Father Brown (2013–…): Season 4, Episode 10 - The Wrath of Baron Samdi - full transcript

Father Brown hosts a multi-racial jazz quartet whose car has broken down but they are interrupted by Emmanuel Jammite, who claims that cocky musician Joseph Sinclair stole his girlfriend, the band's singer Yveline from him back in Haiti. Emmanuel is a voodoo priest and curses Sinclair, whose corpse is later found floating in a swimming pool. Emmanuel swears his innocence but dies trying to flee from the law. Father Brown believes one of the band members is the true murderer and in trying to confront them almost loses his own life.

Papa Legba!

Papa Legba!

Papa Legba...

ouvre baye pou mwen, ago eh!

Baron Samdi,

I offer you food and rum.

I offer you incense.

I call on you to grace us
with your presence.

Papa Legba!


She has forsaken you. Let her go.

- I can't.
- You are weak.

She has been beguiled.

By an Englishman?


What do you want from me?

Your blessing...

...for what I'm about to do.

I want that Englishman gone.



Something worse.

Maybe we can do a gig here.


Yeah, I'm sure this lot love
a bit of jazz...

You all right?

- Yeah, I'm fine.
- Come on, then.

I love the English.
So open-hearted(!)

- It's why I came here.
- I'm having words.

Welcome to Kembleford.

I'm not sure your welcome is shared
by everyone, you know, Father.

I can only apologise.

- Does your apology come
with a place to stay?
- Our car broke down.

Because this clod didn't check the
engine properly, did you, son?

Don't be so hard on the boy.

- Where are you heading?
- Birmingham.
We've got a gig tomorrow.

Well, I suppose we could find
room for you in the presbytery.

As long as some of you don't mind
sleeping on the floor...

For us, that's The Ritz, Father.

There is one condition.

♪ All of me

♪ Why not take all of me?

♪ Can't you see

♪ I'm no good without you?

♪ Take my lips

♪ I want to lose them

♪ Take my arms, I'll never use... ♪

What on earth is going on?

- You have got to be joking!
- It's only for one night.

Where are they going to sleep?

Um, the settee, the floor!

- They're complete strangers.
- All the more reason
for making them welcome.

Make yourself at home.

Mrs McCarthy will find blankets,

and I think that I've got some
spare dressing gowns somewhere

because it can get quite
chilly in here at night.

- Sid's on the phone to the garage
about your car.
- Grand.

I heard him tutting a lot,
I wouldn't hold out much hope.

So if there's anything I can do
to make your stay more comfortable?

That's very kind of you,
isn't it, love?

How did you two meet?

We were touring Haiti a couple
of months ago. Port-au-Prince.

When I heard Yveline sing,
I knew we had to have her.

I wonder if I could speak
to Miss Lafond.

- Who?
- I believe she's here.
- Um...

What are you doing here?

I wanted to see with my own eyes
what this cochon has over you.

Who's this?

How could you?

- How could you just go?
- I...

No goodbye? Not to your family...

Your friends... Me?

What can I say?

I swept her off her feet.

- Now, who the hell are you?
- You must come with me.

- No.
- We belong together.
- Hang on a minute, sunshine.

DON'T... touch me!

Let's just calm down, shall we?

I don't know what it was you think
you had with Yveline,

but it's over.

She's mine now.

In fact...

..we're getting married.
- What?

When did this happen?

Is this true?



let me go.

Baron Samdi will judge you.

I take it that man
was your ex-boyfriend?


He was also my houngan.

- "Houngan"?
- Voodoo priest.


There is a saying, in Haiti
the population is 80% Catholic,

20% Protestant, and 100% Voodoo.

- Why didn't you tell me about him?
- I didn't think it was important.

It was important enough for him

to have chased you halfway
round the world.

Do you still do the voodoo?

I haven't given up on my faith...

...Catholic or voodoo.

I don't see how anyone can belong
to two religions at the same time.

Voodoo's a syncretic religion -
it combines belief systems.

Tommy's become quite the aficionado
since Yveline joined the band.

I've got a book on it if you want.

- No, thank you.
- Yes, please!

Right, I've just got off
the phone to the garage.

It's bad news, I'm afraid.
Your carburettor's shot.

So, you'll not get that back
for at least a couple of days.

- There goes our gig.
- And we're out of pocket.

I wonder if there's anything
we can do to help.

No of fence...

I don't think jazz
is appropriate for church.

- All that... swaying of hips.
- I've an idea.

I've a chum who's opening
a luxury hotel.

He's already booked a pianist,
but I'm sure I can persuade him

to take on a few more

"Luxury hotel"? I think we could
manage that.

Have you got a telephone?
I'll tell them we can't make it.

In the study.

Well, I think you're
all missing the point -

what about that mad voodoo priest?

Sorry, voodoo?
Have I missed something?

- Do you think Emmanuel
means to do you harm?
- No.

Who is Baron Samdi?

He's a Lwa.

A spirit.

What sort of spirit?

The spirit of the dead.

Apologies again.

Just one of those things,
I'm afraid.

I didn't say "yes".

You said you'd think about it.

That's not the same as a "yes"!

What else you going to do?

Go back to Haiti?

We'll be happy.

We can settle down.

Have kids. Don't you want that?

What happens to the band?

When you get married?

- All good things come to an end.
- Not this!

This is too important.

Get over it, Lloydy.

It's more than music!

It's what we stand for!

Overcoming barriers.

- What, you want to destroy that,
over some saviour kick?
- What?

Everything all right?

- I'm going to look for your priest.
- What?

- And what do you intend to do when
you find him?
- I'll improvise, Vicar.

- I insist on mediating.
- I'm coming, too.
- No, you're not.

I will not be treated
like the "little woman".

This involves me, too.

Where are you?

Maybe he went to take a leak.

Show yourself!

Come on, show yourself,
you little cochon!

I think that was a squirrel.

And in any case,
you stand a better chance

of reaching a peaceful resolution
if you just calm down.

I'm not going to calm down while
some maniac's stalking my fiance.

He's not a maniac.

He's a man with a broken heart,

and he deserves some understanding.

Just wait till tomorrow.
That's all I'm asking.

I'll drive you back after
the gig at the hotel.

Should you really be letting
her do that in here?

Do what?

- The voodoo?!
- It's fascinating.

Their creator God is called Bondye.

What Yveline's doing
is called "illuminasyon".

The Immaculate Heart of Mary

has a corresponding Lwa...

Well, if you find it all so
fascinating, why don't you convert?

If you don't mind, may I have
another slice of your sweet pie?

- Yes, of course, dear.
That's what it's there for.
- Thank you.

This is exactly
what I'm talking about.

She has just offered my Bakewell
tart to a voodoo spirit!

Lwa Erzulie Balianne helps people
forget their past loves.

I'm going to ask her to watch over

Heal his pain.

It's the only way
he will have peace.

The only way we will be free of him.

"Je vous salue, Marie,

"pleine de grace.

"Le Seigneur est avec vous.

"Vous etes benie entre
toutes les femmes,

"et Jesus, le fruit
de vos entrailles, est beni..."



What's going on?

Glass is all on the inside.

Looks like someone broke the window,
reached in, unlocked the door,

and dumped the chicken.
- Well done, Sherlock(!)

Why don't you get out there
and start looking for this nutcase

instead of standing around
stating the bleeding obvious?

Sir, until I ask you a question,

I must kindly ask you to shut your
mouth! Thank you very much.

- Anyone see anything?
- No.

I saw someone.

Running away, through the window.


It was too dark.

That's not very helpful, is it(?)

And this bloke, he's a... a what?

A houngan.

A voodoo priest.

I knew I shouldn't have
stayed in bed this morning!

So, this is... some sort of...

..voodoo sacrifice?
- No.

Animal sacrifices
only take place during ceremonies.

This... was a warning.

Sir! Sir...

Be careful, sir.


The way he was looking at me.

I think he was doing
something... voodoo.

"Something voodoo"?

Your sergeant scares easily.

You'll be glad to hear I don't.

- Where were you last night,
around 1:20am?
- Asleep in my tent.

Farmer adjacent to the field
you're staying

reported one of his chickens stolen
last night.
- That's unfortunate.

Isn't it?

Where'd you get your car?

I paid for it
when I arrived in London.

Didn't know voodoo priests
could afford cars.

We are all ignorant of
some things, Inspector.

You got proof?

Of your ignorance?

Of the car.

You know what's strange?

I've owned the car for only
two days now,

and yet, you are the third officer
to ask to prove ownership.

I wonder why that is.

I am not a thief.

We could play this game
if you want.

I ask you questions, you tell me
lies. We go round in circles.

But I can't be bothered
with all that,

so I'll tell you what's
going to happen.

You're going to get into your car,

and you're going to drive out
of Kembleford,

and never come back.


♪ All of me

♪ Why not take all of me?

♪ Can't you see

♪ I'm no good without you?

♪ Take my lips

♪ I want to lose them.

♪ Take my arms... ♪

Poor turn-out!

♪ ..I'll never use them... ♪

At least that means
there's plenty of booze.

It's a dress rehearsal.

The guests will arrive later,
so please try to restrain yourself.

What must it cost to stay
in a place like this?

- Upwards of £20 a night.
- £20 a night!

One has to pay for the finer
things in life.

Easy enough, I suppose, when
you're born with a silver spoon.

Let's just listen to the...

♪ ..Take the rest... ♪


♪ ..Baby, take all of me. ♪

No, he scarpered.


When I get my hands on him!

Just cos you're stronger than him,
doesn't mean he won't beat you.

- Is that right?
- He's a voodoo priest.

You don't know what he's capable of.

Of course,
cos you're the voodoo expert(!)

Tell you what, if he casts a spell,
I'll come and get you.

- You can wave your little wand(!)
- I'm coming with you.

I DON'T need any more mediation,

Hey! Cochon!

Where are you?!

The gardens are divine,
don't you think?

Edmund brought in a Parisian
designer specially.

Oh, indeed.

My box hedges have been compared
favourably to those at Versailles.

Police surgeon thinks he drowned.

He wouldn't drown
in a swimming pool.

Maybe that priest used his
voodoo magic!

Froze his legs and arms,

and then just pushed him in.
- Is that possible?

Sergeant, here's a tip.

Make a note.

When asking questions,
try to make them sensible!

Father, where are you going?

To research your theory.

"Poison derived
from the puffer fish...

"Potent neurotoxin sometimes used

"to punish those
who violate social..."

How did you get in here?


I picked the lock.

I'm quite handy at that.

Perhaps we're kindred spirits.

You were right.

I am heartbroken.

I'm sorry you're so unhappy.

The last two months, all I could
think of was getting her back.

Every waking moment.

By killing Joseph?

My plan was not to kill him.

Then what?

Enslave him.

"Enslave him"?

I followed them from London...

...waiting for an opportunity
to give him this.

In large doses, it kills.

In small doses,
it can make a man appear dead.

But there is a spot.

A sweet spot.

Not too much. Not too little.

But just right.

The man is neither dead nor alive.

He can't speak.
He has no feeling.

He walks without thought.

Good for nothing more
than ploughing the fields.

And presumably,
he can't love, either.


How can a man love

without a soul?


Your word,

not ours.

What happened at the hotel?

When I saw her on stage...

She looked so...


I couldn't go through with it.

I couldn't remove
that smile from her face.

Father, I...

No need to worry.

- Are you all right, Father?
- Absolutely.

- How did you...?
- Oh, Mr Mugridge gave me a lift.

Yes, thank you...

Good old Mr Mugridge.

- In all likelihood,
she will call the police.
- What for?

I haven't done anything.

You don't know about Joseph, do you?

He's dead.


Possibly poisoned.

- It wasn't me.
- Then you should tell
that to the police.

You think they'll believe me?

Father, I'm not going to hang
for something I didn't do.

Emmanuel, please,
this will just make things worse.

That's him.

I bet you didn't think
you'd be chasing a voodoo priest

around the countryside
when you came to Kembleford, sir.

Didn't have many of them
in Durham, no.

Come on!

He's going to hit the tree!

He's hit the tree.

Stay still.

- You'll kill yourself.
- I'll call for an ambulance.

I didn't do it.

That'll be for the court
to decide...

'He died at the scene.'

Oh, my God!

This was in his pocket.

We haven't tested it yet, but
we suspect it's some kind of poison.

Must've paralysed him.

So, my theory was right.

One thing we can't understand
is how he gave it to him.

There were no puncture marks
on Mr Sinclair's body.

That's assuming that it
took effect immediately.

If it was slow-acting,
he could've ingested it before...

I don't need your help, Padre,
thank you.

Anyone see him eat or drink
anything at the hotel?

We were on stage as soon
as we got there.

Weren't even offered a biscuit!

Which means he probably ingested
the poison while he was on stage.

The break-in!

That's what he came here to do!

Dead chicken was just a diversion.

This is what he was really up to.
We'll need to take this.

Well, that's a relief
that's all over.

Excuse me...

Inspector, I spoke to Emmanuel.

He told me he didn't do it.

Told me the same thing. Funny -
killers often say things like that.

I believe he was telling the truth.

He loved Yveline.

Yes. Enough to kill her boyfriend.

- Enough to let her go.
- You're a soft touch, Padre.

At least consider the possibility!

This case is closed!
Stick your oar out.

You all right?

I'm sorry about your father.

Don't worry about me.

You are so sweet.

SHE GASPS Tommy... No.

What are you doing?

If you're still looking for clues...

That means you think the voodoo
priest was innocent?

- His name was Emmanuel.
- Oh...

If he broke in last night,
then why did he pick the lock today?

Why not come in the same way?

I can't believe
I didn't see it before.

- Didn't see what exactly?
- None of us did.

We were too preoccupied
with the notion

that Emmanuel was the intruder.



Mind you don't cut yourself.

Unless the intruder
had extendable arms...

...he didn't unlock
the door from the outside.

Must've unlocked it from the inside.

Are you telling me that one of the
people living in your house

is a homicidal poisoner?

It would appear so.

I warned you! Didn't I warn you?


- I take it you won't be asking them
to stay another night.

But their car won't be fixed
until tomorrow.

And I stand a better chance of
working out who did it

if I keep them close.

And a better chance of getting
yourself killed!

- I'll be...
- I'm staying tonight.

- That won't...
- I'm staying tonight.

And where will you sleep?

The question isn't where will
I sleep.

The question is
where will you sleep.

Snore, snore, snore!

Did you hear that?!

It's a good thing one of us
was awake.

I'm sorry,
I didn't mean to wake you.

Quite all right.

Herbal tea.

Good for insomnia.

So, you and the old lady?

Most certainly not!

And who are you calling "old"?

Mrs McCarthy,
why don't you wait in the bedroom?

I'm not leaving you alone with that.

I'll be all right.



You said you saw someone running
away the night of the break-in?

- That's right.
- Thing is, I have evidence

that the break-in was staged.

- You accusing me of
being a liar, Father?
- Distorting the truth.

- You think I'm a murderer, too?
- I don't know.

I'm not.

Then why lie
about seeing an intruder?

Because you're protecting
whoever did it.

- You saw the killer put the poison
on the saxophone, didn't you?
- No.

But you saw something.

I saw them running back into the
lounge after breaking the window.

I didn't know what was going on.

If I'd known they'd put poison
on the saxophone,

I would have said something.

- Who was it?
- What have you to gain?

A man is dead.

Two men!

And now, you want to send someone
else to the executioner?

- Whoever did this could
easily do it again.
- I doubt it.

- Why?
- Because...

it was personal.

Let it lie, Father.

Looking for me?

I just wanted to say...


That's sharp!

Um, how sorry I am
about your father.

Thank you, Father.

- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.

Not while there's
a poisoner in the house.

And look how much
you've drunk already.

- But I made it myself!
- I don't care.

And I hope you rinsed
your toothbrush before you used it.

We can't afford to take any chances.

Where are you going now?

We have a gig coming up in Soho.

So, the band's staying together?

- We're not sure yet.
- What do you mean?

- You're not leaving.
- I don't know.

What you going to do instead?
Clean toilets?

That's all you'll get
in this country.

Morning all, good news!
Car's ready, wahey!

Bad news is, you have to pick it up.

I'll drive you down
whenever you're ready.

- Thank you so much, Father.
- You've been a godsend.

Tommy, before you go,

can I have a word...

in the garden?

Of course.

You wanted to say something, Father?

I'm so sorry.

For what?

For the way your father treated you.
He was a bully.

All your life, I imagine.

It's his voice in your head

when you don't feel you're good
enough. Not worthy.

So, you brought me out here to what?
Psychoanalyse me?

And then, there's Yveline.

You're in love with her.

It must've hurt you deeply when your
father announced their engagement.

You think I killed him.

Well we both saw
the shard of glass on your arm.

That could've come from anywhere.

It came from when you used your
elbow to break the kitchen window.

You took the poison
from Emmanuel's tent, didn't you?

When we went looking for him.

'Afterwards, you stole
the chicken, killed it...'

And then, when everyone was asleep,

you put poison on
your father's saxophone...

'..then staged the break-in, '

left the dead chicken to make it
look as if it was Emmanuel.

It wasn't even a plan
when I took the phial.

But I knew what it was.

And I knew I wanted to be free.

I knew she wanted to be free, too.

She never loved him.

He would've made just as lousy
a husband as he did a father.

And for that, he deserved to die?

You just said what
a terrible father he was.

That doesn't mean
I condone what you did,

or that you shouldn't seek

The first step to that is telling
the police the truth.

I'm not going to do that.

And you're not going
to tell on me either.

You won't be able to.

Not after the poison I gave you.


- I made my own tea.
- It wasn't in the tea.

It was on your toothbrush.

Mrs McCarthy was right.

Never expected
those to be my last words.

Father Brown's collapsed!


Father! Father?

Father... Father...?

He's dead.


- Father!
- No!

It can't be!


No-one leaves.

- I want a postmortem straightaway.
- Yes, sir.

Toxicology report. Everything.

I'm so sorry.

There's something
I need to show you!

- Well, I'll be...!
- He told you, didn't he?

He told you
Emmanuel wasn't the killer.

But would you listen?! No!

And now he's dead.

And it's your fault.
It's YOUR fault.

- Now, look, I know you're upset...
- She's not wrong, though, is she?

- You are nothing but a Keystone Cop.
- Now, look here!

A useless, incompetent, lazy...

- You watch it.
- Why? What are you
going to do? You going to arrest me?

Sidney, stop it. This isn't helping.

His blood is on your hands.

His blood is on the hands
of whoever killed him.

And I promise you all,
I'm going to find out who that was.

And make sure they hang.

You're all suspects in the murders
of Joseph Sinclair and Father Brown.

My sergeant's going to search you
and your belongings,

and whichever one of you did it,

I'm personally going
to see that you hang.

- How could you? How could you?
A priest!
- What's this?

- Tommy?
- I don't know what he's
talking about.
- I saw him that night!

- He staged the break-in.
- I love you!

- Let me at him! I'll kill him!
- Tommy Sinclair,

I'm arresting you for the murders of

- Wait! He's not dead.
- Who?
- Father Brown.

I just gave him enough to knock
him out for a few hours

while I could get away.
It wasn't enough to kill him.

Well, you did kill him, didn't you?

You don't understand.
It only slows his heart.

It doesn't stop it. He's not dead.

Call the police station!
Get them to tell the surgeon!

Oh! Are you with me, Padre?

Tell me you're all right.
How many fingers am I holding up?

Sir Winston Churchill.

Even half-dead
you're a pain in the neck!

Now don't get used to this.

Just because
we all thought you were dead

doesn't mean you get to stuff
your face every day.


- How are you feeling?
- Glad to be alive.
- So say we all.

It would've been frightfully
dull without you.

Not to mention half my handyman
work comes from you, Father,

so where would that have left me?

Well, it's nice to know
I would've been missed!

Look who found on the way here.

- I didn't mean to interrupt
your party.
- Not at all.

This is for you.


Haitian sweet potato pudding cake.

And I wanted you to have this.

Lwa Gran Bwa.

Syncretised with Saint Christopher.

He will help your healing.

And how are you?

Lloyd and me have joined a new band.

I'm still singing.

I'm happy.

I'll get a knife to cut this.

- I think we all know what
to do with that.
- It was a gift.

No more voodoo for you.


These are for you...

From the staff, like.
Not just from me.

But, you know... from me, too.

Inspector Mallory,
not feeling guilty, are we?

You should be.

- Quite.
- Hear, hear.

Look. I'm sorry for what happened.

But whatever I did or didn't
do wrong -

and I'm not saying
I did anything wrong...

...in the end,
I did save your bacon.

And you wouldn't be here
enjoying tea with the padre

if it weren't for me. So, you know,
swings and roundabouts.

That is the worst apology
I've ever heard.

Besides, think what it's going
to do for your church numbers.

You're the priest that came
back from the dead!

That is a rumour
we don't want spreading.