Fearless (2017–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - Episode #1.6 - full transcript

With Kevin's suicide, Greenwood's suspension and the police refusal to reopen the case Emma's last hope is to contact Rachel Leigh, who joined Linda at the sex parties and is grateful to Greenwood for leading her to Rachel's mother Maureen. Though elderly and a dementia sufferer Maureen recognizes Rachel as changing her name to Laura, wife of the prospective party leader Matthew Wild, who seeks assurance from Myles to protect him . Ultimately Emma confronts him on his attendance at the sex parties and learns the truth about Linda's death and his role in it. Consequently Green wood is reinstated, Myles and McKinnon discredited - freeing Miriam in the process - and Emma's adoption plan goes ahead.

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She's messing with some
pretty powerful people here.

They wanna shut her up, they can.

This was Linda's boyfriend.
He was with US Air Force.

I didn't hurt Linda.
I could never hurt her.

We were in love.

Bradley's a sideshow here,
you know that.

Don't make the cover-up
worse than the crime.

He's done it.
The Iraq veteran, the young backbencher,

has just won!

He's the real thing,
where your investment should lie.

How did you even get to know Linda?
Her uncle.

Phil Simms. You saw Linda that night,
didn't you?

I dropped him off. I drove away.

Who else?
Linda's friend.

Rachel Leigh.

Do you remember the autopsy report?
She was buried here.

If you were exposed,
you and your bloody sinister cabal...

Why would we kill a girl, even by
accident, then conceal the facts?

You're scared. Is it for yourself,
or is it for someone else?

Get out!

Met the love of my life here.

And then I lost him.

You were 18.
It would have ruined your life.

Now how do we know what it
would have done to my life?

They're trying to hide something
that happened weeks before the war.

There was security business
on the base that night.

Private planes landing. VIPs.

Why did they come to the UK?

There is no interest in investigating
what happened 14 years ago.

We need to find Rachel Leigh.
She told a big fat lie.

Oh, God!

Way down in the water

Way down in the hole

Far away from any soul

'Where there is discord,
may we bring harmony.

And where there is despair,
may we bring hope.'

I'm coming back from the fire

Put your trust in us.

Crawling back from the flames

We shall repay that trust for you.

Coming back from the fire,
not burning down

Turn it! Spin it!

Spin the camera.

Spin the camera!

I'm so sorry.

I should have left him in jail,
then he'd still be alive.

All the fuss I made, what did it do?

It proved he was innocent.

It proved nothing.

I'm sorry, Kevin.

You said you'd found something.

Well, I...

I had, erm... I have.

So what are you going to do with it?

Well, it's difficult.

Why? If you've found something.

I can't get anyone to listen.

I tried, I really did.

And now he's dead...

so who cares, right?

And he's still guilty.


Fuck, fuck, fuck! Fuck it!

I... I killed him because I took a deal.

I promised I'd prove him innocent.

Annie was right.

I should have left him in jail.


You did everything you could.

No, no, no, no, no.

Dreaming of glory?

Still a long way to go and
a great deal to be done.

Alastair told me that Banville knows,
that she worked it out.


It doesn't matter. She can't do anything
about it, because A... nobody cares

and B... she can't connect it to the girl.

Nothing connects to the girl.

Not quite nothing.

That's another issue, isn't it?

You, at least, are in the clear,
as long as you hold your nerve.

Do you think Banville will just give up?

Her client's dead,
her credibility's shot.

Any normal person would.

So, will you head back to the States?

Not yet.
I think you should.

You think I don't want to?

That I wouldn't rather be with my children,
instead of wading through all this...

this shit?

You still need me.

What if she doesn't give up?

Then I'll drop a fucking
rock on her head.

The Kevin Russell case is now closed.

Give Maggie what she needs to present
the bill by the end of the week.

That includes you, Emma.


As far the Attars are concerned...

I assume we'll just take the loss?


Emma? Emma?


Em? Is that you, love?


'February '03,
I was working in the Cabinet Office.'

'I met a chap called Kretchmer
from the US Department of Defense

and an Iraqi scientist, he had information
about Saddam Hussein's chemical weapons.'

'Who else was there that evening?'

'There were some British and
American intelligence officers.

Even if I knew their names,
I wouldn't tell you.'

'You're still missing someone.'

'Why would we?

Kill a girl, even by accident, and
then conceal the facts, lie about it?

Tell me, why?'

'You're scared.

Get out!

Is it for yourself or
is it for someone else?

Get out!'

'Who else was there that evening?'

'I'm scared, Daddy, really scared.'

'It's OK. Trust me.'

Daddy, I'm scared.

I'm so scared, Daddy.

Daddy, what is it?'

'Oh, Daddy!'

'Trust me.'

'You can't keep the baby now,
you can't.'

'Trust me.'

I had the dream again.

Me on the wall. My dad.

The photograph.

How did it end?

It didn't. It never does.

And he's gonna die soon and
it's all gonna be left unsaid.

Then why don't you talk to him,
have it out?

Yeah, but it's gonna upset him too much.

Well, not doing it is gonna be worse,
for both of you.


This is just silly.

Come to bed.

The best sausages you've ever ever had!

I'll be the judge of that.
Thank you.

Ignore that.
Thank you.

I knew it. Typical.

'It's Olivia Greenwood.'

What do you want?
'I heard about Kevin Russell.'

I'm sorry.

Look, I know this is probably irrelevant.
because you'll have moved on...

No. It was you who moved on. I tried to
find you, I only got that fool Staines.

Do you want to hear what I've got?


I found Rachel Leigh's mother.

A nursing home in Finchley.

Are you gonna go and talk to her?
I can't.

I've been suspended.

Do you want the address or not?

St Agatha's, Milburn Road, Finchley.

Just so you know, the home said she has
dementia. It may be a waste of time.

If I find anything,
do you want me to call you?

Yeah. Keep me informed.

I'm sorry about all this.

What do you want?

I had an odd conversation with
that American woman, Heather Myles.

What was odd about it?

Her interest in Banville.

In the threat that Miriam
Attar made against Banville.

She seemed to take it seriously,
but we haven't, it just didn't seem...

So maybe you should just
be honest with me for once.

Why is this woman so
interested in Banville?

Does she have many visitors?

Not while I've been here,
which is more than three years.

And does she ever mention her family?

She hasn't mentioned anyone.
She's in her own world.

Not more than ten minutes. OK?


'.. tonight's programme, Matthew Wild,
the man everyone is saying could be...'

Hello, Maureen, I'm Emma Banville.

Why has she taken my breakfast?

Erm... Can I talk to you?

She did, you know.

Every last...
last bit, the greedy beast.

I'd like to show you something.

No, no. Not hungry.

A photo.

Do you recognise either of these girls?

That's your daughter Rachel,
with the dark hair.

Do you know where she is?

Do you...

'.. I would stop us ever
making the same mistake again.'

When did you last see Rachel?

Sssh. Sssh. Sssh.

' Well, the day I first met my wife.

My whole life changed.'

'Do you remember that day?'

Why? Why? Why?
'Yeah. Absolutely.

She was handing out leaflets and
knocking on doors in the pouring rain...'

Why has she changed her hair?

'Well, I did win and Laura and I are
in it together now for the long haul.

For better or for worse.'

'So that's where we leave them,
the new leader and his family,

in a brief moment of relaxation before he
starts the biggest battle of his career.'

How did you become her?

Douglas, it's Emma.

Yeah. I'm sorry to call you so late.
I've got another favour.

Matthew Wild. Now, I know he was in
the Army in 2003, but where was he?

Hello, Heather.
Laura, this is not a good idea.

Banville knows.

She went to see my mother.

Well, your mother is
hardly in a state to talk...

I have security software which
monitors searches in my name.

After she saw her, she went online.
She searched for me.

You said you'd look after me. Remember?

My silence... your protection.

We gave you a new life abroad,
away from all this.

You've made protecting you more difficult,
haven't you, by diving right back into it?

I'd been away ten years.
I wanted to come home.

Did "home" have to include throwing
yourself in front of Matthew Wild?

I fell in love.
Love? Don't make me laugh.

You saw your meal ticket
and you grabbed it.

The cute little party worker, you just fell
right at his feet with your legs wide open.

Did you tell him who you were
before or after you fucked him?

I'm not the problem.


The problem is Banville.


what are you going to do?

I'll have people watching her.
Don't worry.

She may call you.
If she does, call me with this.

Stay calm. Keep your nerve.

The souls of the just
are in the hand of God.

They seemed to be dead

and their passing away was an affliction
and their going from us utter destruction.

But they are in peace.

For if before men they be punished,
yet is their hope full of immortality.

Because God tried them and
found them worthy of himself.

I told you we should have kept
her locked up in the States.

If we'd kept her here,
she would have become the story.

Which would have meant even
more questions, wouldn't it?

You heard she got to Alastair?

To what effect?

None. Alastair kept his nerve.

Everyone has to keep their nerve,
including you.

My nerve is fine, thank you.
It's others whom I can't guarantee.

And she's sniffing around them now.
So, what's the answer?

Why don't you tell me, sir?

This is your area,
Heather, damage control.

So control the damage.

'.. then five minutes later, he was
arrested by the terrorist police.'

'Emma always warned Yusef
he was running a huge risk.'

'But I'm telling you what they say.

Now Emma is the one
who's running the risk.'

It's me.
That extra resource I requested at GCHQ?

Not necessary any more.

This is huge, Em.

Are you gonna confront her?

Not yet.

I'm still waiting for
a piece of the puzzle.

We've got company.

My condolences.

He's over there.

Why don't you give them to him yourself?

I will.

What is it?

We're aware of a threat
made against you.

Miriam Attar.

I told her.

What are you doing about it?


I represent child killers,
terrorists, rapists.

I get shit through my letter box,
I get bricks through the window.

Have you noticed anyone
following you or watching you?

You mean, apart from the police?

I'll deny ever saying this,

but if you were surveilled that one
time, that is no longer the case.

What are you saying?

You need to be careful.

Check your car before you drive.

Vary your routes.

And don't open any unexpected packages.

You're saying Yusef Attar's people
would follow through on this?

I'm saying it would be
made to look like them.

So watch yourself.

For how long?

That depends.
On what?

Have you really buried Russell?

I don't know.

Then be careful.

What's going on?
I'm off.

Back to the Middle East desk.
What about Ruby?

Well, she's off the list.

No longer a person of interest,

And now there's no
one watching over her.

Not even us.

I'm sending you a file.

Start laying a trail. Get on it now.

Are you guys outside her house?

'Yeah. For now.'

Poor Kev. I liked him, you know.

What do you think they're
gonna put on his gravestone?

Annie hasn't decided yet.

Is that the time?

Nearly kick-off. I was gonna
see the lads in the pub, but...

I'm not that bothered, really.

Go on.

Are you sure?

You're ace.


'You asked about Matthew Wild in 2003.'


What did you find?
In February 2003,

his unit, the Royal Anglians, was in
Kuwait, getting ready for the big fuck-up.

So he was nowhere near the UK?


His unit was in Kuwait. But he was in
London, working for the Ministry of Defence.

Doing what?

In charge of the MOD unit evaluating the

battlefield threat of
Saddam's WMD programmes.

He was the liaison
between the MOD and MI6.

He would have seen all the
intel MI6 was developing.

And the CIA.

He was there, that night at the base.

He was the one with the expertise.
'Not necessarily.'

'I know they were protecting someone.
This is who... Matthew Wild.'

You don't know that and you
certainly can't prove it.

I can't prove it, but there's other stuff
I know that makes it more than likely.

How did you find this?
The Government would never reveal this.

I spoke to a mate in the Anglians.

He served with Wild in Iraq.

Wild told him what he
did before the war.

He could have stayed in London
but he wanted to be with his unit.

Maybe he felt guilty.
Why would he?


Wild was the one with the expertise,
wasn't he?

Must have known the WMD story was crap,
but he kept his mouth shut

in exchange for a
glittering political career.

Funny thing about being a soldier,
you obey orders.

My friend spoke highly of Wild,
said he was the real deal.

So whatever happened at that airbase,
whoever was there,

is he the man you want to go after?

Douglas, this isn't a bunch
of people having a chat.

Someone died.

I know you do a lot of good things,

But this... these people you're going
up against... they're very dangerous.


'I'll be fine.'

Aye, I know, it's been a long time.

Hang on. I'll just get this.

Emma, what's up?

I think Greenwood was right.
I AM being followed.

A van, two men in it, outside my house.

And at the cemetery.

Think the spooks are still after you?

I don't know.
'Is it outside your place now?'

No, not now.
But it was there ten minutes ago.

'Jesus, what's going on?'
You should call Greenwood. Tell her.


'Em, if you're being followed,
call the cops.'

No. Look... I'm just going nuts.

I'm just imagining things.

Kevin's dead.

Whatever stones you've turned over...

whatever's crawled out,
won't bring him back.

'So putting your life in
danger is really not worth it.'

Do you hear me?


Thanks, Dom.

Oh, Jason!

Dad told me about coming here.

He said he liked your house.

He said it was crazy.

Is it really over?

You said you were close.

I am, but as a lawyer,
I have to take concrete

evidence to the police, so they can...

well, so they have to investigate.

Why can't you get the evidence?

Well, because to do that,
I'd have to get smart people...

really smart people
to incriminate themselves.

And they won't.

So these smart people...

you know who they are
but you can't get them?

And that's it?

You're giving up?

Well, it's more complicated than that.

What do you mean?

I can't say.

Um... does your mum know where you are?


OK, well, it's too late to go home.

So let's call her and
you can stay the night.

I'm just gonna go and
get you a sleeping bag.

Why are you scared of them?

'You're a warrior.'


'Never stop fighting. Never stop.'

Hello, Zeinab, it's Emma.

'It's a bit late, babes. What's up?'

Do you have a number for Matthew Wild?

'What left-wing do-gooder doesn't?'

Even better,
do you have a number for his wife?

Banville just called.
'Did you speak with her?'

I let it go to voicemail.
But she wants to meet with me tonight.

What do I do, ignore it?

Where are you?

Matthew's house in Bermondsey.'

'Where's he?'
Out. A National Committee meeting.

Call her.

Say you'll meet tonight.

No. No, I won't.

Yes. Yes, you will.

'I hoped she'd quit but she won't.

Wait 30 minutes, then call her.'

Understood. Bye.

'Are you set?'


'You're clear to go.'
What's the address?

Target on site.

Ms Banville.

Come in.

Thank you.

She's inside. We a go?


I've got a story to tell...

about a secret meeting
before the Iraq War.

About falsified intelligence, about lies

that were told to Parliament,
to the country.

Mm... sounds... very exciting.

And it's about the people
who were at this meeting,

one of whom, I believe,

was your husband.

It doesn't sound very likely.

Matthew was against the war...

even when he was in the Army.

Where was this meeting?

Oh, an airbase in East Anglia,

the night of 1st February, 2003.

Do you recognise the date?

No, it was before I met Matthew.

So why are you telling
me this and not him?

Well, that's the thing.

I mean, no-one cares about this story.

It's old.
We all know what happens in the end.

We were deceived into fighting a war.

Thousands of people died,
it was all a horrible mistake.

So what difference does
one more detail make?

You're probably right.

But again... why are you telling me?

Because I think if I
add you to the story...

the beautiful wife of the
new Leader of the Opposition,

I think people WILL care.

What on earth are you talking about?

You were on the base that night...


with your friend.

What friend?


Linda Simms.

We're set.

There were two girls
on the base that night.

One died, one got away.

I never went near the base.

Linda's uncle, Phil Simms,
swears he dropped you there.

The only time I ever met Phil Simms
was about six weeks ago, with Matthew.

I agreed to meet you because
Matthew and I admire your work.

But in this case, you're so wide
of the mark, it's embarrassing.

Now I want you to leave.

Do you know the thing
that I think the media

will find most intriguing,
most entertaining?

It's how Rachel Leigh,
ordinary schoolgirl...

vanished for ten years.

And then reappears...
Bam! as Laura Wild.

I mean, that's a story.

That's front page.

Girl goes abroad to learn a language.

Girl comes home.

Gets married.

If you think that's a story,
well, good luck.

Now I want you to leave.

Linda nearly got clear.

She had a chance of another life
and I'm sure she told you about it,

about Logan,
and that's why you went to the base.

You wanted the same.
Just go.

And I understand why you did it.

What else was there for a girl
like you in a place like that?

You saw your opportunity
and you grabbed it.

Get out!

What I don't understand and what I
can't forgive you for is for Kevin.

You knew he was innocent and you
dragged him in and you destroyed him.

What's she doing here?

Going on about Linda Simms,
making ridiculous accusations.

What's wrong with you?

Coming to my home, upsetting my wife?

Just telling her my story.

What story?

Why don't you ask her?

Come away from the windows.

What? Why?

Because she said so. Please.

She? Who?

Oh, no.

No! How?
The car.

Banville's been threatened by one of her
terrorist clients. She had it coming.

But here, outside our home?

She's trying to destroy us.

Her car!


Don't do that.

What are you talking about?

You've been threatened.
People you represented.

How do you know?

I don't.

But you do, don't you?

Oh, my God.

They'd kill me to protect you.

Are you that important?

You know what?

Sod it.

Emma, for Christ's sake!

Are you scared for me or for yourself?

I'm trying to help you.

So you just tell me
what happened that night.

Now, I know you were there,

with Alastair McKinnon,
with Kretchmer, with the Iraqi.

I know.

Just tell me what happened.


I'll stand down. I'll resign.

Tell me what happened.

I'm offering to give up my entire life.

Well, Linda never had a life.

Neither did Kevin.

Now, you tell me what happened and I
will walk away, I will leave you alone.

It was an accident!

Tell me.

There was a meeting.

All the people you said.

We were leaving.

'Suddenly there was a girl,
she was coming towards us.

She was smiling.'


I said, stop right there!
Stop, or we will fire!

'We weren't who she was expecting.
She panicked.'

Get in the car quickly!

'We got the principals out of there.

We were clear.'

There was no way she could recognise any
of us, not in the glare from the lights.

So what happened?

She ran out in front of me.
I couldn't stop.

Well, then it was an accident.

It was a bloody accident!
Why didn't you just say?

It was the wrong time, the wrong people.
If it had come out...

It was a secret meeting.

'The Iraqi scientist...

his lies.'

Everyone's lies.

And your wife? How was she involved?

She was there.

She saw everything.

So she lied too?

God, you people!

You just think you can change reality,
don't you?

I was never one of those people! I have
been making up for this ever since!

And I will go on making up for it!

So you should just go free because
you've got good intentions?

Well, Kevin's dead.

And Kevin spent 14 years
in prison for your crime!

For YOUR crime!

It was an accident.

Should there be no accountability?

You said you'd walk away.



I lied.

You got everything?

Yeah, we got it all.

Could you give us a moment, please?

Glad you got your job back.

I'm glad you called.

Well done.

That was quite the catch.

A little bit late.

For Kevin, yes.

I'm sorry.

Not just for Kevin.

For everyone.

So you'll do what you promised?

I'll try.

No, you'll succeed.

Miriam Attar released,
all charges against her dropped.

Don't let another
innocent person suffer.


You need to come with me.

I have diplomatic immunity.

No, you don't.

Hello, little man.

Thank you, Emma.

You did good.

'I'm here.

I'll catch you.

Come on.

Trust me.'

Why did you believe he didn't do it?

It was more that I didn't
trust the other side.

At first, anyway.

Then I got to know him,
then I believed him.

Why didn't you trust the other side?

Oh, I learnt a long time ago not
to trust what people tell me.

Especially from people in authority.

Because you never know their reasons.

When I was young, I was shown a piece
of evidence by people I trusted.

What was it?
A photo.

A photo that seemed to show that
the man I was in love with...

was a liar and a cheat.

What was in the photo?

Him and another woman,
with the same last name, holding a baby.

So I thought it was his wife and his

child because that's how
it had been presented.

But it wasn't.

It was his sister?

Yeah, it was his sister and HER child...

which I learned four years later.

Four years too late.

So I lost him.

And I lost a whole lot more than that.

And it changed my life.

And it broke my heart.

I misread the evidence.

I was too angry and
upset to question it.

But question.

That's the point.

Always question.

Your mum's here.

Make him proud.