Father Brown (2013–…): Season 9, Episode 9 - The Enigma of Antigonish - full transcript

Father Brown investigates staff at the local health spa when an ex-employee is found murdered.

Where's Elsie got to?

I told her to be
back by quarter-past.

You know what she's like.

What time is your train?
In about half an hour.

You haven't seen my wallet,
have you?

No, but if you insist on hiring
an ex-convict...

Everyone deserves a second chance.

Finbar's a good worker.

He gives me the creeps.

Those eyes...

Sorry. I couldn't resist doing
an extra mile.

Are you still seeing me
off at the station? Of course.

Stop it. I know that look.

Staring at me like Mum used to.
I'm not a child. I know.

Did you put the takings in the safe?
I'm sorry, I forgot. I'll do it!

What would you do without me?
We need to be going.

Relax, there's plenty of time.
I just need to take a quick bath.

Don't you dare!
You're so gullible!

Just hurry up, will you?

Now, you will be careful out there,
won't you?

I'm moving to London,
not the Amazon jungle.

Even so, a young woman alone
in a big city...

Blab to the police
and I'll kill ya.



I thought you had
a conference in Oxford?

Maintenance on the line.
All the trains cancelled.

you're very welcome to join me.

Sid is dropping me
off at the spa for the open day.

There's free wine.


I could always check how Elsie is.

I haven't seen
her in church for a while.

In you pop.


He could have killed you!

Oh, first time I've been to a spa.

Sidney, I thought you said
you needed to get back?

I'm in no rush, Mrs M.

Father Brown! Good to see you.

Likewise, Captain Peters.

So, what can I tempt you with?

A massage or a dip in the mud bath?

I'll keep my cassock on,
if you don't mind.

I was hoping to have a word
with Elsie.

I'm afraid she's gone out.

Avoiding the guests.

Mrs McCarthy said
she was still quite withdrawn.

it's become a lot worse, Father.

Ever since we found out that her
attacker is to be released soon.

She's been counting down the days.

Sidney Carter!

Look what the cat dragged home!

I thought you'd moved to London.
Just back for a visit,

and to help out with Sis's open day.
Oh, how long are you staying?

A week or maybe even a month.
We've got open return, so...


Oh... Oh! This is Serge.

All right? Bonjour.

Sid's an old friend.

He taught me to drive.

Forgive me, but I need to prepare
for my meditation class.

Taught you to drive?
Well, I couldn't tell him

what we were really up to
in your old van, could I? Hm.

You two serious, then?

God, no! I've only known him
a couple of weeks.

He's penniless
and lives in a wigwam.

He's got to have something

going for him, hasn't he?
Magic fingers.

You should try one of his massages.

You haven't changed.

Meditation is a spiritual journey.

Oh! Excuse me!

Forgive me, mademoiselle,

but it is important to feel
at one with the environment.

Clothes have no place.

In the past, it'd be Elsie
going on stage, inspiring people.

Mens sana in corpore sano.

"A healthy mind in a healthy body."
Indeed. That was her mantra.

Anyway, over the top we go!

Ladies and gentleman!

Welcome to the Yang & Ying open day!


I'm not sure how long
we can go on for, Father.

you seem to have plenty of guests.

They're here for the free wine.

I'm no businessman,

and without Elsie's drive, we get a
fraction of the clients we used to.


Finbar Finch,
they've released him early.

What?! Are you sure? I saw him...!

Perhaps we can talk to the police?

And tell them what?
He's served his time.

What makes you think he's
still dangerous?

It's been four years.

He swore he'd kill us
all for testifying.

Perhaps that was just
said in the moment.

What would he gain
by seeking revenge?

He's unhinged! A maniac!

Well, people can and do change.

That's what I thought
when I gave him the job.

Look where it got me.

Whereabouts did you see him?

He was working at Chaucer's
tea room.

Well, he's seeking employment.

That's a good sign.

He's had time to think in prison.

Perhaps he's trying to make
a new start. I hope so, Father.

For all our sakes.

Feel connected with nature.

Absorb the energy all around.

It belongs to you...

So, he lives in a wigwam
and he wears yellow pants.

Well, you can see why I like him.

Breathe in...

..and breathe out.


Keep your eyes closed and repeat.

You need special attention.
What's he doing?

Let me touch you with my magic
fingers. Oh, no, no, no.

I'm not having that.
For goodness' sake...! Don't!

Just leave her alone, yeah?

What's it to you?!
I'm just saying.

Occupe-toi de tes oignons!

Put some clothes on.

Oh, no.


Look at me!

Oh, my... Oh, my...

..my dress...

Lola! You've got it all wrong!
She was flirting with me!

I made a big mistake
bringing you here.

How can you say that?
I saw you. It's over.

Please, Lola, don't be hasty.

I want you gone. On the next train.
Lola...! Just go!

Au revoir! Maudite sois-tu!
No idea what that means.

You all right? Yes, fine.

Lola, Finbar Finch is out of prison.

Who's that, then?

The one who attacked my sister.

He struck her so hard
she now has seizures.

He's back in Kembleford.

Give me your keys.
Where are you going?

To find him
and ask him to leave and stay away.

I don't think that's the best idea.


Finbar Finch doesn't scare me.



Femme stupide!

Elsie, I've been thinking...

Maybe we should hire some security.

We could perhaps ask Sid,
Lola's friend?

The way he handled Serge.

I'm sure he'd be all right with
a couple of pounds.

What do you think?

Now that Finbar Finch...

Victor, please!


Just sort it out yourself.

Of course.

Just leave it to me.



Finbar Finch.

I wasn't sure you'd come, Father.

Most people won't give me
the time of day.

I'd invite you inside,
but it's a bit of a state.

I hear you've found a job.

I just want to live a normal
life, Father.

Be like everyone else.

Why did you ask to see me, Finbar?

Elsie Peters.

I want someone to give her
a message.

I assume she still is
one of your parishioners.

Why don't you speak to her yourself?

After what I done, I can't.

She's very worried
about your release.

There is nothing to fear.


Something happened to me
inside, Father.

There was a chaplain who
opened my eyes. You found God?


He found me.

I despise the person I was.

The terrible things I done.

I used to take so much pleasure
in hurting people.

It's what I lived for.

But not any more?

That man no longer exists.

Finbar Finch is dead.

What is your message to Elsie?

I just want her to know that...

I won't come near her again.

And that I am sorry.

Per istam Sanctam unctionem et suam
Piissimam misericordiam.

Did you confront Elsie's attacker?

I couldn't find him.


You've got scratches.
It's from earlier.

I was picking fruit for the lunches.


Act normal.

It's Mrs McCarthy,
she's on the warpath. Oh.

Where've you been? I've been looking
everywhere for you.

I needed some time alone.

Why are your legs muddy?

You've had another seizure,
haven't you?

I fell down, but I'm fine now.
What, two in one day?!

It's because of that monster
returning, isn't it?

I need to change.

Look, you don't have to
worry about Finbar any more.

What do you mean?

Just that.

I'll protect you.

I promise!

Not a pretty sight, sir.

Looks like he was
shot at close range.

Stand aside.

Are you all right, sir?

It's just you look a little bit,
um... A bit queasy, sir.

As an officer of the law,
I have an iron constitution.

His name is Finbar Finch.

I was talking to him,
moments before it happened.

He was released from prison...
five days ago, sir.

SHAKILY: Well, at least he won't be

Did you see anyone else?
No, but I heard a car driving away

and there are tyre marks
beyond the trees.

There's also a shotgun shell, sir.

Langbridge Ltd.

Stepped out from behind the tree,
bang, straight in the kisser.

Someone must have really
hated his guts.

What's this?

A ladies' brooch.

Sidney Carter!

God, here we go.
Oh, there you are.

Mrs M, didn't see you there.

Would you look at the state of me?

Take me home!

There's no need for that,
Mrs McCarthy.

As compensation, I would like to
offer you a free beauty treatment.

My dress is wet.

I'll take care of that,

and in the meantime, you can
relax in the hot-air room.

In the hot-air...

Well, that's very kind of you.

Let's get you a robe.

Elsie, Finbar Finch is dead.

Are you all right?

Is it wrong to feel happy that
someone's dead?

I suspect that what you are feeling
is relief,

after years of dreading
Finbar's return.

We're questioning anyone
who had a motive.

So, tell me, do you own a gun?

Yes. But, surely, you don't think
I've got anything to do with this?

May I see it, please? What for?

I have a licence. Where is it?

I...I keep it behind the desk.

Behind the desk?

This place is hardly Fort Knox!

Well, it makes me feel...

It makes Elsie feel safe.

It's gone.

Who else knew it was there?

Just my wife and...

..her sister, Lola.

What make of cartridges do you use?


Do you recognise this?

It belongs to Lola.

It was found near Finbar Finch's

Thank you, Padre.

And where was Lola around midday?

Well, she took off in my jeep to...


..to speak with Finbar Finch.

< Looks like
we've got a murder suspect.


Constable, find Lola Briggit
and arrest her.

Father, I've known Lola years.

There's no way she's
capable of murder.

Lola went off in the jeep
to confront Finbar Finch,

but the tracks near his body
were from a car or a van.

These are too wide.

We've gotta tell the Old Bill that.

Well, that's not enough
to stop her arrest.

Then it's down to you, Father,
you've got to prove she's innocent.

I need to go back to
Finbar Finch's caravan.

All right.
I'll have a word with Mallory.


I can't quite believe it.

It took a girl to do what
I should have done.

Lola... Keep your voice down!

The police are looking
everywhere for you.

You need to give yourself up.
Not a chance.

You running away looks bad.

So, what are you saying, that I
should hang for Finbar's murder?

What? Just don't tell anyone
you've seen me.

Did you do it? What?!

Did you shoot Finbar Finch?

How can you even ask that?

Well, who hates him more than you?
Think about it,

Finbar crossed a lot of people.

He must have had plenty of enemies.

But how did your brooch end
up next to his body? I've no idea!


Listen, Victor,
I don't know what's going to happen

but I need you to take
care of Elsie. I always have...

But this might send her
over the edge, you do realise that?

I'm not as weak as you think I am.

Elsie told you why I left the Army,
didn't she?

It's got nothing to do with that.
I knew it.

Listen, all I'm saying is,
if I go to prison or...

..or the gallows, then you'll need
to be there for her.

Show her how strong you can be.

Can you do that?



Good. Now, go to Elsie,
before anyone sees us.

Afternoon, Sergeant. Father.

Don't mind me.



Got your note. I need your help to
get me out of here

until they find the real killer.

Yeah, well,
Father Brown is on it, so...

Mrs M!

Oh, Sidney!

Oh, you gave me a fright.

Hold that.

I thought you was...getting
a facial?

No, no. Apparently, it's the
hot-room first and opens the pores,

and then, you have the facial.

More to the point,
what are you doing here?

Oh, er... Captain Peters, he hired
me as a security guard, so...

Oh. Yeah, I'm just checking
everything's as it should be.

Nice and secure.

Yep, looks pretty safe to me.

Sorry. Yes.

Looking for clues, Sergeant?

Inspector Mallory insisted
I go through

all of Mr Finch's possessions.
Can I help?

I don't think the Powers That Be
would appreciate your help, Father.

No... And anyway, I'm all done here.
Just about to leave.


You've got two minutes, Father,
then I'm locking up.

"Yesterday, upon the stair,
I met a man who wasn't there.

"He wasn't there again today,
I wish, I wish he'd go away."


What are you doing?!
Just, I'm trying to show you that...

You can be what? I can be...


Lola is about to be
arrested for murder,

and you're behaving like
some caveman!

Elsie, I'm... Please,
I can't deal with this right now.

Just tell the staff
and guests to leave.

Elsie, look...

Right, sir, nothing in the way
of evidence at Finch's caravan.

There's been a development,
Sergeant... Over there.

Flaming canaries!

The murderer!

Good afternoon, miss.

Please tell me you've
found something? I'm not sure.

The police have arrested Lola.

I'll contact a solicitor.

Elsie, does the poem Antigonish
mean anything to you?

I've never heard of it.

Would your sister be
capable of murder?

I mean, Lola hated Finbar for what
he did to me.

But murder?

Do you know anyone else
with a motive?

Only my husband and he's not

He was discharged from the Army
because of his nerves.

He froze whenever he tried to shoot
a gun. Go on, then!

Tell everyone how useless I am!
That's not what I said.

"Captain Coward",
that's what they called me.

Captain Coward!

What's wrong?


Is he going to be all right?

You'll need to speak
to the doctors at the hospital.

Drinking on the job, Sergeant?

Is that what the captain was
eating before he collapsed?

We need to test it for poison,

A lot of grated carrot.

Now, you're a food critic?
Is there no end to your talents?

Is that grated fruit?

Peach or apricot.


My husband never ate apricots, not
since he almost died from doing so.

So, they're poisonous to him?

Who prepared the food?

Lola made the dishes this morning.

She's a nutritionist.

Looks like she was trying
to kill for a second time.

Good job we have her in custody.

But what would be her motive
though, sir?

Perhaps Captain Peters
had crossed her in some way.

Are you going to the hospital?

I'll get a taxi later.

I can't be around people
at the moment.

I'm closing this place down.

Wherever I look,

I see him.

Finbar Finch.

He's always there.

Inside me...

..like a virus.

That scarf.

I think it belonged to Serge.

He helped me bring the wine in
this morning.

Father, you do realise that Elsie
is the only one left

with an actual motive.

And what about Lola?
She was hiding from the police.

In my book, that spells guilt.

Mrs McCarthy, why are you still
wearing your dressing gown?

Because Sidney knocked me into the
mud, brawling with Lola's young man.

I haven't seen him
since this morning.

That's cos he had a train to catch.

Lola sent him
packing back to London.

Trains aren't running. Well,
he could have got a bus or a taxi.

Nah, he's skint.

Lola had to pay for both
their tickets.

He was in the spa kitchen
this morning,

where Captain Peter's
food was prepared. Was he now?

I think I'll see
if he's turned up in the village.

"I met a man who wasn't there.

"He wasn't there again today.

"Oh, how I wish he'd go away."

I'll kill ya... I'll kill ya...

I'll kill ya... I'll kill ya...

I'll kill ya... Kill ya. I'll
kill... I'll kill... I'll kill ya.

I'll kill ya.

I'll kill ya...

"The great dragon was cast out,
that old serpent,

"who is called the devil and Satan,
who seduceth the whole world,

"and he was cast unto the earth,

"and his angels were thrown
down with him."

You can't hurt me!

You're dead!

Rest in peace, Finbar Finch.

Is it a puncture?

I thought we had a puncture, but...
Oh, it's just a piece of glass.


Looks like a piece of a bell.

Like the one Serge
uses for his meditation class.

Yes. Where is Serge?

Is that blood?

Maybe he's injured?

Or killed.

Ah, well,

if that's the case, then the poem,

the apricots and the receipt...

It all makes sense. What receipt?

For a new set of clothes. What?

And Elsie is finally on her own.

We need to get back.

Well, can we still drive?

We'll make it work, Mrs M.

Who, are you?

I know who you are.

You're the great Finbar Finch.



Elsie, oh, heavens!

Tell me, you were reading the poem,

Is that what gave you the idea
to fake your own death?

A man who wasn't there.

But to pull it off, you needed

of similar build and hair colour.

Et voila!


So, you shot him in the face
so he wouldn't be recognised.

That is barbaric!

After putting him
in an identical set of clothing

and putting your documents
in his pocket,

the first part of your plan
was complete.

And the second part?

To find a stolid, respectable
member of the public as a witness.

So the Old Bill wouldn't
question who the body was.

Elsie, I'm taking you out of here.
You're not going anywhere.

Haven't you done enough to Elsie?

They took away four
years of my life.

Planning my revenge
is what kept me sane.

And, of course, if you were dead,
you couldn't be a suspect.

And then, you were sat outside
your caravan, eating apricots,

and you remembered,
from working at the spa,

that they were poisonous
to Captain Peters.

You must have watched the spa
patiently for days,

waiting for a chance
to abduct Serge and kill him.

The hangman's noose
around your sister's slender neck.

And Elsie?

Ah, oh, you've removed the door
handle from the inside.

Cunning, no way out.

A tragic accident.

A tragic accident for all of ya.

Now get inside!



I feel as if I'm suffocating
and I'm... I feel dizzy.

Maybe I should have another
go at that door.

It's reinforced.

I need some water...

Take some deep breaths,
Mrs McCarthy.

Look, she can barely breathe, we
can't just sit here and do nothing.


In this heat,
we'll soon start to dehydrate.

All we can do is pray.


No offence or anything,

but we need something a little bit
more than prayer.

Warm air rises.

If we could all lie on the floor,

that would probably give us
some time.

What now?

Just lie here and wait to die?

"Last night,
when I came home at three,

"the man was waiting
there for me.

"But when I looked around the hall.

"I couldn't see him there at all."


Finbar Finch...at the window.

There's nobody there, Elsie.

It's no good,

we're going to die.

Pray for us.

You all right, Mrs M?

Yes, I...I think so.

Captain Peters.
I'll call the police.

You haven't got the bottle.
Oh, you think so?

Don't pull the trigger.

I can do it.

You don't need to prove anything.

Yes, I do.

Elsie needs protecting.

Let's ask her, shall we?

Is this what you want, Elsie?

Tell him not to shoot me.

Why, should I?

It's over, Elsie.

Look at him.

He can't hurt you now.

Don't let him destroy who you are.

Who I am?!

You mean a coward?


I mean, the kind and gentle man
I fell in love with.

Listen to Elsie.

You're not a killer.

Don't even think about it.

Take your hands off me!
Oi! Now that's enough! Come on!

I swear, I'll get you for this.

Kill every last one of you
in your sleep.

Pay no attention to him, OK.

Don't look at me like that, Father.

We're not that different.

I'm a believer just like you.

If that were true, then you would
willingly repent of your sins.

"Better to reign in Hell,
than serve in Heaven."

Milton, Paradise Lost.

You do love your poetry, Mr Finch.

Get him in the car, Sergeant.
Do you know who you're dealing with?

I am the great Finbar Finch!

I have to say, you're rather vocal
for a corpse. Get in there.

He's beyond saving, Father.

Even the likes of Finbar Finch
were born innocent.

I find that hard to believe.

I've met his sort in the Army.

Just cold-blooded killers
with no remorse and no guilt.

We should get you back to the

I'm sure Sidney can give you a lift
after he's dropped Mrs McCarthy.

Thank you, Father, for your help.

Are you OK?





..Finbar Finch won't be coming back
this time.

Well, Sidney Carter, if it wasn't
for you, I wouldn't be here today.

Don't thank me, thank Father Brown.

You ready? No.

Oh, you will be absolutely fine.

That person you hid away four years
ago, we've missed her.

Here at the Yin & Yang centre,

we don't just
focus on your physical health.

Our aim is for you to embrace
the authentic you.


..you may feel
that you don't exist.

But it's not true.

Don't hide,

don't cower,

don't flinch,

don't suppress,

don't deny.

Don't be silent,

don't be scared,

don't disappear.

Don't be a shadow.

But most of all, don't be invisible.

Celebrate your existence,

and rejoice that you're alive.