Fearless (2017–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - Episode #1.5 - full transcript

Emma briefly gets to speak to Logan, who says he loved and planned to elope with Linda, whom he met at a sex party on the US air force base organized by her uncle Phil Simms. A call from Greenwood sees her return to England where the women interview Simms, to no great advantage and Emma visits failed suicide Kevin Russell. Emma then goes to speak to McKinnon, a former cabinet minister during the Iraqi war whom she links to the US base and Linda but he is intransigent to her questions.

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I plead not guilty to murder
m'lord but guilty to manslaughter.

He will be released as
early as is practicable.

Whatever he said in there,
he's innocent.

Thought we could have a
coffee and a chat, yeah?

Jason, what happened?
I told him to stay away from me.


I've betrayed my little angel.

Look, I'm not gonna let this go.

Just tell me how I can
find Tony Pullings.

Tell me how to find Yusef Attar.

Banville went dark 10 minutes ago.

She might be sending a message.
You have a family here, you have a child.

I have nothing here, get out.

Why did she want the photos?

She said they were a going away present.
Who for?

Her boyfriend.

I'm going to America and
talk to that son of a bitch.

Logan Bradley?
You'd think I'd hurt that girl?

Emma Banville, come with us, please.

These are some scary people, Em.

Way down in the water

Way down in the hole

Far away from any soul

Where there is discord,
may we bring harmony

and where there is despair,
may we bring hope.

I'm coming back from the fire

Put your trust in us.

Crawling back from the flames

We shall repay that trust for you.

Coming back from the fire,
not burning down

Turn it! Turn it!

Spin the camera.

Spin the camera!

Yes, ma'am.
Miss Banville is now in lock-up.

Did she speak to Sergeant Bradley?

Yes, but he said he had
no idea what it was about.

I'll be there in the morning.
Meantime, no one is to talk to her.

I need to know...
No, you don't.

Ma'am, it's my duty to ensure the
safety of US Air Force personnel.

Don't talk to Miss Banville
or Sergeant Bradley.

It is a matter of national security.

Yes, ma'am.

Who is she?
I don't know.

But she was put through
by the base commander.

So we're gonna do what she says. OK?
Yes, sir.


You're a warrior.

Hi, Miriam.

I'm Dominic Truelove. I work with Emma.

She was supposed to come to see me.

I know. I'm sorry.
Kevin Russell's had a serious accident.

Is he OK?

He's in hospital.

Why didn't she come now?

I'm afraid she had to go abroad.

She asked me to talk
to you on her behalf.


By mutual agreement, Emma no longer
represents your husband Yusef.

Therefore, regrettably,
she can no longer represent you.

However, she has contacted these solicitors
with experience in your type of case

who'll be happy to represent you.

I thought Yusef was helping people.

I thought that he cared about me.

I'm not a terrorist. I'm not.


But there are real terrorists in here,
did you know that?

They told me about Yusef.

About how he got a visit from Emma
and how she said he wasn't her client.

Then, five minutes later,
he was arrested by the terrorist police.

Emma always warned Yusef
he was running a huge risk.

But I'm telling you what they say.

Now Emma is the one running the risk.

What's up?

It's me. Can you talk?

What's going on, Logan?

Damn circuit-breakers! Hang tight.

'We have a blackout
in the security wing.

Likely power surge.

Shut your mouth!

Someone wants to talk to you.

You have less than two minutes,
then the lights go back on.

They're doing it again.

Shipping me out.

Only this time, it's not just me.

It's my wife, it's my kid,
it's my family.

They're turning my
whole life upside down.

And I didn't kill Linda.
I didn't touch a hair on her head.

But you knew her. How?
I met her at a party on the base.

You were sleeping with her?

She was 15!
In case you can't do the math,

I was a kid back then, too.

Just turned 17.

So, if you're going to make me
out like some kind of pervert,

you can fuck off back to your cell!

OK, OK, I believe you. Please, just
tell me what was going on between you.

We were kids.

We were in love.

The tie pin. The F16 tie pin on the bra,
that was for you?

Yeah, that was for me.

We were gonna get married as
soon as I got back from Iraq.

I know, huh?


Do you know what happened to
Linda the night she disappeared?

It was supposed to be
our going-away party.

At the old officers' mess.

Why there?
Because it's just outside the wire.

Linda and the other girls could get
there. And so could we, unofficially.

What other girls?
Locals. Gold-diggers mostly.

Linda wasn't like that.
And did you meet her?

No. The base was put
on emergency lockdown.

Some security business.
VIPs flying in, private jets.

Everybody was confined to barracks.

What do you mean, security business?

I don't know. The war was close then. That
kind of stuff was happening all the time.

But if the party never happened,
if you never met Linda,

why did the Air Force ship you out?

Because when I saw on the news that
she'd disappeared, I ran to my CO.

And I told him I'd been seeing her.

They had me on a plane
to the Gulf that same day.

They told me if I ever talked about it,
I'd be in Guantanamo.

I didn't hurt Linda!
I could never hurt her.

Just believe me.

Time's up. Logan, get out of here!
This never happened.

Wait. How did you get to know
Linda in the first place?

Her uncle introduced us.
He used to bring stuff to the base.

Phil Simms?

Yeah, Phil Simms.

Marty, are we secure?

Yep. I've got Dominic here with me too.

What's going on with Emma?
We had an arrangement.

She'd call every eight hours or so,
report progress. Nothing for 20 hours.

You know where she is?
Andrews Air Force base.

Been arrested?

Did she connect with Logan Bradley?

Possibly. I sent a PI down there. He says
movers are outside Logan's house now.

Looks like he's being shipped out again.

So she must have talked to him.
Or they got to him first.

How much trouble is she in, Larry?

She's messing with some
pretty powerful people here.

The US Military, CIA.
If they want to fuck her up, they can.

As I've already said,
I went to talk to Sergeant Bradley

because he may have information
that will help one of my clients.

But your Customs declaration
said you were in the States

for a conference on copyright law.

I am.

I got a lead unexpectedly.

Where did she get the lead?

Where did you get the lead?
And who from?

I'm afraid that's confidential.
Tell her that's obstruction.

That's obstruction.

No, it isn't.

As an attorney, I don't have to
divulge any privileged information.

She already lied to a federal officer,
which is a felony.

She's compounding that
felony by refusing to answer.

How did she find Bradley?

You're making this worse for yourself.
Lying to a federal officer is a felony.

Tell me where you found Sergeant
Bradley or that's another felony.

Where? I found him at his home.

Why is that a felony?

How, you idiot. Not where.

I mean how did you find him?

I'm afraid I can't divulge that either.

She's too calm.

And she's shown no interest in
actually talking to Bradley.

Which means...
she already talked to him.

She could know about him and the girl.
We keep her here.

Tie her up in red tape.
She committed at least two felonies.

No, send her back. The Air Force got Bradley
out of the way. She won't find him again.

Sir, I think...
You overthink!

Bradley's a sideshow here.
You know that.

Don't make the cover-up
worse than the crime.

It's Chief Superintendent Greenwood.

Chief Superintendent!

I need to question Emma Banville.

Banville? Why are you calling me?

Her office says she's in the States.

She's not answering her phone and
the hotel doesn't know where she is.

Why do you want to question her?

You know we arrested Yusef Attar.

Well, we have his hard drive.

Now there's evidence that
Banville's more involved

in this network than we thought.

Involved how?
She knows the names of his financiers.

That sounds like criminal conspiracy.

Are you gonna charge her?

Put it this way,
she's gonna need a good lawyer.

So can you help me?


I can try to track her down.

'After the break, we return to
the party leadership contest

and an interview with the
clear favourite, Matthew Wild.

Excuse us.

You've done it. Already over 50% of the
vote and rising! You've bloody won!

Thank you, mate.

This is incredible.
I told you it would happen, didn't I?

You did.

Remember, strong but humble.
Thank your opponent.

Say you look forward to working with
him to return the party to power.


I'm so proud of you.

Matthew! There you are!
I am delighted for you, truly.

Thank you, Zeinab.
But it's not in the bag yet.

It is.

We're live in 30, so we'd better get
a move on. Catch you later, Laura.

Let's get you wired up.
This will be pretty soft-pedal stuff.

Your reaction to your victory.

How you're going to lead your
party out of the wilderness.

That's soft-pedal? Bloody hell!

Five, four, three...

Well, he's done it. The Iraq veteran,
the young back-bencher,

a charismatic outsider, has just won.

'Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to London Gatwick.

We're stopping short of the gate to unload
two passengers. Please remain in your seats.

On what grounds are you holding me?

All yours.

On what grounds?

Sit down.

I'll take it from here.

Thanks, Jenna.

I hate subterfuge.


What is this?

It was the only way we could think
to get you out of the States.

We're in the Chief
Superintendent's debt.

I'm putting my career on the line.

So you better have something.

I do,
but it's not going to help your career.

Just tell me.
Linda had an American boyfriend.

On the airbase.

The Air Force snatched him out of there
the second Linda disappeared in 2003.

And they've just done
the same to him now.

I don't care. I want to question him.

He's beyond your reach.
But the man who introduced them,

the man who knew about them, he isn't.

Linda's uncle. Phil Simms.


Did you ever question him?

Yes. And I'll question him again.

Come with me.
You can tell me the rest in the car.

I haven't slept for three days.
I want to shower and change my clothes.

There's a toilet down the hall.
Come now or not at all.

I didn't tell her everything.
Logan said there

was security business
on the base that night.

Private planes landing, VIPs.

Got a pen?

Call this guy. Douglas.

Tell him you want details
of all flights in and

out of the base the night
that Linda disappeared.

How will he know that?
Private jets probably mean CIA.

Douglas has been tracking
those flights for years.

Why didn't you tell Greenwood this?
She'd lock the whole thing down.

Those planes are the key.

They're the answer to everything, Dom.

How long has he had the business for?

He supplied produce to
the base back in 2003.

And booze and drugs.
That's what the local cops thought.

Now we also know he supplied girls.

What are you waiting for?

Phil Simms is a hard nut. He'll know
we're trying to provoke a response.

And he'll give us nothing.

What do you suggest?

This was Linda's boyfriend.

Logan. He was with the US Air Force.

He was the one that Linda
took the photos for.

This true?

It appears so.

What the hell happened to him?

When Linda disappeared,
the Americans got him out the country.

You mean he killed her?

He was meant to meet her
the night Linda disappeared.

But the base was on lockdown.
He was confined to barracks.

Why are you showing us this?
Sounds like Russell's still the killer.

Wait, I want to know how it happened.
How did Linda know this bloke?

Your brother introduced them.

I don't know who that is.
It's Linda's boyfriend.

Boyfriend? Linda was a kid.
She was never even on the base.

Never on the base? Really?
She often went there with you.

Helping out.

And what about this?

I used to wonder what you and that
toe-rag Pullings was up to. Now I know.

Charlie, listen.
Pimping out my kid?

Who had her working behind the bar, hm?

With her tight T-shirts
and her big tits?

No! Stop it!

Now! Stop it!

Stop it!

You saw Linda that night, didn't you?

You gave her a lift to the base.

Where did you take her?

Just say it.
Or I'll kill you... right here.

I didn't do anything.

Say it!

I just drove her.


To the old officers' mess.

That true?


I dropped them off, I drove away.

Lin was fine.

She was happy. Charlie, I swear!

You dropped them off? Who else?
No-one else. Just Lin.

Who else?

Linda's friend.

What friend?


Rachel Lee.

That's her. Only friends for a
few months. I hardly knew her.

She was a bit older than Linda.

But Lin was always good with older
kids and... grown-ups.

Do you know where Rachel is now?

Why does it matter?

Until now, we thought she was the
last person to see Linda alive,

when she was talking to Kevin
outside the school hall.

She was also the reason that
the police started questioning

Kevin in the first place.

So where is she?

I don't know. She left school
that summer and moved away.

Does her mum still live in the area?

No, she moved away a long time ago.

Don't know where.

Could I borrow one of these?

So this is it. The old officers' mess.

Olivia Greenwood.

Yes, I am still questioning Banville.


is none of your business, Jenna.

I'll call you.


So this is where he dumped her.

What a place.

Looked better in 2003.

I thought about basing
my enquiry out here.

But then...
Then you got Kevin Russell.

That made the enquiry
a whole lot easier.

Do you remember the autopsy report?

Jet fuel, conifers and sand.

She was buried here.

That phone call,
it was one of my officers...

.. wanting to know where I was.

Where you were, more to the point.

So tell me,
what have you given me exactly?

I've given you Linda Simms' boyfriend.

I've given you Phil Simms.

And I've given you the place that
Linda was killed. Here, right here.

So who killed her?

Who killed Linda Simms?

You know how far we are from the school.

One mile. So you know who could
have been here that night.

Even if he walked, Kevin Russell...

Except he didn't.
He's still the best suspect that we have.

And you are no closer to
proving him otherwise.

Get Forensics out here. Find her grave.


Find a grave with no body that may or
may not have been here 14 years ago.

You think I can swing that?

And even if I could,

that still doesn't prove that
Kevin Russell didn't do it.

We need to find the girl.

We need to find Rachel Lee.

Because she lied.
She told a big fat lie.

Hello? Who is it?
It's Tony. Tony Pullings.

What do you want?
Phil Simms just called me.

What? Why?

She knows about him. About everything.

Who knows?

And she's not alone.
She's got that detective with her.

DCS Greenwood. They're working together.


Are you there?

Yes, Dom?
Your friend came through.

There were two flights that night.

Not now, Dom.

I'm on the way to the
hospital to check on Kevin.

Meet me there in about an hour.

What's going on?

Derek, tell me.

Go in there. See for yourself.

He came to, 20 minutes ago.

Just like that. He can't really talk
but he knows who we are, all of us.

He asked about you. He said your name.

Hi, Kevin. I am so glad to see you.

I've been to America.

I found new witnesses, new facts.

I'm so close to proving
you didn't do it.

The doctors say we should go.
Too much excitement isn't good.

Yeah. You rest, Kevin. You get strong.

I'm here, Dad. Always here.

Excuse me, please.

Is it true? Are you close? Because
to get his hopes up again and then...

I'm close.

I'm meeting someone now.
We'll talk soon.

Douglas, thanks for coming.

No problem. I didn't want to
tell you this over the phone.

Dom says you've got two planes.

Gulfstream out of
Smith Airfield, Virginia.

A C-5 out of Hamburg. There were other
flights, but these are the two you want.

The tail numbers confirm it. Both planes
were from the CIA rendition fleet.

I thought so. Taking Al-Qaeda suspects
into the UK or shipping them out again?

Neither. Not this time.

Usually, we can't find passenger lists for
obvious reasons. But I had a stroke of luck.

The Gulfstream flew back to the States
but developed hydraulic problems.

Had to land in Nova Scotia. The Canadians
insisted on seeing the flight manifest.

One passenger.

Jack Kretchmer.

US Under-Secretary for Defense
in the run-up to the Iraq war.

Who was on the plane from Germany?

Just a guess. But given the timing and
given Kretchmer, I'm pretty confident.

Mustafa Sabah. An Iraqi defector
being run by German intelligence.

The BND were holding him near Hamburg.

Sabah. Codename Slider.

He just told the Americans
what they wanted to hear.

Saddam had chemical weapons.

Which went straight into Colin Powell's
speech at the UN four days later.

Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.

It was the casus belli.

If you're right, why did they come here?

Why did they come to the UK?

Probably to meet someone
from the British Government

at least equal in rank to Kretchmer.
What's this got to do with Kevin?

Timing. Where were we when
Linda Simms disappeared?

Six weeks away from a
war that no-one wanted.

Things were falling apart for Blair.

He needed proof that Saddam
was a genuine threat.

Again, what's it got to do with Kevin?

That's the question we need to ask.

But we're never going
to get to these two.

I need to find out who was there
from our side. I need the Brit.

I'll do what I can.

Are you ready for this?

I suppose.

You'll be fine.
They'll ask some obvious questions.

Then they'll make us walk towards the
camera pretending it's not there.

Oh, that? I think I can do that.

Oh, you can do all of it.

Just be yourself.


DS Brooks, sir.

It's Jenna, isn't it? Tell me,
what's DCS Greenwood working on now?

The Yusef Attar case.

What aspect of it?

It's all right.
Mrs Myles shares our interest in Attar.

Is she questioning Attar's
lawyer Emma Banville?

I believe she has, yes.

Has Miss Banville been
charged with any offence?

I don't believe so.
And why not?

The thing is,
Banville isn't Attar's lawyer any more.

Attar's wife was told that Banville
was no longer representing him.


About four days ago at Sizemore.

We actually got it on film.

She asked me to talk
to you on her behalf.

By mutual agreement,
Emma no longer represents your husband.

There. We don't know when it happened,
but we can guess.

Five minutes later,
he was arrested by the terrorist police.

Emma always warned Yusef
he was running a huge risk.

OK, maybe. But what they say is now
she's the one who's running the risk.

Did you hear that? That was a threat.

Did you warn Banville?
We assumed he did.

Do you still have people on her?

Once we heard she'd split with Attar, we
pulled back, didn't seem to be a need.

What about GCHQ?

That's above my pay grade.

Why, do you think the threat is real?

I doubt it.

If you learn anything more
about Banville, call me.

Thanks, Jenna.

How do you know Douglas?

He helped me on one of
the Guantanamo cases.

Was he a spook?

He was in the Parachute Regiment.

His legs were paralysed
by an IUD in Iraq.

Same IUD killed three of his mates.

That's why he cares.

Do we actually have anything that might
persuade the CPS to look at this again?

Linda's American boyfriend. Phil Simms.

CIA meeting exactly the same
time as Linda disappeared.

Mysterious friend Rachel.
Yeah, I think so.

The CIA angle, it's not a bit fanciful?

The Americans are deeply involved in
whatever happened to Kevin and to Linda.

But why?
Because there is something,

there is someone,
they are desperate to hide.

When I...

Yes, Douglas?

OK, what date?

Really? A photo on the same page?

Got it.

No, I know it's no guarantee,
but it makes sense.

Thank you.

Douglas has got our Brit.

The Deputy-Secretary
to the Cabinet Office.

Sir Alistair McKinnon.

One of the powers behind the throne.


It's Alistair.
Guess who's coming to see me.

Emma Banville.

She wants to talk about the
night of 1st February, 2003.

You don't have to talk to her, so don't.

Why? So you can fix it?

You know, if you hadn't tried to fix it
back then, we wouldn't be where we are now.

No, you'd be in jail.
Don't give her the time of day.

She's got you scared, hasn't she?

One little lawyer.

One unreconstructed leftie lawyer.

Have you been drinking?
Goodbye, Heather.

From now on, I'd take care of myself.

There are others more
important than you.

You said it yourself...

What's up?

I haven't been here
since I was a student.

Did you hate it?
No, I met the love of my life.

And then I lost him.

You OK?
Wish me luck.

Sir, I wanted to ask you
about 1st February, 2003.

What you were doing that night,
if you can remember.

Er... February '03,
I was working in the Cabinet Office.

Night of the 1st,
I was here at Cambridge

to give a talk to the Law Society.

I didn't give that talk.

I went to an airbase in East Anglia.

I met a chap called Kretchmer
from the US Department of Defense.

And an Iraqi scientist
named Mustafa Sabah.

He had information about Saddam
Hussein's chemical weapons.

I passed that information
on to my government.

It was crucial in the vote to go to war.

So you're... you're admitting to this?

An illicit meeting with
a discredited scientist.

Secret, not illicit.

Sabah had family in Iraq.
We had a duty to protect them.

And you just swallowed what he gave you?
You didn't question it?

At the time, it seemed genuine.

And what would have been the point?

It was your job.
You could have said, "This is rubbish."

You could have stopped
everything right there.

No, the ships had sailed.

The intelligence didn't matter.

We were going to support our ally.
"I will be with you whatever."


How can I forget?

Don't be too righteous.
Mistakes were made. Nobody denies that.

But if you want to add a few
more details to the record,

and embarrass some once-public figures,

well, you have added.

Is there anything else?

Oh, yes.

You missed out one detail.

Who else was there that evening?

There were some British and
American intelligence officers.

I mean, even if I knew their names,
I wouldn't tell you.

You're still missing someone.

The schoolgirl.

Linda Simms.

She was supposed to meet
her boyfriend on the base that night.

Instead, she ran into you.

Now, maybe she startled you.
Maybe you startled her.

A car hit her head-on.

She was buried alive and then she was
dug up and then she was buried again...

to make it look like
someone else did it.

My client, Kevin Russell.

I'm glad you're recording this.
It will prove just how unhinged you are.

I mean, why? Why would we?

Kill a girl, even by accident,
and then conceal the facts?

Lie about it?

Tell me, why?

Can I help you with anything else?

You know Mathew Wild.

I know most people who matter.

You could have been one of them.

Could still be, you know?

God knows, you're bright enough.

Except you hate your country so much.

I love my country. I just hate what
people like you have done to it.

People like me?

Honestly, my dear,
you sound like an angry teenager.

You arrogant bastard.

Do you know what?
It's your arrogance that gives you away.

The second burial. Linda's body
could have just stayed where it was.

But when the police started questioning
Kevin, it was too tempting, wasn't it,

to dig her up and lay
her at his doorstep?

This is absurd.
You said it yourself.

Who was there that night?
Intelligence officers. CIA, MI6.

Men adept at lying and deception.

And this was the time of lies.
Dodgy dossiers, sexing up.

"Don't let the smoking
gun be a mushroom cloud."

You thought you could
get away with anything.

Why not just run over some girl and blame
it on the poor sod that fancied her?

Why would we? Please, just tell me why.

Because if you were exposed...

.. you and your bloody sinister cabal...

.. do you think that the Blair Government
would have won its vote to go to war?

I want you to leave.

Don't forget this.
I suggest you take it to The Guardian.

Because the police
will just laugh at you.

In fact,
even The Guardian will laugh at you.

You're scared. Why?

Get out!

Is it for yourself or
is it for someone else?

Get out!

He admitted he was at the base.

Phil Simms said he
dropped Linda at the base.

Now it depends on the police
and my little tape recorder.

You did it, Em. You won.

Doesn't feel like that.

He gave it up too easily.
He's hiding something.

Do you know what?


Are you OK?

No, not really.

These past few days,
America, Cambridge...

.. I feel like I've been exhumed,

like my past dug up,

and all these things I thought
I was over, I am so not.

I'm sorry. You wanted a tea.

What things aren't you over?

Mistakes, betrayal.

Heartbreak. You know, the usual.

Christ, forget the tea.


Having a party?

Hey, Dom.

Hi, love.

Flight got in late. You weren't in.
I just went out like a light.

Sit, Dom, sit.
No, just dropping Em off.

Good luck tomorrow with the cops.

Thanks, Dom.

Right. You can't do that.

You can't just walk back in here
after disappearing for three weeks.

The worst time of my life
and you just waltz back in.

I know. Look, the job came in...
Not one phone call, one email.

I sent you a Skype message.

Steve, I want this to end.

I'm really fond of you but I want to
change my life before it's too late.

I'm going to give up the criminal work.

I'm going to try and
adopt a child again.

And I know the only reason
you went along with that is

because you're too lazy to argue.

So basically, I want you to leave.


You can't say no. This is my house.

I pay half the bills.
Gives me tenancy rights.

Steve, no.

I want to change my life.

I want a child.

You have children.

What, you?
No, your clients.

You love them.
You stay up all night with them.

You bring them home. Miriam's not the first
terrorist to sleep in the living room.

Kevin's not the first murderer
to sleep in the office.

They're your children.

You'll never give them up.

Don't kid yourself.

And I know I'm lazy.

But I'm good for you.

You can relax with me, have a laugh.

And I love you.

You're gonna have to work a lot
harder than that to get rid of me.

So if there's not a sex offender
asleep in the office, I'll kip in there.

What do you expect us to do with this?

Sir Alistair McKinnon says, on tape,

that a meeting happened between the people
whose names I've listed on that report,

at exactly the same time and place
as Linda Simms met her death.

I expect the police to investigate.

You have to re-open the
Linda Simms case right now.

That it was the time and place of Linda's
death is your assertion, not a fact.

No, Phil Simms stated that he...

Phil Simms has withdrawn his statement.
He says he was intimidated by his brother.

That's bullshit.

Nothing puts Linda in the same
place as this alleged meeting.

Why am I even talking to you?
Where's Greenwood?

I'm the investigating officer,
not DCS Greenwood.

I don't care. I'm going to talk to her.
Well, you can't.

She's been suspended
pending an internal enquiry.

You wrecked her career.

You won't wreck mine.
I won't let you drop this.

Miss Banville, I have it from on high

there is no interest in investigating

what may or may not have
happened 14 years ago.

The Linda Simms case is closed.

What about the girl? What about Rachel?

After A Levels, Rachel Lee went to a
language school in Nice, South of France.

After that, there's nothing.

What about her family, her mother?

Mrs Lee left the village in 2006.

Been unable to trace her.
Did anyone even bloody look?

Two officers conducted
extensive enquiries.

Is there anything else?

Hello, Dom.

Where are you?

Oh, God.