Father Brown (2013–…): Season 5, Episode 5 - The Hand of Lucia - full transcript

If you're expecting a tip,
you can think again!

And bring those into the
house will you?

First left off the landing!

I paid you to move it,
not break it!

Ugh, imbeciles.




Silly girl!

Sorry, just testing my horn.

Thanks, Bunty.

Lulu And Lucia... Rings a bell.

From what I hear
it's nothing but filth.

It's frightfully saucy.
You should give it a read.

No, thank you very much.

It's filled with disreputable

My absolute fave is Lulu...

Lucia's secret lover.

Now that's more
than I need to know.

Oh, maybe you'd probably prefer
Cardinal Vogel the handsome gigolo.


Oh, I'm going to try and get it
signed now the author's local.

Local? Just moved into the area.

Finally someone in Kembleford
with a little bit of spunk.

But have you not heard?

Lucia Morell was attacked -

blinded in one eye.

Really?! Uh-huh.


Am I really that ugly?

Don't go anywhere near her.

I'll do as I please

and you won't stop me!

It's just like one of her novels -

intrigue and mystery attackers...

This is not some made-up story.

A woman has been maimed.


I wonder what the attacker
was after?

Perhaps they were trying
to bump her off?

Oh, now you're just getting
carried away.

Lucia said in her interview
she was going to reveal

who Lulu was based upon
in her next novel.

Mmm. You think someone was trying
to protect the real Lulu's identity?

According to this, Lulu could
be any one of 20 women.

How do I look?


No offence, but don't you think
she's just a little...

What, out of my league?



here goes nothing.

Oh, damn!




Are you all right, Father?

You look a little...


I beg your pardon?!

I meant mentally.

It's staring me in the face,
I know it is...

Lulu. Lu... lu?

You'll never get it.

Number 14.

Ursula Lansford?


Lady Ursula Lansford
of Uxbridge...


Father, you're a genius...

Lady Ursula is a respected
charity worker

who takes in young women
just out of prison.

Well, I intend to pay a social call
on Miss Morell

to get my book signed.

You should come along, Father.

Father has his homily to write.

Isn't that right, Father?


Of all people.

Accusing Lady Ursula!



You look stunning...

as ever.

But the glasses...


Oh, poor you...


I told you a long time ago
not to contact me.


But I need your help.

Not this time.

You helped me after the fire.

Why not again?

I've changed.


Morning, Mother. Shall I make some
tea for you and your guest?

Not now, James. I'm busy with...

..with my work.

Always are.

Brimming over with maternal
instinct, I see.

Should have taken my advice.

Gotten rid.

He means everything to me.

There was a time
when I was all you needed.

Do you ever think about what we had?

The nights we spent together,
our bodies aching,

dripping with sweat...

..but it wasn't just physical,
was it?

Just say your piece and go!

Very well.

The thing is...

I can't get a publishing deal
for my next novel.

Apparently my kind of
"erotica" is old hat...

You want money?

I've had to move into some hovel
on the edge of the village.

It just isn't me, darling.

My finances are tied up in
this place. Then sell it!

This is not just my home.

It's a place where ex-offenders
can live and start again.

How very selfless.

My aim is to open up the entire
house so that others can stay.

Oh, you're really starting to
bore me now, darling.

You either sell this place and give
me half the profits

or I'll reveal to the press

that my fictional lover
was based on you.

I don't care what my peers
think any more.

Does your son know about your past?

If you go anywhere near him, I'll...

You'll what?

I'm warning you.

You of all people

know what I'm capable of.

Apologies for not having
introduced myself earlier.

Lucia Morell...


That's... Oh...

Yeah, I met you briefly, years ago.

Yes, yes I'm an old friend
of your mother's.

Now please would you be
an absolute darling

and drive me home?

I don't live very far.

Um, right.

Um, of course...



You know...

You have your mother's eyes.

Oh, I-I really should be going.


Um, now I don't wish to be rude,

but you strike me as someone not
entirely very successful

with the ladies. Am I right?

Well, I...

And one might even endeavour
to say that, um...

..that you're still a novice.

Am I right?

Oh, my poor darling.

And the problem will only get worse.

You see, women can smell
desperation on a man.

And you, my poor love...

you positively reek of it.

Now, what you need is
a woman of the world to teach you,

so that you'll have the confidence
to charm any girl you want...



Would you like a lesson, James?


I am very sorry,

but I simply cannot let that woman's
daughter join the choir.

But she's got such a beautiful
voice, and she's really very keen.

Well, beautiful voice, or not,

until she is willing to lower
the hem of her skirt and...

Spot of brunch and then off to
Lucia Morell's house.

Care to join me?

I'm all for young people
joining the choir,

but we do have our
standards to keep up.

Isn't that right, Father?

Sorry, it must have been nerves.

I could comfort you with cliches
about how it doesn't matter

and how it happens to all men.

But I'm sorry, my love...

it's just not true.

No wonder you're still a virgin.

You were absolutely pathetic...

Please... I've had hundreds of men,
and never one SO inadequate.

You're like a little boy, really,
aren't you?

No... Did Ursula not give you
the attention you needed?

Too busy with her charity work
to notice her own son.

Is that why you took
comfort in eating?

You will never satisfy a woman.

You've got to face facts.

You're just a big, fat baby

who can't rise to the occasion!

Shut up!


Put your clothes on and go home!

After all she's done for us.

Lady Ursula doesn't deserve this.

If that one-eyed crow gets her way,
we'll all end up on the street.


We should pay her a visit.

One moment.


Lucia Morell wants to know when
you're going to interview her

about the attack, now she's
out of hospital. Give it here.

Inspector Mallory speaking.

Yes, I'll try and call later.

I-I beg your pardon?

Interview you in your negligee?

Inspector, when I'm at home

I like to conduct my affairs from
the comfort of my four-poster bed.


So you'll have to take
me as you find me...


Oh, one moment...


Sorry about that, Inspector...


'Miss Morell...'

Miss Morell?!

Rather run-down
for a famous novelist.

Well, her old house
was rather magnificent

until it burned to the ground,

and her latest place in Evesham
was repossessed.

I'm afraid you can't come
any further.

Murder scene...

Not Lucia Morell?

So the intruder was trying
to kill her...

Was anything taken?

Look, I shouldn't really say,
but... yes,

something WAS taken
after the murder.

That's why they took the hand.

In her novel, Lucia had Runic
symbols on her wrist

revealing Lulu's identity.

And so perhaps the real life Lucia
had the same tattoo.

With Lady Ursula's name on.

She must be involved in some way.

Found a bunch of abusive letters,
sir. All ready to be posted...

To who? Well anyone and everyone.

She had a warped passion
for upsetting people.

If you'd read her work
then you'd already know that.

She doesn't mean anything by it.

I see the old gout's back.

Cut the pleasantries, padre -

and keep your snout
out of my business!


Father, we should pay a visit
to Lady Ursula

and pretend to be interested
in her charity, or something.

So you can subtly introduce into
the conversation the death of Lucia?

Exactly, and observe her reaction.

Or, we can tell the
Inspector what we know.

You're joking.

That horrid little man
will only try and stop us.

Not quite right.

Mm, you're right.

Something smells good.

Do you work here?
We're looking for Lady Ursula...

Friar Victor Novak,
I'm the gamekeeper

Father Brown.

What order do you belong to?

None. Got thrown out.

There was no answer when we knocked.

Oh, go straight in.
She'll be round the back.



Need a second opinion.

Oh, no, it's quite all right,
we've already eaten...

Please, just a spoonful.

I think I've forgotten something.


It's actually not bad. Oh, more?

I really shouldn't. I insist.

Mmm... mm.


What's in it?

Rabbit, mainly.

Also squirrel,

and the odd vole for flavour.

Is that a claw?


We should have gone
through with it.

A smack in the old witch's mouth
and we'd have been sorted.

What, and risk going back inside,
is that what you want?

Are you all right, Mildred?

Gut rot...

I told you not to taste his stew!

Can I help?

We're visiting Lady Ursula

I say are you one of the ex-cons?


Bunty Windermere.

And this is Father Brown...

Scarlet. Finch.

Gosh, I have always wondered what
it must be like to be banged up.

Thieves, murderers, molesters -
all thrown together.

What's your vice?



This way.

Posh cow.

So, your Aunt Felicia is interested
in investing in my charity.

Well, she'd certainly like to
know more about it.

But I totally understand if you feel
our visit isn't convenient.

Why do you say that?

Oh... you haven't heard.

The novelist, Lucia Morell...

She's been murdered.


I'm sorry.


I only saw her this morning...

It must be a terrible shock.

You were obviously very close...


Well, it was suggested that
you were once very good friends.

That woman meant nothing to me!

If you say so.


if you'll excuse me,

I need my tablets...

Well, I think the Lady
doth protest too much.


What is it?

I'm just tired of people
walking all over me.

Even my own mother does it.

It's just her...

her way.

Well, I'm not going to let people
treat me like dirt any more.

What happened?


When I drove Lucia home.

What brought that on?

I don't know!

I'm so sorry.
You must think me awfully rude.

It is I who should apologise.

I've explained you had
some of the friar's soup.

You can't possibly brave
the journey home like that.

Would it help if you
had a little lie down?

Well... yes. Thank you.

The drawing room on your right.
It's got a comfortable couch.

You're so kind.


Father! Father Brown!

Nobody is to leave the grounds.

Cause of death is still unclear,
sir, but it looks like poison.

Well, at least none of her
body parts have gone AWOL.

You think the murders are connected?

It's highly likely.
Lucia Morell was here this morning.

And how do you know that?

Don't tell me -
the Holy Ghost told you.

Actually it was Lady Ursula.

I need to interview Miss Windermere.
Where's she got to?

Poor thing. How are you feeling now?

Well, rodents for lunch
and then discovering a corpse -

I've had better days.


Right, listen up.

I want to start with
Lucia Morell's death

seeing that she was
the first to croak...

Die. Pass on.

Did anyone see her
after she left here?

I drove her home.

And then?

I left straight away

and went to the White Hart.

You can ask the landlord...
And when you dropped her off,

did you see anyone else in the area?

Spit it out, lad! He saw me and
Mildred on the road to Lucia's.

We were going to scare her,

try and make her stop
blackmailing Lady Ursula.


Lucia was going to reveal that the
character of Lulu was based on her -

but we only got as far as the gates.

I persuaded Mildred not
to go through with it...

in case we ended up back inside.


A couple of ex-cons.
Now we're getting somewhere.

It doesn't make them murderers.

You know what I think?

Things got out of hand

and, instead of scaring her,
you killed her.

No. You're lying.

I saw them turn round and leave.

And where were you?

I was, er...


cutting across the fields.

I was going to plead with Lucia
to leave Lady Ursula alone.

Is this some kind of ruddy joke?

I've never seen a case
with so many suspects.

Knocked on the door
but there was no answer.


..so I went away.

Right. I want written
statements from all of you.

We'll start with you.

Follow me.

If you ever need to talk...

Thank you.
But we weren't close friends.

We just watched each
other's backs inside.

I hear you're a bit of
an amateur sleuth, Father.

I dabble.

Well, I hope you find the killer
before that copper fits me up.

I've met his type before.


I'm not sure they're your size.

Routine search.

Oh, not again.





What's happened? Look!


Why would someone do that?

Are you all right?

I think so.

It'll help settle your tummy.
Oh, thank you.

Is that what you said to Mildred...

before you poisoned her?


Where were you at 11:20 today?

I spent most of the morning
alone in my bedroom.

I had a migraine.

So, no alibi.

Lucia's hand was found
in your cistern...

in your private bathroom

and, since she was blackmailing you,

you have, by far,
the strongest motive.

You're not serious!

Lady Ursula,
I'm arresting you on suspicion...

I killed Lucia!


I lied. I climbed in through
a window and...


I had to protect
Lady Ursula's reputation.

By cutting Lucia's hand off?

The tattoo spelled out
Ursula's name.

But why then put
the hand in her bathroom?


hid it in a bag...

put it in with the birds...

but someone stole it.

Let's try again.

Friar Novak, I'm arresting you

on suspicion of the murder
of Lucia Morell.

This way, sir.

So who killed Mildred?

Friar Fruitcake.

So you think he poisoned her
because she took Lucia's hand and...

Back off, padre.

In case you've forgotten,
I'm the detective round here.

So sling your cassock.

So this Lulu character
is based on you?

It was a long time ago.
I don't want to talk about it.

I'm sorry, Father.
It's all rather too much.

I never had Father Novak
down as a killer.


he was always willing
to stand up for my honour.

He thought I regretted
my affair with Lucia.

But you didn't?

I ended it because of her sadism.

She genuinely...

hated people.

I know I should have run
a mile from her, but...

..she was so...

alluring back then.



You were in love.


It was much stronger
than love, Father.

There was a time when...


I would have died for her.


I won't ask if you slept well.

I don't need spiritual guidance,

Then I won't give you any.

One thing troubles me.

If you took the hand
to protect Lady Ursula,

why didn't you destroy it? Burn it?

I didn't have time.
Now, please, just leave me alone.

Odd that you confessed

only when they were about
to arrest Lady Ursula.

What hold does she have over you?

Don't speak of her in that way!



It's far more complicated
than just two people...

loving each other.

Mrs McCarthy, I need your help.

Several of the clues so far have
come from the novel Lulu and Lucia.

Lulu's identity, the hand.

So, Bunty's had an idea...

I thought if we all read
separate chapters

then perhaps more clues will pop up.

Oh, I should have thought you'd
know every sordid detail by now.

Well, you can't expect me
to remember all of them.

Chapter six, Mrs M.

Father, is this really necessary?

Well, if it helps to
prevent more murders...

Well, I suppose.

'Lucia had the power to turn
any male sophisticate,

'any male intellectual
into a savage beast.

'There had never been brotherly
rivalry between them, until now.

'With bloodlust running
through their veins,

'they would fight to the death.
And the prize?

'A night with Lucia.'

'Cardinal Vogel had been
humiliated for the last time.

'With fantasies of Lucia's murder

'consuming his every thought,
he burnt the palace to the ground.

'The side-splitting laughter
of those inside

'now replaced by
skin-blistering screams!'


'Lucia danced all night with
the Grand Duke of Luxembourg,

'his viper eyes slithering
over her every curve...

'..into every crevice of her body.

'He had a desire to own

'and, indeed, to soil all beauty.

'He had to have Lucia.'

Well... I think I need some air.

Or a cold shower, more like!



The sooner I'm away
from here, the better.

What's brought this on?

I found that novel at the bookshop.

James, please.

The things you and Lucia did.

How could you hurt so many people?

She... had a hold on me.

You know,
I wish my father was alive.

At least then I'd have
one parent I wasn't ashamed of.

You disgust me!

Oh, don't say that.

If I were you I'd get away from her.

She's not like that any more.

Why don't you come with me?

James, I've told you
I'm not interested!

Well, don't say I didn't warn you.

You are a monster.

But... where will you go?

What do you care?
You never have before.


Of all the named characters,

Cardinal Vogel has the strongest
motive for harming Lucia.

Whenever he pops up,
Lucia humiliates him.

He's the only real candidate
for the killer other than Lulu.


Why make him a gigolo?

another word for prostitute.

So the character could be
based on a woman? It's possible.

If Lulu was a pseudonym
for Lady Ursula,

what does Cardinal Vogel mean?

A cardinal is also a bird.

Vogel - German for bird.

Friar Novak and his birds!

So he really is the killer.

Not so sure.

Cardinal red is also
a vivid colour.

Red bird.

That's it.


I should have tried
to make him understand.

No. He just doesn't know how
charitable you really are.

You can't imagine how glad I am
you let me stay.

Well, Mildred said you
looked out for her in prison.

I only befriended her when
I found out she was staying here.

It was a way in.

A way in?

Well, if it wasn't for you,

I'd have never gone to prison
in the first place.

Who are you?

Exactly who I said I am.

Scarlet Finch.

But Lucia used to call me...

her little red bird.




Now, you can either die
the same way as Lucia...

or be poisoned like Mildred.

Your choice...

Stop! Stay back.
Scarlet, don't do this.

You don't understand.

I know that Cardinal Vogel
is based on you.

She paid me to be her plaything.

In the novel,
he sets fire to the palace.

I didn't burn down Lucia's mansion!

But they blamed you.

They shouldn't have
sent you to prison.

Lucia started the fire
while she was drunk...

then framed me. Three people died.

Ten years, I got.
Lucia ruined my life.

So then you came back here
with Mildred

and then you went alone
to Lucia's place...

..and you killed her
and cut off her hand.

But why threaten Lady Ursula?

I gave Lucia a false alibi.

It put her in the clear!

Everyone believed Lucia when
she pointed the finger at me.

I'm sorry.

I've never stopped thinking
about what I did to you.

That's why I started
the prisoner charity.

To make you feel better?

You could have come forward
any time over the years.

Now swallow them. Scarlet.

Get out of my way, Father.

I can't do that.

She's a victim too.

Lucia used you both.

She could have said no.

She had a choice.

And so can you now.

I won't tell you again, Father.


Lucia turned you into a killer...

..but that's not who you truly are.

How many more are you going to kill?



Just because we know the truth?

Is that why you killed your friend?


Let me explain.

'I had to stop her from
going to the police.'

How easy has it become
to take another person's life?

Try and remember
the young girl you were

before Lucia warped your mind,

before you went to prison.

Where is that girl?

Where is that goodness?

Where's her faith?

God will forgive you.

God still loves you.


I won't be long.

Lady Ursula...

What have I done?

No. You weren't to know
any of this would happen.

I thought I could live with my past.

What a fool.

You're a different person now.

Am I?

Or am I just deluding myself.

Everyone is worthy of forgiveness.

I'm not religious, Father, but...

I know God cast Satan into Hell

because there was
no redemption for him.

It's the same for me.

Do you honestly believe that?

I can't hide it any more.

I got immense pleasure
from hurting people,

wrecking their lives.


tapped into something and...

..I couldn't resist.

And now?

Not a day passes when I don't feel

the conflict of
good and bad inside me.


Then unburden yourself.

Tell the police everything.

You'll have to do that for me,


Told you.

Can't live with it any longer.


I knew...

one day...

it would become...


This day...

I need help here!




Just waiting for the friar.
They're releasing him.


And how are you?

I still can't believe
she could do such a thing.

Then again,
she never confided in me.

Cared more about helping others.

Her charity work was
her way of making amends.

But she did care about you.

I've never understood
why you've always defended her.

Now she's gone,
perhaps you should tell him.

I left the order because...

because I fathered a child. A boy.

I thought my father died in the war.

Your mother insisted
on keeping it a secret.

She wouldn't let me
live in the house.


I wanted to stay close.



It will take time.


Yet another secret of my mother's.

She was only thinking about you.

Deep down, she was a good person.

How can you say that after all
the horrible things she did?

Lucia was very controlling.


She was a vile, poisonous individual

and the world is better off
without her.

Well, it was all in there.

I'm surprised we didn't
work it out earlier.

Now that it's over,

can we throw that filth away?

Mrs McCarthy...!


I have no idea how that got there.

Unless it was you!

A lady would never
do such a thing.


She's probably got a copy
stuffed under her mattress.