Father Brown (2013–…): Season 5, Episode 6 - The Eagle and the Daw - full transcript

Justice for Katherine,
justice for women!

Here to help save an innocent
woman from the scaffold?

I believe that only God should have
the power to take a life,

but I can assure you
that Katherine Corven

is far from innocent.

Don't tell me you're gullible enough

to believe the police's
version of events?

I was there when she was arrested.
I have no doubt about her guilt.

But it seems, finally,

she has decided to seek
the forgiveness of God.

I should've known.

Another pawn in the male conspiracy
to kill a strong-minded woman.

Shame on you! Shame on you!

Excuse me.

Justice for Katherine!

All I know is she wants
to make a confession.

Is the prison chaplain
not available?

She asked for you by name.

Said she wouldn't speak
to anybody else.

Do you believe
she is truly repentant?


George will be outside,
so shout if you need him.

Thank you.

A word of advice, Father.

Don't turn your back on her.

Not for a second.

Katherine. Father.

So lovely to see you again.

I wasn't sure if you'd come.

I understand you're ready
to confess your sins to God.

Oh, absolutely. I can't wait.

Forgive me, Father,
for I have sinned.

It's been years since
my last confession.

What I tell you won't go
any further, will it?

Whatever you say is between
you, me, and Almighty God.

Wonderful. That's what I thought.

The Seal of the Confessional
cannot be broken.

So, if you truly wish to confess,
leave nothing out.

The affair, your husband's murder...

While there's nobody

I'd sooner share my darkest secrets
with, Father,

I've told you before,

my poor Bertie died of
a completely natural heart attack.

Then why have you summoned me?

I wanted to get something
off my chest.

You see...

..I've just arranged
the death of my lover.

You remember Raymond, don't you?

Tell me, was that terribly naughty?

Knick-knacks for the tombola
this weekend.

What's wrong? Nothing.

Why are you holding
a letter behind your back then?

I'm not.

Let me see it.

This is no concern of yours.

How dare you?!
Just give that back this instant!

"Prepare yourself, Father. For soon
your flock will learn the truth. R."

Who sent this?
I can't begin to imagine.

What did Father Brown say?

I haven't showed it to him yet.

Why not?! Well, he's just
not himself today.

Do you remember that
Katherine Corven woman?

The Black Widow? Who could forget?

Even the broadsheets went gaga
for her trial.

Father Brown cracked the case,
didn't he? Yes, he did.

And today he went to visit her
in prison.

It probably dredged up
some bad memories for him.

Anyway, this letter is just
some foolish prank.

Be that as it may, if someone is
sending this vile nonsense to him,

he should know about it. Maybe so.



Ah, Bunty, how are you?

Just peachy, thanks, Father.

Um, Mrs M has something
she'd like to discuss with you.

There's someone I need to visit.

Can it wait till I get back?

Father, whatever is the matter?
You look quite pale.

He has a right to know.


Raymond? I thought I told you to...

Don't shoot! Forgive me, Father.

I thought you were one of
those blasted journalists.

I'm rather glad I'm not.

I heard the shot.

What happened?


I was scaring off a bird of prey.
An eagle, I think.

It was circling over my chickens.

I'm sorry if I alarmed you.

It's good to see you. Likewise.

I'm sorry we didn't get a chance
to talk after the trial.

I thought it best to make myself
scarce before the mob descended.

Very wise.

So...to what do I owe the pleasure?

I just wondered how you were.

In that case,
how about I put the kettle on?

There you are.

So, you've decided to move on.

As far away from Kembleford
as possible.

I'm sick of the press hounding me,
the voyeurs snooping around,

hoping to catch a glimpse of
Katherine Corven's lover.

That must be difficult.

I still get spat at in the street
by people who think

I was involved in
her husband's murder.

And then there are the letters.


From Katherine, trying
to convince me of her innocence.

Begging me to visit her.

And have you?

Once, recently,
to tell her I was going away.

She got angry, so I left.

Why did you really come here?

I was concerned about you.

I assume you lock your door, with
all these people snooping around?

Don't worry about me, Father.
I'll soon be long gone.

Actually, I'm glad you're here.
I'd like to ask a favour.

Wait there.

Take it.

I'll be honest with you, Father,
I don't trust myself with it.

I will put it somewhere safe.

Thank you.

One other thing...

My spare key to the cottage.

With all the press lurking around,

I'd sooner not leave it
under a flowerpot.

Will you do me something in return?

Name it.

Please will you take care
of yourself?

I intend to.

Sorry to bother you, Inspector.

What have I told you,
Sergeant? Knock!

Sorry, sir.

Well, it's a bit late now!


Gunshot reported near Frimley Copse.

Probably a farmer
firing at a troublesome pest.

Thing is, sir,

the witness reported the gunshot
came from Raymond Worrall's cottage.


Seeing as Worrall was involved
in that Katherine Corven case,

I thought maybe...
They were right, you know.

A policeman's lot
is not a happy one.


Padre. Looks like you need
a celestial chariot

to descend from Heaven
and give you a tow.

Sergeant. Father.
Where're you off to, anyway?

Thought you normally cycled
TOWARDS gunshots.


Oh, that was nothing.

What's that?

It's something I've been given
to look after.

For a member of my flock.

Don't suppose it was
Raymond Worrall?

We believe the gunshot came
from his property.

He was scaring an eagle.

An eagle?

That's what he said.

Now, if you'll excuse me,
I'm wanted in Kembleford.

Shall we head back
to the station now, sir?

Not yet.


Try round the back.

Righty-o, sir.



Funny-looking eagle.


Where is he?

Inspector, this is most improper!

Know what's even more improper?
Having a hole in your skull!


Why exactly did you go to see
Mr Worrall earlier?

I can't tell you.

You can't remember something
that happened an hour ago?

No, I can't tell you.

You certainly can.
I'm an officer of the law!

I believe Father Brown's referring

to the Seal of the Confessional,

I don't care if he's referring
to the walrus at Chester Zoo!

A man is dead!


Raymond Worrall,
your eagle-bothering chum.

He was shot in the head
from close range.

So you'll have to do better than
"I can't tell you".

There was no weapon found
with Mr Worrall's body.

The doors and windows
were all locked,

so whoever did it must've taken
the gun and the key with them.

Where's that box?

What have we got here?

It's recently been fired.

As I told you, he...

The eagle, yes.

One shot fired.

I'll be honest, Padre,

if it were anyone else,
you'd already be in cuffs.

"Prepare yourself, Father, for soon
your flock will learn the truth. R."

I'm guessing the R
stands for Raymond?

I've never seen that letter
before in my life.

That is true.
It came first thing this morning.

I opened it, I read it
and then I threw it away.

Is that right?

It sounds to me like you wanted
Mr Worrall to keep his mouth

shut about something.

Is that why you went to his cottage?

As I said, I...

I've had enough of this.

Father Brown, you're under arrest
on suspicion of murder.

Sir, are you sure about this?

You're not obliged to say anything,

but apparently
you already know that.

Your lunch, Mrs Corven.

Not in the mood for chicken today.

Tell the cook to make me
an omelette.

But... Problem?

No, Mrs Corven.

Good. I don't have many days left.

I'd hate to waste them
destroying you.

I have bigger fish to fry.

I'll go and ask Cook straight away.

I assure you, Raymond Worrall's
death was none of my doing.

You assure me?
Well, that's all right, then!

No need to bother collecting
evidence, interviewing witnesses.

If you let me go,
I can find out what happened.

And how are you planning to do that?

I have certain information.

What information?

I'm afraid...

You can't tell me? What a surprise!

Sorry, Padre,
but if you want out of here,

you're going to have to be
a little more forthcoming.

How about I leave you alone
to think about that?

Is the inspector in?

Of all the ridiculous things
you've done, Inspector,

this really takes the biscuit!
Here we go!

How could you be so stupid
as to believe that Father Brown

could murder anyone?

He can't even kill the slugs
in his own garden!

Ladies, while I appreciate you
coming here to tell me how to

do my job, I have concrete evidence
of Father Brown's involvement.

He had the murder weapon in his
possession, for goodness' sake!

It wasn't him.

And you can't just fling him into
a cell like a common criminal.

I think you'll find I can.

Can't we come to some arrangement?

I don't know what you're implying.

How about you let Father Brown go
and I don't call my uncle at

the Home Office and get you a new
job directing traffic in Coventry?

Threats or no threats,
Father Brown is staying put!

I never want any of that!
I'm just a respectable fella,

trying to keep going
with his little operation.

What's he done now?

Stole a bicycle from outside
Mr Botham's cottage.

I thought it had been left out
for scrap.

Put him in cell two.

An innocent misunderstanding...

There you go, ladies.

The Padre will have someone
to keep him company.


He's coming now.
Father, I wanted to say that...

No need.

I'm sure it'll get ironed out.

I'll admit it, I'm surprised.

Not much shocks me, but this is
a right old turn-up for the books.

We've retrieved
a bullet from the body.

It matches the calibre of revolver
that you had in your possession -

a revolver that was recently fired.

We've searched the house,
but there's no other weapon.

Furthermore, Mr Worrall was
discovered in a locked house,

but there's no other key was found
on the body or during the search.

Then maybe the murderer
took it with them?

My thoughts exactly.

And then there's this.

A letter from the victim,

threatening to expose
some grubby little secret.

So what did you do, Padre?

Get too friendly with one
of your parishioners?

Embezzle money from the church?

My conscience is clear.

That won't help you in court.

You see, we have method, motive and
opportunity here - the Holy Trinity.

So, for the last time,

can you please explain what you were
doing in Raymond Worrall's cottage?

I'll give you the night
to think about it.

In the morning, either you tell me
everything you know,

or I charge you with murder.


Any news?

Nothing. This is all my fault.

If I had told him about
the letter...

You did what you thought was best.

Why do you think
he went down to that cottage?

He didn't say.

But he's been out of sorts
ever since

he came back from seeing
that terrible Corven woman.

Raymond Worrall was her lover.

So, more than likely,
she has something to do with it.

Well, I hate to put
a dampener on things,

but isn't Katherine Corven
very much behind bars?

It's not like they'd let her nip out
to shoot someone.

But what if she got someone else
to do it for her?

Maybe a cellmate
due for release or...

If only we could get in
and talk to her.

Why can't we?

One can't simply saunter
into a prison.

I don't see why not.

After all, my godfather is
chairman of the Board of Governors.

Is there any institution in
this country that is not run by

one of your relatives?

Not that I can think of.

Mrs Corven is awaiting execution.

She's being held
under the strictest conditions.

My godfather assured us...

Your godfather should know
the rules.

Very well.

I will file a report which states
that your prison breaches

the 1948 Criminal Justice Act,
section 23C.

Excuse me?

It states that every prisoner
has the right to meet in private

with a spiritual advisor
or representatives thereof.

You are spiritual advisors?

Representatives thereof.

We were sent by Father Brown.
He is...currently indisposed.

This is an unexpected treat.
Friends of Father Brown, I hear?

How is he?

He's in a prison cell,
as I'm sure you know.


What did you say to him yesterday?

That's private, I'm afraid.

Oh, we'll find out one way
or another.

No, you won't.

Only two of us know what was said,

and Father Brown
isn't allowed to tell.

His god won't let him.

Such a tragedy -
destroyed by his own faith.

If you don't put an end to this,
young lady...

You'll do what?

I'm being executed in a few days,
thanks to our mutual friend.

What exactly have I left to lose?

We'll prove that Father Brown had
nothing to do with Raymond's death.

I doubt it.

But I'd hate for your journey to be
a complete waste,

so would you pass on
a message from me?

Tell Father Brown that
I'll see him in hell.

Katherine must have recruited
someone to murder Raymond and

frame Father Brown.

All we have to do is find out who.

I wonder what they got in return.

Follow my lead.

You survived, I see?

Yes. And we know what
Katherine's been up to.

I'll show them out.

What do you mean?

You know exactly what I mean.

She told us everything.

She made a deal.

Please. Don't tell the governor.

If you want to keep your job,

you are going to tell us
your side of the story.

And don't leave anything out.

Katherine found out
about the affair.

Relationships between the officers
is strictly forbidden.

And of course George is married.

So she blackmailed you?

She told me she'd keep her mouth
shut in return for certain

favours - special meals,

and the letters. Go on.

All correspondence is supposed to go
via the governor's office,

but I'd sneak them out.

At first, they were just letters
to her lover,

Raymond or whatever he's called.

I think Katherine was trying to get
back into his affections.

Then they tailed off, and other
notes were going back and forth.

Other notes? To whom?

DISTANT: We demand justice!
Set Katherine free!

We demand justice!
Set Katherine free...


What were these notes about?

I don't know.

Honestly. I never opened them.
That was part of the deal.

Please. It was just a few letters.

No. I think it was much more
than that.

DISTANT: Set Katherine free!
We demand justice...

Something to keep you going, Father.
Don't tell the inspector, though.

He thinks you'd be more cooperative
on an empty stomach.

It is much appreciated.

Look, Father, I know you wouldn't
kill anybody and

so does the inspector, he's just
being too pig-headed to admit it.

Is there anything I can do to help?

That's very kind of you, Sergeant.

But I wouldn't want to get
you into trouble.

And when has a bit of trouble ever
stopped you from helping others?

Well, if you really want to help,

perhaps you could tell me who it was
who alerted the police to

the gunshot at
Raymond Worrall's cottage.

It was a young lady, but she
wouldn't give her name. Sorry.

Said she was calling from the public
telephone on Ridley Street,

if that's any help?

Yes. It is, thank you.

Anything else? No.

Yes. Erm...could you fetch me
a piece of chalk, please?

Justice for Katherine Corven!
Justice for women!

Justice for Katherine Corven!


Guilty conscience?

Why should I have?

One man is dead.

And another man is in a police cell
for a crime he didn't commit.

And a woman is due to be hanged
for defending herself against

a husband's tyranny.

Oh, we know Katherine Corven has
been feeding you her lies. Lies?

She killed her husband
and now she's killed Raymond.

Or at least got someone else
to do it for her.

You don't know
what you're talking about.

Katherine had nothing to do with
Raymond's death! She loved him.

She was trying to protect him.

Protect him? From whom?

She wouldn't tell me.
She said it would put me in danger.

But someone intended to hurt

and she asked me to watch
the cottage that morning.

If anything happened, I was to call
the police immediately.

So what did happen?

I heard a gunshot, so I ran
to the nearest telephone box.

Did you see anyone else near
the cottage? Anyone at all.

No. Well except that
rag-and-bone man.

The one who lives in the old barn
on Fletcher's Lane.

He was pushing his barrow
towards Kembleford.

But what could he have
against Mr Worrall?

You're wasting your time.
Father Brown did it.

Katherine warned me about him.

Said he's a corrupt, evil,

Father Brown is the best man
I have ever met.

And if you say one more word against
him, I will take your silly

little sign and insert it into a
place where no-one can read it. Huh!


Are you there, Father?


Do you believe in luck?

I believe in God.

Maybe that's what you want
to call it.

I believe in Lady Luck.

To look at me, most people wouldn't
think I'm a fortunate fellow,

but I am.

I am free, see.

Even in here.

Take this morning.

I'd just finished my last bottle
when fate provided.


Right. Time to go.


Lucky man, me!

# Now my song is over

# I've got no more to say

# Just give me an egg and brandy

♪ And I'll be on my way. ♪

Ugh! What is that smell?

I don't want to know.

Do we even have any idea
what we are looking for?

Something to link him
to Raymond, I suppose.

In all this rubbish?

It's like looking for
a needle in a haystack.

Maybe you're right.

No, wait. Look at this.

So you want me to arrest him
for owning a photograph?

Katherine Corven recruited someone

to kill Raymond and frame
Father Brown.

Harry Slow was seen in the area
at the time, and that photograph

proves the connection between them.

And what connection is that?

We don't know!
That's why we've come to you.

Sorry, but one photograph does not
a murder conviction make.

Did you find a gun? A key?

Any actual evidence?

No, but...

Where do you think you are going?!

Dentist appointment. Toothache.

And thanks to you two,
now I have earache as well!

Can't you at least bring Harry
in for questioning?

We've only just let him go!

All right! I'll bring him in.

But unless he has an identical
revolver, another key and the

motive to use them, I fully intend
to charge the Padre with murder.

Father Brown is no murderer!

How many criminals
has he helped to put behind bars?

Yes, I've been thinking
about that one.

It's hard to know what came first,
the chicken or the egg.

Was the Padre corrupted by his
exposure to so many murderers,

or is his skill
at catching killers just

a symptom of his own
homicidal instinct?

For goodness' sake!

Come on, this is useless.

Goodbye, Inspector.

Oh, and if finely-honed detective

skills are a sign that somebody
might be

a violent maniac, I'm sure none of
us has anything to fear from you.

Right, sir.

Sit yourself down.

What happened? Missed me?
Where did you get this?

Can't remember.

Look, we normally turn a blind eye
to your "activities".

Mostly because
whenever we bring you in,

Goodfellow has to hose down the cell

But if you want to end up in prison,
be my guest.

No need for that, Inspector.
I think it's coming back to me.

It's a miracle(!)

I was walking into town

first thing yesterday,
passing Frimley Copse,

when I saw a man digging a hole.

What did he look like?

Oh, you know...average.
Average height, average build...

I get the picture.
Why was he digging a hole?

He was burying something.

A wooden box.
Beautiful carved thing, it was.

Anyway, he clearly didn't want it,

so I waited for him to go
and then I dug it up.

Where is it now?

I sold it to the landlord
of the Red Lion.

Paid off my tab and got a few bob
left over to top myself up again.


I'll go and see if the landlord's
still got it, sir.

So the photograph was inside?

That and a few letters.
Did you read them?

Never been my strong point, reading.

Why keep the picture?

Look at it.

I can dream, can't I?


I don't have long. The inspector
will wonder where I've got to.

A man was seen burying it
in the woods yesterday morning.

Judging from the initials,
I'm guessing it was Raymond Worrall.

Or the murderer.
Maybe it's stolen from the house.

These letters are from Katherine.
"Fear not, my love,

"death cannot part us.

"One day we shall be together

It sounds like they were still
a couple.

Which is funny because Mrs McCarthy
reckons this Corven woman is

the one that wanted him dead.

So what changed to make Katherine
want to have Raymond murdered?

Maybe he'd told her that
he was planning to move away and she

felt abandoned?

Possibly. Sergeant!


What are you doing in here?

Just checking on the inmate, sir.

I heard a cry of pain.

I just wanted to make sure
he wasn't doing himself a mischief.

I stubbed my toe.

This for our benefit?
Don't waste your time, Padre.

We know you're guilty,
don't we, Sergeant?

Seems that way, sir.

Is that it?

Yes, sir.

Get all this cleaned up.

And send that other
troublemaker home,

and tell him to lay off the sauce.

Right away, sir.

I might be able to prove
my innocence,

but only if I can get out of here.

The inspector will never allow it.

But...perhaps there's another way.

Did you get rid of that drunkard
like I asked?

I did. Yes, sir.


Sweet dreams, Padre.


You can do what you like,
but I am going to gather the

congregation and we will maintain
a vigil in front of that police

station until Father Brown
has been released!

They're not going to let him go
because a bunch of octogenarians

are sat outside with a flask of tea
and cucumber sandwiches!

Did you actually say octogenarians?!



Nice to see you are both getting
along so well during my absence.


So, Inspector Mallory
finally saw sense?

No offence, Father,
but if cleanliness is next to

godliness, then don't expect
any help from above.

What happened to your cassock?

Long story. No time to explain.

But we need to get over
to Raymond Worrall's cottage.

But the place is all locked up.

How do you intend to get in?

Present from Sergeant Goodfellow.

We need to be quick,

before Inspector Mallory
notices I'm missing.

You broke out?! I'm impressed!

Was that wise?

Not entirely. No.

So, somebody shot Raymond Worrall,
left with the gun,

and then locked the door
behind them.

That protestor?


Because she alerted the police
after she heard the first shot,

from the public telephone box
in Kembleford.

She couldn't have got back here
in time to kill him.

It could have been
that prison officer.

I mean, what if she
and Katherine had

a deal that ran to more than
just delivering a few letters?

She was on duty.

Or that rag-and-bone man? He clearly
had a thing for Katherine.

Maybe he killed Raymond
in a jealous rage?

I don't think Blind 'Arry
was capable.

And why would he help me escape
from the police station if

he was responsible?

Well, who, then?

You don't think Katherine Corven
broke out of prison,

shot Raymond and then broke
back in again?


I think the answer
will come from on high.

Father, aren't you a bit long in
the tooth for this kind of caper?

I'll be fine.

Don't be so stubborn
and hold my handbag.

Shall I come up as well?

No need.

Oh, do be careful, Penelope.

You say that like
I've never clambered across

a stranger's rooftop before.

I'm never sure if she says those
things just to try and shock me.

What is it exactly
that I am looking for?


I still don't understand.

Why did the murderer hide
the gun up the chimney?

Why didn't he take it with him?

'He never left the house.

'The stone on the end of the cord
acts as a counterweight.'

So, when Raymond let go of the gun,
it disappeared up the chimney.

An old conjurer's trick, designed
to put the police off the scent.

Raymond shot himself?

And framed me, because he believed

that I sent his lover
to the scaffold.

And the soot on his gardening
gloves from the fire meant that

no-one noticed any burn marks
from the gun.

She must have convinced him to do
it. Lovers reunited in death.

But question - how did you know
that the gun was up the chimney?

An egg.

Jackdaws nest in chimneys.

'And when I found a jackdaw egg
so close to the house,

'I knew that Raymond
must have cleared his out.'

But why now, in this warm summer?

And this grate hasn't been used
for months.

All right. Second question.

How on earth are you going to
convince Mallory that that's

what happened?

I'm not.



These letters -
just a load of soppy nonsense.

Is the Padre awake yet?

I don't think so, sir.

Then wake him up and get him
into the interview room.

Let's see if he'll finally
start talking.

It might take a while, sir.

He's quite a deep sleeper.

Throw a bucket of water
over him if you have to!

Yes, sir.

# And now my song is over

# I've got no more to say

♪ Give us my eggs and brandy
And I'll be on my way. ♪

Is it time for bed yet?

Would somebody please put this man
in a cell where he belongs!

Now what's he done?

We found him trying to steal
the communion wine.

SERGEANT: I'll sort him out, sir.

Good. And don't forget
to wake up the Padre.

What an idiot.

Where have you been?
I asked you to fetch the Padre.

I had to pop out, sir.

"Pop out"?!

Where did you find those?

I had a hunch, sir.

You see, I think Raymond Worrall
killed himself.

I'm sure you understand
I was just doing my job.

Absolutely. No apology necessary.

Well, I'll leave you to it.

I hope it goes without saying
that none of this ever happened.

If the inspector knew I went
behind his back...

My lips are sealed.

And I've spoken to Harold and
he won't be spilling the beans.

How much did that cost you?

A rather fine bottle of Scotch.

Sergeant, you are a good man.

Some of my strawberry scones.

Extra cream.

You didn't need to do that.

You are a credit to the force.

I couldn't agree more. Thank you.

Right. Duty calls.

So, what now?

Hot meal, hot bath.

What's this?

Get used to it. There'll be
no more special treatment.

That's a big mistake.

I assume you and your gentleman
friend are still playing

hide the truncheon?

You know I wouldn't hesitate
to tell.

Tell whoever you like.

I've handed in my resignation
and he's left his wife.

You may not have long left
in this world,

but I don't intend to be your slave
for another second.

You don't want to be one
of my enemies.

Things don't turn out
so well for them.

Oh, yeah. I nearly forgot.

A little bird told me that
Father Brown has been released.

Turns out Raymond committed suicide.

Such a shame(!)



This is very kind of you.

Well, after everything you've been
through? Now, shush, and eat.

We know it was Katherine Corven,
by the way.

And we also know
that you can't speak about it.

Maybe you should go and see her

and show her she's not nearly clever
enough to get one over on the

great Father Brown.

Have you ever heard the story
of the eagle and the daw?

I can't say I have.

A jackdaw sees an eagle swoop down
on a spring lamb,

carrying it away to eat.

The jackdaw believes himself
to be as powerful,

so he flies over, lands on
the back of another lamb,

grips it with his claws and flaps
away with all his might.

But he can't lift the lamb, and
the shepherd sees him, catches him,

clips his wings

and gives him to his children
as a pet in a cage.

Vanity is very dangerous.

But she tried to...

I have no desire to gloat.

I shall pray for the soul
of Katherine Corven,

and that she may finally seek