapped in
chrome, the insides will be gutted.'

There you go, son. Happy days.

Keep the pressure up. I tell you
what we need, we need a Hoover.

Right, that's good.
Right, another panel.

Mm! So we're getting there. Yeah.

We just need to get the top off.
Some penetrating oil...

Oh, no, there's two more.
Best of luck.

Ah. I didn't need to take those off.
Two more is there?

Right. OK, the hard work is done.

First mission complete.



I might go and have a lie-down.
Yeah? Not you, you get going.

'Tea drunk, Guy has to prepare
the cabinets for sandblasting.'

OK, so, er...

This door on this
is silver-soldered together.

If you scrape the paint off, there's
silver solder in the corners,

so it cannot be powder-coated

because it will disintegrate
and fall apart.

So these have got to be
spray-painted. But that helps me

because it means this mirror
can just be cleaned and masked off.

And I haven't got to strip the door
down. That's how to deal with this.

'After a swift change of plan,

'Guy removes the mirrors
and hoovers away years of neglect.'

That's my hard work done.

I think Daz has got the short straw.

'In Liverpool,

'Simon's strobe is ready for
stage two of its transformation.'

OK, so...

the strobe light is back
from the blaster's.

It's been stripped back,
polished the top edge

and I've decided the bodywork
is going to be purple.

Which apparently is the most
immature colour, but I don't care.

Going to give it a light dusting.


'So after a quick spray,
the strobe is left to dry,

'allowing Simon
to fiddle with his bass.'

'After cutting the guitar neck
and attaching a custom bracket,

'Simon's ready to reattach it
to make the back of the chair.'

Happy with that. So now, in theory,

you pop in there,...

slot into there to hold the bracket.

OK. Couple of guider holes
round the back.

'Simon adds the screws and the bass,
in part, is now vertical.'

Now ensure it's sitting level.

That looks good to me.

'In Oxford, Henry's bathroom
cabinets are being coloured

'a fetching shade of pastel.'

'Henry's petrol pump is also
being sorted by someone elso -

'a specialist car-branding company.'

So here I'm just making a template
to cut the vents out.

'The individual panels are measured

'and the chrome vinyl is cut to
the exact dimensions of each piece.'

Now just got to position it
from the template.

'A hot-air gun seals both chrome
and gold vinyl to the panels.'

Well, I think that looks great.
That's all finished

and we should give it back to Henry.

'But Henry will see the fruits
of other people's labour later

'as it's time to visit
his choice of location.'

'The boys have come
to the New Forest to visit John,

'who likes to be known as Stumpy,

'and explore
his little slice of America.'

We mess around with American cars,
basically. We do motorbikes,

push bikes, cars, trucks -
anything we can, really.

It's a case of old Americana.

'He's sure that in the midst
of all this stuff from the States,

'the boys will strike gold.'

It's great for them to come down.
I think they appreciate what we do.

It's man-cave stuff, isn't it?

Hey, Stumpy. Lovely to see you
again. Hi, mate. I'm Simon.

I'm confused. I'm sure your name
was John. Is it John or Stumpy?

So not John?

Stumpy. Mate, I just want to pause
for a sec because I'm heaven.

So what's the passion?
The passion?

Metal. Yeah, I can see that! It's
American metal mainly, isn't it?

Yeah, OK, that obvious, isn't it?

Oil, petrol, smell, fumes...

Listen, mate, please tell me -
it's not just engines, is it?

You've got other stuff, haven't you?

Please... We can find some rubbish
for you. That's what I want.

Stumpy, thanks, mate. We'll go
and have a rummage. Cheers, mate.

See you later. Where are you going?
Oh, I'll go this way.

'As usual, the boys
have to find two items each,

'but before that, Henry is
distracted by a GMC pickup truck

'from the middle
of the 20th century.'

That... is a slammed GMC pickup...
A what? Pardon?

Slammed, it's lowered.
Shall I spark it up?

What? I'm going to make it go.
Are you going to make a noise?

Oh, mate, look at this!
How cool is that?!

Here we go...



Wow! That was loud!
And I mean loud!

Spark up a GMC pickup, eh?


Have you finished?

I think the baffle's gone. Maybe,
or it's just designed like that.

'Moving on,
Simon soon finds an interesting item

'lurking in the back of the truck.'

Beautiful thing. Look at it.
Look at this.

Ooh, cor. Mate, that's lovely.
I love the shape of that.

Listen. Yeah?
How about...

Oh, mate.
Look at that.

What about that for a little seat?

Sometimes the boy's a genius.

Get it upholstered inside. But from
the outside, you'll see all this,

all the ribs.
I love it.

Yeah? I love it.
Do you know what?

I'm actually... a little...
Are you?

I am. Are you OK? Pulse has gone up.
Would you like a herbal tea?

Pulse has gone up. Mate, that is
an absolutely unbelievable idea.

And that, mate, is my first item.

Yeah. And this could be... No.

No, no! You can't have it.
It's a great idea, man. I love it.

'With Simon taking an early lead
with the tractor grille,

'Henry's going to need
a muscular response.'

'Lucky for him, there's plenty
of muscle cars around.'

1966, is it?

Mustang? Absolutely beautiful.
Does that do something to you?

'Mustangs were the epitome
of 1960s American cool,

'selling a million cars in the UK
in just 18 months.'

Seems to be rust free.
Let's have a look.

I know when you're impressed
because you start whispering a bit.

(WHISPERING) I want it.

I do.

Basically, we're going
to immerse ourselves

in driving American muscle.

'But will Stumpy
let such a beauty go?'

It's not that funny, mate.

It's blue...
No, close the hood.

Look over the top of the hood.

Oh, what the heck?!

What the heck is that sign about?

I mean, "Henry Cole, purveyor
of vintage motorcycles"?

Is that... Is that original?
What do you mean?!

Well, how could it be me?!

You know, it's perfect for you.
Stand there.

It actually says "Henry Cole.
In need of restoration."

That's me. Isn't it?

OK, enough about you. Look up.
Look at them. Bikes, loads of them.

Hanging on the wall, right next
to the Henry Cole motorcycle sign

is that kind of crazy
adult Chopper-style bike.

'Columbia produced similar bikes
to Schwinn,

'who pioneered this type of design
in the early 1960s.'

'The Raleigh Chopper
actually came afterwards

'and was inspired
by its transatlantic rival.'

That's a true piece of Americana.
Look at that.

OK, we're missing the chain, slight
issue with the three-speed here.

Love the front-end suspension
though. Mate, that's beautiful.

So what we've got there is something
that needs some resto to it.

It does. But it's all there,
isn't it? Is that going to clean up?

I hope so. I don't know.
I'll have a good look. Hopefully.

You know what? It's no particular
vintage, but they're just cool.

Classic design, well cool.

God bless America, that's what
I say. Eh? Are we having that one?

We are. God bless Stumpy.
I've got two items.

That's going to be loved to death by
me, the lover of all things bicycle.

It's going to be fabulous.

'Simon rides off with the Chopper,

'but Henry sometimes
just needs a sign from above.'

Seen that before?

Oh, cool.

Now, that, obviously, is American. Yep.

Original service sign for a garage.
Roadside sign.

You know what's more exciting?
It's not. It's double-sided.

That sign got my heart racing.

'Though it's hard to accurately
date a sign with no branding,

'fully restored vintage signs
like this

'regularly sell
for hundreds of pounds.'

So all you do with that, man - clean
it up, bring up the original patina

and put some new neon on it,
both sides.

Come on, baby. What a way to end,
man. Absolutely. Two-all, son.

We'd better see Stumpy.

'But will he be happy with their
selections, especially the Mustang?'

Let's talk iconic American items.

Tell me about that bike.

They were all called Crates.
They're kind of between late '60s

and early '70s, but just
an iconic adult Chopper bike.

So that's my first item.

And my second item - the grille.

No doubt you'll do something
different with it. I am.

I'm going to turn it
into a hotrod seat, mate.

OK, I didn't see that.
No, neither did I.

Over to you, Mr Cole. Can I talk
to you about that service sign?

Where did it come from?
Oh, mate. Erm...

It was an antiques dealer
and he took me to his private stash.

And I had to have it.

Well, for obvious reasons.
I liked it.

You don't find them original.
That's the thing.

Now, my final item.
Tell me about the '66 Mustang.

Came from a friend of mine
in Arizona,

so it's a really nice
through-the-middle car. Good car.

Can we talk signs? I genuinely
thought that was original.

I mean, look at that.

Talk to me - is that a present
to me? That is something for you.

Can I hug you like this?
There you go. I've got splinters!

And I've got an amazing sign, mate.

We've got to do our stuff justice.

Yeah, we will. I'll put this in
the van before he changes his mind.

Cheers, mate.
Cheers, Stumpy.

'Coming up - Simon's feeling
a little out of his depth,...'

I've never built a chair before
like this in my life.

What can possibly go wrong?

'..Henry's his usual modest self...'

Oh, my God,
this is going to be incredible!

'..and at the valuation,
there's the sweet sound of success.'

Come on. Let's make some music!

It brings a smile to your face.

'Henry Cole and Simon O'Brien
are turning trash into cash.'

Look at this.
Ooh, cor.

Mate, I love the shape of that.

'They both picked two items
from John, also known as Stumpy,

'and Henry is now back
to reveal his plans.'

I do love a little bit of Americana.


I think the thing
that we shouldn't do,

because it's sacrilege,... Mmm. paint it.

The value is in the potential
restoration project for somebody.

It should be left like this.
Cleaned up, yeah?

I've got a new windscreen.
Oh, good.

Fit that, right,

get her running,... Yes. ..make her
look lovely and stop there.

The main thing we're going to do
is just clean up what's there,

polish the chrome a bit...

The other major things that need
doing - it needs a new windscreen -

there's a big crack in it -
and that car is fantastic.

Mm, just gets better.

'Guy's agreement is a good sign
for Henry. Speaking of which...'

This is exquisite.

Now, we know a man

who could sign-write
this outline of "Service".

The neon ports here to run the neon
are all ready to go

and original.
What colour neon?

Red, to highlight the arrow.

That is a fantastic thing to find.

I think I've done well.
You have, they're two lovely items.

Good. I like it.

'But once Henry's mechanic
gave the Mustang the once-over,

'he found an issue with the brakes,

'so it's straight off to the garage
to get them replaced.'

Henry sent us this Mustang

to sort out the brakes

because they're not doing a good
enough job in stopping the car.

I've just got to replace
these wheel cylinders

and everything should be good.

'Though it's a classic,
it still needs to pass an MOT,

'so working brakes are a necessity.'

Now that's done, we'll get it back
to Henry so he can finish it off.

'Henry's other item
is also out for some work

'as he has enlisted a talented
signwriter to provide his services.'

I've decided to paint this
in... block

rather than try and do the outline

because the surface is not unlike
the surface of the Moon.

This is the surface
I'm used to painting on here!

And then there's this.

Henry, you owe me a pint.

'In Liverpool, Simon is hoping
for greater enthusiasm from Gemma.'

♪ Do-doo, how cool are these?

It's another bike!
Yeah, but it's a cool bike!

You always say that! No, look,
this is a really collectible bike.

Promise you, promise you.
It's beautiful. Well, it will be.

It needs a little bit of TLC.

As you saw there,
there's no brakes, no chain,

no gears, but all in all,
it's a lovely thing.

This front-end suspension is
a little bit special in my opinion.

OK. All right? Yeah.
Well, you do know your bikes.

OK, leave that one...
Leave it with me.

Now, what do you think of that?

Well, it's different. Yeah.

'Simon's plan for the grille is
to turn it upside down and sit on it

'by repurposing it
as an upholstered chair.'

That could be a good idea.
See? I knew I'd have one in the end.

'So Simon ploughs ahead
with the tractor grille.'

So I've ordered
this standard office-chair base,

which is going to get rat-rodded.

I've never built a chair before
like this in my life -

what can possibly go wrong?

'Simon starts by designing
a template for the chair base

'out of a cardboard box.'

Right. Let's have a look.
See if this one works.

There's our template.

Now... to get serious

with the ply.

'Simon uses the template
to cut out a perfectly fitting seat

'from 18-millimetre plywood.'

Suddenly we have a seat.

'Having a made a good start on the
seat, time to get to the Chopper.'

Right. I know this much -

at the moment, without a chain, all
this is is a glorified hobbyhorse.

'So Simon attaches a new chain.'

Clever little tool, this.

'And his retro bike
is almost roadworthy again.'

Yes, we have a chain on.

'In Oxfordshire, Henry's Mustang
is still at the mechanic's.'

'This time, it's in need
of a new windscreen.'

We've taken the old one out, we're
getting the rubber onto the new one,

ready to install the new windscreen

with the chromes and the sealer
in the next few minutes.

'Any windscreen that has a crack
in it could smash at any moment,

'so it's always best
to replace them immediately.'

The screen is fitted, just got
to seal it to prevent water ingress

and then fix the chromes on
and we're all finished.

There we go,
I think Henry will love that.

'Across town, Henry's other item
is well underway.'

'The services sign has been sent
to a specialist lighting engineer.'

'Neon lights work
by electrifying neon gas

'in a sealed glass tube.'

'So once the tubes
are put into a circuit,

'Henry's sign has a new glow.'

'Back in Liverpool, Simon may have
got a little carried away

'cutting wood out for the chair,

'as each separate panel
needs to be upholstered.'

What have you done?
Don't touch it.

Erm, these are the panels
for the upholsterer.

How many are there?! Simon,

I think
you've overcomplicated this a bit.

There's only 15 panels.

Well, the upholsterer's got his work
cut out here, hasn't he?

Will you drop it down for me?
No, I will not!

He might need a sit-down
when he sees it.

'It may seem like a lot of work,

'but it's nothing a professional
upholsterer can't handle,

'leaving Simon free
for his favourite pastime -

'polishing his Chopper,
as respraying it would devalue it.'

In the past, I would've been tempted
to respray the frame,

but there is just no money
to be made if you do that.

I'm just going to clean it all up,

call it, as Henry would say,

but get as much of the chrome
gleaming as we can.

Even that first rub there,

it's starting to come up.

Maximise profit

and it is what it is.

'Back in Oxfordshire,

'the boys return to their first
finds picked from Worthing.'

'First up - the pump.'

Oh, lovely.
Right, round here, come on.

And... Ooh.

It's chafing, it's chafing.

OK, right, next. Look at that!

Get the other one, the other side!

Slips in lovely, like a treat.

'Henry's ordered a new sign
to give the pump a rebrand

'and once it's in place,
they can attach the panels.'

Oh, my God, this is going to be
incredible! Look at it!

I think wrapping this is a genius
idea, dare I say it about myself.

This is new technology
and, by gum, it looks glorious!

Well, help us on.

'With the final panels added,...'

Let's do the piece du resistance.

'..and a bulb installed, it's time
to take in the finished vision.'

Ready? Three,... Yep.
...two,... Yep. one... Yep.

How's that?
Mate, check that out.

'Very satisfied with themselves,

'the boys move on to examining
the recoloured bathroom cabinets,

'which have arrived back
from being resprayed.'

So it was up to you
to choose pastel colours, was it?

Yes, it was. I take full resp...

That's bright, isn't it?

It's not exactly pastel, is it?

Let's clean up the glass. Yes.

Have you caught your reflection yet?
I did, it was shocking.

Don't do it a second time,
you'll crack it. OK.

Look at that. Mm?
They're done, mate. Beautiful.

'So the boys leave them be as Henry
has found a potential new buyer

'for the pump - Angus.'

Do you like that?
You'll never see one of those again.

It's really cool. Very nice, sharp.
Looks really fun.

It looks much better in the wrap.
It's come up really well.

And you're interested?
I could be interested.

I can't below 1,200 sheets.

If you want it for 1,200,
I'll load it now.

Go on. Why not?
Yahey! Nice one!

Well, actually, I say I'll load it,

it's heavy, I might need a hand.
Never mind.

'But Henry will have to wait
for the valuation

'to find out if that's a good deal.'

'Back in Liverpool,
Simon needs to turn up the tempo

'to get his first batch of finds

'For his guitar,
he's adding a base... to the bass.'

There you go.

I guess it's only a seat

if you can sit on it.

That's ridiculous.

'One item down, one to go

'as Simon sets about
lighting the strobe.'

OK. Let's get this wired up,
see how it lights.

'It's a straightforward job of
replacing the old wiring and bulb

'with new standard fittings.'

That's beautiful. Ha.

Love it.

'But will Simon get
a beautiful price at the valuation?'

'Jack and John and their dad Steve
wanted to exchange some items

'for a bit of spending money.'

'But have Henry and Simon
made the tills ring?'

Hello. How are you?

Good to see you.
Hey, everyone's here!

We didn't get a chance to meet.
Go and have a wander.

Go and have a wander.
That's very cool, very shiny.

Does it go up and down as well?

Yeah. It's a bass on a base.
Hey, I like that, mate!

Come back and join us, fellas.
Come on over.

I can't walk away from it,
it's so lovely. You are sweet.

Absolutely chuffed to bits
with that. So what do you reckon?

Well, considering what it was
when you picked it up...

I'm really impressed.
And everything came out of skips.

But have we made you any money?
That's the key.

Let me introduce you to our Adam,
who's an independent valuer.

Nice to meet you all.

'With three decades' experience,
auction-house owner Adam Partridge

'can accurately value anything.'

OK, Adam, let's start
with what once was a strobe light.

It's now a funky central light.
Like it very much.

'Just £40 was spent
turning this shabby old strobe

'into a striking light.'

Fits in the modern home.

Could see that making £130.

'That's a sparkling £90 profit.'

Let's make some music, Adam, baby.
Talk to me about the bass seat.

Well, it brings a smile
to your face.

'The worthless bass was turned into
a chair for just £15 for the stand.'

Let's go for a figure of £80.

OK, £80.
That's all right, isn't it?

'That's strummed up a £65 profit.'

Now, then, Adam. Yes.

I want to start with my piece
de resistance. The cabinets?

Exactly. What do you reckon
on them fellas?

'These drab old cabinets

'were turned into powder-coated
pastel beauties for £30.'

They are what they are.

Fully pleasant seaside colours. Yes.

50 quid the pair. 25 each.

'So that's a profit of £20,

'or £10 per cabinet.'

Cheers, Henry.
Thanks, boys. Look, honestly,

I think they're a revelation.

Let's talk about the petrol pumpage.

I think you should be proud of
yourself. I think it's really smart.

It's lovely. It really is.

'The smart look was not cheap.'

'£800 was spent on the wrap colour
and new parts.'

Come on, how much?
It's a tricky one.

It must be a grand plus. I'm going
to go a touch over - £1,100.

Well, boys, I've flogged that.

And I flogged it for 1,200 quid.

'A savvy sale has pumped up
the price, making the boys £400.'

That's awesome.
I think that was worth doing.

So in total,
taking away all the costs,

you're going home with 575 quid.

How's about that?

Steven, what will you spend
that money on? A percentage of it

I'm probably going to give
to a charity,

mental-health charity, possibly
a military mental-health charity,

and the rest will probably go
on fishing more stuff out of skips.

'Not all squandered -

'those skip dives have been turned
into a super £575 profit.'

The stuff they've done is really
cool. It could be used for years,

people will enjoy it, furniture...

It's also the fact that
it's not going to landfill,

it's being resourced and reused,
which is what I like doing anyway.

'Coming up -
Simon's down with the kids,...'

Yeah, dude. How's it hanging? Yo.

Now we're talking.
'..Henry's feeling paternal...'

Can I introduce you to our baby?


'..and at the valuation,
John can't believe his eyes.'

Where's my stuff? Is that it?

'Dukes of junk Henry Cole
and Simon O'Brien

'are creating dough
from the discarded.'

That's ridiculous.

'Simon's choice of location
made £575.'

How's about that?

'So can Henry beat it
with his choice of rummage spot?'

That's coming up lovely.

Look at that.

'So Henry's furiously polishing
the Mustang and attaching hubcaps

'after its mechanical overhaul.'
Now we're talking. Hey?

They make quite a big difference.
Can I introduce you to our baby?

Beautiful. Let's go for a blast. OK.

Dude, we're rolling. Yes.

It works.
Yeah. Happy days.

'Road trip over, the boys
check out the revamped sign.'

Are you ready?
Illumination coming now.


You know, I love it,
I think it's right,

but... I'd like to see it
properly in situ.

We've got the frame round it,
but I think we've improved the item.

'In Liverpool, the chair cushions
have come back from the upholsterer,

'leaving Simon the most fiendish
of jigsaw puzzles.'

The most complicated thing
I've ever designed.

I don't know what
the upholsterer would've thought

when he saw all the little panels,
but it made sense to me.

Come on, come on, come on.


I need a sit-down. Ahh.

'With the seat done, Simon
can have some fun with his Chopper,

'which has had a new chain
and been given a once-over.'

Only one thing to do with this now.

Take it for a spin.

Yeah, dude. How's it hanging? Yo.

'Time to see if Simon
will be sent wheel-spinning

'at the final valuation.'

'John, AKA Stumpy,

'is after some money
for a snowbound holiday adventure.'

How are you, mate? Good to see you.
Fancy you hanging around in here!

Fill your boots, mate.
Have a rummage. Where's my stuff?

Is that it? I think that's
a compliment, isn't it? I think so.

Yeah, could be. I'm loving the sign.

What about the chair? I love it.
That's pretty good actually.

You didn't measure my leg.
That's about the right height.

Normally I've got my legs dangling.

So, yeah, that's pretty cool.

Come and join us, mate.
So what do you reckon, mate?

I'm quite shocked. I never
would've turned that into a seat.

You're good with a needle,
aren't you?

Look, I'm thrilled you love it,
but have we made you any money?

To that effect, here's Elisicia.
She values stuff.

Nice to meet you.
How you doing?

'Elisicia Moore runs a London store
specialising in upcycled furniture

'and has a good eye for
the market value of restored items.'

Let's start with the little bike.
Retro cool.

These have such a strong fanbase.

'This rusty old bike was given
a new lease of life for just £5.'

Think we could look in the region
of £100 to £120 for a fast sale.

There's been a fast sale.
I've sold it for £120.

'An equally fast profit of £115
for Stumpy.'

Let's talk rat-rod chair.

I can't think of a better use
for the front of a tractor.

'At £150, the upholstering
and chair base did not come cheap.'

I like the colours.
I am feeling generous,

so I'll say £300 for the chair.

'Despite the overheads,

'a healthy £150 profit for Stumpy.'

'Next up - Henry and the Mustang.'

Rust free, Elisicia. Come on!


Er, these are one of
my favourite cars personally.

'The brakes and the windscreen
together cost £450 to replace.'

I think that they can range
anywhere from 7,000, 10,000 plus.

So I think for this one,
we're going to sit in the middle

and say £9,000 for an estimate.

'Ker-ching indeed.'

'Mustang Sally's gone and made
£8,550 for Stumpy.'

Let's get on to neon service sign,

one of my particular favourites. Yeah.

'To reservice the sign,
it took £500 on new neon

'and signwriting.'

These surprisingly fetch big bucks.

But because it's Americana,
you're still looking at about £800.

'An illuminating profit of £300.'

Once you take away all our costs,

you're taking home £9,115.

Happy days?
Yeah, I got enough toes for that.

Great, mate. That's lovely. What are
you going to spend it on? Skiing.

Let me think about it - skiing.

I'll join you with me board!

'So Henry's choice of barn

'has made a massive £9,115
for Stumpy.'

Henry and Simon did fantastically.

I've had stuff around the workshop
that I've never done anything with

and they've beaten me to it,
so good on 'em.

'But with Simon's choice of location
making £575,

'Henry is today's clear winner.'


Look, you took a car
which had been kept in a desert,

which is absolutely perfect.

I turn an old grille
into a beautiful chair.

I don't care what you say -
morally, I won.

Subtitles by Red Bee Media