Father Brown (2013–…): Season 5, Episode 8 - Episode #5.8 - full transcript






A pleasure, as always.


A large single malt. On the house.

Yes, Mr Cranage.

To thank you for your help
with the licence.

I really didn't do anything.

Nonetheless, I always like to stay
on the right side of the law.

Where did you get him?

The gutter.

We're home to all sorts of waifs
and strays.



♪ Oh, will you never let me be?

♪ Oh, will you never set me free?

♪ The ties that bound us

♪ Are still around us

♪ There's no escape that I can see

She's amazing, isn't she?

♪ Oh, will you never let me be?

♪ Oh, will you never set me free? ♪

You should not be doing that.

Have you thought any more
about my offer?

If anybody finds out,
I will go to jail.

You, too.

Nobody will find out.

But to take a life...!

I need you to do this for me.

I don't have anyone else to turn to.

Please... Yes.

You'll have the money by tomorrow.

And may God forgive us... both.

Now, another slice?
No, no.

It's a pleasure to finally meet you,

My godmother writes about you
so fondly.

Don't you believe a word of it.

Now, we mustn't forget
to telephone your parents,

let them know you've arrived safely.
You can't. They're...

They're on a walking holiday.

The Brecon Beacons, I believe.

I couldn't even tell you
where they're staying.

So what made you decide
to come and visit your godmother?

And why shouldn't she decide
to visit her godmother?

Well, when the cat's away...

You believe I should be at home
throwing wild parties?

Well, I'm not encouraging it, but...
I'd rather be here.

I haven't spent any time
with my godmother in years.

Will you excuse me one moment?

All right, then, spit it out.

..turning up out of the blue
like this...

Well, her letter
probably went astray in the post.

You don't think
there's anything wrong?

A row with her parents, perhaps?

If there was anything wrong,
she'd tell me.

We've always been very close.


And what are you doing here?


I thought I'd bring these along
for your charity auction next week.

When I heard about those poor little
mites suffering from polio,

I thought,
what a fantastic opportunity for me

to clear out my wardrobe.

Well, thank you very much
for your donation, Penelope.

Now, there's something
I have to say.

My goddaughter Joselyn
is staying here for a few days

and I do not want her subjected
to your bad influence.

Bad influence?!

Mrs M, I would never attempt

to drag an innocent down the path
of temptation.

Talk of the devil.
You must be Joselyn.

Hello, I'm Bunty.

What a darling little thing you are.

Thank you. I love your hat.

Oh, well, you're welcome
to borrow it any time you like.

You should wear it
to one of my soirees.

Music, cocktails,
an array of unsuitable bachelors...

Oh, that's very kind, but I...

Penelope, you have been warned.

Now, I'm going to help you unpack.

Lovely to meet you.

Hm... well.

That girl is not nearly as innocent
as she's pretending to be.

I suspect you might be right.

Is that it?

A slow night.

See you tomorrow, V.


I take it you're feeling better?

Yes. Thank you.

So, if I lend you this money,

there'll be no more
missed appointments?



You can add it to
what you already owe me.

You're going to be a very busy girl.

Say thank you to your Uncle Maurice.

Thank you.

You can go, Janek. I'll lock up.

Good morning!

Rise and shine!

Nothing we can do.

What do you mean,
"nothing we can do"?

She's an adult.
Well, what about the letter?

In which she states, "You shouldn't
expect to see me again."

Sounds like she's running away.
Exactly! So...

Which she's perfectly
entitled to do.

And what about this?

I found it on the floor
of her bedroom.

Well, that changes everything.

I'll put all my men on red alert.

We're clearly looking for a parrot
with a penchant for kidnap!

Perhaps you could help, Padre?

You like wild goose chases,
so this'll be right up your street.

Come along, Sergeant.

Don't you worry, Mrs McCarthy.
I'll keep an eye out for her.

Did you speak to her parents?
They're on holiday.

At least that part was true.

According to the housekeeper,

Joselyn stayed behind
to attend secretarial classes.

Did the housekeeper say
where the classes were held?

She didn't know.

Only that Joselyn has been going
for three or four evenings a week

for the past few months.

And that sometimes
she stays over with a friend,

but the housekeeper
couldn't give me a name.

There is one place
that springs to mind.

Not that I'd call the girls
"secretaries" exactly.

I met a girl at a party
who used to work here.

They make them wear red feathers
in their hair.

And very little else,
I shouldn't wonder!

My Joselyn wouldn't be seen dead
in a place like this.

Let's not tempt fate.

Well, it has to be worth
checking out?

And how are you going to do that?

You are not suggesting...

that Father Brown signs up
for membership?!

I doubt the Bishop would approve.

Oh, you could just pretend to be
a concerned relative

and then ask
if Joselyn works here.

Well, that assumes
she's using her own name.

As far as I understand, the...

ladies who work in these
establishments use noms de plume.

How do you know that?

The things I've heard
in confession...

would make a sailor blush.

Oh, my God...!

Don't worry. I've got a plan.


I take it you, er...
have experience?

More than you
could possibly imagine.

What sort of act do you do?

What sort of act would you like?

Well, we've got a couple of singers
and a few straight burlesque acts.

I could use something
a bit different.

I can do... different.

I'd need to see it,
before I book you in.


I just need to gather
a few... props.

♪ C'est si bon

♪ Lovers say that in France

♪ When they thrill to romance

♪ It means that it's so good

♪ C'est si bon

♪ So I say it to you

♪ Like the French people do

♪ Because it's oh so good. ♪

Why have you stopped?
Want to see more, darling?

Well, I get my own dressing room,

two nights off a week and...

Twice what the other girls earn.

Wait a minute!

Scarlet, get out here!

Show our new employee
to her dressing room three.

Welcome to The Crimson Feather.

Hello... Scarlet.

Well, I never!

Do you know her?

She used to work for Mrs Curzon,
until she was fired for stealing.

They're obviously not too choosy
about who they employ here.

Thanks for that, Father.
Good news or bad news?

This is no time for playing games!
Is she in there or is she not?

She is.
Oh, thank God for that.

But she doesn't want to leave.
Why not?

Because she's earning over ten times
what she'd earn as a secretary.

She's sick of people telling her
what to do.

And to be fair,
she looks fabulous in sequins.

Well, I will go in and drag her out
by the ears, if I have to!

Mrs McCarthy...
perhaps I should deal with this.

But you can't go in there, Father!
What with all the.... Don't worry.

I will avert my eyes.

A family member
asked me to speak to her.

I'm sorry, Father. I'm not
in the habit of letting random men

into my girls' dressing rooms.
Not even a priest.

Now, we're about to open,
so if that's all...

Very well.
Thank you for your time, Mr Cranage.

I'll wait outside the front door,
until she finally finishes.


I'm sure I can make an exception
for a man of the cloth.

Come with me.

Scarlet's one of our newer girls.
Getting on very well.

But then, I always like to make sure
all my employees are happy here.

Don't I, girls?


This is her, Father.


What have you done?

It was not me! I did not do this!


I think, perhaps, you should call
the police and a doctor.


Joselyn... can you hear me?


Is she dead?

Why is she wearing your costume?

I... I asked her to go on for me.

My head was in such a spin after...

I need you all to clear this room

I just happened to be passing.

Any news on Janek?

The police are still hunting him.

It just doesn't make any sense.

I mean, I know he looks tough,
but he was so... protective.

I agree.

He was a regular at mass.

I always thought him... a good man.

Working in a place like that?

What if Verity was already dead when
he found her? Then why would he run?

Because he knew some people
would jump to conclusions.

Let's say, for the sake of argument,
that it was someone else.

Joselyn, you said that Verity
was wearing your costume.

Yes. It threw me,
Bunty turning up like that.

I couldn't face going on.

Is it possible
the killer was after you?

Hm, I can't think why.

And Verity...

would anyone have a reason
to kill her?


..a while ago,
Maurice asked if I'd like to earn...

some extra money.

There was something unpleasant
about how he came out with it,

so I said no.

Maybe he's up to no good
and Verity got involved?

Who wouldn't want to kill her?
She was vile to everyone.

Fifi! Well, it's true.

I mean, when I first started,

she was as nice as anything,
but recently...

I saw her arguing with Oscar

Don't drag Oscar into it.
He wouldn't hurt a fly.

What were you thinking?!

Erm... Bunty, Fifi...?

Degrading yourself
in a place like that

and taking all your clothes off
in front of all those leering men!

Have you no shame?
I'm sorry I lied to you.

And so you should be,

turning up at my door
and then vanishing into the night.

What were you playing at?

I wanted to see you one last time.

Say goodbye, I suppose.

You've always been so kind to me.


I... was planning to catch
the early train to London.

I thought I'd never see you again.

To London?

Do your parents know about this?

They're the reason I'm leaving.
You don't know what they're like.

I have known them for years.
They are good, kind people.

They try to control everything I do.
They want me to be someone I'm not!

Oh, so you told them you were
attending secretarial classes

when, in fact,
you were getting yourself a job

showing your bits
to... lecherous drunkards?

Burlesque isn't only about
stripping. It's...

It's artistic.

Oh, well, now I've heard everything!

I only got the job at the club

because I needed the money
to start a new life.

So... why are you still here?

Cold feet.

I made it to the platform,
but I couldn't board the train.

I was too embarrassed to come back
here, so I went to the club.

I never dreamed you'd find me there.

I am thankful
that you were not foolish enough

to see this ridiculous plan through!

And I am very thankful...

that it wasn't your body
lying on that floor!




Haven't seen you at mass
for a while.

I was ashamed.

You see where I work, you know why.

The police are looking for you.
I know.

I wanted to make money to take back
to my family in Poland.

Instead... I will hang.

Only if you're guilty.

I deserve it.

What do you mean?

Padre, are you in there?
I wanted to ask if...

Well, well, well...

I'll give you the benefit
of the doubt, Padre,

and assume you weren't harbouring
a wanted murderer.

When we found him, he was trying
to stem the flow of blood.

Doesn't mean he didn't stab her.

Have you found the murder weapon?
It'll turn up.

Either way, any jury would take
one look at that thug

and sentence him to hang.

I'll let you know
if you're needed as witnesses.

Well, he certainly looked
guilty to me.


But not of murder.

We should go to the club.
Look for...

Don't even think about it!

Perhaps... your godmother is right.

If the killer is still at large,

..you are still in danger.

How about I go with her?

As far as Maurice is concerned,
I'm still plain old Pepper Seymour.

I think it suits me.

And I can keep an eye
on the investigation.

Well, if Joselyn's going, I'm going.

Very well.
Then I will go to the station

and talk to Janek
and get his side of things.

You're not going to allow this?

With respect, Auntie Bridget,
it's not his decision.

I'll look after her, don't worry.
Forgive me if I'm not reassured!

All right,
I will have to go with you.

Oh, need help coming up with an act?

Bunty's right.
Maurice isn't going to let you

wander round his club
for no good reason.

Do you know anyone
who needs a cleaner?

As you can see, my references
include the Montague family.

Which begs the question,
why do you want to work here.

I need to talk to you.
Can't you see I'm busy?

How could you open after
what's happened? Life goes on.

You need to get yourself straight.
We've got customers.

We already had to find
a replacement dancer.

I don't want to have to find
a pianist, as well.

And, you, you're in luck.

The usual cleaner's
just handed in her notice.

It's like somebody up there
is looking after you.

Oh, well,
I suppose you could say that.

I assume you've heard of the phrase
"caught red-handed"?

Goodfellow, open cell two.

What if he found her
and was trying to help her?

Then how do you explain the money?

When he was arrested, Father,

they found an envelope
full of cash on him.

And Verity's fingerprints
were all over it.

So you think it was robbery?


Tell him to confess.
It'll make all our lives easier.

Feel free to accidentally drop
the key down a drain.

Nothing yet.

I heard Oscar had to hurry back
from the States

because he was in trouble
with the police.

I'm going to look upstairs.

Here you are...

Just look at this.

I can't believe it.

A man doing his own laundry?

Come on, I've got a special job
for you. No...


Cough if you hear anyone coming.
And try and look busy.

And what exactly will you be doing?

Same as you. Checking for dirt.

Oh, there must be a key
here somewhere.

Got it!


Quick, in here!





MAN: Get 'em off!


Go on!
Would you stop that?!


Oh, you should be ashamed
of yourselves,

sat there drinking and salivating.

I have stockings that are older
than some of these girls!

Oh, you think this is funny, do you?

Well, I have a good mind
to take a broom handle

to every last one of you!

Music, please, maestro.



Verity was in trouble.

I agreed to help.

Ah... trouble.

She was desperate.

There is a woman on my street and...

if you have the money...

An abortion.

Was the baby yours?

No! No, we never...

Then why did she come to you
for help?


..she knew I would give her
anything she wanted.

Even my soul.

Did she go through with it?


I went to try one last time
to talk her out of it.

That is when I found her.
I tried to stop the bleeding, but...

Janek, you have to tell
the Inspector that you are innocent.

But I am not.

God knew what we were planning.

He punished her and I shall be next.

And what happened today
is never to be spoken of again.

"I know what you've been up to
and I want a cut."

I beg your pardon?

A letter from Maurice's desk.

Tells him to leave money in
a storage cupboard under the stage.

So Verity was blackmailing Maurice?

It would explain
where the money came from.

Perhaps Maurice killed her
to silence her?

We should tell the Inspector.
Not yet.

We can't prove
this comes from Verity.

And we don't even know what
she was accusing Maurice of doing.

If Verity was pregnant,

surely we should be speaking
to the father?

Well, that piano player.

When I was at the club, I saw him...

Oscar would never have...
Would you please let me finish?

Finish accusing an innocent man?
You don't know anything about him!

Sensitive subject?

How long have you been seeing him?

Is Oscar the "friend"
with whom you have occasionally

been staying over with?

It's been a few months.

Since I started at the club.

That night...

when I disappeared
from Auntie Bridget's house,

Oscar and I were supposed to be
meeting at Kembleford train station.

We were planning to go to London


Only, he never showed up.

Do you know why?

Erm... I thought something
must've happened to him.

So you went back to the club
to find out what?

When I got there,
he wouldn't even speak to me.

I thought he loved me!

Does anyone else know?

Erm... only Fifi,
but she wouldn't tell anyone.

You won't say anything
to Auntie Bridget, will you?


You're wasting your time.
I don't do religion.

I'm not here to convert you.
I'm here to talk about Joselyn.

What about her? You were planning
to go to London with her.

And? What happened?

Ask her.
Was it about Verity?

Did you find out she was pregnant
and get cold feet?

Verity was pregnant?

Oh, I get it!

You... You think I'm the father.

Well, I wasn't.

And it was Joselyn
that got cold feet, not me.



I'm not paying you to smoke.

Thank you for coming so quickly.

How can I help?

I wish to send a letter home.

To say goodbye.

I have been charged... with murder.

The Inspector thinks I... will hang

..I want to ask for forgiveness
from my family...

..but I cannot write.

I understand.

But I'm afraid my Polish
is... straszne.

English is fine.

Our local priest,
he will translate.

I will help, of course. But...

..may I ask something in return?


Maurice was being blackmailed.

And I need to know by who and why.

I don't know who, but...

..Maurice had an arrangement
with some men.

Erm, customers. Wealthy.

Mr Cranage let them spend time
with one or two of the dancers.


Was Verity one of them?

Yes. But she would not blackmail
Mr Cranage.

He had too much power over her.

Now, please, the letter.

You will write home.

You will not say goodbye.

I will not let you hang.

It is in God's hands now.

Why do you think he sent me?

'I've already caught the culprit.'

So you say.

But I saw that musician
scrubbing blood from his shirt.

What if he made Verity pregnant,

she was demanding money,
making a fuss, and so he killed her?

The doorman was found on the scene.

As were you... found on the scene.

But we wouldn't want that
getting out, now would we?

I am only asking you if you will
investigate this... pianist.

What now?!


Mrs McCarthy.

I didn't expect to see you here.

I was just... You know exactly
what she's doing here, Padre.

Doing your dirty work, as always!


I'll bring him in for questioning.
But that's all I'm promising.

Well, he was clearly involved.

How else do you explain the blood
on his shirt?

Maurice made him mop the floor
after Verity's body was removed.

This is because we were
seeing each other, isn't it?

Oh, you're worse than my parents.

At least they wouldn't send
an innocent man to the scaffold

just to keep him away from me!

I am not going to pretend

that I approve of you eloping with
a down-and-out musician.

Oh, so it's his job you don't like?

And here's me thinking
it's the colour of his skin!

How could you think that?!

If anything happens to him...

I will never forgive you.

Where're you going?
To warn him!

Well, I was only trying
to protect her.

I've made a terrible mistake,
haven't I?

You're not intending to leave me
without a piano player

at such short notice?

Surely we can come
to some arrangement?

This is a murder investigation.

My customers are already
apprehensive about returning.

We are not an establishment
that flourishes in the spotlight.

We prefer the anonymity
of the shadows,

as I'm sure you can understand.

You're making a mistake!
I don't recall asking your opinion.

Did you know Mr Cranage
is offering...

extra services to his clients?

We are a respectable establishment.

You, stay out of it!

Take me to Mr Bergeres immediately.

Sergeant, with me.
Righty-oh, sir.

I know somewhere you can hide.


We've found our murder weapon.

Round up the other officers
and meet me downstairs.

We've got a manhunt on our hands.
Righty-oh, sir.


You know I had nothing to do with
Verity's death, right? Of course.


That's not my writing.

Listen up. I want check-points
on all roads out of town

and door-to-door searches.

If you find him,
approach with caution.

He tried to kill me!

Oscar! I hit him. I wasn't thinking.

I'm not going to get in trouble,
am I? Of course not.

Where is he now? In the store-room
under the stage. I'll show you.

Come with me.

You mustn't blame yourself.

None of us knew
he was capable of such...


He isn't. I know he isn't.


It's strange.

Whoever wrote to Oscar cancelling
Joselyn's rendezvous with him

had the same handwriting as whoever
was blackmailing Maurice.

And I believe that
that person killed Verity.

How awful!



You were convinced of
Janek's innocence from the start.

And so keen to return to the club
to prove it.

A perfect opportunity to retrieve
the shard you had hidden

and use it to frame Oscar.

You can't possibly think that I'd...

Take off your gloves.


When you first saw Verity's body,
you let out a cry of alarm.

But only after Joselyn
had grabbed your hand.

Ever since then,
you've kept your gloves on,

even in this hot weather.

So? I don't see how that's...

Show me your hands.


It was you!

You killed her!

No, I cut this on a broken glass.

She was pregnant!

It's true. No, don't listen to him.
It was Oscar!

Now he's been arrested,
we can go back to how things were.

"How things were"?

Before he tried to take you from me!
See, all this is his fault!

I didn't mean to...

I knew Oscar would find out
that you didn't write him that note

saying you weren't going
to elope together.

So I went to your dressing room,
to tell you how I felt.

To tell you that you deserve
more than him.

That he can't love you.
Not like I can.

But it wasn't you.

It was her.

She saw my pain...

..and all she could do was mock!

That must have been
very distressing.

I knew Verity would've told you
what I'd said just to humiliate me.

I had to speak to you first.

So I came here to Oscar's room
to find you, but you weren't here.

And that's when I saw
the broken mirror.

I could hear her voice
going round and round in my head,

laughing at me.

Laughing at us!
I had to make it stop.


And after you killed her...

..you realised
that you could frame Oscar

and have Joselyn for yourself.

So you planted the evidence

and dropped a few hints.

We can go now,
start a life together.

This is why I blackmailed Maurice.

I got the money for us!

There's never been an "us".

We were only ever friends,
and now...

No. You don't mean that!
You don't mean that. It's not...

Don't touch me!

No! No!



Stay there! Don't move!

No! Get off me!

Fifi, please...


Why should I?

Because you're unwell.

You think I'm ill
because I'm in love with a woman?

That's not what I meant.

Fifi, this is all so sudden.
I thought we were just friends.

But maybe, if I had time...

..to make sense of everything...

You mean...?

Come here.

We could be so happy.

It was her!

And you will write to me
from London? Every week.

You do realise your parents will
never talk to me again?

I'm sorry. For everything.

And I'm sorry
for leaping to conclusions.

I only ever had
your best interests at heart.

But I can see now that this is much
more than just some giddy fling.

I'll look after her, I promise.

Well, we're all much safer
now that mad woman is locked up!

What will happen to her?
Heaven only knows.

Inspector Mallory has requested
an assessment

of her mental state of mind.

The police found a bundle
of love letters in her lodgings...

to you.

She was obsessed.

And being so cruelly mocked when she
finally revealed her feelings

tipped her over the edge.

Thank you.

For everything.

You're welcome.

I only hope that you find
an occupation in London

that makes the most
of your intellect.

Don't worry,
I know exactly what I'm going to do.


I'm going to be an actress!

Best be off.
Don't want to miss the train.



Goodbye, Father.

Where did I go wrong?

Whatever do you mean?

My job was to safeguard
her moral wellbeing.

And I always thought
she was on the right track.

But it turns out she's been taking
her clothes off

in front of complete strangers

and now she's running off to London
with a... a musician.

I think you've done
a marvellous job.

Joselyn is loving, confident,
bright and courageous.

She put herself in danger
to prove another person's innocence.


Yes, I suppose that's right.

And perhaps, as you have appeared
on the stage of a burlesque club,

you shouldn't be the first
to throw stones?

Mention that one more time...

and I'll tell the bishop that you
have been enjoying the company

of strippers and harlots.

Yes, well, then, perhaps, in the
case of The Crimson Feather Club...

there should be a vow of silence.