Father Brown (2013–…): Season 9, Episode 1 - Episode #9.1 - full transcript

Search the rooms further along.
Check every nook and cranny!

In here!
I think I've found something!

The murder weapon.

Anything the matter, Inspector?

Valerie and the kids came down
with something over

the weekend.
No doubt they've given it to me,

but some of us have to work
regardless. Excuse me, Padre.


Good morning, Sergeant.

A "bae do" from Mrs McCarthy.

The hymns for Thursday night's
choir practice have changed.

We're missing
"O Bread of Heaven", Father?

That's a shame, but I suppose...

Good morning. Kembleford Police.

When was this?

We're on our way.

There's been a murder, sir,
at the Darlington Estate.

Lawrence? Arabella?

Mr Darlington.


Get the men, Sergeant.

Yes, sir.

I need to comfort the family.

It's quite a long way.

Might I cadge a lift?

Offerentes eam in conspectu
Altissimi. Amen.

I found him like that when
I woke up this morning.

I tried to revive him
but he was already gone.

Looks like a single puncture wound
to the heart,

probably with a knife.

Were you and your father alone
in the house last night?


Arabella's away, and the servants
don't lodge with us.

But I didn't see father,

I just came in from the pub
and went to bed.

From the advancement
of rigor mortis,

looks as though he's been dead at
least ten hours.

Thank you, but I think I'll wait
for the pathologist's assessment.

Are those the clothes you slept in?

I'm afraid I was rather drunk.

God, to think this awful thing
happened while we both slept.

Someone must have broken in.

With a guard dog in the house?

Crumpet was with me.

He always sleeps in my room.


There's some residue just there.

A single black fibre.

Neither Lawrence nor
Phillip are wearing black.

SHOUTS: Could I please, for once,
hear from an actual expert,

instead of the opinions of
a pontificating priest?

I apologise, Inspector.
I'm just offering my assistance.


It's Arabella.

Hello? Anybody home?


What's happened?

Father Brown?

What is this?
Why are the police here?

Miss Darlington?

Actually, it's Mrs Huxston now.

Mrs Huxston,

I'm sorry to inform you
your father's been murdered.

Search the rest of the house,
inside and out.

My deepest condolences, Arabella.

I see you've been away.

How long have you been gone?

Just the weekend, in Oxford.

I suppose you could say it
was our honeymoon.

I'm sorry, Father,
you haven't met Charles, have you?

I know it was rather impulsive
of us

but we got swept away with
the romance, didn't we, darling?

Daddy would've been furious.

I was dreading telling him,
but now...


What have the police said? Do they
know who's responsible for this?

In here! I think
I've found something.


The murder weapon.

This is Lawrence Darlington's
bedroom, is it not?

I didn't put that there.

I didn't.

Sergeant, arrest him and take him
down to the car.

Lawrence Darlington,
I'm arresting you on suspicion of

the murder of Phillip Darlington.
You are not obliged

to say anything,
but anything you say...


these scratches on the door suggest
the dog was frantically trying

to escape.
Perhaps it heard an intruder.

Or perhaps it heard one master
killing another.

But if Lawrence is guilty,
why hide the knife in his own room?

No doubt to dispose of it later.
Now, if you don't mind,

I have a suspect to question.

There was no evidence of a break-in,

and your sister confirms nothing
was stolen.

You were found this morning covered
in your father's blood.

You killed him, didn't you?


As his only son, you can't deny that
you stand to inherit his fortune.

And that's why you're concocting
this ridiculous story

about an intruder.
It's not a story!

The knife was found in your room!

Sorry to interrupt sir,

but could I have a word, please?
It's important.

Well? There were no fingerprints
found on the knife, sir.

You've brought me out here
to tell me that?

No, sir. I saw you.
In the suspect's bedroom.

Excuse me?

The knife, Sir.

It was in your jacket.
You planted it.

How dare you?

How dare you make such
an accusation against me?

An inspector with over 20 years'
exemplary service...

I can't believe you'd even
think such a thing.

Sir...Whatever trick your
imagination's been playing on you,

I strongly advise you to
keep it to yourself.

Unless you want a career stacking
shelves in Woolworths!

Do I make myself clear,
Sergeant Goodfellow?

Yes, sir.

What do you recall about last night
before you returned home?

I was playing cards
at The Red Lion.

There was beer.

And then I suppose I walked home.

I remember the sunset as I
crossed the fields.

So, no later than nine o'clock?

Like I said, I felt terribly squiffy
and went straight to bed.

Look, things weren't always easy

between me and father,
but I didn't kill him.

I don't know how the knife got in my
room. You have to believe me!

I do. Something is afoot, Lawrence,

and I need to get to
the bottom of it.

You say things were strained
between you.

Yeah, there was no pleasing
him, Father.

I stopped trying years ago.

I wish Arabella had done the same.

She always tried so hard.

And yet she eloped
to Oxford without his permission.

Well, that would've been Charles.

You disapprove of the match?


I should.

They've only known each other
for three months.

But I've got to admit
he's been good for her.

He even encouraged me to stand up
to father.

I regret it now, of course.

Regret what, exactly?

A public row, in a restaurant.

Lawrence confronted his father,
demanding access to his trust fund.

That'll hurt Lawrence if it goes
to trial.


But I wonder if that was
the intention.

But whose intention?

The dark, handsome stranger that
has ensconced himself

in the family within three months.

Whatever's going on, Lawrence ain't
the type to stab anyone.

He's a happy drunk!
And I'll tell you what else,

he never, never, leaves
The Red Lion before closing.

And yet he was so thoroughly
inebriated by nine o'clock

that he went straight to bed
and slept through without rousing.

Do you reckon his beer was
tampered with?

By whom?

Oh, this Charles person?

Charles was with Arabella in Oxford.

He has a solid alibi for
the murder.

Suspicious in itself, if you ask me.

Well, I reckon our best bet is
The Red Lion.

Just pop in there, ask about.

I'd be happy to do it, Father.

I think maybe someone's
a little too happy to volunteer!

Hello, Shelly.

Hello, Sid.
Have you got something in your eye?

Cos it'll be my finger
if you're not careful.

Not a fan of winking, got it.

I'll go wild and have a mild.

Here, Lawrence Darlington wasn't
in here last night, was he?

Course he was.
Is it true he's been arrested?

Laurie wouldn't hurt a fly.

I know.
So if you can remember anything...

Only that he left early.

Usual crowd kept playing till late.

Wait - one of them
wasn't from around here.

Big bloke, doesn't say much.

And he was definitely playing
cards with Lawrence?

All right. If you see him again,

call the presbytery as soon
as you can.


Inspector Mallory speaking.


I don't know who called him,
Father, but the photographs of the

fibre and sand residue are missing
from the evidence room.

And I don't think he ever sent
those samples to the lab.

I followed him home and saw smoke
coming out of the chimney.

I know he's not the best copper in
the world, but destroying evidence?

Unless he's taking bribes.

Oh, even Inspector Mallory
wouldn't sink that low.

Well, there's one way to find out.


Good morning, Inspector.

What are you doing here?

We are very concerned about you.
May we come in?

No, you may not!


Where are Valerie and the children?

I told you, they're unwell.

They're upstairs, sleeping.

You have no right to go up there.
I said stop!


Nobody's up there.

I think it's time you told us
what's going on, Inspector.

Valerie and the children.

They've been taken.

It was late on Saturday.

I'd been out for a few ales to
get away from...

Valerie and the children had been
bickering all day.

When I finally returned home,

I saw a strange car parked outside.

Valerie? Were we expecting company?

MAN: Don't do anything stupid.

What is this?

Any noise and Daddy here
gets a bullet.

Who are you?

What do you want?

You... You stay put

until I tell you otherwise.

You say a word to anyone,
and they all die.


The next day, Sunday,
I couldn't just sit on my hands,

so I went to the station
to find out what I could

about the car -
see, I'd memorised the number plate.

It had been reported missing from
Oxford the day before.


That's where Charles
and Arabella spent the weekend.

I soon learned not to break
the rules again.

You went to the police
station earlier.

Who did you speak to?

I had a weekend shift.

If I hadn't gone in, it would've
looked suspicious.

Please, don't hurt my family.

Don't worry.

Your lot are fine...for now.


You killed someone?
That's right,

and you're going to use that
to pin on the dead man's son.

Who? Shut up.

Anything that points to me,
you destroy it.

Be waiting in the phone box,
Queen Street, Tuesday 9am.

And you remember,
I'm always watching you.

So now you understand.

I have no choice but to cooperate.

But how can I prosecute
an innocent man?

You are in a terrible predicament,

which we will not allow you
to endure alone.

We will do all we can
to unmask these men.

But in the meantime, Inspector,
do nothing to antagonise them.

What can I get you?

I'll have a pint of mild.

Sixpence, please.

Charles has been so attentive.

Otherwise I don't know what
I would have done.

How did you two meet?

On a train,
on the way home from London.

I'd been to the museums for the day,

and Charles just happened
to be in my carriage.



Crumpet. Crumpet, stop it.

Sorry, darling. I don't know why
he always does that.

That's quite all right.

I'll leave you two to talk.
Good day, Father.

Good day.

You have a charming husband.

And I'm sure your visit
to Oxford was very special.

But may I ask,
was Charles with you at all times?

Of course. Why?

I'm trying to piece together
everyone's whereabouts

when your father died.


Or just Charles'?

I don't wish to give offence.

I only wish to help your brother.

By accusing my husband?

He's a good man, Father, and I
won't have you casting aspersions

just because you don't know him.



Why hasn't he been charged yet?
I...I intend to.

Maybe you need reminding of
the mess you're in.

Gerry... Gerry, please!Valerie!

Just do as he says,
whatever he wants!

Please! Just do it!

Look I've done everything
you asked of me.

I've arrested Lawrence Darlington.
I planted the knife.

I burnt evidence from
the murder scene.

What more do you want?!

"I've arrested Lawrence Darlington.
I planted the knife.

"I burnt evidence from
the murder scene.

"What more do you want?!"

Why are you doing this to me?

Because you had it coming.

No more stalling on Darlington.

I want him
charged in front of a magistrate.

You've got 24 hours...or I
start cutting off fingers.


So a mate of mine knows someone
who's done

a recent stretch at Durham.

Says he remembers a hard nut
by the name of Bill.

Same scar, same tattoo.

He was doing ten years
for manslaughter.

Got released three months back.

Scars and tattoos are ten
a penny in prison.

How can your friend be sure
it's the same man?

I'm coming to that!

This Bill, he had a cell mate
called Damien.

Posh, good looking.
Out of place in prison.

Apparently, Bill protected him.

But get this - Damien,

he has a talent
for swindling rich women.

Are you saying this Damien
and Charles

might be one and the same?

It would fit. You said there was
a second masked man didn't you, sir?

Slim build?

If Charles is indeed an accomplice,

he's been reporting to Bill
all the time.

But what do they want?

Why target me and my family?

If it is Damien, he's doing it
for the money.

A rich bloke gets knocked off,
his son gets framed for the murder

and Arabella inherits the lot.

Hence the hasty marriage.

But what about the other one?
What does he get out of it?

It'll be for a share of
the fortune.

MALLORY: No. This is personal.

Bill, if that's his name,

he wants me to suffer.

I don't know why.


What am I going to do?

The only thing you can do.

Give Bill precisely what he wants.


Father Brown,
I'm so glad you're back.

I was afraid that I'd upset you
with my rudeness this morning.

On the contrary. I upset you.

No, you had Laurie's best interests
at heart.

I hope you know I would do anything
in the world to help him.

You still can.

You said Charles was with you
at all times on your trip to Oxford.

Can you be sure that he never
left your side?

Of course I'm sure. We got married.

We barely set foot outside the
hotel. Why does it matter?

Because you were less than
an hour's drive away from here,

and a car which we know is
connected with the murder

was stolen from Oxford
on Saturday night.

I think that is more
than a coincidence.

Well, I'm sorry, Father,
but Charles and I...

Saturday evening?

I wanted to dine in the restaurant,
but Charles ordered room service.

We had champagne.

It went straight to my head.
I went to bed early.

How early?

About eight?
I slept through till morning.

But Charles was there when
I woke up. He'd ordered breakfast.


..I suspect that your
champagne was laced

with sleeping pills,

as was your brother's beer
in The Red Lion,

to ensure that he slept through
your father's murder.


Charles would never do that.
And, besides,

Daddy died on Sunday.

I was with Charles that night
in the piano bar.

Are you suggesting he was
in two places at once?

He may be working
with an accomplice.

No. Charles loves me.
We danced together until dawn.

He even paid the pianist
to keep...playing.

He wanted to be seen. An alibi.

You're wrong.


Lawrence needs your help.
And not just him.

An innocent family's lives
are also at stake.

What family?


Quickly, my dear, we should try to
get seats near the front. It is you!

Charles, do you know this man?

No. Let me just... Darling,

I'll meet you inside,
all right? Two ticks.

Do you mind?

I haven't the foggiest idea
who you are.

Oh, that's hurtful,
cos I know who you are.

Never forget a face, me,
especially one as pretty as yours.

Apparently, you're too lofty
for the likes of us now, are you?

Listen, I really don't have time
to chat. I need to be with my wife.

Oh, that's your wife?

I'll come in with you.
You can introduce us.

What do you want?

Are you sure it's wise

to entrust such a task
to Sidney Carter, Padre?

He can,
as I believe the saying goes,

talk the hind legs off a donkey.
You need to go.

Not that way.

What happened to that bruiser
of a bloke you used

to knock around with?
Bill something?

We didn't stay in touch. Oh.

Pity. Handy friend to
have on the inside.

But I guess you're the type
to make new friends, ain't ya?

What's the matter?
You're not thirsty?

Look, if it's money you want,
I don't have any.

Oh. Well, that is disappointing.

Here was me thinking you
were going to make my day.

Still, you've got to
give me something

as compensation
for forgetting me altogether.

I like your watch. You know what?

I reckon wearing something nice

and shiny like that might
just restore my self-esteem.

I can't.

It was a gift from my wife.
She'd notice if it was gone. Mm.

Well, I guess you're just
going to have to make up

a really good story,
ain't ya? But you're good at that,

aren't you, Damien?

Bother me again
and you'll regret it, understand?

I'm so sorry, darling.

Where on earth have you been?
Poor Arabella has been distraught!

You didn't say which
courtroom it was in.

And then I thought perhaps
you'd already left.

Well, never mind that.
What happened with Lawrence?

He's been refused bail,

and the committal proceedings
are set for next week.

They're taking him to some
pitiless prison in Wynchurch.

Come on. Let's...

Let's get you home.

Would you get away from that window?
Someone might see you!

Sit! And I'll make you
a nice cup of tea.

Inspector Mallory said
I was free to go.

I don't see why I need to sit
in a presbytery all day.

I know you have endured
a lot, Mr Darlington.

We just need you to stay hidden
for another few hours.

Mallory got a call. Face-to-face
with Bill, 4pm.

At the junction of Bruern
and North Road.

He's agreed to hand over the family?

He's agreed to take Mallory
to 'em, apparently.

And Mallory can make the arrests.

Goodfellow got a nice juicy
thumbprint off the watch.

Not even a drop of alcohol!

What about the
communion wine, Father?

Oh, come on! There must
be some in the church.

I thought I told you
to park yourself on that seat!

He might see the car from the road.

We're well hidden here, Inspector.

You shouldn't be here at all.

It could be a trap, sir.

I promise we'll follow
at a safe distance.

Well, make sure you do.

Any mistakes and my
family pays the price.

He's been in the lav a long time.

Oh, stupid man!
Where do you think he's got to?

Come on! All right.
Can't I finish my pint at least?

I'll buy you ten pints if that's
what you want, just not right now.

No, no, no, no!

You, get back to the presbytery.
I'll try and stop him.

What? Oh, no, you don't.

Sid! Don't even think about driving.


Come on, and we're away.

Get in.

You still don't know who I am,
do you?

Just another criminal you put away.

Ten years, for someone else's crime.

But you wouldn't remember a little
thing like that, would you?

If I made a mistake, I'm sorry.


You will be.

You see, if you cross me,
you, your wife, or your kids

tell anyone about what's
happened here,

I'll come for you. One by one.

We've been set up.

Get out.So what about my family?

I said, get out.



Sid, I swear, if anything happens
to this beer,

I'll strangle you with my
bare hands.

Your bare hands, eh?

Oh, hello.


That's Bill.Then block him.

What?Just brake!











Looking for these?

Perhaps they can drug the next poor
woman on her honeymoon.

whatever that priest told you,

he's wrong.

I'd never do anything to hurt you.

I packed your things because I want
you to come with me.

I love you.

You don't love anyone.

And the police are already on
their way.

Mr Devlin...


Just tell me where they are.

I remember your case now.

Yeah, now you've had a chance
to look into it.

An old man died.

He fell down the stairs during
a burglary.

And I didn't touch him.

You had a history
of burgling houses in the area.

Your tool box had a crowbar in it.

I told you that I had gone straight.

And I had an alibi,

which you ignored.

He was a petty criminal.

SHOUTING: That is not good enough!

SHOUTING: You took my life!

I had a wife too, once.

A new baby on the way.

And now, they don't even
want to know me.

I'm sorry.


Because now I have something
you want.

Something you care about.

How many other people's lives have
you ruined, Inspector?

I don't.

I should have been more thorough.

And if I could go back and undo it,
I would.

Please, I'm begging you.

Don't make my family suffer for



Three days.

What? That's how long you can live
without water.

So I would say that gives them

..one day left.

Tick tock, Inspector.

Still nothing.

Damien Tarrow is the same.

All he'll say is, "No comment,
old chap."

That's the best you'll get out of
a slippery git like him.

It's no use, Padre.

I tried to tell him I'm sorry.
He won't listen.

And are you?


Sergeant Goodfellow showed me
the file.

You convicted an innocent man,
didn't you?

He blames me for losing his family,

and now he wants to take mine.
Oh, God, forgive me.

Would you like me
to hear your confession?

Bless me, Father, for...

..I have sinned.

It has been many years
since my last confession.

I failed an innocent man.

I assumed he was guilty
and I didn't try hard enough...

..to find the truth.

He's right about me.
This is who I am.

I cut corners. I'm lazy,
I'm selfish, and I let people down.

You are fallible, Inspector,
as are we all.

No. All I've cared about is myself.

Always myself.

Even more than my own wife
and children.

And now they're going to die
because of me.

And they don't even know.

They don't even know how much...

..I love them.

They will know, Inspector.

Wherever they are, they will know.

Oh! Please, Father.

Tell God to spare them.

I'll do anything.

I need a priest already, do I?

Quick march to
the gallows, I suppose.

I'm hoping that justice will treat
you fairly this time,

Mr Devlin.

And you are a man that believes in

..are you not?

Then why frame Lawrence Darlington?

An innocent man.

Which is just what you were.

An innocent man.

Just as Inspector Mallory's family
are blameless.

He sent me to a deep, dark hole...

..and left me there to rot.

So now Inspector Mallory's precious

..will get to know exactly what
that feels like.

Mr Devlin.

You must tell us where they are.

I'll make him swing for this,
if it's the last thing I do!

That's fair enough.
And I hate to be the one to say it,

but if Valerie and
the kids aren't found,

there's nothing to prove that Bill
even took 'em.

With respect sir,
you destroyed all the evidence

to prove he killed Phillip
Darlington too.

Do you really think I'd be stupid
enough to destroy evidence?

Well, this is the fibre and the sand
residue from the rug.

But I could've sworn...
I was being watched, Sergeant!

I had to make it look convincing.

Also Devlin had this in
his possession.

The Darlingtons' front door key,

duplicated at a locksmith
in Kembleford,

identified as one Damien Tarrow.

So now, we have a solid case against
both of them.

But what good is that if my family
are going to die?

May I?

This sandy residue from
Bill's boot has been used

to mop up a spillage.


It's aviation fuel, I swear it.

The airfields used
to wreak of this in the war.

Coldrock airfield.



Janet, John, can you hear me?

They're not here.

We were wrong.

No, they're here somewhere.

Mr Devlin said that Valerie

and the children would know what
it was like to be in

a deep, dark hole.

Perhaps they're underground.

What about an old air raid shelter?


This way. There it is.


Move it.Move it. Children!


Daddy! Daddy!

Gerry! Daddy.


Oh, my family, my family.

I'm sure it was
a very touching scene.

But you still owe me
the price of two beer barrels.

Put it on the Inspector's tab.

He's paying.
First time for everything.

You can't blame him for celebrating.

You did a good thing, Sid Carter.

Well, I had a good helper.

Well, that went well.

Oh, Sidney,
Maybe it's time you took the hint.

I think she likes you.

Perhaps it is time to move on.
Then again,

I'm not the best judge of romance.

I just wanted to say...

..my family have been through quite
an ordeal,

but they're recovering well
and wished me to send their thanks.

As for me...

..I know my recent professional

may have fallen below the
high standards

that you have all
come to expect from me.

But you'll be pleased to hear

that I have charged Bill Devlin
with murder,

kidnapping, possession of a

and Damien Tarrow with accessory
to murder,

kidnapping, stealing a car,
drugging his wife...

Perhaps we could move on, Inspector.

Of course.


Suffice to say...

..thanks to my quick thinking

in preserving crucial evidence,

I was able to prove their guilt.

So you can rest assured

that justice will be served.

Did he just thank himself?


To you all...

..my friends.