Father Brown (2013–…): Season 7, Episode 9 - The Skylark Scandal - full transcript

A bird watching group cross over land off their map, and the Lord shoots at them. Later, the Lord ends up dead at the locked in hostel the group is staying at.

Lovely weather.

Oh, yes, it's a bit of a stunner,
isn't it?

How lovely, you're very lucky.Yes.

The luckiest girl in all the county,
aren't I, Daddy?

Weather's held out,
set fair for the wedding.

Not again.

Shooting the messenger?


Damn hawkers.

If you tell me, if you let me help.

Back to your fiancee, now. There's
a good girl.

I will ruin you.

Surely we're not travelling
in that?

That's what they've always used,

and I can't see them changing it
just for you.Well...No, no.

We are not leaving you at home,

not after that business with the
Earl's son

splashed all over the newspapers.

Mr Fawlter.

Morning, Father.

I'm not.

It's the birdwatching
you've come for?

He's behind with the Chief Super's
Community Engagement Plan.

We get a point for each activity.

Community engagement, my eye.

BUNTY:How many points for traipsing
across the countryside

with half the village?Hello, is
everyone here? Jolly good.

It's very exciting this year,
our first overnighter,

so as chair of the Kembleford
Ramblers Association,

I'd like to welcome old
friends, and new,

on our annual
Ramblers and Twitchers outing!

You'd have to feel sorry for
Norman Fawlter.Why?

Because Cathy Fawlter has been thick
as thieves

with young Randall Jones there since
he arrived in Kembleford.

Odd job man indeed.

We probably shouldn't speculate.
Just observing, Father.

There is a world of difference.

Well, this hotel had better
be half-decent.

Nothing like being out in
the countryside.

Absolutely nothing like it.

There's a picnic spot along the
River Windrush, we'll stop there.

We should be able to cover the first
four miles before lunch.Splendid.

You sure about that short cut,
Cathy?Quite sure. Don't worry.

For goodness' sake! That's a
skylark, isn't it, Mr Fawlter?

Yes, that's right. There he goes.

"Higher still and higher, from the
earth thou springest", Shelley.

Ode To A Skylark.

"We look before and after...

"..and pine for what is not."

What did I tell you?
Thick as thieves.

If we cut through, we'll
avoid the road.

Hang on. Can't you read?

Come on, stragglers!
Don't say I didn't warn you.

Mrs M! Keep low, everyone.
What did I tell you?

Oi, you! Cut it out!

Randall! He's down!
Oi! Stop shooting!

Oh, no. He's bleeding.

Thankfully, the shot only
grazed him.

May I ask you to put down your gun?

Yes. At once! Or I'll have
you arrested.

Thought you were pheasants.

Eyesight not what it was.
You could have killed someone.

It's rock salt, you fool.

I am Inspector Mallory...

I don't care who you are,
you're trespassing.

There's a footpath, we've got a
right, look for yourself.

It is an offence to have in your
possession any firearm

or ammunition with intent
to endanger...

Oh, Daddy wouldn't have intended
anything, honestly.

I've warned you about this!

They were off the path.

that, all right!


I don't believe it!

Darling, is that a back pack?

You poor thing, here, let me.

Hetty and I went to boarding
school together.

I saw you in the papers with that
Earl's son, you naughty thing.

Same old Bunty!

Listen, you absolutely must stay
for tea.

Stay the night.Oh, Het, that would
be...Impossible, I'm afraid.

We are expected elsewhere.
Oh, shame.

Awfully dull around here
since I got engaged...

Congrats, darling! To a
perfectly dull Duke.Oh...

CATHY:Well, it seems we're safe
to continue.

If you can refrain from shooting,

we will endeavour to keep to
the marked paths.

Damn interfering priest.

We could always take the road.
We're taking the path.

There will be a pile of sandwiches
waiting, if I know Mrs Kendall.

Blisters. Blisters everywhere.

BUNTY:Youth Hostel?
I've been duped.

Oh, I've been so looking
forward to seeing you.

It's been how many years?
You haven't changed a bit.

Oh, I think I have.

I wondered when I'd ever
see you again.

Well, it's marvellous walking
out here.

This is my husband, Norman.

Hello.So good to meet you,
Mrs Kendall.

Father Brown, Mrs McCarthy, Miss
Windermere. And our friend. Randall.

Well, you're all very welcome.

All of you. Any friend of Cathy's.
Come in, come in.

We've tea waiting and all the
dorms are prepared.


They lock the doors at nine.

I'm telling you, Hetty,
it's worse than boarding school.

Why so keen to provoke
Hollingworth, then?

Leave it, Norman, please.

What am I supposed to do, Cathy,
when you keep me on the outside?

Perhaps you'd all like
some cocoa now?

I remember how you loved
crumpets, Cathy.

Thank you, Mrs Kendall.


Could be a sedge warbler?
Yes, Sergeant. Possibly.

Or a chaffinch, maybe?
Mr Fawlter would know.

This is a prison, not a hostel.

I am quite literally being
held prisoner.


Doors locked, lights out,
it's not even dark yet.

Hetty! There's a party in town.
It's going to be wild.

Get a move on.Hang on.

I can't! Have you forgotten
everything you learnt at school?

It'd be really awkward if
I break my...


Are you all right?

Have you brought me some clothes?
What a trouper! Of course I have.

That doesn't sound like a
sedge warbler.

Help! Help!

Is he dead...?

Requiem aeternam dona ei, Domine...
Excuse me!

..et lux perpetua luceat ei.

He's dead.Requiescat in pace. Amen.
Strangled, I'd say.

Someone hit him, too. On the back of
the head, and in the face.

Thank you, Padre, I'm not blind.
It's obviously from where he fell.

Looks like they used a rope.

What are those marks on the neck?

Will you give me some room?
Father, oh, excuse me, excuse me.

Father, I can't find Penelope
anywhere! Oh, my goodness.

He's not...? Oh, heavens above.

That means there's a killer on
the loose.

We have to report her as
a missing person.

I'll rouse the local constabulary.
Thank you, Sergeant.

And after your cocoa with
Mrs Fawlter and Mrs Kendall?

I went to read in the lounge.
Until after lights out?

They have some excellent
ornithology books.

And you returned to find the
body at what time?

It was gone 11.30.

I couldn't sleep, a hot milk
always settles me.

What on earth was
Lord Hollingworth doing here?

You knew him?He used to be the
patron of the Skylark.

I'll ask the questions, Padre.

You weren't in the dorm at
lights out.

What are you all doing up?

We were worried sick about you!

Keep your hair on, Mrs M, we were
only at a party in Cheltenham.

You were only at a party in...

after everything that has happened
here tonight, and...What?

I'm sorry to have to ask these
questions, Miss Hollingworth.

Couldn't it wait til
morning, Inspector?

Did you notice anything strange when
you arrived at the hostel?

At - just after nine, you said?

You didn't pick me up
until 9:30.

Actually, there is
something, Inspector.

Yes, Miss Hollingworth?

When I arrived at the Skylark, I saw
my father outside the hostel.

You saw Lord Hollingworth?

He was heading round the back.

I waited in my car for a moment.
And then I followed him.

And why did you do that?
I was worried.

He'd taken a call earlier in the
evening, and he seemed agitated.

Go on, Miss Hollingworth.
He went inside.

Was the door unlocked?

I don't know, he just went in.

I heard voices. An argument.

How dare you threaten me?

I think it's about time you
admitted the truth.

I've had enough of your
little games.Daddy?

What the hell are you doing here?

I could ask you the same.

Did you follow me?Not exactly.
Go home. This does not concern you.

I said go home.

And then I went to pick up Bunty.

And you're certain it was the two
individuals here?

Absolutely positive.
Thank you, Miss Hollingworth.

I'm sorry to have troubled you,
under the circumstances.

What was the argument about?

I've no idea.

Hetty didn't mention seeing
her father.

Or that she was inside the Skylark.

You think she's covering
something up?Seems like it.

Although I don't think she could
possibly be involved in the murder,

she adored her father.
How did she seem?

Same old Hetty, really.

Perhaps a little giddy.

Are you sure that wasn't the
alcohol at that party of yours?

Stick close to her. See what you
can tease out.

I don't know if this is pertinent,

but I saw Cathy and Norman
arguing earlier.

They mentioned Hollingworth.

Darling, where are you going?

I'll drive you when it's light.
Come on.

I'm not sure I quite trust
that young lady.

Mrs Fawlter!

I didn't say anything because I
didn't want Randall in trouble.

Why would Randall be in trouble?

Everyone saw how furious he was
after being shot at.

And who can blame him?What is your
relationship with Randall Jones?

I don't see that's relevant here.

So you were arguing about the
trespassing, it got heated,

and your Randall Jones launched
a revenge attack.

No, he didn't, you've got
it all wrong!

Mrs Kendall...

Thought I'd tidy up a bit.
Sorry, Father, I'll leave you.

Tell me, are all the doors locked
at 9pm?

Yes, yes, they are.

What about the back door?

I must have forgotten,
with all the excitement.

It was so good to see Cathy again.

Did she come here often
when she was young?Quite often.

For this to happen tonight,
of all the nights.

A terrible shock,
finding Lord Hollingworth.

It's not me I'm sorry for,
it's Cathy,

and all of you, here on your trip.

I wish you'd said something
last night.

About your father.

Do you mind awfully if we don't go
over all this again, Bunty?

My head is splitting,
I can't think straight.

Actually, I might go and freshen up.
Wait here for me, will you?

Of course.

Adores her father, indeed.

I have never met a more calculating
young lady in all my born days.

"Oh, yes Inspector, there was
something, now I think about it".

Don't think you're being a
bit hasty?

She had Penelope climb out
of the window!

Bunty is quite capable of getting
into scrapes on her own,

don't you think?

And she was very cagey about what
time she arrived at the Skylark,

you heard her yourself.
That doesn't make her a killer.

All I can say is, I hope you've
done the right thing

allowing Penelope to drive her home.

And as for your theory,
I see no car anywhere.

Hollingworth Hall is four
miles from here.

I doubt Lord Hollingworth walked
here last night.

Oh, you're surely not telling me
that Miss Hollingworth was

telling a lie?

Et voila!

If this is Lord Hollingworth's

..then Lord Hollingworth certainly
didn't want to be seen

approaching the Skylark.

Would you look at this?

It's the map Randall thrust at him.

That's the Skylark?And that's the
school.And a convent.

Perhaps Randall was sending
Lord Hollingworth a message?

I'm going to see what I can find
out about those places.

Thank you, Mrs McCarthy, and I will
have a word with Randall Jones.

Hello? Who am I speaking to? I see.

Is there someone there
called Dora Smith?

Thanks for finding that.

Do step away from the telephone, you
know what a good shot I am.

It's not your fault, Cathy.
I gave him the map, didn't I?

We should tell the police.

If they know who you are...

It'll only make it worse.

No, Randall, please don't...
Oi! Head him off at the road.

As if that pair have a hope in
hell of catching him!

If he wants to make himself
look guilty,

he's going the right way about it.
He isn't guilty.

Running away will make him
a suspect.

If he's innocent,
the truth will only help him.

I know where he might head to.

Father Brown, would you come
with me?

Persuade him to give himself up?

All right. Let's think about
this logically.

I don't think you're actually
going to shoot me,

and you can't keep me here for ever.

Well, perhaps there's a civilised
way of dealing with this.

You can't pay me off! Really? That's
not the Bunty I know.

He can't have got far.

Why didn't you look where I
was going?Sorry, Sir.

I see something.

Come on!

That inspector thinks I'm
the bee's knees.

I'll simply deny it if you
go to the police.

We can't afford a scandal.

And if there's no actual evidence...

That number was for a
convent school.

This Dora Smith must have
quite a story.

Sorry, old thing,
you aren't thinking straight.

Now, hand me those letters.

Thank you so much.

Now, you don't happen to have any
rope handy, do you?

There's a twitchers' hide out here.

I brought Randall once,
when he first came to the village.

Mr Jones clearly means a lot to you.

He did some odd jobs for us,
he became a friend.

Why did he give Lord Hollingworth
that map?I don't know.

There's the hide, by those bushes.

I don't wish to pry, but
Miss Windermere said that you

and your husband were heard
arguing last night.

Oh, he's there! Randall!

It's all right, it's all right, I've
brought Father Brown!

It's no good, Cathy.

Please, if we explain.

Who's going to believe me?

I messed up, Father.
All my life's been the same,

but you just keep Cathy out of
this, all right?

She's been through enough.

Stop there, lad! Mr Jones, it

Randall Jones, I am arresting you on
suspicion of murder.

You are not obliged to say anything,

but anything you do say may be
given in evidence.

Have you any connection with
Lord Hollingworth?

Yes, yes, that's right. Oh, I see.

And when was that,
if you don't mind my asking?

Sorry to interrupt,
the charabanc's arrived.

Well, thank you very much indeed,
Sister. Goodbye.

Mrs Kendall, when did Lord
Hollingworth stop being patron here?

About 15 years ago, I think. Why?

You're taking me to the police?Now,
you know I'm not a snitch, darling.

I'm taking you to see Father Brown.
Well, this is awkward.

You'd better play along, darling, if
you don't want me

to hand over those letters.

Miss Hollingworth, Miss Windermere.

What the devil's going on?

I was just trying to distract Hetty
after everything she's been through.

What? By tying her up?

Yes...erm... we were just reliving
an old school game,

such larks, honestly, we pretended
to be kidnapped.

Weren't we, Hetty?

We take it in turns to be
tied, you see.

I got the short straw.

Or the long, depending on which
way you look at it.

In one version, we're rescued
by policemen.

Right, well, yes. Goodfellow,
what are you waiting for?

Two devilishly handsome policemen.

What the hell are you playing
at, man!

Well, if he didn't think you were
the bee's knees before...

Would you say you had a hot temper?

You were furious, weren't you,
when Lord Hollingworth shot at you?

Why didn't you mention seeing
Hollingworth before he was murdered?

How old are you, Randall? 23?

Colourful life so far,

what with those convictions for
larceny and housebreaking.

I was starving,
that's why I broke in.

Like I say, hot temper.

So when Hollingworth saw you
and Cathy together...

Nobody's judging, Randall,
private life's your own.

But when Hollingworth let rip at
your lover, you got mad, didn't you?

You wanted him to suffer, his life
of privilege compared to yours?

No, that's not how it was,
all right!

I hit him, but I didn't kill him.

If he were patron of the girls'
approved school...

As well as the convent
and the Skylark.

Then why give up the patronage of
all three at exactly the same time?

In you go, darling.

What on earth...?

So much for the countryside keeping
me out of trouble, Mrs M!

Was your father interested in birds?
Not unless he could shoot them.

So who is...?Dora Smith?

I was just about to get to that
when I was held at gunpoint.

I couldn't see another option.
Apology accepted!

Do these locations mean
anything to you?

Should they?

What did you know about your
father's charitable works?

He was patron of a few
organisations a while back.

And Dora Smith?

I suppose you'll find out
soon enough.

She worked at the convent school.

And she was blackmailing
your father?Not exactly.

Look, I know my father wasn't
entirely... yes, he had his faults,

but he didn't deserve
to be murdered.

So you must want the truth to
come out, Hetty!

It can be hard to accept that
someone we love can be

capable of hurting others.

But every human being,
without doubt,

is worth more than the worst of
their actions.

He fell after you hit him,
didn't he?I can't remember.

I think so.There was blood on the
back of his skull.

Look, he was alive, I swear it!

He was weakened by the blow,
by hitting his head,

and you couldn't stop yourself...
No...You strangled him.

He deserved to die, that old
hypocrite! But I didn't kill him.

Do you hear me? I didn't do it!

Randall Jones, you will be formally
charged for the murder

of Lord Henry Hollingworth.

There was almost a scandal before
Mummy died, a convent girl.

When was this?About 15
years ago.

She made these accusations, Mummy
was sure it was nonsense,

but the girl was threatening the
press and all sorts,

so she was paid off.

Is that why you needed the
perfectly dull Duke?

Hollingworth Hall was under threat?

Oh, we've been on our
uppers for years,

it's frightfully expensive
to maintain.

But when Daddy shot at whoever
brought that book,

I knew something was... I found the
letters, phoned Dora Smith.

She said there were others,

and that she was a witness.

No wonder he wanted to
marry you off.

Did you confront your father?No.

I didn't want to believe it.

We need to take this to the police.

What's the use of
stirring it all up?

They've got their man, haven't they?

What makes you think that Randall
would have killed your father?

Het, did you have anything to
do with this?

Only it must have been devastating
to find out about all of it...

What do you take me for?
He's my father!

He was?I'm sorry. Of course.
Had to ask.

You told the police

Lord Hollingworth received a
telephone call earlier that evening.

Do you remember anything about it?

I won't be ruined by some harlot!

Then I went to pick up Bunty.

'She's been through enough.'.Sorry?

Something young Randall said.

Het, if there's any chance that
Randall is innocent,

you don't want that on
your conscience.

You may have more in common with
Randall Jones than you think.

Excuse me.


Mrs Fawlter.What's happened?

May I speak with you?
Alone, if possible?

What on earth happened to your car,
Mrs Fawlter?

Oh, um, it was the neighbour's
son, catapult.

Were you and Randall Jones
blackmailing Lord Hollingworth?

What? Don't be absurd!

You wanted Mr Jones to tell the
police who he really was.

Randall's your son, isn't he?

That's absolutely...

I told you, he's a friend.

This must be extremely difficult for
you, Mrs Fawlter,

you were very young when Lord
Hollingworth took advantage of you.

I was 15.

We'd like to speak to
Inspector Mallory, please.

If he's not tied up.


What now?

I do hope you're not easily shocked.

I wanted a better life for Randall.

So the walk over his land...?

Was meant as a warning.

And later you telephoned
Lord Hollingworth from the Skylark?

Yes, I threatened him with the
police if he didn't pay up.

I had the testimony of Dora Smith,

and others. I didn't expect him to
turn up at the Skylark.

No-one will believe your slander.

They'll know you're after my money.

Money for your son!

I had to give him away.

What kind of a life do you
think he's had?

Oi! I'll ruin you,
and all the others like you.

Randall was defending me.

How much does Mr Fawlter know
about all this?

Nothing about the blackmail.

Catherine Fawlter, I'm arresting you
for the murder of Lord Hollingworth.

What?We know all about these.

You're not obliged to say anything,

but anything you say may be
given in evidence.

I am sure that you are mistaken.
Stay out of this, Padre.

I telephoned Dora Smith.

She soon crumbled once she realised
we were onto the extortion racket.

No, you don't understand.
Randall's my son.

The perfect motive.

You and Randall Jones planned to
murder Lord Hollingworth when

he wouldn't pay up.You cannot
honestly think Cathy would...?

Best let us do our job, sir.
Goodfellow. This way...

I don't blame anyone but
Hollingworth, Father. No-one!

It was Hollingworth all along.

But she didn't kill anyone.
She couldn't.

It wasn't Cathy, it was me.

I did it.

How did you kill him, Mr Fawlter?
I strangled him.With what?

I lost my temper and...
Wait, I hit him first...

Your desire to protect
Mrs Fawlter is admirable.

But if you impede the investigation

when the real suspect is still at
large...I can't just stand by!

Can I borrow your telephone?

She insisted on coming too.
Well, if it's about my father.

Thank you, Bunty. Het.
Going twitching?

Mrs Kendall?

Goodness, you gave me a fright.

Did you forget something?
I checked the dorms.

The marks on Lord
Hollingworth's neck.

They were from the focus wheel.

Whose are those?They belong to
Mr Fawlter.

I remembered you put them back on
his bedside table.

But surely you don't think
Norman killed him?

I wondered at first.

He almost confessed when the
police arrested his wife.

They've arrested Cathy?

Both her and Mr Jones are now in
police custody.

So two innocent people may hang.

But if they were
Norman's binoculars...

Mrs Kendall, you didn't forget to
lock up.

Lord Hollingworth had a key.

He must have made it very hard
for you to say no.

When did Mrs Fawlter first tell you
she'd had a child by Hollingworth?

I didn't know what he was doing,
not at first.

I should have known you'd be in
league with the harlots.

Cathy's not the harlot, you're the
disgrace! You disgust me!

If I'm disgusting, so are you.

Who gave me the key?

I should thank you. How could I ever
have managed without you?

We're the same, you and I.

Hollingworth told me if he went
down, so would I.

I was scared.

Norman left his binoculars.

I did it for Cathy and all
the others!

I'm glad he's dead.

I'm glad... All those girls.

You let it happen!
We tried to stop him.

Mr Fawlter...
You helped him abuse her.

No, I cared for Cathy.

She must have known he was a
monster all along.

Not all of it, I didn't, honestly,
he was a good father.

She was 15.

This won't help your wife.

Your wife says she blames
no-one for this.

She has already forgiven
Mrs Kendall.

You were driven by self-hatred

as much as hatred for
Lord Hollingworth.

You can set your soul free at last.

God will forgive you.

I won't let Cathy hang.

I won't. I won't.
You'll confess to the police?

Lemonade...?Thank you,
Miss Hollingworth.

And what will you do once
the hall is sold?

Now that you've ditched your
perfectly dull Duke?

I don't know. Travel?

Or perhaps I'll find a nice little
cottage in Kembleford and

some delightful children to be
a governess to.

Oh, you came!

Miss Hollingworth.Hetty, please, we
are related after all.

There's a stack of scones to eat.

You sure you're all right?

It's very kind of you to invite us.

But this trust for Randall and I,
we couldn't accept.

You could.

It's the least I can do.

So glad you could make
it, Inspector.Ah, it's my pleasure.

You'll know plenty of faces. There's
even some you haven't arrested(!)

Very good of Miss Hollingworth to
help Cathy and the other women,

with the proceeds from the Hall.
She has a good heart.

You don't really think she's going
to settle in Kembleford?

Do you worry about her influence
on Penelope?No, no.

I always thought she was a good and
conscientious girl, underneath.

Penelope? Where are you going?
Don't wait up, Mrs M!