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Fi (2017–2018): Season 1, Episode 3 - Episode #1.3 - full transcript

Having won the friendship of Deniz by finding the sponsor for the end-of-year show, Can finds out that Duru has to attend elections to become the head dancer in his visit to the conservatory.

This is a divine sign, a calling.

You remember that moment
for the rest of your life.

Because after that moment,
your life is never the same again.

While everyone else
is enjoying themselves,

we work until we're weary,
until we can't move a single finger.

We don't sleep, don't eat,
don't rest, don't live.

We dedicate our bodies,
our souls and our lives to this passion.

The more we give, the more it wants.

It's selfish, belligerent, tough...

and so jealous it will tolerate
no presence in your life but its own.

It wants your everything:
your effort, your time, your energy.

And you give it enthusiastically,
willingly, to the last drop of your blood.

You do everything.

It's a strange passion.

And a dreadful affliction.

Okay, great. Continue like this.

On behalf of my students and I,
thank you so much for what you've done.

This is so important to us.

I would like to thank you for
giving me the opportunity

to be a part of something like this.
Thank you all.

All right then, let's get ready.



I'll just put down my things.


Is Deniz friends with Can Manay?

-Do you have five minutes?

Do your thing, I'll sit down.

He's our new neighbor.
He organized the sponsorship deal.

The man is pretty hot,
much more so in real life than on TV.

So, while I was away in London having
painful treatment, you were having fun.

That's right. We partied every day.

I was really worried about you,
though. I mean it.

I prayed for you all the time. I thought,

"Poor girl, she's in London.
Who knows how bored she is.

She'll have to deal with
all those ugly British boys."

Leave the British boys out of this.

I hurt my ankle,
had treatment and came back.

It rained every day anyway.
It was boring.

-Poor girl, did you never leave hospital?

Duru, we'll be selecting
the lead dancer tomorrow.

I've told Goksel and he'll train you both.

What do you mean, ma'am?
I'm the lead dancer.

You were, but we can't be unfair to Ceren.

Now that her ankle is okay,
we have to audition for the part.

But I've been rehearsing
the choreography for a month.

You didn't tell me about any auditions.

I'm sure your efforts
will pay off tomorrow.

Be here tomorrow morning at ten.
I won't tolerate lateness.

Did you know about the auditions tomorrow?

What auditions?

Ms. Burçin just told me about them.
They're at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow

You've been rehearsing for a long time.

I shouldn't do the audition.
It'd be rude to you.

No way, why would you say that?

I mean, she has a point.
You should do the audition.

Clearly, you're not going to talk to him.

I can talk to Deniz,
you need to get that recording done.

I can talk to him myself.

But I really don't understand
what it's got to do with you.

Well, I'm going to talk to Goksel.
See you later.

I'll come by tonight,
we've a lot to talk about.


Can we meet in the studio in half an hour?
We need to practice.

Later. I've got things to do.

Tomorrow is the last day
to submit recordings.

I wish you'd told me earlier,
we would have had more time to practice.

Actually, I did tell you earlier,
but I guess you forgot.

I'm so sorry. Anyway...

We'll do the recording today
and submit it tomorrow morning.

Are you okay?

Yes. I'm great.

Come and see me
before the end of the day.


Okay, sir.

She's a very talented musician. We're
going to apply for a scholarship for her.

I'll be a little late today.

I need to find a room and practice
the choreography one last time.

There are auditions tomorrow.

Yes, she just told me.

You're ready now.

I wanted to tell you
I won't be at rehearsals.

See you.

I'm leaving too, I need to work.

-Thanks again, Can.
-See you.

Kaya's called 50 times.

He kept saying there was a meeting
and asking where we were.

I didn't tell him.


We can broadcast...
a written statement during the show,

or Can himself can give an explanation.

Please continue.

What do I have to explain?

I'm sorry, what's the issue?

You are.

I wonder what could have happened

to make you two hours late, when we have
such a delicate situation on our hands.

I can't disclose that as it's
a matter of patient confidentiality,

I'm sure you understand.

The ex-husband of the singer Gözde Gündüz,

the son of the minister, is suing us.

Violation of personal privacy,
defamation, fake news.

So what?
These things are always happening to us.

You'll call him and apologize right now.
You'll ask him to drop the case.

What are you saying, Sadık?

He's a psycho. He should be committed.

Sick or not, you'll apologize to him.
You'll beg, if necessary!

Never. I'm Can Manay.

I'm not going to apologize to some psycho.

Don't ever use that tone
when you're talking to me, Can Manay.


Then don't give me a reason to.

Don't forget who I am...

or our deal.

-Has Ms. Özge called back?
-No, Mr. Sadık.

Call her now.


I'm waiting for your answer, Ms. Özge

I thought you'd be busy.

I know it's close to your print deadline,
so I didn't want to disturb you.

But I dreamed about you last week,
you know?

-Did you?
-Yes. You, me and your late mom.

We were at our old house.

We were celebrating something.
I thought, she must've had a promotion.

But she would call me if she did, right?

No, Auntie.
Nothing new about that promotion.

It'll happen sooner or later.
You work so hard.

Also, didn't Aylin tell you that
you'd be the new editor?

-Even she said so.
-Right, she did.

Your guy is on TV at least three
times a week right now.

He's had just about
every celebrity on his show.

He was crazy but now
he's on TV analyzing celebrities.

-So, did your landlord get the AC fixed?
-He did.

I have a question about Can Manay.

How old was he when he was treated
in Bakırköy and how long was he there?

He was admitted when he was 13,
and left when he was 16 or something.

He didn't have any relatives.

People who worked there
used to buy clothes for him

as presents on special occasions.

It made him happy.

And what was wrong with him?

Take it, my girl.

It might be important.

-Miss Özge, did you get my message?

-Your answer?

I'm thinking about it.
Mr. Sadık, I'll call you.

You have until 8:00 p.m. today.


What's up?

Nothing, just work-related stuff.


She met with a woman called Gülay Güzelce.

A retired nurse.
She took care of Özge's mom.

She's the only one Özge sees
now after her parents died.

She doesn't have many relatives.


Nope. And she doesn't have many friends.

She has 750 liras in her account.
Her credit card is maxed out.

I think she's trying to get the price up.

I think she's pushing her limits.

Let her push.

Let her push.


Nothing will come up from his past
as a soccer player or TV host.

He had a rough divorce,
his ex-wife was a lawyer.

He kept it out of the media,

and he's said he won't say
a single word about it.

By the way...

Bilge has been waiting since 9:00 a.m.
You summoned her.

-Should I show her in?
-Let her wait.

When will you talk to her?

I'll talk to her when
she gets over herself,

barges into my room,
and demands to talk to me.

She isn't anything more than
what she looks like she is.

Don't waste your time,
you won't get anything.

There's nothing in his career in sport,
but his divorce looks sensational.

His wife cheated on him.

He somehow managed
to keep the scandal out of the press.

As I said,
he doesn't want to talk about it.

Well, then talk to his ex-wife.
Something will come up.

-He absolutely doesn't want that.
-It's not a talk show, Kaya.

The essence is to provoke them,
to push their boundaries.

Mr. Sadık warned us.

He doesn't want that any more.

Don't push him, Can.

He's the boss of this channel,
not my show.

It's ridiculous to be
discussing the cases like this

after all our achievements
and triumphs in the ratings.

On the contrary, we must push him.

No one reveals their potential
unless they're pushed, Kaya.

You sucked.

Ceren is way better.

She had classes in London.
She's better than all of us.

Shit, you didn't know?

I thought you two were close friends.

Even your best friend hates your ambition.

You should forget about being the lead.
You should get used to second place.

We need to have at least
four episodes ready.

Next week's schedule has been confirmed.

-That's okay, dear Zeynep. My phone?
-Mr. Kaya took everything.


-When will Mr. Can be back?
-Tomorrow morning.


Damn it.



Are you okay? Easy, okay.

-I'm fine, sir.

She jumped out into the road.

Sir, I've thought long and hard
about what you said.

There's nothing I won't do
to achieve my dreams.

Okay, okay, we'll talk about it later.
Breathe. Are you okay?

-Is there water in the car?

I'm sorry.

-I'm fine, though.
-Did you bump your head?

No, well...

I'm so sorry,
but I've thought so long and hard...

-My dreams...
-Okay, Bilge. Okay.

I hope you feel better.

-Are you okay?

Yes, sir. Thank you.

I'm so sorry, again.

Sir, I thought about your question.

I'm ready to do whatever it takes
to ensure you won't report me.

These are the imbeciles you helped.
They will graduate from university

because they paid money, thanks to you.

I don't care about any of them.

You are my concern.

But, sir... that's the natural
order of the world, isn't it?

Smart people serving the rich.

No, it's not, Bilge.

If you were that smart...
you wouldn't be in this state.


You're right, sir.

What can I do to compensate
for my stupidity?

I hope this friend of yours
likes Umberto Eco.

You'll help him.

But he'll write
the essay himself this time.

I don't understand, sir.

I'm being pretty clear.
You'll make him write the essay.

How? I mean...

-What can I do?
-You'll convince him.

What if I fail?

Then I'll report you
to the school management.

It must be ready by the morning.
You can leave if you're okay.

Are you very tired?

Deniz, I can't make any of my moves.
I'm about to lose it.

You know how good I was during rehearsals.
I can't even do a barrel turn.

-Come on, stop kidding.
-I'm telling you, I can't.

Why don't you believe me?
I've tried a thousand times.

Baby, if you've done it once
you can do it again.

You're just a little stressed.

What are my chances? 50/50?

Beautiful girl,

we wouldn't be able to see how you react
to stress if it wasn't for this audition.

And competition is good.

You realize your strength, you push
yourself to your limits. That's good.


Hi, Ada, come in.

She's here for the recording.


Take it easy, then.

Thanks, we'll be downstairs.

Come on, this way.




Where are you, douchebag?


Hear her voice already.




Deniz is in the studio.

I was going to ask him something
about the contract.

Are you okay?

I don't know, a splinter, I guess.

-It hurts like hell.
-Okay, let me see.

Let me.


Hang in there.

-What is that?
-A thorn from the lemon tree.

It's in the wrong place anyway.

I hope it gets better by tomorrow.

As a doctor, I can tell you
that it's not something serious.

You might get tetanus at worst.

God, so I won't die, huh? Jeez!

Well, not because of the thorn.

But it might have affected
your temporal lobe.

What does that mean?

That lobe is the center of the memory,
speaking, hearing, that sort of thing.

According to reflexology, this part of
the foot connects to the temporal lobe.

If you apply the right pressure it'll help
you relax and lighten your mood.

-No, not like that. Wait.

Sit back.

Actually, they taught that in school,
but I don't really remember it.

What else does it affect?


This area affects the kidneys.
This, the neck and head.

Here, the stomach. The heart is here.

I have your heart in my hand right now.

Somewhere here is the lung.

I forget the rest.
This is what I remember most.

Did they teach you reflexology
at medical school?


Someone I used to love taught me.

I mean, she didn't really know the theory.
She just knew the effects.

It used to make me feel amazing.

Helped me relax.

Made me forget about bad things.

And then what?

I mean, with the girl you loved.

Her time in my life expired.

Duru, where the hell are you, baby?

I've been calling you for an hour.
Then I called Deniz.

Sir, please excuse me.
I panicked because Duru wasn't answering.

I'm in your garden, Duru's here. See you.

Hello again.

-Can Manay.

-What's wrong, babe?
-Nothing, I got a thorn in my foot.

Is it bad?

No, Can helped me get it out.
It hurts a little.

The secret hero, Can Manay.

You also saved our show.
Duru told me about the sponsorship.

Thank you so much, sir.

Sure. Have you two
been friends for a while?

Yes, we're besties.

Ceren twisted her ankle.
She's been in London having treatment.

She told me all about
the people and places there,

but she didn't mention
taking classes at the Royal Academy.

I haven't had the chance to tell you.

I saw them in Toronto.
They were amazing.

-What was it like being with them?

Way better than
the best sex I've ever had.

I've already uploaded it to Insta.

Marvelous. Great.

So good to hear that from you.

-Should I call Deniz?
-No, no. Don't trouble yourself.

-I'll come back later.
-Does Deniz have your number?

-I don't know.
-Here, save it here.

Saved as Manay. We'll be in touch.

Thanks for everything.

Of course, we'll be in touch, Can Manay.


You're not okay, sit down.

What should I do? Hospital?
Painkillers? Can Manay?

Let's just wait it out.

No, that won't help.

Let me find some alcohol.
It might get infected.

From the beginning.

I've listened to you...

so many times at school,
when you've thought you were alone.

The second-floor bathroom,
the costume room, the yard.

-I didn't realize, sir.

whatever you were thinking,
whatever was on your mind then,

I want you to feel that same emotion now.


Sir, can you come up, please?
I can't find the ointment.

I'll be back.


Sweetheart, what happened?

I got a thorn in my foot,
I can't stand on it.

It's all right, I guess.

Let's get you to a doctor.

No, Can took care of it.
He'd have said if it was serious.

-Can was here?

Stop, don't stand on it.

Let me see.

I hope it gets better by tomorrow.

Don't think about that now.

Hey, what's up?

You got me worried when you
said it was urgent. Come in.

Find me okay?

Take a seat.

You should put some clothes on first.

I've known you for four years,

but this is the first time I've seen you
outside of university.

I wondered what had changed
to make you want to.

Stop standing there and sit down.

Lecturer Can.

He figured out that you
didn't write the essay.

The gelotology essay.

He said he'd report us.
We might get expelled.

Holy... Holy shit!

Fuck! My parents will kill me!

That psychopath.

You're on good terms with that lecturer.
Why don't you do something sweet and--

I've talked to him.

He's not going to report us.

Why didn't you say that earlier?
I'm tripping balls here.

But he has one condition.

You have to write the essay.

You're serious.

I'd be top of the class
if I were able to write these essays.

This isn't a suggestion, Murat.
You have to do it. There's no other way.

Duru is in bad shape.
Could you please drop by, Mr. Can?

Of course.

What are you doing?

I texted Can and asked him
to check your foot.

Why did you do that?

The man has a girlfriend.

You know, Sila. The TV star.

She is sweet and smart,
let me tell you that much.

Why would I care
whether he has a girlfriend?

What's happened to you this last month?
You act like a conservative housewife.

Since when do we care
about that sort of thing, girl?

All right, okay. What did he say?

"Of course."

Of course, you'd say that, Mr. Can,
after all, you are a man with a libido.

Dude, the guy is so hot.
I'd totally bang him.

-What are you up to?
-Can I go to the bathroom?

-Let me take you.
-No need, honey.

I can handle it.

Let me check on Duru.

Look, laughing is not a conscious act.
It's involuntary,

a product of the unconscious mind.
You should mention that.

"It's not funny to write
an essay about laughing.

And Bilge is such
a grumpy friend of ours."

-What is this, Murat?
-An essay about laughing is nonsense.

All you've done so far is make
me feel bad about laughing.

I don't exactly like being here either.
And fix the typos.

Jeez, now you're obsessed with the typos?
"Typos," she says. Unbelievable.

Can Manay will screw me over
and you're still goofing around. I'm done!

I'm in the same position you are.

But I'm not acting like
the world is coming to an end.

What am I going to do?
What am I going to do?

What are you going to do?

Look at me.

What's going on, Bilge?

Wow, we're standing up.

What are you hiding from me?
What exactly did Can Manay say?

You'll be fine. I'll be the one who gets
expelled if you don't write the essay.

Man, I'm so relieved.

Why didn't you say so earlier?

You made me trip.

So, wait a minute.

-So, you lied to me.
-I had to, because you wouldn't--

Of course, I won't write the essay.
Why would I?

I don't care about essays, girl.


You got me so hyped up and tense,
talking down to me like that for hours.

I'm a relaxed guy. Don't make me tense.

Fuck the essay, I'm not doing it.


Fuck gelotology and fuck laughing.

Wait a minute, wait.


We'll write the essay. We will, but...

-under my terms.
-Okay. Okay.





You can come in.


How are you feeling?

It still hurts. I can't stand on it.


Thank you.

Are you excited about tomorrow?

-No. Sugar?

The hardest part about tomorrow
will be getting up early, I guess.

So, you're confident.

I mean, I don't really care.
I don't mind if I'm lead dancer or not.

But Duru is different.

She's rather ambitious.
She won't be happy with second place.

So, she won't fight a lost battle?

I felt like one of the guests
on your program for a moment.

What with all these tough questions.

It's exciting.

Do you want some coffee?


Duru seems in bad shape.

Thanks, honey.

She can't stand on it.
Can, please take a look.

Is it that bad?

It doesn't look good.

She shouldn't stand on it.

Will it get better by tomorrow?

I don't think so.

But the auditions.

Honey, forget about them for now.
Your health is more important.

Sir, why are you going to so much trouble?

I could have brought the boy
to you in 30 minutes.

I can't wait that long.

Where the fuck have you been?

I've been calling you for hours.
Why is your phone off?

I don't know, the battery must be dead.

Come on, we have work to do.

-Brother Numan, this isn't a good time.
-Shut up and sit down.

Go on.

What can I do for you, Numan, brother?
I mean, Mr. Numan.

Hack into the woman's laptop
and see what she's up to.

Let's see what she's doing.

-She's online right now.
-Find out what she's looking at.

I've seen this one.

-Vibrating cat video, pretty funny.
-Check her browsing history.

Which sites has she looked at today?


-bank accounts...

All the news sites. She checked them all.


Should I check what she liked?

No need.

Shall I open her webcam?

Do it, now.

If she went somewhere,
or met someone, we would know.

-Then why isn't she answering?
-I don't know, sir.

I told her to give me an answer today.

Okay, enough. Turn it off.

Okay, turn it off.

Okay, sweetheart. I'm coming.

Wait, who was that?

I don't know, she's gone offline.

You said she didn't have a boyfriend.

This is interesting, sir.
There wasn't anyone.

-I mean, we knew--
-What did we know, Numan?

We don't even know what she knows.

Right. Come on.

Go ahead.

-I really shouldn't.
-What do you mean?

Okay, then, write it yourself.

Fuck Baudelaire and fuck Freud.
You can take care of it.


Let's do it.

I'm not looking! Go ahead.

-Are you okay?
-I'm okay.

You used to wear glasses. What happened?


So, go on.

-Two pages for a shot.
-No way.

We had a deal. One page for one shot.

A deal is a deal, right?

Shit, it's Melis.

Don't say a word, okay? She'd kill me.

Hello. Yes, love.

No, I was asleep. Yeah, I was sleeping.

Sure, talk to you later.

Okay, love you too.


She's tripping.

-Is she jealous of me?
-She thinks you like me.


I mean, you usually write
better essays for me than she does.

She says it's female intuition.

Well, okay.

See? I'm fast.

Could the Aztecs not find
something better to drink?

The great Olmeca!

You're actually pretty funny.

The ugly duckling.

See you later.

Do you think she needs painkillers?

Not really. It only hurts when I stand.

I don't think that's necessary.
Call me if there's an emergency.

Okay, thanks.

-See you, Deniz.
-See you.


Good to have met you.

And you.

I'd like to talk more
with you some time.

And I'd like to spend more time with you.

We'll be seeing each other, then.

I'll go check on the girl downstairs.

Dude, he said he wanted to
spend more time with me.

I'll call him if he doesn't call me,
while things are still hot.

You don't care that
he has a girlfriend, of course.

Of course not. That's his problem.

Right. You only think about yourself.

-What's going on, Duru?
-Nothing at all.

It's just that while you were hanging out
in London and having fun,

I was practising every day.

Okay, there's an audition.
You're excited about it, I know.

But isn't it a little odd
not to mention the lessons in London?

You're not being fair.

Did I go to London to have fun?
I went there for treatment.

You need treatment now too,
it's the same.

-And I was going to tell you.
-But you didn't.

Duru, I know you're feeling stressed.
But it's not the end of the world.

Even if you're not the lead dancer,

even if you're just in the background,
you'll still shine brightly.

-You'll shine brighter than everyone.
-I'm not you.

I won't dance in a show
when I'm not the lead dancer.

Suit yourself.
I'm ready to be the lead dancer.

Have a good evening, Ceren.

Do you know, this will be
the first time I've written an essay...

while at university, and it isn't so bad.

This was my first, Bilge.

I have something better.

This is the first time I've been out of
the house at this hour in my whole life.

And I'm in a man's house, too.

First time drinking, and it's tequila.

What do you mean? You've never...


Ada! Ada, Ada. Let's not push it.

I mean, you'll start to hate the music.

You're not feeling anything.
There's no emotion.

It's not just about repeating the notes,
you know that.

Ada, you don't feel anything right now.

Let's take five. Come on.

All right, I'm coming. Who is it?

-Who is it?
-It's me.

Can you open it?

Mr. Sadık, you can't just come here
any time you want.

Miss Özge, I can't sleep.

-What can I do about that?
-You can answer.

You were supposed to
give me your answer today.

Mr. Sadık, you can't order me around
in my own home, at this hour--


You can't come here
at 05:30 in the morning.

Yet, here I am.

Why didn't you answer me?

I was going to call you in the morning.

It's morning now.

Tell me what you know about Can Manay
and you'll get your money.

My offer is still on the table.

Mr. Sadık.

I have a counter-offer of my own.
I don't want your money.

We'll set up a magazine website.

You'll fund it, I'll provide the content.
Totally under my control.

In return,

I'll give you a file with everything
you want to know about Can Manay.

It's up to you to accept it or not.
That's the offer.

Özge? What's going on?

It's nothing, sweetheart. Go back to bed.
I'll be right there, it's all right.

Mr. Sadık.

You can give me your answer tomorrow.

At a reasonable hour, if possible.

He must be crazy.

Sir, I do feel it.

I feel like my heart has been hammered,

but I'm afraid if I reveal how I feel,
I'll screw everything up.

I don't know if you'll screw it up,
but you might miss out on it if you don't.

Come on, we're going out.


-God damn you!
-Wait a minute, my love. Stop!

-Motherfucker, you were asleep, huh?
-It's not what it looks like!

-Am I that kind of guy?

-Yes, you are that kind of guy!
-How can you say that?

-Wait a minute!
-Murat, I'm going to kill you!

Can you just let me explain?

Shut the fuck up!

-Why would I listen to you?
-It's not what it looks like.

-But you keep throwing shit.
-Shut up!

Listen to me. I'd like to say something.

-Fuck this shit!
-Listen to me, love.

No, look at me! Look me in the eyes!

You're not yourself right now.
Wait a minute, love.

You can't keep sitting here
feeling sorry for yourself.

-This isn't you.
-This is absolutely me.

You're just so passionate, Duru,
you lie in order not to lose.

We both know your foot is fine.

Now get up.

Get ready, go to the auditions,
and get what it is you want.

Ceren is sleeping at my house.

She drank too much.

She won't wake up.

She doesn't deserve to be the lead anyway.

What-- What does this mean?

You deserve this.

I'm just helping you get what you deserve.

To get what you really want.

To find yourself.

Go on, don't be late.

Subtitle translation by
Ediz Faruk Gulfirat