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Fi (2017–2018): Season 1, Episode 4 - Episode #1.4 - full transcript

While the tension between Can and Duru is on the way, the interesting offer of partnership provides the place in the life of Deniz. A woman from the past will have a new test in relation to Deniz and Duru.

Right, why are you here?

I'm not funny.

I mean, I'm not funny anymore.

Is that the problem?


Everything Will Be All Right.

That was a funny movie.

Have you watched any of my other movies?

I haven't had a chance.

You got the Man of the Year award.

God knows who was on the jury.

About your problem...

If you've done something before,
you can do it again.

-Like riding a bicycle.

We have a WhatsApp group.
They keep sending pictures of naked women.

I want to leave the group, but I can't.

-I see.
-You don't.

I revised the letter of apology.
Take a look so we can publish it.

We're not publishing anything,
that case is closed.

The musician, Deniz Sarizeybek.
Lecturer at the conservatoire.

The one we helped with the sponsorship.
Do a little research on him.

As a guest for the show? I don't follow.

His past, his childhood,
his weaknesses, his criminal record.

His childhood friends,
any lovers he couldn't get over.

Do a background check as if
he was a guest on the show.

But leave the team out of it,
you take care of it.

Have something by tomorrow.

Guys, you haven't had any. Here.

-Thanks, sir.
-Thanks, sir.

Make yourselves at home, guys.

I'll be back in a minute.


You're the star of the day
but you seem a little down. What's up?

I was thinking about Ceren.

I called but she didn't answer.
So, I texted, but she hasn't replied.

Why didn't she go to the audition?
Do you know?

Here she is now, we'll soon find out.

-Hi, Ceren.


-How's it going?
-Good, great.

I'll go and check the barbeque.

-Excellent wine.
-Thank you.

Spit it out, what happened?

Check it out.
Don't you want to know the result?

-You might have got in.
-What are you talking about?

Give me my phone!

What does it say?


I didn't meet the requirements,
blah, blah, blah.

There are other institutes.
Don't get down-hearted.

Don't tell anybody, okay?
Let's keep it between us.

-Right. So Deniz won't be sad.

Why are you wasting your time on him
when you don't have a chance?

Why are you wasting your time
on me when you don't have a chance?

I'll tell him about the result myself.

But until then,
if you say anything to anyone,

I won't let you come anywhere near me.

Is Can Manay coming?

How would I know if he's coming or not?

And well done, by the way.
You missed the audition because of him.

Yet you're still interested in him.

The audition's been and gone, Duru.
Can Manay is still here.

I wasn't really bothered about it anyway.

You wanted it more than me.
It's better this way.

-I texted him but he hasn't replied.
-So, you came here hoping you'd see him?

You're in way over your head,
let me tell you that.

Dude, you asked me here.

Are you saying all this
because of that actress? Sıla.

I think they're just fuck buddies.

Their relationship would be in
the newspapers if it was serious.

I don't know.

Don't ask him to come here,
if you don't mind.

You can go to him if you want.

I asked Can over, you should join us.

I'm going to the bathroom.

Why did you do that?

I mean, we're all friends here
and he's a stranger.

Honey, there wouldn't be a show
if it wasn't for Can Manay.

And you wouldn't be the lead dancer.

Come on.

-How are you, Deniz?
-Welcome, Can.


-How are you, Duru?

How was the audition?

Good. I'm the lead dancer again.

-Thanks very much.

This all looks fun.

Thanks to you. It's the team.

Will you only perform at the school?

For now, yes. But Kaan
is very insistent. We'll see.

We can find bigger stages.

-A drink?
-Sure, I'd like some water.

-I'll get it.
-No, wait. I'll do it. You're tired.

-I can get it.
-I'll do it, it's not a problem.

Thank you.

About this morning... I mean...

I really am so...

-Honestly, I--

-You're here, too?


I'll check on Deniz.


Last night was amazing.
I didn't even hear the alarm this morning.

You are such a beautiful woman.

No one has the right to waste your time,
or get your hopes up for no reason.

Excuse me.

I'm sorry.


We're in Deniz's garden.
Why don't you drop in?


Our night together was beautiful.

But that was it.


-How are you?

Sıla, Ceren.


She's a sweetheart.

-Are you okay?

What a lovely setting this is.

Piece of shit.

He was quite honest,
though, I'll give him that.

Whatever, I don't feel well. See you.


I mean, I can't get enough
of the holidays anymore.

And the money in the bank
doesn't matter so much after a while.

I want to do something meaningful.

-It sounds ridiculously romantic, right?
-No, that's not why I laughed.

Who else understands that better
than me and every other person here?

Deniz, if you don't mind, there's
something I'd like to ask you about.

-Of course.
-I found some of your music on Spotify.

I've been listening to it for a couple
of days. Why isn't there more?

He's escaping popular culture.

No, popular culture
isn't necessarily a bad thing.

I mean, it depends on
the reason something is popular.

Both Mozart and Bach
were popular in their day.

I mean, they were royal musicians,
receiving salaries and bonuses.

Or, you know, Orhan Pamuk's
popularity for example

doesn't lessen his intelligence.

I just...

want the results of my choices
to be better than what I didn't choose.

I see.

-What are you doing?
-I'm coming.

What a lovely couple.

Deniz... sweet guy.

Are you jealous?

I'm never jealous
of other people's choices.

Right, Can Manay never envies anyone.

Then can you please call me
a cab? I let my driver leave.

Why don't you stay here tonight?

Let's sleep together.

What about Can Manay's
rule of always sleeping alone?

-What's on your mind?
-Maybe I have plans for you.

For our future.

You're forgetting something, Can Manay.
I'm not your typical girl.

Marriage comes first.

Then let me know when you get married.

-Come here.

-You're terrible.
-Come on.

What is it?

The past is always with us.

People can obviously create
new lives for themselves.

They can change their characters.

But lying to millions of people and
pretending to be someone else is horrible.

There will be a price to pay.

He lectures people every day on television

when all the while he's hiding his past.
That's lying.

It's hypocrisy.
He's making a fool of people.

My only purpose here is to reveal the
facts so that everyone knows the truth.

But he obviously doesn't
want them to be revealed.

Why else would he keep it a secret?

I'm worried you'll get into trouble.

Don't worry. It'll be all right.

In fact, the opposite is true.
For me to achieve my dreams,

I have to reveal Can Manay's secrets.

-When will you retire?
-In a couple of years.

But you know, I like to work.
What else would I do?

I like spending time
here with the patients.

Right, you've worked your whole life.

-I hope you get some peace eventually.
-Well, a rolling stone gathers no moss.

Auntie, I don't have much time.
I should go. But you can keep chatting.

Let me buy you a tea, my girl.

Thank you so much. I was actually
going to ask you for a favor.

Could I take a look at some of your
previous patients' medical records?

No way, my girl.
They're strictly off limits.

Only the chief physician and authorized
personnel can look at them.

Were you working at the facility
when Can Manay was being treated here?

It's all right.

Even one document would be enough.

A patient record, a prescription,
a dispatch order.

No, it's not possible.

And I've no idea what happened
to his records anyway.

Miss Eti kept hold of them.

-Miss Eti.
-And she left a long time ago.

She took care of that boy personally.

The person you've called cannot
be reached at the moment.

Please leave a message after the tone.

Mr. Sadık, hi. I'm calling
about the offer you made me.

Mr. Sadık, hi.
I'm calling about the offer you made me.

I made you a counter-offer in return.

You were supposed to give me an answer
but I've not heard from you.

You can't barge into my apartment at night
like that and then just disappear.

Do you want to know about Manay's past
or not? I'll be waiting for your answer.

Can! Can you come here please?

You didn't print the apology statement.

I told you I wouldn't.

Okay, for the last time,
publish the apology.

Call the guy and make him drop the case.

Sadık, this isn't about calling him.

If we do something like that,
there will only be more cases.

-I have a certain profile on the show.
-Don't make me shatter that profile.

I don't want to have to deal
with the same issue again.


Do what I want. Thank you.

I don't approve of your
attitude towards me.

If I were you,

I'd not defy someone who knew
so many of my darkest secrets.

You hold priceless
information in your hands.

And you don't know
what to do with it, do you?

Let's do it this way.

Reveal those recordings on your show.

Explain them on live TV.

What do you think?


What's up?

Edit that apology statement
for me and publish it.

Hello, Mr. Sadık.
I'm following Miss Özge, as you ordered.

Any updates?

I'm checking the places she visits
and the people she meets.

-I'll bring you up to speed later.
-Okay, let's talk tonight.

I want to drink soup.

And maybe some rice with yogurt.

Actually, I'm craving green beans.
I dreamed about them during rehearsal.

Will you get mad at me
if I don't have lunch with you?

Why not? When did you eat something?

I haven't. Can called me
and invited me out to lunch.

He wants to talk to me about something.

What's happened?
Did I miss something yesterday?

No. I mean, I don't know.
He said it was important.

He's sending his driver to pick me up.

I'll find out what it is
and tell you later.



-Sıla, I wasn't expecting to see you.
-Me neither.

But you know,
Can works in mysterious ways.

Other than to have
a nice meal and a chat,

I invited you here
to make a business proposal.

I thought about what
we talked about yesterday.

Why don't we do something to make
our dreams come true before we all die?

Let's open that arts center.

Sıla can act in whatever she wants.

You can gather young musicians around you
and play whatever music you want to play.

Dance, theatre, music.
The art will save us all.

Let's create a place
for that which is dearest to us.

Are you serious?

I mean, you know it is
a dream of mine to do that.

Yesterday you told me
you'd had some drawings done,

and most of the designs
were ready, didn't you?

Yes, I was really into
the idea back in the day...

-But it's not easy.
-We have everything we need.

The design, the actress,
the musician, the dancer.

People are hungry for art.

I'll take care of the rest.

People suggest this sort
of thing all the time.

But it's never anything more than words.

I know you have reservations.

But we all share the same dream.
We shouldn't give up on it.

We need each other.

I don't want to be a killjoy, but this
really isn't as easy as you think.

In this life, I've got...
whatever I wanted to get.

But what sort of price did you pay?

So, you deserve to be the lead dancer.

You'll graduate from school this way.
Then what?

Ceren won't always be sleeping.

Okay, here we go.


And in the future, you won't
be able to rely on a doting Deniz.

Shut up.

Take a look at yourself.
What will you do when you graduate?

You can only be an entertainer
for a shitty hotel.

Put me down nicely.

I can do anything.

I could sweep the streets
to earn a living.

But you'll only ever be able
to leech off rich people

with that attitude of yours.

Bastard! Behave yourself!

Go and take a shower.
You stink, you asshole.

Duru, where are you going?


Deniz, you do have a point.

You've already looked into
how such a venture might operate.

You've done the legwork and you're right,
but if Can says he can do it, he'll do it.

And you should take it if it's so urgent.

It's not urgent. I can call back later.


-Dear Can.

You look stunning.

-What a lovely dress.

We need to see each other more often.
I forgot how sweet you are.

Call any time you want.

Do you know Sıla? Sıla, Alara.

-Nice to meet you.

And you.

Deniz, Alara.

Hi, Alara.

Hi. It's been a long time, Deniz.

I'm late for class. Excuse me.
Thank you, Can. Let's talk later.

See you, Deniz.

Are you okay?

-Can, can I call you later?

-What the hell was that?
-An old client of mine.


-I need to go to work.
-Okay, let's go then.

-The press is out front.
-That's just great.

Should I wait for you at the back door?

-They're coming!
-They're coming!

Shall we tell them about
our plans for the future?

-Mr. Can, look over here please!
-Mr. Can!

Can we get a shot, sir?

-Mr. Can!
-Please look over here, sir!

Miss Sıla, over here.

Mr. Can, are you dating Miss Sıla?

-Any comments?
-Anything to say, Mr. Can?

-Mr. Can!
-How long have you been together?

-Any comments?
-Thank you.

-Mr. Can!
-Can we get one more photo?

-I didn't know you were home.

I smoke every now and then.
It's not a good time so don't get mad.

What's wrong, Deniz? What did Can say?

Can? Can...

He wants to open a new arts center,

with an exhibition center
and a conservatoire.

Theatre, dancing, music, all together.

Didn't you have a project
for something like that?

-What else did Can say?
-Like what?

How did you respond to his offer?

That I needed to think about it.


-Take it easy.


I was about to catch a class.
What about later?

Okay, I'm coming right now.

I didn't expect this of you, Bilge.

There's been a complaint. It's claimed
you wrote essays in return for money.

There'll have to be an inquiry.
You'll have a chance to speak.

-Then what?
-Say goodbye to your scholarship.

If we define ourselves as silent
and consensual...

our shadows are talkative and contrary.

The shadow of a cruel person...

is delicate and compassionate.

Our shadows,

are the passions we harbor which do not
comply with the standards of society

nor indeed our ideal self.

They are our desires.

Sometimes, this can be love,

sometimes gambling,

as was the case for Dostoevsky.

You... You are a liar and a hypocrite
and a dishonorable man.

I did things I would never
have done because of you.

I slept with someone else's boyfriend,
I was humiliated.

And what did you do in return?
You broke your promise and reported me.

You can't enter people's lives
and play with them like this.

I kept my part of our deal, Bilge.

I wasn't the one who reported you.

Get out.


This is what you get
for sleeping with other girls' boyfriends.

You are fucked up.

You'll have to pay
the 40,000-lira school fee now.

Where is Doğru, did you take him?


I'm sorry. I'm so sorry, brother.

God damn you!

I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry.

I'll never leave you alone again.
I'm so sorry.

So much shit has happened.

The university, my dreams...



Are you cleaning?

It's all trash.

Found it while looking through
some of my old projects.

Will you accept Can's offer?

I don't know.

I mean, how well do we know Can?

He has only just come into our lives.

I don't know if we can trust him
over something so important.

If it was possible,
you'd have already done it.

I mean, it's actually selfish
to think only about myself.

The kids' talents are usually
wasted when they graduate.

This might be a lifeline and provide hope
to those who want to hang onto their art.

The lucky ones find a shitty job,
and the others get lost.

Same old shitty scenario.

That's what the students
always talk about.

Some of them are thinking of going abroad,
others are looking for grants.

We're all very aware of the shitty
scenario that awaits us, don't worry.

I didn't mean that.

You'll surely find the path
that's best for you.

Let me take this out.

Deniz, there's loads of garbage
outside from yesterday's party,

-can you take it out, too?
-I'll do it later.

You won't, but... whatever.

He was taken to the police station
for beating up his ex-girlfriend.

He's so macho and stupid.

You know, he's very behind the times.
He's obsessed with his mother.

His father used to beat him
and his mother when he was a kid.

He'll definitely cry if you mention it.

Good for the ratings.

A shitty singer...

a dirty past...

and despicable too.

-It's good. Anything else?
-He tweets shitty lines, like,

"Women are flowers
but flowers need to be plucked."

Childhood trauma, an inferiority complex,
so much to work with.

We'll receive the praises
of women’s' organizations. Can?

It's good for the magazine, too.

Are you listening?

Yes, it's good. Send me the file.

But we need to work on them.

How are you?

I was going to call you.

Miss Eti, we need to talk.

I know she's very busy
and can't take on anyone else,

but I really need to see her.

It's kind of urgent.

Sure, next week is fine.

The name is Ozlem Yucel.

Sorry, can I ask you,
how much is a session with Miss Eti?

A thousand.
Well... Is that for a...

A single session. I see. Okay.

Thank you.

The person you've called
cannot be reached at the moment.

Please leave a message after the tone.



-Thanks, sweetheart.


Yes, that's me.

Sorry, with me?

I see. Which channel?

What's the name of the show?


Well, I can't give you an exact date.

I'm so busy with school and rehearsals.

But can I get back to you?

Sure, within half an hour or so.

Thank you so much. Thanks, goodbye.

They want to do an interview with me.

A show about culture and art.
They called me.

How did that happen?
How did they find you?

They watched the show
on the opening of Kaan's academy.

They're filming an episode
about young talent.

Wouldn't it be great, Deniz?

It might come in handy
when looking for funding.

Honey, you can't agree to do these things
before you know why they chose you,

who you'll be on with
and what the show is about.

You didn't ask about any of that.

It's just good sense
to ask these questions.

You have to learn to protect yourself.
You must get the answers first.

You can't accept anything
before getting the answers.

It's just like you putting
that red feather in your hair

without having the faintest
idea who sent it.

You can't do such things.

Don't be so keen to get on TV
and be a celebrity.

What are you saying?
It's a show about art and culture!

What do you mean
it's about art and culture?

How many shows
on art and culture are there?

-This is just the beginning.
-You tell me then.

Why would they choose me
when I applied for a scholarship

rather than choosing dozens of others?

Look at me, Deniz.
I don't even recognize myself.

I work 12 hours a day.

Tell me, how do I prove myself,
how do I show myself?

Duru, I need some air.

I don't want you to go, I want to talk.

I'm angry right now and
I don't want to break your heart.

Is that so? What will you say
that'll break my heart? I'm curious.

Duru, do you want to do this interview?

So do it. But I won't be there with you.


Deniz, can you please wait? Deniz!

This is ridiculous.


-Hi, how are you?
-Can we talk for a minute?

-Is Deniz not here?
-He left.

Well, then put something warmer on,
or we can talk inside.

No, I'm fine.

I'm listening.

What you did to Ceren was wrong.

Bless you.

You can keep it. What was so wrong?

We should've woken her.

She's my closest friend, I'm not the type
of person who'd do something like that.

I should've woken her.

Adults can wake themselves up, Duru.

When did you last need
someone to wake you up?

We didn't do anything wrong.

Sometimes it's not the best person who
wins but the person who wants it most.

So, what was that kiss?

What do you think it was?

I think it was a friendly, simple thing.

Me too.


I'm cold, I'm going inside.


That's not for decoration. It's vitamin C.
Do you want to get sick?

What's up, Goksel?

Have you seen Ada?

You haven't noticed
she's been avoiding you.

Why would she do that?

The scholarship. She was rejected.

She's left school.

She says it's not worth it to be
an elementary music teacher.


Miss Bilge.

I'm Ali, Can Manay's driver.

I remember.

Mr. Can is waiting for you.

I wanted to talk to you, to apologize.

But I couldn't find the courage.

The things you said.

Most of it was nonsense...

but you did make some good points.

I can't just walk into people's lives
and play with them as I like.


What's happened to your scholarship?

It was withdrawn
when the investigation started.

I won't be there next term.

Is that all?

-It's over.
-Is it over?

If you insist on getting that
useless diploma...

you can pay for it yourself.

Come and work here. As Kaya's assistant.

I... Is it possible?

Thank you so much, sir.
Thank you so much.

-Congratulations, Bilge.
-Thanks a lot, thank you.

Good as new.

-Thank you!
-You're welcome.

-Have a good day.
-You too.

I don't really want to go, Deniz.

We won't stay long,
just for a few drinks.


I love you.

I love you too.

We can go now.

They're already drunk,
I guess we're late.

Can, how are you?


-How are you, Duru?

There are so many people
I want you to meet.

-I'll go talk to Sıla.

I have an architect friend
who's also a sculptor.

He works at Istanbul Museum
and wants to help us.

He might convince you.

Actually, I wanted to talk you about this.

I guess I'm more
positive about it now, Can.

I'm so glad!
Because if I was alone in this,

the center would be okay,
but the art would be missing.

No, I'm sure you can do it without me.

Deniz, I'm good at analyzing art.

I know what's good and what isn't.
But I can't create art.

You're the one to do that.

Can we get two whiskies please?

So, the guy was at the door.

I told him to give me the food
while Can was trying to pay for it.

He looked at me and recognized me,

then he said, "You upset my favorite
character, no dinner for you!"

And then he left.

-No way!
-It was ridiculous.

Finally, someone is having fun.

And then he said, "Well, you're a dancer,
but you seem to be a good girl.

I hope you find a decent man
so that he saves you from this nonsense."

We couldn't believe it.
These things happen.


-Sıla, how are you?
-I'm fine, Deniz.

Are you also an actress?

No, I'm a dance student
at the conservatoire.

But she might be the lead
dancer at our arts center

when she graduates.

Deniz! Did you agree?

Great, I'm so glad!

The arts center I told you about.
By the way, Deniz is a great musician.

He has been hiding in his shell
for a long while but his time has come.

We should definitely celebrate this.

I mean, there are still
a lot of things to be decided.

We'll see.

Then they went to the hospital together.

The hospital where they treat
mental and neurological disorders.

The woman was a nurse who
had retired from working at the hospital.

It was a friendly visit. They drank tea.

And she hasn't paid her rent.
She has 275 liras left.

She's practically broke.

Financially, she's in a bad way.

And she also eats lots
of chocolate and junk food.

-What about regular meals?

Cookies, biscuits, potato chips.
Stuff like that.

There wasn't anything else
in her garbage.


Mr. Sadık, why haven't you
answered any of my calls?

Miss Özge.

How did you get in?

With the last of my money.

There are 15 guards, but the security guys
on this floor still accept 250 liras.

Bravo. You've found
the gap in our security.

I'll inform you of my decision.

Mr. Sadık, I don't have any time to lose.
Tell me now.

I'll prepare a file on Can Manay for you.
Including his deepest secrets.

-And in return?
-Just like we discussed.

We'll set up a news website.

There will be the toughest,
fiercest, hardest-hitting real news on it.

You'll have a 49 percent share.

Mr. Sadık.

The file I put together on Can Manay
will be earth-shattering.

Of course I was going to tell you first,
it just came up when I was talking to Can.

It doesn't matter how it happened.

You made a decision
without telling me about it.

A decision...

-Let's go.
-What's wrong?

Let's go.

Why is she here?

-Kaya drew up the invitations.
-Well done.


Deniz, can you come here for a minute?

-Sorry, Duru.
-I'll be right back.

Duru, are you okay? Let's go over there.

She hasn't been taking her pills.

She's unbalanced and dangerous
and already drunk.

Don't push her, she's unpredictable.

-She has some issues.
-I know!

Did you know about Alara and me?

No, she never mentioned it,
I just figured it out.

Does Duru know?

We need to leave.

We're going home.



I'm going to see how Emre is.

What a great night.


I had something else on tonight, but
I couldn't refuse when Kaya invited me.

I asked Kaya specifically to invite you.
I'm really glad you're here.

I met Duru.

Such a nice girl.

Smart, too.

Her boyfriend is Deniz, right?

By the way, you hired a new assistant.
Where is she?

-Can, thanks. We're leaving.
-See you later.

-Good evening.
-Good evening.


This is what you do, you know.

This is your thing.

You always run away at the last minute.

Disappear when things don't go
the way you want them to go.

-Alara, I don't want to talk.
-Of course you don't.

You don't want to, because you are weak.

I was always the strong one.

I was the one who
made the difficult choice.

And you always blamed me for it, always.

I can't get you out of my
head since I saw you.

You always blamed me,
but I think you owe me an apology.

You owe me an apology.

Alara, you're not yourself right now.

-Deniz, can we leave?
-Is that so?

-You always hang out with kids like her.
-Watch your mouth!

You watch it!

Alara is an old client of mine.

They had a very passionate,
destructive sort of love.

They fought constantly.

I didn't know Deniz back then.

Alara wanted to release an album
when she graduated.

Deniz tried to change her mind.

Now I wish he'd managed to.

Fame doesn't suit Alara.

You saw her. It's not Deniz's fault.


I was already mad with Deniz
last night before it happened.

It's good, in a way.

Maybe it's time for me to make
my own decisions.


Are you ready?


Three, two, one, action!

Miss Duru, I'd like to congratulate you,
your show was amazing.

Thank you.

Subtitle translation by
Ediz Faruk Gulfirat