Father Brown (2013–…): Season 9, Episode 8 - The Wayward Girls - full transcript

Bunty reunites with Father Brown to uncover a dark secret at the local girls' borstal.

Oh, hello, Sergeant.

Sorry, did I take
the space you wanted?

No, Miss Windermere.
What you took was a bend,

at 100mph.

Oh, I'd hardly call it

I'll hear no argument.

You could've caused
a serious accident.

So I'm sorry, but you've left
me no choice.

Season 09 Episode 08

Episode Title: "The Wayward Girls"
Aired on: January 12, 2022.

Do I really have to do this?

When you use your family connections
to get you out of hot water,

a voluntary penance seems fair.

I don't mind doing my bit,

but what if they positively
hate me?

Just be yourself.

And if that doesn't work,
we'll be finished by lunchtime.

Father Brown, so good to see
you again.

Welcome to Langley Hall.

Thank you, Miss Watson.

Delighted to be able
to see Langley Hall at first hand.

Well, I hope it won't disappoint.

And this must be Miss Windermere.


This is my deputy, Miss Harris.

Emily, please.

Oh, well, good, call me Bunty.

Informality is permitted of course,

but not in front of
the girls, if you don't mind.

Shall we go in?

The girls are ever so excited.

They almost never get any visitors.

Oh, well, then, I'm not sure
a lecture on etiquette

and social comportment will quite
meet their expectations.

Trust me,

they'll just be glad to get out of
workshop for an hour.

As you can see, the girls are taught
practical skills.

Mothercraft, laundering,

and cooking, of course.

Miss Harris' baking classes are
always popular.

It's all very useful, I'm sure.

But may I ask about academic

A good question, Father.
One I've asked many times myself.

This is Miss Delaney,

one of our longest serving officers.

The girls receive regular schooling.

And religious instruction.

We have a small chapel
on the grounds for Sunday worship.


I have to say, I did expect
the girls to be...

..well, girls.

The youngest we have are 16,
the oldest, 23.

Come, we'll show you the kitchens
and the laundry workshop.

Have we got time though,
Miss Harris?

Certainly. The talk's at midday.

Miss Watson, perhaps we could allow
Brenda out to join us.

I'm sure she's learned her lesson
by now.

Brenda has been confined,
for fighting and telling fibs.

Her and Kate had a falling out,

but usually they're the best
of friends.

I'm sure there'll be no more
trouble, will there, Kate?

Oh, no, Miss.

Very well.

Promise me you'll be on your
best behaviour?

Cross my heart and hope to die...


Did you miss me, girls?

What am I saying? Course you did.

This place ain't
the same without me.


Don't be cross.

I'm sorry we had a bust up.

I'm sorry, too.

Is that your breakfast,
you mucky cow?

I do not appreciate being undermined
in front of our guests.

As for your conduct this morning,
we will discuss it later.

Hiya, I'm Brenda.

Bet you've never been in
a place like this before.

No, not exactly.
But I did go to boarding school.

Dreadful food and draconian rules.

Ooh, well, I never.

Bet that cost a fortune too.

At least we're here for free.

It's time, Miss Windermere.


Girls. Take your seats, please.

Miss Windermere,

I would keep an eye on your things.

Oh. Thank you, Miss Watson.

Good afternoon, girls.

It's such a pleasure to be here
with you today.

My name is Penelope Windermere,

and I'd like to share
a few tips on how best

to present yourself in society.

Social comportment is
a necessary currency

for any modern woman,
from all walks of life.

All right, I know it helps if you're
rather la-de-da like me.

But I have been far from lady-like
in the past, believe me.

A penchant for married men

hasn't exactly won me
plaudits from the press.


Not to mention the alcohol,
parties, fast cars.

I could tell you a few stories,
that is for sure.

But I won't.

What I mean to say is,

anyone can learn
a few social graces,

and they may well give you the edge

over other girls when seeking

You told me to be myself.

You certainly were.

Slovenliness is
unacceptable, Brenda.

After lunch, you're
to scrub that stain out.

Yes, Miss.

What a feast.

I love your bracelet.

Oh, thank you.

Your jewellery's very
lovely as well.

They're not real, I'm afraid.

I never would have guessed.

Have you lost something?

My compact mirror.
I must have left it somewhere.

Miss Watson,

Miss Windermere is missing
a compact mirror.

It was in her handbag.


I was afraid this might happen.

Girls, remain standing.

An item has been stolen from
Miss Windermere.


Please, this isn't necessary,

I really don't care about
the mirror.

Forgive me, Miss Windermere,
but we cannot tolerate theft.

Perhaps if you appealed to them,

the guilty party might...

One can hardly expect moral
rectitude from a thief, Father.

Officers, search their pockets.


It's here, Miss Watson.

I never put that there.

I never!

Brenda Palmer.

I should have guessed.

But I never took it, Miss Watson,
I swear.

Someone must've put it in
my pocket.

A likely story.

Girls, you may take your seats
and commence with lunch.

Come with me.

I said, I didn't do it,
Miss Watson.

I hate you. I wish you were dead.

Get out.

Father, perhaps you'll say grace
for us before we begin?

And to think I almost believed some
of the lies you told.

Well, I will not be made
a fool of again.

Make no mistake, Brenda,

this time there will be
severe consequences.

It's not fair.

The awful thing is,
I would've gladly given it to her.

It's not your fault.

Brenda's her own worst
enemy sometimes.

The girls really did enjoy your
talk. Oh, good.

You're welcome to visit any time.

Perhaps I should join your
baking class?

Oh, do, that would be such fun.

We had hoped to thank Miss Watson,
but she didn't rejoin us.

Oh. I don't think she's in her

I could look for her?

No need. Please pass on our

Of course.


We thought you might be hungry.

Miss Watson?

Miss Watson?

She's dead.

I'll, I'll call the police.

Where's Brenda?

Surely she didn't...?

Well, I survived that, despite
the slop they tried to serve us.

Bunty, we should be grateful
for their hospitality.

As I shall be grateful for
a nice cup of tea,

to take away the aftertaste.

Oh, that does sound good actually.

I'll be right in.

Brenda. Sorry, don't mind me.

Thanks for the lift, then.
I'll just be on my way.

Oh, no. No, no, no,
please, wait. So we can talk.

What for? No-one ever believes
a word I say.

I'll believe you, I promise you.

I never pinched that mirror.
I didn't.

And now I'm going to be locked up
for longer,

and it ain't fair, cos I was
already let out.

What do you mean?
My sentence was up last month.

I was sent to work in an house for
this mean old bag

and her husband.

They made me work for no pay,

and when I complained about it,

they walloped me.

So I ran away...

..and then got in trouble again,

and I wound up back in Borstal.

Told you you'd think I were lying.

No. No, I'm - I'm just thinking...

Brenda? How on earth?

I ain't going back
to that Borstal. Not ever.


This is most troubling.

Oh, I know it's bad that
she escaped,

but it's not like she's dangerous.

I'm not so sure.

I just received a telephone call
from Langley Hall.

It's Miss Watson.
She's been murdered.

She was hiding in the car.

We didn't find her until we got back
to the presbytery.

And she just ran off?

We couldn't stop her.

Thanks for informing me. A murder.

Of all the days for Inspector
Mallory to take annual leave.

I'm sure you'll rise to
the occasion, Sergeant.

Excuse me, who's in charge
here, please?

I am.

Then I think you need to hear this.

Brenda threw something away.

I don't know what, but I saw her...

..from the window.


A set of keys.
Are they the victim's?

They must be.

Miss Delaney and I noticed them
missing from her belt.

We need to find Brenda Palmer, now.

Come on, inside.

I can't believe Brenda would
kill anyone.

For now, I'm keeping an open mind.

I know what it's like
to be falsely accused, Father.


I intend to stay
and find out the truth, Bunty.

Though one thing's for certain,

there's more going on here than
meets the eye.

I'm sorry, but the girls have had a
nasty shock,

all outsiders must leave.

But might I not be helpful in
offering the girls some solace?

That's not necessary.

Miss Delaney,

surely if a man of the cloth wishes
to offer support to

the girls, we should allow it.

I suppose it's your decision,
as interim Governor. Excuse me.

A spot of professional jealousy?

I'm not sure any of my officers
relish my new authority.

Just most of them manage
to hide it better.

But presumably Miss Watson would
have approved of your new position?

Of course, she appointed me.

I only ask, because I saw her
admonish you this morning.

Over Brenda? Yes.

She felt I'd overstepped the mark by
asking for her to be let out.

She was afraid she'd cause trouble.

Is that all?

Well, it's hardly a trifle.

You could say she was proven right.

Then you think Brenda could have
killed her?

Honestly, I don't know.

She had a troubled childhood,
like many of the girls here.

But to be capable of such violence.

So, Miss Watson's head struck
the corner of the bench,

with lethal force,

perhaps more than once.

How awful.

I fail to see how these grisly
details are any business of yours.

Well, my business is
the safety of the girls.

And I think determining the killer
is the best way to ensure that.

Well, the police have already made
their enquiries,

so if you wouldn't mind.

Just one more thing.

When you and Miss Harris discovered
the body,

was the door locked or unlocked?

It was locked.

Presumably to buy time before
the body was discovered.

And then the keys were
disposed of in the garden.

I see no reason for you
to upset Kate any further.


may I ask you a few more questions?

I already told the police

Please, I don't want to go through
it all again.

Understandably so.

Today has been very distressing.

And speaking out against your
friend can't have been easy.

I had to say what I saw.

Of course.

I need to ask you,

which window you saw
Brenda throw the keys from?

I was upstairs.

Upstairs where exactly?

You see, I've checked.

And the point where the keys were
found isn't visible from any window,

on any floor except the attic.

Is that where you were?

Yes. That's right, the attic.

May I ask why?

I go there sometimes,

to be alone.

There's a man outside!

All right, girls, settle down.
You're perfectly safe in here.

Kate. Get down from the window.

Do you recognise him?

Well, Kate's clearly lying through
her teeth about being in the attic.


And the inscrutable Miss Delaney has
barely let us out of her sight.

Well, at least Miss Harris
seems trustworthy.

Do you think?

I suspect her that conflict
with Miss Watson

is about more than she's letting on.



With no walls to keep the girls in,

there's nothing to keep danger out.

Father Brown. They've found Brenda.

It wasn't me, I swear.

Miss Palmer, you fled the
crime scene.

I didn't.

I did.

I didn't know someone had
killed her.

So why did you run when my officers
approached you?

I was scared.

- That's all.
- OK.

So, here's what I know.

A dozen witnesses heard you shouting
that you wanted

Miss Watson dead.

And one of the Borstal girls saw
you throw the keys into the gardens.

- Who said that?
- Kate Goddall.

She's lying.

You see, I think you took the keys
from Miss Watson,

because you killed her.

No. Miss Watson locked me up,

and that is the last time that
I saw her.

How did you escape?

Someone let me out.

I don't know who it was,
but they just unlocked the door.

Maybe someone wanted me to run away
so then I'd look guilty.

Miss Palmer,

you were angry at Miss Watson
and you lashed out.

You could make this all a lot easier
if you simply told the truth.

They keep telling me not to lie,

but then they want me to confess
to something I didn't even do.

That's a terrible dilemma for
an innocent girl.

Which you are, aren't you?

You believe me, Father?

Yes, I do, but there is much left to

I'm told you claim that someone
helped you escape.

So who do you think unlocked
the door?

It could've been Kate.

Maybe that's how she knew where
the keys were.

But do you think Kate is capable
of murder?


You two used to be friends until

What happened?

She was jealous
cos I got let out.

And then when they brought me back,

she said it served me right
for making up stories.

So I whacked her,
in her stupid face.


And then we had a big scrap in the
middle of the veggie patch.

We was covered in
squashed tomatoes.

Miss Watson was livid.

Miss Watson's death was violent,

but Brenda didn't have
a spot of blood on her clothes.

According to the officers,

all the girls have two
identical sets,

so, I mean, she could have changed.

No. She had a food stain on her
apron before the murder.

And she still has it now.

What about the witness who saw her
throwing the Governor's keys?

May I ask if you found
Brenda's fingerprints on them?

No. They were wiped clean.

Then it's the word
of one girl against another.

Yeah, well, someone killed the
Governor, Father.

If not, who else could it be?

There was a young man seen watching
the Borstal.

We didn't get a good look at him,
but he had dark hair.

He left a distinctive footprint.

And I've noticed tension
amongst the staff,

who all wear uniforms,

and no doubt have identical sets.

I have to admit, Brenda has no
history of violence.

I mean, I can look into any of
the girls that do,

maybe run some background checks on
the staff.

And what about Brenda?

She's suffered a lot of confinement
for one day.

Well, I'll return her to
the borstal, for now.

But, Father, if I find anything that
proves she's lied to us,

I'll have to charge her.

I wouldn't expect anything else.

Oh, and, Sergeant...

..I knew you'd be good at this.

We're going to be late.

Patience is a virtue, Penelope.

So is initiative.

I now see why the Constabulary is
so concerned with your driving.

I got us here on time, didn't I?

Miss Delaney, Miss Harris said I
could join her baking class.

Of course. Go on up.

I sense we got off on the wrong foot

May I tag along?

So, we're going to make
the icing for our buns.

First we need to sieve
the icing sugar.



Good. Now gradually add warm water,

and stir the icing sugar until it
starts to thicken.


Miss Harris,
mine's gone funny.

Yeah, that's cause you used baking
soda, dummy.

Well, at least I'm not a stupid,
lying cow like you!

Oh, all right.

Let's not do that.
Brenda. Go and sit in the corridor.

When class is over, you'll clean
this mess up.


Permission to go and change, Miss?

Of course.

The baking soda.

You couldn't read what was on
the packet, could you?

I suppose you think I'm stupid.

Far from it.

Teacher at my old school did.

Called me a dunce.

Made me stand in the corner.

So I hid a dead mouse in her desk.


I would have done the same.

Brenda, can I...?

I pinched a dress off
a clothing line.

Yeah, I shouldn't have done it,

..I just wanted to look nice
for once.

When I was 16 I tried to steal
a lipstick

from this posh boutique.

I still don't know what possessed

Daring, I suppose.

Did you get in trouble?

They just asked me to leave.

Even now, I'm getting away
with things I shouldn't.

That's sort of the reason why
I'm here.

I'm sorry it's so unfair.

At least we got to be friends.

Yes. We did.

Miss Watson implied
the girls' schooling was sufficient,

but it's only six hours a week.

I suggested we hire
a full-time teacher,

but she wouldn't...

Who's there?


We saw that young man yesterday.

Who is he?

Answer me, Kate.

She was caught with a boy before
but she wouldn't give his name.

Why would you jeopardise your
release like that?

Your release?

Miss Harris just granted it.

But perhaps she'll change her mind
when she hears about this.

Empty your pockets.

The horse's headdress.

We passed a carriage earlier.

Now, what was written on the side?

Size ten.

A perfect match for the footprint we
found on private property.

Very private. A Borstal For Girls.

I'm sure the police would be very
interested to hear about it.

Please don't.

I recognise you.

From Mass.



Joe Randall.

I'm sorry, I know I was trespassing,

but I've been keeping out of trouble
for ages now.

I swear, Father.

What kind of trouble, Joe?

A few burglaries.

But not since Kate got sent away,
no, no.

We want to do things right.

We're gonna get married.

Now that old witch Watson's
finally gone.

That old witch, as you call her,
has been murdered.

Which would seem to be
a happy result for you and Kate.

That doesn't mean we did anything.

Kate implicated someone else.
Maybe to protect you.

I don't know anything about that.

But you know how to get in to
a building unseen.

Miss Watson might have been alone.

Hey, hey, hey, I never touched her.

But I'm not sorry she's dead.

When she caught Kate with me last
year she extended her sentence,

two months at a time,
over and over.

She can't do that, surely?

Who was gonna stop her?

She did as she pleased.

And if it wasn't for Miss Harris,
it would've broken Kate.

Miss Harris?

She let me see Kate, in secret.

Yes, I allowed them to meet.

Did anyone else know
of your decision?

Miss Watson.

When I said she'd admonished me
about Brenda,

the truth is she'd just found out
about Joe and Kate.

She was furious with me
for my "leniency", as she put it.

To allow a relationship between
a young man

and a borstal girl may seem
to some too lenient.

Kate's 21 and they love each other.

And she's more than served her time.

So, I'm releasing her, today.

Miss Delaney found her a job.

A Manor House in Cheltenham have
a position for a maid, apparently.

Brenda said something about
being discharged and sent to work.

But she said they mistreated her.

Brenda. Yes, she was found a job.

Unfortunately she never turned up.

Just kept the train fare, I expect.

Her prerogative, of course,

but she was arrested again
for stealing.


We still have hope for Brenda,
but she's a complicated girl.

There's a travel warrant in there

and enough for your train fare,
plus a map,

and details of where you
need to go. Good luck.

Thank you, Miss Harris.

I'll miss you all, very much.


It'll be your turn before
you know it.

And next time,
you can do things differently.

You can take the job they
offer you.

But I did.

It was a house in Gloucester.
This mean couple.

you don't need to pretend with me.

You wanted a taste of freedom,
I understand.

You don't believe me.

Go on, be honest,

do you think I stole your mirror?

It doesn't matter if you did.

I tried to pinch that
lipstick once.

I thought you were different.

Miss Helen Delaney?
I'd like to ask you some questions

about the murder
of Miss Cecilia Watson.


You were arrested in 1934
for attacking your employer.

He required stitches for
a head wound.

It was self-defence.
And the charges were dropped.

You care to elaborate?

I was 16, and he was 60.

Use your imagination.

Where were you in the hour after
lunch when Miss Watson died?

I was doing administrative work,
in one of the empty classrooms.

- Alone?
- Yes, alone.

Do you have any actual evidence
against me?

We'd like to search your
living quarters.

I believe borstal staff reside
on the premises?

Let's not pretend you need
my permission.

Now if we're quite finished,
I'm going.

If you discover anything, Sergeant,
I'd be very interested to know.

Likewise, Father.

I feel wretched for saying it,
but it's impossible

to tell when Brenda's telling
the truth.

I feel the same about Miss Delaney.

What did Goodfellow say
about the search yesterday?

They didn't find anything.

But she's had plenty of time to
remove anything incriminating.

So, we are no closer
to solving this puzzle.

What if it isn't a puzzle,

What if it was Brenda all along?

Father Brown?

I'm sorry,
I didn't know where else to go.

It's Kate,
I think she's missing.

She was supposed to call me last
night, but I've not heard from her.

She could still be settling in.

No. I spoke to Miss Harris,
she said she never arrived.

She said she must've run away but
Kate would never do that, not without me.

That's exactly what Emily said
about Brenda.

That she ran off
when she was released.

But Brenda swore she took the job.

It just doesn't add up, Father.

No, it doesn't.

And I fear Kate is in trouble.

Do you organise employment
for all the girls on their release?

It's one of my duties, yes.

And do you keep records?
Of course I do,

I have to inform the Langley Hall
Association of any placements.

Copies are filed in the Governor's
office. Is this about Kate?

You've heard she's missing.

I had an angry housekeeper on
the telephone this morning,

saying she'd think twice about
offering another ex-borstal girl

a job. It reflects badly on all
of us.

Do you believe Kate would just
run off?

It happens more and more these days.

We try to give the girls
the best start we can,

but not all of them choose
to take it.

Now, I'm sorry,
but I really must go.

It happens more
and more these days.

B Palmer.

Ooh. I saw that in Harrods.



Brenda Palmer.

On initial release she was offered
employment in Stroud,

she failed to arrive.


She told me it was Gloucester.


I think I've got it.

What are you doing in here?

Finding answers, Miss Harris.

The girls reported missing hadn't
run away, had they?

They'd simply been sent elsewhere.
By you.

What are you talking about?

You send them to employers looking
for cheap labour,

and then their wages were sent
directly to you.

Hence a costly handbag.

And you told me that your gold
necklace and watch are fake.

Are they?

Yes. And the bag was a gift.

As for the girl's placements,
Helen arranges them.

But you handed them their

in a sealed envelope.

It would have been simple enough
to alter them.

With Miss Watson out of the way, you
could run this place as you pleased.

You could release girls at will when
you had a vacancy.

And who would listen to a girl with
a criminal past

when she complained
of exploitation?

I swear to you,
I don't know anything about this.

I get the sealed envelopes
from Helen.

I may be the Governor,
but Helen runs this place.

Nothing ever happens here without
her knowledge.

The day before Kate left,

I saw Helen at my desk.

She ended a phone call
and closed a notebook

so that I wouldn't see.

But I caught a glimpse.

It said "Mr & Mrs Webb,

Thought you didn't believe me.

I know,
we should've listened to you.>

We were wrong. I was wrong.

I never should have doubted you,

Just tell us where we can find her.

And why should I help Kate?

Because she's being mistreated,
like you were.

I don't know the address.

But I can show you.

Can I help you?

Mrs Webb?
Yes? What do you want?

- My husband's not in.
- Not to worry,

we're looking for Kate Goddall.

You must have the wrong address.


No. You can't go in there.

Kate. Are you all right?

I'm calling the police. Good,
I was about to do that myself.

Are you sure you're all right?

I'm OK. How did you find me?

Thank you.

Can we go now?
This place gives me the creeps.

Of course we can. Don't worry,
you're safe now.

I've just spoken
to Sergeant Goodfellow.

He's going to meet us at Langley
Hall. Tell them what you told me.

I had an arrangement to make cash
payments to Helen Delaney.

We should get back right away.


I think a reckoning is due.

I told you, I've done nothing wrong.

This way please, Miss Delaney.

Sergeant Goodfellow, wait.

Miss Delaney's right,
she's entirely innocent.

It's Miss Harris you should arrest.

Excuse me?

With respect, Father,

it's Miss Delaney who's been
receiving payments.

Well, that's what Miss Harris would
like you all to think.

But it's Miss Harris who's been
abusing her position.

Exploiting young girls on their
release from borstal.

And her scheme was working well,

until Brenda came back unexpectedly
to tell her tale

and her ordeal in Gloucester.

I'll call you back.

Who were you talking to?

Miss Watson's suspicions were

and that's the real reason she
admonished you

on the day of the murder.

And the reason why you decided
to kill her,

and frame Brenda for her murder.

Oh, this is absurd.

All you needed was an event
with plenty of witnesses,

like Bunty's talk.

You asked for Brenda
to be released from confinement,

and then you planted
the compact on her,

that you'd taken from Bunty's bag.

Promise me
you'll be on your best behaviour.

You knew she'd make a public scene
and be confined again.

You also knew that she would run
away when you unlocked the door.

The perfect
scapegoat for your crime.

Then you lured Miss Watson
to her death.

Where is she?

I locked her in.

You disposed of the keys

and then forced Kate to point
the finger at Brenda.

No doubt you threatened
to report Joe if she refused.

Brenda, I'm so sorry.

I'll tell them everything.

We both will.

Good luck getting a jury
to believe either of you.

As for the murder,
what evidence do you have?

You're wearing it, around your neck.

The gold,
which you claim is fake,

is slightly tarnished.

I suspect because it's been cleaned
with household bleach,

to remove blood from the necklace.

But there's no proof, Father.
The blood will be long gone.

But it proves the gold was real.

You couldn't bear
to dispose of anything of value,

which is why you also kept your

I'm not wearing a watch.

But you were on the day of
the murder.

A leather watch strap flecked
with blood

would have to be replaced.

And I wonder, if your room were

it mightn't be found somewhere,
tucked away.

Kate, grab her bag.

Miss Harris,
I'm arresting you on suspicion

of the murder of Miss Cecilia

You are not obliged to say anything,

but anything you say may be given in
evidence. This way please.

I suppose I should congratulate you
on your cleverness, Father.

It's not often I find a match
to mine.

Cleverness is a blessing.

But without compassion,
it can be dangerous.

Do you have any remorse
for killing Miss Watson?

Not really.

It wasn't personal.

She just got in the way.

In the way of your love
of material things?

We can't all take
a vow of poverty, Father.

But to condemn the girls to it
for your profit,

how is that conscionable?

Please. I was doing them a favour,

finding them employment
and a roof over their heads.

A pretty thankless task,
much of the time.

And yet you stayed.

It wasn't really the money, was it?

You enjoyed your power over them.

No more than I'd enjoy
herding sheep.

Come on, Father,

you and I both know they're
a lost cause.

I don't believe in lost causes,

only lost souls.

And if you do not repent your crime,

then I fear that it is you
who is lost.

Would you like me to kneel
and beg God for forgiveness?

Perhaps shed a tear or two?

Thanks, but I think I'll save that
performance for the trial.

I hope in time you will feel guilt
for what you have done.

In the meantime,
I will pray for you.

Thank you for a lovely
service, Father.

It was my pleasure.

And can I shake your hand,

Thank you.

You're the one he should be
thanking, Father.


You practised impeccable
judgment throughout.

And if I may say so, Sergeant,

you're wasted in uniform.

And not just a wedding
to celebrate.

Governor Delaney.

I'm just glad I can finally do these
girls some good.

And we now have a full-time teacher,
thanks to Bunty's generosity.

Oh, please, I simply planned a party
and call it a fundraiser.

They get to see you all the time.

I know, you're right,
I'm being a poor friend.

No, you're not.

I hear you're eligible for release.

Yeah, but Miss Delaney says
I can stay

till I've finished reading my

New teacher's dead strict though,
calls me a chatterbox.

I hope you haven't put
a dead mouse in her desk.

No. Course not.

It were a live one.