Father Brown (2013–…): Season 5, Episode 11 - The Sins of Others - full transcript

Lady Felicia's former chauffeur Sid Carter is released from prison, swearing vengeance on Giles Foster, his defending barrister whom he believes deliberately suppressed evidence, so that he is the prime suspect when Foster is murdered. Father Brown is convinced the alleged victim was bribed to protect the real culprit and his suspicions are increased when a hitman tries to kill him. Now the father has two objectives - to catch the actual murderer and stop Sid from getting to them first.

WARDER: Signed up, Carter.


I heard you were looking for me.

I want to buy a gun.


That is wonderful news.

Yeah. Who'd have thought it?
Me, a model prisoner?


I think you know each other.

Sid! When did you get out?

Didn't I teach you anything?


You're not going to get much power
out of a single carb, are you?

Which is why I'm replacing
it with this.

Nice! Do you want a hand?

Why not?

Sidney! Sidney Carter. It IS you.

How...? Well, I mean, when...?

First time I've seen you speechless,
Mrs M.

Time off... for good behaviour.

So it's over.
The whole horrible nightmare.

It's really over.


Well, first things first,
let's get you fed.

Now, I've just been trying out
a new recipe - coq au vin.

Coq au what?

Coq au vin, it's French.
It's got garlic in it.

This coq-what's-it's really good.
ALL: Coq au vin!

What do you think of it, Father?

Striking Mediterranean flavours.

Thank you.

Well, we can't be eating boring old
shepherd's pie every day, can we?

And I always think there is nothing
like the taste of the Continent.

Nothing like it... at all.

Miles better than what I've been
eating for the last year.

I can only imagine.

I expected you to be a bag of bones,

but look at you with the big
beard and everything.

There's not a lot to do inside other
than stare at walls

and do push-ups.

All the more reason you should've
allowed us to visit you.

I'm sure Sid had his reasons.

Sometimes you are too forgiving.

It broke the Father's heart you
refusing to let see him see you.

Well, the main thing is you're back
and things can get back to normal.

Or what passes for normal in

I've drawn up a list of jobs for you
to do around the presbytery.

Oh, yes, and you can help
me and Bunty in the garden.

Yeah, sounds good...

I've got to go. Sorry.

Thanks for the food, Mrs M.

It was good to see you again, Bunt.


He doesn't seem at all right to me.

Perhaps he just needs time.

Unless prison has changed him for
the worst.

He kept looking at the clock.

You're going to follow him?

I'm just going for a nice bike ride.

In his direction?


What are you doing with a gun?


Just go, please.

Not until you tell me what's going
on. Whose house is this?

Edward Reese. Head of the
Judicial Appointments Commission.

He's in there throwing a lovely
little shindig

for his latest appointee.

Giles Foster.

Your defence barrister.

My so-called defence barrister the
piece of sh...


I'll take that, shall I?

Unless you want
me to call the police?

I thought you were on my side. I am.

This way, gentlemen, please.

Thank you.

Thank you, everyone. And now I
sentence you all to fine champagne.


I wanted to thank you for all of

It's above and beyond,
to say the least.

On the contrary,
it's fully deserved.

You're the finest young
lawyer I have ever met.

The son you never had?

Oh, don't be so sensitive.

A little sensitivity wouldn't go
amiss in this family, would it, dear?

What are you talking about, dear?
I have a heart of gold.

I just choose not to mollycoddle,
that's all.

Don't let him get to you.

He's not getting to me, Mother.

Lawyers are all the same.
Always playing dirty.


Consider yourself fortunate you
dropped out of law school.

I think I'll get myself a drink.

What are you doing here?

So you remember me.

I'm touched, Your Honour(!)


Father Brown. I'm here to mediate.

And perhaps we should go
somewhere less public.

There's nothing to mediate.

What about the matter of
a certain witness statement?

What are you talking about?

I got hold of my case files
while I was inside.


Patient next to
Judith Miles... you remember.

The woman I allegedly beat up?

Said he saw
a man visit her in the ward.

Panama hat, scar on his face.

After he left,
she accused me of the assault.

You didn't think that was relevant?

If something like that had been
bought to my attention,

I would have presented it in court.

If it does exist, then give it to
me and I'll take it to the...

You really think I'm going to trust
you with it? A corrupt lawyer?

I've heard enough of this.

You do NOT walk away from me.

What's going on?


Off my property,
or I'll call the police.

Sidney, we're leaving.

Give me the gun.

And what do you intend to do with

Just want to get him alone,
make him talk.

And if he doesn't,
then what? Shoot him?

That man stole a year of my life.

Then you should take that witness
statement to the proper authorities.

Proper authorities(?)
What have they ever done for me?

When you were arrested I did
everything I could to solve

this case.

I never stopped
thinking about it.

And that woman never
changed her story.

I'm going to handle this myself.




Oh, my goodness!

Right, let's get that champagne
glass dusted for fingerprints.

What are you doing here, Padre?

Just happened to be passing.

Of course you were(!)

Giles Foster, sir. Defence
barrister, newly appointed judge.

No doubt I'll have a list of
suspects as long as my arm.

I'll save you time there, Inspector.
I saw who did it.

It was his friend.

Who's he talking about?

Sid didn't do this.

Are you calling my son a liar?

He was threatening Giles moments
before this happened.

Is this true?

Well, he was angry, yes, but...

What exactly did you see?

He walked right up to him and stuck
the glass in his throat.

He didn't give the poor fellow
a chance.

Get him!

Sid Carter, I am arresting you for
the murder of Giles Foster.

I didn't do it!

You are not obliged...
Where's the witness statement?

It's under my bed, in the money box.
I did not do it, Father.

...given in evidence.

Oh, Father you're back. Now...

What on earth are you doing with

Sid's been arrested for murder.

Oh, sweet Jesus. Penelope was right.

Prison must have changed him.

He didn't do it.

His caravan was ransacked and
a witness statement

has been stolen that his
defence barrister hid.

Is that the murder weapon?


Well, then...? It's Sid's.

I know you care about him.
And I do, too,

but you really have to at least
consider the possibility.

I will not let him down again.

How can I...?

What are you doing here?

I just want to talk.

I already told you everything.

But you didn't tell
me about the man with the scar.

And you know who I mean.

I've got no idea.

The man who visited you in hospital
after you'd been attacked.

Wills and probate. Yes,
we can handle that for you, Father.

I'll have to check
Mr Chandler's schedule...

I've put that life behind me.
Please don't drag it up.

I'm sorry, but I have no choice.

I need to know the truth.

I told you.

Sid Carter accosted me in an alley.

He said he found you,
bruised and bleeding,

and called for help. You owe him.

What about what I'm owed?

What do you mean?

The years I was doing that for
a living.

You think that was by choice?

My childhood dream?


That wasn't the first
a customer to get rough, believe me.

I can't imagine what you've
been through.

That's right.

The pain you've suffered.

And I'd probably would think
I was owed, too.

And if somebody offered me a way
out, I'd probably take it.

Especially if I had a child.

She is beautiful.

(She's everything to me.)

That's why I can't help you.

I'm sorry, Father.

My life's better now.

Like I never thought it could be.

Because someone helped you.


Don't take all this
away from me.

I'm not trying to take anything.

But Sid is being held for
a murder he didn't commit

and I believe that it is connected
to what happened to you.

Only, this time...

..he could hang.

I'm sorry, Father.

It's me. You told me to telephone if
anyone started asking questions.

What are you doing?

I wondered if I might have a word
with your son.


I'd like to know exactly what
he saw.

I think he made that
perfectly clear.

I've known Sid Carter since
he was a child.

And you can't bear the thought that
he's done something so despicable.

I believe he's innocent.

Which implies you think my son's
a liar. Perhaps even the killer.

I'm not making accusations.

But you're coming awfully close.

Did you notice
a stranger at your luncheon?


A man with a scar.

Perhaps a Panama hat.

My God, yes.

I don't know why I didn't
think of it before.

He had an evil glint in his eye and
a hook for a hand(!)

I don't think this is funny.

Father, I know what it's like to
feel let down by your nearest

and dearest.

My son's hardly a model citizen,
but he's not a killer.

You're biased and it's
clouding your judgment.

And the same equally could
be said of you.

Which is why I'd be unfit to
evaluate the evidence in this case.

I have to leave that to others.

As do you.

Can you clear away the breakfast

Well, how am I supposed to do that?

You put the jam in the cupboard and
you put the dirty dishes in

the sink.

Well, that's not going to
prejudice the jury, is it(?)

Well, let's hope it won't
come to that.


The hospital administrator said that
the witness who saw the man

with the scar has passed away.


No. Terminal illness.

Well, surely someone else
must've seen him.

Apparently not.

So, what now?

I'm going to visit Sid.

And on the way I'm going to give his
caravan a proper search.

Well, I'll give you a lift.

And I'll come, too.
An extra pair of eyes.

Thank you... both.

And please drive
at a civilised speed.

Always, Mrs M.

What are we looking for?

I wish I knew.

Well, what that boy needs
is the hand of a good woman.

Couldn't agree more.

You two go back to the presbytery.

I'll go to the police station.

Are you sure?

Tell Sidney that we're all
thinking of him.





Just like they said, sir.
Brake lines have been cut.

Which mean someone was
trying to kill us.

I think I was the intended victim.

We were the collateral damage.

Why would anybody want to kill you,

No, don't answer that.
Part of me sympathises.

Have you no respect?

Yes, all right.

I suppose you think it was the man
with the scar and the Panama hat?


I found this in Sid's caravan.

Not really his style.

Is that all you've got? A button?

I spoke to Judith Miles.


The young woman Sid was
convicted of assaulting, sir.

I asked her about the man
with the scar.

And she knew
what I was talking about.

So why isn't she down here making
a statement?

Because she's scared.
She has a lot to lose.

You're wasting your time, Padre.

I want to see Sid now.


Five minutes, Father.

Thank you, Sgt Goodfellow.

You took your time.

Bunty and Mrs McCarthy
send their love.

Did you get the witness statement?

It was stolen.

By who?

I take it that this doesn't
belong to you?

What do you think I am? A dandy?

Prison didn't change me that much.

Then I think we can assume it
belongs to the man

in the Panama hat.

So he did it all along? Mm?

He beat up Judith Miles and
he killed Giles Foster.

No. no.
They were crimes of impulse.

He's controlled and calculated.

So he's working for someone else?
Yes, I presume so.

Then it has to be Edward Reese,
or his son.

But we don't have enough evidence.

Well, what have you got so far?


Tell me you've got something.

Not enough.

They're going to charge me!

Yes, I know.

I need to hire someone.

What do you mean?

To beat it out of them.

I hope you're not serious.

Do you know what, Father? Sometimes
violence is the only answer.

If there's one thing I have ever
taught you,

I hope, is that violence is never
the answer.


Yes, but I don't live in your
ivory tower, do I?

This is where I live now and unless
you get me out of here,

this is where I'm going to live
for the rest of my life.

Until they hang me, of course.

And if I DO get you out...

..what are you going to do?

Beat it out of Edward Reese

You're supposed to be helping me!

I AM helping you.

By leaving me in here to rot?!

You can go now, Father.

Ah. Tea's up.


Father? Are you all right?

Am I beaten, Mrs McCarthy?

Whatever do you mean?

Is this the mystery I'll
never solve?

Is Sid the one I'll never save?

Stop that talk.
You'll find something.

You always do.

There's nothing we can't solve over
tea and strawberry scones, Father.

Award-winning strawberry scones.

Of course.

Now, I have been thinking about the
case and I know what we need to do.

Yes, Mrs McCarthy?

We need to track down the man
with the Panama hat.


So I am going to visit
some hat shops.

Hat shops?

Well, he had to buy it from
somewhere, didn't he?

Lateral thinking, I like it.

I suspect that we won't need to
track him down.

What do you...? What do you mean?

I'm going to ask you both
to go home.

If... if I'm a target, then...

Don't you worry about us.

We're staying right here.
Now would you please eat up?

I'm afraid I will not take
no for an answer.


Oh! Holy Mother!

Get down!

We need a gun.

We have one.
There's one in the Father's desk.

Bunty, no!




Stay down, Father!

It's me he's after. Not you.

I found your button.


You're improperly dressed, soldier.

Perhaps you should sew it on
before you kill me.

Drop it!


You're under arrest for
attempted murder.

You're not obliged to say anything
unless you wish to do so,

and what you say will be taken down
and may be given in evidence.

I'll leave that in your
capable hands.

Are you all right?

Don't you ever do that to me again.

He won't say a word.

May I speak to him?

It's like talking to
a loaf of bread, Padre.

If you ask me, he's not all there.


Kembleford Police.

But we found this in his car,

which suggests...

That he's a paid assassin.


What have you got
yourself mixed up in?

And more to the point,
what have you got ME mixed up in?

Have you got any evidence linking
him to Edward Reese?

The car was spotless.
No identification, nothing.

It's like he doesn't even exist.

All right, thank you.

They can't get a conclusive result
on the champagne glass.

The blood's obscuring
the fingerprints.

I'd say without that we don't have
enough evidence to charge

Sid Carter.

Are you telling me my job?

No, sir, Sorry, sir.

May I take custody of him?

You really believe he's innocent?

I do.

Even if you're right,
you've seen what he's become.

You think you can trust him now,

I have faith in him.


The killer used your champagne glass
to kill Giles Foster,

in order to incriminate you.

But there were no other fingerprints
on the glass.

I think that the ashes I saw in the
bucket outside the house

were the remnants of the killer's
blood-stained gloves.

But why not just kill Sid?
Why kill his barrister?

The only explanation that makes
sense is that they wanted to

silence Giles Foster,
and implicate you.

Two birds with one stone.


This isn't getting us anywhere. We
just need to confront Edward Reese.

We can't just stroll into his house
with wild accusations.

Well, who else has the money to
hire an assassin?

That is conjecture, not evidence.

So you're a lawyer now?

Don't you speak to the
Father like that.


It's just been a year.

I've had this hanging
around my neck for a year.

I want justice.

Justice... or revenge?

Mrs McCarthy... may I?

Is this acetate?

It most certainly is.

Is it a favourite?

No. Well, not particularly. Why?

May I have it?

I'm not sure it would suit
you, Father.

What do you think you're doing?

Well, it's hardly haute couture.

Just because I didn't pay ?20 for it
in Swan & Edgar doesn't mean

it wasn't a very nice scarf.

Brittle, black beads.

Just like the material I found in
the bucket

outside the Reeses' house.

Meaning what?

Lydia Reese.

At the reception she was wearing a
scarf. After the murder, she wasn't.


Sid, what are you doing?

What I should have done
from the start.


Those brakes!

The brakes!

I had them fixed.

Thank God for that.
He must be going to the house.

We have to call the police.

Not yet. I'll talk to him.

For once Penelope is right.
I hate to say it, but she is.

And I don't want you in any more

Don't worry about me.


the simple truth is, we have lost

I'll get him back.



I think it's about time we had
a little chat.

What do you want?

The truth.

You won't get that by waving
a gun at us.

I disagree.

You killed Giles Foster.

Are you mad?

And you knew about it.

What do you hope to gain?

Nothing we say will be admissible in
court if it's coerced from us

at gunpoint.

I told you what I want. The truth.

You haven't got the guts to
pull the trigger.

You're a joke.


Randolph, no.


Start talking.

Yes, I killed him. Why?

To protect my son.

You beat up Judith Miles.

You mean that whore?

Don't antagonise him,
for God's sake.

And you knew about it.

So you bribed my barrister to bury
the witness statement.

What was he going to do? Expose you?

It was a risk I couldn't take.

What do you suggest we do?

Leave it with me.

But if he has the witness

As I said, I'll take care of that.

I should never have listened to you.

You're where you are now because of
me. Don't forget that.

Exactly. This is all because of you.

Meaning what?

I've given you a bright future.

I can take it away just as easily.

Everything's going to be all right.

I'm sorry, Mrs Reese.
I have to tell the truth.

You're sure? I am.

I understand.


You've got what you wanted.
The truth.

Now go.

What about the man with the scar?

He works for me, yes, amongst other
prominent members of society.

He is what I believe you call
a fixer.

Fixed you up well, didn't he?

So we're all in on it together.

What are you going to do?
Shoot us all?

Whatever you decide,
you're doomed to failure.

The only certainty is that you'll be
going back to prison where

you belong.

Yeah, well, maybe before I go,
I should put you where you belong.


Put down the gun.

You are not a killer.

They took a year of my life.

You have the rest of your life left.

Sid, you are the closest thing I
have ever had...

..to a son.


Lydia, Lydia, no.

I told you, nothing we have said
will be admissible.

I'm not going to take that chance.
Do it, Mother.

LYDIA: We'll say they broke in.

We struggled for the gun. It went

EDWARD: You're not thinking

I have just confessed to murder and
Randolph to assault.

What choice do we have?

Go ahead, pull the trigger.




They broke in. I managed to...

Don't waste your breath, Madam.
We heard everything.



Let me hold him. Please, let me hold
him. One last time. Please....

Lydia Reese, you're under arrest for
the murder of Giles Foster.

You are not obliged to say anything
unless you wish to do so,

but what you say will be written
down and may be given in evidence.


Oh! Just in time for tea
and sandwiches.

I'll get you a cup.

And scones. I'm not staying.

Going away?

For a while.

But you've just been away for
a whole year.

I want to travel. See the world.

See the world?
How are you going to afford that?

Well, I'll get by. Odd jobs,
handyman work.

Might even visit Lady F.

Drive her round Rhodesia.

Drive her round the bend, more like.

For how long?

I don't know.

This might sound silly,
but I want to have some adventures.

Don't you have enough
adventures here?

Listen, I don't want a long goodbye

Cos I know I'll just
change my mind, so...

I'm leaving now.

What, right now?

Not before I have packed you a

I'll come back.

Well, send us lots of postcards.

And if you ever need
a partner-in-crime,

you know where to find me.

Now, there's some sandwiches and
my scones.

Oh, Sidney, you come back to us,

Do you hear me? You come back.

Are you sure you're not going to
stay for some tea?

I've got a train to catch.

We could take you to the station.

Please, Father, do not
make this harder.

All right.

Before I go... I've got
a confession to make.

The watch that you bought me for my
21st birthday...

I sold it to buy the gun.

I'm sorry.

You weren't in your right mind and
you are forgiven.

You saved my life, Father.