Father Brown (2013–…): Season 5, Episode 4 - Episode #5.4 - full transcript


Keep moving! Stay on your toes!

I've always had
a weakness for powerful men.

Go on, son! Get him out, take him
out! Do it!

Ah, you should have been there,

Seen it close up.

What a fight!

Third straight knockout.

Connor McNeive, now,
he was class opposition,

and my boy laid him out in four.

Now that takes some guts.

Takes some heart.

I remember the first time
I saw him box.

Oh, he was a cheeky little sod,
wasn't he, eh?

Always looking for trouble.

This club has changed his life.

It's like most of the lads.

All they need is someone to
believe in them.

Jeb came good.

Did us both proud.

Do you know, the phone hasn't
stopped ringing?

They all want a piece of
The Chedworth Cyclone.

Hey, hey, hey! I thought I told you
to rest up?

Brought you this. First amateur
trophy I ever won.

You can put it on the shelf, in case
I get too big for my boots.

Well, er... Yeah, I might just find
room for it.

The padre's here for a debrief.

I hear it was quite a fight.

Not bad for a boy with no prospects.

I thought you got lucky, Jeb.

Sorry? Something you want to
say to my face?

Here he is! The man of the moment.

Just thought I'd see how you're
holding up.

I'm doing good thanks, Mr Nelson.

Good. I told you, didn't I?

This lad is going all the way.

What's all this? Bells of St Mary's?

Father Brown's
a big supporter of the club.

The church sponsored Jeb as
an amateur.

Keeping these boys on the
straight and narrow, eh?

I'm here if they need me.

Mr Nelson's our London promoter.

I've been sorting out your
next bout.

Well, I think what the lad needs
now is some R&R.

A crack at a title.
Southern Area Belt.

You will be taking on
Bethnal Green's finest.

Devon Hoyle?

Seven straight wins, son.
You've earned it.

Course he has.

You stick with me, boy. I'll make
you bigger than Freddie Mills.

Any news on the venue?

I was thinking of Cheltenham Town
Hall. Decent purse, home advantage.

Place will be a sell-out.

I doubt you'd get a licence.

Well, I'm working on that one.

Don't take it personally.

We were getting on so well.

Yeah, weren't we?

That title bout was mine, that was.

I'm still a decent prospect.

Top flight, pound for pound.

Yeah, well, I've heard
you're washed up, Roy.

Bit too fond of the old grog.

Just give us a fight on the
undercard then, yeah?

An opener for Jeb.

Please, Mr Nelson? I need this.

I've got my reputation to consider.

I've been your eyes and ears
in that gym, I have.

Does that not count for
anything at all?

Look, if you're that desperate,

I could always throw a bit more
door work your way.

How does that grab you?

So, this boxer of yours must be
something special.

The fight's already a sell-out.

He was a gifted amateur.

Well, good thing I've managed to bag
us some front-row seats.

Boxing is a pursuit of reprobates.


And why the church ever sponsored
Jeb Cornish, I will never know.

You've clearly never heard of the
Queensberry rules.

Builds moral fibre.
Isn't that right, Father?

I've always thought boxing
has a certain purity to it.

And since when has pugilism been
a pastime of yours?

Well, I'm more intrigued by
Dennis Nelson.

Ah, you've heard of him?

Bit of a gangster by all accounts.

Runs a string of Soho clubs.

There! What did I tell you?

Which is why I've agreed to keep an
eye on Jeb's training.

Pastoral care.

Any chance of a lift?

Hop in.

That's it.

Fast, straight punches.

Hey, hey, hey! Easy, easy, easy!

You bruise those knuckles,
you're no use to anyone.

Come to check on Joe Palooka,
have you?

How's he shaping up?


He'll be lucky to make the weight
with that big chip on his shoulder.

Now, Hoyle's defence is the best in
the business, right.

He's big, he's strong,
but you're quicker, right?

Stay focused. That's it.

Come on! That's it.

Ah, just give us a minute.


This is where it's won or lost.

This is where it hurts, son.

So you keep telling me.


On that punch ball.

Come on, come on! Work those feet.

I want you dancing like Nijinsky.

He was late for training
this morning.

I don't know why I bother,
if his heart's not there.

Perhaps you're working him too hard?

I've less than a fortnight to
lick him into shape.

What if he's not ready?

He'll have to be, won't he?

Because you don't say no
to Dennis Nelson.

Just speak to him, will you, Father?

Sort this out and leave the rest
to me, eh.

Teddy is hard to please.

I can't seem to do anything right.

There's a lot riding on this fight.

You think I can't handle
the pressure?

He said that you were late for
training this morning.

If there's anything on your mind,

you can talk to me.

There's a girl.

Someone I need to impress.

The most beautiful girl
I ever laid eyes on.

Yes, well, that would be
a tempting distraction.

I'm seeing her again Thursday night.

Teddy wouldn't approve.
He says women and boxing don't mix.

You sound smitten.

I'm going to ask her to marry me -

as soon as I win that belt.

Hey, we'll need a priest.

Perhaps I should meet her first.

She'll be there at the fight.

Can't get enough of me.

Jab! That's right, jab.


Keep your chin down, that's right.

Jab. Jab. One-two.
Right, uppercut.

Come on. Come on, drive through with
your legs! Come on!

Well done, good lad.

Right, Spence, get in and spar
with the kid.

Hold on, hold on, hold on.

Let's see how he does against some
real competition, shall we?

Right, this one wants to do
you some damage.

I'd like to see him try.

Yeah, well, he doesn't want you fit
for the fight, right.

I can handle him.
Right, make sure you do.

Come on, then, Cyclone. I thought
you were supposed to be quick?

You're a punch out, Cornish.

You're all talk, you are.

Is that the best you've got?

You won't last five minutes
in there against Hoyle.

You know that, don't you?

What's the matter, are you jealous?

You're too old for this game, pal.

I could drop you like a hot scone.

Come on, are we holding,
or sparring?!

Come on, lads!

Digging holes and catching vermin,

that's all your hands are
any good for.

Come on! Come on! Come on!

Hey! Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Right, what are you doing? Hey?!

You could have cracked some ribs!

Face it, Tomkins,
you're a has-been.

What does that make you then, eh?

You're a has-been waiting to happen,
you are. Hey, hey, come on.

Hey! Hey! What?

Hey, have you been drinking?

What? Have you been drinking?

Right, that's it. Get yourself
dressed and get out of my club.

Do you understand me?
You're finished.

Now, get out!

You all right?

Yeah? You sure?

Well, get that cleaned up.

So, how's the training coming along?

He's as ready as he'll ever be.

Hm! Well, I'll take that as
a resounding endorsement.

Oh, well. Suit yourself, then.

I'm off down The Crown.

One for the road?

Better not. Early start.

I'm meeting Teddy at the gym
early tomorrow.

Ah, the weigh-in - how exciting!

Oi, you! Hop it!

The bookies are raking it in.

Most of the village has taken
a punt.

Lots of money on Jeb to win.

Sentimental favourite.

You can't get decent odds
against him.


Ah, perfect timing.

I'm just picking up a few things.

Listen, you haven't heard from Jeb,
have you?

He seems to have gone to ground.

I expect he'll meet us there.

Well, he'd better not be late
for that weigh-in.

Ah, look at this.
Who left this open?

Stiff as a board. He's been lying
there all night.

Broken neck, by the look of things.

Well, this bulb's gone.

Would have been dark with
no light on, wouldn't it?

Get your fingers off!

You could be tampering
with evidence.

You saw the deceased in
The Lion last night.


Still suffering from the gout?

Just answer the question.

He left about seven.

Bit the worse for wear.

Fond of a drink, by all accounts.

Tripped and fell.

That wound on his head suggests
he must have fallen backwards.

We can finish this outside.

You said the door was open this
morning when you arrived.

Aye, that's right, and Father Brown
was with me.

What time did you leave the
club yesterday?

Must have been about six.

A couple of the lads were
still training.

Trust these lads to lock up, do you?

Course I do. They're like family.

According to a witness,

there was an altercation at the club
yesterday afternoon.

Yeah, erm...

Jeb and Roy had a little spat.

Something we should know about?

Roy was getting too fond of
the booze.

I threw him out of the club.

Told him he was finished.

How did he take the bad news?

I suppose he got drunk, as usual.

Drowning his sorrows.

So, why come back to the club?

Maybe he wanted to clean
out his locker?

Or maybe he was looking for trouble.

Goodfellow? Yes, sir.

I want the whole scene
searched thoroughly.

Righty-o, sir.

Look, if you've finished with your
questions, we've got a weigh-in.

Dennis is going to be wondering
where we are.

You're keeping some very dubious
company, Padre.

Dennis Nelson is a piece of work.

Hopefully, I can make him see
the error of his ways.

I'll need to talk to Jeb.

In the meantime, you're free to go.

All right, thanks.

We should think about
postponing the fight.

What, and make Jeb
a victim of circumstance?

No chance!

You think he might have been
pushed? I'm not ruling it out.

Murdered boxers with links to
the Mob?

If the press get a hold of this,
they'll have a field day.

I should never have gotten into the
ring with him.

How many times have I told you,
Roy was drunk, he fell.

He only had himself to blame.

Now, you forget about Roy.

You need to focus on Hoyle.

This doesn't feel right, Father.

Shouldn't we say a prayer,
or something?

Never let sentiment cloud
an opportunity.

Heard about the accident.
Terrible business.

News travels fast.

Father Brown,
still doing your bit for the team?

You knew the deceased, I believe?

I came across him a few times.

Look, maybe we should have
a whip round.

You know, some kind of fitting

In the meantime,
we have got a fight to win.

That's exactly what I said.

What do you reckon, eh, Rita?

Does the Chedworth Cyclone
have what it takes?

He certainly looks promising.

ANNOUNCER: Boxers to weigh in,

Oi, don't let me down, son.

Bunty Windermere.

I don't believe we've met.

I would have remembered.

I've never been to
a weigh-in before.

Perhaps you could talk me
through it?

Well, why don't we get closer
to the action?

Seems we've both been abandoned.

Don't worry on my account.

He always comes back.

It grieves me to say,

but the padre does have a point.


The angle of the body.
Something just doesn't add up.

You might want to see this, sir.


Devon Hoyle weighs in at 100
and 74 pounds!


They haven't seen this much
excitement since the Gold Cup.

Dennis certainly knows how
to make a splash.

Right, chin up and chest out. And
remember, the fight starts here.

How did you meet him,
if you don't mind me asking?

I was working as a croupier
in one of his clubs.

The Pink Flamingo.

Jeb Cornish weighs in at 100 and
70 pounds!

You must have known Roy Tomkins,

Must I?

He used to work as
a doorman for Mr Nelson.

Plenty of boxers do.

He doesn't go anywhere without
his hired muscle.

He's giving away four pounds.

He looks in fine shape to me.

Now, what are the police doing here?

something I can help you with?

You can call off these clowns
for starters.

We're in the middle of a weigh-in.

Jeb Cornish, I'd like to question
you in connection with the death

of Roy Tomkins.


We can do this down at the station.

You and Roy Tomkins had
a fight at the club.

We were sparring.

This was found in your locker.

Blood stains.
He gave me a bloody nose.

In front of all your peers.

Must have riled you.

I've been looking at your rap sheet.

Juvenile assault charge got you
a stretch in a proovy school.

I've put all that behind me.

What time did you leave the
club yesterday?

Six-thirty? Seven?

Last minute training?

It can make all the difference.

And where did you go when you left?

Home, to bed.

I've got a title fight tomorrow.

We went to your digs.

Had a word with your landlady.

She said she heard you come home
around midnight.

Where were you,

if you weren't at the club?

No comment.

I'm arresting you on suspicion of
the murder of Roy Tomkins.

I swear, I didn't do it...

You're not obliged to say anything,
but anything you do say will be

taken in writing and may be
given in evidence.

What makes you so sure it was

We found traces of blood on the
floor of the gym.

The body was moved.

It must have been heavy.

Well, the killer cleaned up, made
it look like an accident.

Doesn't explain the broken neck.

We've nothing substantial to tie
this to Jeb,

and although he hasn't been able
to account for his whereabouts...

Find him a cell for the night.

Yes, sir.

I suppose ten minutes alone with him
is out of the question?

You suppose correctly.

He's still being questioned
under caution.

If that was all.


I'm here as a witness.

I saw Roy arguing with Dennis Nelson
outside the club.

What are you implying?

That perhaps Nelson had
a motive for murder?

After all, we both know what
he's capable of.

prostitution, racketeering...

Quite a list.

As much as I'd like to lock him up,
Dennis Nelson has an alibi.

He was with his girlfriend
all evening.

Rita Simmons.

Not the dumb blonde she
appears to be.

Nelson keeps his hands clean while
she does all his dirty work.

She's lying.

Covering for him.

Unless you can prove it,

I'll settle for the suspect
we've got.

Bit out of the way for your rounds.

I've come to ask for your help.

Look, I'm sorry your boy got

You gave Dennis Nelson an alibi.

I told the police I was
with him all night.

You need to tell them the truth.

That you were with Jeb.

I don't know what he told you,
but... He mentioned a girl.

He saw her yesterday.

And why would you possibly
think that was me?

The weigh-in.

I saw there was
something between you.

Rather astute for a priest.

Practised intuition.

It was just a bit of fun. It's over.

I don't think Jeb sees it like that.

If Dennis found out,
he'd kill us both.

You think he's capable of murder?

He isn't a man you'd want to cross.

Did Roy Tomkins cross him, I wonder?

NELSON: Rita? Who is it?

No-one important.

Look, Dennis will see he gets out.
He needs him for the fight tomorrow.

As long as this stays between us.

Get in.

You came to the guesthouse
yesterday evening.

Something on your mind?

Jeb Cornish was arrested on
a murder charge and we both know

he didn't do it.

So, you think I might have done it?

I know that you were at the club

the night he died.

So, I bashed his brains and left
that there as evidence?

That would have been foolish, yes.

Look, I just offered to post Jeb's
bail 20 minutes ago.

Released into custody of
a person of good character.

So that counts me out.

I put your name down
as his guarantor.

We make a good team, Father Brown.

I should use you more often.

You've met my company lawyer, then?

He said you wouldn't have a case.

I don't need to remind you that
Jeb's still under caution.

You're bailed to the care
of Father Brown.

Yeah, well, Cheltenham Town Hall
is as far as he'll get.

I will see you later.

You'd better sign that paperwork.

I'll see you outside in a moment.

Dennis Nelson has long arms.

Phone call from
a Councillor Boothby.

Pulled some strings.

This street-corner betting
on the fight...

We turn a blind eye.

Bigger things to worry about.

Well, perhaps Jeb's promoter
has a conflict of interests...

..bearing in mind his form
for racketeering.

Funny you should say that.

There's been a late run of money on
a knockout by Hoyle.

Spread betting to ward off any
unwarranted attention.

Jeb might be the favourite,

but the smart money says
he's going to lose.

No Teddy?

He's already at the venue.

Right, we'd better get a wiggle on.

Did Roy Tomkins know about
you and Rita?

You think I killed him to
keep him quiet?

She's a dangerous woman to
fall in love with.

You don't know her like I do.
If Dennis Nelson finds out...

In case you hadn't noticed, Father,
I can take care of myself.

Now if you don't mind,
I've got a fight to win.

Thanks, Mr Nelson!

No more bets.

COMMENTATOR: The atmosphere this
evening is electric -

an impressive turnout to support
the local favourite.

The inspector wants officers
outside the venue,

just in case Cornish decides
to skip bail. Go on.

Looking at the form book,
he's certainly the underdog.

Didn't seem to bother Cornish in his
last fight at Wolverhampton.

What made you change your mind?

Needs must, when the devil drives.

If Roy Tomkins was murdered by
the Mob,

the Father could be next.

Just giving the lad some space.

Last few minutes, always the worst.

Why didn't you tell me
the club was in trouble?

It wasn't your concern.

It is now.

I ran up some debts.

With a dubious line of credit.

No wonder Dennis Nelson takes
such an interest.

How much do you owe him?


Enough to fix a fight?

Keep your voice down,
will you, Father?

Insider betting.

Dennis Nelson is
set to make thousands...

..as long as Jeb loses.

He came to see me
the day before the weigh-in.

The day Roy Tomkins died.

Called in the loan.

And made you an offer you
couldn't refuse.

Like I said,

you don't say no to Dennis Nelson.

Is Jeb in on this?

Course he isn't.

You haven't told him, have you?

At least let him hear it
from me, eh?


Jeb. Jeb, listen..

You set me up! The one
person I trusted.

Nelson set us both up.

All you need to do is lose and
everybody wins.

I don't take a dive for anyone.

You're young.
There'll be other fights.

Plenty more chances.

What was it for, Teddy, eh?

All the work we've put in!

I didn't have a choice.

There's always a choice.

Look, I'm mobbed up.

If there was any other way...

You can't throw this fight...

Please, please, Father.

Just please keep out of it, eh?

You can't throw this fight because
you are better than that.

I believe you're a champion.

Look, it's about survival.
Simple economics.

We win the purse, we give Nelson
his cut.

We're squared anyway,
we're laughing.

That wasn't a punt Dennis was
prepared to take.

He thinks Hoyle can beat you
on the square.

And what about you, Teddy? Huh?

I know you can take him.

On your day.

But this isn't your day, son.

That's ?500.

Ten times
what you'd make on the fight.

And what if I go to the police?

He's already up on a murder charge.

This could finish me off for good.

I'm not going to throw the fight!

Just dropped in to wish you
the best of luck.

And, er, you might want to listen
to Teddy's advice.

Ain't that right, Rita?

Right then. We'll see you out there.


He knows.


Have you been playing
around with Rita?

Oh, you stupid little...!

He treats her like he owns her.

Well, maybe he does!

Maybe he owns all of us.

Do you want to end up like Roy?

All right.

I'll do it, but I'm doing
this for Rita.

Oh, Jeb!

On one condition.

I don't want you in my corner.

I never want to see you again.

Councillor Boothby, I don't believe
we've met.

And this must be your lovely wife.

Of course, you know Rita. Oh, yes.

Quite a turnout, isn't it?

Isn't it just? This is Mrs McCarthy.

Father Brown's parish secretary.

Cor, we'll have the Bishop down here
next and a couple of altar boys...

Bit of a fight fan on the quiet.

Oh, yeah?

Well, you're in good company,
my dear.

Somehow, I doubt that.

That's the girl Jeb's sweet on.

She wouldn't fool me
with her dubious charms.

That "mink" stole
she's wearing is rabbit.

Check out the shiner.

Looks like she might be in trouble.

RING ANNOUNCER: Fighting for the
vacant Southern Area Belt,

with a record of 18 wins,

two defeats and seven knockouts

it's the Bethnal Green Bomber,

Devon Hoyle!

COMMENTATOR: And Hoyle heads into
the arena, looking fit,

looking lean, looking mean.

In the red corner...

You need to get that money to Rita.
She knows where to meet me.

You can't jump bail!

I vouched for you.

You've got me all wrong then,
didn't you, Father?

..the Chedworth Cyclone,
Jeb Cornish!


COMMENTATOR: Cornish taking the
fight to Hoyle

from the opening bell.

Hoyle keeping his distance from that
lethal right arm.

Oh, a punishing one-two-three!

Cornish reckless with his
early efforts.

Smart jabs finding their mark.

Without O'Connell in his corner,
well, right now,

Cornish is on the wrong side
of this.

35 years I've been in
the fight game. Mm.

I tried to work with what I got.

And then, once in a lifetime,

someone special comes along.

The one person that might make it
all worthwhile.

And what did I do when he needed me

Sold him down the river.

And for what?

30 pieces of silver.

We can still make this right.

Clean, clever boxing from
Hoyle in this round.

His well-drilled combinations
beginning to find their mark.

Cornish is down, one knee
on the canvas.

The referee steps in,

the crowd are willing Cornish to
get back on his feet.

Six, seven, eight...

You good? You good?

Desperate blocks from Cornish,

hanging on for dear life.

Oh, come on!

At least make a fight out of it.

Hoyle's running rings around him.

Why isn't Teddy in his corner?

And there's the bell and for Cornish
it couldn't come fast enough.

And what in Heaven's name
has happened to Father Brown?

Hoyle's well on top after these
early rounds.

Sticking carefully to a game plan.

Taking the fight to his opponent.

And, so far, he hasn't looked
too troubled.

I'm just going to powder my nose.

Come here!

We're going to watch him
lose together.

This isn't a fight,
this is a beating.

Frightened he's going to ruin
his pretty face?

I know what you've been up to.

I kept him amenable,
just like you asked me to.

You've played me for a fool,

I hope he was worth it.

Frankly, the home favourite looks

Surely there's
no way back for Cornish?

Hold on, I can see Cornish's trainer
back to the red corner.

Well, this is a turn up!

Where's he been?

For once in your life,
you listen to me.

You're the best bloody boxer
I've ever seen

and we're going to win this
fight together,

no matter what it costs us.

Hey, now, concentrate.

You can take him.

He's wide open on the left.

Wear him out, wait for an opening,

just like I showed you.


Cornish steps out for round four.

He's keen to get back into this.

What's he playing at?

Help me, please.

He's looking like a fighter

Oh, there's some thrilling boxing
here from the Chedworth Cyclone.

A beauty of a left hook that
sends Hoyle reeling.

Come on, Jeb!

He's not beaten yet.

Not by a long shot.
You, you knock him in the ear!

You stupid woman!

You going to hit me, too? And me?


Get after her!

TEDDY: Come on, come on!

One big punch you can take him
this round.

Go on! Smash his filthy face in.

Hoyle is down!

The referee is counting him out.

Four, five, six...

I don't think he'll be getting up
from this one.

..nine, ten!

That's it! It's all over!

The Cyclone wins by a fourth round
knockout! What a fight!

Right, we've got to get you out
of here - quick!

What about you?

Don't worry about me.

I'll deal with Dennis and
whatever comes my way.

We did it, Ted.

We showed them, didn't we?

I always knew you would.

I'll see you later, champ, eh?
Come on.

Jeb wanted me to pass on a message.

He's expecting to meet you later.

Running off into the sunset

That was never going to happen.

Black eye?


You were the insurance policy,

in case Jeb didn't bite.

Men only ever see what they want to.

That money isn't yours to take.

Seven years with Dennis?
I've earned it.

What about Jeb?

Jeb's too good for me.

He deserves better.

Rita, you both deserve better.

He fell for a fantasy.

A cheap blonde on the make.

None of this is real.

Redemption is real,
if you truly seek it.

I'm touched by your faith in me,

but I really don't have time for
a sermon right now.

If you leave like this,

the police will have nothing
on Dennis.

I'll cut you a deal.

Here's a diary of all of Dennis'
business dealings.

Dates, names, enough to secure you
a conviction.

You'll still need to testify.

They'll have to find me first.

My car's outside.

I'm not leaving without Rita.

She's already gone.

Where is he?

Somewhere you won't find him.

You have made a big mistake.

I think that there has been
enough violence.

Get out. I might just forget
you're a priest.

Isn't that just the measure
of the man?

Dennis Nelson, I'm arresting you
for fraud...

Oh, don't make me laugh.

..wilful corruption of sporting
officials and perpetrating

an illegal betting scam.

If Scotland Yard can't put
anything on me,

I don't rate the chances of some
village Bobby.

Perhaps this might narrow the odds?

I thought I might find you here
this morning.

Yeah, I just needed some peace
and quiet.

All that excitement.

Eventful night.


One of those nights
you'll always remember.

There's a warrant out for Jeb's
arrest for violating

the conditions of his bail.

Well, Dennis is safely banged up.

They'll soon pin the murder on him.

I don't think Dennis Nelson
killed Roy.

He's a piece of work.

He's a proper villain.

He came here,

but you know that.

Because you arranged to
meet him here.

Is that when you set up the scam?

Roy saw me take the money.

He must have come back for
a few things.

He knew you were setting up Jeb...

Roy knew Dennis had form for
fixing the fights.

He wanted a cut!

Said we all owed him.

I couldn't let him walk away.

It was just the heat of the moment.

It wasn't planned.

You pushed his dead body down
the stairs

to make it look like an accident.

That took some planning.

This club is my church, Father.

Where would those lads be
if this closes?

Back on the street.

I did it to protect them.

You did it to protect your own

And now, perhaps, you might like
to make penance

in your church,

before you confess to
Inspector Mallory.

Well, I've got a feeling
that she's not coming.

She'll be here.

All right, time for a pep talk.

There are certain kinds of women -
Mrs M would call them fast -

they really can't be trusted,
and men like you never tend

to see them coming,
so then they take advantage.

Thanks for the lift,
you're a life-saver.

I thought you'd stood me up.

Can't a girl be fashionably late?

Oh, ye of little faith.

Shall we? Yes.

will you give us your blessing?

God be with you.


Red Lion.