Father Brown (2013–…): Season 4, Episode 2 - Episode #4.2 - full transcript

No need to rush off.

If I'm not home soon,
I'm in serious trouble.




What did you do to me?

You said the stout was
"a bit strong for a lady", so I...

So you challenged me
to a drinking competition.



Did I get in a fight?

You hit your head on the beam
when you stood on the table.

Why was I standing on a table?

♪ I can give you the starlight... ♪

Oh, no, no, I didn't.

The whole pub gave you
a standing ovation.


Thanks for a great night.

Grace, wait!

Where d'you learn to
hold your drink like that?

My father owns the brewery!

I'm in love.

Where are you all going?

What's happening?

What's happening? Grace! Stay back!

What's happened?
Stay back. It's your father.


Adult literacy classes?

I was hoping you could
help spread the word.

Help recruit volunteers.

And the Good Lord provideth.

I know Mrs McCarthy is a bit strict,
but... Strict?!

She helped out
at the primary school last year

and even the headmaster
started wetting the bed.

I assume you've all heard about
the fire at the brewery?

Oh, terrible.
And they have found a body!

Have they identified it?

Gabriel Kane himself!



Where the devil is he off to?

I need to be in Hambleston by 9:30.

Fire investigators are on the way.

In the meantime,
keep the building sealed off.

Should we start
interviewing witnesses, sir?

Talk to the workers still on-site.

Old building like this,
my money's on dodgy wiring.

I'll handle the family.

You two speak to the gentlemen
in the yard, you follow me.

Don't even think about it.
This area is off limits.

I need to see if Grace is all right.

The blonde? She's fine.

Well, as fine as you can be
when your father's just died.

Over there with her husband.

Now, like I said... It's all right.

I'm leaving.

I'm going to go for a walk.
I need to clear my head.

Do you want me to come with you?

No, no, it's fine.
I'll see you back at the house.

Sid! Sid, slow down!

What for? Do you want
to introduce me to your husband?

You won't say anything, will you?

Course not. Cos it was just
a bit of fun, weren't it?

I don't love him.
Our marriage was arranged.

Harry had an inheritance
he was looking to invest, so...

So your dad got a bunch of cash

and your fella got a stake
in the brewery? Lucky them.

Without Harry's money,
the brewery would have gone under.

Dozens of families rely on us
for their livelihoods.

I'm sorry I lied to you.

I'll keep shtoom.

Goodbye, Sid.

Thank you, Miss Kane. Any further
questions, I'll be in touch.

Please do.

If Grace turns up, will you tell her
the Inspector is looking for her?


Why don't I introduce you to
our Head Brewer, Martin Cartwright?

Padre. I should've known.

I'm here to offer
my spiritual guidance

to the family
in their time of grief.


There are few ale-lovers
in this county

who have not sung
your father's praises.

Drink makes men do foolish things.

I'm sorry, a wicked thing to say.

Gabriel wasn't my father.

My mother married him
after his first wife died.

I visited your mother
when she was ill.

Gabriel was never the same again.

To bury two wives...

Yes, well, we were never close.

Grace was always the golden girl.

I was only ever
the cuckoo in the nest.

I am sure that
that is not the truth.

Any idea how the fire started?

Gabriel was cutting corners,
bringing costs down.

Harry tried to warn him,
but... an accident was inevitable.

That's a lie!

Daddy would never have put
the brewery at risk.

It must've been sabotage.

A rival brewery, perhaps?

Would the police
have thought of that?

I'm sure they are considering
all possibilities.

Well, are they?

My father's dead!
I want to know what happened!

If there is any evidence
of foul play...

Please, Father.
I know what the police are like.

They'll write it off as an accident
to avoid fuss.

Because it probably was an accident!

You have to help us.

Find out who did this.

I'll do what I can.

Bit early, isn't it?

Free country.

Tell me, Sid,
why were you so alarmed

when you heard about the fire?

I like beer.

I met someone last night.
Someone... connected to the brewery.

I was worried about her.

Is she all right?

No, she's not. She's married. Ah.

Forgive me, but you don't normally

take affairs of the heart
so seriously.

She was different.
At least, I thought she was.

He was here last night.
Causing trouble.

Go on.

'Lady F was having
an evening in for once,

'so I thought I'd treat myself to
a couple of jars.

'Anyway, there's this couple
in there

'and he starts getting a bit handy.

'So I slide over and give it
the old, "Sorry I'm late, darling".'

Sorry I'm late, darling. Problem?
'And he says, "Get lost".'

Now why would I want to do that?

'So he tells me again -
"Get... lost".'

Funny story.

'And I think, well, in for a penny,
in for a pound.'

A good friend once told me
about a bloke called Goliath, right?

And the thing about Goliath was...

'So I tell him how pretty
I think he is.'

..he was almost as ugly as you.

'Just as he's about to plant one
on me, Grace says,

"Just go, Owen. Before you
get yourself into trouble."

'So he says,
"You'll regret this".

'And then he leaves.'

Lovely chap.

'And she and I start to
get acquainted.' Grace.

Sidney Carter, friends call me Sid.

Did Grace say
what they were arguing about?

She said it was nothing.
A misunderstanding.

I spoke to her earlier.

She believes someone started
the fire on purpose.

Do you reckon...?

Want to help me find out?

Mr Kane was found sat at his desk.

The firemen believe the blaze
started in the barrel store.

Why didn't he make a run for it?

Perhaps he was overcome by smoke
before he got the chance.

What time did you both leave

6pm on the dot.

The missus was doing
one of her suet puddings.

I was home all night.

Nine... ish.
Gabriel wanted to go over the books.

He often worked late.

Afterwards, he said
he had paperwork to finish,

so I left
and locked the main door behind me.

Where did you go then?

Home. Had a dreadful migraine.

Was asleep by ten at the latest.

You sure you locked the door?

Certain. Why?

Wasn't forced.
The firemen found it unlocked.


Fire inspector found it
in the barrel store.

Looks like a lid.

From a petrol can.

Call the station.

Let them know
we'll be here for a while.

How long, sir?

Until we catch the idiot
that started this fire!

Yes, sir.

All right, cut the price.

We need to shift more barrels,
get some cash in.

This is a Kane pub.

You got a cheek coming in 'ere
after what you did.

Want my money or not?

Mug someone's granny?

Something like that.

Now, are you going to let me
drink in peace,

or should I tell the coppers
where you really were last night?

So where is she?

You know Grace.

She's probably... making daisy chains
in a meadow somewhere.

Rolling in the hay, more like.

You were an imbecile to marry her.

We all make mistakes.

You're not jealous?

While I may not have her looks,
I find a little enthusiasm goes

a very long way, don't you think?

That's not what you were saying
last week.

You were like a man possessed.

Like I said.

We all make mistakes.

Sorry to keep you, Inspector.
Business to attend to.

How well do you know your workforce?

Inside and out.
Most of them had dads or grandads

who were coopers here before them.

You must get the occasional
"bad apple"?

They play up, they're out.

Any recently?

Well, one, yeah. Owen Brunt.

Mr Fitzgerald found out
he was stealing.

Do you know where I might find him?

Yeah, yeah.

But first...

Before you hear this
from someone else,

you know I said I was
at home all night?

Where were you?

In the spinney at the bottom
of Clutterbuck's Farm.

Let me guess.


It were just a couple of pheasants.

It's a daft old family tradition.

I take my boy once a month
on the full moon.

Home before midnight so the missus
doesn't make a fuss, mind!

I wouldn't have mentioned it, only,
on my way home, I saw something.

Someone, I should say.
Heading into the brewery.

You're a hard woman to track down.

Where were you last night?

Mrs Fitzgerald?

At home. Until about ten.

And then I went to the pub
round the corner.

You went to the pub?

By yourself?

Harry was asleep.
I wanted to get out of the house.

I stayed until closing time.


I went straight to bed.

You often sneak to the pub
while your husband's sleeping?

No. Not often.


Do you have news?

Martin Cartwright
saw someone going into the brewery

shortly before the fire started.

He said he was at home all night.

Yes, well... that's
a separate matter.

So who was it?

Mrs Fitzgerald.

What exactly are you looking for,
Inspector? Evidence.

That's enough! You can come back
when you've got a warrant.

No. This was my father's house.

Look wherever you like, Inspector.
We've got nothing to hide.


Good work, Sergeant.

Check these items for fingerprints.
Mrs Fitzgerald, you're under arrest.

What? You're not obliged to say
anything unless you wish to do so,

but what you do say will be written
down and may be given in evidence.

I've never seen those things before!
I'm calling our lawyer.

Oi! What do you think you're doing?

Sid, no! Something to say?

You got no proof.
Except the physical evidence

and their head brewer
placing her at the scene.

What's her motive, then?

Money. Arson's always about money.

Probably looking
for an insurance pay-out.

Or maybe she was just
having a bad day.

You've got to help me
clear her name.

I hate to say this, but how do you
know she didn't do it?

You didn't find my fingerprints,
did you?

Because I never touched
any of those things!

Found these in your coat.

Tell me about Owen Brunt.

He used to work for us.

A cooper. Know him well?

Not really.
Well enough to talk to.

I talk to all of our workers.

They are people, not cattle.

So why were you two arguing
last night?

In the pub. You were seen.

Remember you're still under caution.

Owen wanted me to ask my father
for his job back.

I refused.

Owen got angry
and told me we'd regret it.

Know what I think?

You tried to engage
Mr Brunt's services.

You asked him
to torch the brewery for you.

He said no,
so you went and did it yourself.

That brewery's been in my family
for generations.

So why were you seen going in there?

Get lost on your way home
from the pub?

I wasn't there. Martin's lying.

I don't think so.

Is this it?

I've only just started.

Not everyone's willing to admit
to having literacy problems.

Give me a few days and I'll have
them queuing round the block.

Oh! Father.

What's happened?

Grace Fitzgerald has been
arrested for arson.

Hardly surprising.

Well, a respectable young lady

doesn't go drinking in pubs
on her own.

It wasn't her.

Oh. Well, I suppose
it doesn't make sense,

her jeopardising her inheritance.

Why would Martin Cartwright lie?

Maybe he's in on it.

Or he's covering for someone.

I don't know, but either way,
Grace is innocent.

I wouldn't go that far.

Hello, St Mary's Presbytery.

Yes, yes.

It's for you, Father.

Father Brown speaking.


Yes, I'll be there presently.


Grace Fitzgerald
wants to make a confession.


Last night I did something
terrible. I can't even say it.

I am notoriously difficult to shock.

I cheated on Harry.



You thought I had something to do
with the fire?


It doesn't matter now.

I cannot condone your actions,

but this may be a way out
of your current predicament.


Tell Inspector Mallory
you have an alibi!

I can't!

If I admit to adultery,
Harry will take every penny I have

and throw me out on the street.

He's been foul-tempered enough
recently as it is.


He says his migraines
are getting worse,

he's been taking God-knows-what
just to sleep.

And he'd been rowing with Daddy.

What about?

Daddy rejected one of Harry's
business proposals.

Harry didn't take it very well.

Do you know what he was proposing?

I've no idea.

But if you think it'll help,
Daddy probably kept a copy.

He usually ferrets that stuff away
in his safe.

Do you have a key?

Excuse me,
we're right in the middle...

It'll have to wait.
I need to interview Grace again.

Right now?!

According to the doctor
who examined Mr Kane's body,

there's no sign of smoke inhalation.

He was dead before the fire started.

This is now officially
a murder investigation.


But you can't think that I...

That you poisoned your father

then started the fire
to cover it up?

Come with me.

Look for the Holy Grail.


Gabriel Kane
was dead before the fire.

Inspector Mallory
thinks that Grace poisoned him.

That's ridiculous!

He's got a good case.
Unless we can prove her innocence...

And if we can't,
she's going to hang.

Sergeant! I was wondering
if you could help me.

I'm not allowed to leave my post
at the moment, Your Ladyship.

And I wouldn't dream of asking you.

Actually, um... I'm launching
an adult literacy scheme,

and I was wondering if you could be
my police ambassador.

You must have colleagues
who would benefit from improving

their reading and writing.

Not you, of course.

A fine, intelligent officer
of the law such as yourself.

I'm sure you are highly proficient.

Well... there might be a couple of
the lads that come to mind.

How lovely.

I'm sure you won't mind giving me
their names and contact details.

I assume she didn't mean
the actual Holy Grail.

it would certainly be a surprise

to the global theological community

if it was found in a brewery
in Kembleford.

So what are we looking for, then?

She couldn't just say
it was in a book?

Probably didn't want Mallory
to hear.

"Miscellaneous, HF, £50."

Anyone there?

Mr Fitzgerald?

Shove this somewhere. Charming.

What's that?


It's... Ssh.



What are you up to?

Grace asked me to see

if I could salvage anything
from her father's office.

Are you sure it was Grace
you saw last night?


But you really shouldn't be in here,
Father. It's not safe.

Well, we were just going.


Harry Fitzgerald wanted Gabriel Kane
to sell the brewery, the land,

and the family name.

Harry killed him
so he couldn't block the sale?


There is something else.

Gabriel Kane's will?

It doesn't look good.

I wasn't expecting to see you again.

I talked Inspector Mallory round,

after he so rudely interrupted
your confession.

Did you find the key? Yes.

And I have news.

Your father recently altered
his will,

cutting Rose out completely
and naming you as his sole heir.

Poor Rose.

She'll be so disappointed.

Do you think she knew
about the will?

She didn't seem
exactly... grief-stricken

at your father's death.

That's just Rose.
She's getting grumpier by the year.

We used to have such fun.

We'd dress up as each other
and play tricks on Daddy.

But since I got married, she...

She's just changed.

This inheritance will make you
a very wealthy woman.

Grace, this will not look good
to a jury.

But I'd give every penny
to have Daddy back.

You do believe me?

Why do you not tell Inspector
Mallory you have an alibi?

Better to be called an adulteress
than a murderer.

There has to be another way to prove
it wasn't me. What if there isn't?

I can't believe
that you would rather hang

than tell Inspector Mallory
that you were with Sid.

It mustn't come to that. Please.
Harry wouldn't forgive me.

Not for a second time.

A second time.

There was an incident.
With one of the workers.

Owen Brunt?


He flirted with me,
he paid me compliments.

Harry was being so cold -
it was in a moment of madness.

He fired Owen on the spot.

Harry told Martin
that Owen took something

that didn't belong to him.

After that, Owen wouldn't let it go.

He followed me around,
begging me to see him.

Last night, he even asked me
to run away with him.

I said no, but he wouldn't listen.

Not until Sid came to my rescue.

Why didn't you tell me this before?

Owen loses his job,
and then you reject him.

This is clear motive for revenge
on the Kane family!

I thought we were in a hurry.

Well, I can't leave without buying
anything, it's against my religion.

Of course,
if you don't want yours...

Right, I've spoken to the landlord -

Owen hasn't been there
since lunchtime.

So you better tell the Inspector.
Tell him what?

That Owen did it!

We don't know that for sure.
Course we do!

Five minutes ago,
you were convinced it was Harry.

And besides, Inspector Mallory,

without evidence,
won't let Grace go.


So we need to know Owen's side
of the story.

Let's go, then.
What about our drinks?

I'm not leaving Grace in that
police cell for another minute.

Feel a bit sick now.


Where are you going?
To find another way in.


Nah, it's locked.

How did you do that?

You know Inspector Mallory will be
thrilled to arrest us

for breaking and entering?


He's going to have bigger problems
than that.

Suicide note.

Says he was paid £50
to start the fire.

By whom? Doesn't say.

"The guilt is too much.

"But what's worse
is knowing she doesn't love me."

My guess is he fell
for Mrs Fitzgerald

and got in over his head.

You going to let her go now?

This doesn't prove
she wasn't involved.

Could've been Grace
who paid him the £50.

The last entry in the Brewery
accounts was for £50-

"miscellaneous expenses."

Initialled HF.
Harry Fitzgerald.

How come you've seen the accounts?

Grace Fitzgerald told me
where to find them.

I've got an eyewitness
that places Grace at the scene!

Your witness is lying.
Or Grace is lying.

Or someone disguised
themselves as Grace.

Five more minutes, Padre,

then I'm abandoning
this ridiculous charade.

Your men are turning
the whole house upside down.

At least tell them
to show a bit of respect!

Are you all right, Father?


I suffer from them terribly.

You wouldn't have anything to
take the edge off it, would you?

If it's bad, take one of these.

I'll get you some water.

I found this in Gabriel's study.

Exactly the same. Pentobarbitone.

A bit stronger than your average
migraine medication.

Give me one good reason
not to arrest you

for removing evidence
from the scene of a crime.

The paperwork.

I've found something, sir!

You think I pretended to be Grace?!

You were bitterly jealous
of your sister.

And you certainly know her well
enough to mimic her convincingly.

You have a wonderful imagination,
Inspector! Look at me.

It was dark, remember?

The right clothes.

A wig...

What wig?

We found this
in the back of your wardrobe.

But I haven't seen that thing
for years!

And if I'd already gone
to so much trouble,

why not start the fire myself
while I was there?

Arson's not an easy thing
to get right.

You needed to be sure.

I don't even have a key
to the brewery!

Harry did.

You were desperate
to sell off the brewery,

but Gabriel wouldn't let you.

You think I'd let my own wife hang?

Why not?

With Grace and Gabriel
out of the way,

you could do what you liked
with the brewery.

You two plotted to kill Gabriel
and frame Grace,

using Owen to start the fire.


Do you deny paying Owen the £50?

No, but I didn't...

I gave him that money
to keep his mouth shut

about his thing with Grace.

I didn't want the world
to know I'm a cuckold!

We found this on the scene.


And from your personal supply.

A perfect match.

Just like you two.
You're both under arrest for murder.

This is ridiculous.
No, you're wrong!

You've got it wrong!

Ah! Joseph.

Good morning, Inspector.

Thank you for coming.

Wanted to pay my respects
to Mr Kane.

How are Harry and Rose?

Stubborn. Denying everything.

Fitzgerald's hired
an army of lawyers.

You mean they're pleading
not guilty?

For all the good it'll do.
Must've thought the fire

would cover their tracks,
but they were too careless.


How've you been?

You know.

Thanks again. For helping me.

I don't deserve it,
the way I treated you.

That's not true.

Listen, I've been thinking.

Now Harry's gone... Oh, Sid.

I'm leaving.

Too many bad memories.

Please stay.

I can't. I'm going to America.



I leave this afternoon.


I'll never forget
the night we had together.

Would you like to say a few words?

Would it be awful if I didn't?

I don't think
I can get the words out.

I think everyone will understand.

You're so kind.

Ah, Sid.

The one that got away.

He will be missed.

Almost as much as his brewery.

Arrived this morning
from Mrs Fitzgerald.

We're all out of a job.

They're tearing the place down.

Grace is selling up?

Gabriel will be spinning down there.

I'm sorry.

What'll I do now?

If there's anything I can do
to help, you know where I am.

Thanks, Father.

What's happening with
Owen Brunt's funeral?

It's at St Augustine's in Knapton
this afternoon.

He has family there.

A church burial, after what he did?

I believe discretion is being used

as to the exact circumstances
of his death.

I'll ask Sid to take me.

I'd like to pay my respects.

I didn't know you were acquainted.
Well, we weren't, really.

He was one of the few to sign up
to my literacy scheme.

Poor man had just lost his job,
and could hardly write his own name.

Such a waste.

Mr Cartwright,
the letter you got today.

May I have a look?

Certainly, Father.


Can you ask Inspector Mallory
to meet me at the brewery?

There's been another murder!

Are you really prepared
to let Harry and Rose be punished

for something you did?

I don't understand.

The redundancy notices you sent.

Handwriting matches
Owen's suicide note.

Even an amateur graphologist
would notice the similarities.

Perhaps he had the same teacher
as a boy.

Owen was illiterate.

He didn't kill himself.

You shot him.

That's quite a leap.

Your alibi was,
by his own admission, drunk.

Simple matter for you to wait
until he went to sleep,

and then slip away.

You drugged your father...

..and then lit a fire
to cover your tracks.

With Gabriel dead and Harry framed
for his murder,

you were free to sell the brewery

and start up again
as a rich independent woman.

And you let yourself be caught
with Owen in flagrante delicto

because you knew full well

that Harry would pay
to have the scandal covered up.

Then you faked Owen's suicide
and left a note

that would help to frame Harry,

and prove your innocence.

And Rose?

Why would I get her involved?

Ah. The wicked stepsister.

How long did it take you
to convince your father

to cut her out of the will?

No idea what you mean.

I'm confused.

If I went to such efforts
to get myself an alibi,

why didn't I tell Mallory
as soon as he arrested me?

You wanted ME to investigate.
That's why you seduced Sid.

You knew we were friends,

and you didn't trust the police
to find your little clues.

You can't truly believe
I framed myself.

Hid evidence in my own car.

Mallory was right.

The culprit was too careless -
dropping the medicine bottle

AND the lid to the petrol can,
AND being seen by a witness.

Unless... it was deliberate.

How could I have known I'd be seen?

Full moon.

You've known Martin all your life.

You knew he'd be poaching.

All you had to do was wait
by the brewery until he appeared.

Even if what you're saying
were true...

..why should I be sorry?

My father was a cruel bully who sold
me off without a second thought.

Harry is a weakling,
addicted to those painkillers.

I've always hated
that stinking brewery,

and now I'll be free of it.


And Owen Brunt?

When I broke things off with him,
he threatened to tell my father.

Now, I don't respond well
to threats.

Anyway, it was suicide -
didn't you hear?



Confess and turn yourself in.

It's not too late
to seek God's forgiveness.

I'm sorry, Father,
but God will have to wait.

I have a train to catch.

What's this about another murder?

Owen Brunt. It wasn't suicide.


Mrs Fitzgerald!

You're only delaying the inevitable!


Please, let me help.

Inspector! She's up here!

Mrs Fitzgerald. Get back here!

Wouldn't if I were you.

Get off me!

Grab her!

Don't move!

You're under arrest!


Help me! This is a terrible mistake.
Stop her!

We can run away together!

Come on, then.

What are you doing?


Now, now, no need to be bitter.

Grace Fitzgerald,
you're under arrest for murder.

Should've known
it was too good to be true

when she said her father
owned a brewery.

All that glisters is not gold.

I just wanted to say thank you
for helping to clear our name.

To be fair, if it weren't for him,

you wouldn't have been in the frame
in the first place.

Thanks for that, Sid. Pleasure.

I've halted the sale of the brewery.

I thought you wanted to sell up?

I've had a change of heart.

We'll have to modernise, but there's
still one Kane to keep things going.

I must say I am delighted.

Well, that was awkward.

I imagine it was.

You slept with his wife.

Fair point.

Do you know what, Father?
I've learnt a valuable lesson.

Which is?

Never get emotionally involved.

It's just not worth the hassle.

To the one that got away.

To the one that NEARLY got away.